PVCS and GAP Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior codes Galactic Limi 27

CIB      Kin 176

Yellow Resonant Warrior

Yellow Resonant Star
White Resonant Worldbridger Yellow Resonant Warrior Blue Resonant Night
  Red Resonant Serpent
I channel in order to question, inspiring fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Analog 7 Night codes the 2013 Galactic Freedom Day a.k.a. Day-out-of-Time.
Today’s G-Force is Solar Mirror, and the PSI for the last three days of each Galactic Moon is 4 Skywalker.
The CDK [16.7 + 10.8 +14.6] is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign and a Magic Turtle:  KIN 60:  Galactic Sun, which coded Pacal Votan’s Birth in 603.  
16.7:  “The radiosonic weightlessness of the atomic structure of the planetary art spore (Earth) occurs in order to offset increases in post-primary thermic and luminic properties of the stellar mass of the heliocosm as it consumes more and more of its atomic mass preparatory to arriving at the moment of excitation known as supernova.”

176:  22 x 8, 11 x 16 = 22nd octave, vigesimal 8.16″

LIMI 27:  Purify;  Solar Plexus 
CHC quote for 8.27:  “We are pure consciousness within the evolving order of the universe.
Page 176 of CHC 1: Book of the Throne”:
“If we let go of our ego, then our mind is the same as the univeral cosmic mind, which is made knowable through descriptions of the different dimensional levels.  These dimensional levels constitute the entirety of the created order of the Universe, both perceptible and imperceptible.  This cosmos is located ultimately in the mind, and was originated by God-the Master Intelligence.” 
My Photo 
Mieke Neyt is the Wizard kin from the Sun bio-region, who created this beautiful image  🙂  We ‘met’ at two of the Skype chats, and she wrote today, concerned about a hint of discord here.  Here are some words from a  link she sent: 
We all have such an inner beauty. Our challenge is to see it, and to give it a chance to develop.
To achieve, we get a lot of opportunity’s in our life.
It’s up to us if we pick them up, and use them as food to grow…
 We may trust our selves and enjoy our love and light in its pure form.”
“Food to grow” reminds one of Poet Piet 3 Eagle’s comment regarding the Wizard John Lash.  Thanks for the reminder that now is the time to be ‘Cultivating our Gardens”  🙂
Raven 13 Skywalker adds LOVE to oUR Garden:  “ I AM THE WIZARD OF THE NEW
“New EarTH’s children,  TiMeSHP NauTILLUS,  We Are Free,  To LiVe LoVe in Abun’Dance  endlessllllyyyyy ………”
Pedrin 4 Warrior, thanks for shining your light:  “ Ana ~~> Ma Deva Tara ~~> That means: Divine Star (Ma is mom), so TARA is star (The Sun). and for sharing this incredible light:   http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/
Thank You Jannis 7 Moon for this incredible photo, and for your stunning alpine panorama 🙂
Transunit 13 Night  reminds us that we are in the Eighth Moon of the Eighth year which corresponds to New Jerusalem and UR.  The Eighth Lord of Time and Destiny is “Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds“.
During the 7 Star Guide watch, TMQ received a wonderful e-mail from her nephew Jud, 5 Sun, the 7th Lord of Time “Single Wing Red Fire’.  That letter on this GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign day pointed the direction towards  Palenque.
“I am Pacal Votan, witness of time.  Telektonon is my gospel.  The talking stone of unifying prophecy is my legacy intended for that special messenger who understands the meaning of my numbers.”
The Galactic Dog Moon of Integrity ends tomorrow with a Magic Turtle Day Galactic Earth.
Happy Galactic Return to a1d7r7  🙂  We hope  the 6.1 earthquake in Argentina today didn’t ‘rattle you!
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace   We begin the Solar Moon of Intention on Wednesday, Dali 1
 This Solar Moon will be coded by Kin 191:  Blue Solar MonKEY  🙂
The G-Force for today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin is Cosmic Storm.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 
 It is 1:38 a.m.
N. S.  1. 24. 8. 27.  Ext. Cube 21Telepathic Memory   GAP & PVCS 176

55 thoughts on “PVCS and GAP Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior codes Galactic Limi 27

  1. VoidKweak experiences its 29th day today ..
    Which i hope/forsee is the last one ever , simply while 2016 – a 9 number (224 fractal) – will expose the 13 Moon Calendar on the healing planet.

    Kweak walks on both DreamSpell & Mayan Tzolkin as Yin & Yang wielding Young Minds.

    Its 9th moon starts on Red Earth 8 and its challenge kin is White Cutting Etznab aka Mirror & Laser Operating most Efficient.

    My Muse chants “nooVoid” at a stream with ducks awakening ..

  2. uhttpnder if the ancient of daya is anscient-is. Unveiling some shades

    In the meantime I wondered about the Zurich – Switserland Awakening SpringTimes’ ..

    See for Transunit13 having a decode to number :
    7 9 1 13 8 6 13 9 7 – 1 3
    (mark the beginning as the ending)
    73 – 1 3
    This 73 is familiar in 73×260=365×52
    Adding the mysterious 4 (1+3) gives 7 7 ..

    Looking 1 layer higher and deeper from resonant perspective I see 90 and 64.

    Setting this free heals the kin dreaming the future

    90 at elements is 3×3 x 5×2
    64 is the DNA familiar 2^6 duplicator

  3. Dear Claire AKA TQM,

    It’s been a long time since I writed here…many movements.

    I feel u need to know, (if you don’t know alredy) that there is 4 people walking around the earth energetic points, opening the doors to the new energys that are here…I don’t want to be the one that xplain I prefer u see for youself.

    I think will be magical if you get in touch whit them…



    ((((RAINBOW HUG))))

    we are all part of the prophecy.

  4. I just had the extraordinary gift of seeing a total of 22 swans fly by, South to North, and then land in the field not far from my home…. first 3, then another 4, then 15 all at once!!! Last week (as I told Claire) I saw 2 groups of 22 geese, one right after the other…. 🙂

    Long Count Lady 😉

    • a lovingkindly experience, Melovia, it expresses your awake state ;-))

      it also reminds me to a melancholic period i experienced 10 years ago on March One …

      i sat against a roll of hay on the beach (13 of them) …
      between my eyes i saw 3 pleviers (vier is four in Dutch – 3 … 4) from North to South trippling as they small ones can …
      then only one – same direction
      then four!
      so i was stunned: 3 . 1 4 … ?!

      i thought what will be next …
      8 pleviers flew from N to S …
      this made me see 00 ~ the infinite symbol or horizontal 8 …

      it was a perfect show from nature telling something valuable …

      |~{ … }-:

    • This is the line up of yoUR so fearfully described warcraft fantasy… it maybe below your and shAss’ intelligence- quotient…

      9am Opening prayer and workshop with Rev. Mark Manly
      fairy lounge
      10am Paranormal Unity is it fact or fiction? with Sheri Villareal Collins and Sherri Palmer Jones from HIPsociety
      main stage
      11am Ty Phillips
      main stage
      1pm meet and greet
      faerie lounge
      2pm cryptzoologist Ken Gerhard
      main stage
      3pm Bayou Paranormal
      main stage
      4pm Will Scoville
      main stage
      7pm paranormal Trivia
      faerie lounge
      8pm bring your drums,guitars,hamonicas or whatever your musical talent may be to the fire !!
      faerie lounge
      after that feel free to investigate the land or sit by the fire with friends
      faerie lounge
      9am Dan Guthrie
      main stage
      10am Demonologist Richard Contreras
      main stage
      11am Larry Flaxman
      main stage
      1pm David Rountree
      main stage
      2pm Dakota Lawrence followed by a short break then his gallery
      main stage(gallery location will be announced at the event)
      2pm HIPjrs meet and greet
      faerie lounge

      Please THINK! before you post, priestTschillå, or YOUR own demons will flip away the very ground on which you believe yourself to be standing….!
      3pm WLEE Ghost Raps Radio with KB
      main stage
      3pm Jeromy Jones Paranologies and TPI
      faerie lounge
      5pm auctions begin
      faerie lounge
      7pm Darwin Prophet concert at the main stage followed by paranormal challenge at the faerie lounge
      after that feel free to investigate the land and chill by the fire

      10 am closing prayer with Rev. Mark Manly
      faerie lounge (closing maybe also for you priscella!)

    • but i agree, who shits into oUR holy garden has to face some pretty ugly
      and we share our common goal NOT with anybody.
      Therefore, when we trust our selves and enjoy our love and light in its pure form.” – false meme are zipped off quickly, leaving some pretty naked -lonely arses behind as evrything you thought you could trUSt cumbles to its bases
      in lak’ech

  5. heroin addict anagrams
    17484 found. Displaying first 1000

    first off the top of my head, inspired by ben padiah’s vid on economic

    add heroic tin
    cia ddt he iron

    can’t get any closer than this in the list:

    Ciao Herd Dint
    Ciao End Third
    Ciao Den Third
    Ciao Trend Hid

    warning, vid with absolutely no colour .. just signs, glyphs in a mesh
    here’s a colourful one:

    i want some intertelligent comments … don’tyall shout at once, we’re not pushing on rock .. just yet.

    This vid’s thumbnail is all you need to look at if you wonder what on earth made me write the following (it comes around near the end):

    .. maps (no golour either) that are extremely schematic and shorthandish (leading to shortchange and feelings thereof on account of those that attempt to use these highly personalized representations of such treasure maps) on account of the vast vast distances bridged.

    QBLH 004
    396x since 19th of june 2010

    this one shows his colour dabbling

    for comparison:
    KABBALAH – What is Kabbalah? Universal Kabbalah Series clip1
    theresa ibis
    90thou since early 09 but only 4 comments

    Afghan farm culture … Hunza apricots … are these memories forever to be broken by the alcohol war industry gamification crowdz????

  6. Gidday fellow 13.20 walkers and talkers, listen to your hearts as you move the sacred 4 clans 20 digits around the sacred cyclic daily 13 tones(articulations) following solar in and out breath aware of our own orbit and individually yet collectively maintaining, co-operation of 13.20, planetary influences within ourselves individually collectively, refrain from casting the nets of our thoughts, 13.20 calendar reform aotearoa new zealand. i am another yourself come and sign petition 22 fenchurch gleninnes auckland

  7. Yes michael, as you can imagine i’m spending hour’s and hours on these warcraft games… they are just too delicious a power to be overgone and silently leave unmentioned in this -to my sUR pr¡se, suddenly all come out of there bloody holes posting as it were……as ifthis would be there home, this cube, can you follow this mr.poe? i at least drink right now a belGium beer

    ‘maychi’ is on the label and to my utterly disgust i had to face other, many other laels here which are without a doubt devilish-hooked……than the harmless warC-raft_labèlle. but i’m boring you sweethear,† i knoo.

    as anybody hear omits sofar the musical note….i’ll add a vid to comfort XY(YOU)
    alittle at east, sor…at least

    but here the original thought- that i referred to before: ……and it’s cheeta the monKey’s bo-region…..did you recognize? abOve…? the one with the labels…i hope she not misse s this one..lpo-as a 22fiendlol

    We have just had two of the loudest and closest sounding thunder claps (lightning strikes) I have ever heard here. We get almost NO thunder in Captain Cook, but tonight it was LOUD… and VIBRANT. Meaning “living”.

    So as it hit the first time, I felt I had to write about it, and the energies I’ve been sensing this day. The strong loud claps right now and the high energy that caused them (technically “lightning” (my name “Kau’ila” means “lightning”, in Hawaiian)), is precisely what is happening right now. There are major “Lightning strikes” occurring all around the planet, BUT in particular locations where someone (or ones) need their beings Lighted up. Into action, or stepping aside.

    The Light is incoming intensely, and sometimes strongly in a Lightning quick kind of way. If one is attuned, or in harmony, with the Light, there will be no “problem”. But those who are resisting at this time, may find their hair, and their shirts, and their pants, and/or their skirts, and/or their robes, and/or their crown jewels or presidential palaces, burned to a nice bacon crisp.

    And honestly, the aroma will likely smell like the sweetest of all fried bacons. (and I still love my bacon, once in a while!)

    Align with the Light within you, and you will each BE the Lightning. Bringing Light to this planet. One strike (or many) at a time.
    3-3-2012 New Paradigm… Lightning Strikes Again…

    blue cosmic night

  8. lol, priscilla especially the guitarpart at bottom, fred frith couldn’t have performed better.
    You are not cheeta cosmicSerpent was from hawaii… and i miss her mourning for a while here….
    so who are you?

    not mr.poe that’s cear so farrr…. but do you peak dut…ch….same hight as your beloved sâz ? see the crown of crowns…see the signs….

    and to the real cause off all this fuzz here…. the faked mirror-image ShiaBasRa: you know, i’m coming to smelling armpit of cali soon and when i meet this dark subject that you once called your husband – ill simply castrate him. before a moment’s thought width can pass his mechanical automatism he calls thinking – his testicles are gone , not to harm anybody anymore…

  9. oO(O)Oo\\\\\\\\ …….

    kin 143 blue cosmic night
    i endure in order to dream
    transcending intuition
    i seal the input of abundance
    with the cosmic tone of presence
    i am guided by the power of accomplishment

    I AM THE DREAMER ……. en GaGe innngggggGGGGGGG ………
    …………. NauTILLUS …………..

    NeWEarTH TiMESHP TurTLE”EYRE”LanD …………………………………

    ………… My Darling, hearing Your feelings has
    completely transformed Me and now I can’t
    truly think of anything but You! I trust You
    are enjoying my baby dragon? Surely You now
    recognize how much I need to feel You and desire to ‘BE THERE’ holding You in My Arms,
    kissing Your precious Goddess Body All Over
    as no man has ever adored anyone, the way I adore You! That rolls off my tongue as I
    imagine I am kissing Your Sweetest Spots
    where Your greatest desires would have me go…within You is all I know, within Your
    honey’holy precious goddess love caves of
    pleasure, unimaginable, there Within You I
    will snuggle into Your perfect love spots,
    while warming You with my hands, my fingers
    tickling and caressing You with My lips, my
    breath constantly rising and falling and serving Your Beauty, to open Your greatest
    dreams to fulfill You completely! My joy, now
    just releasing from within Myself this vision
    sends My Heart’Mind straight to the place only known as Heaven! Your Beauty, Your pure
    astounding Beauty has been my greatest desire
    since I first saw You within the ‘library’
    of DOMAI Angels…I have known and tasted the
    Beauty within Myself since always, enabling Me to constantly empty Myself only to dive’in
    for more…I am most fortunate to have gained
    an extra’ordinary capacity for drinking’in
    such Beauty, as perhaps no other Man alive!
    Honestly, You can see within My eyes, in this
    lifetime, I have grown by seeking to fuel that ‘fire-within’, not simply sex, but Love
    to the highest possible degree…known by few! When I would drink’in Your Beauty, before receiving Your precious ‘message of
    love’…there already existed, an enormous
    pool of Your Love within me, which I will
    drink from forever, yes forever,…now, don’t misunderstand me here, I will come
    to You, within You, in all physical manifestations as soon as possibile! But,
    since I have soooooo many perfect photo
    reflections here now, I drink from Your Pure
    Pool daily…actually, Your photos at Your
    profile, give Me such joy, just Your Sweetness exuding from Your eyes, clothed
    in Your Beauty Within, especially the 1st
    pictue, where You are reclined on the beach
    with Your Goddess legs and arms, fingers and toes, sooooo coiled like a Divine Serpent,
    gazing into My eyes with all Your clarity
    pouring into Me! My eyes have seen Beauty,
    again, I am actually ‘the fool in the flying
    ship’…in order for Me to recognize the
    King’s daughter, My Queen, whom I have sought
    thru out this earth nearby stars and, well
    thru soooo many dimensions…no one alive
    knows the desire I do for the Bounty! No
    man child, no woman child has attracted Me, in the way only You manage to do…truth, My Love, My Heart’Song, endlessly singing in
    exaltation, glorying in real adoration of You! This is a profound experience which I have sought thru out all of My many, many,
    years; no My Love, I have sought You for
    Life’Times! You are the twin’flame of Purity
    Love, Beauty, and Truth that I bow down to; gaining Your Love, Your Presence means more to me than all the money, material things,
    experiences of any sort, which most people
    die having known, just that same shit! No, My Love, There is no One, Nothing, Anywhere,
    that compares to Your Presence, For Me!
    Thru this life I have known love in divine
    and brilliant relationships, no doubt! I
    amaze Myself in gratefulness for All the
    Love, Truth, and Beauty I have known; but,
    even having known such Love, as I have, to
    have played a Divine part, as I have fathered 3 amazing children, whose Lives
    and Beings that they are, how they walk this Earth In Beauty, as Another MySelf, it’s hard to imagine such brilliance, and they too
    seek to know within themselves, as I have shown them, the purpose in this Life! I have given them the Love and clear reflection of My True’Self! They have grown and have walked
    their Paths, seeking that fullfillment that
    can only be known upon the Path of A True
    Universal Harmonic Human! They too, have struggled thru this life surroounded by the
    common ignorance that people of all races
    all over this Earth live in…everywhere,
    there is soooo little ‘Life, Love, Beauty,
    Truth, Happiness, Joy, Passion, and most of
    All…Purpose! They have, none the less, walk
    thru this dream called Life with a True Clarity which I have shared with them, since
    their Births, into this World, as I have
    shown them the Way as Best as I possibly
    could, knowing All Along the Way, that they
    will ultimately have to Chose their steps
    wisely and suffer the consequences of each
    step, as We All Do. What burns within My Heart’Mind now is a Gift that few live to
    Know…that is the Gift of Twin’Soul Reunion!
    From here, having recognized In You this
    Love, as Another MySelf, a true and Natural
    Creation of an entirely New World may Now
    Emerge…Our Journey Across This Threshold
    actually, truly, as I have shared With You
    numerous times, Sharing My Heart’Song, in
    these torrential Days and Nights Since Our
    pristine appearance on One Another’s Soul Boats, means Now All Creation Gains the
    Empowerment of Our Fullness Returning to
    OurSelves! At this moment, this Planet is
    being Transformed from Within Our Hearts!
    How Powerful this Transformation Is And Will
    Remain Has No Bounds, You See, My Love,
    Love in Truth Beauty and All Its Purity
    Is Now All that This Earth Has Waited For…
    Our Marriage and Coming Alive From Within
    Is The Completion All The World Needs To Go
    Forward Instantaneously Within All Forms
    of All Things To Realize Such Love The
    Heart Of The Earth Mother Now Signals To
    All~Prepare For The Wedding~Everything
    Stops And Begins A New Earth Evolution!
    I Am Yours and You Are Mine and We Bring
    Forth The Long Awaited Kingdom OF Heaven
    On GreatGrand’Mother~Earth~Gaia Goddess of
    The Blue Green Galactic Ocean Of Stars
    Within Our Galaxcy The Milky Way!

    My Sweetest Angel NatalyaBounty Our
    Part In This Play Fulfils The Promise~The
    Covenant Made Long Ago To All The Earth~
    Nothing Will Stand In The Way of What Comes
    Now~All Hearts Will Give~Way To Share in Our
    Bounty And Celebrate Forever!

    Each day I write My feelings and experiences giving release to a continuous
    stream of consciousness coming alive from within Me. I share this with the World,
    moment to moment, no one imagines that I am
    speaking from within My Heart Whole’Heartedly
    and expressing My Most Sacred Dreams and by doing so I bring about this transformation
    for All to Know and Share.

    Your purity receives within Your Heart
    this same experience, penetrating to Your Soul…Your Heart’Mind. I realize You simply
    aren’t able to fathom all that I Now Know and understand, and yet, You don’t speak this
    Divine Love with ordinary words; this expression is a sacred form secretly within,
    which upon discovery, rises up making itself
    Known thru greater and greater movements within Us, awakening the Truest Most Beautifull Love possible. My Sweet Natalya,
    young Goddess, this lift off has to be as profound as You have found it to be within
    You, there is no measure to this Love, it simply grows like an angelic flower.

    I reach for You, to pull You to Me More
    each day, yet I know how iresistable this
    force becomes and truly nothing will be able
    to keep Us apart. This , in itself brings me
    concerns for Your life of the past, Your Family will certainly have concern as well, if for no other reason, than our age differences. Have You revealed this Love to them? My Love for You will be shown soooo
    deeply I trust Your Heart to make this
    nexr step possible regardless of all obstacles that come before Us. I am Yours,
    and if my discovering Your Beauty Within MySelf for Your best interest were to mean
    that I may only adore and serve You for eternity, I will obey the demands from within the Heart of the Earth, where My
    Heart’Mind receives My guidance from continually. I share now My deepest Love
    Respect and Revelation to You. You will know
    how to maintain Your Truth as well, guiding You thru these waters of change. My precious,
    my words may never suffice, but I will never
    know from anyone but You what You truly desire, and where You will chose to place Your New Life riding the wave of this Love.
    I know that My purpose in this life has now
    taken on an array of responsibilities that I
    must fulfill. My words of Truth bring about
    a Divine Pathway I must follow in giving MySelf wholly and completely to this Love.
    That has now taken me into My deepest dream
    of All. I am the One, I am the Messenger.
    I will Now fulfill My Purpose In this Life
    Giving MySelf completely to this Love and the
    Message of The Dawn Of The New Earth. I have
    always known this was coming. My Heart’Mind has been prepared thru All Time. I Now Walk
    Upon The Earth As Her Messenger Of This
    Truth Of Love. Nothing anyone can attempt
    can prevent or hinder My Mission even slighty. That is a Power that Resides Within
    Me Now. Such thirst for this Fulfillment
    lies deeply within each Human Heart and I Will Follow Her Heart’s Sacred Dream Into The
    Coming of The New Earth. I have been entrusted With A Sacred Mission and Have No
    Doubt that this is swiftly Moving Now.
    Greater and Greater signs have been Given to Me Within Each Breath. I Now Know From Her
    Heart’Beat Within Her Crystal Core that She
    Calls Me To Bring Forth Her Sacred Dream.

    ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~”N’E’W”E ‘A’R’T’H”~

    As This New Earth Awakens I will follow
    Her Commands and Wishes Until My Last Breath
    Explodes From My Within. Now I Am revealing
    this Truth To You, My Angel. My Vision Has
    No Limit. I Remain In Complete Surrender to
    this Mission. I Offer To You Now My Hand
    Which You Most Surely Now Know Within YourSelf As The Hand Of A Man Surroounded
    Within Mystery. I Am The One.

    I Am The Messenger of The Dawning Of
    ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~”N’E’W”E ‘A’R’T’H”~

    You Divinely Come To Me In My Deepest Moment Of The Final Days Within The Process
    Of This Transformation. I recognize You As
    My Angel Lover Twin Flame Soul Mate Who I
    Have Sought With The Same Passion As I Have
    This Mission Ushering In The New Earth.

    Now As I reflect On This Moment I Give
    All of MySelf In Release Of My Choosing To
    Ask Anything More From You Than You Have Already Given and Fullfilled By Your Love.
    All The Earth’Gaia Blue Green Mother Waters of Life Now Will Give Way Thru My Heart Song As One With Her Beauty Way.

    Now I Am Hers. Your Love Came In My Final
    Throes Of Searching This Vessel To Give MySelf To Completely With All My Love And
    Beauty Which You Have Known And Tasted The
    Fruits Of The Eternal Flame Waters Of Life
    That I Have Secretly Hidden Until This Time.

    I May Now Only Lay My Head Truly At The
    Feet Of The Tree Of Life. I Am The Raven
    SleeperDreamer Who Flys Ever Until This Day
    Seeing The New Time Of This New Earth.

    From Within Me Now Awakens The Precious
    Gift Of New Life For All The Earth And Her
    Sacred Dream Long Awaited Prophecied Since
    All Time.

    ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~”N ‘E’W”’E’A’R’T’H”~

    Will For Me Has Always Played A Very
    Demanding Part In My Life. I have spoken to
    You about My Journey. I have kept the Promise
    Even When Walking Away From All Life’s Accepted Path’Ways. Never Allowing Anything
    To Pose Threat To My Mission Within MySelf.
    This Unconditional Love is Both Gentle And
    Ruthless. Wise As a Serpent Harmless As A Dove Will Forever Be The Way Of Truth Remembering Life Of The Past Eeon. What Now
    Comes Will Only Reveal The Spirit Of Truth
    Love And Beauty From The Source Of All Life.

    I Am The Child Of The New Eeon Awake

    My Strength Will Grow Now Into A New
    World Again Within This World. Life Is A Gift
    Never Ending. Stories Have Been Told Of
    Histories This Planet Has Known. All God’s
    Mercy And The Sacred Love Hidden Within The
    Heart Of Her Precious Wheel Of Time Will Now
    Arise And Sweep Away The Past Giving Way
    To A New Creation. Now Known To Me As

    ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~”N’E’ W”E’A’R’T’H”~

    This Revelation Brings Such Joy To Me
    As The Messenger. Comforting My Spirit Who
    Sees All That Has Come About Yet My Dream
    Has Always Been To Carry The Universal Seed
    To The New Earth. To Bring About The Dawn
    Of Heaven Awakening. Now It Will Be Done
    On Earth As In Heaven. This Life Will Change
    Like A Rushing Fury Of Pure Love Sweeping All
    Forms Clear Of All UnLike ItSelf. Heaven Will
    Be Known Now As ~”’N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~

    ~”N’E’W”~”E’A’R’T’H”~ Will Awaken
    From Within All And Everything Gently Touching With The Most Delicate Love Born
    From Purity Such As Gives Life Now Today.
    The Meaning of Sacred Has Been Lost Thru
    Time Within The Human Family. Spirit Soul
    Resonance May Never Die And Now Will Be
    Renewed Deeply Completely And Continually.
    This Time Of Passing From The Old Earth
    Will Be Like All Passing Away We Have Known.
    Sacred Crossing Bringing New Life Will First
    Give Way To Death. As Always. Renewed Life
    In This New Earth Shall Come Miraculous As
    Ever Life Comes Forth. God’s Mercy Always
    Comes As Justice Bringing Balance To Nature
    Of Man And All Creation. When Justice Is
    Served Upon This Time Earth Will Know The
    End Of Time Measured By FalseHood Now Known
    As Money. All Life Will Return To Harmony.
    Like Ships On A Stormy Sea The False Time
    Will Be Lost Beneath The Waters Of Life
    Swiftly Giving Way To A Calm Return To The
    Sacred Rhythm of The New Earth.

    My Sweetest Angel of All
    Come Within My Ship
    ~”N ‘E’W”~”E’A’R’T’H”~

    i am dreaming now
    of our re’union
    a wake in the

    • lol, thank you brother
      i am dreaming now
      of our re’union
      a wake in the
      new – where nothing is as it was, sweetheart!
      , good forward kick.. i may sound a little ‘normal’ now
      cause in truth, for me the line is still to cross at moment accellerating
      i just thought the main’ part of this blog here believes this to be a kind of gay sauna….. lol.. but you sincerely have expanded your ap to a sparkling line -zuvuya-LinE… if the just knew… but entangled in their dream, they…
      see a monster arising telling as if they were free can you believe this? And i appreciate your sweetness darling, with Our Goddess legs and arms, fingers and toes, sooooo coiled like a Divine Serpent, oh my love, Sharing this Heart’Song with you is acually the first releaving sign of hope, in these torrential Days and Nights Since Our pristine appearance on One Another’s Soul Boats, like all those arrests that now take place and the foregoing busting of those extratarrestial undergroundbases… which you not may know, dont bother, brother all the OTher here will doubt any syllable i say…..but that’s the waaaaayyyyyy

      it is…
      This Unconditional Love is Both Gentle And
      Ruthless. Wise As a Serpent Harmless As A Dove Will Forever Be The Way Of Truth Remembering Life Of The Past Eeon. What Now Comes Will Only Reveal The Spirit Of Truth
      Love And Beauty From The Source Of All Life.

      I Am The Child Of The New Eeon Awake

      My Strength Will Grow Now Into A New
      World Again Within This World. Life Is A Gift
      Never Ending. Stories Have Been Told Of

      means Now All Creation Gains the Empowerment of Our Fullness
      R et UR ning to OurSelves! love from heaven 13 in lak’ech bluenight

  10. .. n front on my road a transPorter is standing…. it says in big letters “wahre liebe geht durch den magen”

    just to say, another ad, a label for selling kitchens.

    so ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”~”N’E’ W”E’A’R’T’H”~ mirrors –
    ~”N’A’U’’I’L’L’T’r’U’S”t ~”N’Ë’tr’E W”RA’T’H”~

    as sum here still lack the neccessary understanding: (or required heart intelligence) to discern:
    All of YOU individually, dead and alive, have tried, through and by your own life experience in the InTime to ‘rescue’ the loneliness of the God of Unity, who YOU all are in the NoTime.
    Remembering, what the scriptural encodings really mean, statements like: “Judge not, lest YOU be judged!”
    Because so many of YOU insist on judging others as either good or bad; or as humble or arrogant; or as sane or insane; or as whatever or whatever; this Last Judgement WILL NOT PROCEED.

    And the judgement here is not observation.…but discernment which initiates pURification and what comes now is Ruthless. Wise Remembering Of the Truth of Life Of The Past Eeon. What Comes Now Will Only Reveal The Spirit Of a cuBE of Truth -no aberrations allowed, and when spotted…. quiekly relinquished

    …recapping….march 1. : while indeed my body heels from urane homeopathic contacts


    individual mission completed so be it!
    ..or mine is here…..

    • lol, yours and all of us’ life has been taken over by a monster since aeons…. and it’s that one you deny in your relationships, jobs and direct instant communications you see projected out here in somebody

      …. and it’s yourself that you deny…… from your not authentic appearance mydarling…. much unrest arises.

      You are NOT as dead as you pretend to be!!é n here
      the sound at least is agreable

  11. Dear TMQ,
    I have no idea how you come to thank me for “this incredible photo” which depicts an strong X-Class solar flare which happenend actually early in the morning on Resonant Warrior and is right now “bathing” planet earth and it`s electromagnetic field with plasma and information. Emerging from sunspot AR 1429 (Kin129- Melovia) However this is courious as I was on a long weekend trip to the mountains in Austria and quite disconnected from the “Web”. But I couldn`t withstand a wifi connection for a short time and saw this pic and the information about the last eruption. The whole weekend I was – besides enjoying nature with my daughter and friends reading the book of german Dieter Broers- (R)evolution 2012. Thanxs to Pedrins earlier link to an translated english chapter on Reality Sandwich taken from it. Scientist and Bio-Physicist Broers makes the link between Astrophysics, Biology, Frequency-Medicine, Counciousness and Evolution (2012) and is confirming Arguelles work and teachings with a “rational and scientific” language. For example Broers is confirming that a beam is pulsing out of the center of our galaxy and is pointing couriously directly to planet earth. The sun is blasting out huge amounts of plasmas, which first are stored between the Ionosphere and Earth and later on is absorbed by the Biosphere. Influencing and changing directly our moods, our psychic conditions, our “Frequency”. This plasma is actually pure information and every human responds different on the input. May it be positive or negative. Some feel connected to the source and guided by angels, others freak out and get mad. But not only this, Broers says that the entire Evolution (and History) is a program played out by the sun. Through it`s energy-plasma-information…however you want to call it, the frequency changes and anomalies in Earth`s magnetic field are also changing our DNA. Besides that 2012 is a year with maximum solar sunspot activity – which could trigger a long electricity failout- as NASA confirmed. And the following more or less modern civilization problems. (Oh my god I have no Internet connection any more 🙂 2012 is a change inside ourselves in our evolution,influencing everything from our 3rd to 5th dimensional body. And we know that every change is a chance. But also every change comes trough dissharmony. Dissharmony is only one type of frequency, the universe is expanding trough dissharmony.No matter if we like it or not. If everything would be harmonious…there would be a stand still. Personally and globally. I will link the Reality Sandwich article again, all the rest you will find on spacewaether.com and certainly lawoftime.org! By the way I saw something about a John on 14.5 blog, my name is John too and I will be 14.5 for the next solar round 🙂 So have a good sunbath when the weather in NZ is good and don`t forget Blue Lunar Hand- the sacred Mt. Earth.
    9.7 twin brother of the 9.7th
    on “Galactic Earth” day 17.8
    5 days to 11/03 -hour of the White Worldbridger Land- re-awakening of timeprogramm- antipode of 11/09
    17 Earth days to VV AA (ascension anniversary)
    Time is Art and time is now.
    Now this is amazing too, Auroras due to cracks in Earth-Magnetic Field.

    • Hi Jannis;

      It came from this comment you made on 2/28:

      Jannis 7 Moon (23:36:31) : edit

      Thanks for the link Pedrin, very interesting article…and it came right after the geomagnetic storm news. How was your sun/storm bath…did you have a good trip?

      • I just came back, sweet, and it was warmer than never. I ‘took’ only 20 minuts fo dose and my ear start beeezing ~~> message received… hehe

  12. Hilltop Hoods — Fifty in five
    50 years in 5 minutes … focussing on the lo-lights

    Is this a depression di- or ingest? Works either way … one illushot of suffering per neutrally delivered, neutrally worded lyric-line, the conveyance of outrage is left to the visuals …. sigh, … we need an entirely new medium … bring sewage back up above ground or something .. turn it onto/into (a retrieval, a remix, new n improval of) that fabled middle aged sport of making the rose (and all) give off sound scents.

    my comment on Gee’s position regarding jewry -nconflicted and vascillating to an easily recognizable degree – could be stuck in here. It’s from the fourth, a day with as yet unexamined (/indented) links:

    his being in love with the original signersinners precludes him from admitting/seeing the disservice of that, let alone the way it metastatized in banking. He doesn’t see this cabal as the drivingseat sedentaries behind having nazis slaughter traditionalist of all nations and races, THEY are cultured after all and can expend with any real roots so as to better/more
    concentrate on claiming the repute thereof.
    Morris said something similar today.

    To end the cult famed for that recognizable thick dustcloud tolerant/fighting shapes of the nose … is to end the cult of spiting period. End the turn-off of turning it off, end putting it to the knife ritually even. I made my psychic make-up (residual/inherited / accustomed and acculturated) cult(in question)free using intuition and playfulness (dutch sense of money facilitated and induced sense of freedom conveyed in the word ‘speelruimte’ (which tecnically speaking would equate to a rattle once the friction fighting lube game is lost).

    mayhem2012anonymous op 6 mrt 2012

    Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis – Not Iran
    … yeah, the bittiders chompin@ers, swell slush sluice E lushtaGreedthrush … karekiet kierewiet twiet twiet

    something like this profusion of clashacrashes (pro- & confusion + bad mixed with good, is a bad mix period) can be detected as a prejudice and modus operandi in the response i got from that matrixvidder i posted earlier in this thread. He was answering my comment here: yLDd6Pw7K1U

    also like the dreamspell .. trying to systematize, bake burn solidify monumentalize what is and remains in essence (but not, alas, in effigy) an only once ever ephemeral juncture puncture music of subtlety … it’s mixing (instead of ((eminently, ideally and most rewarding of any 2 factors considered and acted upon UNITED as complementary:)) rock and water) disparate and incommensurable ‘co-ordinates (wake / dream – dark / light – far / near).

    The ‘deep’ meaning of all rock work got deflected into writing a long time ago and constellated in an ever further metastasizing complex of make believers spanning from entertainer – story teller and theatrickery to politics and religion … finally to banking and war-tec, then this complex begins to coil to where the borders between these ‘professions’ are blurred and erased. Voila, banality. Award Hannah Arendt a treehouse.

    Ps: if i sound critical (detect that note!!?!?!?!) it in keinster weise means i would not like pollution to poof disappear and/or stop being toxic. But for now i am hoping on accurate attention and serious reduction. It’s not a matter of choice for most of us, alas.

  13. lol jennhy, what’s creeping up nd down our spine now

    t…….he deadly photonic cloud that some have called a ‘potential Doomsday space event.’
    is tickling on our nerves….. there she is……..

    …and th spies of middleTime are overall now lol “O no, no,” said the little fly, “to ask me is in vain,
    For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.”
    lol gotta rewrite poem delivered to me by micha II…
    so who goes up comes down a’gain; its farout there and deep
    inside, the angels cry, the eagles fly ..and sweet
    Dear little starchildren, who may this story read,
    To idle, silly, flattering words, I pray you ne’er give heed;
    Unto an evil counselor close heart, and ear, and eye,
    And take a lesson from this tale of the Spider and the Fly.

    in the web of the unconscious — don’t you rely on st eve M illrrrr

  14. TMQ my sweetheart you forget to say that my daughter’s sannias name as Tara us given by the master Bhagwan OSHO RAJNEESH the big guy as PACAL VOTAN and JOZÉ ARGULLES and you of course minha linda. hehe

      • I didnt get what you wanted to say with ‘abusive side!’: who? Bhagwan with the Rollsroise, the Pacal with his Piramedes or Argulles with his Internet. hein?!

      • To say that I’m coocko for love Osho, Pacal and Argullles shows that you are stupid guy (sorry darling TMQ for that) did’nt ge the meaning..But you are sweet and deserve anoder chance. kiss in your big boceijas.

    • Hello to all!Although I certainly don’t think I deesrve to be the first to post a comment here I decided to do it nevertheless. (Thanks to Mr. LaViolette for his kind invitation! ) Namely, earlier today I received one very interesting e-newsletter from NASA, revealing recent discovery by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, a previously unseen structure centered in the Milky Way. The feature in a form of two gamma-ray-emitting bubbles that extend 25,000 light-years north and south of the galactic center may be the remnant of an eruption from a supersized black hole at the center of our galaxy (according to NASA).You can read the full article (it was posted yesterday). I am sure it will be of great interest to all of you who have already read the book Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age!Few additional and relevant links:(Interestingly I received the last link just few minutes ago, only “by coincidence”, of course …)Enjoy!

  15. Hey to Code=E 93, we know UR out there somewhere! Happy Annual Solar-Galactic RetURn, friend! (The unexpected benefit of still using last Spin’s Almanac 🙂 )

    WHITE SOLAR MIRROR ~ KIN 158 (18.9)
    “I Pulse in order to Reflect
    Realising Order
    I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
    With the Solar Tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of Timelessness.”

    Long Count Kin 131 Blue Magnetic Monkey
    Day 1 : FEHU is the Flaming Abundance that Initiates the Throne
    Heptad 33 : Codon 38 : Discriminating : Cosmic Order Holds Radiance of Space

    In lak’ech!
    Kin 129


    POstulate 19.10. “The judgement day sequence is the supreme revelation of GOd. The unconscious time of test and trial completed, the dominion of tme unfolds as the triumph of the self-existing self-reflective revelation of the divine plan and the expansion of planetary life into cosmic consciousness, according to the law T(E)=Art.

    POstulate 17.9. ” As guides, angels usher the return of all radiosonic “soul” material to its source, GOd”.
    clear energy influX…. bf / or other artificial 12-60 inventions/from 2 spins ago ERasED

    so lets feeeelll oUR

    http://www.timothywyllie.com/ This is absolutely central: Angels are not thoughtforms.

    However, thoughtforms can appear as angels as much as they can appear as demons. True angels, on the other hand, are spiritual beings who exist at a different and far higher frequency than the astral realms: and there are no demons in the higher frequencies.

    I believe this is basic to an understanding of the rebel angels as there’s been so much confusion over the course of history between angels, demons, and thoughtforms. Consider the horrors of all those centuries of witch-burning; imagine living in constant fear of hellfire and eternal damnation; of growing up regularly terrified every Sunday by scheming preachers and their ghost stories; of being reminded daily of the imminence of evil and of Satan’s irresistible temptations. All these are qualities a later era would recognize as an appropriate ‘set and setting’ for an entheogenic nightmare.


    I place the final reconciliation of the Lucifer Rebellion as occurring in the early 1980s. This ended the long, 203,000 year interregnum, in which Lucifer’s experiment was permitted to continue on those 37 planets. Thus, to cut a long and complex story short, if I can paraphrase Pogo; “We have met the rebel angels and they are us!”

    There is, of course, a great deal more to this statement than might at first be obvious. The most significant, perhaps, is that has to be considered a rarity in the Multiverse. Angels and humans are two different species. Humans don’t become angels, and angels would probably prefer not to become humans. It is extremely unsettling for an angel to take on a mortal incarnation; like “trying to squeeze a rainbow into a coke bottle,” so an angel once told me.

    This leads to the second point: those I have called “incarnate rebel angels” are currently still a tiny proportion of the overall population of the planet. When I was most recently told the number it was approaching one hundred million out of a total of seven billion, but with the proviso of; “more coming in every day.”



    Now, before this gets all freaky and confused, these rebel angel incarnates are not the monsters someone like the fear-mongering Elizabeth Clare Prophet maintains. They aren’t the fallen angels that Hollywood delights showing us raining havoc upon the world. Neither are incarnated rebel angels the Nephilim–they’ve long since come and gone, and they will not be returning!

    http://www.timothywyllie.com/ …from this guy whom i met back in ’87, when he was on ?how to make contact with your guardienAngel-tour¿ in zu rich….didn’t succeed, those days, lol but was brought …onthe way, so to say.


    in lak’ech

  17. Hola!
    im sorry for being late to my Galactic Return
    many things are spinning fast
    lot of movements
    i don’t know why you always know about earthquakes in Argentina that i have no idea they happened
    the real earthquake here is that Roger Waters is performing The Wall
    on the River Plate stadium, and he has almost Sold Out 9 shows!
    it’s a funny resonance now that everyone has a virtual fb Wall
    to see how many people responded to this kind of ceremony
    of the bricks falling down, which happens at the end of every show
    after they’ve been building it up while Roger plays mr.Floyd

    its also coinciding with the 30th year from the war on the Falkland Islands
    or Islas Malvinas.

    What was a disaster here was that a few weeks ago a Train failled to Stop
    at the arrival to the terminal station and 51 people lost their lives and 676 (52×13) were damaged

    this Galactic Return reminded me that it was about 260+ days that i first contacted this blog.

    ive hear that there is a meeting hosted by Red Queen on Australia and she has invited certain kin to participate from around the world,
    TMQ is so close that maybe she is actually there, is she?

    Will the Noospheric Earth Wizards turn the dimensional shift On?

    Love and In Lakech!

  18. .. that was almost interesting …. about bloody you made yourself useful around here … for those who enjoy Tim Wyllie type f(all)lows
    30 dolphins rescued

    seen 118877 x since the 29th of april, the cyber matrixulation of Arguellean Mayanology reduced to a few lines … with a 1200 part receipt printer – the height of pre-Cern, pre-churn* pre-digital timestampage.

    * still god knows how long and far from and before iow, time-chomp(in chimp)champ

    luddite22 (old (timed out even by the moronic youtubian knowledge sharing prevention taskforce that did a hostile ‘be evil’ takeover — account with 8 clock vid

    “This amazing machine, which took eight years to develop, contains 1200 parts, and is purely mechanical, writes the time on a card when the button is depressed! Be sure to watch the makers’ (Manufacture Jaquet Droz) official digitally-rendered video of their “La Machine a Ecrire le Temps” end quote

    seen 2353 x since that same day ….. a virtual version of the same

    5IZImSMPLKk this one incorporates elements of the dutch dreamspell site frontpage animation (seal-skip of day-guide)

    7hOWkCL24lw = imperial time …

    Zenith sur leur montre Christophe Colomb. Echappement

    this clock takes one deep breath (volume expansion to hi lite parts) from 1.47 onwards .. not quite what i envisioned angulated wheels of the doohicky series (from BFuller) i show on the Blabsabs page — since the late nineties .. but seems to not show in the archive.org pages of my lost lycos account — could and would do but it reminds me of simple and rewarding efforts i thought possible and imminent but that was prior to all the mini worldwarz going on already.

    ps: i listened to this:
    02 February 2012 – Occult roots of the Russian Revolution Pt 5/5 on RFH http://gaiaspora.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/RFH-2-Feb-2011-Part-5-occult-history-of-the-russian-revolution.mp3

    and i found he talked too much as well

    Lash plugs Russia big time on radio free humanity, file name:
    a program on afr – american freedom radio with Frater X (on youtube about the banal end of freemasonry – typeoneartist, 11vid account): http://fraterx.blogspot.com/ his writing in white on black .. a rainbro bro fascinated with thing ecclesiacal, i quote:

    “A unified front of freedom fighters, they were oath-sworn to wrench the oppressive shackles of corporate intrusion, once and for all, from humanity. They would do it one planetary system at a time.
    And they were just starting to make a dent when Galactic Intel caught them with their pants down restocking provisions at a remote outpost. Leo’s entire underground brigade was slaughtered before he and the other ringleaders were brought before Galactic Justice.
    Of course, that was ten years gone now.”

    his own site is kinda queer (but it fails to come/present me with ‘page right’ button): http://www.middlechamberfx.com/

    Russocaust variety of suspicion and paranoia, nowadays potentiated with surveillance tec … all to bolster a monoculture morale of good old christian decency metastatized into lift-off mode.

    The part of biblicality (dust noseyness, venturesome end of the veiled and swaddled sand nigger) that resisted tacking the greener drove derived and directed gospels (Cernunnos is peace prince?!?!) onto them, remained uncured, and worse, proved infectious, turning evangelism into worse than a failure, blowing forth and back till the world is clear out of clean breath nowadays.

    The RussRevo was the attempt to strip GGGristianity of all vestiges of organic growth rates and ratios it inherited from biblicality that backfired as well … cause … well, brainwashing is a lot easier than dna washing and diluting jewgenes has proved a ‘heilloze weg’ so far.

    christianity lost lots of once gained ground
    Grit = (Gr) it = contained armed forces, loosened from home chore morings, hometurf undefended and open to assaults of the brutest kinds is turning to IT, fun friction to frightful fiction, a sustaining tie to earth turns into a ‘connection’ (which, as all attenuation, bears a tendency towards tenuous, precarious, barely bearable conditionings)

    Pride and sense of superiority, admiration entitlement, an expectation of all, however remote, to become, and if not, deserve prying wide open to their missionary zeal, it’s all due to increasing numbers and if permaculture were it’s driving force, the green and neotenous aspects of clever nerd exploitation, iow, zionism would be redeemed and welcomed on the double. With their clout it’s gonna be easy …a few more center galaxy bullseye light blasts and the hilowoodian era will fit all sizes as one.

    is christanity just a holperklotz blunt bot clumsy effort to institutionalize neoteny? It soon metassttizes into the mayhem of rule change and gaming of all by upper cabals. You HiFreq broker on the phoney, what shall i tell him?

    5 audio files w Arguelles (06 – 09)

    5 longer vids w Arguelles (last public appearances)

    don’t like Lash on about gravity and free energy (Red Ice)
    we are here dude, and down here Gravity DOES rule a thing or two and providence has made it so simple and easy to work with, friction creates the rhythm to our melody, it doesn’t cry out in pain, you don’t need to hunt it … all the other flighty and fabulous crap is too elusive and hard to get ahold of. This guy has looked at the starz too much and at true starts too little.

    • the anecdoot is as this poetpietjepuk ;-)>

      a teacher teaches Tzolkin on the Avonturijn, kids between 12 – 16
      they heard from this wonderful calendar with colours and seals …
      but then what are those tones?
      and how are they living their harmoniQ?
      and how can u make us experince a realistic adventure?

      … the teaching went as it goes by the flow …
      with an adult bringing in her knowledge … discoursing the flow …
      but then still a stream …

      children gratitude was typical … but authentic

      a boY who was not at the table of lecture passed by the teacher and
      shot his swiss comment: “U were boooooooring , sir!”

      Later on the guiding adult mailed an apology from that boy to the teacher
      for he realized he could have hurt the teacher on his inner feelings …

      the teacher whispered back …
      part of the lecture of Tzolkin is the inheritance of the heart working from both sides, which delivers a vast panorama on life & love & noo~void

      so no-one & no-body can possibly hurt his vast~ness that guarantees a full life cleanSing historic chroniclues …

      |~{ … }~:
      take a whistle from a locomotive breath … and whistle your tune :-)<~~~

    • A Swiss cuckoo lays its egg in the crypte of anoother bird .. And destroys the original eggs from that bird in metta.

      Kin-aligning people recognize this habits .. As a natural phenomenon.

      Teachers “teach” in the eye of the beholder, the tutor in charge of its kin & kosmic destiny ..

      In Switzerland Jose & Lloydine once discovered the impact of the 4th dimension and also his The Swiss Nation is a slave to nazi-USA and maybe other agressive elements behaving against the will of the human race.

      At the end “they” will say they teached the human to overcome “historic chronicles” .. But they actually did not do this in the eye of the beholder.

      Cuckoo cuckoo .. In Maya every bird lays an egg – what does the roopyroopybird from Lucknow, India?

  19. ♥♥♥ http://thevenusproject.com/ ♥♥♥



    ღღღღღ Nice Project ((-: ღღღღღ

    Some Info :

    Have a great weekend Kin’s

    ☆¸.•*¨*`•.☆ï ђøρε ï ђεlρεḋ☆¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆

    ☆¸.•*¨*`•.ђคשε ค ηï¢ε đคу ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆

    GrX Priscella 🙂

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