Magic Turtle Kin 164: Yellow GALACTIC Seed codes GALACTIC 15 and oUR 2013 GALACTIC Synchronization

KAN                  Kin 164

Yellow Galactic Seed

Yellow Galactic Star
White Galactic Wizard Yellow Galactic Seed Blue Galactic Eagle
  Red Rhytmic Earth
I harmonize  in order to target,  modeling awareness.
I seal the input of flowering, with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
The Analog:  15.8 reflects today’s 13 Moon date:  8.15, here in the Southern Hemisphere, while the Antipode, 14.8 mirrors the current 13 Moon date,in the  Antipodal Northern Hemisphere.  The G-Force of 8 Seed is Kin 38:  12 MirrorGuide Galactic Star is oUR Guiding Star for oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization.  The CDK is also a Star:  Solar Star. 
The Long Count Kin is 12 Warrior.  Today’s Hidden Power is 6 Earth. 
 The PSI for Galactic 15 is Magnetic Earth, which codes  this 13th Wavespell, and denotes Synchronicity.
Synchronicity is the operation of a higher moving template of mathematical order that coordinates all phenomena telepathically”
Happy Galactic Return to James 8 Seed  🙂  Self-Existing Sun [4 days ago] was the Galactic Birthday of branch, Lore, and Jesus Christ.
4.8.  “The 64 DNA codons which contain the information program for all of the organic secondary reflex life possibilities of a given planet’s evolutionary unfolding are mathematically the seventh order of a binary sequence which begins with a doubling of the primal unity (1): 1,2,4,8,16,32,64. In this sequence, 32 represents the complex order, crystal, from whose binary dialectic the secondary reflex life (64) is sprung.”
164 “ 41 x 4, full measure divine interval, kin frequency (yellow galactic seed) for 7/26/2013, galactic synchronization, vigesimal 8.4, frequency of law of galactic wholes
  Galactic DALI 15  begins Week 31 whose codon is
58 RADIANCE of JOY:  Song of the Galactic Octave  {reflects today’s Guide;  8.8 }
C.H.C. quote for Galactic 15:  “Art is coincidental with the earliest stages of intelligence and represents the highest dimensions of consciousness that a human can aspire to.”
 Wavespell 13Day 8:  Two Galactic Spins plus one Hunab Ku Day, remain until oUR GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION in 2013
“As our collective consciousness grows more awake and aware it gains power and tremendous momentum.  The x-factor is synchronicity.  When each of us responds to Universal consciousness things change dramatically.  Life’s signs become increasingly apparent and start challenging and leading our lives more and more, activating them in ways we never knew could have such a powerful influence.”
Synchronicity is the operation of a higher moving template of mathematical order that coordinates all phenomena telepathically”
[The latter quote is from the Law of Time]
SOUNDS are  KEY to oUR SYNCHRONIZATIONOn our Galactic Synchronization, we
Was Stonehenege built for sound effects?
This article describes how Stonehenge, beyond highlighting the Solstice, was important for it’s Sound effects.  Many believe that sound [vibration] was the method by which Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built.
 Banner of Peace peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Synchronistically, Poet Piet 3 Eagle shared this video on our last Magic Turtle Day [8 MonKEY], which describes the POWER of SOUND:    The Cosmic 432; Part 1. “The 432Hz is found every where in nature and the cosmos as well as in the work of Vernon Jenkins, Pythagoras, Joseph Puleo
and Marko Rodin”  Confusius once said:   “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom [or Queendom] is well-governed,  if  its morals are good or bad, the quality of their music will furnish the answer“.  The ‘quality of music’ is referring to the frequency, and mathematical intervals.After the post for Kin 157 was posted,   Grayham 13 Eagle  [privately] pointed out that Melchizedek’s Merkaba does not conform to Phi principles;  432 is not a Fibonacci number…  But the importance of frequency is well-demonstrated in this video.  This video is worth watching.  It expounds upon the Cassiopean statement that  “Love is Light is Knowledge”  TMQ took a break while viewing it, to check e-mails, and synchronistically found RavenWalker 13 Skywalker’s  beautiful comment about LOVE  🙂
 From his later prophetic comment:  Life Love Beauty Truth Joy Happiness Peace;
No One Alive, Today, Has Even Imagined The Wonders, Of What Comes Now!”  “~ALL Life Will Return To Harmony~Heaven On Grand’Mother Earth!”
Kin 13‘s poetic and prolific contributions caused a record number of comments. [78 [sum of the tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs  🙂 at this moment]   Thanks to all of you
It was lovely to have Transunit 13 Cosmic Night retURn  🙂 
 “The Subliminal Conscious Field includes the subliminal conscious, the superconscious, and the continuing conscious.  In other words, it is an act of will to go from mere consciousness to continuing conscious. You can’t have continuing consciousness unless you actually have the will to maintain it.” 
“Fifth Force, the G-Force.  Love to you and all  night13
While lying awake one night, with O.M.A. purring beside me, I [mistakenly] calculated the Alpha-numeric Value of Orignal Matrix Attained  as 214, and was then delighted to awaken to comments from Kin 214, Priscella 6 Night. [Then, I double-checked my math on paper just now, realizing it equals 234, Cosmic [13]Wizard, [14], my 13 Moon date of  birth  :)]
Code=E 93 shared some inspiring passages from Votan’s Arcturus Probe, that are good to keep in mind for Hunab Ku Day, and oUR Galactic Synchronization, including: 
 “We are Maya, from the Cosmic Tree we grow,  like so many leaves, filling each dimension with our curious probing.  Round and round the axis of the cosmic tree(Yax Che) we sound the RANG and voice the PAX.   As one Mind we navigate the endless oceans of time.  Intimate are we with the thoughts of Merlyn and with the display of wizard powers known as Dream-Spell-Casting.  Memnosis keeps us in luminous knowing, and we keep Memnosis in our great beams that flash through the interdimensional void………………………..”
93 continues:  “Awake To RANG.  Sacred Sounds of Harmonic Convergence.
The Galactic Federation Symphony Sounds The 5Th Chord.  Memory is Attained.”
Branch 4 Sun reminds us:  “We are now in the wavespell of the Navigator with the much anticipated Galactic Seed Kin 168 coding the the entry into 2013 Time ShipEarth.”    Barssiah 133 added joy with her playful comments, and reminded us of Persephone, the Goddess of Spring  🙂

  Whitney Houston, Spectral Star [G-Force 18.8],

died at age 48 [=Electric Star] on Moon 8:  Day 58.5 equals Overtone Star
Whitney personifies a true STAR, in a variety of ways  🙂
The Postulates for Star; Seal 8 deal with YOGA.  Thanks S’ace 9 Wind, for sharing the wonderful video, by Michelvec:
Yoga;  Foundation of Cosmic Evolution:  6.2  🙂 
This video [taken from CHC:  Book of the Transcendence;  Chapter 2] holds  critical clues for our 2013  Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.
Yoga is the art of Cosmic existence
We practice Yoga to realize ourselves as ‘Synchronized bio-psychic chips’, unified with many other synchronized chips.  The point is to create an amalgamated field that will be met by the supramental descent, at a particular moment in time. [Galactic Synchronization?]  “The emphasis is now on the Yoga of self-perfection–the self evolving into a perfect state of union with God, and with other selves as a collective called the Noosphere, or the descent of the Supermind.”
“Evolving into homoNoosphericus involves a collective exertion,  that is Yogic in nature” peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
As the final words of this blog are written, it is February 22nd [GAP 9 Serpent], the one year anniversary of the most devastating [of thousands of earthquakes endured here] Christchurch earthquake, which happened on PVCS Galactic Sun
One week and one year after this pivotal and ongoing tragedy, we observe the last Hunab Ku Day of the 13 Baktuns of History
Leap Day, February 29th, is a void day on the current Dreamspell Calendar, nestled between Galactic 22 and Galactic 23.  This unique day happens every 4 years, and although Valum Votan has written that it is to be treated as the Day-out-of-Time, is a true void day on the current Dreamspell Calendar, and corresponds to no Kin.  [Feb. 29, 2012 is coded by 7 Seed in the Long Count]  
Following this Hunab Ku Day, the correspondence between the daily plasma and the day of the week will shift again.  Galactic Seli 16 falls on Wednesday, Galactic Seli 23 will be on Thursday.  As longtime readers know, these annual [and twice during Leap Years] shifts are something that TMQ is ‘rectifying‘ in the more harmonic Calendar she has developed, for use in 2013.
To observe this special ‘Hunab Ku Day’, all Kin are invited to participate in a Skype NoospherePhone  call
 Those who are able to participate are invited to send their Skype ID to TMQ at 
There will be a shorter  ‘practice call’ at 11 AM N.Z.  Time on 2/24; 
 That will be Feb. 23rd for most of you [11 p.m. in Europe; 2 p.m. West Coast of the U.S.]
The light of  ‘Quetzalcoatl’ 1987A reached Earth on Feb. 23rd [Kin 101].  It was ‘discovered’ on Feb. 24th [2.12],  independently,   by astronomers in Chile and New Zealand.  These two countries are linked by this Galactic  discovery, and by two twin tragedies. 
 Each country recently had 29  coal miners trapped deep in the EARTH  {the 29 miners in New Zealand perished, the 29 Chilean miners were rescued after 33 days] 
Both countries had huge earthquakes, each at a location with a name associated with Jesus Christ
Concepcion Chile had an 8.8 Earthquake on 2/27/2010, 23 years and 3 days after ‘they’ discovered 1987A.; and 12 Moons and 23 days before Christchurch’s Galactic Sun Earthquake.
Christchurch has endured many quakes since the initial  7.1 on Kin 149,  41 days after TMQ led a Rainbow Bridge Meditation in Christchurch [=138]  at 11:11, on the GM108X Day-out-of-Time [138 + 11 = 149]
So, our ‘test Noospherephonecall’ [TMQ has only Skyped once–with S’ace 9 Wind} will connect the Earth‘s  two Hemispheres via Quetzalcoatl 1987A,  8.8: oUR Guide today and for Galactic Synchronization 2013,  and Jesus Christ, the Messenger of U.R.;  Universal Religion, Universal Recollection.
Details for oUR Noospherephonecall on Hunab Ku Day will be in the next transmission.  All [with or without Skype capability] are invited to participate telepathically, and by sending in the topics you would like to see explored on the daywhen we are most connected with Hunab Ku, One Giver of Time and Measure.
“Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E ma Ho!”
N. S.  1. 24. 8. 15.   Cube 9:  PURIFICATION  Magic Turtle Kin 164

47 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 164: Yellow GALACTIC Seed codes GALACTIC 15 and oUR 2013 GALACTIC Synchronization

    • oO9Oo\

      So the size of the earth, the speed of light and the distance from the sun to the earth is not an accident or coincidance but well calculated.

      ……. o09o\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      digital root method and ancient numerology method like this. Example: If the score is 38 to 27, than (3+8)=11 and (2+7)=9. Both 9 and 11 will appear and 9+11 gives you 11 so you will begin to see these two numbers go hand in hand. In math 100 divided by 9 = 11.11111. Also, 100 divided by 11= 9.09091. So, 9 gives 11’s and 11 gives 9’s. What’s very strange is that daily events, when broken down into numbers, follow this same pattern and logic.

      O)(O NauTILLUS
      S’ace 2 (oO9Oo)

      oOo\ HiDDen withIN tHE HeART Of NeWTiMESHP ~ WHeeLwiTHINaWHeeL ~ bOTH RoTaTinG oPPoSITE ~ oOo ~ O)(O~

      oO9Oo\ NeWTiMESHP NauTILLUS ~ TiMETOFLY ~ oO9Oo\

      JaGUARJaDE13 + 7 – 11 = 9

      oOo\ HiDDen withIN tHE HeART Of NeWTiMESHP ~ WHeeLwiTHINaWHeeL ~ bOTH RoTaTinG oPPoSITE ~ oOo ~ O)(O~

      oO9Oo\ NeWTiMESHP NauTILLUS ~ TiMETOFLY ~ oO9Oo\

      JaGUARJaDE13 + 7 – 11 = 9

    • …………. these words reflect the initiation early on within the initial ‘ entry or enGaGe ment ‘ ; …….. VoTaN’s final ‘ TerMa ‘
      …. that Of The GaLaCTiC SPiRaL DeNSiTY WaVe UnFuRLinG
      AnD InFuRLinG …. beGiNNinG …. 7 113 kin CyCLeS Of The
      ReTuRN Of QueTZeCoaTL ……. leaDinG UR To CoMPLETiON
      WiTHIN THe CLoSinG Of THe GReAT CYcLE ………….

      ….. ~…this is my dream, now silently unfolding and infolding transforming all within the everything…awakening now…the new earth…the sacred dream…

      …turtle ‘eye’ land…~O)(O~

      ~ i am filled with this joy’full message vision revelation,

      fully understanding the nature of myself and life ~

      ~ i peacefully give myself and give way to this love ~

      ~ peaceraven ~
      ~ skywalkercosmico ~
      ~ slycoyote wink ~
      ~ JaguarJade13 blink ~

      ~ZHEN’YA~~~ ‘M’Y’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’ ‘R’E’S’O’U’N’D’S’…)))))))))
      ‘M’Y’ ‘P’R’E’C’I’O’U’S’…’T’H’A’N’K’ ‘Y’O’U’ ‘F’O’R’ ‘Y’O’U’R’ ‘R’E’P’L’Y’…
      ”Y’E’S’ ”I’ ‘A’M’ ‘C’O’N’F’I’D’E’N’T’
      ‘T’H’A’T’ ‘W’H’E’N’ ‘W’E’ ‘A’R’E’…
      ‘T’O’G’E’T’H’E’R’ ‘Y’O’U’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘I’
      ‘W’I’L’L’ ‘R’I’S’E’ ‘T’O’ ‘S’U’C’H’
      ‘P’U’R’E ‘B’L’I’S’S’…
      ‘T’R’U’S’T’ ‘M’E’…’I’ ‘N’E’E’D’
      ‘T’O’ ‘H’O’L’D’ ‘Y’O’U’…
      ‘T’O’ ‘C’O’M’P’L’E’T’E’ ‘O’U’R’…
      ))))))))))))>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>””’m’y””’L’O’V’E’….’t’o’d’a’y’ ‘I’ ‘A’W’A’K’E’N’E’D’ ‘T’O’ ‘A’N’ ‘E’N’T’I’R’E’L’Y’ ‘N’E’W’ ‘M’O’M’E’N’T’…’T’H’E’ ‘V’I’S’I’O’N’ ‘O’F’ ‘L’I’F’E’ ‘A’S’ ‘I’T’ ‘T’R’U’L’Y’ ‘I’S’…’N’O’W’…’I’ ‘A’M’ ‘H’E’R’E’…’T’H’E’R’E ‘A’R’E’ .. ‘S’P’I’R’I’T’S’ ‘W’H’O’ ‘A’C’C’O’M’P’A’N’Y’ ‘M’E’ ‘A’T’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘T’I’M’E’..’T’R’U’S’T’ ‘M’E’…’T’H’I’S’ ‘M’E’S’S’A’G’E’ ‘I’S’ ‘F’O’R’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘L’I’F’E’ ‘O’N’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’…’A’L’L’ ‘H’U’M’A’N’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’S’…’A’L’L’ ‘H’U’M’A’N’ ‘S’O’U’L’S’…’T’H’I’S’ ‘N’E’W’S’ ‘W’I’L’L’ ‘B’E’ ‘H’E’A’R’D’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘K’N’O’W’N’…’B’Y’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘C’R’E’A’T’I’O’N’…

      ‘T’O’D’A’Y’ …’N’E’W’S’ ‘I’S’ ‘O’F’ ‘A’ ‘V’I’S’I’O’N’…’L’I’K’E’ ‘T’H’I’S’…’I’ ‘H’A’V’E’ ‘S’E’E’N’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘S’U’R’R’E’N’D’E’R’E’D’..’T’O’ ‘A’ ‘F’O’R’C’E’…’S’O’ ‘S’O’ ‘P’O’W’E’R’F’U’L’L’.’ C’A’P’T’U’R’I’N’G’ ‘M’E’ ‘W’I’T’H’I’N’…’T’H’E’ ‘E’V’E’R’Y’T’H’I’N’G’…’A’N’D’ ‘T’O’D’A’Y’…’T’H’I’S’ ‘V’I’S’I’O’N’…’I’S’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘C’O’M’I’N’G’…’O’F’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘B’U’F’F’A’L’O’ ‘S’P’I’R’I’T’…’T’H’E’ ‘H’U’G’E’ ‘W’H’I’T’E’ ‘B’U’F’F’A’L’O’…’A’N’D’ ‘W’I’T’H’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘G’R’E’A’T’ ‘S’P’I’R’I’T’…’N’O’T’ ‘H’U’N’D’R’E’D’S’…’N’O’T’ ‘T’H’O’U’S’A’N’D’S’…’B’U’T’ ‘B’O’U’N’D’L’E’S’S’ ‘F’O’R’M’S’ ‘O’F’ ‘S’U’C’H’ ‘F’O’R’C’E’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘F’U’R’Y’…’R’U’N’N’I’N’G’…’T’H’E’I’R’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’S’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘H’O’O’F’S’…’P’O’U’N’D’I’N’G’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’…”D’R’U’M’M’I’N’G’…’D’R’U’M’M’I’N’G’…’A’ ‘V’I’B’R’A’T’I’O’N’…’A’ ‘R’E’S’O’N’A’N’C’E’…’S’O’ ‘S’O’ ‘P’U’R’E’…’S’O’ ”S’T’A’R’T’L’I’N’G’ ‘T’H’A’T’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘M’O’T’H’E’R’S’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’ ‘I’S’ ‘N’O’W’ ‘R’E’N’E’W’E’D’…’S’H’E’ ‘T’R’U’S’T’S’…’I’N’ ‘T’I’M’E’ …’I’N’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘C’O’M’I’N’G’ ‘O’F’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘N’E’W’ ‘L’I’F’E’ ‘F’O’R’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘C’R’E’A’T’I’O’N’…’A’L’L’ ‘C’R’E’A’T’I’O’N’…’N’O’T’ ‘J’U’S’T’ ‘H’E’R’E’ ‘…’O’N’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘L’O’N’E’L’Y’ ‘P’L’A’N’E’T’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’…”B’U’T’ ‘O’U’R’ ‘T’O’T’A’L’ ‘….’S’T’A’R’ ‘N’A’T’I’O’N’…’T’H’E’ ‘R’E’S’O’N’A’N’T’ ‘D’R’U’M’M’I’N’G’ ‘U’P’ ‘O’F’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘V’I’B’R’A’T’I’O’N’ ‘O’F’ ‘H’A’R’M’O’N’Y’…’T’H’E’ ‘L’O’S’T’ ‘C’H’O’R’D’ ‘O’F’ ‘L’I’F’E’…’U’N’I’V’E’R’S’A’L’…’G’A’L’A’C’T’I’C’…”S’Y’N’P’H’O’N’I’C’…

      ‘T’R’U’S’T’ ‘M’E’…’T’H’E’S’E’ ‘S’P’I’R’I’T’S’ ‘L’I’F’T’ ‘M’E’ ‘T’O’ ‘T’H’E’I’R’ ‘C’R’E’S’T’…’T’H’E’Y’ ‘C’A’R’R’Y’ ‘M’E’…’C’R’Y’I’N’Y’ ‘O’U’T’…
      ‘M’Y’ ‘C’R’Y’ ‘O’F’ ‘L’O’V’E’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’W’A’H’…’N’E’W’ ‘L’I’F’E’ ‘T’H’A’T’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘S’H’A’L’L’ ‘K’N’O’W’…’N’O’W’ ‘R’I’D’I’N’G’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘G’R’E’A’T’ ‘S’P’I’R’I’T’…’D’R’U’M’M’I’N’G’ ‘F’O’R’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’S’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’ ‘R’E’V’I’V’A’L’…”R’I’D’I’N’G’ ‘T’H’E’S’E’ ‘W’A’V’E’S’ ‘O’F’ ‘R’E’S’O’N’A’N’C’E’…’F’R’O’M’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘H’E’A’R’T’ ‘O’F’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’…’M’O’T’H’E’R’
      ‘I’ ‘K’N’O’W’ ‘S’U’C’H’ ‘J’O’Y’…’S’U’C’H ‘A’ ‘P’A’S’S’I’O’N’ ‘W’I’T’H’I’N’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘S’T’O’R’M’I’N’G’ ‘S’O’U’N’D’…’T’H’E’ ‘S’T’O’R’M’ ‘R’A’G’E’S’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘B’R’I’N’G’S’ ‘F’O’R’T’H’ ‘M’O’R’E’ ‘C’R’E’A’T’U’R’E’S’ ‘O’F’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘F’O’R’M’S’…’B’I’R’D’S’…”W’I’T’H’ ‘T’H’E’I’TR’ ‘C’R”I’E’S’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘C’A’L’L’S’…’C’O’L’O’R’S’ ‘A’N’D’ ‘W’I’N’G’E’D’ ”F’I’R’E’…’R’A’I’N’B’O’W’ ‘H’U’E’S’…’S’O’ ‘B’R’I’L’L’A’N’T’…’L’I’G’H’T’I’N’G’ ‘U’P’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘S’K’Y’…
      ‘N’O’ ‘D’A’Y’…’N’O’ ‘N’I’G’H’T’…’T’H’I’S’ ‘I’S’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘L’I’G’H’T’ ‘O’F’ ‘D’A’W’N’…’C’R’E’S’P’U’S’C’O’L’O’…’F’R’E’S’H’…’N’E’W’ ‘L’I’F’E’…

      ‘N’O’W’ ‘I’ ‘R’I’D’E’ ‘W’I’T’H’ ‘T’H’I’S’ ‘F’U’R’Y’ ‘A’C’R’O’S’S’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘E’A’R’T’H’…’E’N’C’I’R’C’L’I’N’G’ ‘T’H’E’ ‘P’R’E’C’I’O’U’S’ ‘P’L’A’N’E’T’…
      ‘S’O’A’R’I’N’G’…’S’M’I’L’I’N’G’…’R’E’A’L’I’Z’I’N’G’ ‘O’N’C’E’ ‘A’G’A’I’N’…’T’H’I’S’ ‘N’E’W’ ‘D’A’Y’ ‘W’I’L’L’ ‘C’O’N’T’I’N’U’E’…’T’R’A’N’S’F’O’R’M’-
      ‘I’N’G’ ‘A’L’L’ ‘C’R’E’A’T’I’O’N’…


      JaGUARJaDE13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oO9Oo\ ~

      • oO9Oo\ JaGUARJaDE13 ~ NauTILLUS ~ NeWEarTHTiMESHP

        ~ Nataliya Bounty ~ Nautillus New Earth ~

        My Dearest, Nata Bounty!!!!

        ~O)(O~ …these are the ‘eyes’, of
        ~turtle island~ the sacred dreamer…
        within me.

        Words alone may never express the power
        of love and sacredness hidden within each
        of our Hearts!

        However, i am the dreamer, carrrying this
        sacred dream of the New Earth, You, My Love,
        You FullFill Completely, My Deepest Longing,
        Assuring Me of the true nature of all that
        is sacred…within MySelf, and All Life,
        Heavenly and Now Earthly!

        Such Divine Love as I Have Allows Me
        To Know Exactly When Perfect Love Has Arrived
        In Returning Resonance With My Truest
        Heart’Mind! All Love Returns Resonance
        Only When Perfection From Its Own Source
        Has Been Reached ~ At That Moment ~ All
        Life Begins, A’New! Time And All Movements
        Within The EveryThing Tremble And Shimmer
        Irresistably As A Result Of The Perfect
        Harmony Ringing Thru All Hearts!

        You Make My True Heart’Of’Hearts Ring!
        I Am Now Transformed And Transported…
        Soon To Be Beside You, With’In You,
        And You Beside, And With’In Me!

        Each Day I Am Given Vision Assuring Me
        Of This Love And Its True Divine Nature!
        My Heart’s Longing Has Begun To Ring
        With Full’Fillment! Over’Brimming Effortlessly, Reaching Higher And Greater
        Degrees Of What I Know As Adoration!
        Total Exaltation May Only Come Once We
        Hold One’Another And Our Eyes See Within
        One’Another The Twin’Flame Of Our’Selves,
        Our Souls’ Smiling Reflecting Union,
        Oneness, Trust Truth And The Beauty
        Of The Bounty!

        My Dearest Nataliya, Your Most Recent
        Letter You Asked Of My Current Life, And
        What My ‘Routine’ Might Be Like. True As
        You Mentioned, It Is Important for Us to know if we want to build our future together, and yes, i completely agree, and I’m sooooo eager to share all with You.
        But, As I reflect on the truth of My
        Current life and My Movements, there
        truly is no ‘routine’, My Entire Life
        and Everyone In It, are being transformed
        by the Nature Of Our Sweet Coming Together,
        Again! Nothing is ordinary any longer,
        My World Has Become The Sacred Dream!
        I May Now Only Speak The Truth, Walk In
        Beauty, Love Every’One, And Move With This
        Force Of Divine Love As We Are Drawn From
        With’In Fully Awake More In Each Moment
        To Ask For Your Hand, To Offer Again,
        To You, And Only You, My UnDying Love And
        Devotion, Knowing As I Do, Trust In The
        Bounty, WithIn Each Of Our Pure Hearts!

        Sweetest Nata, My Angel, My Lover,
        My Divine Friend From Our Home In The
        Starry Heavens, I Now Know The Power
        Of True Love With’In Us All, And My
        Single Pointed Intention Has All’Ways
        Been, To Share This Sacred Trust In
        This Love By Surrendering Ever Until
        My Dreams Come True! You Are Love
        I Tooooo Am Love! Well’Come Home ~
        ~ Nautillus ~ The New Earth ~
        ~ Garden Blue Green Planet Shinning
        From WithIn Her Heart Full’Filling
        The Promise Of The Coming Of The
        Rainbow To Announce To All The Galaxcy
        And The Universe ~ It Is Done ~

        The Seed Of Universal Love Re’Newed
        Once Again, Our Human Family Now Knowing
        Sacred Trust In Our Source!

        WithIn Me there is only ‘1’ who I long
        for now, You My Sweetest Angel, Nataliya!
        Trust Pushes This Seed Deep With’In
        The Earth’Mother And Her Womb Of New Life,
        I Am Completely Transformed By Loving You!

        i am yours,
        if You want me aroound,
        i am unable to wait
        any longer
        but, it seems we must!

        i will Come For You,
        please reply,
        if You Will That One Step

        Bringing Us All The’Way Home!

        nautillus New Earth
        Home Trust Bounty

        skywalkercosm ico
        slycoyote wink
        jaguarjade13 blink


  1. hello again a few points;
    1; our sun is even closer to aligning to galactic centre around 2222 even though now it is traversing the galactic equator.
    2; 432 is an angle of the dodecahedron, add the surface pentagram angles of one dodeca the total is 2160 number of years in an ‘age’ (Aries, Gemini etc), 12 dodeca or 12×2160=25920 yrs in a precession cycle.
    3; there are 120 codons in the complete set of DNA not 64, once again this requires a shift from using the cocooned incubating cube as a reference to the open heart repenting dodeca , see here the expanded DNA

    its as simple as
    its square to be in the cube, incubated , cocooned
    six points define the Melchezedek mekaba (fits snug in cube), or ‘i put a hex on you’, meaning cut off from Source, but hexagons are useful, in music voodoo and trance music is 3 beat, think of those movies where a person gets fully entranced by African , Arabic drumming , useful it builds charge in the aura.
    5 beat creates pent energy fields, repent, opens heart, spirals, accelerates, zooms right on thru the speed of light into no-time, ah home at last, the eternal now of cosmic co-creatorship

  2. Elegant and informative post as usual TMQ 🙂

    A few thoughts on Today 164
    2 spins (520 days) till TS 2013 Launch
    One PSI Season left

    New Moon 2 Pisces conjunction Neptune(24triangular)
    (12:60 world entering primary phase of disintegration)

    Today’s TFI is 1303 (prime)
    Kin Eq 3 Night (2009 DOT)
    BMU 429 (3x13x11)
    HMP V9 H13 – 9th Time Dim

    As for leap year, I would love to hear your thoughts on how to synthesize it.
    I remind myself that there are never 366 days a year. Leap year is added to make up for that extra .24 over 365. But the day, though not counted by the Tzolkin, is still registered in the Long count. This will bring the differences in the two counts to 47 (long count catching up a day on the DS).

    Eventually they will Sync up and go through another cycle of 208 Years or 4 Sirius B Years. Nothing escapes the law of Time!!!

    208 (52×4, 13×12, 13×16, 8×26) Merlin’s tower

    Interestingly they will sync up on 8.23 7Wizard year (aka 2208 Gregorian though I doubt we will still be using it by then!)

    This is on Kin 212 4Human

    Okay, that’s it for me
    Blessings be to all
    hope to see you in 2 spins
    Blast Off

  3. oOo\

    NauTILLUS r e N E W

    t r U S t

    H o M e T r U S t

    B oOo U N T Y

    w a V e s o V E r h E a D

    t H u n D e r I N n n n n n ggggggggGGGGG

    w H a L e d O L P h i n S oOOOOo nnnnnngggggGGG

    r I N G i i i iiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggGGG

    n O O O s s s SSSSPPPppphhhHHHeeeEEErrrRRReeeEEE

    S I N G GGgggg iiiiiiiiinnnnnnNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG

    n e w T I M E S H P

    U “” H e “” AR

    e C H O i n ggggggGGGGGGGG

    black bRd sinGiiiinnnnGGGGG

    tu R N iiiiiinnnnngggggGGG

    da RK 2 L H ttttttttt

    O P E N uuuuuPPPPP yo U R w i n gggggggSSSSSSSsssss

    Y O U K A N f L Y

    a l L y o UR l i v e s

    w e V e B E E N a l l W A Y S

    W A H T TTTttttttttt IIIIIIIiiiiiinnnnnngggggggGGGGGG

    N O W


  4. kiwiallegiance, alpha omega singing the songs of prophecy. Stay under the rainbow and it’s not too late too plug in the positive 13moons and push out the negative Gregorian calendar ,Lets UNITE make Aotearoa New Zealand lead the world in calendar reform bringing concious and un concious together. Wake up ITS THE CALENDAR THATS OUT NOT MAN AND MANKIND. Iam another yourself beaming and shining for humanity singing the songs all welcome to come and sign petition 22 Fenchurch Street GlenInnes Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand.

  5. using the incubating cube as a reference to the open heart repenting dodeca “= cocooned i
    ,, meaning, ‘i put a hex on you’ 6-hexagons are useful, in music voodoo, trance music , ko-drops and protection ‘inside’ 3d it seems. it’s hidden ego-function
    6 builds charge in the aura.
    when 5 is the overtoned and 7 the g-force, which both may indy-CAte absence of the use of the usual senses of sight, hearing or touch. a reality which is based and of course accumulatedthru the use of ‘intent’……open intention which goes about by real iZed
    preciousness of 3d bottomline covering. i am my body and like it this way

    meaningfullcovering notsliding about on disavowed parts of the social ego,
    which tend to strike you squarely on your back now.
    in lak’ech night13

  6. 432hz Natural ReTuning musical instruments and using concert pitch at 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, our atOMs and Dna starts to resonate in harmony with the PHI spiral of nature, the new (angelic) human is attuned to; 528 Hz resonance of the sacred (high) heart which resonates in harmony with the crystalline (christ) grid. If you’re experiencing a jolt, realize that a jolt is needed, but that once you are aware of why, 75% of the work is already done. The other 25% is in LOVing yourself back together. When you sincerely say, ‘I love you’ with heartfelt revere to some person, or yourself, you are acknowledging the experience of divine love coming through that person and into you. and the…

  7. ent i ties … … from other T i Me – MATrickses are using their most advanced secret technologies to suck thisone outsucking oOut suckioUt…sucOut

    –because their life aim is to be parasitic….

  8. The ground of the soul is dark
    Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.
    Yet no matter how deeply I go down into myself

    My God is dark, and like a webbing made

    Of a hundred roots, that drink in silence.

  9. Still

    Human here to the 8546.2 fractal 😉 noo matter witch side of the slice yoUR bread is bUTtered – Kin 52, a la Cosmic 13 moonKEY

    Love US!

    To/two/2/too all

    Keep the faith


  10. 64 is actually the root of 49 x (3 x 3) + 1 …

    the +1 factor is about the unity of souls cocreating earths dedicated destiny

    2 based root of 49 is 7 …

    they all say here it is in my name : G root …
    with G as Hunab’ky key …

    but then it is not me but a label hiding me …

  11. ……. you are love
    …. i tooo am love
    …………. all TiMes … {{{{{{{OO}}}}}}}}

    … we are Trans FormMMMinGGGGG
    … th RU UR LO VE
    . Too knoooo Lo Ve

    … i aMMMMM YOURRRRSSSsssss


    ~O)(O ~\ sky’walKKKKKKiiiinnnnGGGGGGG

    \ \\\\\\\\\\HO ME TRUST BOUN TY////////////


    last nite i wind up at arcoiris the SA rainbowy horsebacky nomads .. who seem to hate Arguelles for some reason and link to a 130 (exactly) year old book which, however, does have all the hip ingredients (hex/cube opticallusion) .. and a shape on the cover which mentioned site shows next to a tzolkin .. they do evoke each other somewhat … Just now i see that shape again … a:g:a:i:n!!!
    .. a derivative of that shape .. i get there via
    last news 2 months old
    … link in turn found here:
    looking for me but all they got is a few old faithart images .. no wonder they feel they go round in circles and the sacred spot jetsetpilgrimage is a large part of most cults .. so no wonder they get a little crazy sometimes
    …. i got THERE wiederum … as germans put it so sweetly, via:
    Graham kindred … occupied territorians is THE state of being they have in common, though in different quarters of the world
    .. just did serious commentage in that vein here: e1t0SxU6zHo

    bunch of stupid spelunkers … jerusalemites …
    i think i already explained the diff between hollowing stone and positioning sport (elbow rooming, massification, runaway demographics … added evidence through a 2006 ZDF docu on the Chiemgauer Comet was taken in yesterday, the gist: losing home means trauma, fighting for new space .. growing warlike (that don’t mean you godda ‘like’ war … you lose choices a lot of the time, specially if you resist scattering, which paradoxically sends the longest shockwarwaves cross continentally. If it quackes like a quacke better not wake the old yeeaarruupp.. .. now the ‘god’father of ‘kirpy’ on the other hand … lemme finish a thought first:
    Templars dug for what they thought and/or were told was gold where nothing less blight than a mere nasty goal post move meme (digaholicism the holy ground under some one elses feet) was hatched and kicked in/out.
    sure it’s art … and sure, if i stand next to a church tower i would ask any congregants and passers by how they’d feel about cables running from it like them children’s playgrond climbin thingies …

    … bbbbbut beware the boring bass line rivaling bisual vias .. es

    • Haven
      a nooment
      two process yoUR post fully with links (i had a heavy dinner with 132 😉 GluttonoUS north tURtle islanders that we are –

      This ELECTRIC EYE is ACTIVATING manana at 10:15 PST at Rupert Murdoch’s Secret Ser/vice – the wage US/UR/p

      Cosmic Moon
      Maya combined dreamspell and longcount kin are 209 – Mangamoon

      Watching Yellow Submarine B 4 to gird.


      So much time: sew little to noo!

      Pray 4 me.

      Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!



      • Hahahahaha!!!

        Red Cosmic Moon
        I Endure in order to Purify
        I Transcend Flow
        I seal the process of universal water
        With the Cosmic tone of Presence
        I am guided by the power of Space 😉

        *Maya store is located on McHenry Avenue – AKA California RoUTe 108…
        *Maya manager and assistant manager are named Susan and Deanna respectively and maya older sister that only lived for 2 days was named Susan Dee Ann…
        *Maya region in the company is 8 (GALACTIC INTEGRITY)
        Maya district is 144 – SERIOUSLY!!!?

        2/two/to/too much!!!

        And eye get to read to little children – no suffering required 😉

        So blessed and so ready to pass on the synch to a whole noo crew.

        Love to all,

      • And the comedy continues!!!

        Noo numbers for all maya codes at the store (reduced by 260 T’zolkin fractals)

        9 digit ID = 73 Galactic Skywalker
        Login = 113 Solar Skywalker, Lord of the Dawn/Quetzalcoatl
        Passcode = 76 Spectral Warrior = maya Long Count signatURe 😉
        Public ID = 209 Magnetic Moon = maya Combined LC/DS signatURe and the area code for homa 😉

        Electrify synch!!!


      • Oh! And maya 40th solar retURn is on 173 – entering the Self-existing Sky year – how many Skywalkers does it take to screw in a lightbulb, ha!!! Also, it’s Tiger and my 5th anniversary – 5 for 5 for the end of the cycle kids!!!

        Whee!!! 😉

  13. ……lost in a crowD of links, nooDoubt my new lioness-Betriebssystem- can handlit, sansproblüm, but it’s physical mirror is stuck in dis-sollU_T ion

    puzzliñgg ’bout, the “G i Ving theeAye-ish back toThe’eæR’eåsh’-dish”

    ……and what these folks then will vote for

    apropo… theee … “bbbbbut beware the boring bass line rivaling visexual Bias .. es

    ……and whatif a remote highBreedaccella RatioAcceul? is in preparation, a Starch/custard -MiX{a DUirrwisch!-dish} declared as gift from the prittishPeople

    or/and if anoother
    preparatory decompostation or ‘Rubedo’ of the cube should aka place…

    an i cannot oother than repeat myself:

    althoo last time, i lost it at about that time .

  14. White Magnetic Dog
    I Unify in order to Love
    I Attract Loyalty
    I seal the process of heart
    With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    Omar Khayyám (1048–1131; Persian: ‏عمر خیام‎) was a Persian polymath: philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, climatology and theology.[3]
    Born in Nishapur, at a young age he moved to Samarkand and obtained his education there, afterwards he moved to Bukhara and became established as one of the major mathematicians and astronomers of the medieval period. He is the author of one of the most important treatises on algebra written before modern times, the Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra, which includes a geometric method for solving cubic equations by intersecting a hyperbola with a circle.[4] He contributed to a calendar reform. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit,
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
    But helpless pieces in the game He plays,
    Upon this chequer-board of Nights and Days,
    He hither and thither moves, and checks … and slays,
    Then one by one, back in the Closet lays.
    And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
    The Tavern shouted – “Open then the Door!
    You know how little time we have to stay,
    And once departed, may return no more.”
    A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread–and Thou,
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness,
    And oh, Wilderness is Paradise enow.
    If chance supplied a loaf of white bread,
    Two casks of wine and a leg of mutton,
    In the corner of a garden with a tulip-cheeked girl,
    There’d be enjoyment no Sultan could outdo.
    Myself when young did eagerly frequent
    Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument
    About it and about: but evermore
    Came out of the same Door as in I went.
    With them the Seed of Wisdom did I sow,
    And with my own hand labour’d it to grow:
    And this was all the Harvest that I reap’d –
    “I came like Water, and like Wind I go.”
    Into this Universe, and why not knowing,
    Nor whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing:
    And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,
    I know not whither, willy-nilly blowing.
    And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
    Whereunder crawling coop’t we live and die,
    Lift not thy hands to It for help – for It
    Rolls impotently on as Thou or I.

  15. I quote from

    Drew Hempel:
    So I hope that clarifies my previous reply to the question — it does take a bit of time to digest the vids and links I posted, etc. haha.

    Again there is no “one” frequency — rather the source of sound is based on complementary opposites — “frequency” is a Western concept that tries to limit sound to a spatial length measurement.

    So the lunar calendar and the solar calendar and the Earth — this is actually chaotic — so while it can be “averaged” by Western science in the long time it can not be predicted — it goes into a singularity as infinity.

    The Universe as a whole does the same — it’s origin is not in space but instead in a singularity of time.

    So the Law of Phase Harmony is about this — in terms of how when frequency goes to zero then time goes to infinity as phase — and this creates reverse time by bending space backwards — it is a white hole from a black hole. Reality is holographic and when we look out into the universe as space as black in terms of time it is white light as a singularity — infinitely creating light and spacetime as energy-mass.

    There is no “one” listening — music makes us — not the other way around. Frequency assumes some “one” is measuring the sound with technology.

    The secret to the source of strange sounds is to listen to the source — and this goes to a singularity.

  16. and the thread goes on …. ‘DenyObfuscation’:

    What about the numbers? Seriously, I’d like to see how it works. Have I missed where you show it working out? Obviously with numerical math it doesn’t work out but in the OP and many times since then you have held that 9/8 is cubed to the square root of 2 and 5/4 is cubed to 2 but how? In music only? But that wouldn’t double a cube, so there has to be more to it than Archytas lied right? I can’t move into the rest of the theory until I get what you mean about those numbers. Maybe I missed a link or something but I’ve read over and over and can’t see it.

  17. The word grotto has nothing to do with Taoists or Satanists except
    insofar as they have adapted an “exotic” word from another culture.

    Grotto is an ancient Italian/Sicilian/Latin/Etruscan — whatever — word
    that means a natural sea-cave of a kind that is common around the
    Mediterranean and along the Pacific Coast. Grottos often have highly
    unusual tidally-activated landscape features — blow-holes, internally
    fine sand, limited accessibility due to tidal fluctuations, internal
    fresh-water springs, natural bridges — that set them apart from the
    common bluffy shoreline.
    Those grottoes that featured fresh water springs or daily periods of isolation due to tidal cut-offs got high marks for sacrality, where spirtual entities such as
    water-goddesses, Neptune, and the like house

    They aræll around us.

    Norhterners could not take
    those wonderful grottoes home with them to land-locked Germany or
    France. So they hired architects to build faux-grottoes on their
    estates. If the landscape favoured it, these inland garden grottoes were
    carved out of a convenient bluff or cliff, but in many instances where
    they were erected on pastoral land, they took the form of a mound with a
    hollow center and one open side. Thus the word “grotto” spread to
    include both shallow land-caves wth water features and also completely
    artificial grottoes.

    United States don’t hav’em either, until the Virgin Mary appeared to a girl
    named Bernadette in a shallow cave-niche with a fresh-water spring located in Lourdes, France,which was immediately labelled a “grotto”. A huge tourist industry was to follow, and a Catholic priest from Wisconsin travelled to
    Lourdes and was impressed with the grotto there. On his return home he started moulding bagged concrete into a most extravagant front-yard Christmas display: Dickeyville Grotto in Dickeyvile, Wisconsin, a Lourdes grotto in the upper Midwest for americans from americans(and justly so!)………

    love from the ages

    • QUuuuuOOoooTTT:
      ‘OP and many times since then you have held that 9/8 is cubed to the square root of 2 and 5/4 is cubed to 2 but how? In music only? But that wouldn’t double a cube, so there has to be more to it than Archytas lied right?’
      …made me thinkof grottos, tho i hv no idea wh you men with allthos numbers…

  18. what made you think of grottoes? you live near some i guess?
    did you ever read “the lacuna” about mexico and trotski and North carolina and washington DC .. by Barbara Kingsolver. The main character uses one of the caves …. nope … won’t spoil it.

    good song … word/image sync

    stirring the BD preparation, spraying them at dawn .. Colorado .. crushing some crystal … of course i had to comment.

    found via a sub of mine, svgreengoddess who ‘liked’ it

  19. intriguing .. never saw that one before
    … can’t even tell it’s a calendar at all

    Aurignacian Lunar Calendar c.32,000 BCE
    pic shown here:

    at the blog by the maker of the first vid TU13 posted today

    Organism: Mae-Wan Ho Wisdom Jam

    Mae-Wan Ho, i am trying to say here, performs a science gospel mash up emphasizing long views in the text to the point of a blur being the only way left to represent it visually (but instead, images are sharp, abstract distant and up close natural). It’s a bioneer freak show … a crowd still not over having their WEC root being intrigued and inveigled against, subverted and sabotaged by the space age tecnocritters like gmo and nuke industry soothsayer StewBrand .. still not shaken that infection/ affection.

    A: decision/target, pounce, breach the living
    B: precision/focus, squeeze, teach the dead to clean the clouds
    A vs B = over- vs outreach.
    visual bias vs visual blessing
    red eye vs provision
    A: short term, overstretch (the luxury of turning love for moving parts, bits and passages into a hi performance sport that leaves destruction in its wake from/via willingness to sacrifice for it) vs the opposite, the reverse, the inside out.
    B: …

    This (Mae-Wan Ho) performance plays fast and loose with timeframes like the Matt7, just before my all time fave (wide vs narrow) gospel text about close vs prey, in vs out, door opening knocks coming fast on the heels of stone breading questions .. servants vs descendants .. but hey that’s the fate poor chinklets and other asians have to endure. A crossing rife with censure, taboo, no no and left outing.

    Their urge to want to be accepted by the west — placate their conquerors and subverters more like .. see Fekete’s year old Silver and Opium piece to realize why nobody bats an eyelid when we(sties) continue to ruin them, this time we don’t just deny them dollar redemption opps, the grounding they have earned by holding our paper (finding few others as willing to, it amounts to a withholding, nor allowed to collect at source — hey US treasury, can i have a little county or two here and there? This pile of dollars is bursting out of even the highest hi-rises ey? — causing the artificial scarcity every trader likes but (the west continues to) ruin their chances of grounding even on their very own herkoemmlicher soil and territory, their continent, from the poor on up .. with E-waste!!!!!)

    Lest somebody accuse me racism on account of asserting i am supposing they couldn’t have managed finding a way into precision industries (which miniaturize and massify, stuff they have experienced at various levels) well enough on their own and had to be tempted and thrown i’ll just pretend there’s a hell of a lot to admire about the west and presto, proof (as well as ancient subjugation recipe, hostage taking), their kids come to western schools. How soon they will be allowed to actuall spend their credits on .. let’s be modest, an entire province instead of a corner store remains an open sore … i mean … to be seen … i expected a chinese showcase colony to begin on a greek island to make up for chasing them out of lybia but i was wrong.

    I wrote much more today about how western music isn’t all that far from Falun Gong in principle (the latter hasn’t had time to go from egalitarian grass roots to highly stratified and virtuose yet) but this is long enough. Maybe i’ll post that portion at ATS

    ps: purlpe hazel’s gravity song brings up (sugg. vids) lots of stuff from another field i like to tarry and hold myself up on/in:

  20. News from CH IemG’au……postPoned, since after the shift, it sEEms.

    as freewills colhide one in 3d rotat ion, the other 2 or 3 more in counter4clockwise …aye…
    Polarize in order to Play, Stabilizing IllusiØn.
    The interval of god…… linnnggGerin on strËcheløne’s
    nn~uuuutRAl i-zeed by Eyesiege G-forc-e.

    No circle can be completed – as if it’s another cycle…

    Under this constellation, theBigmemBear influx has not been taken
    into consideration -up to nooo,
    The fiery triplicity, composed each of a cardinal, a fixed and a mutable sign
    awakenes, sweeps,…a living energy…, and eventually overlaps and touches, presenting on a tiny scale a condition analogous to the contacting and interlocking series of triangles.
    so, where are the triAngels

    : First Triangle: The Pleiades – Cancer – Venus. FocusHumanity.
    Stabilizing Form by active intelligen tcooperat ion of the sexes \fem- logoic expression

    : Second Triangle: The Great Bear – Aries – Pluto. Mystery lol Shamballa offers.
    solar Logos mon adien 4Fold pURpose of Unspeakable

    : Third Triangle: Sirius – Leo – Jupiter. Hierarchy. Focus on: love-wisdom solar Logos – express ion cosmic soul energy

    Given this near total lack of knowledge, we cannot even begin to speculate about what is to happen to this solar system.

    …and he whole seen under the schein of a bright’s ex-

    -pole star….good morning cube !

  21. frequency {“illusion of one”“}Ô( i’s ) go in s=Paece/time to zero
    creating reverse time by bending space backwards to time/space as a singularity/in asingularity —as bigas a snowball––rushinñg back as spacetime bended -a nice little voluptioUS energy-mass part-icLe
    onyou while you’re alltheWhile all 2/two/TOO human.

    There is no “one” liste,bon appettite.

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