Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon codes Overtone Gamma 24: One Galactic Spin since Valum Votan’s Ascension

MULUC      Kin 89

Red Spectral Moon

Red Spectral Moon
Blue Spectral Storm Red Spectral Moon White Spectral Dog
Yellow Electric Human
I dissolve in order to purify
releasing flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
9 x 11 = 99, which is also the G-Force of 9.11: Kin 99: 8 Storm.  The Challenge is 11 Storm. 
 The Analog, Kin 50, Antipode 219 and Hidden Power;  173 add up to 441  🙂  Therefore, the  central oracle[89] and its Guide [89] = the 441  Base Matrix Frequency Index:  178:  9 Mirror.  178 can also denote 17.8 [A1d7r7i], who may further elucidate this special day  :)?]
Today’s Long Count Kin is 2 Dragon, which, when added to 11 Moon equals 13.13:  Cosmic Skywalker  🙂
When we add in the PSI  for Overtone 24 [2 Seed], we arrive at Kin 197:  17.2, which coded the final revelation of Valum Votan, and the 4th [and only GAP] Solar Witness/Lord of Time!
Valum Votan chose  9.11:  Spectral Moon  to dissolve and liberate himself from the Earth plane, 260 days ago. 
The first photo shows Valum Votan and co-Founder of the Law of Time, Lloydine 9 Wind.  The last photo shows Valum Votan  with  TMQ and the current Law of Time crew.  Votan’s partner and Cosmic History Chronicles co-author, Stephanie South 3 Serpent, [on his right] is beautifully keeping Valum Votan alive  through her blog; and Kelli 6 Sun and Jacob 4 Dragon  [center of photo]   update the Law of Time site frequently, with news from and about Valum Votan and more  🙂
  As the First Galactic Return of Valum Votan’s Ascension dawned, the Earth was hit by five fireballs!
 Five fireballs crossed the same point in space. These are the orbits of five objects that hit Earth on the night of Dec. 7/8.
We Welcome a new Kin;  Vikki in Australia  :), who reminds us that December 8th, the first Galactic Spin Anniversary of Valum Votan’s passing is also the 31st Solar Anniversary of Planetary  Wizard:  John Lennon’s Death. 
 These two Prophets of Peace are also connected by the number 31, which coded Valum Votan’s last year on Earth:  5 Monkey.


“Even now, the music of John Lennon inspires people the world-over to see the promise of peace and love.” This link icludes John’s video “Happy Christmas;  War is Over“:

“Happy Christmas, World; and Peace and Love to you always”

Today, Dec. 8th, is 1 Solar Spin [plus the PVCS 6 Mirror Day-out-of-Time, and Hunab Ku 0.0 Day] and 1 Wavespell from the 12/21/2012 Crystal Hand Solstice.

9.11.   “The lineup of all the planets, except Earth, on the other side of the   Sun, Spectral Moon 4, Red  Self-Existing Earth (May 5, 2000), provides a collective telepathic test for the activation of the electromagnetic polar flux tube regulators.  The object is the creation of a telepathic field of magnetic resistance to stabilize the planetary poles.”

 “89.  Prime key, Fibonacci sequence 11 (34 +55), Kin 89 = 11 Moon”
89. “In this seal foursquare, all prophecies converge.  The beast of the G7 stands revealed.  The Babylonian Vatican is exposed.  In the rainbow dream vision 144,000 of the elect are called again to meet in gathering together circles, to listen, to sing, and to dance to the song Telektonon.”
Scientists have discovered the two biggest black holes ever observed, each with a mass billions of times greater than the Sun’s, located in the heart of a pair of galaxies several hundred million light years from Earth”  “The second black hole is of “comparable or greater mass” and is located in NGC 4889,
Black hole, Photo: AFP  Valum Votan once wrote that the Seven Solar Witnesses are actually Black Holes [which is more clear to TMQ after her most recent conversation with Grayham 13 Eagle; the Second Solar Witness] Perhaps these recently discovered giant Black Holes can represent these  two years that follow the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone, during which were awakened the first Seven Solar Witnesses/Lords of Time, coded by Kins 194 through 200.
This year corresponds with the Eighth Lord of Time:  AWESOME BLOWING SIX TURQUOISE WINDSSoul Enlightenment.
The final year of the Cycle correspopnds to Ninth Lord of Time:  PRIMORDIAL KNOWING BODY LHA:  Shambala on Earth.
“Scientists have linked two diamonds in a mysterious process called entanglement that is normally only seen on the quantum scale”…..”demonstrating that quantum mechanical effects are not limited to the microscopic scale.
This bodes well for oUR Telepathic Meditations  🙂  In this article, a Mayan expert declares that the 2012 Solstice is  NOT the apocalyptic end of the world, it is a transition to a new era  🙂  The last sentence of this report is interesting:  The expert presented his conclusions at “a special round table of Mayan experts this week at Palenque

Valum Votan ascended during the Solar Jaguar Moon, and here is a recent article about the Mayan Jaguar:

 Valum Votan’s last known domicile was Melbourne, Australia, and this Jaguar  was photographed at the Zoo in MelboURne   🙂

There will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as we move from the 7th STORM Wavespell, to the 8th Human Wavespell of  Free Will.   A total eclipse of the Full Moon will be visible in the early morning skies of western Northern America.  The action begins around 4:45 am Pacific Standard Time when the red shadow of Earth first falls across the lunar disk.  By 6:05 am Pacific Time, the Moon will be fully engulfed in red light.  This event—the last total lunar eclipse until 2014—is visible from the Pacific side of North America, across the entire Pacific Ocean to Asia and Eastern Europe [the photo at Right shows the first of this ‘pair of Lunar Eclipses’ beside the Washington Monument on the December 2010 Solstice]

As this article:   forwarded by Melovia 12 Moon states:  Total eclipses are always significant. The precise alignment of sun, moon and earth creates a warp in time and space that we can experience on a psycho-spiritual level.

This Full Moon Eclipse   happens two days before we transition from the Fifth Moon of Empowerment to the Sixth Rhythmic Moon of Equality.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceTomorrow is the Crystal Dog Round Table The next post will review the wonderful comments you’ve recently sent,  and new ones received during this special few days  🙂

These two  Postulates are associated with the Galactic Signature:  Spectral Moon,  of Valum Votan’s Ascension, and with the Law of Time he discovered/established:

Challenge;  19.11:   The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the divine return of mind to source. By making conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of universal transcension.  God is the magnet of universal transcension.”

G-Force;  19.8.   “By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious, the discovery of the Law of Time places everyone at God.

1. 24. 5. 24.      Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION      Kin 89


20 thoughts on “Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon codes Overtone Gamma 24: One Galactic Spin since Valum Votan’s Ascension

  1. Some points to consider:
    1; there are no Black Holes at the center’s of Galaxies, this is a view of those who see no immortal future ahead, therefore everything vanishes into a black hole.
    2; galaxies are strung out in a line with plasma threads (DNA Helix) spanning thousands of light years connecting them together, here we are seeing a ‘kundalini spine’, the galaxies are chakras of an huge Angel, this we become also at some future point.
    we wouldn’t call the vortex going through one chakra linking to another a ‘black hole’, that would be worthless, uninformed, we would call the vortex through a galaxy centre the wormhole throat which receives then distributes data throughout the Angel who has may galaxies as her/his form, just like the flow through our chakra system.

    • Thank You Grayham 🙂

      Your explanation of the wormholes/black holes as a
      ‘”vortex through a galaxy centre, the wormhole throat, which receives then distributes data throughout the Angel”
      makes much more sense than how astronomers/scientists view ‘black holes’.
      It’s also infinitely more beautiful 🙂

    • in moon **** – OWL (dutch “uil”) the synchron mantra to the kundalini spine experience in kweaktime was exercised in the native language dutch by a Flemish Lady [who seems high sensitive and productive in metamorph] – sorry that one is only dutch – but have to illustrate never the less while in 2 days we will have the GLORYdaya on 5th moon as a Daya of Moon Experience as planet wide as we achieve …

      on the blog header of
      you will see how the kundalini plays with hunab’ku symbol that has 4 faces althought still one attaining the right perspective … which is often the method of synchronizing a thing happening … on focus

      in the green figure the red ball/bull is on the tire string within a “i ching” fund

      but then grayham : the future is always now onwards, aye

  2. since july 23, 2009 … kin001 red dragon in LongCount and kin049 in DreamSpell KweakSpell is running as a child from the male and female spells of these years …

    the male spell recently died as expected and the wooman has to carry on …

    so 40 days ago we had a synchron 49 (7to7), now havin’ 89

    well, 89 was on SOULdaya in VOIDkweak, the third one in the fifth moon
    today we are on the SIRdaya experience realizing the double stars weavin’

    KALIkey is the mantra to this 3.8 slot

    8 and 9 both symbolize the two days added to a more balanced week as a rhythm and rhyme to a human specie, aye!

    only 3 kweaks a moon make the moon go round the bout …
    then GLORYdaya centers the equation as zerosetting balancing judge from tzujan, that which arizes from natural spin-off.

    so we carry on … 3.9 -SUNdaya- with siliAUM …
    and 4.0 -GLORYdaya- with KamuthY …

    the sounds need a focus from “hara”

  3. Today one spin ago Master Valum Votan ascended. I never felt nor believed that he “died”, it feels more realistic that he entered some sort of parallel world or went back to the mayanic “mothership”. VV ascended on Kin 89 Spectral Moon which you can write also as 9.11. (Moon9 Tone11) Certainly there is some invisible connection to the inevitable event of 9/11. One spin ago with VV`s ascension and 13 days prior the Earthquake in Japan/ Fukushima Magn.9.0 on Crystal Earth 17.12 Worldbridger Wavespell in my own life some sort of Timeprogramm opened, drawing me back intensely to the 20:13 Teachings of the Law of Time, and opened such a synchronous “Flying Circus” in my mind and life, that I often thought.: “What the hell is going on here.”
    Everything in this universe is simultaneously connected to everything else, and certainly nothing happens without some “higher” -yet for us invisible reason.
    I want to share with you Kins some mysteries of the Gregorian calendar which I recently realized while I was working intense on the 2013 program of our photographical Art Calendar Company. Yes I can say I`m a “Calendar Maker” and as I work on the program of 2013- “I´m ahead of my time.” 🙂
    But let`s get back on the ground: To be honest, this feels weird. And many hours and nights I was thinking what is behind all this, that I study the Law of Time and make my living from Gregorian -at least- Art-calendars. But hey, it´s not my fault that the world hasn`t changed to a 13 Moon 28 Day calendar yet, and first of all I´m a Photographer specialized on panoramas who works creative. Recently I wrote to a French photographer: “Calendars divide time into pieces that man can follow it, my goal is to transcend time into timelessness through calendar art.”
    I believe anyway that nobody buys a calendar today to read the “date”. People buy calendars because they like the pictures, they travelled to a country or want to, and they dream of a better beautiful peaceful world when they contemplate on calendar Art.
    As I was working on the layout of our 2013 program for the last two moons I subconsciously added a 2013 Graphic on every single calendar page.

    And then I read this in “José’s-Manifesto for the Noosphere p. 62: Even the numbers of the year 2012 (Gregorian) possess a certain magic, representing a convergence of the Mayan 20 and the Babylonian 12. But the real magic begins with the year 2013, which signifies the complete return of the 13:20 frequency of universal synchronization.”
    This year we produce 33 🙂 calendars with 14 pages each printed average 700 Times: So the number 2013 as a synonym for 13:20- universal natural time- will appear on 323400 pages of our calendars, and on Billions of other calendars, in newspapers, computers, TV`s, on Cellphones…….just everywhere.
    But the magic goes on: The link I added above shows the month July also written as 7. In Gregorian July 2013 the Sundays fall on the numbers 7,14,21,28. Remember 7 is the resonant middle between 1 and 13. “The power of 7 is the power of 13.” 4×7 is 28. The Gregorian month of magic ends with 7.31. (5Monkey) 2013
    20:13::7:28 This is all Gregorian number magic.
    And then in July 2013 there will be the full “Time Shift”. Cosmic Moon 28, 13:28 Rhythmic White Wind, Day out of Time 2013 Blue Resonant Night, Magnetic Moon 1, 1:1 Galactic Synchronization Kin 164, Galactic Yellow Seed. And certainly this all happens during the 13th Earth Wavespell of the Tzolkin.
    The Noosphere, the Rainbow Bridge the Second Creation, the Time Shift are not a fantasy story. It is happening right here and right now. Through the mind power, vision and love of all you Kins around this planet.
    Beyond all numbers, calendars and counts don`t forget to be always “Here & Now.”
    May we all envision this Earth as a work of magical art and may peace prevail.
    In lak ech
    Kin 189 (3x7x9), Red Resonant Moon, 9.7 _channel in order to purify_
    First Watch of Kin 89, Red Spectral Moon, Blue Storm Wavespell of Transformation
    First anniversary of Galactic Master VV ascension.
    Overtone Moon 5 Gamma 24
    Ahau Zone V24.3

  4. It`s just crazy… all this in-form-ation… on the “WEB”….seams like it`s a training for the Noo….. this one might be interesting: Jose and Stephanie on a radio interview from Down Under.

  5. com …taken over by a commercial operator … just a california hedonist jew claiming similar but showing lazy music and a very watered down version.

    .. oh wait, .. here it is:

    there’s 2 5 folds actually and i can’t see why one of them is cut up to make 8

    “five fireballs” — google images puts you at the top of the heap

    50 x russia france and belgium 0506 workspell dreamshop

    1285x a year old
    Oren Lyons, Russell Means .. being polite, he says ‘american’, not colonialist, then halfway we hear Trudell, Floyd Westermann, David Swallow

    E.T. Katy Perry Feat Kanye West (lyrics). 1st version …. that means with flashing coloured texts instead of the singers all dressed up and stuff … saw that long ago
    Van: Revolt1680 | 26 Mar 2011 | 9,559 keer bekeken

    .. bit of a shock to see that viewing number when i am the man who used coloured texts and lots of fonts (at the beginning) to warn about this very ‘development’ the song drives at

    his profile speaks about the kachina depicted as his channell icon being the priest killer … and the church actually being banned at his rez
    i go:
    not sure you killed white wheel god yet buddy … just watched your ‘muddy subbing’ (he’s “mudding the subby” on a wet patch of green at his ‘church property’)…. and i wonder, … what kind of church are you running there …. the cult of hurting earthworms? … makes the vid that brought me here, ‘you are all affected by colonialism …’ seem extra true. Don’t take it the wrong way, i respect imperfection .. and prolly hang my head in the face of it too much for my own good, maybe even the world’s good.

  6. 13x9x5x8x20
    there’s 2 5 folds actually and i can’t see why one of them has 3 of it’s leaves
    divided, all given equal time to make that stage 8fold
    but red and yellow have time and half as much of the alloted surface.

    Venus Phi Earth (365*1.6=584) – 2920: 5 Cycles of Venus or 8 Earth years

    • interesting formula 13 x 9 x 5 x 8 x 20 , poët piet 😉

      indeed 2 5 folds , but then let us get to the elements to see the simplest picture on the numbers given?

      13 x 3×3 x 5 x 2x2x2 x 5x2x2 ; right?

      so there we get into: 2^5 x 3^2 x 5^2 x 13^1 , aYe !

      which one arranges the oneness?

      at first sight i should say 13 because it carries the 1 in its flag!

      2^5 gives 32
      3^2 scores 9
      5^2 masters 25

      then 13×20 is tzolkin tapestry
      and 9x13x20 is kweakmetacycle aka 2340 kin (2009-2016)
      2340 = (6×365=)2190 + 150
      which leaves about 215 kin to accomplish into 7×365 kin … (july 2016)
      (to be corrected by leapday?)

      what is the communication theme here?

      do we need a sort of timebreak every 7 years to even out human fractals?
      is that the (only) reason 7 is a religious number (to be outdated)?

      is this about YES “the roundabout”

      “Yours Is no disgrace”

      refer tot CHC3 to get the artisticK pict’UR
      & reclaimmm the human mindforce at all members

  7. thanks, it might be clearer to say;
    galaxies being the chakra’s of a huge angel are intercommunicative via their kundilini which links them together, this kundilini (umbilical cord ) radiates from the mama galaxy (elliptical types), new galaxies are birthed as this DNA cord unpacks ( milky way birthed from Andromeda, Andromeda from M87), our galaxy receives info every 13,000yrs as the charge enters the vortex at galactic centre, prove shows this last happened 13,000 yrs ago, so now milky way is being tickled by Andromeda (don’t beleive the astronomers who say milky way and andromeda are gonna crash- again this is the incoherent world of those who can’t see the symmetry). Love (fractal phi frequencies) as information (english letters are snippets of phi spiral) is downloading here at instantaneous speed about this very event, hence i can write about it here now with enough clarity to trigger your memories

  8. this night i looked into the western sky and saw this wonderfull bright full moon in this Radiant Moon Phase of Time as an Idea …

    “This Full Moon Eclipse happens two days before we transition from the Fifth Moon of Empowerment to the Sixth Rhythmic Moon of Equality.”

    to that spiritMoon i dedicate this clip

    a wayseer manifesto

    impressive just before the moon of equality and equivalency

    hold on & set through, planetary kin!

  9. Eye wish i had a better aperture! Aye swear there’s a rainbow around it – normal to be sure – but very clear and pronounced around the half sphere still visible.

    I’m havin’ that 7 galactic direction 😉


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