Christmas brings the gift of TEN Galactic Activation Portals beginning on PVCS 106: Lunar World-Bridger

CIMI    Kin 106

White Lunar Worldbridger

I polarize in order to equalise stabilising opportunity.
I seal the store of death with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.  
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
This will be a brief post, to ensure it gets published before time/data allotment runs out.
TMQ has only been online twice, briefly, since leaving Nelson on 12/21/2011;  11 Wind, the G-Force of 12.12.
It’s wonderful to read comments from you, and to feel very connected to our 441 Cube of Truth Kin, even more so without internet.
The comment from Mike  5 World-Bridger was read at a MacDonald’s in a suburb of Auckland, just blocks from Mike’s last known address.
Thanks to Melovia 12 Moon, for ‘beginning’  this Serpent Wavespell for us  🙂 
 Poet Piet 3 Eagle’s words will be contemplated during this period of  10  GAP’s which will be spent ‘on the road’, and out in nature.
Today, Christmas, Alan 6 Sun and I reached the Bay of Islands at the top of New Zealand, where we are now overlooking Russell, which alpha-numerically equals 106 , on  today’s kin 106.
Today’s G-Force is 7 Star [Scott].  We are Guided by the Mirror.
8 Mirror spent the Solstice afternoon of Kin 10312 Night,   exploring Lake Rotopounamu, the special place that Cheetah 13 Serpent described in her video.
By the end of the 12 Skywalker watch, we were ensconced at Lake Taupo [=103] for the Solstice at 18:30
As the Lunar Mirror watch began, the sunny day suddenly released a downpour.   So it transpired, that TMQ was soaking wet at the exact moment of the Solstice. 
At 18:39, the skies had cleared enough to reveal a stunning 180 degree RAINBOW  !!  🙂
TMQ gave Thanks and took Heart from this beautiful SOLSTICE  RAINBOW sign, rendered  exactly one year before we are to manifest the Rainbow Bridge on the 2012 Solstice
 Later, we enjoyed the naturally hot pools of Lake Taupo, and as we walked back to our camp on the longest day of the year, saw [and photographed]  the most spectacular and dramatic crimson sunset  🙂
While TMQ laid awake contemplating the next Cosmic Star Solstice [in New Zealand] and the Star People who created the Crystal etheric structures in  Lake Taupo, the clouds retreated until there was a brilliantly clear sky, filled with Stars.  As she gazed at the Milky Way Galaxy during the Cosmic Eagle [Grayham] watch of Cosmic Seed, she  felt she ‘received‘ the answer to the last question she had asked 13 Eagle [see comments]
8 Mirror  believes our Galaxy’s  Black Hole  holonomically corresponds to the Chakra that we align with today,
LIMI 13 , and on each SIGNAL Day-out-of-Time:  PURIFY SOLAR PLEXUS   Chakra03.gif
The Solar Plexus connects us via the Kuxxan Suum with the Galaxy, so perhaps the Solar Plexus of our Galaxy would connect our Galaxy with the etheric fibres of oUR Angel’s Kundalini, strung between her Chakra’s/Black Holes/ Wormholes.  Would love to hear your ideas and opinions.   S’ace 9 Wind shared about the visible HEARTbeat of oUR Earth, and the Heart Chakra feels like another strong possibility.
On  the drive to Auckland, during the 13 Wizard watch of Kin 104, we received the first news of the latest devastating  sequence of Christchurch earthquakes.
There is much that could be written  about that disappointing day, which began one year, minus 36 hours after the 24 ‘Boxing Day Earthquakes’ we experienced in Christchurch [= 138] last Christmas.
The synchronicities and revelations may be revealed when there is better internet access, and more time.
Suffice it to say that being ‘technologically disconnected’ in spectacularly beautiful places is very conducive to ‘Cosmic Connections’ and to telepathic connections with you  🙂
May our entry into the ten-in-a-row GAPS enhance our connection with each other, our Galaxy, and with Spirit.
[just now ran out of WiFi time, so this won’t be posted until office opens in the morning of 3 Hand.]
1. 24. 6. 13   Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT   GAP & PVCS Kin  106

25 thoughts on “Christmas brings the gift of TEN Galactic Activation Portals beginning on PVCS 106: Lunar World-Bridger

  1. happy holidays
    when referring to Star People, that is US, some 60million, some of who began incarnating back in the Egyptian era, these guys/us, are the one’s written about in history, the wayshowers etc, we built the etheric temples , problem nowadays is with the word etheric, not many remember what that word refers to. Lets get clear here, etheric is no longer needed because we have new words that describe the 7fold sublevels of the one etheric plane, a number of plasma densities, electromagnetism, photonic, are names for the more refined etheric, BUT the most refined sublevel of the etheric 7fold is THOUGHT,

    next, electromagnetic lines/web, photon crystals, plasma’s are all crystalline symmetrical web energy grids (when influencing the Deva’s this is how – by crystalline geometries via thought / visualization).
    Star People (us in past lives) constructed etheric temples via thought visualizations at obvious earth grid points.
    When we take responibility for the earth gridwork we are back online as the Star people we already are, thers’s no point waiting for 2012 dec , get to know the earth grids (not the symbolic representations) the actual geometries (phi based dodecahedron etc) , this is important because we as Star people are in essence these same geometries, this when applied builds new energy temples all over planet. V.V. had some symbolic visualizations but there are others with more precise understanding here, each Star person is skilled at specific details, is a place to start.

  2. 107 Electrick Hand channel, Anthony Kiedis with Respect to Kin 235, Magna Eagle, Stevie Wonder 😉 😉 😉

    Keep on learnin’
    Keep on warrin’
    Keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long.
    Keep on lyin’,
    While your people
    Keep on dyin’
    Keep on turnin’,
    Cause it won’t be too long.


    I’m so darn glad He let me try it again,
    ‘Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin.
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then.
    Gonna keep on tryin’ till I reach the highest ground.

    Keep on teachin’
    Keep on preachin’,
    World, keep on turnin’,
    ‘Cause it won’t be too long.
    Oh, no
    Keep on lovin’
    While believers
    Keep on believin’.
    Just stop sleepin’
    ‘Cause it won’t be too long.
    Oh, no!


    (Spoken) An’ Stevie knows that, uh, no-body’s gonna bring me down.
    Till I reach the highest ground.
    (Spoken) ’cause me ‘n’ Stevie, see, we’re gonna be a sailin’ on the funky sound
    Till I reach the highest ground.
    (Spoken) Bustin’ out, an I’ll break you out, ’cause I’m sailin’ on.
    Till I reach the highest ground
    (Spoken)Just, uh, sailin’ on sailin’ on the higher ground
    Till I reach the highest ground


  3. Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2
    2miljan Vs for this 2m thing
    2 women (colourmatched) and slow motion of the action throughout (no
    raw or rough sounds except as a fleeting echo faded before the action
    even starts. … food for the synchronomisters

    bow to the bounce to the ounce to bestow
    6.10 of rapid informature w good illunstrations here and there.
    A light teaching
    Rain smells ‘petrichor’??
    never heard that before.
    it’s the smell of volatiles escaping from opening plantpores
    .. wow, he even mentions the ‘blood of stone’ at the very end.

    jannis, whatever you do don’t go to ’32 degrees of insanity’it might be too irresistible a drug for you with your tendency to climb as close to the stars as you can for for the lightrickery showszs

    and what do you think of that conrebbi fella? Sounds so sympathetic but i really don’t trust that chemtrail conspiracist meme at all. It’s the inverse of guys like ion (howionic), a Hawaiian radio show host catering to the miracle hungry newcagers, who says radiation is good for you bring it on, it’s food for ‘non-physical’ (as long as you buy their ‘rna-drops’ first. Shades of the child prodigy, rockdust consciousness etherializing or better put: laboratorizing and meanwhile old Patrick Flanagan here (lives in Costa Rica).

    It’s all hateful stuff to me .. i mean i find it distasteful, adding to my swelling banked up sadness (don’t worry i dont rage and hardly even road anymore .. next thing to let go of it seems, is reading.

    did watch an amazing film this morning:
    Around The World in 90 minutes 360p
    facts and figures about humans water, energy bursts and bundles like storms and trees .. with loads of sattelite and manned space station footage (+ f&f again), a certain lightheartedness about war (with an uncomfortably close look at life on a warship) but no mention of worship

  4. bout that ‘blood of stone’ … .just a translation (of petrichor), nothing to do with the mud of stone as i had begun hoping the second i first half-heard it (what with 12 little windows open on this box most times i am making it spin).

  5. try play these at the same time for cheery effect.
    outsized marimba and ultrabass sax

    i also found something closer to ‘my crushing passion’ the other day:
    animusic (yt and .com) .. little balls shot in the air and arcing onto
    intruments, hitting strings, bars, skins and tubes w light effect denoting
    an upbeat popular tune or other, … one more effort you earthlings! On to
    the music made by cleverly sequencing steenbiggels luchtbellen en
    -blazen, baggerklodders en waterspetters … then listen for an echo that
    crescendos for decades, a cropcycle proposed in the eighties by ….

    wordgame: saviour .. add an o to the dutch version and it takes on new
    revealing meaning, feed unloader.
    verlosser – voerlosser

  6. This morning I went to the supermarket to get some coffee, milk and bread….. The sum was 13.83 €……….1383………is my MCFN…Milk,Coffee,Food,Number…..:-) Master Coordinating Frequency Number. Reduces to Kin 83 Overtone Night.
    This is all a dream….dubi…..du.
    Hope I counted right this time.
    First I got 1964……what a number….reduces to ……Kin 144 – Holy Shit.
    Sometimes I think while contemplating CHC Vol. 7: VV you are mad!
    Who the hell can get this into his mind.
    But who is mad?
    This world out there on the TV-News I guess.
    25. Remember what the Star Elders say: ” Only when you attain the expirience that -something else- is- doing the thinking-, and feel the force of a supermental intellingence moving your mind can you say that you are starting to comprehend the 441 Synchronotron.”
    Alles klar Baby!

    • to Pedrin and all;

      This morning, I awoke [at Lake Rotorua] from a dream about the calendar I’m working on.
      The first thing I read [online at the manager’s office at our hotel] is Pedrin’s comment…which describes the calendar revision I have worked out for the next 20 years!
      This double confirmation happened at this unique place on the planet, where one is in tune with the what is happening deep below the Earth’s surface.
      Here is an amazing ‘double synchronicity’:
      An hour before we arrived here, TMQ calculated realized that
      Lake Rotorua alpha-numerically equals 137, which codes Lord Seven Earth, the Galactic Mayan mediator of the radial plasmas in the center of our Earth.
      Calculated via the VV Alpha-numeric method, Lake Rotorua again equls 77: Crystal Earth, another reference to the powerful energies at the Heart of oUR Earth.
      How wonderful, to be here in the middle of the GAPs, at the place on the Earth [guidebook says there is no other place on the planet like it] where one feels the most connected to the Earth far below , and to Ah Vuc Ti Cab, 7 Earth 🙂

      Now off to have a mudbath, see geysers, and the spot of the legendary pink and white cliffs, which attracted visitors from all around the world, before an 8.7 earthquake submerged them.

      Thanks to all of you for keeping oUR 441 Cube energized 🙂
      The next blog will be on the day Jannis 7 Moon pointed out:

      Lord of the Dawn codes the Dawn of 2012 !

      LOVE and JOY to all 🙂

      {when the skies clear, Comet LoveJoy will be visible here just before Dawn}

      • This is so crazy! Eye had a dream yesterday that was a strange short trip – my rheumatoid arthritis requires that i sleep in certain positions – my left wrist is very inflamed as it is in its cycle of reformation – aye went through the same thing with my right wrist three years ago and then it calmed down – so i am sleeping on my back as spinally aligned as i can to keep my chakras clear and meditating on 110 – 10.4 Rhythmic Dog/goD –

        I Organize in order to Love
        I Balance Loyalty
        I seal the process of heart
        With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
        I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

        And eye started to dream lucidly in position, in bed and felt my entire being ripped by my feet downward at great speed – i heard the rip of the cloth screaming past my ears as i was being a + b = ducted phenomeno/logically across a plane of occupied space – i felt my sheets razing past/under me – and then in position – horizontal and frozen – pulled up about 4 feet above the bed and flung against my bedroom wall parallel in an almost instant matrix style and did not “feel” anything but the centering thud against the floor and noticed that i did not hit the wall because there were two pink little girl bicycles with daisy baskets sitting primly to my left balanced against the wall, pink and white tassels breezing – and then in reflecting on the process and effect – a salt and pepper haired Caucasian male came swiftly into my room – the door is on the wall near my feet – he seems urgent and is wearing an orange and white parka – he rivets me with the intent in his eyes to silence my thoughts because he doesn’t want “them” to know that he “comes from Aubrey de Grey” – then i woke up in position. Sleep ballet, as it were. 😉

        Aubrey de Grey – Born 4/20/63 (Ha!)

        Red Self-existing Earth

        I Define in order to Evolve
        I Measure Syncronicity
        I seal the matrix of navigation
        With the Self-existing tone of Form
        I am guided by the power of Space

        Happy Noo Year!


  7. HAPPY NEW Gregorian YEAR to All 🙂

    Like Christine 133 being the 133rd viewer, this momentuous year has begun with an abundance of amazing synchronicities, which TMQ is eager to relate.

    Three times, a partial 113 blog disappeared. Now, on both my new and old laptops, I am able to bring up the ‘new Post’ page, but my keystrokes do not register on either one!
    Today [January 2; Kin 114] is a public holiday in New Zealand, so trying a third computer is not an option today.

    More earthquakes and power outages in Christchurch this morning. Nonstop rain in the North Island caused us to take a ferry back to the South Island 6 days early. The synchronicities [to be shared ASAP] indicate that we were meant to be on the Cook Strait during the 9.9 watch of the Lord of the Dawn. The scores of frolicking DOLPHINS :)!!! that greeted us on this [South Island]end seemed to reinforce the feeling of being in the perfect SPACE at the perfect TIME !

    2012 IS GOING TO BE A WONDROUS YEAR, THANKS TO ALL, including those in the two Starships above us, when the sky momentarily cleared during the Overtone Star Watch last night. [TMQ begins her 5 Star year just before oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.]

    THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT COMMENTS 🙂 [Just now re-viewed Piet Poet’s fascinating RAINBOW video]
    One more GALACTIC Activation PORTAL to ENJOY after today;
    Planetary Wizard: John Lennon’s Galactic Return.

    “IMAGINE all the people living life in PEACE”
    as we UNITE and RETURN to the Original Matrix Attained and the DIVINE 🙂

    LOVE and JOY to All

  8. is this normal question

    if we have destabilization of 12:60

    then when is 12 21 ,,,,

    on moon 12 day 21 ,,,,, june 19 2012

    or moon 6 day 9 dec 21 2012


  9. hOla friends and Happy 2012!
    ive been out of the cybersphere enjoyin some real time
    went to the coast and had some time at the beach with family
    agree with TMQ it going to be an unforgettable year for us all!

    lots of love and in lakech from the 13 ZonE!

  10. Oh Claire! The Ring of Fire is heating up for the hOMA stretch. Maya bio-father 61 had a TIA (Transient ischemic attack) on 112 and was hospitalized – and then subsequently after 72 hours of nervous exhaustion my bio-mother 198 ended up herself in the ER with an ulcer flare up. When it rains, it poURs as it were. They are in excellent care in Southern California so i feel blessed and utterly at peace with the situation. Please take care and hopefully yoUR compUTers get their act(s) together!

    Love to all Kin,

  11. Dear Christine,

    Your comment is the first [and only] thing I have read in the Mirror Wavespell, which began here 5 and 1/2 hours ago.
    I’m glad your bio-parents [together = Crystal Storm] are recovering.
    Your news describes the intense beginning of 2012, which so many are experiencing.
    Though eager to communicate the positive, synchronistic first days of this year, I’m still am not able to write a ‘new blog’.
    All that translates from my computer to a new blog post is the title. Nothing comes through into the text portion.
    Not sure what to do about that; have considered writing the whole blog into a comment…
    In the meantime, have been enjoying two sunny days, a rare event here lately, friends, and the Nelson Jazz Festival.

    2012 and the Mayans suddenly seem to have made a dramatic impression upon people’s awareness and in the media.

    Today we begin the Tenth Wavespell: Endlessness, which takes us to the Heart of the last complete Tzolkin of the 13th Baktun 🙂

    Love and Joy to all,

  12. Change the Calendar – All At Once
    translates in Spanish to
    Cambiar el Calendario – Todos al mismo Tiempo

    try another language next to that?
    here French
    Changer le Calendrier – tous en même temps

    here michelvec’s add to tube:

    add from Bolon Ik in DreamSpellTapestry:

    stop 7777 block’ade & block’age into the roundabout 9991 for 28 daya …

    remember 27 eight kin count up into 3 x 3×3 daya which checks up in the daya of moon experience : 28 as a ZERO for linking both moons as well as people to one another in a similar ground of being …

    how is 22 in the heart of the planet – the ocean?
    2 phases resemble the motion, the feeling, the action: ebb & flood – the bosom
    as well as the blosom
    2 other phases just give values for lower and upper rise a cycle: low water & high water
    That is the inner metaphore for the feelings shadow …

    the outer experience is that we have almost twice a daya such a period in about 24 hours and 50 minutes, hmmm

    28 daya x 24 hours +50 minutes gives 28×50=1400 minutes extra which is about a daya of 1440 minutes ~ aka the energetical given daya?
    it is the bodyvessel growin’ the fruit, stupid!

  13. hi claire lots of love to you and everyone, my new address is 22 fenchurch street glen innes akld, this self existing dragon start of sacred 7th row on tzolkin, end of rhythmic month 2morrow, saying hi to neptune, ready for resonant moonth, will be in touch feel the gathering come on wakeup people i am the prophecy kiwiallegiance calendar reform aotearoa new zealand

  14. i tend to experience this noospheric line as a kind of habit …
    to say hi and hi again to fellowww kin …

    todaya the 7th column is entered on DreamSpellMoves

    in the “naughty” kweakspell this daya is labelled .7.1 in – overtone skywalker ~ third year of the overtone serpent quadruple (the wholly timeset of 4 years overtone dragon, moon, skywalker, earth <= see earth descending appear here?)

    tomorrow the wind kin 122 takes over and is the 5th cell of the mirror wave, which moves between 2 x 10 GAP daya as monstruous magnets …

    kweak has a sched' here where a fellow student kin is membered – oops … ( consider a join )

    the last moon ended in a wonderful mantra reading which i share by this link:

    What did Glorydaya bring us ?

    In Lakech ala Kin, Bolon Ik

  15. by the way, the ‘follow’ thingie (meek mini right hand corner here) is assertive to the point of obscuring the ‘post comment’ button in the next post

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