PVCS Kin 57: Red Overtone Earth codes Self-Existing Limi 20: Cube 14: Timelessness

CABAN            Kin 57

Red Overtone Earth

Red Overtone Serpent
Blue Overtone Hand Red Overtone Earth White Overtone Wind
  Yellow Solar Seed
I empower in order to evolve
commanding synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of life force.
G-Force:  3 Eagle.  CDK:  GAP Kin 197: 2 Earth;  PSI:  8 Skywalker;  L.C.:  9 Moon.
17.5.  “The sum of activities of the angelic order informed by the fractal free waves of God’s patterns of intelligence, is hyperdimensionally shaped by the input of organic and hyperorganic levels which gives form to the fractal free wave zone of angelic order. This form is called the Galactic Federation
9th order of 7
57 “ 3 x 19, frequency of Quran (in each of two suras (42 and 50) preceded by mystic letter “Qaf” (Quran), the Qaf appears 57 times, 57 x 2 = 114, number of suras in Quran), frequency of Overtone Earth, third clear sign of tomb of Pacal Votan”
 This is the 8th and final part of Strand 9; Octave 1.
72:  “Timespace Establishes Cosmos as One Universal Mind.”  This is the 8th and final part of Strand 9;  Octave 1.
[and the 8th Post of the first Octa-Transmission.]
Grayham 13 Eagle elaborates:  “When unity is integrated the distinction between Superconscious and conscious dissolves,  from here the ‘Galactic Matrix’  is seen/felt everywhere/always, hence Theosophy mentions the arrival of the Avatar of Synthesis, a uni-phi-ing principle uniting all expressions of Life.
numerically (a=1, z=26)
The Galactic Matrix = 174
and, as 195  shares, all of these related phrases also  equal 174:
The Phi Spiral
Creative Spirit Core Code of Creation
Zero-Point Field
All-One Unified Force
Unifies TimeSpace
The Galactic Matrix
Level of Higher Self
Ascending Together
The Closer of the Cycle, Valum Votan, transcribed [decyphered] the inscriptions of the Tomb of Pacal Votan, including the Telektonon.
Here is Telektonon Verse 57:
57.  “By the seventh Baktun, the Seven Seals of Prophecy were stored in Earths special lodestone of truth, whose custodian am I”.
A1d7r7i suggests that Kin responding here be located on our Planet Holon.  This new ‘upgraded’ Yahoo no longer supplies a way to discern that, so any info provided by TMQ is reliant upon memory, and the assumption Kin have not relocated. 
 Synchronistically, a Kin from 177’s  Skywalker Region returned here yesterday, on his Galactic ReturnWelcome Back, Pedrin 4 Warrior!
Kin 57; 5 Earth is the first of the 4 [out of 13 PVCSs] Pacal Votan Clear Signs located on the East Edge of the Tomb. The tones of the four PVCSs on the East Edge total “28 = Power of 28 Day Cycle
Cube Fourteen; TIMELESSNESS: “…May Victory Discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons Way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 20.   Cube Fourteen:  TIMELESSNESS   PVCS Kin 57

6 thoughts on “PVCS Kin 57: Red Overtone Earth codes Self-Existing Limi 20: Cube 14: Timelessness

  1. Aleph Lamed Mekhe

    Angel Seal-iah number: 45
    Choir to which it belongs: Virtues.
    Duration: From 3 to 7 November.

    It is situated in the sphere of Tiphareth and work situations related to the same area.

    Means all things engine Essence provides: Motor. Will continues.
    Planet: Sun – Sign: Scorpio.
    Attribute: The essence of Sealiah, that engine, allows to move forward even when we are stuck, so the person is born under the influence of Sealiah one that will never stop, whatever the obstacles, even when fatigue becomes apparent will continue. Sealiah up to those who have been humiliated and subdued and made within a regulatory function so that those issues that have risen too low and those who have fallen over the rise, keeping the aspect ratio.

    It is also the angel of health, of all the most, because it is the representative of Tiphereth, sephireh that rules the heart, engine that allows blood circulation. Those born in grades Sealiah be governed by healthy carriers and talismans for the sick. Finally say that to a person born under this influence will enjoy an education, the mainstream media have and will have many facilities. This energy is available to enable you to discover your true Divine Self and give tremendous boost. It will appear then that these means will lead to the realization of its program transcendent.

    What gives:
    – Confuse the wicked and proud.
    – Triumph of the humble.
    – Health and wholeness.
    – Easy to learn anything.
    – Equilibrium atmosphere.

    Lesson Program: Overcoming the pride and the triumph of humility.

    SALM FOR Invoke to invoke its power and might, first reads the salm or salms chosen, then call it by name, and finally made a specific request that you make.

    When I said my foot is slipping, Your mercy, O Lord, held me up. salm 94, verse 18

    Message from the Angel: NOW IS THE TIME to quell your pride and put up a sincere humility .. IF YOU WILL CHANGE TO RESOLVE THE OBSTACLES AND TIRED OF THE STRUGGLE PAST MEMORIES WILL BE VAIN ..COME ON!….I’M WITH YOU.

  2. The intelligence/form (unity expressed where consciousness and form are ONE and the same) of each Galactic Federation Rep is of course the waveform which is beyond space/time, we know the only waveform capable of self sustainability beyond time/space is that which is built upon the golden ratio, hence those who are here incarnate as Galactic Federation reps eventually find THEMSELVES, luckily, modelling the hyperdimemsions is well underway (wikipeda polychora).
    Form (a membrane container for consciousness) at higher dimensions is ‘thought’ into being as axis codes based on the symmetries of the Icosahedron (template for golden ratio).
    hence V.V. ‘s statement can be clarified a great deal here.
    numerically (a=1, z=26)
    fractal free wave zone of angelic order = 338
    Icosahedrons Axes of Symmetry =338
    Primordial Elementary Particles =338

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