Kin 59: Blue Resonant Storm codes Dali 22; End of the Self-Existing Cube Journey

CAUAC     Kin 59

Blue Resonant Storm

Blue Resonant Monkey
Red Resonant Moon Blue Resonant Storm Yellow Resonant Sun
  White Resonant Wind
I channel in order to catalyze
inspiring energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of magic.
In just one Galactic Spin [plus one Day-out-of-Time and one Hunab Ku 0.0 Day] 7 Storm begins the Solar Ring [year] that contains the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  After the Moon-out-of-Time that contains the Crystal Hand Round Table on the Solstice, the 7 Mystic Moons lead us to oUR  2013 Galactic Synchronization
The First Mystic Moon is coded by today’s Hidden Power:  White Resonant Wind.
PVCS 7 Sun is today’s Analog/Support.  7 Moon codes today’s Antipode [and Jannis of the Sun bio-region, toward whom Book of the Avatar is traveling, from his Planetary Antipode in the Night Region  :)]
The G-Force of Kin 59, the only Kin to fall between two Pacal Votan Clear Signs [6 Mirror which codes his Disincarnation and 8 Sun which coded his Birth], is Solar Dragon; 1., which follows 8 Sun.
The PSI for Self-Existing 22 is 10 Eagle [TMQ’s Long Count Kin]. 
Today’s Long Count 11.11, which codes Valum Votan
Thanks to Christine 3 Skywalker, for the perfect video and description for this day:   :Guided by Magic…catalyze attunement…”
Synchronistically, 19 x 7 = her Kin#:  133  🙂 
We are Magic;  nothing can stand in our way

19.7:  “ The discovery of the Law of Time,  distinguishes between the cosmic unconscious domain of potentiality and the cosmic conscious Dominion of Time.   With the discovery of the Law of Time, the divine plan becomes cosmically conscious, the synchronic order, articulated by celestial harmonics, is now evident and mathematically coherent at every moment.

59:  ” Prime key, closing of the cycle kin 59 Resonant (7) Storm (19), code of 2012-2013 year reverse of 59 = 95 (19 x 5), 95 – 59 = 36 (4 x 9), Sirian constant”
  DALI:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
The 4th Week of Moon 4 begins today
The fourth week relates to the Hidden Power of the kin [4 World-Bridger]  coding this Moon.  That Kin is 10 Eagle, the same as today’s PSI.
 This Week corresponds to
 Codon 43: INDOMITABLE:  “Principle of Dynamic Construction Evolves Space. “
The Rune for today’s  Hexameride practice is 74:
Tree of Fire Defined by Ring of Time
59 “One special voice did this Jesus have, a man named Saint John of Patmos, in whom the gift of prophecy was fulfilled.  From my ark of universal time, Earth’s special lodestone of truth, rock of Heaven, attained by thirteen tones,  I guided Saint John’s hand by the mystic power of seven . And so was sent to the world the Book of Dark Prophecies, Revelations, the Apocalypse, 22 mystic chapters, the first thirteen mirroring my thirteen great Baktuns, nine more for the Lords of Time, seven of these for each of Seven Years of Prophecy, and the last two to complete the visionary power of the righteous of the Cube: 144,000 times thirteen.”
Image Detail St. John was also known as the Eagle of Patmos, showing an earlier link between Eagle and Vision/Seer.  TMQ is looking forward to observing 11/11/11 with two Eagles in the Phi Spiral of Golden Bay:  Cosmic Grayham and Solar Marsha  🙂   
Our Self-Existing Cube Journey ends today. New Jerusalem: The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete 2012
“By my power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of humantiy to the new Jerusalem of Universal Life.”
 By the power of the cube, MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 22.       Cube 16:  INTELLIGENCE   Kin 59

8 thoughts on “Kin 59: Blue Resonant Storm codes Dali 22; End of the Self-Existing Cube Journey


      Abracadabra. Abrakad’abra was a monotonous prayer, set in the form of a triangle, of short and disconnected sentences, so arranged that it was without beginning or ending, the which a person in might repeat over and over to induce, sleep or trance. Persons who practised casting themselves in trance by this method were called Abracadabras. following is a sample prayer:–

      O Mighty One! Devoured am I with sin. Immerse me in Thee, O my Father in Heaven! Hide me, that I be no more forever! Death I covet, O All One! Sweet world in pain; Death in life! Mighty Creator! Blessed! Heavenly! Amen! Extinguish mine iniquities! Make me as nothing! I fain would be a saint. Talk to me, Then High Ruler, Who made me before I knew it! O Mighty, All Perceiving! Holy, Holy, above all else! What am I that I should call upon Thee? Then knowest. I am not hidden. My flesh is dead even while I live. Remove all that is foul in me! Come then near me, if only for once, O Mighty One! I could be destroyed by a stroke of Thy hand, O All One! I am but a waste particle in Thy members. Give me the obliterating stroke! Purify me, O Father, or blot me out! O Mighty One! Thou, never seen, though the print of Thy presence is all around me! Glory be to Thee, on high, O Mighty One! How fearfully madest Thou me! Take out that which is dead in me, and In I am not! Take out that which is life in me, and In I am not! Hallowed be Thy works, O Father! All Holy be Thy hidden name! Mighty and ever lasting! I dare not call Thee by Thy name, O Father! Holiness is in the thought of Thee; but words blot Thee. Take me into Thee, that I shall be lost forever! Now am I going! Hold me, O Father! My vision is clouding. O Then, All Creator! O Thou Mighty One! Swallow me up, that I be no more Immerse me in Thy Being! Make me all forgetfulness, forever! I rest in Thee, forever. Amen! O Thou Mighty One! Thou All Holy! One, and one only for ever! Amen! Blessed be Thy works! Blessed be my songs of Thee! Blessed be all Thy creation! Blessed be All Thy sons and daughters, forever! Amen! O Thou Mighty One!

      Thou everlasting Creator! O Mighty One!

      When the prayer of Abrakadabra, was given to a man, it was from mouth to ear, and never written. The receiver was told that on learning it he should forever keep it a secret, and only reveal it to one person just before his death. He was told also that it had power to induce the trance state in himself; and this he usually believed, hence it was universally effective. Persons who thus attained to the self-trance state became oblivious to pain and to all knowledge of things around about them for a certain period of time, which was generally marked out by themselves beforehand, In this trance, the person often worked what was then called miracles. When he applied himself to heal the sick, he made the sick one keep repeating the word “Abrakadabra.” This of course also had its faith effect on the sick one, in which case a healing was sure to take place. The word is pronounced Abraka, as if written aub, rau, kau, and d’aub, rau, with the accents on kau, and on the final rau; or, in the English language as if written ob re kaw’, do ob raw’.

      The meaning of the word in the ancient tongue is: Ab: Something is, as the earth and sky. Things move. I am, and I move. My hand moveth. Life in me maketh my hand move. Therefore life is primus; motion cometh afterward. Life in me causing motion showeth that life moveth all the universe. It is the I AM, self-existent, everywhere. We now have corpor, motion and life, three in one. This is the p. vii foundation of the problem, and is called ab. Ra: Things move two ways, to life and from life. One is creating and coming together, and the other is going away from, as destruction or death. This is ra, the second part of the problem.

      I cannot exist separate from thinking, nor can my life move even my hand without thinking. Therefore thinking is before life itself. I could not think if I had not inherited it from the I AM. Therefore He is the Knowledge pervading all life and all corporeal things. This thinking is ka. D’ab is the fourth proposition in the problem, signifying a creation corning out of the first and second. For as ab standeth for general creation, life and coming together, motion, etc., etc., so d’ab signifieth that that creates out of the evil creation, or lesser creation. As man sinneth against creation if he killeth. Thus he becometh a creator himself, but of death. This is d’ab.

      Ra: the fifth part of the problem, which is evil in crossing conditions of earth. I may plan war, but of my own self kill not; but my soldiers do the killing. My thoughts, my life and my powers are directed to evil creation. I am the d’ab ra, or evil creator. Ra alone is sin, evil, destruction, death; but he that standeth behind as the inventive mind is the creator of sin, the d’ab ra. At least such was the doctrine of the ancients. They held that the word was the digest of all things into five simple problems. Moreover, they taught that to repeat the word over and over put man in conjunction with the I AM in all holiness.

      Bibbidi bobbidi boo!


  1. 59×3=177

    TMQ´s Long Count 10 Eagle + Galactic Navigator LC 4 Dragon= 196 Magnetic Pathfinder 😀

    106th day of Ring = 53 x 2 Double Sirian Rebirth

    What we do when observing these synchronicities is clearly to connect the etheric nodes of the new raising sun : the noosphere. 🙂

    13 Baktun day 1871591: 409 days (=49) to 21.12.2012

    Heptad 744 (24×31) of 832 (64×13)
    Codon 31 3rd Stage: Mind Attracting Indomability (!)

    MOAP 59: Resonant Storm Transforms Selfexisting Magic

    Realize the connection between 9-11 and 2012 !

    Following the Books of Wisdom Shows we are Having strong Rythmic Birth in Two Days, it also tells me it is all coded there between these two harmonics 15 and 16 (=31) : After the Resonant Storm, Galactic Enlightment and then (hidden) Rythmic Birth. The last is obviously engendered during last 2012 month, the mystic Moon Out of Time of the awakening Galactotron.

    Today on my 12623rd day (13×971, inverse to 197) on my 49th Tzolkin Round (971 is also the 165th prime and 165 is 5×33) having Fifth Force Initiation,. it was very hot today in the Skywalker Zone and a breeze is announcing that the Storm will manifest actually in the Galactic Sun Analogue Watch, a Galactic One

    have a good ONE!.

  2. Kin 61 codes my bio-father and bio-sister –
    Hmmm… Yet anoother layer, dear Claire. Eye dreamt last night of flying with no assistance of apparatus with my family all over the Bay Area (San Francisco) – aye had to keep reminding mice elf that eye needed to keep up the altitude else i would “crash” (the program; the lucid dreamstate) and eye had the most pleasant moment of emerging from a cloudbank that “tickled” me! But the most potent lesson eye have been meditating upon for this wavespell (and i can only marvel at the grace in which eye’m seeing it)

    Control is not and has never been the goal.
    Understanding is.


  3. oahspe
    the google image page for this giant work of biblical gravite as well as proportion gets me into all sorts of playful and childlike symbol productionisms, like this one:

    I: estas imàgenes me fueron enviadas hace un tiempo por nakh ab ra. son ilustraciones de un libro de kenneth grant llamado -segùn creo- “out the circles of time”. cita nakh que los libros de grant solìan estar ilustrados por la mujer de èste o por amigos, no poseyendo màs informaciòn que èsta para el caso

    oahspe itself got hotly contested (accused of plagiarism) by competing channeler (Cora somebody), also wildly productive and doing one celebrity after another.

    Stage productions of bygone eras are instantly remixed and roundly mocked (as the response to long suppression) in the next generation’s upticked hiccough media they in turn are judged by contemporary testers who acquired a taste for the genre .. location, medium .. whatever … the reviewer will call some ‘faithful’ commemorative and admiring representation but slander other shows, a few doors, blocks, counties or states down, and condemn them as mocking impersonations or poisoned plagiarisms.

    Difference are a thing to celebrate, not complain about, unless decisions are based on them rather than the similarites. Decision needs to based on the latter … always good for overwhelming majorities.

    This evolutionary message is now about to replace biblical work ethic coupled to singled out heroic and epic individuals in favor of the across the board outlook.

    Like the symbol harvests from various places … sure it’s great to turn them into one giant clock that flickers and lights up the aspects, resonances, syncs .. but we aint locked up in a ghetto art colony .. we have a world to regain before really losing it.

    tidy turn
    Upmedia remix, the ‘intentox’ (intensified toxicity of carrier, that is to say the toxicity of the content/message migrates into the medium, the bible goes to hollywood for instance) is favoring im over expression. Once the initial start up lag hurdle has been cleared the act of composting daily relief is as instant as drawing lines in rock and water .. with rock in water, with water in rock …. take your pick and choose wisely.

  4. hopefully useful to you.
    Mapping Time is the yang side of the completed polarity Angelic Being (yin is more space conscious). When Angels decide to contribute to the Universe they choose either to manifest AS Time or Space (altho latter manifest as both, as a Solar system for eg). Theosophy calls those who manifest as Time – Time Lords, this group ARE literally the connecting Worm Holes, this is their form/consciousness, you guys are on this apprenticeship now, you evolve into what V.V. calls Flux Tubes.
    What as yet does not seem to be understood (V.V. included) is that the underlying consciousness which is both Space/Time is worth exploring, because this aspect links to other consciousness’s OUTSIDE of the framework of the apprenticeship of Time Lords (or whatever the Mayan word is), this in my opinion was always V.V.’s dilemma (he felt isolated from all the other Avatars incarnate at this time simply because he didn’t understand the uni-phi-ing principle and couldn’t SEE them), never mind, his work was accomplished.

    the principle underlying Time, which aligns apprentice Time Lords with other paths of Galactic Federation Service is the Phi Ratio.
    numerically (a=1, z=26)

    Time Lord = 96
    Maps Time = 96
    PHI RATIO=96
    Underlying =96
    The Whole =96
    TRULY =96
    THE AVATAR =96 (not a person a universal principle applied)
    THE ELDERS =96
    RETURN =96

    the other PATHS of Galactic Service are unfolding along with the Time path you guys are exposing, for example Antonio Zepeda had already created a number of CD’s before 1987 using only prehispanic instruments which when listened too, situated the listener in a 3D soundworld of the ancient Mayan, bringing that Time frame into this Time frame, literally opening the way for 1987. Galactic Federation rep’s from Venus had in 1981 revealed 2012, in their indepth online work called ‘THELAWOFONE’.

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