Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star codes Overtone Gamma 3

LAMAT       Kin 68

Yellow Electric Star

Yellow Electric Human
White Electric Mirror Yellow Electric Star Blue Electric Monkey
  Red Spectral Skywalker
I activate in order to beautify
bonding art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of free will.
Kin 198:  Electric  Mirror, which codes the heart oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden is today’s Challenge.  Pacal Votan Clear Sign 3 Monkey codes today’s Analog11 Skywalker, G-Force of Madame Blavatsky is our Hidden Power.
The Long Count is also a PVCS:  Kin 20;  7 Sun.
The G-Force of 3 Star 62:  2.10, which coded 11/11/11.
 8.3:  “Deviation from the norm implies separation both within the operating apparatus and operating procedures of the deviant organism and between the organism and the biosphere itself.”
68:  ‘ 17 x 4, navigator of the four directions’
Octopus Intelligence For Octa-post 3 [a day late, on 8.3  :)], here’s an interesting article about the Octa-pus’, explaining  “why scientists have new respect for invertebrate cephalopods
GAMMA 3:      PACIFY;                          THIRD EYE       Chakra06.gif


When your mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your Third Eye.  When it is pure and translucent, pulsing at your brow, allow it to dissolve and transform into a two-petaled lotus “Concentration on this chakra awakens the pineal gland, opening our inner vision to the receptivity of cosmic forces.”

“The Ajna chakra is the point where the three main nadis merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to the Crown center.  AJNA Affirmation:  “May we be granted Galactic Vision to transform all matter into the purifying radiance of the higher dream!”

Activating Radial plasma 3:  GAMMA:  “Bring your awareness to the inner GAMMA Plasma at the center of” your Third Eye.  “Visualize the white symbol radiating out to all points of the universe, with peaceful equanimity and equalization of light and heat charges.”  Repeat while focusing on your Third Eye:  “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere.  I attain the power of peace.”

Merge the heat from your Crown and the light from your Root chakra together in your Third Eye.  Your entire body and glandular system is pacified and bathed in the warmth of this Divine Mother/Father light.”

ENGAGING THE THIRD MENTAL SPHERE:  WAKING CONSCIOUSNESS  Visualize the Third mental Sphere at the anterior portion of the right cerebral hemisphere, above your right eye.  This sphere is the medium of thought, decision, moment-to-moment awareness.  This mental sphere governs the power of Free Will;  It is intended to be disciplined by the exercise of will, on behalf of a spiritually coordinated purpose.” 

This sphere also corresponds to the fourth time dimension:  Cosmic Cube.  The most direct way to activate this level of awareness is by practicing turning the Third Eye to the Supreme Being; shining, full of light, perfect and free of obscurations.”  Allow your mind to merge with all of creation.”    The ability to have one-pointed consciousness is the key to Waking Conscious Mediumship

Open the Third Heptad Gate[144] by visualizing “the two-petaled lotus AJNA chakra with the white GAMMA Plasma superimposed over it at your brow.  Hold this visualiztion and feel the two intermingle as you chant the sacred letter HRAHA as long as your breath can sustain it.”

“144 is located at V11;  H20, second circuit, 8th time dimension, vertical time cosmic commandascending.  Now, locate it in your body at the front of the skull, at the brow [see graphic at end of Chapter 5;  CHCVI]”

Heptad gate 144 on the Hunab Ku 21 corresponds to the High Priestess, GK Uranus, Bode number 196.


400 [20×20]  days remain until the Crystal Hand Solstice. 

When Valum Votan received his last prophecy  on Kin 197, 791 days remained until 12/21/2012, and 1008 days remained until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.

GSD Map 3

 This is the  32nd day of the 4th 113 day cycle  “Lord of the Dawn Spectralizes his Form

Today is the  83rd day  of the  Third 144-day cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Serve the Power”.

The Seventh 144 day Return of Power cycle ends on Kin 183:  3 NightThe following day  “Ground Zero: New Sirius Cycle 26. 1.1, Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, Galactic Synchronization, 26-year Cycle of Harmonic Convergence complete, Launching of Timeship Earth 2013.  New 104,000-tun galactic spiral density wave pulsation commences.  Noosphere Era dawns on Earth; threshold to cosmic consciousness successfully crossed. Rainbow vision of circumpolar rings is fully realized.”


616 days remain until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.

This is TMQ’s 719th transmission, reflecting  another anagram of 971 and 197 🙂

719 – 520 = 199 = Self-Existing Storm [6th Solar Witness]Its postulate:

19.4:  “Knowledge of God is inherent in every last detail of design of the least component parts  of the atomic cellular world, to the hyper-organic radiosonic super conscious phase of existence.”

N. S.  1. 24. 5. 3.                 Kin 68    

P.S. [from WordPress]  “This is your 717th published post. [plus two published posts that later disappeared = 719]   Sensational!  This post has 803 words” [on 8.3  :)].            

6 thoughts on “Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star codes Overtone Gamma 3

  1. For the past 5 days ive been immersed in the old 12:60 world selling some time to get some money i needed to pay the rent and open possibilities for small summer trip with family. Otherwise seen as playing a Clark Kent role between some deluded fellas that needed to get close to cosmic thought so they can open a chance to a spiritual awakening until the end of the 1872000 kin Synchronizer Beam.

    Now is 20×20 to 21.12
    im very tired, need to get some sleep.
    ill have a read of the last posts probably tomorrow
    aloha to the kin

    Galactic Navigator

  2. So today is the beginning of official league play for week 11 of the National Football League (US) and i am competing against 132 (my noosband) – it’s jUSt 2 funny.

    Eye’ve come across an interesting fractal becaUSe of this silly (mathematical exercise) fantasy football aye’m involved in –

    There are updated project/ions week to week of individual probability output of single players and defenses – and then throw into the mix jersey numbers, league standings, spiritual-psycho-bio-enviro-health of the individual cities of the combatants, and be/lie/ve me, my noggin is a bit sore at times, ha. (i am so spoiled.)

    Between 132 and 133 split stats:

    132 – projected points 104.98
    133 – projected points 104.66

    The Ten thousand and foUR fractal is 40 x 260 + the remainder – is shown plainly. He is projecting 98 – Resonant Mirror and eye am projecting 66 – Magnabridge…

    104 – Cosmic Seed, next coded in 36 daya by Catalytic Kali Rhythmic 11…

    Here’s a Rhythmic Human (32) song to get the pulse going…

    Love 2 all,
    C 😉

    (Julie Stein / Sammy Kahn)
    Doris Day

    I didn’t sleep again last night
    And I’d like to discuss the matter
    The nerves to which I’m strung are tight
    And I’m as beat as a bowl of batter

    If old man Rip Van Winkle
    Thought his long sleep was a curse
    I know how the old man felt
    Because I’ve got his problem in reverse

    Ten thousand, four hundred and thirty two sheep
    How long can I toss like this?
    Ten thousand, four hundred and thirty three sheep
    What did you put in that kiss?
    I’ve tried all the remedies
    The well-known good advice
    Took a hot tub and an alcohol rub
    Did the alphabet backwards twice

    Ten thousand, four hundred and thirty four sheep
    We’d better get married soon
    Ten thousand, four hundred and thirty five sheep
    I’ll never hold out till June
    How much do I love you?
    Just in case you didn’t know
    You get a mental kiss
    With every sheep I count
    And I still got a million sheep to go

    (Did you ever try seeing see a doctor?)
    A doctor?

    I went to see a noted doctor
    Who’s a famous analyst
    Then he led me to the couch
    And he gently took my wrist
    I paid him fifty dollars
    (Well, that sounds pretty cheap)
    Cheap! I should have paid him nothing!
    ‘Cause I still can’t sleep

    (Ten thousand, four hundred) and thirty six sheep
    (And one sheep that got away)
    He took another lamb! 😉 😉 😉
    (Ten thousand, four hundred) and thirty eight sheep
    (Won’t night ever turn to day?)
    Oh what a fool I am
    How much do I love you?
    Just in case you didn’t know
    You get a mental kiss with every sheep I count
    (Add them all together
    That’s a large amount)

    I’ve counted a trillion sheep
    (How many?)
    I’ve counted a billion sheep
    (How many?)
    Well at least a million sheep, I know
    (How the numbers grow)
    And I got about million more to go

    (Ten thousand, nine thousand, eight thousand
    Seven thousand, six thousand, five thousand)

    (To fade)


    Quantum Theorem Shakes Foundations

    Eugenie Samuel Reich
    Thu, 17 Nov 2011 23:21 CST

    © Andy Hair/iStockphoto
    Mathematical device or physical fact? The elusive nature of the quantum wavefunction may be pinned down at last.
    The wavefunction is a real physical object after all, say researchers.

    At the heart of the weirdness for which the field of quantum mechanics is famous is the wavefunction, a powerful but mysterious entity that is used to determine the probabilities that quantum particles will have certain properties. Now, a preprint posted online on 14 November1 reopens the question of what the wavefunction represents – with an answer that could rock quantum theory to its core. Whereas many physicists have generally interpreted the wavefunction as a statistical tool that reflects our ignorance of the particles being measured, the authors of the latest paper argue that, instead, it is physically real.

    “I don’t like to sound hyperbolic, but I think the word ‘seismic’ is likely to apply to this paper,” says Antony Valentini, a theoretical physicist specializing in quantum foundations at Clemson University in South Carolina.

    Valentini believes that this result may be the most important general theorem relating to the foundations of quantum mechanics since Bell’s theorem, the 1964 result in which Northern Irish physicist John Stewart Bell proved that if quantum mechanics describes real entities, it has to include mysterious “action at a distance”.

    Action at a distance occurs when pairs of quantum particles interact in such a way that they become entangled. But the new paper, by a trio of physicists led by Matthew Pusey at Imperial College London, presents a theorem showing that if a quantum wavefunction were purely a statistical tool, then even quantum states that are unconnected across space and time would be able to communicate with each other. As that seems very unlikely to be true, the researchers conclude that the wavefunction must be physically real after all.

    David Wallace, a philosopher of physics at the University of Oxford, UK, says that the theorem is the most important result in the foundations of quantum mechanics that he has seen in his 15-year professional career. “This strips away obscurity and shows you can’t have an interpretation of a quantum state as probabilistic,” he says.

    Historical debate

    The debate over how to understand the wavefunction goes back to the 1920s. In the ‘Copenhagen interpretation’ pioneered by Danish physicist Niels Bohr, the wavefunction was considered a computational tool: it gave correct results when used to calculate the probability of particles having various properties, but physicists were encouraged not to look for a deeper explanation of what the wavefunction is.

    Albert Einstein also favoured a statistical interpretation of the wavefunction, although he thought that there had to be some other as-yet-unknown underlying reality. But others, such as Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, considered the wavefunction, at least initially, to be a real physical object.

    The Copenhagen interpretation later fell out of popularity, but the idea that the wavefunction reflects what we can know about the world, rather than physical reality, has come back into vogue in the past 15 years with the rise of quantum information theory, Valentini says.

    Rudolph and his colleagues may put a stop to that trend. Their theorem effectively says that individual quantum states must “know” exactly what state they have been prepared in, or the results of measurements on them would lead to results at odds with quantum mechanics. They declined to comment while their preprint is undergoing the journal-submission process, but say in their paper that their finding is similar to the notion that an individual coin being flipped in a biased way – for example, so that it comes up ‘heads’ six out of ten times – has the intrinsic, physical property of being biased, in contrast to the idea that the bias is simply a statistical property of many coin-flip outcomes.

    Quantum information

    Robert Spekkens, a physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, who has favoured a statistical interpretation of the wavefunction, says that Pusey’s theorem is correct and a “fantastic” result, but that he disagrees about what conclusion should be drawn from it. He favours an interpretation in which all quantum states, including non-entangled ones, are related after all.

    Spekkens adds that he does expect the theorem to have broader consequences for physics, as have Bell’s and other fundamental theorems. No one foresaw in 1964 that Bell’s theorem would sow the seeds for quantum information theory and quantum cryptography – both of which rely on phenomena that aren’t possible in classical physics. Spekkens thinks this theorem may ultimately have a similar impact. “It’s very important and beautiful in its simplicity,” he says.

    Hunab Ku… eye feel UuUuUuU…

  4. thx for the far side of the moon , pedrin ~warrior::

    this sound of the flute is very close by to many family members … a Kin

    in my humble avataric “rebootmoment” i sense graceful to practice deep sounds in a serial attuned to the moon rhythm which tells a tale: the MoonTales … not just one moontale but many in a serial that somehow make my new – noo? – cells twinkle in oceans of possibilities …

    daya 3 in kweak :

    daya 4 in kweak :

    daya 5 in kweak :

    however DOG is the Dreamed Seal of tomorrow that guides …
    it seems DOG in kweak today …
    this is illustrated here

    many kin may be shocked and this causes an inner rage …

    but then i – bolon ik typo/spiced – offer the wisdom spoken by Mahatma Gandhi:

    “Rage is to a man what fuel is to a car”

    offstage one realizes the fact a car drives on fuel (in the mindset of first half of the 20 century) and Bapu (father to many Indians) gave people the insight they should turn this rage in a better self on a modest, nonviolent aka peaceful way to set the sovereign attitude from itself / themselves.
    In a waya we a’kin practice this kin’olive in our time which seems a prestage for 2012 but in fact it is the stem golf ahead of ship on steam (see how close stem and steam are!)

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