GAP 69: Red Self-Existing Moon codes Overtone Moon Kali 5

MULUC          Kin 69

Red Self-Existing Moon

Red Self-existing Serpent
Blue Self-existing Storm Red Self-existing Moon White Self-existing Dog
  Yellow Planetary Human
I define in order to purify
measuring flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of life force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Analog, 4 Dog, is a PVCSThe Analog, 4 Storm, is the 6th Solar Witness [mentioned in today’s Telektonon verse] The Second Solar Witness, 13 Eagle, is the G-force of 4 Moon.
The PSI for Self-Existing 4, 5, and 6 is Kin 77:  12 Earth
The Long Count is Hunab Ku Kin 21:  8 Dragon.  The seals for it’s Analog 18.8, and Antipode 11.8 are reflected in today’s Gregorian date of 11/18/11  🙂

9.4: “Through visualization of the guiding matrix of time vector potentials encoded as the Loom of Maya/binary triplet psi bank weave, the continuing conscious of projective pulsar and radiative geometries within the telepathic matrix re-establishes the primal condition of the AC (crystal) CA (life reflex) functions within the psi bank. The reflex of the primal condition of the AC-CA functions realized within the biopsychic organism activates the release of radion”


9.4 coded the one year anniversary of the Pike River disaster, whose wounds are unhealed, as the 29 men still remain in the coal mine.  Gregorian 9/4 2010 coded the first of the thousands of earthquakes to strike the South Island.  Last week, TMQ conversed with an author she always enjoyed talking with while playing poker in Christchurch Casino.  He moved to Nelson after the June 13th earthquake left him trapped in rubble in his home.  On 4 Moon, two earthquakes struck off the coast of the North Island;  Let’s hope that these 6.1 and 5.8 earthquakes on 9.4 end New Zealand’s earth-shattering cycle which began on Greg. 9/4.

 This stunning visual of ‘the far side of the Moon’ from PEDRiN 4 Warrior can represent 4 Moon :):

Thank You Christine 3 Skywalker, for the ground-breaking  news in the world of physics [wordpress isnt allowing me to access comments at the moment, but check it out] : 

693 x 23, reverse of 96, 4 x 24, 96 – 69 = 27” 

69. “Seven katuns are there to follow me. Seven generations, each one guarded by a solar witness taking account of what you do, each solar witness sealing your time with a prophecy to be known as the Book of the Seven Generations.  And this book is to be opened for the Day of Truth.”

Enjoy this Triple Lover’s Reunion Galactic Activation Portal  🙂

New Sirius  1. 24. 5. 4.                                     GAP Kin 69

11 thoughts on “GAP 69: Red Self-Existing Moon codes Overtone Moon Kali 5

  1. I spin my head around.
    Respecting Galactic Culture.
    Seasons Change. Seasons Begin.
    An old chapter Ends.
    One Door opens while walking through the Sacred Hallway of NooNess.
    I feel The Djembe Beat.
    Shit, Sometimes I forget to Eat.
    Other Times I Choose escape.
    An Old Friend told me “Once You know Hunab Ku,…..There is no other Way.”
    Days seem to Pass Quickly…
    No “Time” to analyze..
    Just Time to Feel.
    To Be.
    To Respect.
    To Witness.
    Passing through these Days.
    Often not Transmitting Words, not much to say…
    “Went to see my Girl, told her bout my Day….
    She said “Baby,Baby,,Life can just be this Way….Life can just be this way..
    Oh Just don’t give up, hold on..
    Cuz when there is Love there is hope….”
    Continuing On…
    Watching the Snow Fall.
    Blanket of Wisdom.
    Comfort of NooNess.
    Blue Forms between The Clouds..
    Feeling of Wonder.
    Her Water dries up..
    Some just sinks on In..
    On In..
    Moisture in Her Atmosphere.
    I Wipe a Tear……
    You Have always Had The Touch.
    The Sensation.
    The Family Touch…
    Something in our Eyes..UR Eyes.
    Reflects.(We Remember).
    Light in UR Eyes.
    The Playful Way of Children..
    Always Basking in the Divine Light..
    Always playing on The Galactic Playground.
    Just Being.
    Just Loving.
    Just Seeing.
    Remaining in Formation.
    Formation of the 144.414.441. Cube.
    Our Sacred Matrix.
    Blessed Kin.
    Blessed Days.
    For We Become One.
    One Mind.
    One Heart.
    One Archetype.
    Galactic Prophet 93.

  2. lets not forget 69 the number that reflects Cancer, the midsummer Astrological Sign …
    gives quite some images

    as a tattoo

    it symbolyzes 3×2 and 3×3 : dualism and synergy

    in the night 69 to 70 DEWI was born … a little girl
    70 iz 22 in “freezed longcount” making it 92 in kweakspell:
    red magnetic human
    a noo dispensensation hidden in drente/the Netherlands

    makes 4 5 4 9 => 22 (bolon ik signal)

  3. something i wrote the 8th of november:

    MM = SS a submartian: How will this time be remembered after 2012-13?

    VV: As the last dark days of dreary old Earth. When the blue meanies were still holding sway.

    ‘all in’ the spirit matter mix, a spirited matrix
    note he does not say meanie blues, in other words, bleus are not by definition mean. Much clearer terminology would help, like calling alcohol what it is, a weapon .. and like changing the too generic ‘meanies’ into semitified or bigbooked folks, who need to be restrained, retrained and not left at liberty to make themselves at home, which invariably pulls up walls, causes blood to flow instead of water. Thus traumatized people cannot, left by themselves, choose the noblest activity …and should rather be left no choice but to do this …. by keeping them inside walled and surveilled places, then given plenny material and opps to turn rock to dust* stored in the composting spaces awaiting arrival of fresh turd

    * hemp seed, loom, swivel, lumps of metal or maybe even ready made bearings, it’s all about helping them get some after all.

    Hint: It’s a matter of making rock pivot on each other

    Turd loads never bigger than they can reasonably be expected to manage mixing in a day’s work but they will be locked in there as long as gases are not fully absorbed (they’re welcome to be on the receiving end of a strike hoping to get laid off and let out but they can’t get laid off) and thus they better prepare to optimize the benefits (heat, healthful food and fertility) of the city surpluses as the citification is reversed, thinned and phased out, a process they are largely guilty of any way. accounts as well as sewage flows will be de subterranianized and become transparant, celebrated as a communal achievement instead of a prize for some individual to ‘win’ and make off with

    VV winnows, size selects and compartmentalizes in a typical divide and rule fashion. I saw this clearest when he or maybe his followers did so spontaneously, dressed up in their seal’s colour, whereas the point is to show how you are an ever changing constellation of them* like a chameleon, cycling through daily chores of a highly diversified set of brief burst in a garden culture way. But if you were to higher key that shit, exalt some and say kill the others you’d be right back to what he blames nationalism for, fundamental factionalism, …..

    * – hence the disco ball hype i guess, and the appeal of Arguelles to the rave/party crowd, after all too much of a swirl makes you dizzy and does your head in, even for the young, ready, beautiful and willing to hurt and trade away their stamina for short term gains, … the dreamspell works as a wellcome braking action on them. But from the other end it might just be a seriously rigid bizniz, necessities and necessitators who remain to well hidden to compost them.

    VV and Fourier and the pyramid / stack fo leagues .. the tournament tizzy, the John Michel sacred pilgering .. the seasonal worker, the despised and demonized travelling professions. Dreamtime.
    I have suspected VV before of harboring a desire to filter and specialize his teams, to purify in order to polarize, not to remix at the proper scale but to establish a ‘higher key’ in which presumably the meanies will …. add euphemism of your choice … fail to transition for example.

    It”s like his banning of the octahedron to the center of the earth … i put it up on my site in 2000 with the suggestion that it would make an excellent ingredient of any small scale energy translation and provision tool.

  4. i watched a trailer to a 2 hours long movie called Thrive .. by eco ‘spritshul’ guy inspired by LvMises, right after that, just past 1.55, it gets into native issues .. then it’s off to tour the future in an animation that shows a sign saying ‘interplanetary exploration’ at minute 2.00.11

    he’s a toroid freak and does not shy away from doing little rainbow tricks with it that are micros of what Arguelles is, in extension of rainbow family alledging we should be capable of at pharmageddon soon there’s nothing genuine in remixing and hybridizing originals, like putting eastern words into the mouth of a slightly off black female in far eastern garband garden.

    that url (kdGi6Q3N9tY) had nearly a hundred thou in only a few days but now (2 weeks later) is gone, leaving what i guess is the official one to rake in the viewing numbers (half a mil in 2 months):

    (Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
    wow, they’re in bed with Tenen … check under ‘ancient culture’

    Repeal Legal Tender Laws
    Although Stage 1 involves setting up some kind of service-based government banks, they would not be the only ones. In Stage 2, other currency and banking systems should be encouraged and allowed to compete for customers. Banks could take multiple forms – and they all need to compete in the open market. Some issue local currencies; others are 100% backed by silver or gold; others owned and run by community members, etc. Fractional reserve lending would be illegal to safeguard borrowers from fraudulent banking practices.

    that’s quoting from their solutions page … there is no forum or thread culture there though.

    1.53 vid on his buying into the torus drive of alien ships as described by visitor/abductee Lane Andrews .. fucking rainbow conartistry

    same lenght on showing Adam Trombly in on this game

    nother short one with Foster Gamble (big perp of this ‘movement’) on the Fed
    22nd comment is mine:: the fractional reserve bogeyman story is a short-sighted bastardization of the Real Bill Doctrine, the State Money story and does it’s features a disservice.

    3.39m on energy, altec ufos, fun animation of croppie into torus … very zeitgeisty intro
    777 since the first of october

    .. oh, did i mention they have a slick website?

    Youngsters doing an Ayn Rand play (prolly to please parent/teacher), i go:
    so tired so done composting … no wait, that’s not true …. it’s gotten worse!!! Uncompostable …. like the Queen Ant of Crookitalism nowadays is .. Courtney Love!!! … poster child for lies deception and poison … pure self destruction .. in order to pretend you are not way past the point of being loved .. just needing a bigger pool to choose those worthy of your worth .. growing by fleecing the rest .. let them grow poppies and sit duckie for mysteriously gone missing Al CIAdough.

    T Wes from AfriSynergy has a full calm tone of voice and is right on, uses fat green on black .. speech under single static pic.

    Howdyou like them jargoonpickles?

  5. at 14.11 of thrive part 1 (first vid i linked in previous comment) we see a model of what i began building and what inspired me to build what you get a few second glimpse of looking at my bicycle trippeltrappe(da)l

  6. Sidis = 0
    indian law Sidis:
    Encycl of human thermodynamics

    In famous publications, The Animate and the Inanimate is a 131-page “thermodynamic theory of life” book written between 1916 and 1920 by American 200+ IQ prodigy William Sidis, while he was locked in a sanitarium, in which he attempts to outline the nature of animate and inanimate matter in the context of thermodynamics, Maxwell’s demon, and what he calls the “big collision” theory of universal origins.

    …. reversibility concepts seem to be assaulting me lately

  7. Gamble’s part 2

    .. which i added to the savant list .. with some very slick and seductive piccies (involving cropcircles), .. guess the question becomes:
    is this the slick tecno pentagon types spinning us and our heads? Massaging the general public into future hopes and hypes of the kind they need to find willing workers to probe and exploit space, to withstand the utter sterility and sacrifice necessary to the old corporate trick numero uno? gamble a few vessels in hopes of outrageous profits?? Not unlike the Biblical memes that armed the fanatic settlers with the memes that would cause a self-alienation, install a hope and exile dichotomy/program in the listener/adopter / convert??????

    I say yes, yes, yes and yes again. I call bullshit … literal ‘spin’. I am not saying aliens don’t exist — the genesis continuous story by david calder hardy remains a more appealing and more levelheaded scenario that anything the eso-scene has managed to bring to my attention .. and elegantly short too, very few excercise and tricks required — .. but they are just as untimely a concern as snow in summer

    I travelled a parallel road, upright also, radiant also .. but i probe both directions at once and define my borders clearly ahead of time … stay well within the tree canopy and root zone parameters .. and there IS in fact nothing that resembles a torus more than a deciduous tree that has been favored, cleared space for, loved and let be, fed even perhaps. None of your stick figures and hi-falutin fables can begin to match THAT .. though i concede they so far succeed to lead ASTRAY FROM that, my type of intelligent primitivism plenny. I am gonna pay closer attention the second time around (after doing a skip through initially) to see if you mention Arguelles at all. He clearly was in your camp but at least he emphasized garden culture .. periodically.

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