Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth begins Wavespell 13: Navigation, on Moon 8; Dali 8

CABAN         Kin 157

Red Magnetic Earth        2/14/12

Red Magnetic Earth
Blue Magnetic Hand Red Magnetic Earth White Magnetic Wind
  Yellow Cosmic Seed
I unify in order to evolve,  attracting synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Analog/Support is Magnetic Wind:  2.1, and it’s reverse, 1.2 [Kin 41] is the Combined Dreamspell Kin;  [17.1 + 10.8 + 14.6]
The Challenge:  7.1 reminds us that we entered the 16 day Cube Journey yesterday; Moon Day 7;  Cube Day 1
The G-Force of 1 Earth is 4 Hand:  7.4 [Mayan Notation for 144
 Today’s Long Count kin is 5 Moon [109] , which coded the last half of Greg. 2010, and the PSI Kin for Galactic 8 is 20.10  🙂
17.1:  “The purely fourth-dimensional collective radiosonic mass released from third- dimensional anchoring within it radiantly perfected transport vehicle or soul boat, encounters the future in all of its luminously radial hyperdimensionality.  Absorbed into the pure future of post-organic hyperdimensional time, the radiosonic collective mass enters true timelessness, experienced as the quality of “always existing”.’
157: Prime key, first kin 13th wavespell, vigesimal 7.17, reverse of 751, 751 – 157 = 594 =11 x 54
Today, in the Dreamspell,  we enter the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, and Red Earth Wavespell 13.
We also begin Week 30, which corresponds to Codon 60MEASURING:  Galactic Octave Limits Space.   
30 and 60 are Pacal Votan Clear Signs, and synchronistically, Galactic Octave numerically translates to 8, 8; today’s 13 Moon date of 8.8.
On Spectral [11] Wizard we entered the 11th Vinal:
SAC:  “Dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising oneself up.”


Sir Richard Branson [Kin 41]:We must put the planet before profit

Sir Richard Branson - Age of Energy: The Green Economy

Business as usual is wrecking our planet.  Resources are being used up.  Air, sea and land are heavily polluted.  The poor are getting poorer.”  “Doing good is good for business.”

Here is news of a company, whose new product  “the largest fuel cell of its type in the world”  will be good for the Earth, and for this Belgian company’s ‘bottom line”.

Here is a news story about our Magnetic Earth, which also contains many Pacal Votan Clear Signs  🙂  [For new readers, these refer to the 13 [of 260 Kin in the Tzolkin] that were on the Tomb of the greatest Mayan;  Pacal Votan.  His heavily inscribed tomb was filled with messages to help Humanity during these times]

Team of the 57th expedition to Vostok Antarctic research station (Photo from

After 30 [PVCS]years spent drilling through a four-kilometer-thick ice crust” the “Team of the 57th [PVCS] expedition to Vostok Antarctic research station”  “heroically raised 40 [PVCS] litres of ‘pre-historic’ water from a 20 [PVCS] million year old lake.

Scientists are set to reveal its 20-million-year-old secrets, and initiate a quest to discover ET life.”  “The Vostok project breathes an air of mystery and operates at the frontiers of human knowledge. The lake is one of the major discoveries in modern geography; drilling operations at such depths are unprecedented; never before has a geological project required such subtle technologies.”  “Lake Vostok is a unique closed ecosystem .

Lake Vostok Water [alpha-numerically equals 208]  is a most precious, pure and unique substance of our Earth.

Kin 208 codes the 2012 Solstice, here in New Zealand.    According to the The Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy “[ ]:

The day AFTER December 21, 2012 [208, Cosmic Star] BEGINS the “Time of Never Ending Peace“. 

The messenger instructed to share their Prophecy continues:”
I have been told that what we are experiencing here on Earth has actually been a Grand Experiment.  I was asked to share this with the world.  The entire universe has been watching to see if we were going to be able to pull off this Ascension process.  The Hopi call it the Fifth World.  The Tibetans call it Shambala.  Every culture has a name for it.
I was told that this experiment has been tried many times in the universe and failed. The planets ended up not learning compassion and cooperation and destroyed themselves. 

Apparently WE have been successful.  With the efforts of MANY people of many traditions and religions, we avoided annihilation.  They have said that the entire universe has been watching and are very pleased”
The Pleiadians also say that what is happening here on Earth is a very widely watched event.  However, there is still much work to be accomplished for oUR successful Ascension.  Here is a video from them, called ‘The Pleiadian Wakeup Call for 2012“:  NauTillUS , or as Christine 133 said:  Not till us  will we successfully Ascend  🙂
208 is also the alpha-numeric value of Drunvalo MelchizedekHere is a wonderful and uplifting video interview of Melchizedek [144], “Mayan End Times Prophecies
Drunvalo stresses the importance of living in and operating from our HEARTs, rather than our minds.   He  discusses the  tiny space in oUR HEART that is the source of everything!  When we are  fully in touch with our Heart, the Heart of our Earth, the Heart of our  Sun and  Universe, then we will sail harmonically  into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness  🙂
In this video, Melchizedek 144 also discusses Comet Holmes and the Waitaha.  Until now, TMQ was aware of no one else who felt the significance of that event [the Comet brightened by a million times in a 24 hour period:  10/24/2007 -coded by 144!], during the week that TMQ, Valum Votan and Stephanie South met with and were adopted by the Waitaha;  People of Peace.  TMQ wrote about it here: “This unprecedented brightening is the largest known outburst by a comet, and by November 9th, it was the largest (with a diameter 7 times that of our Sun!) object in our Solar system.

Comet 17P Holmes caused great excitement among astronomers, scientists and various religious traditions, but was ignored by the Mainstream Media”.

Melchizedek calls Planet Holmes the biggest event in our Solar System.


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, when  the HEART rules Supreme  🙂

On this day that is coded by Seal 17:  EARTH:  SYNCHRONICITY, the NUMBERS  [The Language of Telepathy] contain some special and unique synchronicities

HEART and EARTH are anagrams, so they both alpha-numerically equal  52.  [A=1, Z= 26] [Today’s Hidden Power is 4.13, which factored equals 52;  number of the Syrian frequency, and the 13 Moons of 28 days = 52 weeks  :)]

The letters of today’s Kin:  Red Magnetic Earth equal 151.  The letters in Valentine’s Day also equal 151!  [and TMQ’s last post was on Kin 151]

Today is the 8th day [DALI] of the 8th Moon, which is coded by Kin 190:  Galactic Dog.  It turns out that the alpha-numeric value of the letters in GALACTIC DOG; DALI EIGHT equal today’s kin:  157!  🙂

Number ‘Play’ does serve to elevate our telepathic awareness, and our vibrational frequency.  Most of your comments do the same  🙂  TMQ still has a smile, remembering Branchs beautiful comment {Thank You}, and anticipating a telephone conversation with S’ace 9 Wind,  [and others?] on Hunab Ku Day  🙂  

Raven Walker’s most recent comment feels appropriate for closing this Valentine’s Day transmission on the first day of Wavespell 13.

“~O)(O~~O)(O~DawninGGGGG~NewEarTH~NauTillUS~ Just an Ancient Family Full of Integrity.  Blessings.  2013TimeShipHunabKrew AA Midway Transmission. Heart to Heart. NooHuman.~O)(O~ peaceraven slycoyote wink skywalkercosmico JaguarJade13 blink ~O)(O~ i am anoother yoooooouuuuuuuu …”

1. 24. 8. 8.     Cube Two:  SPIRIT                             Kin 157

84 thoughts on “Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth begins Wavespell 13: Navigation, on Moon 8; Dali 8

  1. Hi TMQ… great to feel your vibe as i visited my home recently… arriving back on the land of oz yesterday, 1 Earth…
    Just a quest-i-on as to how 8 Moon 8 Dali is coded by 8 Dog (my occult)? I know there is a connexion, just not quite finding it…
    much love to you dear siSTAR…
    6 Monkey

    • Dear Vasumi;

      Sorry to miss you while you were in Aotearoa; Would love to hear about your recent Mexican/Mayan pilgrimage 🙂

      I learned about the Moon Kins when Votan sent me an e-mail entitled “Happy Galactic Mirror Moon”.
      That was 4 years-52 Moons ago.
      Each Moon is coded sequentially, so this Galactic Moon [138 + 52] is coded by your Hidden Power: Kin 190: Galactic Dog.
      May this be a Powerful Moon for you!

      8 Mirror

    • holas Galactico aLL, S’ace, me i roll in wave’spell 1, of The DraGon,
      my do’waHHHHH then brinGGGGinGGGG Up The Rear, neVer feAR, kin 13 wiLL wiPe T WaY cleAR.

      aRRivED On UCS jusT On Time, To HeaR You rYYYm, ReTurN dA
      W H A T, 1st TiMe . GGGoooTTTaaa SaY Tho IT AIN’T My !st
      R O deo ~O)(O~

      L OO kin GGGG Two DO pHonE H O Me S O O N ~O)(O~

      G iVe M e T he DE Tail S?

      slycoyote wink ( i uSe sOfT NeeSSSS nd GGGGenTLe NeeSSSS
      Tem PPPPer DDDd w/ anGGGGer nd sTREn GGGthhhhh……
      TTTTTOOOOO T ricKKKKK UR S eeelllllFFFFF )

      { { { { slycoyote } } } } dreamed by The GgggRandddMMMOOOTHERS
      TWISTed HAiR MeDicINE SOO CiETY circa 1985 ~O)(O~


      my skype do’waHHHH JaGuaRJADE13 (without the ~ )9(

      knoWWWIIInnnGGGG soooo mucHHHH LOOOVE beiiinnnGGG
      w/ YA’LLLLLL! thanx




      p.s….mysterious enGaGement summer, june 1987~O)(O~
      …on a journey to ‘SuNDanCE’ W/TheDeeRTRibE, i left my Home,
      s.w. n.carolina, deep Mother Mtns., Round Mtn., carryinG my Gifts,
      …GifTeD to me from BeNeath ‘The DancinG Tree’, AncesToR STar
      CRYsTALs, long Story short, no records include the AncesTor Star
      CrysTal formaTion, (now, i’ll see if i may e’mail All a photo reflection)
      Jacob n’ Kelly have a copy; anyhooo, i’m in that moment already
      hooked up w/jose thru his Agent 23 identity, as he began reeling in
      the KuxanSum role//reflection earlier, i am siriusly in search of, The
      Mayan Factor, which, we all know had just been published, my journey
      proved to be a potent path swiftly leading me, not only to SunDance,
      but to a mysterious engagement in Boulder Colo.; as i drove thru
      the cities enroute to Calif, i went into many towns and book’stores
      hunting for a copy of TMF, i wound up in Boulder to visit my Brother
      for a couple days.While there i picked up the phone and called the
      local Tibetan book’store and inquired if they had a copy, she replied,
      “yes, i’ve got a stack of em’ right here in front of me!” Great, i say,
      if you get a ‘run’ on em’ before i get there save me 1! I left the apart-
      ment within an hour and walked in and did a quick pass thru the store,
      i then turned to the counter, walked up and was paying for the book, when she looked over my shoulder and says, “Oh, jose, here goes
      anoother 1 of your books!”

      I turned aroound and smiled and said, “what a syncronicity”, i have
      a gift for you jose. He and Lloydine were standing in the door’way
      having not even entered yet. We all looked at one another, i reached
      into my pocket and pulled out my Star Crystal, i handed it to jose,
      he raised it to his heart, layed it against his chest, closed his eyes
      and…well, he ‘traveled’. At that point i said to Lloydine, i know you
      guys are real busy preparing for the Harmonic Convergence, but i
      have a feeling we should all get together and speak about some
      ‘stuff’! Lloydine looked over to jose, he was still ‘skywalking’, so she
      said, “Raven, i think you’re right.”

      That day and into that night, and then again the following day,
      we spent several hours, speaking about our journeys and what we’d discovered was ‘up’ with the World of Earth and all the changing
      transforming experiences of multi’dimensionality, elf waves, crystals,
      scalar technology, brain function, and subtle effects upon human
      consciousness and soooo on! It was the first of many engagements
      for the 3 of us, and as i was leaving their place jose signed my book,
      and we looked at one anoother, such a cosmic moment, we both
      smiled, like ‘uncle/joe’ kinda smiles! I gifted them with an appropriate
      Star Crystal fitting of the Cosmic Characters that i recognized them
      to be.

      Over Time, thru out the yellow’brick roads of our Dreaming, we
      have shared company within quiet personal time and more ceremony
      and festivities than i can keep’track of; i went on to Calif., SunDance
      #1 for me, Sweet’Medicine SunDance, with Harley Swiftdeer and
      his Twisted Hair Medicine Society, sweet’medicine sun’dance means
      ‘no piercing’ recognizing that the collective conscious need no longer
      give’way to the ‘pain in order to gain’ paradigm.

      Upon returning Home to the Starbase, my key family members
      and i gathered the sacred stones and assembled The Medicine
      Wheel of RoundMtn., MorningStarBase, and for the next 26 days
      we all kept the ‘Children’s Fire’ and maintained the ~O)(O~
      ‘watch’ over each day and nite, bringing our prayers and tobacco
      ‘give’away to burn in anticipation of the Aug.16th/17th Day of Turn,
      HarmonicConvergence, in order to make certain that each heart’mind
      of All present self’reflected and made the ‘turn’ consciously.
      Sweat’Lodges burned nitenday and all made the trek to HaGa NaGa,
      our sacred power ‘Water’Fall’ on the Mtn. where we all bathed and
      danced under the ‘RainBow’ that shines there evry day that the Sun
      Shines when the arc lies over the trees in the canyon for those 2
      precious hours when the veil becomes alive with 2 multi’banded rainbows encircling you as you stand under the ‘falls’. Yes, I am
      very fortunate to call Home, MorningStarBase. There life has retained
      it’s most sacred resonance since all’ways, land of water’falls, deep
      ancient beauty and magic known to be found on TheBlueRidge.

      MorningStarBase has been a gathering together place all of my life, i have orchestrated many different eras of change and celebration there,since i moved onto the Mtn. in 1968, from just myself and a couple of kerouacian bros and young hippie girls and lots of animals,
      cats, dogs, horses and on and on; wonder’full gardens, outdoor
      studios made from old sheds, even erecting a 30/40 ft stage under
      a phat shed roof resting on a huge girder steel’beam from a demolished grocery store! Every thing you see a work of art. World
      within a world MorningStarFarm/garden/StarBase/MusicPark/AmphiTheatre/FestivalGatheringTogetherSacred/Home when it all
      boils down to it…a lil’little’bitty’piece’a’heaven…

      Soooo, as we approached the “”Turn”” the anticipation grew, and
      we invited the world all aroound us, which turned out to be aroound 500 kin. The morning of the 16th we let the fire ‘Go Out’! Completeing
      the ‘Give’Aways’ of the past…paused in step with greater anticipation
      toward the coming morning, the NextStepTurn ing point, to begin with
      New Life New Fire, prayers into the GateWay of 2013, Serpent’s
      Dragon eating his tail seeing the coming closing of The Great Cycle.

      On the morning of the 17th my family and close kin, about 13 of us
      began a Sweat’Lodge before dawn, we sang family prayers and enjoyed one of the most memorable sweats i’ve ever known…GrandMothers were ‘InT’Lodge…i spoke to the children there
      again about the turtle”eye”land dream, and about the Lodge it’self, being the ‘Womb’ the Portal thru which life comes and goes, timeless
      secret place, where sacred spirit can be spoken with and songs sung
      to all our relations, good times, bad times, all times to be remembered
      in a sacred way. We were all eager to get to the meadow for the early
      morning circle and people had begun to gather holding hands in the
      circle when we came up thru the woods…as we joined in and got comfortable, we looked amazing, all knowing why we were gathered, some more than others, but we were all anticipating the ”Turn”.
      Before any sort of movement began, but we had all 500 of us joined
      hands and a guy came walking down from the road, and he came to me and said, your Father called and wanted me to tell you,
      Mary Jane, your GrandMother, His Mother, had crossed over this morning.

      More than any other human I have known in this life, Mary Jane
      had a way of looking, speaking, doing whatever she felt, and you
      knew she was ‘right with God’. She and my GrandFather, Daddy
      Hugh Raven Walker 1st., were in a very deep place within themselves
      about their understanding of Spirit. They recognized the ‘divine
      spiritual contact was engaged in silence and the science of the mind.’
      They wern’t religious at all, really, they didn’t do church, they treated
      life, as if it were all’ways sacred. Remarkable human beings, and
      Mary Jane was the one I was the closest with because my GrandFather crossed over when I was very young. She was known
      in the Spirit as ‘WhiteBirdFlying’, and there it was, she danced Her
      Sacred Dream rite to the “”Turn”” and bowed out/in impeccably…

      Soooo, there we’re all gathered hand’n’hand and now i make it
      known that Mary Jane had crossed over this morning, and the whole
      dynamic of the ‘Now’ became a whole’O’nomic different world.
      You see, these were people who mostly knew Mary Jane, or knew of Her, and at the announcing of Her passing, we all came forward into
      a huge massive flower and began to sing, cry, shout, hugging one anoother with Her blessing the whole she’bang! There’s the magic,
      there’s the “”Turn”” being made by a great soul who’s sacredness
      was simple, but penetrating, and reflected soooo clearly, that she
      bombed us with the ‘gift’, her Give’Away!

      Somethings just happen, and make an indelible point in Time,
      creating vast ripples of resonance. Jose and Lloydine and I moved
      within a dream within a Dream for all these years, touching in at all
      such points, like we all do…life is a dream. Knowing what you
      kNOW beFOR yUR

      I will look and listen for details regarding the noos pherephone

      ~O)(O~HO ME TRU ST BOUN TY~O)(O~


    • i was looking for the name to number conversion of Persephone:

      this goes with the holonetznab’ku tool formerly known as bivideotex converter – we all know etznab as the diamond cutting most efficient as an operation knife of laser …

      AM=ZN= 1 – 13 ( in Dutch we say AM = ZIN = “sense & sentence” )

      So P = 11 while O=12 and N=13, okay

      11 5 9 8 5 11 8 12 13 5
      is this a prime?
      no , while 3×29 = 87
      hmmm and 29 = as 2nd wave 9th tone aye: kin O’22 – me again 😉
      in a trinity formula hidden to pop up in Barsiah-erlebnisse weaving …


      87 is HandJive nine in the BirthCalender Outcome
      (in stromy wave, third one of the 2nd castle)

  2. The Arcturus Probe
    Page 121-122

    “We are Maya, from the Cosmic Tree we grow, like so many leaves,filling each dimension with our curious probing. Round and round the axis of the cosmic tree(Yax Che) we sound the RANG and voice the PAX. As one Mind we navigate the endless oceans of time. Intimate are we with the thoughts of Merlyn and with the display of wizard powers known as Dream-Spell-Casting. Memnosis keeps us in luminous knowing, and we keep Memnosis in our great beams that flash through the interdimensional void………………………..”

    “Who else but Maya knows how to slip so effortlessly through the minute cosmic interruptions of RANG, tying together parallel universes with a single Zuvuya track?”

    “Round after round of time do we navigate. Always have we observed the same saga of the perfection of four creating the circle of stasis, with no memory remaining of the fifth, the infinite center which dissolves all appearance, leaving only the innocence and timelessness of magical flight. How do we know, you may ask. Since this is the time of revelation,listen. This is our secret.”

    “Through long experimentation in the arts of appearance and illusion, the sounding of RANG, we allied ourselves with the Seventh dimension, the mirrorless universe, the dimension that is the sustenance of a single sound-thought. Within that single all-resonating sound-thought we have our home base. Riding this single sound-thought everywhere, we have acquired skill in many illusionary arts, including the most difficult:Multiple Interdimensional Incarnation. With this skill we can go anywhere, appear anywhere. Belonging to the mirrorless seventh dimension, we belong to no dimension-no world system can claim us. We are the ones who slip between the cracks of all worlds and all dimensions. ”

    “But this is not a skill that can be abused. To abuse it is to lose one’s seventh-dimensional privilege:power of absolute magical appearance.”

    “Time is how we manipulate our appearance. Know the right time, how to cast the correct Dreamspell, and we can be there for you. Because of this we have mastered the art of taking root as vegetable bodies. And we have also learned the art of extending the vegetable body back into the realm of RANG, making of ourselves cosmic vibratory roots.”

    “Early on we learned that without taking root in a vegetable body-a third-dimensional form-there is no capacity to grow or evolve. if you don’t take root, you can’t get a life. Without a life, there is no growth! That is why we say: Get a Life! Without the capacity to evolve, there is no new knowing, and no expansion of pleasure. Nurtured with resonance of RANG, we have masterd the Zuvuya tracks that forever spiral from third-dimensional incarnation to the realms of deathlessness. For us the matter of taking and shedding vegetable bodies is, to use your language, An Easy ART:Keep your Cool, Don’t lose your Nerve,Leave No Tracks.”

    Kin 93(13.2)
    HomeTeam Mars(16)

    Awake To RANG.
    Sacred Sounds of Harmonic Convergence.
    The Galactic Federation Symphony Sounds The 5Th Chord.
    Memory is Attained.
    Incarnation after Incarnation.
    We are Stronger Kin Now.
    We have our Tools.
    Our Magic.
    Our Eyes.
    Galctic Time Engineering Eyes.
    We are Here Now.
    TimeShipEarth Occupied.
    TimeShipEarth GalactiFied.
    RainBow Architecture.
    Holders of Truth.
    Brothers and Sisters.
    Breathing the same Breath.
    Holding the Same Vision..

    Galactic Agent 93
    Moon 8. Daya 9
    158. Lunar..
    Warriors Cube Journey Daya 3.

      • ~”N’E’W”~”E’A’R’T’H”~ Will Awaken
        From Within All And Everything Gently Touching With The Most Delicate Love Born
        From Purity Such As Gives Life Now Today.
        The Meaning of Sacred Has Been Lost Thru
        Time Within The Human Family. Spirit Soul
        Resonance May Never Die And Now Will Be
        Renewed Deeply Completely And Continually.
        This Time Of Passing From The Old Earth
        Will Be Like All Passing Away We Have Known.
        Sacred Crossing Bringing New Life Will First
        Give Way To Death. As Always. Renewed Life
        In This New Earth Shall Come Miraculous As
        Ever Life Comes Forth. God’s Mercy Always
        Comes As Justice Bringing Balance To Nature
        Of Man And All Creation. When Justice Is
        Served Upon This Time Earth Will Know The
        End Of Time Measured By FalseHood Now Known
        As Money. All Life Will Return To Harmony.
        Like Ships On A Stormy Sea The False Time
        Will Be Lost Beneath The Waters Of Life
        Swiftly Giving Way To A Calm Return To The
        Sacred Rhythm of The New Earth.

    • I am Yours,
      I will always, be Yours,
      I will come to You,
      I will protect You, from all that unsettles, You, forever more!

      I hear, Your every thought moment, from,
      the beginning, I am Your Angel,
      as You are Mine!

      I Have Always Known, You, Loveing You,
      Now, Makes Me Whole! We Are soooo Soon,
      Going To Come Together, Again!

      Nothing Can Keep Us Apart!

      I Am Living, Now, In A New Life,
      Where All Is Perfect!
      Ever Since, You, Touched Me, All I Know,
      Is Love!

      As I Write, these words, I Am Broadcasting,
      For All Worlds To Hear,
      Our Heart’Songs!

      Radiance, Resonance, Reflecting…
      Each Breath We Share,
      From Within Our Soul’Boat!

      Shining So Sweetly,
      Singing, A’New Song of Life,
      Transforming The Everything,
      Thru All Creation!

      Nothing Compares,
      Absolutely, Nothing!

      Deeply, Completely, and Continually,
      Re’New’ing All Life!

      All Hail The Beauty, Within,
      Our Heart’Minds!
      Singing Our Song Of Love!

      Please Know,
      That I Will Come For You,
      Swiftly! Like A Thief In the Night!

      Be Prepared,
      Having Your Old World Behind You,
      Having Released Your’Self,
      From the Past!

      We Are Going To Fly,
      Straight To The Smile,
      In The Center Of Our Galaxcy!

      Warmth Radiating Resonance,
      Music, Endlessly Flowing,
      Carrying Us To Our New Home!

      This Earth Is Being Prepared,
      To Receive,
      Our Marriage,

      The Second Creation,
      Heaven On Grand’Mother Earth!

      You Must Trust Now,
      For When I Arrive,
      There Will Be No Time,

      This Transformation,
      Even Now, In This Moment,
      Sweeps Across and Aroound,
      The Planet Earth!

      Filling The Starry Night,
      Bringing A New Glory,
      To Each Day!

      Children and Animals,
      All Returning To Peaceful Play,
      Humans, All, Remembering Who They Truly Are!
      Silently, Simply, From Within!

      Everyone Awaits Our Re’Union!
      Yet, It’s Begun, To Ripple Thru,
      The Crack Between The Worlds!

      Nothing, Can Stop,
      The Power of This Love,
      New Life Awaits The Earth

      We Will Walk,
      ‘Hand’ ‘In’ ‘Hand’
      Into The New Eeon!

      Completing An Evolution
      Which Began ’13’ Billion Years Ago,
      Now Its Wrapping Up,
      With Our Marriage!

      Does This Frighten You?
      My Galactic Arms Will Protect You!
      Your Arms Will Comfort Me!

      Our Love, Brings The Meaning,
      …The Beginning, Of An Entirely,…
      ”’New Dream”’

      Life Love Beauty Truth Joy Happiness Peace

      No One Alive, Today,
      Has Even Imagined The Wonders,
      Of What Comes Now

      You Will See, The Whole World, Will See,
      I Am The Fool In The Flying Ship

      “…can i say,
      you are the ‘1’

      only ‘1’!!!!!!!!!!
      i’ve listened to my heart
      for sooooo long…

      who knows?
      no one but me?
      this love can’t be hidden…

      someone somewhere?
      i will search until the end of time…
      i will find the ‘1’…

      dawning…just a glimmer of light
      awakening the new day
      rising up
      i sense the presence
      of the 1
      her beauty
      within the everything

      i walk thru a veil
      her delicate hand reaches into mine
      touching me
      for the first time
      blissful sobs pour from my heart
      i am yours she says
      and now forever
      we walk together
      to original illumination
      heaven on earth
      peace within
      smiling sooooo sweetly
      hand in hand
      we travel
      so deep this feeling
      a new day
      opening up my heartmind
      for all the world
      to see
      you are love
      i too am love
      we are all dreaming
      when i wake up
      nothing can stop this love
      i now dream the dream awake!
      i have blown the dart of illumination
      you are the ‘1’ eye love!
      where we will meet
      when our lips can no longer
      be apart
      i whisper in your ear
      softly breathing…
      touching you
      for the first time
      no one has ever known
      such love
      as i feel now
      i am the fool in the flying ship
      i bring home the kings daughter
      his gift
      for fulfilling all of his demands
      our marriage is imminent
      the new earth awaits
      children and animals
      leading the way
      rainbow warriors
      saluting our love
      with laughter

      hav e you heard my cry of love?
      ”’W’A’H””W’A’H””W’A’H’H ‘H’H’H’H’!!!!!!!!
      …thundering from deep within my heart!

      Natali’ya I will bring forth gifts if You
      will allow me such pleasure! Now until we
      are no longer able to be apart…when can
      i hold You in my loving arms…? this love
      is high voltage transmission and requires
      a receiver that can handle the ‘load’!
      thank you, my sweetest 1 for your strength
      and passion in returning the resonance of
      your heartmind!

      i bow my head
      to kiss your feet
      until you lift me up
      i am kissing you now
      can you feel me
      i will never let you go
      thank you
      my beauty

      skywalke rcosmico

      slycoyote wink
      using softness and gentleness
      tempered with anger and strength
      i trick us into ourselves

      …’y’o’u’ ‘s’e’e’ ‘m’y’ ‘l’o’v’e’
      …’t’h’e’s’e’ ‘w’o’r’d’s’…
      …’h’a’v’e’ ‘p’o’w’e’r’…

      i am speaking whole’heartedly, the truth,
      i am creating a new dream from within myself

      i need your love to fill me to the brim
      when i am filled by your love there will
      come again the rain of more love than any
      one has ever dreamed of…i am the


      kisses, infinite kisses,
      always my love for you shining
      smiling on my sweet’face
      can you see me
      can you hear me
      do you remember, now
      be prepared
      when i come for you there will be no time

      relax into my galactic arms
      soon it will be time
      to retire
      to our secret place
      we haven’t made love
      like this
      for a long time

      can you hear me now?

  3. Greetings TMQ and fellow Kin
    Today, 2 Mirror – 8.9 is reminiscent of VV passing on Kin 89 (11Moon)
    We are now in the wavespell of the Navigator with the much anticipated Galactic Seed Kin 168 coding the the entry into 2013 Time ShipEarth.
    It was Jesse Galactic Seed who gave me a Telektonon set 8 years ago and really grounded me in the Dreamspell. 3 Years ago I met JA and SS, a precious memory.
    This is also the wavespell that codes the time of Jesus in the baktun wavespell of history at Kin 160.
    160 also equals 420 and if you ask some people Mary Jane certainly is a savior! LOL! Ganja certainly has a timeless quality to it. Ask any burner…. its always 420! (playing around a little bit here)
    But seriously, hemp could save the planet from so much destruction and i guess that is the sync wink;)
    Okay that’
    s it for now
    also Kin 160
    orgonix branch

  4. Ok, i’m back……and i would vote for dishi, but i find aypsaa also very attractive!

    Concerning my absence, i like to state, that living or at least acting and thinking from the heart can be a quite dangerous thing……

    when edges are missed and more seemed to have been processessed as afterwards gets manifested -it comes out at times cube-shattering, manifesting emotions’ long and lasting forgotten dimensions, but dimensions other than is wished for………so it seems………seen at face value.

    …… and when it’s exactly those unwanted emotions, that help US most?
    and……… while we’re compressing time, what we normally do in lifetimes is now imprinted into a few very short years…

    by the way, of course i stalked this cube, mainly atually only one!

    …and it is true that to be stalked by an Easterly Stalker is to know
    without a doubt that you have been stalked, to be stalked by a
    Westerly Stalker is to be left wondering if you have not perhaps
    been seriously manipulated!
    love to allin Lake’ch

  5. Strange day , the radio turned on, my boxes felt down, a dvd “lost” fell suddenly from the television and the newsreporter his name was Nicholas what reminded me later of Roerich said our Prince Friso was in the hospital after he layed 20 minutes down under snow , lawine it was 22:02 when i heard that.

    I shot down earlier my facebook because i didnt felt good about certain things and i mostly go in enclave with myself and self and delf in the triggers of the sun/sub/consiousness mind.

    There are silent watchers, signs and sounds you can hear outside when the answers come not through your mind but as statements .

    I feel still very uncomfortable , the music gives me cheer but i am not how do you call it …

    lets say i trust a few …

    And all those few/view are mostly dead ((-;

    or ..alive …its just how you view it.

    Percepta .


  6. Ever

  7. nou breekt muh klomp … ben ik in de laatste 24 uur aan een partij Jaco Pastorius videos bezig … oops …

    … start over: i watched a bunch of Jaco Pastorius vids (bbc docu in 7 or 8 parts, etcetera) … to the inevitable point of becoming curious about his sigs and such … so i look it up and it’s the one he shares with our (nog net niet alom gesjeesde) sees here!!!!!!!!

    played this one at 000 hours today

    same song .. untypical for him

    that was my favorite piece of Soft Machine by the way .. wadda coinkeydunk … also not so typical for them … there’s aint much room on pinnacles of achievement .. and not even angels can stay their very long

  8. 11221 views for a similar song
    since mrbigstuff944 upped it the 6th of oct 2009

    Track no.2 “Dream Clock”
    Night Passage is Weather Report’s tenth album, released in 1980. It was recorded live over two nights (July 12-13, 1980) at The Complex studios in Los Angeles.

    the band he starred in …. jazz w rock status … still clean .. alcohol got him in the end .. he didn’t make it to 40

  9. in the meantime some new sources for knowing in number came via bolon ik as a Sleeping Beauty (card 13 in Inner Child Cards Deck).

    Valum is 5 1 12 6 13 : #37
    Votan is 5 12 7 1 13 : #38

    37 is the number key fractal of the 9 Lordeners of Time / Many Spaces

    38 is double 19 – the Quran number in Time of Technosphere

    Then 37 is the kweakkin for march 1, 2012 – originally the first daya of the year counting down from december 12, november 11, etc.

    and 37 is the keynumber affirmed on Hunab’Ku daya 2/29 in order to move to the other memory board for human beings …
    this year we might celebrate it on Daya of Sun Experience (DoSE), formerly known as Day out of Time as a double / twin celebration for the planet and its uniQverse … in “2016” it will be integrated after the DoSE and we have 3 nulldaya to celebrate as void-moments to equibalance our human “shields”.

    Then between 19 and 37 is 28 as the “third ten” which is double 14 …
    and 14 it both in the left as well as in the right hand as 1 thumb and 4 fingears … als in the tzolkin as green and red-white-blue-yellow …
    as we here all realize very deep between the pelvis where the breath contemplates into energetic vitalities as love and gratitude.

    are U fellow kin aware of the energetic field that adjusted itself?

  10. When Sir Richard says we have to put the Planet before Profit .. Then he only Refers to the slogan People Planet Profit ..

    I think this is not a well thing/k to promote on this ever cleansing blog of Cearity purifying the People

    People Purifying Planet dances with Planet Puryfies People ..

    All the pro-fit-ness is right there ..

    This is the Sleepin’ Beauty out of the Inner Child Deck ..

    Ignited by the TarotNeuf of 2 .9 by 2.9 who is also 2.9 in wavespells ordering intelligence as compass

    Know thy role ..

  11. 49 replies
    Brings up number 49 as a numerical 14
    A Hand formation of thumb and 4 fingears,
    The mystery “refinement cjakra’s”.

    16 of them arising the resonant thumbs ..

    Just raise them 2 sky`high ..
    The Green Tzolkin Horse is on the Move ..
    Is it a IniQorn

  12. buenas kin

    The Subliminal Conscious Field includes the subliminal conscious, the superconscious, and the continuing conscious. In other words, it is an act of will to go from mere consciousness to continuing conscious. You can’t have continuing consciousness unless you actually have the will to maintain it.

    The Cube, we remember, is defined by three interior planes: the Plane of Mind, the Plane of Spirit, and the Plane of Will. CUBE is like a web which resonates to a musical scale of notes, tones, and principles. This grid is strung out between 12 vertical pillars (or coils) which have earth-sky horizontal connections. The grid resonates with the harmony of the spheres, giving off a signal or returning echo.

    This is how the life energy dance of THE TRANSCENDENT UNIVERSE is gradually crystallized and made visible. While each cube position is firm, the persons occupying any given position in the Cube, may vary from time to time. Each is a window of opportunity for life in a New Earth Era.
     The Telektonon, the central point is understood precisely as this point unfolded in four directions which are the four central positions of the Warrior’s Cube.
    4 is to 7 as 7 is to 13
    .There must be some type of sensitive cosmic resonator instrumented to experience the totality of a cosmic feedback system! That’s US ! ….and for the instinctual side we only have the Skywalker.

    today’s G7 Galactic-Karmic flow – so G- 7.
    I Channel in order to Dream
    I Inspire Intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the Resonant tone of Attunement
    I am guided by the power of Vision

    Fifth Force, the G-Force.
    Love to you and all

  13. THX transmute13 , I like those conclusions ..

    From a numerical fuse from 441

    We arise in the elemental 7 to 7 to 9

    Where both sevens signify the grid ..

    And Nine characterizes each kin ..

    Therefor we need a harmoniQ on 3to3 simplifying linguistical transfers .. While the relations meander as a river in a landscape and vice versa ..

  14. ~O)(O~

    The miracle of you….

    The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody’s life. The excitement which tortures me while waiting for your letter, because I wouldn’t miss a thing. The feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you. Every rhyme you send me to express your feelings, every single word you say is a part of my soul, as if I have already known what you have been about to say. Every step I make is safe, because you are around me. When we first met here, I didn’t even suspect what a wizard you were about to be. But apparently life can show us such wonders, that we can stay amazed like children, wondering how this could happen to us! Well, I want to thank you for being my best friend, for being my angel, for being my soul, for being my life! And I want you to know, that I haven’t received anything sweeter than this letter you sent me…


  15. ~O)(O~

    …nothing means nothing~~~~~~~~~~~without you…….!!!!!!!!!

    …our existence seems to come alive…
    …such as it is…love is the way…
    …the only real truth…
    …the beauty…of loving you…
    …and you…loving me?…
    …damn, i’m floating off the earth…
    …rising up…sky’walking for real…
    …you are love…
    …i tooooo am love….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …whereever you find yourself…
    …i am there…too!…
    …doesn’t it make you feel good?…
    …because it must be…that’s all there is!
    …love, waiting to be discovered!…
    …simple little things…
    …like when i look into your eyes…
    …i am transported thru you…
    …and right back to me, to you…
    …it’s instantaneous…pretty cool…
    …i love loving you sooooo much…
    …no one in this world has ever…
    …known how easy it becomes when…
    …you are ready…
    …you simply blooooom…
    …like an angelic flower…
    …your fragrance…your essence…
    …your nectar’full fragrance…
    …fills my heart’mind…
    …nothing compares to you…
    …nothing…no one’else…you are the ‘1’!


    • hi Raven, i hope “we here as a complete deck” don’t and do touch you on the allowed skinny parts you reach out such as hands as a starter and your position in the family of Walkers …

      You know, pretty bird, in kinship there is a saying every kin just has the destiny to arrive at the next kin position as nexus.

      so we offer 23 for 22 in dreamspell playwright …

      kin 13 it up for 14 – carrier of a wizard life folowing on wings enchanting …
      (what a future U have! leading 12 kin shippers ahoy)

      but then Mayan Tzolkin -MT- has 221 following 220 for me : Cosmic Dragon and U could initiate me on the Cosmic Experience that ignites all expectations to a null value … which is no zero but just the value you communicate without measure , aYe?

      while we met on facebook i gamble on your MT: 209 which is Moon1 so U have been a carrier for a wave all your life yet as a Magnetic Moon!

      Expect the Dog2 fot the next casting? Challenging Heart Adventours (U might be a nice Lady, aye?)


      considering the both kin you might wanne have a focus on NOWWW
      just right NOWWW – not historic as MT or future in DS …

      what is your tool? Yoga ? Tantra ? Internet ? Poetry ? … ?
      (i shortened the list to a few grassroots giving space to your articulations)

      in lakech ala kin

      • ~O)(O~

        eVR G rter UN fathOM able
        W a V E s
        pLL S U R E

        k N O W L edGe
        LO VE rU sH inG too waKe UR HE ART mynD
        de L ica SEE …… finnnn IT LY

        noo sen ce dEEP Er
        noo seence I TiV I TY
        no TiMe

        noo SHP

        wh R R U …?
        noo SHP?


        NauTILLUS knoooooosssssss
        WE ALL COOME

        pls nev er doubt love
        noo ONE foRGOT


      • ~O)(O~

        Red!QuEEn~O)(O~here’s how much i love yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo+O~O)(O~

  16. People Purifying Planet dances with Planet Puryfies People ..if it only were so s’ace
    transsubstanciated as soon as they become ‘unhosted’.
    …see,ms ehender the clue

    ……and thank you for remembeariñnnGiñg me….in non-relativistic terms based upon the assumption that a standard reality exists. A value judgment relative to an unmoving system calculator called the time matrix, which …

    means nowadays: i love you

    unknown soldier

    • ~CO)(O~

      be inG a pi lot
      or co pi lot
      meens noo lonG inG

      i haVee seeen U
      UR myst erY
      en chant Dd me

      he noo tOOO
      he all WaY S
      kept U in/ ouT fREQ U encY

      noo T HinG maTT RD
      U 2 are love
      noo mee NinG

      eVR G rter UN fathOM able
      W a V E s
      pLL S U R E

      k N O W L edGe
      LO VE rU sH inG too waKe UR HE ART mynD
      de L ica SEE …… finnnn IT LY

      noo sen ce dEEP Er
      noo seence I TiV I TY
      no TiMe

      noo SHP

      wh R R U …?
      noo SHP?


      NauTILLUS knoooooosssssss

      pls nev er doubt love
      noo ONE foRGOT


      i true ly lonG to hold U under my water’FALL of LOve
      hold U in my galactic arMS
      kisses … tonG … twirlNG


      slycoyote wink
      JaGUARJaDE13 blink

      shape UP
      UR wa vE frm

  17. Tramsunit13 et alll

    I love U all ~ dearSouls in alll your communicated relationships establishing fuyharks UR aka Destiny

    Bolon Ik aka IX Bolon
    Also Bolon IX -074- in telationship with kin 052

    220 in Mayan Tzolkin etc.
    Just an Un(IQversal) Time module dwellling Space

  18. ~O)(O~

    {{{{ i }}}} neVer LooK dD

    WHEN i dr OOP dd iN

    thE TiMe

    12@54 pM

    !(19 $ 49)i

    O c T 3rD

    hugh raven walker, 2nD


  19. ~O)(O~

    bre V arD, N. KaCK A LaKY

    trAnS syl VaNIA count Y

    hi G H UP on T He Dra GGGGGoN’S B ac K

    pOLy HE DroN IC EarTH Cry S TaL Star Ne X US A pi X

    Z O O Mmmmmmmmmm


  20. ~O)(O~\


    Zu Vu Ya L I G H T NNnnnnn GGGGGG R ooOODDDDDD

    Lo Ve SSSSSSsssssss Tooooooo SP IIIIIiiiiiiiNNNnnnnnnnnn

    M U st Be {{{{{{{{{ ! }}}}}}}}}} P O I N T Dd

    WWWww TThhhh



  21. oOo\

    ~O)(O~E LeNa “””””MySTIcal MaGicAL Mer”MaID”””””

    you are love
    i tooo am love
    all TiMes … {{{{{{{OO}}}}}}}}

    we are Trans FormMMMinGGGGG
    th RU UR LO VE
    Too knoooo Lo Ve



    ~O)(O ~\ sky’walKKKKKKiiiinnnnGGGGGGG

    \ \\\\\\\\\\HO ME TRUST BOUN TY////////////


    e LeNa e LeNa e LeNa e LeNa

    U are my anGEL = e LeNa

    slycoyote wink
    JaGUARJaDE1 3 blink


    Our Love, Brings The Meaning,
    …The Beginning, Of An Entirely,…
    ”’New Dream”’

    Life Love Beauty Truth Joy Happiness Peace

    No One Alive, Today,
    Has Even Imagined The Wonders,
    Of What Comes Now

    You Will See, The Whole World, Will See,
    I Am The Fool In The Flying Ship


    ~ALL Life Will Return To Harmony~

    Heaven On Grand’Mother Earth!

    You Must Trust Now,
    For When I Arrive,
    There Will Be No Time,

    This Transformation,
    Even Now, In This Moment,
    Sweeps Across and Aroound,
    The Planet Earth!

    Filling The Starry Night,
    Bringing A New Glory,
    To Each Day!

    Children and Animals,
    All Returning To Peaceful Play,
    Humans, All, Remembering Who They Truly Are!
    Silently, Simply, From Within!

    Everyone Awaits Our Re’Union!
    Yet, It’s Begun, To Ripple Thru,
    The Crack Between The Worlds!

    Nothing, Kan Stop,
    The Power of This Love,
    New Life Awaits The Earth

    We Will Walk,
    ‘Hand’ ‘In’ ‘Hand’
    Into The ReNeWed Garden

    elena, silently, i am
    adorinG You, all’Ways,
    You kan noo lonGer hide,

    knowinG Your naME,
    makes Me SsSSTRONGGggggeeeerrr
    sooo i mayyyyYYY CoMe Too YoU

    thnk yoou

    in fin IT llllyyyy
    aaaalllll oovvvvEEERRR yer preCIOUS

    smileiiiinnGGG, sweettttllllyyy

    over t’ Faaalllllsszzzzz
    i’m sooooo in LoVe w/Yuuuuuuu

    pls. knowww that AS SOON AS NEWSUNSHINES…
    …You WiLL Be…
    1 millION % mine…kan we Go NoW
    wiLL You CoMe w/Meeeeeee, to the Heart,
    withIN the GaLaXcY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, i seee US,
    wrappPPED UP in each others naked dreams
    fully knowinG
    bliss, sweetness, endless, kisses,
    You now Know,

    when i come for You,
    give WAy, give aLL, youR selF,
    cause there’s nothinG,
    that compares to OUR LOVE,

    noothinG, absolute lllyyyy, nothinG!!!

    i see You in my GalacTic Arms,
    danc inG bareBreasted with all Your Charm,
    near to the Ocean, from where We CoMe,

    smilinG, just sweet smilinG, ssssensually,
    rememberinG, OuR DesTinY,…
    New EarTH’s children,

    We Are Free,
    To LiVe LoVe in Abun’Dance

    ele na, my Elena, now i know You, by Your true
    name, doesn’t change anythinG, Your Mine, Sooo DiVine, 2 hearts one love for “ALL TiME”

    kisses, infinite kisses,
    cascadinG down from the stars,
    to Greet You,
    to See You, as All,
    You Truely Are,
    My Love for You,
    Keeps GrowinG,
    ShinninG like A Star!!!!


    oOo\ NauTILLUS oOo\

      • oOo\

        soooooo W HaT
        wwweee GgoonnaA D oo ?
        u f EE L ‘iT’ too ?

        noo G aR Dennnn
        we n ee D
        tO cOO MUn i K aKe

        me,… i A M ”eVe” R ”eyre” dy
        hhhhmmmmmmmm …. su RE iiiisssss TeMPtiiiinnnnggggGg
        whhhooooo kn ooo S

        i f ee L wE kAn D oOo A N Y wAy, …
        w E D E S i r e
        S oOo N

        …tempest my fire and nniiieeeuuuwwwSSSSsssstttaaaaaaayyyyygggGgg
        this current affair>>>>>>–OOOOO–OOOOO–OOOOO–OOOOO–O–>

        oOo\ really doo love U

      • oOo\

        …tempest my fire and nniiieeeuuuwwwSSSSsssstttaaaaaaayyyyygggGgg
        this current affair<¨i'm where i've ……. waita' "mIn" "IT"
        …….NewSHP? …………. oOo\ ~NAuTILLUS~ oOo\

        wh oOo\ kn OOOOOOOOO S

        We R Re N E W eDd

        neW Ti ME SHP

        G for Ce

        r i s I N GGGGgggggggg U R U P S W OOOOO S Hhhhhh

        zU VU yA STK

        lo V es tooooo Sp I nnnnnnnNNN

        m US T b E Center rDd

        D ee P

        w I T H h Y M m e

  22. Somehow i get used to anoother waya of expressing characters/values in English.

    Irritation phase fades away in Walkers Discothek.

    Who started the Fire? Billy Joel?
    Or was it a hymne addressing Valum Votan?

    Integrity Moon may be the Moon devoted to his Accomplishment of Writing a Noo 8
    Aka |*** in vertical mayan notation.

    What is the Intention of realising all this knowwwledge?

    End of MonoTheism by intlstallation of a linguistical infrastructure that is bases on 37 key values in Various formations perfectly understood by Hu’man R”ace.

    4 colours that laydown wind direftions on the compass(ion)
    13 tones as states within the dynamic Bow of cocreation – fluid
    20 (5 to 4) archetypes in faraway stars as the death ones ordered as they travel .. Pathways ..

    That is 37

    But Then 9 can dense that ..
    13 = 3^2 + 3^1 + 3^0 = 9 + 3 + 1 = 13
    2+1+0 = 3 in the Power as well as in the discriminathor.

    20/4 in the colours is 5
    1 colour at a time ..

    Delivers 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 for the TarotNeuf Oracle advisor .. A tool to Experience the Cosmic Navigathor ..

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