Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic Monkey codes Galactic Seli 2, and the Full Moon [S. Hem.]]

CHUEN  Kin 151

Blue Galactic Monkey

Blue Galactic Eagle
Red Galactic Dragon Blue Galactic Monkey Yellow Galactic Star
  White Rhytmic Dog
I harmonize in order to play, modeling illusion.
I seal the process of magic with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of vision.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Today’s G-Force is Crystal Serpent, and the Long Count Kin is Crystal Night

The PSI for Moon 8;  Day 2 is 88:  Planetary Star.  Kin 151’s Tone and Seal [11 and 8]  factored equal 88  🙂  

11.8. “Corresponding to the uniqueness of individual psychogenetic patterning, the structure of the assemblage points establishes the base of a secondary personality or fourth-dimensional double.”

151: “Prime key, palindromic number, vigesimal 7.11, analog of decimal 711- 79 noosphere constant x 9”

The Cosmic History Chronicles quote for Galactic 2 is a good one for this Moon,  coded by  190:  Love and Divine Loyalty 

Any act of kindness, goodness or compassion enters you into relationship with the Absolute.”

Today’s 13 Moon Date, Galactic 2 always falls on its Gregorian counterpart:  8/2 [here] or 2/8 8.2 is Kin 28 Lunar Star

This crop circle features 28 RAYS.

The 28th comment on  Kin 146 is synchronistic:  Yesterday, TMQ wrote in her first draft of this blog, that Kin 151‘s  Antipode, Kin 21 [her Analog and VV’s G-Force] reminds us  that we are 21 days away from Hunab Ku Day [a.k.a. Feb. 29th, Leap Day]. 

This morning, she read S’ace 9 Wind’s comment that begins:  “comment 28:  bridging worlds…”and then shows numbers that ascend in increments of 21.  His comment ends with:  “maybe organize a gathering on 2/29 ~ leapday in ol’Gregorian?”

Perhaps this telepathic example  of a triple synchronicity means we are meant to act on his suggestion.  What do you think about  connecting/gathering on a ‘conference call’ [Skype?] on Hunab Ku Day? [Both would be a first for TMQ]   At the very least [or most] we can plan to connect telepathically, 21 days from now, on the special Day-out-of-Time/Hunab Ku Day that happens once every 4 years  🙂

The Codon for Week/Heptad 29:  5: PEOPLE TOGETHER: Tree Evolves Space“, reinforces that idea.

People Together” reminds one of “Anonymous and the ‘amazing consciousness shift’ in which we are engaged. 

We welcome ‘2013 Skywalker” [the first one to comment on TMQ’s very first blog, which was posted  on Kin 21, 33 Moons and 13 days ago  :), and Raven Walker:  holding the intention ~ of perfection ~ endlessly… smiling as i bow my heart’mind ~ you are love ~ i toooo am love” 

 It was wonderful to receive comments from so many of you, and heartening to hear from Kin who have been dormant for several Moons  🙂

2/8 is the Solar Birthday of French Magician and Philosopher Elias Levi [1 Dragon].  In her 4 Seed 13 Moon Journal, Stephanie 3 Serpent shares this quote from him:  “On the elevation of Woman, the world’s redemption and salvation hinge...”  This week, there were reports about two accomplished young women that give credence to  his statement:  And, a ten-year-old girl A computational study of novel nitratoxycarbon, nitritocarbonyl, and nitrate compounds and their potential as high energy materials, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, rw zoellner, Robert W. Zoellner, Clara L. Lazen, Kenneth M. Boehr, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, tetranitratoxycarbon, tetranitratoxycarbon molecule, tetranitratoxycarbon clara lazen, tetranitratoxycarbon 10 year old discovery, tetranitratoxycarbon molecule discovered a new molecule!

 Yesterday, we entered the 8th Moon of Integrity, which is coded by Kin 190:  White Galactic Dog;  “I HARMONIZE in order to LOVE…”  
During the 8th Moon, we ask:  “Do I live what I believe?”
Book of the Cube says this about Moons 7 and 8:
“Moons 8-13 fold back precisely on Moons 1-6, which are perfect mirrors.  Moon 7 has no mirror, it is in the center…and in its center is the mystic threshold where Becoming ceases, and Return begins.  14 days to complete Becoming, 14 days to prepare for Return.  With the Eighth Moon, the motion reverses, you are now in the mirror, reflecting.” 
TMQ believes that the 7th Moon of each year is analogous to the 7 Mystic Moons which are between the end of the Great Cycle of Becoming on the 2012 Solstice, and oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization which begins oUR Return to Source, the Original Matrix Attained.  This Galactic Moon could be viewed as an annual fractal of  the Galactic Seed year which inaugurates oUR Return.
The Dawn of the Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization is  19 Moons from today.
Moon code 190: 19 x 10, triangular of 19, vigesimal 9.10 = 19
3 x 19 = 39.  Postulate for Kin 39 = 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
 Today is the 39th day of 2012.
The first communication received from Valum Votan after he and Stephanie 185 moved from Nelson was an unsigned article called 2012 Landings“.
As you near the end of this Earthly year [2012] , a new frequency is needed within your physical body, in order to continue evolving upon Earth with her.  This means you must be actually vibrating to a Light vibration, rather than an Earthly physical one.”
During the Landings  “Angels will be in charge, and Earth is to be a Paradise”  Later in that paragraph:  “The photon belt acts as an amplifier.  It …greatly increases the effectiveness of all rituals, prayers and positive intent.”
“In a matter of a few years, [2012], this planet will be transformed into aGalactic Showcase” with the air and forests repaired, and human society prganized and enlightened, and become a Galactic Society”  🙂
 Galactic  is derived from Galaxy.
Page 138[= Galactic Mirror] of Book of the Cube tells us:  “The mauri tube that organizes the Galaxy axially is a cosmic channel that opens to all of the dimensional orders in the Universe, in two polar directions;  the direction of the Marka pole [Zenith or North] and that of the Darka Pole [Nadir or South]  These poles attract two types of plasmatic seed forms…From these seed plasmas, the various stars constituting the entirety of the Galactic order are generated…” 
The Mauri tube is a holographic channel and establishes correspondences not only with the Galactic axis, but with the stellar and planetary axes, in the human body with the spine or central channel, and in the brain with the Corpus Callosum.”
These Galactic Activation Portals during this Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity and Divine Loyalty are a great time to meditate upon, and align with the Cosmic Channel that extends through oUR Galaxy and corresponds with oUR own Central Channel.  Let’s HARMONIZE  in order to LOVE  🙂
 N. S.  1. 24. 8. 2.       MAGIC TURTLE and GAP Kin 151 

17 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic Monkey codes Galactic Seli 2, and the Full Moon [S. Hem.]]

  1. in order to skype on 2/29 or 29/2 – note the presence of a 22twin? –

    we need to exchange skype-id s

    mine is sace9991

    when requesting it mark it by “QQ29”
    note 29 is 9th tone of wizard wave: kin022 Bolon Ik

    note 9991 is a 28 formation: 3x3x3+1=28
    it myKey for installation of the better calender mode

    it needs no debate, u knowww |~{ … }-|
    because of the channeling accomplishing as “a Hand”

  2. yesterday on kin 151
    Most influential composer
    father of argentinian and latinamerican Rock
    Luis Alberto Spinetta (kin 125)
    passed at 62 because of a lung cancer
    all the country is mourning
    he has made the most beautiful songs
    for many generations
    Singer, poet, guitar player, composer,
    he formed several bands
    everybody loved him
    he was a very spiritual man

  3. shared now in respect to Luis Alberto Spinetta ~

    ~ You Are Love ~ I Too Am Love ~

    You are Love
    I too am Love
    All times we have been thru
    Are Love

    Both blue Skies
    And the frolicsome Breeze
    Not only the Good
    But Our Bad Memories
    Are Love

    Both Sun by Day
    And Moon by Night
    And Every Star
    With All Her/His Light
    Are Love

    Birth Death
    The Change of The Day
    Children And Animals
    Leading The Way
    Are Love

    You are Love I Too Am Love

    written in Summer of 1970
    by Raven Walker

  4. 441
    came in on timestamp 39:36

    3×13 :: 4×9


    what does it communicate so strong we vannot deny it …

    is it something like this:

    36466564 : 40 ? for zero ?

    as the clip shows : we are all EVE … but then who stands to be A’dam?

  5. fabian illuminati
    “don’t be distracted by the word jew, cause most jews don’t understand this
    information that is being used to manipulate them and to have them
    vehemently attack anyone who tries to expose it, very tricky.”
    “digital evangelists of truth” my ass … where’s the info usable to movitate
    them and have them inform the ignorant, where’s the opposite of a
    distracting samuraizionation of jewish disservices?

    anonymous presents Pierce in 99 on the Protocols
    6121 since the 9th … 122 Cs … 6 vid account, Dominator00000 = croatian

    The truth must be seen
    Anonymous explains ”Protocols of the learned elders of zion”

    Anonymous Illuminati zion jew jews Israel World Judaism Hebrew
    Order new world order New World order palestine zionists mason
    masonry war freemasonry elders cnn america usa Conspiracy
    Americas theories 911 obama president explains bush Land Of
    Israel Truth plan “illuminati protocols” learned masoni novi
    svjetski poredak conspiracy messages terrorists muslims
    christians iraq bbc government russia afghanistan domination
    SOPA PIPA ACTA group

    Mark Heley’s The Everything Guide to 2012: All You Need to Know about
    the Theories, Beliefs, and History Surrounding the Ancient Mayan
    Prophecies (Adams Media, 2009) gives prominent attention to Professor
    Oliver L. Reiser’s influence on the New Age community, stating that
    Reiser is the “little-known” source for a grand unification theory behind
    2012. Heley states: “Reiser’s main theory was cosmic humanism, a name
    suggested to him by Einstein….Reiser’s ideas have been acknowledged as
    a formative influence on the work of Arguelles….” But the more
    disturbing aspects of Reiser’s cosmic humanism plan as mass human ritual
    sacrifice radioeugenic are neglected by Heley who just states Reiser’s
    book are “out of print or difficult to find.”
    In 1937, Dr. Oliver Reiser, introduced and promoted the concept of
    “radio-eugenics” in the scientific Journal of Heredity. (“Cosmoecology: A
    Theory of Evolution” in Journal of Heredity,
    Vol. 28, 1937, 367-371).


    Wave frequency from the hebrew alphabet even shapes the sand
    on an aluminum plate into the very hebrew letter itself!

    a hex tops a circle? elitism! Favoritism! fvck !…. next thing you know he will
    advocate rebuilding the temple and reinstate blood sacrifices for some old
    fashion fireworking priest-chemists …mighty suspicious … hebrew sounds
    like shit resistent to rockdust . biospych warfare.

    432 Hz
    432 dimples in Tiger Wood balls

    jamiebuturff op 13 mrt 2011

    The 432Hz is found every where in nature and the cosmos as
    well as in the work of Vernon Jenkins, Pythagoras, Joseph Puleo
    and Marko Rodin.

    nother semi-secretist Bible propangandist … what’s, for instance, with the
    robovoice all of the sudden when showing a nukey symbol??????

    old timey UKian Don Cruse turned turtle island occupant recalls Paul Schatz
    (died 79), shown at 3.11

    Paul Schatz from Dornach divided the cube into 3 angular ring forms that
    could hinge inside out looking like an evacuated, top down, evacuated and
    top up triangle in succesion … he developed a mixing machine out of it ..
    which paradoxically enough is a simple bucket shape (also shown)

    about a year ago i saw a flat version of this as a puzzle toy with the deeper
    meaning stripped from it, as promotion material for an elderly home, fancy
    business card as it were.

    his faves

    his activity
    1 year ago

    Anderson Cooper Interviews Andrew Wakefield, Fraud (1 of 2)

    Andrew Wakefield, gets owned by your favorite newscaster and
    mine, Anderson Cooper, for his fraudulent study linking autism
    and vaccines

    Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of A Lost World

    Lost Human History! Submerged Megalithic Sites! Ancient
    Advanced Technology! Scientists are now discovering at the
    bottom of the earth’s oceans stu…

    222874 keer bekeken

    from an aronra thing about dynosaurs, bird and bugs (VWz):

    DaToNyOyO – @poetpiet Have you ever considered using English
    words in the way they were intended, or do you just love
    unordered lists? 🙂

    Falsifying Phylogeny
    Systematic phylogenetics, -also known as Cladistic
    taxonomy- is the most profound evidence there is
    indicating our evolution from common ancestry, but very
    few people understand it. Since I don’t see any other
    science advocates actively concerned…

    perfect explanation of why UFOnianity is a remake update of the
    guilty conscience monotheistic missionary dominant imperial
    colonial desertbaked brainigions try to overshadow
    (overdonderen = dutch) out shout and outmanouver as well as
    carry out and on hiding in plain site … (almost wrote Palin sight)

    poetpiet 6 maanden geleden

    so, … what do you have against grafts and pleaches to lend strength to
    branches and so realize the nazi 1000 year plan / cycle of treefamilyhousing
    projects .. that makes you distract from it so eloquently?

    nazi as in true rooted fasion of course, not germany (or whatever folk) ueber
    as in over and across .. but before all .. never leavin home and always ‘leavin’
    home .. in light of above
    …. NAtional soZIalist, not NAtional Zionist, green, not weaponized)
    60 more since i started??????
    1779 me .. at AronRa … bransjkalefeather … dwnldd

  6. My Got Mr Puinboer ((piddypoen)) ,

    thats psychostuff , only to confuse and infuse your mind. But hey if your energy is throwing that against you who am i to say stop with that.

    Did the big fat lady allready smile?
    Is Steve Beckow already beamed up in his black limo
    on the ship?

    Woody Woodpecker nearby?
    Do you hear Helicopters?
    Do you see Chemtrails?!

    Omh my …

    & for your Interest:


  7. i have captured a few moments and attached a few riddles in return

    paste the links to get to the right spot
    are he and his mate confused before or after infusion
    really obvious how close classification stories (staged and stepped sieves) are
    to musical instruments that involved multiple pipery (rather than one holey

    other than than this is the soft silly gay version of duh fertility frisk. celebration after and during hard work about which the top 2 vids in this playlist are mum.

    hope to run into mature insights …. well … i mean, .. you know … matching mine … always looking for help with providing perspectives on provision ….

    speaking of which, Arguelles is using a metaphor that strikes me as being the opposite of what happens and needs to be seen to happen more consciously on/in a dumber darker deeper down level:

    … oh fuck it, go dig in my old work.

    Here’s the quote (from the neighbours) anyway:
    intriguing graphics on this post
    I see a herkimer diamond (double pointed crystal) with the octa
    ‘rammelaar’ in it
    the text inside it reads “Thus you will Possess the Brightness of the Whole
    World and all darkness will flee you

    – 2 (outer) panels per colour in the following clockwise
    sequence: Red, White, Yellow, Bleu .. whereas the 4 little cubes
    inside it are in the normal sequence but running

  8. Pingback: 3x3x3 Hexa World Puzzle Magic Cube White

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