Kin 94: White Electric Wizard codes Dali 1 of the Sixth Rhythmic Star Moon of Equality

IX                    Kin 94

White Electric Wizard

December 13, 2011

White Electric Mirror
Yellow Electric Seed White Electric Wizard Red Electric Serpent
Blue Spectral Hand
I activate in order to enchant, bonding receptivity.  I seal the output of timelessness with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of endlessness. 
The Long Count Kin is 6.7;  Dreamspell Kin 46[7 World-Bridger] coded TMQ’s activation on 9/11/2004.
The G-Force of 3 Wizard is:  Kin 88:  Planetary Star,  which coded Valum Votan’s passing in most parts of our planet.
8.10 also coded TMQ’s meeting with Valum Votan and Stephanie South in Sedona, on TMQ‘s Solar-Galactic Return of her Planetary Star year, after which Valum Votan wrote to TMQReality is rearranging itself, and our compass is firmly set for New Zealand
Events since the Earthquake on Overtone 19, at 19:19 p.m. indicate that  again “Reality is  rearranging itself” , underscored by the  almost constant STORMs that began during that 19th hour in new Zealand.  A torrential rain continues to pour as these words are written.
Telektonon Verse 94.  “Let the 124,000 messengers call forth a remnant of 20,000 more; let each one of these sound seven trumpets, seven times. Let these seven times seven trumpets call for a following of God’s perfect plan. Mark seven times seven years since the evil one showed his fiery face at Hiroshima.  Be honoured by God’s cancellation of Iblis’s power of moral oblivion.  Let the storm of God’s power of nineteen cleanse with cosmic mercy, the blood of all martyrs from the thrones of Kings, and let these thrones themselves be dissolved by the pure water of sacred time flowing through the gardens of the righteous.
19:19 reduces [by 20.13] to 19.6:  “19, Rhythmic Worldchanger19 is above all.  The mathematical structure underlying the Quran is based on the number 19. The 0-19 codes is also the key to the Law of Time which demonstrates number 19 as a key factor in the harmonic module 13:20 matrix.” 
Sura 20:13:I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed.’
This first week of the 6th  Moon  is Heptad Hunab Ku 21 of the 6 Wizard year. 
It corresponds to Codon 4:  “LISTEN AGAIN;  Tree shapes space
14.3:  “ During the cycle, AD 2000-2013, three levels of incidence unfold and become synchronized simultaneously: activation of flux tube system and harmonic rearrangements of the synchronic order of the heliocosm; concurrent development of forms of radiosonic architecture “anchoring” the telepathic time travel; and synchronized coordination of the psi bank with solar frequency pulsations (completion of AC circuit).”
The Full Moon Eclipse occurred one week after the Earthquake.
Image Detail 
June 15, 2011, 59th year anniversary of the discovery of Pacal Votan’s Tomb.
 Cosmic MonKEY: Dec. 10, 2011. 
 Cosmic MonKEY: Dec. 10, 2011. 
These are the last pair of Full Moon Eclipses of the 13th Baktun The next Full Moon Eclispe will be in 2014.
Also in the sky this week:

“A gigantic object the size of a planet has appeared on astronomers’ screens lurking near Mercury, with UFO hunters around the world wondering whether it’s an alien ship“. Is this proof we're not alone? A bright object suddenly appears to the right of Mercury Read more:

International scientists said on Tuesday they had found signs of the Higgs boson, an elementary particle believed to have played a vital role in the creation of the universe after the Big Bang,  13.7 billion years ago.
 Today we are guided by Electric Mirror.  15 days and 5 Moons ago, TMQ entered her Electric Mirror year.  Synchronistically, that was also 155 days ago  🙂
15.5 degrees is the orientation of Teotihuacan towards North. 
This blog began 31 Moons and 13 days ago, mirroring the beginning of the 13 Baktuns in 3113 B.C.
The last day of the Overtone Moon of Empowerment was coded by GAP Kin 93:  Lunar SkywalkerHappy Galactic Return to Code=E 93  🙂
Today, 3 Wizard  begins  the 6th Rhythmic Moon of Equality, which is coded by Kin 188:  Rhythmic Star:
I organise in order to beautify balancing art.  I seal the store of elegance with the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY“.
This is the Electric activating  day of the 8th Human Wavespell:  Power of Free Will.
Electric Wizard also begins the 8th Vinal Meditation:
MOL:  “Which UNIFIES all the Pieces
It was intended to Unify Pieces from the wonderful comments contributed by 441 Cube of Truth Kin They were thoroughly enjoyed, but technical difficulties prevent them from being accessed at this time [and also prevent proper display of today’s oracle, at least on my computer–perhaps a change in security settings needed?]   At a later time, we’ll revisit  the discussion of  Chakras/ ‘Black Holes/Worm Holes/Solar Witnesses  of Angels, and some great comments and videos of Valum Votan  🙂
The last Moon of the 13th Baktun is coded by Overtone Sun, and the last day of that Moon is coded by Electric Mirror.
During the 3 Mirror watch of 3 Wizard, TMQ received an e-mail from Jud 5 Sun, which contained riveting news.  She digested its contents while driving to the home of Sandra 4 Skywalker and Neil 12 Wizard.
 [13.4 + 14.12 + 18.8 = PVCS 5.11, plus 14.3 = 19.1, The Noosphere Constant’.}
The entire Electric Seed watch was spent sharing experiences and synchronicities, courtesy of the Noosphere.
Here is a unique synchronicity, involving the Kins of TMQ [18.8] and  9.6, Rhythmic Moon, on Dali 1 of the Rhythmic Moon coded by Kin 188:
Last week, Neil Crystal Wizard [the First Solar Witness] ‘received’ three numbers:
 66 [6.1, which codes their son Lee] 25 [Crystal Serpent 5.12] and 47:  7.8.
Neil calculated their alpha-numeric values [Ex.:  Sixty Six = 149] and was amazed to learn that all three numbers equal 149:   Rhythmic Moon
 That is the combined kin of 18.8 and 11.11; Valum Votan It’s G-Force and Antipode is 19.6:  6 Storm mentioned above.
Then, the three of us realized that those three numbers [66 + 25 + 47] equal  138:  Galactic Mirror 18.8, another way of interpreting this Rhythmic Moon’s Kin: 188.
Even the Mayan word for the Wizard seal coding this year and day:  IX  calculated via  the VV Alpha-numeric Method [I = 9; X = 600], equals 609:  6 = Rhythmic;  9 equals Moon  🙂
May the preceding synchronicities be a sign that the Rhythmic Star Moon will be filled with Beauty, Elegance, and a restoration of EQUALITY to this currently out-of-balance world.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”
N. S.  1. 24. 6. 1.     SPIRIT TOWER      Kin 94

8 thoughts on “Kin 94: White Electric Wizard codes Dali 1 of the Sixth Rhythmic Star Moon of Equality

  1. english letters are far more than meets the eye (after all there are 26, decimal to 260 – not fractal – fractal requires a specific character/ratio/relationship which numbers by themselves do not have), numbers by themselves are without quality until they relate to other numbers, here the uni-phi-ing link between numbers is closest to the Heart/Source of Prime Creator/Mover when the ratio is phi, or 1.618.
    English letters are phi constructs, they’re snippets ( of the in-phi-net-ly interconnecting phi spiral that links all dimensions/times and locations.

    4d=time, 5d=uni-phi-cation of time/space, 6d = unity of all within our consciousness, 7d = mastered and apprenticeship begins applying these skills to create larger lightbodies like planets.

    hence to;
    simpli-phi (simplify)
    clari-phi (clarify)
    recti-phi (rectify)
    in order to
    uni-phi (unify)
    with the
    in-phi-net (infinite)

    the closer to Source the simpler it becomes to define Source and the larger the tingle (feeling of unity/home) it generates in others.

    • the holographic decoder for character into number AM=ZN=1 to 13

      gives on PHI:11 8 9

      this is quite a proof for 13:28
      while PHI gives 28
      as the number
      ruling the moon phas’aces


      U’R bolon ik ~ hun muluc “KA~tun”

      “in lakech a la kin”

      the English Empire scientificly got the 26 character alphabet & babylonic Katos’prophesy paralyzing about 99+ percent of indivi’duals …
      how are u?

  2. its easy to show that english letters (snippets of phi spirals, and phi is in-phi-nitely large to in-phi-nitely small therefore english letters will be seen at the size of UNIVERSE and the size of SMALLEST PARTICLE ) are really NUMBERS, scientists are hunting for the Higgs Boson ultimate particle, or the God Particle
    numerically (letters=phi snippets)
    God Particles =129
    The Dodecahedron=129
    the Phi Ratio=129

    lo and behold , in a few seconds universe reveals that which scientist spend millions on to discover, also its not 41 as V.V. claims, which is simply another number unrelated to anything without the all important ratio/relationship of phi, which is required to uni-phi it to other entities in the universe via lo-phi or love.

  3. Mm.. aloha bahda Suckas could u Keʻoluʻolu turn the switchh, make it like it New Remembr who came FiRST I Did

  4. “Another reason New Zealand is playing such an important role in Earth’s Ascension process is that she receives the first impulse of Light for every new day on the planet. This meant that the first frequencies of 11:11:11 would enter the planet through New Zealand and then spread around the globe in a wave of resplendent Light.”
    (Sounds like Mike is right! 😉 )
    Read the rest of the article:

    Let it be (believed, known, seen, experienced) that all is well with the Earth and All of her kingdoms, indeed with All Life everywhere…

  5. just look at the cover pic here …. can’t vouch for the content … the first seconds did not look appealing … but .. there’s that VVAA missile thing
    .. i mean, it sure reminded me of one of them mentally neatened netties … come on .. admit something here …. guess i’ll never get through (to) any sorta mindset whatsoever, not the musical one and not the one that holds Manning captive, torturing, not thanking him.

    yall know any good ballistic simulated planets games?

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