Kin 171: Blue Lunar MonKEY codes Galactic Dali 22; Portal to Hunab Ku Day

CHUEN   Kin 171

Blue Lunar Monkey

Blue Lunar Night
Red Lunar Dragon Blue Lunar Monkey Yellow Lunar Star
  White Crystal Dog
I polarise in order to play, stabilizing illusion.
I seal the process of magic, with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of abundance.

Today’s G-Force is Kin 33:  7 Skywalker.  Kin 41 ‘Frequency of God’ codes the Antipode/Challenge and Crystal DOG is oUR Hidden Power.  PSI = 3 Serpent, [Stephanie’s Signature], and the  LC = 6 Night [TMQ’s Hidden Power].

This is the second day of White DOG:GOD Wavespell 14:  Power of Heart, and the 22nd day of the  Galactic DOG Moon Seal 10 denotes Love, Compassion and Divine Loyalty. 

11.2:  “As fourth-dimensional psychogenetic pattern of third-dimensional entity, holon receives messages and instructions from two purely fourth dimensional entities, commonly known as “guides” or “angels” totally imperceptible and unknown to the third-dimensional ego.”

171 “19 x 9, triangular of 18, middle term in key triplet 117-171 –711 = 999″

  Week 32  Codon 54:  “TRANSCENDING:  Temple Incorporates TELEPATHY”

Galactic 22:  Noosphere is the mind space of inner time that stretches infinitely into the galactic future.
(Note: Leap Day/Feb 29 will be the same quote as 28 Feb/Galactic 22)

We have a few indications that the qualities of Lunar MonKEY and GALACTIC Dali 22 [CROWN Chakra]  ‘flavor‘ the last Hunab Ku Day of the Thirteen Baktuns.

Our NoosphericPhone call via Skype begins at 2300 [11 PM] NZT [Night Bio-region]. At that hour, we will all [except Hawaii] be within the Hunab Ku Portal.

For Kin in the Sun bio-region [Europe], it will be 11 AM.  It will be 7 AM  in Argentina  and 5 AM in the Eagle region [US East Coast]  Those in the MonKEY region have the most challenging time:  2 AM on Wednesday, Hunab Ku Day.

To join us, send your Skype ID to TMQ at, or ‘dial my Skype:’ mysteryqueen2013 Of course, you can also telepathically tune in.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace My Photo  Sylvia Reisberg 

These graphics depict a simple understanding of Grayham 13 Eagle’s description of the Cube that ‘incubates‘.  The middle image [compliments S’ace 9 Wind] show Birth [from the Cube or encapsulating placenta] and the removing of the veil.  Then, we are free to unfold and  expand   via  the PHI Spiral. 

The exquisitely beautiful video from Transunit13 shows a baby within the PHI Spiral at precisely 3:13, Transunit’s Seal [3] and tone [13] 

Pedrin 4 Warrior gives us a beautiful glimpse at how incredibly expansive the Universe is, with Peter Russell’s “Journey into the Cosmos.”  Christine/Barssiah 133 shared some amazing synchronicities, all within the week containing a new job, a 5 year wedding anniversary and her Solar Return [same as my 13.13 Brother’s on 3/2Happy Birthday! in advance.  And Thanks 3 Skywalker,  for filling in some of the Kins too  🙂

Transunit 13 struck a chord when he brought up the subject of Caves.


[Left:  SOUL Cave;  R:  World’s largest cave  -Viet Nam]  Today,  Raven Walker Cosmic Skywalker shared a ‘cosmic‘  experience he had in  a cave on Cosmic Human.  Earlier today, TMQ listened to a video that shared something quite amazing about caves,  to be shared, along with more about Caves;  Grottos and Mayan Ceynotes in the next transmission, 3 Kins from now  🙂

A cosmic team-up of planets and the thin crescent moon is dazzling skywatchers around the world this weekend, and the celestial sky show is just getting started.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter over Mooresville, NC Astrophotographer

Poet Piet 3 Eagle [15.3 is today’s CDK  :)] shared a video interview of some indigenous Mayans, who had issues about Valum Votan’s Dreamspell and 13 Moon Calendar KiwiMike 5 World-Bridger wrote:  “Lets UNITE make Aotearoa New Zealand lead the world in calendar reform bringing concious and un concious together.” 

Various calendars- or discussions of them-have been appearing all week, including at the Wingmakers site.  Branch 4 Sun wonders how I’ll incorporate Hunab Ku Day into my revised, more harmonic 13 Moon Calendar.  Hunab Hu Day, which currently is not assigned a kin is providing more incentive to complete this project ASAP. 

Because this ‘Holiday from the Calendar’  begins in an hour, further discussion will wait for a future post, or oUR Hunab Ku conference call. 

Now, it’s time to focus on Hunab Ku Day, which Valum Votan compares to the Day-out-of-Time/Galactic Freedom Day.  This is a great day for meditation and telepathic connection.  Occurring  during the Galactic Dog Moon and the Wavespell coded by Dog:God, this Hunab Ku Day is an optimal time to connect with the Divine

The time is now 11:11 p.m. !

{{ Here is a Post Script, written during the 11th hour of Hunab Ku Day in New Zealand:

Thank you for your wonderful comments.  They are connected by this fabulous video … re=related  As Raven Walker 13 quoted:  “…we cannot create significant change on any level, particularly a planetary level, if we are not willing or able to make significant changes in ourselves. It is out of this individual stretch for excellence and self-healing that the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors can emerge as a collective rallying force...”

This video of crop circles beautifully demonstrates how the Star People are encouraging us to significantly alter oUR DNA It also mentions PHI ratios, Platonic solids, and more. 

This video  references the ‘alien’ crop circle as being 339 days after 9/11/2001, the day our world shifted dramatically, which Valum Votan referred to as “The Puncture in the Technosphere, that leads to the Advent of the Noosphere‘..  339 – 260 = 79:  “The Noosphere Constant

We also reference this crop circle  as commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, when144.000 Sun Dancers::Rainbow Warriors were awakened.  This crop circle on Overtone Dog [L.C. PVCS 1 Sun] was also a direct response to the radio message sent out by SETI, in their Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  It’s message [in binary code] says:

Beware the bearer of FALSE gifts, and their broken promises.  Much pain, but still time.  BELIEVE-There is GOODNESS out there.  We oppose DECEPTION.  Conduit CLOSING.” 

Today, let’s be Thankful for the Star People, connecting with them as well as the DIVINE [called the Ineffable by Les Visible  :)]  Now, I’m closing down the electronic interference [wireless internet, etc;   Thanks Pedrin 4 Warrior.] to  meditate and telepathically connect, through the middle of this special day  🙂  Also happily  anticipating the technological connection with some of you during the 23rd hour [NZT] of Hunab Ku O.O.

Just after those words were written, Melovia 129 phoned.  Our conversation was shortened by my desire to post this addendum.  Five  seconds after we hung up, the phone rang:  It was Kim, whose Kin and name [11+9+13 = 33] equal today’s G-Force:  13.7, Resonant Skywalker13.7 + my Kin: 18.8 equals 11.2, 2 MonKEY

How perfect, to receive calls from 2 dear Kin in the MonKEY Bio-region, on this rarest day, when it is [according to Law of Time and Starroot]  2 MonKEY in both places, for 48 hours  🙂

Now, after reading the 6 comments that arrived during these two calls, TMQ will telepathically engage with YOU, the Star People, HUNAB KU and the Divine

 LOVE to ALLpeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace     Sylvia Reisberg

N. S.  1. 24. 8. 22.        Cube 16:  INTELLIGENCE         Kin 171

53 thoughts on “Kin 171: Blue Lunar MonKEY codes Galactic Dali 22; Portal to Hunab Ku Day

  1. Nice one TMQ, physically, using actual models, one can ‘open’ or morph the cube (64 DNA Coden’s) into the phi based Dodecahedron (giving 120 DNA Coden’s), building them makes it very clear the cube/octahedron are a subset contained ‘within’ the dodecahedron, not the other way around.
    My take on this is the ‘opener of the post 2012 era’ is the all encompassing Phi Ratio/Dodeca or ‘Avatar of Synthesis’ (Theosophy term here).
    Cryptonumerically (a=1, z=26) The Avatar=96=Phi Ratio.
    This is beautiful because more and more people world-wide are creating using the phi ratio (our heart actually generates a cascade of phi frequencies at the moment of compassion) as their base of reference, here all are equal and all are engaged with bringing out some aspect of this Avatar of Synthesis.

  2. in lieu of sounding around withyall i will splash this trace of thoughts from the last couple of days here (i have voice issues* and/but no skype)

    * around here kids are raised to not raise them but revving engines to the point of serious danger IS acceptable, go figure

    “connect with the Divine” – it’s the fave meme of Les Visible who runs a popular blog describing the media circuses and war theaters around the world in florid terms several times a week and whose work has been getting the once over regularly for a few months by a guy who has a grumble rumble resonance going and slaps it onto mostly abstract imagery (snordelhans yt. acc).

    390 views since the 18th of nov 2010

    This presentation was given at the NutopiA conference in Vilcabamba, Ecaudor during late October – early November 2010. raybeam, have been leading me to … shows how I’ve unveiled the beetle as the most significant symbol of our time, representing the Sun.

    march 20th 2008
    # ACClarke dies, # largest recorded gamma explosion, # syncmyst forum begun (by maker of this vid, a long series about a presentation in VillCabamba 2010, a swede) # NASA made it’s robot in space the subject of an april fools gag – Dextre let it be known it likes to be referred to as Dextre the Magnificent in the future)
    .. . a still stronger gamma ray burst occurs on the stock market crash day in september that year

    wwwwwwwwwwww– 28th of feb –wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    yesterday”s first passage (about syrian crowds, probs and solutions) attached to washed clean close up of heavy shot victim (perhaps not the best place).

    I don’t know how easy it is to go occupy a piece of gvt land along the lines i suggest, or if Syria would accept sponsorship for that type activity and if so from what quarters it would and wouldn’t but i am gonna refer to this vid in a few other places.

    18+ Syria – Mutilated Body of Man Killed by Assad Army in Aleppo – Izaz 2-27-12 Omar Maher Damok

    to yesterday’s i added:

    ook, i don’t know if you guys are genuine pacifists, horrified with violence AND correctly blaming it on Assad, or just pretending as either Salafists and/or Zionist stokers … but the remedies and solutions are no different … i hope you will help me spread THEM far and wide.”

    took it all down again … not the right vid for it

    innit about time you give up your obsession w fabulosity?
    breaking pointerminology hidden in your soup is ‘non-local’
    stop distracting folks from permaculture bitch, don’t be such a witch. Go to a rainbow gathering or something.
    poetpiet 2 uur geleden

    @poetpiet … on the other hand, … got skype? join this:
    pointing right here i did .. just now

    QEQeWU7Gm8c – 18m by TRN (w Bassam Haddad … a little too slick for comfort and certainly not capable of devoting even a syllable to the local intimate common ground one can go volunteer acts of kindness according to very simple and strict guidelines).

    I posted the whole batch again (amounts to 4 Cs), plus this:
    Salafist and Zionists might need a little more (not to mention longer) ‘encouragement’ to stick to such solutions, that’s the only diff between and those who can make of this naturally.
    … those who can make (common) sense (of/for this common) naturally.

    nothing sooths and/or disquiets as instantly as a voice, specially one that carries, even more so when it is familiar and all get out when in your face.

    phase spaces and resonance ‘chamburs’ to hear and hearagin (feedback not so easily bureacratized if you follow old german expressions) have played huge roles in my life as well; father church .. damanhur .. and yesterday i penned a piece on sound bounce around as follows:

    A thought i had watching Syrians in the street: they throng to have a type of thunderation experience, a free for all show of enthusiasm and bundled strength … a winning team feeling …. a stadium thing .. always the grouped (not growed up) boy equivalent of the familyman church thrill: filling hollow, super fortified space with sound that deserves to be amplified and heard .. get a flush ear, an earflush, an earfull, an intimation of the thrill unassailable insularity and steady if not eternal rest of massive masses are fabled and claimed to afford .. yada yada.

    iow, their protests can satisfy an audial hunger .. but the right to express themselves has not been granted them at all (or/nor) long enough to attach effective meaning to their words, which remain quite empty and are never of the calibur: treeplanting meet in 2 hours at the corner of .. and .. bring shovels and buckets get a ground, open perspectives, raise more than just ruckus and hope at the price of martyr’s blood.

    You’d think someone (a rich Saud) could have managed to read a permaculture manuel by now, despite all odds and decided to buy up all nursed trees in stock and send them over along with watertanks complete with hoses and ‘crossroadgardenwater’ painted on them .. instead of all those arms the western game culture has done nothing to substitute, nor stem and cure a hunger for but instead, supplies!!! Not to mention the vaunted, false, hypocritical and devious crap they push as democracy after sticking a humanitarian flag in it.

  3. Well, this is it. Not assign a Kin to an actual day of Time? After all, giving February 29 days every four years (except on century years) is purely a Gregorian contrivance after all! I can’t think of a better way to cause the Law of Time to lose credibility or show that it’s not in synch with anything! Divide and conquer, as usual, when the whole point is synchronization. Anyway, I guess I’ll be keeping a separate count from now on. I’ll try to join the Skype call (on Kin 172) unless hardware issues unable to be resolved, in which case telepathy it is!
    In lak’ech
    Red Crystal Moon

    • Aaaaahhhh…. one should never communicate before having one’s morning puff 😉 Needless to say, dear Claire, your new calendar is EAGERLY anticipated. 🙂

      • Hahahaha! Love us!
        The machine unfortunately will keep me from joining but eye am there with U. 😉

        Into the noo!!!

  4. Beloved Claire and beautiful people, please read this carefully and DO meditation, because it happens with me in the beginnig of the Falcon Galactic Moon (07 to 10 of Feb.) after I came back from the beach from where I didn’t went for long time even I live very near by. It was such a trip that I have never had in my crazy life. It was alucination with epiphany and sometimes it’s very hard to tolerate. I’m a meditator and this help me to be conscious and firm to enjoy all the beauty that was given to me. I’m happy to read Dieter Boers and see that it will happens to everybody. What blessing!
    MEDITATE to don’t be hurt!
    Now I’m going to the beach to have a sun bath. hehe

    The link:

    kisses and hugs PEDRiN

      • \o/ Jannis. Meditate Jannis! the right time will get you, be prepared! Otherwise you will be scared and will miss the trip. 😉

    • Had my trip in 1 999…no afraid of 20.12 …crystal sun ….lookin forward to….19.7….my antipode….and 20.13….Cosmic sun 🙂

      • kkkk My sweet old mother said this morning when I went to get my dose of sunbathing just like when I was young with drugs: ‘Do not exaggerate, take it easy’.kkkkkkkkk

      • Hi Pedrin,

        Tonight I viewed a film at Nelson’s ‘Spiritual Cinema’ called “Eating the Sun”.
        It is about the practice of SunGazing, and they discussed several reasons for that and for ‘Sun Bathing’ 🙂
        Both are extremely beneficial for health, vitalization and spiritual growth, so enjoy!

    • GrEEtinGs PeDRin … weLL , deEPENING anD QUICKeninG …
      eVer gReAT er uN FaTHoM aBLE wAVes oF PLea sURE anD
      KnOW L eDGe … onLY … tO riDE oN oN oN … re TURninG …
      tO S oUR cE ……. oNeLoVeoNeHeARToNeEarTHoNeTiME ….

      ………… NauTILLUS ………….NeWEarTHTiMESHP …………….

      …. cK …. iN …. anD neVer L eAVe …. LoVeGiVeWaYLoVe ……………..

      ……. z U v U y A …… h U n A b K u ……. nooo looonG er oUT sIDE ….

      …. i N s I D E …. mE …. aND …. nOW …. U …. t oooOOOOOO ….

      slycoyote wink
      JaGUARJaDE13 blink

      • Thank you TMQ, but I think those kind of staff must be given for free as the light is. You see how they complicated the text to say a simple thing… 99,9 % of the mass of the solar sistem belongs to the Sun: so He rules! He is ‘rendering’ everything and all situations and facts in more a less 72% of the time and the others 28% is what we call free will with our eletric light.


        A long kiss in your beautifull person.
        With love PEDRiN hehe

  5. oO13Oo\ ~ NauTILLUS ~ TurTLE”EYRE”LanD

    Gold Horse Mysteries

    Dedicated to Cajun

    The Gold Horse Prophecy

    By permission from Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi

    Through out the ages humanity has sought out the prophecies of the spiritually gifted, the visionaries, to provide insight of things to the future, to provide hope and a vision of things to come. Many prophecies come to us foretelling of disaster, hopelessness and the annihilation of mankind. Others create a vision of joyful transformation through quantum leaps into love and light. Prophecies of power and vision reveal the potential for both the best and the worst in us.

    The Rainbow Bridge Prophecies of Turtle Island are Visions of power foretold over 2,000 years ago with startling accuracy. They reveal the probability of occurrence of certain events through time. Most importantly, however they challenge us to wake up, claim the best of ourselves and carry the excellence as a banner for peace, harmony and individual autonomous freedom for all life on this planet. The flip side is not a pretty picture.

    These prophecies are a part of the lineage and heritage of knowledge, medicine, magic, and beauty that is the Sweet Medicine Sundance Way. In 1254 BC in Oaxaca, Mexico, these Prophecies were recorded by a council of 144 enlightened elders of Turtle Island (north, south and Central America) and 12 Elders from each of the other seven Great Powers on the planet. The elders of Turtle were powerful “Seer-Naquals,” shamans and magicians, both men and women, form over 375 tribes. Earlier they had formalized their knowledge in a system of teachings they called the sacred shields of dreaming of the Rattlesnake School of Knowledge. It was later renamed The Sweet medicine Sundance Path of The Twisted Hairs.

    For three years prior to 1254 BC, they dreamed and worked together with the Ark of the Crystal Skulls to “see” the potential and probable paths of evolution for humanity and planetary destiny. Their collective vision, recounted by a trained orator, is 24 hours in the telling.

    The prophecies are told as a metaphor of a horse race with eight horses of different colors representing mankind’s different choices at critical turning points in our interaction with each other, with nature and life in general. In the original speaking of the prophecies, the sweet Medicine animals were seen as dogs for the dog is the “keeper” of the belief systems of a people.

    As a result of the impact of the Spanish destruction and conquest and the introduction of the horse to this continent, the elders saw that the “medicine” or alchemy of the race would change. The medicine of the horse is that it is the “carrier” of the belief systems of a people; thus it became a Race of Horses.

    Of the eight horses in the race, there are four that represent the four directions of the wheel of life and they hold the balance in the race. They are The Red Horse, which carries the earth changes. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, reactivated volcanoes, critical changes in weather patterns – all these are the earth’s way of rebalancing and purifying herself. These have escalated in the recent years both in frequency and intensity, as she has to deal with the destruction and imbalance humans continue to propagate.

    The White Horse carries the impact of economic, industrial, technological and scientific forces on people and countries. The sacrifice of nature and people’s freedoms and inalienable rights worldwide on the altar of profit and power are the legacy of this horse and feeds directly into the impact of the Dark Horse.

    The Dark Horse carries the dark energy of mankind. Quite simply, it carries the worst in us.

    The Gold Horse carries Beauty, Power, Individual Autonomy and Freedom in Peace. It also carries humans living in harmony with each other, caring for and protecting the Earth and the life she gives to us. It carries a world without ignorance, war, poverty, pestilence, and famine. The Gold Horse carries the best in us-our shining, our potential for greatness as enlightened humans, as Rainbow Warriors.

    The Prophecies speak of the need for the collective presence and intent of 144,000 rainbow Warriors, i.e., awakened humans, fighting for peace, harmony, and individual autonomous freedom to bring the Gold Horse to victory.

    According to the Prophecies, the Dark Horse is leading the race at this time and lunging ahead of the Gold Horse. What does this have to do with you and me, really?

    The overwhelming challenges that confront us world wide from ecological disaster to war to famine and disease to technological suicide to drastic earth changes appear to have no easy or immediate solutions. Yet many of us yearn for the flip side of the scenario and constantly look for ways to contribute to making our dreams of harmony, balance, brotherhood/sisterhood and beauty a reality. We are inspired by our own dreams and a vision of a fuller life and a better world. Unfortunately, many of us assume that someone else will do it for us, or we are overcome by the enormity of the task and throw up our hands in frustration.

    The task of meeting these external challenges, however, we must start with the great work of our own inner awakening within each person. In our efforts to do good we often miss the mark because we are looking for solutions outside ourselves. We may choose to contribute time, money or energy to our favorite cause or charity, for example. This is a good thing, but the degree of impact we make will only be in proportion to the degree of awakening with in ourselves. Let’s suppose you make a donation to your favorite ecological charity to support their direct intervention to stop destruction of the rain forests. The effectiveness of your contribution will be successful only to the extent that at the same time you are cleaning up your own personal ecology. In order to effect change in our “battle between the sexes” we must better understand and come into alignment with our own inner masculine and feminine energies. We contribute to organizations that fight disease-heart disease, cancer, AIDS, etc., yet we create those same diseases in our own bodies through stress and a loss of our innate naturalness. I could go on endlessly.

    What this means is that we cannot create significant change on any level, particularly a planetary level, if we are not willing or able to make significant changes in ourselves. It is out of this individual stretch for excellence and self-healing that the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors can emerge as a collective rallying force for the Gold Horse.

    For more information contact: The Deer Tribe –

  6. oO13Oo\ ~ NauTILLUS ~

    The Human Assemblage Point

    There are three Human Assemblage Points. The Static Assemblage Point (SAP), the Moving Assemblage Point (MAP) and the Great Light Assemblage Point (GLAP).

    oO13Oo\ ~ NauTILLUS ~ NeWEarTHTiMESHP ~ TurTLE”EYRE”LanD ~ JaGUARJaDE13 ~

    The Static Assemblage Point (SAP)

    The Static Assemblage Point is a focal point of energy within the aura whose function is to govern how we perceive our reality. In a sense, it is like a radio or T.V. tuner whose position in the aura (or particular station that it Is tuned to) determines how we perceive reality. For example, when it is centered in the navel, we are open and enlightened, able to perceive our oneness with the Everything and we feel our unconditional love for everyone. From this position we can assemble any reality.

    When it is positioned in the right chest area, our perception becomes more narrow and separate. When it is situated in the central chakra line, however, we can begin to really develop the larien.

    When we are first born, all three assemblage points are localized in the navel. We are in a place of harmony and alignment with the universe and we completely know our oneness with the Everything. Over the course of the next three years, the Static Assemblage Point begins to move up the chakra line and becomes situated in a predetermined position somewhere in the right chest area. In fact, this position is determined by each of us before our birth to enable us to perceive reality in a way best suited for the specific growth and experiences we need from a particular life.

    Once stationed In the right chest area the SAP is essentially in fixed position, but this position can be shifted. In fact, it is desirable to shift this assemblage point to center and back down toward the navel. It can be temporarily shifted in this direction by crystal shifting, third and fourth level orgasm, chanting, songs of power, meditation and ceremony.

    It will be shifted diagonally when working with certain teacher plants and shifted straight down the right side by extreme fear, terror, psychosis and tyrants. This straight down shift will cause a distc. ted view of reality. Of note, in catatonic schizophrenia, the SAP is usually shifted down the right side below the heart chakra line and the condition can be improved if the SAP is reshifted back to its original resting position. In working with the tyrants, even though the SAP will start to move straight down, we can learn to use our will and breath to alter the direction of movement to center and then down. If the SAP moves straight down past the navel, death will occur instantaneously.

    There is a gradual long-term movement of the SAP’s resting position during life (toward center and then down) as a result of spiritual growth and development and increasing orende levels. The more enlightened and in balance and harmony we become, the more the SAP will become positioned toward the center chakra line and then down towards the navel again. Obviously, frequent temporary shifts through crystal shifting, orgasm, chanting, ceremony, etc. will facilitate the more long-term repositioning.

    If a one inch or more shift is maintained for at least a year, then this will become the new resting position of the SAP. If this is maintained for at least three years, then the SAP will never go back up over this.

    The Moving Assemblage Point (MAP)

    After birth, the MAP leaves the navel and begins to circulate throughout the meridians of the body. It is synonymous to the Ki or chi (described in oriental medicine ) which flows through the meridians in a repeating 24-hour cycle. The MAP holds the physical body together. It establishes the normal cyclical ebbs and flows of bforythms in all five aspects of our beings: The emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual. It Is, therefore, also responsible for creating our natural daily, monthly and yearly energy cycles called “the Naturals”. (For a description of the Naturals, see page ).

    The Great Light Assemblage Pofnt (GLAP)

    The GLAP remains situated in the navel throughout life. It is the point from which we reach out to perceive the Reality Truth of the Universe. The Soul Vine, or Luminous Fibers of the Human Cocoon, are sent out from the GLAP into the Universe to maintain our connection and alignment with the Everything. Through the GLAP, we keep our connection with the Source and with the Womb of Creation. Seen from reverse, it is the point from which the Great Spirit assembles us, as parts of its innumerable points of perception. In a sense, it could be said to be the transmission line between us, as humans, and the Source of the Force ( or Source of the Everything). It is where we can perceive all realities with all the worlds and all the Universes withing the Everything.

    When, as a result of our spiritual growth and development, we become rully enlightened, then the SAP becomes positioned the in 3rd chakra along with the GLAP. Now our perception of reality and the Great Spirit’s perception become one. Thus we can truly see through the eyes of the Great Spirit all time, space, dimensions and realities. ~ DeeRTRiBEMeDiCiNESoCiETY ~

    JaGUARJaDE13 ~

  7. From the white Northern House give us coldness and snowflakes like galaxies…to clear our senses and liquid our mind. So that we can experience the cube in all directions simoultainiously. Holomind Perciever, Holy Mountains, Sacred Caves, Mysterys in Stones. Solar Serpent 22/2 20.12 Oxlahuntiku/Bolontiku/Bipolarity Crystal.Sun
    (click mouse and drag/scroll)

  8. On a 2 Monkey day, I thought it would be nice to reflect on another Moneky Kin 51 (Crystal Monkey); Helena Blavatsky. You can dial her up at TFI 1114/ BMU232/ Kin Eq 74. Note 232 is the 3d/4d transfer in the HMP!!!

    Agent 160
    Orgonix Branch

    • Thank You Galactic Agent 160 🙂

      Listening to this wonderful video was the perfect vehicle for now entering the period of meditation [described in my addition to the post for 171] during Hunab Ku O.O.

      This blog began on the 179th anniversary of Madame Blavatsky’s birth [8/12/1831]
      Magnetic 18 was coded by Kin 21: Galactic Dragon, which is Valum Votan’s G-Force and my Analog.

      May we all feel connected today, with each other and the Divine.

      Galactic Agent 138

  9. Let US all stand the case for beïng a S’leaping Beauty for a Daya ..

    Maybe last it for a wholly wavespell , why not … When it Iz so clear and crystalline trans-parent ..

    • Very nice to hear from you, SM 🙂

      That was news to me, Thanks for that link.
      I read it just now during this first hour of 13.4, so noticed the synchronicity of 13 feet equaling 4 meters [the height of the smallest ‘twins’ at Zacpeten Group B]
      The G-Force of 4 Skywalker is denoted by your initials:
      S=19; M=13.
      19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

  10. there is a profanity-meme virussing our minds
    originators of the idea that a word was a “curse” was the church

    tricked into believing that these church-selected, with programs (underneath the consciousnessloop) adorned words actually have the meaning that the memes have attached to them even though they don’t.have iT.

    this meme prepares the ground for mutual hoaxing another

    a process we learn in society –and especially people still now living in 12-60 jobs and 12-60 relationships are unconsciously spreading this meme

    …and this is why we are unable move from this spot here to sth more fertile

  11. oO13/20Oo\

    . weLLLLLLLLL ……………. iT ‘S …………… TiME To cOME ouT to PlaY …. nooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    ………. GaR DeN ……… neW “eYRe” LanD ………. TurTLE’ssss …….. baby turTLES dreaMMMMmmmm ………

    loVE U SOOOOOOOOO muCHOOOOOOOOOooooooooo ……..



    …. yesterday ,
    …..gone ,
    …. tomorrow ,
    …. soooo far away , ………. i truly only have ‘1’ desire …….. LoVe …. i …. … only iNTo LoVe …

    ………………………………. i aM So URCe inG tHE Fo RCe fOR aLL ………………………………………… tO cH aNGe aLLllll ……………………………..

    … Ride the eVer GRea TER un FTHM a BLE wA Ves oF PleA SURe aND KnOL eDGe , rememberinG ….

    … UR is tHE paTH tO SoURCe …………. noTHinG meeNS noTHinG ……. LoVeIsTHELaW …….

    … YoU K N O W wHaT YoU K N O W …………… Be genTLE …………. turTLE”EYRE”LanD …………..

    ……. peaceraven
    ……. slycoyote wink
    ……. skywalkercosmico
    ……. JaGUARJaDE13 blink

  13. “thats what meLOVIA KIN 139 said on oVErtOne earth /4.6.10
    on this topic..

    “I want to be able to know without any doubt that I am part of the solution and not the problem. It is not personal and it is not about judgment. IMO it is just the nature of this reality and ourselves as superpowers within it, incredibly potent and unlimited creative beings whose power has been usurped through the fragmentation of our attention and being lulled into forgetting our true power, what it is and how we use it, so that it remains mostly as an unrealized potential, or something unwittingly harnessed and harvested by some outside force that has always known (and has never forgotten) all about our power ~ and has been bent on one thing only, our destruction and destruction of this planet and much more, and whose agenda has never changed and whose FOCUS has never wavered ~ keep us slaves by fragmenting our attention, keeping us competing and fighting with each other over God and Money, screwing with our DNA, and condemning us to an endless loop of artificial Time ~ and all without the vast majority even suspecting a thing!!”
    Here’s to the Power of Love & Magic, Kin!
    …thankYou beloved Melovia Red Crystal Moon

    What is a human being, then?’
    ‘A seed.’
    ‘A… seed?’
    ‘An acorn that is unafraid to destroy itself in growing into a tree’

  14. lol……… ten less from solars torm

    to liQuidCristALmoon, what was i about to disavow……
    I Pulse in order to Catalyze, Realising Energy.
    I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Solar tone of Intention.
    I am guided by the power of Vision.

    13.9: “The activity of the aggregate of alternative personalities is determined by the host bodies collective agreement on the goal of time travel.”


    OR haven’T YOU SEEN A DRAGON BEFORE???????

    ……in any case, i feel love here on this place, in any case, don’t follow seppo`!

    Don’t Love Dragons Like Sekko
    “There is a Buddhist expression, “Don’t love dragons like Sekko.”
    There was a man called Sekko who loved dragons. Sculptures, paintings, figurines, ornaments- his whole house was filled with dragons in one form or another. Well, one day a real dragon happened to hear about Sekko and figured that since he loved dragons so much, surely he would be delighted to meet a real one. But when the dragon stuck his head through the window of Sekko’s room, Sekko expired on the spot!”

    “Sekko is a symbol for preferring imitation to the real thing. A person who tells everyone how important practice is and then gives up soon after he starts because it’s too hard to take is like a person who just likes sculpted dragons. When you meet a real “dragon” you should be filled with joy and resolve to wrestle with it.”

    -Kosho Uchiyama (Opening the Hand of Thought, p.119)

    • ….which was actuAlly a mixture of thathagatha , RA and the…

      Die Anti-Mafia-Behörde warnte diese Woche vor dem immer tieferen Eindringen der ‘Ndrangheta, der Mafia in der süditalienischen Region Kalabrien, in das norditalienische Wirtschaftssystem. Laut einem Dossier der nationalen Antimafia-Behörde DNA ist die Lombardei nach Kalabrien die Region, in der diese mafiöse Organisation am stärksten verbreitet ist. Die ‘Ndrangheta habe ihr in Kalabrien verankertes Organisationssystem in der Lombardei nachgebildet. Die Lombardei sei Opfer einer wahren “Kolonialisierung” seitens der ‘Ndrangheta-Clans, die die illegalen Geschäfte kontrollieren und von den Bossen in der Heimatregion Kalabrien in ihren strategischen Beschlüssen unabhängig seien. “In der Lombardei agieren die Clans nach der Tradition der ‘Ndrangheta mit ihren Ritualen und ihrer Gewalt”, heißt es im Dossier. and they have their money on swiss banks, sseeemmmminñGGly, and the swiss politicians who watch the signs –will slowly but surely croach back from the best cabal instrument for burying lots of ex-scouts, before, in between and after celebrating the official slaughter of inumerable units of ‘freshflesh ‘ on
      their /and our father’s battlefields…:

      the “bankgeheimnis+”

      to leave the sons of schweinz practising ‘aktivdienst’ at their borders, while their brothers from all over europe and the world are slaughtering each other relenlessly….?

      ..what is wrong here?

  16. do you come to the chat deliberately or should i start characterizing the gap
    between what you propagate here and your daily 3d reality mixes up to a mash of excuses?-mirageweeeeeeehhhhh…y…



    ……On pg. 29, 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation

    Self-declaration Six, “I consume dualistic thoughts as food,” is the root teaching of cultivating non-ego on the spot. (Predictive text – ego = dim)
    Through developing intrinsic awareness, instantly recognize all thoughts which convey sentiments of selfhood or lack of compassion and cut them on the spot. This teaching enhances the basic practice of the UR Theology of Peace, “Atonement and Reconciliation of Self and Other on the spot. Divine Absolution in the Now.”

    You are absolutely right. Those with FOCUS ride the eye of the storm.

    ME LOVE i A!
    CHR is T i NE

    Remember, i is the imaginary number. 😉

  17. how can somebody only be as beautiful as youare, of course noboy shall knoooo

    but, no matter what, things are as they are
    i’m not going to forget you…..
    even after putrifacaion… what a wa

    ……ste of freshflsh, roasted


    The unconscious
    in the greater body >>politic/economics<<
    of the seemingly outer world affects us, stimulating a resonant unconscious energy within ourselves, while at the same time, our unconscious is contributing to and being nonlocally expressed by events in the seemingly outer world in a mutually reinforcing feedback loop.

    The point is that we begin to see the true nature of the situation we are in when we recognize that, just like a dream, there is a synchronistic co-respondence and fundamental inseparability between what is going on within our psyche and what is happening in the seemingly outer world, as if they are mirrored reflex-ions of each other.

    So, darlings what happens in this outer world of us all; Also happens inside this cube!!
    The deception is enduring as it were. We perceive not through by-passing the personal dimension of our experience and artificially identifying with the mythic/archetypal level in a contrived and fabricated way,

    …and when here sb says the emotional level is a becomes surely but slowly cry•stally clear and pri•stine ly obviCIous

    THAT: he who say so, is in no way interested in 'The deeper, mythic/archetypal Dimension, which is “clothing” itself in our personal process, which is to say that our personal process is the doorway which introduces us to the deeper archetypal dimension of our being. And its with all emotions, my dear mr. hol(e)land…..your mission is over!! and i won't stop unil you fineally say what you do, and leave here!!!

    STOp this debilitating quiekspell-agenda here!!!and get the hell out of here!!!

    as quiek as possible… cosmic night

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