Magic Turtle Day :) Kin 70: White Overtone Dog Codes Overtone Alpha 5

OC                   Kin 70

White Overtone Dog

White Overtone Mirror
Yellow Overtone Sun White Overtone Dog Red Overtone Moon
  Blue Solar Monkey
I empower in order to love
commanding loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.

Analog 5 Moon coded the 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone, and today’s Antipode;  5 Sun coded the 7th Lord of Time that which we awakened that year.  Today’s G-Force is 3 Star, and the CDK is 3 Star’s Analog:  PVCS 3 Monkey  🙂   Long Count 9 Wind, which codes S’ace

10.5“Fourth-dimensional spin is counter-clockwise. Third-dimensional spin is clockwise. In pulsar geometry, celestial harmonics are the coordination of time vector potentialities over a limited duration in which the geometry is pulsed “backward” or counter-clockwise through time. Telepathically this backward motion through time is coordinated with the clockwise spin of the atomic and molecular structure of the object of restoration, and a mentally induced reverse spin is generated, neutralizing or even erasing the corrupt or negative order.


707 x 10 tenth order of 7, power of 7 to manifest resonant order, 14 x 5, vigesimal 3.10″

70.  “After the seven generations, the end of the Baktun.  Ten Baktuns gone, the glorious Age of Maya gone, the long count of my days to be completed at 1,440,000 kin, the mystic number of the elect, multiplied by ten.”

Even ‘The Powers That Were’ are agreeing that the 12:60 deviation from 13:20 harmony is ending”

Today [10.5],  TMQ [18.8] is Kin 208:   Cosmic Star, which codes the 2012 Solstice for New Zealand.  In Vigesimal, 19.19 days  remain until that auspicious moment.  {19 x 20 = 280, plus 19 = 398 days until the New Zealand Cosmic Star Solstice}19.1920.13 = 19.6;  Kin 19.  The next transmission [in a few days] will answer  questions [including the ‘anonymous ones forwarded’ by the Law of Time] regarding why TMQ can “Best Serve” by refining the current 13 Moon Calendar.

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  It will also address the question we are meant to answer during the Fifth Overtone Moon:  “How Can I  Best Empower Myself?” 


19.13:  All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”

N. S.  1. 24. 5. 5.                            MAGIC TURTLE Kin 70

12 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day :) Kin 70: White Overtone Dog Codes Overtone Alpha 5

  1. Indeed I happened to experience my
    LongCount KinDay ;~{
    For the first time while LC is ended!

    Mnote this Mnotion:
    We live on 48 as a number forever
    Given DreamSpell as the Linlving Verti-Calender!

    Howww oz this to be understood?
    48 is both 2×24 as 3×16 .. Kay?
    23 is Lc kin day for this very Sunday ..
    11-20 in year 2011 (margin 9)
    23 is destiny kin for 22 – Bolon Ik ,
    Apprentice of Pacal Votan.

    Then 2 & 3 are Harmoniq Numbers running Simplicity.

    16 is 2^4
    Relates to 16 years running I ching hexagrams.
    It brings up the workload from many kin.
    Simply hold that number in trance as 144000
    Mission Accomplished

    LongCount Kin 220 Yellow Crystal Sun

  2. It is an extremely powerful 5 daya:

    Overtone is Tone 5
    Wizard is 14 = 5
    Moon 5 peacock
    Day 5 Alpha
    Destiny Seal 23 = 5
    Then 70 = 5 x 14 (5)

    High Five !
    Celebreath Breathing Life Love L

      • Ooh thanks ,i thought , well actually i read the symbol as / in a biologic cube/clock especially when i read this (( a note i read on facebook )) ,

        From out of the depths of the formless, faceless, nameless ~~~۞~~~ Eternal Living Water ~~~ॐ~~~ arose the ~~~ONE~~~ and Brahman again awoke into conception. From the ONE, light ~~~☼~~~ projected and reflected across the Living Water’s Sea of Consciousness ~~~ॐ~~~ and from the Sea’s vibrations ~~~♥~~~ arose all feelings and sensations.

        Then from the One and Its Energy ~~~ॐ~~~ arose the two ~~~☯~~~ and from the two all experiential qualities of Nature began to form. As the light ~~~☼~~~ and vibrations ~~~♥~~~ of the Living Water ~~~ॐ~~~ projected forth ~~~e=mc2~~~ firmament, heavens, stars, and worlds all came into creation and began to evolve through their manifestation. And from the two ~~~☯~~~~ came forth the children of God, the male and female, you and I, and all manors of creatures within and throughout multidimensional seas of duality that formed.

        But at the Core of everything still existed the formless, faceless, nameless ~~~۞~~~ Eternal Living Water ~~~ॐ~~~ in Its ~~~Pure Oneness~~~ as it has always existed; constantly sending forth Its Purest light ~~~☼~~~ and vibration ~~~♥~~~ for Its manifested s/Self to awake to and see that “I am in you as you are in me, as All is in you and you are in All, for w/We are that very All~ness beyond all manifestations, experiences, and appearances. And, just as w/We arose from the formless, faceless, nameless ~~~۞~~~ Eternal Living Water ~~~ॐ~~~ w/We return, and then again arise, just as w/We as the Eternal Living Water have done forever, and ever, and ever.


        After that was lead to this:

        The Invocation of the Seven (Earth) Chakras

        From the infinite Expanse of Space & Time,

        From the innermost Vision of Heart & Mind,

        I summon the Ecstasy of Divine Life

        To gather here,

        To embrace our Earth,

        And to concentrate its Full Force and Blessing

        Within the Fertile Womb of Planetary Will…

        Throughout the Universe,

        May You who are Now Born within this Sacred Instant

        Be Blessed Forever

        With an absolute Intensity of Divine Joy

        And with the most precious Gift of Everlasting Life!

        Open the Fullness of your Being

        To the Vibrancy & Magick of this Immortal Love we Share!

        I call upon the Holy Desire for Liberty

        To arise in Total Transformation and Triumph

        From out of the Bond of Trust and Passion

        Flaming at the Still Centre of all Life…

        And may our Divine Thirst for Liberation

        Translate this Earth and all Life

        Into One Radiant Dance of Everlasting Glory!

        Delight in the Rapture of your Word Made Living Flesh

        Alive Forever in Dedication to the Birth of Fire…

        You are the Temple of Most Infinite Beauty

        And I am the Breath of Christed Immortality

        Eternally Anointing the High Altar of your Precious Being

        With Perfume distilled from the Imperishable Rose of the World

        And with Lightning made Meek by the Cauldron of the Grail!

        Listen to the Word of this Immortal Aeon…

        For I am the Lord of the Heart of the Phoenix

        And I am forever being Born…

        From the Summit of Holy Zion

        At the Divine Centre of this Planetary New Jerusalem

        I proclaim the Wonder and Beauty

        Of your Perfect Birth forever and ever unto All Beings!

        Now Let the spiral Wedding of Destiny & Wisdom

        Guide thee gently through the clear Open Eye

        Beholding You with Ancient and Complete Faith…

        For You are the Everlasting Avatar of Perfect Vision!

        Enoch! Melchizedek! Elijah! Merlin!

        Clothe with Immortal Garments of Bright Thanksgiving

        This Naked Child of Pure Desire Forever leaping from my Heart!

        Let the Ritual of the Midnight Sun Now Unfold:

        Harness the Chariot of Laughter and Passion!

        Within the Heart of this most Sacred Planet

        Let the Ecstatic Consummation of Wand and Cup,

        Of Liberty and Love, Now and Forever Open the Way

        Throughout this Starry Universe for the Coming

        Of the Lord of Infinite Life! Oh Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

        ~By Robert Coon

        Midsummer Night’s Eve, 1990

        Glastonbury, England

        Planetary Heart Chakra

        Instructions in the Use of this Invocation:

        “The Invocation of the Seven Chakras” is an alchemical poem designed to create greater life and initiation on both an individual and a global level. Ideally, it should be read aloud in a meditative way, at a sacred site, on an auspicious occasion.

        The poem contains 7 stanzas of 7 lines each. The 1st stanza is keyed to the 1st chakra, 2nd to the 2nd, and so on. Also, within each separate stanza, the 1st line vibrates with the energy of the 1st chakra, the 7th line with the 7th chakra, etc. So this 7 chakra pattern may be worked with in dedication to initiation by focusing on your 7 individual chakras in conjunction to the 7 planetary chakras.

    • Thank You Priscella, for this exquisite poem. It arrived just now, as I’m in the middle of writing the Planetary Eagle blog.

      “Guide thee gently through the clear Open Eye

      Beholding You with Ancient and Complete Faith…

      For You are the Everlasting Avatar of Perfect Vision!”

      synchronizes beautifully with Gamma [Third Eye] and 10 [Perfect] Eagle [Vision] 🙂

      Also love that Wizard image from you, 6 Wizard!
      S’ace’s Long Count Kin 220: 20.12 will also appear in Kin 75’s post.

      Love and Joy to All

  3. Too Boldy TunesZz ,

    really, who dr. noone likes 🙂

    Quote: Like the magnetic fields that inspire them, the beliefs surrounding auroras are polarized between positive and negative associations, as precursors of royal births on one hand, and of war and famine on the other. The aurora has fascinated onlookers for millennia.
    Folklore of the aurora

    The oldest descriptions of the aurora are from the Mediterranean countries and from ancient China. At most, people in these temperate regions would have seen the aurora only once or twice in their lives.

    In the 6th century BC, Ezekiel, a prophet-priest of ancient Israel, saw the aurora and wrote that “…a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.” (Ezekiel 1:4). In 344 BC, the Greek philosopher Aristotle observed the aurora and compared its light with flames from known sources on Earth. The Romans called them “chasmata,” the mouths of celestial caves. Today, different locations that share the same auroral frequency are known as isochasms.

    Northern lights above Nürnberg in Germany in 1591. Because auroras rarely appear in Western Europe, people are shaken by the sight.

    This tapestry, entitled “Wooers” or “Daughters of the Northern Lights,” was clearly inspired by Norse mythology, in which the aurora was perceived as feminine.

    The early dragon legends of China and Europe are said to have originated from the aurora. The Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, were understood by the aboriginal Australians to be the dancing of the gods. The aboriginals of Scandinavia, the Sámi, feared and respected the aurora, and placed auroral symbols on their magic drums, believing that the Northern Lights had supernatural powers to resolve conflicts. In the British Isles, the Northern Lights were known as the “nimble men” or the “merry dancers,” names belying the fact that auroras were seen as clans at war, and the red light as blood spilt in violent battle. In Estonia, legends connect the aurora to whales playing – and one even involves a crocodile.

    Northern Lights woodcut. Adapted from illustration by Fridjof Nansen based on a sketch from 1883.

    In Norse mythology, a bridge named Bifrost connected Earth and Åsgard, the home of gods. It most likely was modeled after rainbows or the Northern Lights, and was guarded by the god Heimdal. Scandinavian popular belief linked the aurora to dead women, especially to dead virgins. The Finnish name “revontulet” referred to the mythical firefoxes of Lapland, brushing up sparks with their tails. Some attributed the aurora to reflections from the shields of the Valkyries, warlike women chosen by Odin to guide fallen warriors to Valhalla. Others believed their glow came from the beautiful Viking goddess Freja, riding horseback.

    Some native North Americans believed that if you whistled at the aurora, it would sweep down and take you from the earth; by clapping your hands you could force it to retreat. The Algonquin believed the light reflected fires made by the creator, Nanahbozho, to remind his people that he remembered them. Many myths involve dead warriors, sometimes enemies, and are again strongly associated with war.

    In Greenland, the aurora was seen as the highest level in the afterlife, with good weather and easy hunting. The moving lights were thought to be spirits playing ball games with the skull of a walrus. The Nunivak islanders had the opposite belief – that the skull was human, and that the ball players were the spirits of walruses. Another Greenland belief was that the ball players were the souls of young babies, playing with their afterbirths. During the Klondike Gold Rush, the Northern Lights were said to reflect a great Mother Lode of gold.

    Up until the Enlightenment of the 18th century, the Northern Lights often were viewed with fear or reverence and were related to contemporary concepts of heaven and hell. Many still claim that an aurora is audible as hissing and cracking, although there is no scientific evidence to support this.

    Even in modern times, there have misconceptions as to the origins of the aurora. For example, some have thought that auroras are related to the reflections of icebergs. Auroral sightings have been associated with bad omens, such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The eerie presence of auroras still triggers our imaginations into fanciful flights.

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