GAP Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed codes Self-Existing Limi 27 and oUR Round Table

KAN     Kin 64        11/13/11

Yellow Crystal Seed

Yellow Crystal Warrior
White Crystal Wizard Yellow Crystal Seed Blue Crystal Eagle
  Red Lunar Earth
I dedicate in order to target
universalizing awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of  intelligence.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Challenge is Crystal Wizard, which is Pacal Votan’s G-Force.  GAP Kin 197; 2 Earth  is the Hidden Power, reminding us of the last revelation of Valum Votan, on Kin 197, 387 days ago.
Crystal Seed’s G-Force is 11 World-Bridger.   Long Count:  3 Warrior.
4.12“The increase in complexity of the biogeochemical process is characterized by the acceleration of the biogenic migration of atoms, and the incidence of ever more complex levels of life inducing the transition from unconscious to conscious orders of existence.”
64:  “As Buddha taught so pure one mind, so Muhammad taught so pure one God. Submission to the will of God is at the centre of the Law of the Cube. Truly for the righteous there is only the straight way, the path of basic goodness, laid out in the heart as obedience to God’s will, the divine plan unfathomable to those who cry, “reason alone can save us!”64:  “10th order of 7
64 8², eighth octave, 4³ (4 x 16), 2 x 32 crystal frequency doubled, mathematical code of DNA – 64 codons code of life., Seventh binary order (1,2,4,8,16, 32, 64) Sum of prime recombinants, 27 + 37. Note the first 13 orders of the vigesimal code reflect fractal factors of 64 (in bold), and how 64 and 64² correspond to 13:7 law of time factor:
1 = 1/64
20 = 1/32 of 64
400 = 1/16 of 64
8000 = 1/8 of 64
160,000 = ¼ of 64
3,200,000 = ½ of 64
64,000,000 = 1 x 64 (7th vigesimal order)
1,280,000,000 = 2 x 64
25,600,000,000 = 4 x 64
512,000,000,000 = 8 x 64
10,24 0, 000,000,000 = 16 x 64
204,800,000,000,000 = 32 x 64
4,096,000,000,000,000 = 64² (13th vigesimal order)

Apologies to you;  it appears TMQ accidently erased the blog for Kin 63.  Does anyone happen to have a ‘copy’? 

Thank You PEDRiN 4 Warrior, for these photos which put the PVCS 6 Mirror sunspot into better perspective.

The Sunspot[indicated by the white arrow]  is as large as Jupiter 

 Below is Earth, dwarfed by Jupiter!
Here is more  interesting news happening within our Solar System, but originating from beyond it:
 A “Black Knight” spacecraft from Epsilon Bootis:
 is being blamed for  “the loss of [Russian satelite] Phobos-Grunt… the latest of a number of Earth-orbiting satellites to fall victim to the “Black Knight’s” transmissions and include a 6-tonne NASA satellite that plunged to its death on 24 September and a 1.7-tonne German satellite that met a similar fate on 23 October.
This article describes how an earlier transmission from the “Black Knight” was interpreted: as saying this
Several Kin noted the Trinity of 11/11/11 Jannis 7 Moon’s sister celebrated her 33rd birthday that day  🙂  See 189‘s stunning photo  he captured early in the morning of 11/11/11.  [unable to show here]
Unfortunately, comments from Kin 63 also appear to be ‘lost’.  But they caused TMQ to realize that during the 3rd Watch of 11/11/11, she enjoyed the company of Grayham 13 Eagle’s daughter, synchronistically named Trinity  🙂  Trinity, who entered her 10th year on PVCS Galactic Sun gave us each a collection of shells, and my assortment of shells includes an unusual one that displays 13 rays emanating from the center.
The Challenge/Antipode watch of 10 Wind was coded by GAP  10 Human, Kin 192. [TMQ’s G-Force this 3 Mirror year]
GAP Kin 192 yields another Trinity:  Today’s GAP Kin 64 tripled  equals GAP 192
Just as TMQ wrote that last sentence, her phone rang.  It was Nicola, with whom we meditated on the 5 Skywalker Day-out-of-Time.
On that Galactic Freedom Day, TMQ told Nicola that she believed this crop circle:
which happened on Nicola’s birthday, July 22, 2011 [Lunar Dog [10]seemed meant for Nicola, and the triangular Geo-Walks Nicola was inspired to begin.  TMQ participated in the first one, in the exact center of New Zealand, and regrets she was unable to attend the GeoWalk held at a remote beach on 11/11/11. [A search for GeoWalk at this blog will relate info about that first walk, and about Geo Walk]
Nicola just now related how the 11/11/11 GeoWalk exceeded all expectations  🙂  This crop circle of 10 Trinities [triangles] was used as the basis of the ritual, and an 11th  was added to the center [though swooping seagulls required the removal of the  fruit ‘holding the center’]
This synchronistically-timed phone call seems to underscore the 10th year of Trinity, and the Trinity of 11/11/11  🙂!
11/11/11 was on the 117th day of this year.  3 x 39 = 11739, [3 x 13] is Cosmic Storm, whose Postulate sums it up:
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peacepeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 24. 4. 27.   Cube Hunab Ku 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY    GAP 64
P.S.:  “This is your 713th published post. Great!  This post has 907 words.”
When the date of the ‘lost’ post appeared for today’s, TMQ realized her mistake:  When she couldn’t access “New Post” at WordPress [which still  has problems, even on her new computer], TMQ erased the post on an open window, to be able to begin the Kin 64 blog on it, not realizing it would remove the Kin 63 blog.
This is actually her 715th post, but since two published posts have been ‘lost’, today’s number; 713 reflects the numbers mentioned in today’s CHC 7 entry for number 64  🙂

6 thoughts on “GAP Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed codes Self-Existing Limi 27 and oUR Round Table

  1. Spent 111111 dancing like a crazy person in my Nigel Tufnel “But it’s One Louder” t-shirt for oUR glorious full moon… 😉

    Spectral Night, Bernoulli…sound familiar???

    Jacob Bernoulli is best known for the work Ars Conjectandi (The Art of Conjecture), published eight years after his death in 1713 by his nephew Nicholas. In this work, he described the known results in probability theory and in enumeration, often providing alternative proofs of known results. This work also includes the application of probability theory to games of chance and his introduction of the theorem known as the law of large numbers. The terms Bernoulli trial and Bernoulli numbers result from this work. The lunar crater Bernoulli is also named after him jointly with his brother Johann.

    Bernoulli chose a figure of a logarithmic spiral and the motto Eadem mutata resurgo (“Changed and yet the same, I rise again”) for his gravestone; the spiral executed by the stonemasons was, however, an Archimedean spiral.,[1] “[Jacques Bernoulli] wrote that the logarithmic spiral ‘may be used as a symbol, either of fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which after all its changes, even after death, will be restored to its exact and perfect self’.” (Livio 2002: 116).

    Love US!!!

    • hmmm this Jacob is family connected to Hermann Hesse …

      quite interesting …
      wiki: (July 2, 1877 – August 9, 1962) was a German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter. In 1946, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature. His best-known works include Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game

      what is his KIN?
      KIN160 ~ yellow self-existing sun
      passed on KIN023 ~ blue planetary night

      Siddharta is a novel on Buddha (, of course)

      interesting to read on transcedental curves …

      quite something te realize!

  2. this kin 063 happens on the same daya in kweak given numbers as:
    * 173:3:3:9 which implies the 9th daya of the third kweak
    * 173:3:3:3:3 which signals the 3rd subdaya of the 3rd part of the third kweak

    which is pretty harmonic on vigesimal 3.3, aye

    this as a prelude on kin 064 , this very daya, which happens to be a GLORYdaya: a zerodaya which blanks between 2 moons

    some here might know hex.40 codes blank / space

    Each moon in kweak starts on the RED seal, so SERPENT 65 is the first one in the fifth moon in kweak, the stirring revelation that in fact implements 13moon and tzolkin in the noohumanbeing.

    Bolon Ik, Muluc One Year

    • a special harmonic happens on SEED064 while the kinspan between longcount (although finished) is 48 kin … see the fine ratio while KIN016 gives a number 1/4th of 64 !!!

      in kweakspell this sums into KIN080 , a sun which embraces the lunar spice as the “tone qui fait la musique” …

      Kweak also guides kweakkin in mantrasinging the chakrapaths enduring the 28 daya as a perfect “10”.

      On the GLORYdaya 4.0 we have the sound ))) KaMuTHY (((

      In the next moon our special belgian medium will try to translate her bodily experiences in english language … Just as a reminder here to send strength to her performance, aye …

      her you find 3 mantrareadings in Dutch Language …

      Kweak develops a unique node for kweak communications in noo~class

  3. My sister Maria had her 33rd. birthday on 11.11.11 🙂 while I was in the mountains very early to whatch the fullmoon set and the sun rise.
    The sun our conciousness synchronices with the moon our subcouncessness. The same principle as behind the “Mystery of the Stone”- creates one-ness.

  4. Poetry and Yoga!

    “A good poem moves the body, and the body moved becomes the stories of our lives. The stories we hold become the way we move and how we move others. Yoga is the binder that opens the book of stories with deepest honor and regard for its Creator and its Author. As we listen to our heart and its words, and the body and its stories, we find this is the Nature of Life. This is the path to the Inner Voice, the Inner Light.”

    Frozen in Body, Frozen in Mind, Frozen in Tissue, Frozen in Time
    The Good Medicine of Posture, Pose, and Prose
    By Stephen W Emerick
    © 2010

    A poem moves the body. Poetry gives the passionate words of the wound or wonder that can warn or warm us. Yoga is the flexible binder of the Book of Stories.

    The body moved (vibration, passion, pose) becomes the unfolding story of our lives. This becomes the way we move, the way we write, the music we make (or do not make), and the motion that brings the passionate pose and prose of Good Medicine.

    Music moves and reminds the body of its vibration and energetic hope and can show us the path to take.

    The body bears the brunt of the burden of wound, and yoga and poetry bring the body blessing. The body moved, becomes the stories of our lives. Trauma freezes the body; the body frozen imbeds the stories of our lives.

    How we can become unfrozen? By the medicine of:

    1. Poetry: since it too (like cognitive dissonance) gives two paths but blends them in resolution, for health. This brings the option of the trauma to be opened; and then to be felt, sensed, written, moved in posture and pose.

    2.  Yoga: When the body is moved, the body can open the body wound and the body of wonder, and becomes the body warmed.

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