GAP Kin 146: White Electric World-Bridger begins the Omega run of Ten Galactic Activation Portals on Resonant Kali 25

CIMI  Kin 146

White Electric Worldbridger


I activate in order to equalize, bonding opportunity.
I seal the store of death  with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of heart.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The G-Force of 3 World-Bridger is 10 Sun, and the CDK is 3 Moon.
Today’s Long Count, 7 Mirror,  is a Magic Turtle.
We entered the Yellow Seed  Wavespell Twelve:   Flowering  on Magnetic Seed:   Kin 144:
“144 12², 9 x16, 18 x 8, 18th octave, Mystic Order, reverse of 441, basis of baktun count, number of the elect, forms recombinant triplet 144 + 414 + 441, 414 – 144 = 270, 441 – 144 = 297 (27 x 11), 144 + 414 + 441 = 999, Fibonacci 12th order, V11 H20 second gate of ascending unity, second time lens codes tones 2, 6, 10, 3rd Heptad gate”
Today’s Postulate:  6.3. The 13:20 fourth-dimensional human tools for the development of inter-dimensional telepathic technologies are, of necessity, mental constructs elaborated into the simplest operating devices.  These tools represent three categories of application: biologically normative restoration of telepathic governance (Thirteen Moon Calendar); elaboration of telepathic faculties and focused types of action (Telektonon); complete guidelines for social reorganization and the identification and mapping of celestial harmonics for the creation of vehicles of time transport (Dreamspell).”

Today’s 13 Moon date 7.25  date reminds us of the Day-out-of-Time/Galactic Freedom Day, observed on Greg. 7/25.  Those numbers are also a coded reference to  the Sacred Ratio of   5 to 7:  5 Solar Spins   to every 7 Galactic  Spins.   Valum Votan’s  ascension on  Kin 88:  Planetary Star [Northern Hemisphere] illustrates this ratio.  He departed 7 spins after our meeting in Sedona on Kin 88, which was on March 27, 2006 [the Galactic Return of my Kin 88 year].

 That 13 Moon date of  Solar 21 is 4 days after  Solar 17, but when we add in the 5 intervening Galactic Freedom Days and the 2008 Hunab Ku Day, we see that the Solar Spin is  only two days off from a perfect 5 to 7 RatioNew Zealand 5.7 Earthquake Today: Feel Anything?

This morning, at 7 a.m.  on the 25th day of the 7th central Moon, coded by Kin 189:  Resonant Moon, the center  of New Zealand experienced a 5.7 earthquake, which lasted ten  seconds.  Although it emanated from 200 kms. [Kin 200 is the 7th Solar Witness]  below the surface, it was widely felt in this area, and in the bottom part of the North Island.  Let’s take this as a signal to delve deep during these ten G.A.P.s.

The earthquake happened a few hours after a 7.1 in nearby Vanutua, and nearly 17 hours after this was received at 1:37 [Lord 7 Earth] yesterday: 

February 2, 2012TURKEY – The International Geodynamic Monitoring System, a part of GNFE (London, UK), has registered on November 15, 2011 a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. The intense three-dimensional gravitational anomaly was almost simultaneously recorded by all ATROPATENA geophysical stations… the detailed analysis of  station records indicates a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core.” 


We know that this energy release from our Earth’s core was followed [70 days later] by the most powerful Solar Storm in 7 years, on Valum Votan’s Solar birthday.  That was a potent reminder of the need to raise oUR vibration.  This video by Melchizedek 144  beautifully illustrates how  “We can raise our vibration and walk into the higher realms of light’. 

CME Jan 24-2012 

“There will be many solar flares in 2012 , increasing toward 2013. These are actually a function of the Ascension, increasing the frequency of the planet.”  [Earth-Keepers]


These 10 days of Galactic Activation Portals are a great time to intentionally raise our vibration.  These GAPs lead us into the 8th Galactic Moon  

Three days remain in this 7th  Moon  [coded by Kin  187:  7 Moon]  when we ask How Can I attune my Service to Others“.  During ‘his Moon’,  Jannis 7 Moon attuned his service, in the form of diligence and computer skills [at identifying the code that was causing problems] to restoring this blog.  TMQ is so grateful and relieved! 

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceEach of your comments lifted my spirits and  made such a difference during this frustrating time  🙂   Now that WordPress is ‘allowing‘ me to access my blog,  responding will be easier.      

The Cosmic History Chronicles quote for Moon 7;  Day 25 is:

“The reality of the mind of God is the underlying fact of Cosmic Science, which offers a view of the process of cosmic evolution that is spiritual in nature.”

The next post will be at the beginning of the Galactic doG-God Moon.  Till then, let’s “Mind the GAPs”, as Valum Votan suggested  🙂

N.S.  1. 24. 7. 25.      GAP Kin 146

31 thoughts on “GAP Kin 146: White Electric World-Bridger begins the Omega run of Ten Galactic Activation Portals on Resonant Kali 25

  1. Cube it 7×7=49 (x9=441)>>7×70=490>>490 days from VV ascension is Day out of Time 2012 White Rythmic Mirror. See Galactic Bulletin and Daniel 9:24
    Complicated to track 441 and Vol.7 the cube-book ?
    Ha ha ha then try this 🙂

    Resonant Moon on Resonant.25 which is coded by Resonant Moon 🙂
    Sat Cit Ananda
    All is one

  2. ~the inner dream~jaguarjade13 now awakens to the ultimate gift~
    Raven Walker

    11:23 PM (1 hour ago)

    to Roxana, roxana
    ~…regarding the deep, complete, and continual renewal of all~

    ~JaguarJade13~ ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~”N’E’W”~ ~”E’A’R’T’H”~

    ~ my sesne negra ~ i am the dreamer ~ i am jaguarjade13 ~ i am now gifted by ~ His ~ ~ Grace ~ ~Her Glory ~~ i am holding the intention of `~


    ~ perfection ~ effortlessly ~

    ~ enabling me to understand the deepest majesty of love ~ now from the source within myself ~ i know that exactly what i need ~ will now come forth

    ~ from within myself ~ exactly when i need it ~ endlessly flowing opening my ~ Heart Mind ~ to a continually renewed vision within me of the ~

    ~ New Earth ~

    ~ from the One source of all known to me now ~as the Home Trust Bounty ~ an endless store of preciousness reflecting spirit power of true love ~

    ~ evermore endless source from within the Home Trust Bounty ~ producing all that anyone may need to see ~ the complete manifestation ~ and ~

    ~ renewal ~

    ~ of all life ~ revealing evermore deeply ~ the beauty of love ~ the truth of life ~ abundance ~ stored within the Sacred Heart Of GrandMother ~ now ~
    ~ evermore ~ emerging from within every Human Heart’Mind ~ so we may see Her Precious Sacred Dream Clearly ~ hearing Her Heart Song Sung ~

    ~ endlessly from within ~ the deepest most profound wonder of each of our Hearts ~ as a Child ~ Once ~ And Now ~ Forevermore! ~`

    ~ within my HeartMind i now know the truth ~ the New Earth ~ i have seen the New Time of The New Earth ~ i have seen how a new name ~ gives ~

    ~ Life A New Spirit ~

    ~ i have been given a vision ~ i have heard within myself the message ~

    ~ now is the New Time ~ The New Earth ~ ~ Known to All ~

    ~ ”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~ ”N’E’W” ~ ~ ”E’A’R’T’H” ~

    …evermore endlessly satisfying the needs wants and most of all the true desires of all sacred Humans…

    ~…this is my dream, now silently unfolding and infolding transforming all within the everything…awakening now…the new earth…the sacred dream…

    …turtle ‘eye’ land…~O)(O~

    ~ i am filled with this joy’full message vision revelation,

    fully understanding the nature of myself and life ~

    ~ i peacefully give myself and give way to this love ~

    ~ peaceraven ~
    ~ skywalkercosmico ~
    ~ slycoyote wink ~
    ~ JaguarJade13 ~

  3. ~ renewal ~

    ~ of all life ~ revealing evermore deeply ~ the beauty of love ~ the truth of life ~ abundance ~ stored within the Sacred Heart Of GrandMother ~ now ~

  4. If the “Answer” were that simple perhaps we all would be transmitting, relaying, downloading, mutating, recalling, projecting, living ego FREE?? Who’s There?
    My Blood, it feels as though it Is boiling.
    Temperatures High.
    My Veins, Stretched out. Laid Out.
    Played Out.
    History is Over.
    The Wait is Over.
    The Return Of The Maya.
    Incarnated To Transmit.
    Incarnated to Accomplish.
    Galactic Time Engineering Program.
    Love For Family.
    Love For Truth.
    Love For Instinct.
    Love For Nature.
    This is my reminder.
    To remember. Now.
    To check my ego at the door of Pacal.
    There is no manipulating the Mirror, my dear, family..For What is seen is the NOO.
    Can The Human play TWO Games.
    Multitasking the Mundane 12:60 while pulsating to the Beat of 13:20……..
    Download is now.
    Now is the time.
    I close my eyes, I open to Rainbow Manifestation.
    Awake to 4-D.
    Votans Time.
    Through the Eyes of the Artist.
    Skin is Stretching.
    Minds are relaying.
    Music is still playing.
    Don’t need a preacher.
    Just the Magic Number of The Day.
    Just an Ancient Family Full of Integriry.
    AA Midway Transmission.
    Heart to Heart.
    Filling the GAP, of Lunar Challenge.
    In Space.
    In Time.
    In Wakefulness.
    In One.

    • ~O)(O~~O)(O~DawninGGGGG~NewEarTH~NauTillUS~

      Just an Ancient Family Full of Integrity.
      AA Midway Transmission.
      Heart to Heart.

      slycoyote wink
      JaguarJade13 blink

      ~O)(O~ i am anoother yoooooouuuuuuuu ~

    • Dear 129;

      You posted this exactly 33 minutes after I sent the link to you! Glad you’re finding it helpful 🙂

      The blog for Magic Turtle Kin 151 is nearly finished, and for the first time in a Moon, it appears that the Daily Oracle will display.

      Warmest Welcome to Raven Walker 🙂

      As Code=E 93 says;
      “Blessings [to oUR]

      Galactic Agent 138 on the first day of the Galactic Moon

      • ~ Ahau ~

        ~ these are the ‘eyes’ of turtle ~ I land
        ~ i am dreaming the sacred dream ~

        ~ i surrender myself within vision revelation ~
        ~ GiveWay to Love ~
        ~ Love Is The Law ~

        ~ New Earth ~ Nautillus ~ Home Trust Bounty ~

        ~ peaceraven ~

  5. comment 28:

    bridging worlds …

    hidden in tzolkin since CHC searial I-VII
    we have those Hunab’Ku shadows …
    21 – dragon 8
    42 – wind 3 – (i know a good one: my guardian angel!)
    63 – night 11 – must be the dreamed rainbow
    84 – seed 6 – MON TANGO :))
    105 – serpent 1 – waving itself – embodying each human being
    126 – worldbridger 9 – aha right now?
    147 – (watch the media)
    then they proceed until 2340 – 9×260
    273 – Reed13
    294 – Merlin!
    315 –
    etc… lawoftime gets bolon ik (!) ~ of course

    2340 – cosmic sun 13

    maybe organize a gatheing on 2/29 ~ leapday in ol’Gregorian?
    S’ace ~ galactic wind in kweakspell
    28 +1 = 3 x 9 +1 (+1)

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