Kin 66: White Magnetic World-Bridger codes Wavespell 6 and Dali One of the Overtone Moon of Radiance

CIMI              Kin 66

White Magnetic Worldbridger

White Magnetic Worldbridger
Yellow Magnetic Warrior White Magnetic Worldbridger Red Magnetic Skywalker
  Blue Cosmic Eagle
I unify in order to equalize
attracting opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Cosmic Eagle codes today’s Hidden Power.  Synchronistically, Grayham 13 Eagle sent this e-mail today: our recent discovery, an asteroid called Quetzalcoatl is, in my birth astro chart,  144 deg to the birth earth position” 
Magnetic Skywalker, today’s Analog, is the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl  🙂
The G-Force of 1 World-Bridger is 4 Warrior which codes  PEDRiN.
GAP 12 Seed is the PSI for the first 3 days of the Fifth Overtone Moon.
Long Count 5 Mirror is a Magic Turtle, on the first day of the 5 Hand Moon  🙂
Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin [Year: 14.6;  Moon 7.5;  Day: 6.1] equals  7.12, Crystal Hand, which codes the 2012 Solstice at the end of the 13th Baktun
Exactly 402 days remain until that momentuous, long-prophesied Solstice!
We happily  Welcome Will,  Electric Wizard, who so gently pointed out two errors TMQ made [at 3 a.m.]  As Kin 94 wrote: 
“TIME wants the corrections so that we may all Synchronize accurately” 
[Mystery Queen missed the second bar denoting ‘5’,  on the first day of the 5 Moon, so these first 3 days correlate with PSI 12 Seed, whose numerical description [in reverse, in Kin 64’s  post] segues with the vision Pacal Votan sent to King Wen in Baktun 5 [below]. 
In two days, 400 days  [20 x 20 or 1.0.0. vig.] will remain until the Crystal Hand Solstice
It’s always appreciated when astute readers notice errors.  Will‘s kind words were well-TIMEd  🙂
66: “By my symbolical channel of communication called Telektonon did I intend this prophecy to be discovered and recovered. Once 40 years had elapsed from the time of the discovery of my Uranian crypt, then would come the recovery, the recollection by my special agent of the numbers rehearsed and repeated to announce th.”
6.1:  AD 2013 is the actual point of the synchronization of the heliocosm of the local star into fifth force chromatic functions. This point, AD 2013, defines the limit of the possible application of the Law of Time to attain maximum synchronization and restoration of the interplanetary flux tube system, itself dependent upon the triggering of the circumpolar rings…” 
  DALI ONE:  TARGET;  CROWNChakra07.gif     
 This 17th Week corresponds to Codon 58:  “RADIANCE of JOY;  Song of the Galactic Octave”
We begin Octave 3;  Strand 11 today:
81:  Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole”
48 UR Harmonic Runes - sequential order
The Peacock is the totem animal for the 5th Overtone Moon of Radiance,
when we ask:   How May I Best Empower Myself?”
The Fifth Moon telepathically connects with Baktun 5, when Pacal Votan places in order the “Book of Clear Records” [‘Rolled Script’], and sends King Wen the vision of 7 as 64 Hexagagrams [1, 2, 4, 8, 13, 32, 654].
This Moon is coded by:

Kin 187  Blue Overtone Hand

Blue Overtone Eagle
Red Overtone Earth Blue Overtone Hand Yellow Overtone Human
  White Solar Wizard
I empower in order to know
commanding healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of vision.
WHITE WORLD-BRIDGER WAVESPELL SIX:  Power of Death and Opportunity 
coincides with   Week 17, and Harmonic 17“Remember Elegance of Service“.
During this Moon of Radiance,  TMQ will ‘be’ Kin 19:  6 Storm. [14.6 + 7.5 + 18.8 = 39.19 – 20.13 = 19.6
 This Flower of Life with it’s 19 circles feels perfect for Radiating LOVE and EMPOWERMENT  :):
N. S.    1. 24. 5. 1.   TOWER of POWER      Kin  66

4 thoughts on “Kin 66: White Magnetic World-Bridger codes Wavespell 6 and Dali One of the Overtone Moon of Radiance

  1. Ah Mystery Queen;
    so glad to have found you.

    A few minor critiques…. Today being the first, Dali 1, of Overtone Peacock moon, the PSI (Psi-chrono) for today and the first three days of this moon is GAP 12 SEED, Yellow Crystal Seed of the PRACTICE (#16) harmonic which was 2 days ago. (I read 7 SEED here, oops).
    Also, as I number the days to Blue Crystal Hand of the Blue Resonant Storm year, I give that date the number 1 and count backwards showing today (White Magnetic Worldbridger) as 403. Now when we count up until a date, we say 402 days until… and when we are on a date, we count it as done so we say 401 days until. The Hunab Ku day, gregorian “leap day” must be included in this count, ergo I believe that we have to say that today is, at nearest, 401 days until that winter solstice (rather than the posted 400, 20 x 20). Alternatively, we can calculate 366 days (a year plus Hunab Ku day) + 28 days (this moon) + 8 days (until the dawning of the solstice day) = 402 days, or 401 days after today until the dawn (or midnight watch) of 12 Hand.
    If I am wrong, then my oops and my apologies. If its you, well then its a minor thing amidst all that you do, yet TIME wants the corrections so that we may all Synchronize accurately. Thank you.

    With Peace and Love and Highest Regards,
    i am humbly at your service in Time,
    white electric wizard, will

  2. So pretty! 🙂

    Welcome *** Wizard!!!

    Kin 176 Resonant Warrior Da Vinci has something to say…

    Both VICTORY (Latin,“victoria”)and INVINCIBLE(Latin, “invincibilis”) derive from the Latin verb VINCO (I win/I conquer) whose paradigm is just the following:

    -VINCO (1st.person singular, present indicative) = I win/I conquer

    -VICI (1st.person singular, past indicative ) = I won/I conquered

    -VICTUM (supine, i.e. defective verbal noun used with verbs of motion and indicates purpose) = to win, as in “Venit victum” meaning “He came to win”.

    -VINCERE (infinitive) = to win/ to conquer

    In short, while the seeming root of “victory” is “victor” from “victus”(see the supine “victum”), past participle of ‘vincere’, and the seeming root of “invincible” is “invincibilis”, either VICTORY and INVINCIBLE derive in fact from the Latin verb VINCERE.

    Can we G-row the noosphere with such thoughts??? G-row the net/work??? Whiffs of hado nooledge permeate this idea.

    Again much gratitude to U, dear Claire for yoUR vincerity!!!

    Love to all kin,

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