Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle codes Gamma 10 of the Blue Overtone Hand Moon

MEN                Kin 75

Blue Planetary Eagle

Blue Planetary Night
Red Planetary Serpent Blue Planetary Eagle Yellow Planetary Seed
  White Self-existing Worldbridger
I perfect in order to create
producing mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of abundance
Planetary Eagle is TMQ’s Long Count Signature, and the Antipode/Challenge is Planetary Serpent; the Long Count Kin of Valum Votan15.10 and 5.10 equal 20.7, Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 20:  Resonant Sun
18.8 plus 15.10 equals 13.5, today’s ‘Magic Turtle’ G-ForceOvertone Skywalker, which coded the  Galactic Freedom Day  [a.k.a. Day-out-of-Time] which marked the end of the  ‘Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone’
Today’s Mayan Long Count kin is  27;   7.1 has served as a telepathic  signal several times on TMQ’s journey.  The  7.1 earthquake in Tokyo [where she was born, to American parents] triggered the beginning of this blog
At or near the midway point of these 722 published transmissions, a 7.1 earthquake struck Christchurch [= 138:  18.8] on Kin 149: 9.6 [combined Kin of VV 11 and TMQ 138] Just hours earlier, TMQ had realized that 18.8 and 9.6 equal 7.1
TMQ’s Long Count [15.10] falling on the Long Count day coded by 7.1  feels like another ‘signal’ regarding this blog
This post comes 5 days after the 5th post of the 5th Moon.  The 5th overtone is loaded in the Postulate and numerical description of Kin/Number 75:
15.10 “The subliminal post-organic “conversations,” become realized as the source of fifth force chromatics, purely fifth-dimensional cosmic electronic overtone aggregates.  The feedback nature of the fifth force chromatics induces more refined levels of projective geometries, which in turn are fed back as higher, more refined levels of celestial harmonics”.
75.  “75 25 (5²) x 3, 15 (triangular of 5) x 5, establishes fifth force frequency as triple action force”
  GAMMA 10:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
 The 18th week of the 6 Wizard year began on Overtone 8, and so did  Vinal 7:  YAXKIN: 
That day, coded by 8 Skywalker, Greg. 11/22/11, marked the 48th Anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. John F. K... His Signature: Planetary World-Bridger [6.10] reiterates the time [6:10 a.m.] of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death. 
John Kennedy’s Long Count Signature, 3 Wizard [14.3] and his Dreamspell Kin [6.10]   combine to make 20.13.
 Telektonon 75. “As the special witness of time, I have left for you my talking stone, Telektonon, breath of precious Bolon Ik, and have sent you both a prophet, Quetzalcoatl of sacred Xochicalco, and for the day of truth I have appointed a special messenger [11.11] who can hear my talking stone and write and explain its numbers and its meaning for you, children of the righteous“.
Here is one comment from that ‘special messenger’, Valum Votan, regarding the Thirteen Moon Calendar
The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.”
{Originally, a rebuttal to the letter forwarded by the Law of Time [including the complete text of Kin 81’s letter] appeared here.  Due to time and space constraints, it will appear in the next blog.  This allows time to alert Law of Time, and   to digest your most recent comments.  Piet Poet wrote plenty [Kin 69’s  post] about “Thrive“, which TMQ will view at Nelson’s ‘Spiritual Cinema’ next week }

Today marks the 5th Galactic Spin [1300 days] since Valum Votan 11 Monkey  and Stephanie South 3 Serpent sent TMQ the long e-mail entitledPlanetary Vision“, with the sad news that they were not allowed re-entry into New Zealand for *** amount of days.


This VISION  of our PLANET‘s Electro-magnetic field illustrates how our use of telecommunications causes disharmony verging on chaos:     

Here is a beautiful VISION above oUR PLANET, “PERFECTly” MANIFESTED  by telepathically-cooperating Starlings.

Stunning: A flock of starlings in the shape of a dolphin being chased by a whale make their way acoss the dusk skies above Gretna Green, Scotland

 On 6 Monkey, during its 1.6 Challenge watch and G-Force, which codes the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-out-of-Time,  Popocatepetl [= 144] erupted near Teotihuacan.

The explosion caused the earth to shake, sent smoke and ash 7 km. high into the air, and has alarmed 20 million people living near by.” [20.7 = PVCS mentioned above] Image Detail  Calculated via the VV Method, Popocatepetl = 774.  774-441 = 333.  A few hours after realizing that, TMQ received this in an e-mail from Marsha 9 Eagle
 “Looking forward to checking out full lunar eclipse come Dec 10 (3.33 am?)   
The Full Moon on  Overtone 26 is coded by 13 Monkey333-260 = 73, leading us  back to
5 Skywalker, today’s Overtone  ‘Magic Turtle’ G-Force  🙂
This day coded by  ‘Planetary Vision’ feels like the PERFECT day to reduce these  transmissions to once a week [7 to 1 ratio  :)] until Hunab Ku 0.0, IN ORDER TO CREATE and MANIFEST my writing project, which is meant to facilitate the 13 Moon mission set in motion by Pacal Votan, and so gracefully and prolifically enumerated for us by Valum Votan.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the Monkey and Eagle  planetary zones, and today, the Planetary Monkey is the Antipode for the Planetary Eagle.  🙂 
After reading that blessing our food [as Dr. Emoto has demonstrated]  is more important than what we eat,
TMQ ‘created‘ this ‘Blessing of Gratitude and Empowerment’: 
Great GRATITUDE to God/Goddess/Allah/Creator for this nourishment. 
 May it HARMONIZE with my being,  
Happy Thanksgiving, and may your week be filled with
Joy, Love and Fifth Force Empowerment  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 5. 10.   Cube 4:  FLOWERING     Kin 75

30 thoughts on “Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle codes Gamma 10 of the Blue Overtone Hand Moon

  1. on this daya Eagle spice in DreamSpell Edgar Cayce was launched by Michelvec the U~toobe node

    BolonIk put that one in an experience that brings up some noo kno-wings

    Cannot express all knoowings right away in breathtaking notions ..
    however the cosmo seems empathic by timestamp 9:22 on this tool over here in Belgium, visiting the Belgian Medium. Today i experienced her saying her baby tubes in her head were kept open during childhood years caused by an incident / interception.

    isn’t that a waya to reach out for onetime solutions to grab on’wards?

  2. only recently has the exact geometry of Earth’s (and all other due to fractality) electromagnetic grid become known, once something like this becomes a part of the human knowledge bank its only a matter of 4D time until the rest of humanity picks it up. When the electromagnetic grid is integrated as an aspect of our own lightbody gridwork humans interface in realtime with the fractal (same shape yet larger) galactic gridwork. Hundreds of thousands are doing this already. From there its only a slight shift to leap through all dimensions, simply because-:
    and simpli-phi
    the experience of unity
    a Uni-PHI-cation
    has taken place that leaves no doubt that there is but one single formula that defines/models Time/Space and Size
    this is the UNI-PHI-ED FIELD sought by both science and spiritual seekers.

  3. Exactly, Vasumi, (some numerology a=1, z=26)
    when the penny drops

    the UNI-PHI-ED FIELD also uni-phi-es consciousness like no other can, because both left/right brains are involved, when integrated one knows one is of the Galactic Federation, not as a channel but as a full representative, this is the true meaning of Quetzalcoatl, it’s a title like Empress, everyone who integrates with the Galactic Wide Unity Field automatically becomes a Quetzalcoatl, another way to say this is-
    avatar is also a title that APPLIES to all those who can extract the info contained in the universal heart/mind,
    hence numerically (a=1, z=26)
    96=PHI RATIO

    search the web you’ll find thousands of incarnated representatives of the universal AVATAR by searching out Golden Ratio

  4. yeah .. united in hypey hopey E-waste production … tracery tricks but no more than a trickle and trace of plain applied stone trail n tracing …

    the mistery of stone hasn’t even begun .. How many activists/communards make inroads on war and put the recruitment offices out of work?? …all boyz from early on, the bengels and mischiefmakers like to make splashes and would make the clean and wetted ashes
    .. they’re just not taught to throw water into rock and do it the quick easy other way wrong around .. then they are wisked away and taught to ‘distribute’ DUammo, courtesy AlliantTech which moved HQ from the town where a chinaman is jewifying taoism with gospel forgiveness. I cry stall
    … but nevertheless …
    thanks jds, those nutbaggers are a hoot … making speedy cartoons out of the Dan Winter FoL Haramein territories .. and being just as clumsaclutsy in real life, they screen memes at great speed but can’t strain rocks either (or keep tires in one piece.).

    from the fave list i end up here:
    jewish savantism
    Gert Kramer prolly dutch (HvV links) .. yup, shlock muso … and bit of a math jugular juggler too
    50 posts last year .. kitschy

    Strange UFOs over Queensland
    1AmazingWorld -800+ vids … 990 views since 7 nov 2011
    must say, this blows me away

    iona miller from 09 on a 1 vid account
    this 10m long thing aint past the 1thou viewers yet … it’s ok, not too sharp .. luckily .. given her dark streak .. the big enigma hit plays under relaxed zooming of her collages .. not the over the top crowdy ones.
    since 06 … 47 uplz, 3 faves, recently commented on the dutch guy’s vid, .. a unifoid is just irrestibly manipulable material innit missis CIAdough? Or were you NOT paid to resemble yet subvert (jocular with jugular) ‘radicollage’ by the likes of whatsisface? James Koenline .. took me a minnit

    …. thock plittens by the way .. she comments on one of the dutch guy’s (17) vids (seen 40 times) about primes and nines and nineties showing table after table of huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge numbers:

    See my e-books online on Syndex I and Syndex II, which shows the transpalindrimic nature of? primes. Just google it.

    TheSharingSociety op 2 okt 2011
    What would the effect on our World be when we find out that Chaos doesn’t exist? That Chaos is merely defined by the ability of our Consciousness to grasp what we are and are part of?

    been writing here:

    when i go look up ‘transpalindrimic syndex’ i find it reminding me of ccru, numonoid fantasies gone haywire … gone insectoidally, stack stir starkly crazy, acrobotics:


    by Robert Marshall with Iona Miller, c1998

    9z here:


    Young, Fuller, Bach loads of 555z, fours into ones and intriguing stuff like:
    “Two wings of 1260 Divides by all base, except 8
    a Great Eagle” 1260 (The Serpent Cannot Enter)
    one of the few pages with a pic
    lots of kaballah trees in a cube .. and supposedly about Fuller and Kaballah.

    not as intriguing as the more obviously triangular set of 3treez i broke through to in … 04?? with central axis in which airbags, which come/work up open in the outer framework separately, go down folded shut combined to some appropriate degree of submerZion only to be leveraged open by the others they are in tandem with, already on their way up

    Holotomic Sequence pic is gone so i go look if it’s up elsewhere … and i am not disappointed, the middle of this file is especially symmetric orderly and sterile .. all is right with the world except tavistock/Al-CIAdough:
    but .. there’s always a jumble of psycho drama peep and boo peekabookie shows involved with our Iona.

  5. ufos, volcanos, dragons .. animals fucking … first page i see after Youtube
    decided to lose that stupid(/white) thumbframing .. finally a good decision
    after a string of disastrous ones.
    E-frust. E-scourge, E-plague … E-wings in the wankerwinks of which i fly
    to the other side of the world .. furthest away from my own embarrasing
    and sordid blessings.

  6. kin 77 marks to Spins since we first knew we were to have a baby
    She was born on kin 66 at 12.17pm
    Her name got to us on a New Moon day on kin 11: Inanna
    66+11=77, 17.12 Red Cristal Earth
    Her birth occured three days before the exact middle point between her moms birthdate on Resonant 21 and my own on Planetary 7, 3×7=21

    Universalizing Synchronicity 🙂

  7. live commentary by author on that pic i mentioned halfway this vid here:

    can i call him an idiot savant tmq .. or would you prefer matrologer?

    to me and my ‘boerenverstand’ (commoner sense) it looks like a sieve but it sure don’t hold up let alone through what it should .. it’s not even a model pointing in the right direction. …

    in the first half he uses his wits to choose sides in a fight. Is this what his wisdom amounts to?

  8. I guess , its a way of saying ; Fuck You Bitches !

    Love that …

    Better a wise mens fool than a Farmers Weed … ((horseshit )),,,

    Gotta love ThiZzz;

  9. dear kin, i started i series of radio transmissions
    by the name of “CentRAl StellAR RadiON”
    it combines good music, prayer and speech
    some will be spoken in spanish
    some in english
    and some will be just sound
    you can listen to the Zero and Transmission #1 Magnetic


    RadiON centRAl estelAR 🙂

  10. Blue Magnetic Storm
    I Unify in order to Catalyze
    I Attract Energy
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    So much to process.
    My LC sig was on Spectral Warrior – and eye had to cut out my own Electric Mirror bio-mother’s heart so that she could remember where it was and that it still beats fiercely.

    This Maya is ready for battle – and ready to lay down her sword.
    Strike that – reverse it. 😉 Now where are my Oompa Loompas…yes! The meek shall inherit the eARTh!

    We mUSt remain ever vigilant and flexible as the streams cross ever closer to the quick of the PHI…those who still view the construct as anything other than in Lak’ech will fight to keep the corrupt system at all costs.

    So the art is sub/vers/ion…born Crystal 13 – June 11, 1933 – Kin 39 – Cosmic Storm, Gene Wilder…no pun there, right???


  11. in the meantime of the worldbridger wave the vision chanted another 2 readings in triple chantings … all in the weaving as preset by the avatars …

    they cover the first 6 daya in the 2nd kweak of 5th moon kweaknode
    the last one will combine with this moons Glorydaya … for current kweak moon para~me~thers

    consider membership while the DS & LC worldbridger keeps on bridging as a the Gate (met her by quite some co-incidance:~)

    ur Bolon Ik , DS spiced

  12. I made a new video
    Film, Music and Lyrics by A1d7r7i

    With guest voices by kin 60 Chevo Taniski and kin 166 Anahi

    On the Screen kin 210 Yemile and baby kin 66 Inanna Coral and myself

    enjoy it!

  13. ô wow ~~~~> 7 Volcanoes erupting right now Thu 01 Dec 16:24


    • dunno about right now … the Chili one had a blast in june and afterparty since then …

      ea velatropa — 29x

      robin ludwick from austin texas sings a slow sad and syrupy song on ckut-folk which i listen to as i view the last bits of the 20 minute bee gathering celebration of the velatropan tribe (about 60 people maybe doing energetic circle and free dances) simultaneously.

      The Montreal area has had such a flux of ‘milltumultural’ atrocities (read ‘the redeemed captive’ .. or was it ‘the unredeemed captive’?) that sad songs are staple when jerry goodfriend presents his ‘folk directions’ but the south americans are not as beaten up and down, on the contrary, they are totally upbeat.
      critical mass ride (daytime), nice tunes — 13:20 long
      .. they stop by a drumcircle the 4th minute then carry on … the filming is sped up here and there and they filmer is an energy bunny running from head to rear all across and aquear

      funny … i don’t see a single cop let alone a goddamn cop te whole time

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