Kin 171: Blue Lunar MonKEY codes Galactic Dali 22; Portal to Hunab Ku Day

CHUEN   Kin 171

Blue Lunar Monkey

Blue Lunar Night
Red Lunar Dragon Blue Lunar Monkey Yellow Lunar Star
  White Crystal Dog
I polarise in order to play, stabilizing illusion.
I seal the process of magic, with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of abundance.

Today’s G-Force is Kin 33:  7 Skywalker.  Kin 41 ‘Frequency of God’ codes the Antipode/Challenge and Crystal DOG is oUR Hidden Power.  PSI = 3 Serpent, [Stephanie’s Signature], and the  LC = 6 Night [TMQ’s Hidden Power].

This is the second day of White DOG:GOD Wavespell 14:  Power of Heart, and the 22nd day of the  Galactic DOG Moon Seal 10 denotes Love, Compassion and Divine Loyalty. 

11.2:  “As fourth-dimensional psychogenetic pattern of third-dimensional entity, holon receives messages and instructions from two purely fourth dimensional entities, commonly known as “guides” or “angels” totally imperceptible and unknown to the third-dimensional ego.”

171 “19 x 9, triangular of 18, middle term in key triplet 117-171 –711 = 999″

  Week 32  Codon 54:  “TRANSCENDING:  Temple Incorporates TELEPATHY”

Galactic 22:  Noosphere is the mind space of inner time that stretches infinitely into the galactic future.
(Note: Leap Day/Feb 29 will be the same quote as 28 Feb/Galactic 22)

We have a few indications that the qualities of Lunar MonKEY and GALACTIC Dali 22 [CROWN Chakra]  ‘flavor‘ the last Hunab Ku Day of the Thirteen Baktuns.

Our NoosphericPhone call via Skype begins at 2300 [11 PM] NZT [Night Bio-region]. At that hour, we will all [except Hawaii] be within the Hunab Ku Portal.

For Kin in the Sun bio-region [Europe], it will be 11 AM.  It will be 7 AM  in Argentina  and 5 AM in the Eagle region [US East Coast]  Those in the MonKEY region have the most challenging time:  2 AM on Wednesday, Hunab Ku Day.

To join us, send your Skype ID to TMQ at, or ‘dial my Skype:’ mysteryqueen2013 Of course, you can also telepathically tune in.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace My Photo  Sylvia Reisberg 

These graphics depict a simple understanding of Grayham 13 Eagle’s description of the Cube that ‘incubates‘.  The middle image [compliments S’ace 9 Wind] show Birth [from the Cube or encapsulating placenta] and the removing of the veil.  Then, we are free to unfold and  expand   via  the PHI Spiral. 

The exquisitely beautiful video from Transunit13 shows a baby within the PHI Spiral at precisely 3:13, Transunit’s Seal [3] and tone [13] 

Pedrin 4 Warrior gives us a beautiful glimpse at how incredibly expansive the Universe is, with Peter Russell’s “Journey into the Cosmos.”  Christine/Barssiah 133 shared some amazing synchronicities, all within the week containing a new job, a 5 year wedding anniversary and her Solar Return [same as my 13.13 Brother’s on 3/2Happy Birthday! in advance.  And Thanks 3 Skywalker,  for filling in some of the Kins too  🙂

Transunit 13 struck a chord when he brought up the subject of Caves.


[Left:  SOUL Cave;  R:  World’s largest cave  -Viet Nam]  Today,  Raven Walker Cosmic Skywalker shared a ‘cosmic‘  experience he had in  a cave on Cosmic Human.  Earlier today, TMQ listened to a video that shared something quite amazing about caves,  to be shared, along with more about Caves;  Grottos and Mayan Ceynotes in the next transmission, 3 Kins from now  🙂

A cosmic team-up of planets and the thin crescent moon is dazzling skywatchers around the world this weekend, and the celestial sky show is just getting started.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter over Mooresville, NC Astrophotographer

Poet Piet 3 Eagle [15.3 is today’s CDK  :)] shared a video interview of some indigenous Mayans, who had issues about Valum Votan’s Dreamspell and 13 Moon Calendar KiwiMike 5 World-Bridger wrote:  “Lets UNITE make Aotearoa New Zealand lead the world in calendar reform bringing concious and un concious together.” 

Various calendars- or discussions of them-have been appearing all week, including at the Wingmakers site.  Branch 4 Sun wonders how I’ll incorporate Hunab Ku Day into my revised, more harmonic 13 Moon Calendar.  Hunab Hu Day, which currently is not assigned a kin is providing more incentive to complete this project ASAP. 

Because this ‘Holiday from the Calendar’  begins in an hour, further discussion will wait for a future post, or oUR Hunab Ku conference call. 

Now, it’s time to focus on Hunab Ku Day, which Valum Votan compares to the Day-out-of-Time/Galactic Freedom Day.  This is a great day for meditation and telepathic connection.  Occurring  during the Galactic Dog Moon and the Wavespell coded by Dog:God, this Hunab Ku Day is an optimal time to connect with the Divine

The time is now 11:11 p.m. !

{{ Here is a Post Script, written during the 11th hour of Hunab Ku Day in New Zealand:

Thank you for your wonderful comments.  They are connected by this fabulous video … re=related  As Raven Walker 13 quoted:  “…we cannot create significant change on any level, particularly a planetary level, if we are not willing or able to make significant changes in ourselves. It is out of this individual stretch for excellence and self-healing that the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors can emerge as a collective rallying force...”

This video of crop circles beautifully demonstrates how the Star People are encouraging us to significantly alter oUR DNA It also mentions PHI ratios, Platonic solids, and more. 

This video  references the ‘alien’ crop circle as being 339 days after 9/11/2001, the day our world shifted dramatically, which Valum Votan referred to as “The Puncture in the Technosphere, that leads to the Advent of the Noosphere‘..  339 – 260 = 79:  “The Noosphere Constant

We also reference this crop circle  as commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, when144.000 Sun Dancers::Rainbow Warriors were awakened.  This crop circle on Overtone Dog [L.C. PVCS 1 Sun] was also a direct response to the radio message sent out by SETI, in their Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  It’s message [in binary code] says:

Beware the bearer of FALSE gifts, and their broken promises.  Much pain, but still time.  BELIEVE-There is GOODNESS out there.  We oppose DECEPTION.  Conduit CLOSING.” 

Today, let’s be Thankful for the Star People, connecting with them as well as the DIVINE [called the Ineffable by Les Visible  :)]  Now, I’m closing down the electronic interference [wireless internet, etc;   Thanks Pedrin 4 Warrior.] to  meditate and telepathically connect, through the middle of this special day  🙂  Also happily  anticipating the technological connection with some of you during the 23rd hour [NZT] of Hunab Ku O.O.

Just after those words were written, Melovia 129 phoned.  Our conversation was shortened by my desire to post this addendum.  Five  seconds after we hung up, the phone rang:  It was Kim, whose Kin and name [11+9+13 = 33] equal today’s G-Force:  13.7, Resonant Skywalker13.7 + my Kin: 18.8 equals 11.2, 2 MonKEY

How perfect, to receive calls from 2 dear Kin in the MonKEY Bio-region, on this rarest day, when it is [according to Law of Time and Starroot]  2 MonKEY in both places, for 48 hours  🙂

Now, after reading the 6 comments that arrived during these two calls, TMQ will telepathically engage with YOU, the Star People, HUNAB KU and the Divine

 LOVE to ALLpeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace     Sylvia Reisberg

N. S.  1. 24. 8. 22.        Cube 16:  INTELLIGENCE         Kin 171

Magic Turtle Kin 164: Yellow GALACTIC Seed codes GALACTIC 15 and oUR 2013 GALACTIC Synchronization

KAN                  Kin 164

Yellow Galactic Seed

Yellow Galactic Star
White Galactic Wizard Yellow Galactic Seed Blue Galactic Eagle
  Red Rhytmic Earth
I harmonize  in order to target,  modeling awareness.
I seal the input of flowering, with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
The Analog:  15.8 reflects today’s 13 Moon date:  8.15, here in the Southern Hemisphere, while the Antipode, 14.8 mirrors the current 13 Moon date,in the  Antipodal Northern Hemisphere.  The G-Force of 8 Seed is Kin 38:  12 MirrorGuide Galactic Star is oUR Guiding Star for oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.  The CDK is also a Star:  Solar Star. 
The Long Count Kin is 12 Warrior.  Today’s Hidden Power is 6 Earth. 
 The PSI for Galactic 15 is Magnetic Earth, which codes  this 13th Wavespell, and denotes Synchronicity.
Synchronicity is the operation of a higher moving template of mathematical order that coordinates all phenomena telepathically”
Happy Galactic Return to James 8 Seed  🙂  Self-Existing Sun [4 days ago] was the Galactic Birthday of branch, Lore, and Jesus Christ.
4.8.  “The 64 DNA codons which contain the information program for all of the organic secondary reflex life possibilities of a given planet’s evolutionary unfolding are mathematically the seventh order of a binary sequence which begins with a doubling of the primal unity (1): 1,2,4,8,16,32,64. In this sequence, 32 represents the complex order, crystal, from whose binary dialectic the secondary reflex life (64) is sprung.”
164 “ 41 x 4, full measure divine interval, kin frequency (yellow galactic seed) for 7/26/2013, galactic synchronization, vigesimal 8.4, frequency of law of galactic wholes
  Galactic DALI 15  begins Week 31 whose codon is
58 RADIANCE of JOY:  Song of the Galactic Octave  {reflects today’s Guide;  8.8 }
C.H.C. quote for Galactic 15:  “Art is coincidental with the earliest stages of intelligence and represents the highest dimensions of consciousness that a human can aspire to.”
 Wavespell 13Day 8:  Two Galactic Spins plus one Hunab Ku Day, remain until oUR GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION in 2013
“As our collective consciousness grows more awake and aware it gains power and tremendous momentum.  The x-factor is synchronicity.  When each of us responds to Universal consciousness things change dramatically.  Life’s signs become increasingly apparent and start challenging and leading our lives more and more, activating them in ways we never knew could have such a powerful influence.”
Synchronicity is the operation of a higher moving template of mathematical order that coordinates all phenomena telepathically”
[The latter quote is from the Law of Time]
SOUNDS are  KEY to oUR SYNCHRONIZATIONOn our Galactic Synchronization, we
Was Stonehenege built for sound effects?
This article describes how Stonehenge, beyond highlighting the Solstice, was important for it’s Sound effects.  Many believe that sound [vibration] was the method by which Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built.
 Banner of Peace peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Synchronistically, Poet Piet 3 Eagle shared this video on our last Magic Turtle Day [8 MonKEY], which describes the POWER of SOUND:    The Cosmic 432; Part 1. “The 432Hz is found every where in nature and the cosmos as well as in the work of Vernon Jenkins, Pythagoras, Joseph Puleo
and Marko Rodin”  Confusius once said:   “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom [or Queendom] is well-governed,  if  its morals are good or bad, the quality of their music will furnish the answer“.  The ‘quality of music’ is referring to the frequency, and mathematical intervals.After the post for Kin 157 was posted,   Grayham 13 Eagle  [privately] pointed out that Melchizedek’s Merkaba does not conform to Phi principles;  432 is not a Fibonacci number…  But the importance of frequency is well-demonstrated in this video.  This video is worth watching.  It expounds upon the Cassiopean statement that  “Love is Light is Knowledge”  TMQ took a break while viewing it, to check e-mails, and synchronistically found RavenWalker 13 Skywalker’s  beautiful comment about LOVE  🙂
 From his later prophetic comment:  Life Love Beauty Truth Joy Happiness Peace;
No One Alive, Today, Has Even Imagined The Wonders, Of What Comes Now!”  “~ALL Life Will Return To Harmony~Heaven On Grand’Mother Earth!”
Kin 13‘s poetic and prolific contributions caused a record number of comments. [78 [sum of the tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs  🙂 at this moment]   Thanks to all of you
It was lovely to have Transunit 13 Cosmic Night retURn  🙂 
 “The Subliminal Conscious Field includes the subliminal conscious, the superconscious, and the continuing conscious.  In other words, it is an act of will to go from mere consciousness to continuing conscious. You can’t have continuing consciousness unless you actually have the will to maintain it.” 
“Fifth Force, the G-Force.  Love to you and all  night13
While lying awake one night, with O.M.A. purring beside me, I [mistakenly] calculated the Alpha-numeric Value of Orignal Matrix Attained  as 214, and was then delighted to awaken to comments from Kin 214, Priscella 6 Night. [Then, I double-checked my math on paper just now, realizing it equals 234, Cosmic [13]Wizard, [14], my 13 Moon date of  birth  :)]
Code=E 93 shared some inspiring passages from Votan’s Arcturus Probe, that are good to keep in mind for Hunab Ku Day, and oUR Galactic Synchronization, including: 
 “We are Maya, from the Cosmic Tree we grow,  like so many leaves, filling each dimension with our curious probing.  Round and round the axis of the cosmic tree(Yax Che) we sound the RANG and voice the PAX.   As one Mind we navigate the endless oceans of time.  Intimate are we with the thoughts of Merlyn and with the display of wizard powers known as Dream-Spell-Casting.  Memnosis keeps us in luminous knowing, and we keep Memnosis in our great beams that flash through the interdimensional void………………………..”
93 continues:  “Awake To RANG.  Sacred Sounds of Harmonic Convergence.
The Galactic Federation Symphony Sounds The 5Th Chord.  Memory is Attained.”
Branch 4 Sun reminds us:  “We are now in the wavespell of the Navigator with the much anticipated Galactic Seed Kin 168 coding the the entry into 2013 Time ShipEarth.”    Barssiah 133 added joy with her playful comments, and reminded us of Persephone, the Goddess of Spring  🙂

  Whitney Houston, Spectral Star [G-Force 18.8],

died at age 48 [=Electric Star] on Moon 8:  Day 58.5 equals Overtone Star
Whitney personifies a true STAR, in a variety of ways  🙂
The Postulates for Star; Seal 8 deal with YOGA.  Thanks S’ace 9 Wind, for sharing the wonderful video, by Michelvec:
Yoga;  Foundation of Cosmic Evolution:  6.2  🙂 
This video [taken from CHC:  Book of the Transcendence;  Chapter 2] holds  critical clues for our 2013  Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.
Yoga is the art of Cosmic existence
We practice Yoga to realize ourselves as ‘Synchronized bio-psychic chips’, unified with many other synchronized chips.  The point is to create an amalgamated field that will be met by the supramental descent, at a particular moment in time. [Galactic Synchronization?]  “The emphasis is now on the Yoga of self-perfection–the self evolving into a perfect state of union with God, and with other selves as a collective called the Noosphere, or the descent of the Supermind.”
“Evolving into homoNoosphericus involves a collective exertion,  that is Yogic in nature” peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
As the final words of this blog are written, it is February 22nd [GAP 9 Serpent], the one year anniversary of the most devastating [of thousands of earthquakes endured here] Christchurch earthquake, which happened on PVCS Galactic Sun
One week and one year after this pivotal and ongoing tragedy, we observe the last Hunab Ku Day of the 13 Baktuns of History
Leap Day, February 29th, is a void day on the current Dreamspell Calendar, nestled between Galactic 22 and Galactic 23.  This unique day happens every 4 years, and although Valum Votan has written that it is to be treated as the Day-out-of-Time, is a true void day on the current Dreamspell Calendar, and corresponds to no Kin.  [Feb. 29, 2012 is coded by 7 Seed in the Long Count]  
Following this Hunab Ku Day, the correspondence between the daily plasma and the day of the week will shift again.  Galactic Seli 16 falls on Wednesday, Galactic Seli 23 will be on Thursday.  As longtime readers know, these annual [and twice during Leap Years] shifts are something that TMQ is ‘rectifying‘ in the more harmonic Calendar she has developed, for use in 2013.
To observe this special ‘Hunab Ku Day’, all Kin are invited to participate in a Skype NoospherePhone  call
 Those who are able to participate are invited to send their Skype ID to TMQ at 
There will be a shorter  ‘practice call’ at 11 AM N.Z.  Time on 2/24; 
 That will be Feb. 23rd for most of you [11 p.m. in Europe; 2 p.m. West Coast of the U.S.]
The light of  ‘Quetzalcoatl’ 1987A reached Earth on Feb. 23rd [Kin 101].  It was ‘discovered’ on Feb. 24th [2.12],  independently,   by astronomers in Chile and New Zealand.  These two countries are linked by this Galactic  discovery, and by two twin tragedies. 
 Each country recently had 29  coal miners trapped deep in the EARTH  {the 29 miners in New Zealand perished, the 29 Chilean miners were rescued after 33 days] 
Both countries had huge earthquakes, each at a location with a name associated with Jesus Christ
Concepcion Chile had an 8.8 Earthquake on 2/27/2010, 23 years and 3 days after ‘they’ discovered 1987A.; and 12 Moons and 23 days before Christchurch’s Galactic Sun Earthquake.
Christchurch has endured many quakes since the initial  7.1 on Kin 149,  41 days after TMQ led a Rainbow Bridge Meditation in Christchurch [=138]  at 11:11, on the GM108X Day-out-of-Time [138 + 11 = 149]
So, our ‘test Noospherephonecall’ [TMQ has only Skyped once–with S’ace 9 Wind} will connect the Earth‘s  two Hemispheres via Quetzalcoatl 1987A,  8.8: oUR Guide today and for Galactic Synchronization 2013,  and Jesus Christ, the Messenger of U.R.;  Universal Religion, Universal Recollection.
Details for oUR Noospherephonecall on Hunab Ku Day will be in the next transmission.  All [with or without Skype capability] are invited to participate telepathically, and by sending in the topics you would like to see explored on the daywhen we are most connected with Hunab Ku, One Giver of Time and Measure.
“Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E ma Ho!”
N. S.  1. 24. 8. 15.   Cube 9:  PURIFICATION  Magic Turtle Kin 164

Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth begins Wavespell 13: Navigation, on Moon 8; Dali 8

CABAN         Kin 157

Red Magnetic Earth        2/14/12

Red Magnetic Earth
Blue Magnetic Hand Red Magnetic Earth White Magnetic Wind
  Yellow Cosmic Seed
I unify in order to evolve,  attracting synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Analog/Support is Magnetic Wind:  2.1, and it’s reverse, 1.2 [Kin 41] is the Combined Dreamspell Kin;  [17.1 + 10.8 + 14.6]
The Challenge:  7.1 reminds us that we entered the 16 day Cube Journey yesterday; Moon Day 7;  Cube Day 1
The G-Force of 1 Earth is 4 Hand:  7.4 [Mayan Notation for 144
 Today’s Long Count kin is 5 Moon [109] , which coded the last half of Greg. 2010, and the PSI Kin for Galactic 8 is 20.10  🙂
17.1:  “The purely fourth-dimensional collective radiosonic mass released from third- dimensional anchoring within it radiantly perfected transport vehicle or soul boat, encounters the future in all of its luminously radial hyperdimensionality.  Absorbed into the pure future of post-organic hyperdimensional time, the radiosonic collective mass enters true timelessness, experienced as the quality of “always existing”.’
157: Prime key, first kin 13th wavespell, vigesimal 7.17, reverse of 751, 751 – 157 = 594 =11 x 54
Today, in the Dreamspell,  we enter the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, and Red Earth Wavespell 13.
We also begin Week 30, which corresponds to Codon 60MEASURING:  Galactic Octave Limits Space.   
30 and 60 are Pacal Votan Clear Signs, and synchronistically, Galactic Octave numerically translates to 8, 8; today’s 13 Moon date of 8.8.
On Spectral [11] Wizard we entered the 11th Vinal:
SAC:  “Dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising oneself up.”


Sir Richard Branson [Kin 41]:We must put the planet before profit

Sir Richard Branson - Age of Energy: The Green Economy

Business as usual is wrecking our planet.  Resources are being used up.  Air, sea and land are heavily polluted.  The poor are getting poorer.”  “Doing good is good for business.”

Here is news of a company, whose new product  “the largest fuel cell of its type in the world”  will be good for the Earth, and for this Belgian company’s ‘bottom line”.

Here is a news story about our Magnetic Earth, which also contains many Pacal Votan Clear Signs  🙂  [For new readers, these refer to the 13 [of 260 Kin in the Tzolkin] that were on the Tomb of the greatest Mayan;  Pacal Votan.  His heavily inscribed tomb was filled with messages to help Humanity during these times]

Team of the 57th expedition to Vostok Antarctic research station (Photo from

After 30 [PVCS]years spent drilling through a four-kilometer-thick ice crust” the “Team of the 57th [PVCS] expedition to Vostok Antarctic research station”  “heroically raised 40 [PVCS] litres of ‘pre-historic’ water from a 20 [PVCS] million year old lake.

Scientists are set to reveal its 20-million-year-old secrets, and initiate a quest to discover ET life.”  “The Vostok project breathes an air of mystery and operates at the frontiers of human knowledge. The lake is one of the major discoveries in modern geography; drilling operations at such depths are unprecedented; never before has a geological project required such subtle technologies.”  “Lake Vostok is a unique closed ecosystem .

Lake Vostok Water [alpha-numerically equals 208]  is a most precious, pure and unique substance of our Earth.

Kin 208 codes the 2012 Solstice, here in New Zealand.    According to the The Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy “[ ]:

The day AFTER December 21, 2012 [208, Cosmic Star] BEGINS the “Time of Never Ending Peace“. 

The messenger instructed to share their Prophecy continues:”
I have been told that what we are experiencing here on Earth has actually been a Grand Experiment.  I was asked to share this with the world.  The entire universe has been watching to see if we were going to be able to pull off this Ascension process.  The Hopi call it the Fifth World.  The Tibetans call it Shambala.  Every culture has a name for it.
I was told that this experiment has been tried many times in the universe and failed. The planets ended up not learning compassion and cooperation and destroyed themselves. 

Apparently WE have been successful.  With the efforts of MANY people of many traditions and religions, we avoided annihilation.  They have said that the entire universe has been watching and are very pleased”
The Pleiadians also say that what is happening here on Earth is a very widely watched event.  However, there is still much work to be accomplished for oUR successful Ascension.  Here is a video from them, called ‘The Pleiadian Wakeup Call for 2012“:  NauTillUS , or as Christine 133 said:  Not till us  will we successfully Ascend  🙂
208 is also the alpha-numeric value of Drunvalo MelchizedekHere is a wonderful and uplifting video interview of Melchizedek [144], “Mayan End Times Prophecies
Drunvalo stresses the importance of living in and operating from our HEARTs, rather than our minds.   He  discusses the  tiny space in oUR HEART that is the source of everything!  When we are  fully in touch with our Heart, the Heart of our Earth, the Heart of our  Sun and  Universe, then we will sail harmonically  into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness  🙂
In this video, Melchizedek 144 also discusses Comet Holmes and the Waitaha.  Until now, TMQ was aware of no one else who felt the significance of that event [the Comet brightened by a million times in a 24 hour period:  10/24/2007 -coded by 144!], during the week that TMQ, Valum Votan and Stephanie South met with and were adopted by the Waitaha;  People of Peace.  TMQ wrote about it here: “This unprecedented brightening is the largest known outburst by a comet, and by November 9th, it was the largest (with a diameter 7 times that of our Sun!) object in our Solar system.

Comet 17P Holmes caused great excitement among astronomers, scientists and various religious traditions, but was ignored by the Mainstream Media”.

Melchizedek calls Planet Holmes the biggest event in our Solar System.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, when  the HEART rules Supreme  🙂

On this day that is coded by Seal 17:  EARTH:  SYNCHRONICITY, the NUMBERS  [The Language of Telepathy] contain some special and unique synchronicities

HEART and EARTH are anagrams, so they both alpha-numerically equal  52.  [A=1, Z= 26] [Today’s Hidden Power is 4.13, which factored equals 52;  number of the Syrian frequency, and the 13 Moons of 28 days = 52 weeks  :)]

The letters of today’s Kin:  Red Magnetic Earth equal 151.  The letters in Valentine’s Day also equal 151!  [and TMQ’s last post was on Kin 151]

Today is the 8th day [DALI] of the 8th Moon, which is coded by Kin 190:  Galactic Dog.  It turns out that the alpha-numeric value of the letters in GALACTIC DOG; DALI EIGHT equal today’s kin:  157!  🙂

Number ‘Play’ does serve to elevate our telepathic awareness, and our vibrational frequency.  Most of your comments do the same  🙂  TMQ still has a smile, remembering Branchs beautiful comment {Thank You}, and anticipating a telephone conversation with S’ace 9 Wind,  [and others?] on Hunab Ku Day  🙂  

Raven Walker’s most recent comment feels appropriate for closing this Valentine’s Day transmission on the first day of Wavespell 13.

“~O)(O~~O)(O~DawninGGGGG~NewEarTH~NauTillUS~ Just an Ancient Family Full of Integrity.  Blessings.  2013TimeShipHunabKrew AA Midway Transmission. Heart to Heart. NooHuman.~O)(O~ peaceraven slycoyote wink skywalkercosmico JaguarJade13 blink ~O)(O~ i am anoother yoooooouuuuuuuu …”

1. 24. 8. 8.     Cube Two:  SPIRIT                             Kin 157

Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic Monkey codes Galactic Seli 2, and the Full Moon [S. Hem.]]

CHUEN  Kin 151

Blue Galactic Monkey

Blue Galactic Eagle
Red Galactic Dragon Blue Galactic Monkey Yellow Galactic Star
  White Rhytmic Dog
I harmonize in order to play, modeling illusion.
I seal the process of magic with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of vision.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Today’s G-Force is Crystal Serpent, and the Long Count Kin is Crystal Night

The PSI for Moon 8;  Day 2 is 88:  Planetary Star.  Kin 151’s Tone and Seal [11 and 8]  factored equal 88  🙂  

11.8. “Corresponding to the uniqueness of individual psychogenetic patterning, the structure of the assemblage points establishes the base of a secondary personality or fourth-dimensional double.”

151: “Prime key, palindromic number, vigesimal 7.11, analog of decimal 711- 79 noosphere constant x 9”

The Cosmic History Chronicles quote for Galactic 2 is a good one for this Moon,  coded by  190:  Love and Divine Loyalty 

Any act of kindness, goodness or compassion enters you into relationship with the Absolute.”

Today’s 13 Moon Date, Galactic 2 always falls on its Gregorian counterpart:  8/2 [here] or 2/8 8.2 is Kin 28 Lunar Star

This crop circle features 28 RAYS.

The 28th comment on  Kin 146 is synchronistic:  Yesterday, TMQ wrote in her first draft of this blog, that Kin 151‘s  Antipode, Kin 21 [her Analog and VV’s G-Force] reminds us  that we are 21 days away from Hunab Ku Day [a.k.a. Feb. 29th, Leap Day]. 

This morning, she read S’ace 9 Wind’s comment that begins:  “comment 28:  bridging worlds…”and then shows numbers that ascend in increments of 21.  His comment ends with:  “maybe organize a gathering on 2/29 ~ leapday in ol’Gregorian?”

Perhaps this telepathic example  of a triple synchronicity means we are meant to act on his suggestion.  What do you think about  connecting/gathering on a ‘conference call’ [Skype?] on Hunab Ku Day? [Both would be a first for TMQ]   At the very least [or most] we can plan to connect telepathically, 21 days from now, on the special Day-out-of-Time/Hunab Ku Day that happens once every 4 years  🙂

The Codon for Week/Heptad 29:  5: PEOPLE TOGETHER: Tree Evolves Space“, reinforces that idea.

People Together” reminds one of “Anonymous and the ‘amazing consciousness shift’ in which we are engaged. 

We welcome ‘2013 Skywalker” [the first one to comment on TMQ’s very first blog, which was posted  on Kin 21, 33 Moons and 13 days ago  :), and Raven Walker:  holding the intention ~ of perfection ~ endlessly… smiling as i bow my heart’mind ~ you are love ~ i toooo am love” 

 It was wonderful to receive comments from so many of you, and heartening to hear from Kin who have been dormant for several Moons  🙂

2/8 is the Solar Birthday of French Magician and Philosopher Elias Levi [1 Dragon].  In her 4 Seed 13 Moon Journal, Stephanie 3 Serpent shares this quote from him:  “On the elevation of Woman, the world’s redemption and salvation hinge...”  This week, there were reports about two accomplished young women that give credence to  his statement:  And, a ten-year-old girl A computational study of novel nitratoxycarbon, nitritocarbonyl, and nitrate compounds and their potential as high energy materials, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, rw zoellner, Robert W. Zoellner, Clara L. Lazen, Kenneth M. Boehr, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, tetranitratoxycarbon, tetranitratoxycarbon molecule, tetranitratoxycarbon clara lazen, tetranitratoxycarbon 10 year old discovery, tetranitratoxycarbon molecule discovered a new molecule!

 Yesterday, we entered the 8th Moon of Integrity, which is coded by Kin 190:  White Galactic Dog;  “I HARMONIZE in order to LOVE…”  
During the 8th Moon, we ask:  “Do I live what I believe?”
Book of the Cube says this about Moons 7 and 8:
“Moons 8-13 fold back precisely on Moons 1-6, which are perfect mirrors.  Moon 7 has no mirror, it is in the center…and in its center is the mystic threshold where Becoming ceases, and Return begins.  14 days to complete Becoming, 14 days to prepare for Return.  With the Eighth Moon, the motion reverses, you are now in the mirror, reflecting.” 
TMQ believes that the 7th Moon of each year is analogous to the 7 Mystic Moons which are between the end of the Great Cycle of Becoming on the 2012 Solstice, and oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization which begins oUR Return to Source, the Original Matrix Attained.  This Galactic Moon could be viewed as an annual fractal of  the Galactic Seed year which inaugurates oUR Return.
The Dawn of the Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization is  19 Moons from today.
Moon code 190: 19 x 10, triangular of 19, vigesimal 9.10 = 19
3 x 19 = 39.  Postulate for Kin 39 = 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
 Today is the 39th day of 2012.
The first communication received from Valum Votan after he and Stephanie 185 moved from Nelson was an unsigned article called 2012 Landings“.
As you near the end of this Earthly year [2012] , a new frequency is needed within your physical body, in order to continue evolving upon Earth with her.  This means you must be actually vibrating to a Light vibration, rather than an Earthly physical one.”
During the Landings  “Angels will be in charge, and Earth is to be a Paradise”  Later in that paragraph:  “The photon belt acts as an amplifier.  It …greatly increases the effectiveness of all rituals, prayers and positive intent.”
“In a matter of a few years, [2012], this planet will be transformed into aGalactic Showcase” with the air and forests repaired, and human society prganized and enlightened, and become a Galactic Society”  🙂
 Galactic  is derived from Galaxy.
Page 138[= Galactic Mirror] of Book of the Cube tells us:  “The mauri tube that organizes the Galaxy axially is a cosmic channel that opens to all of the dimensional orders in the Universe, in two polar directions;  the direction of the Marka pole [Zenith or North] and that of the Darka Pole [Nadir or South]  These poles attract two types of plasmatic seed forms…From these seed plasmas, the various stars constituting the entirety of the Galactic order are generated…” 
The Mauri tube is a holographic channel and establishes correspondences not only with the Galactic axis, but with the stellar and planetary axes, in the human body with the spine or central channel, and in the brain with the Corpus Callosum.”
These Galactic Activation Portals during this Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity and Divine Loyalty are a great time to meditate upon, and align with the Cosmic Channel that extends through oUR Galaxy and corresponds with oUR own Central Channel.  Let’s HARMONIZE  in order to LOVE  🙂
 N. S.  1. 24. 8. 2.       MAGIC TURTLE and GAP Kin 151 

GAP Kin 146: White Electric World-Bridger begins the Omega run of Ten Galactic Activation Portals on Resonant Kali 25

CIMI  Kin 146

White Electric Worldbridger


I activate in order to equalize, bonding opportunity.
I seal the store of death  with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of heart.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The G-Force of 3 World-Bridger is 10 Sun, and the CDK is 3 Moon.
Today’s Long Count, 7 Mirror,  is a Magic Turtle.
We entered the Yellow Seed  Wavespell Twelve:   Flowering  on Magnetic Seed:   Kin 144:
“144 12², 9 x16, 18 x 8, 18th octave, Mystic Order, reverse of 441, basis of baktun count, number of the elect, forms recombinant triplet 144 + 414 + 441, 414 – 144 = 270, 441 – 144 = 297 (27 x 11), 144 + 414 + 441 = 999, Fibonacci 12th order, V11 H20 second gate of ascending unity, second time lens codes tones 2, 6, 10, 3rd Heptad gate”
Today’s Postulate:  6.3. The 13:20 fourth-dimensional human tools for the development of inter-dimensional telepathic technologies are, of necessity, mental constructs elaborated into the simplest operating devices.  These tools represent three categories of application: biologically normative restoration of telepathic governance (Thirteen Moon Calendar); elaboration of telepathic faculties and focused types of action (Telektonon); complete guidelines for social reorganization and the identification and mapping of celestial harmonics for the creation of vehicles of time transport (Dreamspell).”

Today’s 13 Moon date 7.25  date reminds us of the Day-out-of-Time/Galactic Freedom Day, observed on Greg. 7/25.  Those numbers are also a coded reference to  the Sacred Ratio of   5 to 7:  5 Solar Spins   to every 7 Galactic  Spins.   Valum Votan’s  ascension on  Kin 88:  Planetary Star [Northern Hemisphere] illustrates this ratio.  He departed 7 spins after our meeting in Sedona on Kin 88, which was on March 27, 2006 [the Galactic Return of my Kin 88 year].

 That 13 Moon date of  Solar 21 is 4 days after  Solar 17, but when we add in the 5 intervening Galactic Freedom Days and the 2008 Hunab Ku Day, we see that the Solar Spin is  only two days off from a perfect 5 to 7 RatioNew Zealand 5.7 Earthquake Today: Feel Anything?

This morning, at 7 a.m.  on the 25th day of the 7th central Moon, coded by Kin 189:  Resonant Moon, the center  of New Zealand experienced a 5.7 earthquake, which lasted ten  seconds.  Although it emanated from 200 kms. [Kin 200 is the 7th Solar Witness]  below the surface, it was widely felt in this area, and in the bottom part of the North Island.  Let’s take this as a signal to delve deep during these ten G.A.P.s.

The earthquake happened a few hours after a 7.1 in nearby Vanutua, and nearly 17 hours after this was received at 1:37 [Lord 7 Earth] yesterday: 

February 2, 2012TURKEY – The International Geodynamic Monitoring System, a part of GNFE (London, UK), has registered on November 15, 2011 a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. The intense three-dimensional gravitational anomaly was almost simultaneously recorded by all ATROPATENA geophysical stations… the detailed analysis of  station records indicates a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core.” 


We know that this energy release from our Earth’s core was followed [70 days later] by the most powerful Solar Storm in 7 years, on Valum Votan’s Solar birthday.  That was a potent reminder of the need to raise oUR vibration.  This video by Melchizedek 144  beautifully illustrates how  “We can raise our vibration and walk into the higher realms of light’. 

CME Jan 24-2012 

“There will be many solar flares in 2012 , increasing toward 2013. These are actually a function of the Ascension, increasing the frequency of the planet.”  [Earth-Keepers]


These 10 days of Galactic Activation Portals are a great time to intentionally raise our vibration.  These GAPs lead us into the 8th Galactic Moon  

Three days remain in this 7th  Moon  [coded by Kin  187:  7 Moon]  when we ask How Can I attune my Service to Others“.  During ‘his Moon’,  Jannis 7 Moon attuned his service, in the form of diligence and computer skills [at identifying the code that was causing problems] to restoring this blog.  TMQ is so grateful and relieved! 

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceEach of your comments lifted my spirits and  made such a difference during this frustrating time  🙂   Now that WordPress is ‘allowing‘ me to access my blog,  responding will be easier.      

The Cosmic History Chronicles quote for Moon 7;  Day 25 is:

“The reality of the mind of God is the underlying fact of Cosmic Science, which offers a view of the process of cosmic evolution that is spiritual in nature.”

The next post will be at the beginning of the Galactic doG-God Moon.  Till then, let’s “Mind the GAPs”, as Valum Votan suggested  🙂

N.S.  1. 24. 7. 25.      GAP Kin 146