Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic codes the 11th Day of the 9th Moon

LAMAT            Kin 188

Yellow Rhythmic Star

Yellow Rhytmic Star
White Rhytmic Mirror Yellow Rhytmic Star Blue Rhytmic Monkey
  Red Galactic Skywalker
I organise in order to beautify,  balancing art.
I seal the store of elegance  with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force and Antipode is PVCS 6 Mirror.
The CDK and Hidden Power are both coded by 13.8:  Galactic Skywalker.
Solar Kali 11 corresponds to PSI 2 MonKEY, and the Long Count is 11 Dragon.
8.6.  ” The formulation of the Law of Time and application of the corrective fourth-dimensional tools commence the re-establishment of the right relationship between the AC (Aboriginal Continuity) and the CA (Cosmic Awareness).  Individually and collectively, this process constitutes the central program of the “magnetic re-education of humanity,” and is generically defined as “yoga.”

188  47 x 4,  measure of the prophet, reverse 881, 881 –188 = 693, vigesimal 9.8″

188 can also denote 18.8; and 13.8 can refer to 138
Today, Moon 11; day 9 is a reminder of the Ultimate Magic Turtle Day that codes the Equinox:  Blue Solar MonKEY on the 14th day of the Solar MonKEY Moon  🙂
The last transmission was meant to be on 3 Serpent, but WordPress difficulties prevented it’s completion and publication.  The next blog [as stated in my comment just hours ago] was meant to appear on the ‘Magic Turtle Equinox’.
Synchronicities [and your e-mails of concern] are prompting this ‘stream-of-consciousness’ transmission, which began at 11:09 during the 188 watch of 188 on the 13 Moon date of 9.11  🙂
Today is St. Patrick’s Day. This week, TMQ researched her Irish Grandmother, checked out a library book called ‘Ireland: It’s Myths and Legends” and viewed a film about the 1920 Irish Revolts called “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.” The film portrays how workers across Ireland formed small volunteer armies to defend themselves from the notorious English para-military squads.
This article: helps to explain why my Grandmother’s family fled Ireland for Canada and India, where 10 of her 11 siblings perished from Cholera.  An hour after writing the preceding, saw this:
Several of you sent e-mails, expressing concern or surprise at the exclusion of some dedicated Kin from Stephanie 3 Serpent’s gathering in Australia [which A1d7r7‘s e-mail  revealed as connected to establishment of a Crest community].  Jannis 7 Moon, hopefully  these 739 posts  demonstrate a consistent support of the Law of Time and faithful dissemination of their knowledge. 
Yes, their lack of response and ‘Kinship’ is sad, but not to be dwelt upon.  We’ll hopefully learn via Branch 4 Sun and others about how this gathering   goes.  We all hope for their success at manifesting one of Valum Votan’s visions.  May this event Catalyze others [like us!] to follow suit  🙂  Crest13 Logo
On the 9th day of the 9th Moon, “Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano unleashes 9 low-level emissions”
Popcapetl is next to the Teotihuacan complex, which contains the Pyramid of the Sun, site of Valum Votan’s revelation and where he was honored by  9 Mayan elders..
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace I just now realized that half of the  kin 185 draft was not saved when my computer suddenly shut itself off.  Part of the lost discussed your great comments, and there is not enough time now to reconstruct that.  Here is the last part that was saved:
Thanks to Pedrin 4 Warrior, we hear and see the Vela Pulsar and Velatropa 24 [our Sun]. “ But on March 7, a powerful solar flare, one of a series of recent solar eruptions, dominated the gamma-ray sky at energies up to 1 billion times the energy of visible light photon“! These images put the recent solar flares into perspective.
Perhaps this image:
illustrates how the Sun’s powerful emissions are helping to induce the
“The massive vibrational change of consciousness [which] is palpable” 🙂
This article: asks “Vast Increase In ‘Star Bubbles’ Proof Of Energetic Change?

A team of volunteers pored over observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and discovered more than 5,000

 Electric Universe Synopsis

The naked electric force is 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand billion billion billion billion times) stronger than gravity. The visible universe is constituted almost entirely of electrically active plasma.”

This statement shows the massive power of the Radial Plasmas we are telepathically entraining ourselves with, via the ‘7:7::7:7’ practice. This is why we will be able to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge at the end of the Cycle.

The lost blog portion contained  a numerical analysis of Cheetah Cosmic Serpent’s fascinating belief that Valum Votan reincarnated in Africa on Hunab Ku Day O.O.  Kin 65 describes his conception on 12 Eagle, 66 days [65 +1] after he left the planet.  Interesting to note that 11.11 + 15.12 equals  6.10, Planetary WorldBridger and  6:10 is the  time of his Birth and Death as Kin 11Cheetah, please keep us informed about your coming move to Masai Mara       to be near the ‘Pauper Prince’ who chose to incarnate on the last Hunab Ku O.O. of the 13 Baktuns.

13 Serpent  concluded her comment with: It’s only a matter of time… Where do you want to be when 12:60 time is up That is a question I ponder daily; it seems to lead back to being in a 13:20 Community

Grayham 13 Eagle [who appeared in last night’s dream]  suggests that the geographic place is not as important as :   love/compassion/empathy/truth creates an expanding ‘wave’ solely constructed upon golden phi ratio’s, no other ‘wave’ will survive , over time…”

Branch 4 Sun reminds us that: As we let our 12:60 selves fade away and actively engage our 13:20 identity’s, we take on the mythic/archetypal function of our true destiny.

13 Night added:  “On the cusps of the 12:60 collapsed/by(21:42:24) allInk’lusive riddle…………. .may Prophecy purify Victory of the 13 Moons as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth Photo Cosmic Night contributed an abundance of Cosmic knowledge after the Cosmic Wind post. 

TMQ began Rhythmic Star by reading Jannis 7 Moon’s comment about the Coronal Mass Ejection displayed over Queenstown.

Next, she enjoyed the Portal to 2012 meditation provided by 13 Night.  It discussed how the Equinox [coded by Magic Turtle  9 Monkey of the 9 Monkey Moon] is the Portal to the 2012 December Solstice

Then,  an e-mail from Carolyn 3 Dragon  [who hosted the  2012 talk TMQ gave earlier this week] arrived with this link:    This Queenstown event for Solstice 2012 begins on 12/12/12 at  “12: 12 at Lake Hawea, Cosmic Egg [near Queenstown]:File:Lake Hawea panorama.jpg

12.12 is my G-Force, and this reminds me of the 11/11/11 event at Lake Taupo  which caused TMQ to spend the Kin 103 Solstice at Lake Taupo [=103].  The last number in the above  link is 183 [18.3] and the 2011 Solstice here was at 18:03.  At that moment, cloudy skies at Lake Taupo revealed a beautiful rainbow.  For TMQ, during her 18.3 year as Electric Mirror, this was the best omen for oUR manifesting  the Circum-Polar Rainbow Bridge in 2012 🙂 12/12/12 is coded by 18.3:  3 Mirror.
Discovering these synchronicities during the 6 Star watch, along with  memories of an outdoor meal with Valum Votan and Stephanie at an 8-sided restaurant on the shore of the lake at Queenstown, Catalyzed 8 Mirror to write this impromptu blog.
In New Zealand, it is now GAP Kin 189Happy Galactic Return to Jannis 7 Moon!  And Thank you ‘Mayan Jannis’  for sharing this  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 9. 11.        Cube Five:  SEX                Kin 188

38 thoughts on “Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic codes the 11th Day of the 9th Moon

  1. thanks again for linking so many ‘happenings’ together here in one place.
    It is perfectly clear that V.V. is closer of the 2012 cycle, bringing 4D time to the awareness of many.
    It is equally clear that the ‘Opener’ for the next cycle , post 2013, is not, can not be, contained in any one person, it is the ‘Universal’, therefore the ‘Overself’ of all, each of us (our post 2012 self) creates using this universal ‘Timeless Blueprint’.
    Buddhists call this the ‘Dharmakaya – Reality Body’, which is clearly and usefully the unlimited and 4ever unpackable ‘Golden Phi Ratio”.
    Welcome this new era, it is already here.
    Take for example this new discovery (one of many about to arrive) , here you’ll read how alchemy transforms one element into another, a major key being the result of golden phi ratio principles. Earth / nature always had the oversight, after all , we as auric bubbles (our size is our capacity) contain enough love to eventually dematerialize, then obviously ‘Earth’ as a being – auric bubble body (her size and her capacity) contains – soooo- much more love to manifest what ‘She’ see’s fit, we as humans can’t possibly imagine her capabilities, that would be like thinking , one cell in our body could determine all the possibilities we have.

  2. Imagine you are enlightened….Sat, Cit, Ananda….cosmic Councioussness ..full of bliss…all pervading….all knowing….. timeless… endless…..wouldn`t you surf back the timeline…..go back into this dream to your 3rd dimensional friend to help him reaching that point? The Galactic Mayans are not out there, they are here…behind the door in another dimension. This sounds cosmic but is already confirmed by modern science. So let`s open the “doors of perception”. 🙂

    • if i were enlightened would i get to think on someone else that is not? does the experience of self-not self survive after enlightment?

      • I don`t know a1d7r7i but when I found out i´ll tell you …..certainly as Grayham mentioned in Bhuddist tradition some avatars only incarnate to help us toward that point. It is a centurys old lineage f.e. with the 14th Dalai Lama and the 17th Karmapa. Others would maybe go on to a differnt planet/world. But as different and colourfull live is as different are the storys….it took Jose Arguelles nearly a lifetime to transform into Valum Votan and fullfill his mission as “Times special witness”. When you think of million of light years- what is a lifetime ? Maybe the last step of enlightenment is boring (as subject and object merges into all) and it`s more adventure and fun beeing on the road captured in the Matrix. 🙂

  3. Jannis you nailed it! you are probably one, yea?
    some, perhaps 1% of humanity ARE the galactic Maya, here incarnate, with the rest of the team, as you suggest, ‘behind the door in another dimension’.

  4. W6DrxMkQEEw — famous choir song with scenes from Roman dignitary pageant and banquet set to one of them sweet sounding youngster choirs doing that famous ‘jerusalem’ chorus … w text by Barry Chamish .. a man with a pleasant voice who unleashes Biblical speculation onto the air n wire waves .. it’s the freshest little vid that comes up searching for him ( was guaging his virulence, can’t really stand listening to him).
    The vid shows them red on white square crosses with little replicas in each quadrant … which immediately brings to mind JA … how could he, who agitated against the church a fair bit, end up with something that fleshes out the rather evacuated version of the Church??? And is he not just adding barbs and multiple meshes to catch even more gullibles for the eager though jaded banquet gullets?????

    Funny that a lass (hi cheaty) retiring from a catholic school in one missionary position considers plans on doing some kind of hybrid tibetan divinativity (get a whiff of some ((flattened* tibetext(((i)))lure)) the 19th second of that vid) on prolly another church property 3 continents away.

    * = These fucking triangulators can’t quit flattening the wor(l)d. Would be galactirony if JA does reincarnate onto a mission someplace. Hah!

    Meanwhile nobody responds to my suggestion to find out just why Cernunnos is shown in the statue of a Rheims Museum, flanked by Roman gods.

    I mean if there are elements of the(?) Jewish Messiah (if that means anything besides the whole race or a golem lineage of some sort), pagan sun gods, hunt-lords, Nemrod and Ceasar .. all mixed up into the Gospels, then why wouldn’t such an accomplished person and/or archetype play a role in this maxmeshmatch???

  5. … prolly one of the vids that got me started looking in to Bob and soon had me scolding him Head E-wastrel … he has changed tack since and left hooks with dematerial and non-phicycle then follows through with right hooking you to rna-drops … a rerun of ormusshtick but more proprietary

    • 55, Thanks for this;

      I’ve listened to the first 3, I see why they ‘catalyzed’ your interest.
      He’s so positive and fascinating.
      I wonder if their venture in Costa Rica bore fruit?

  6. no not really i guess … he’s been holin up in hawaii for a number of years now … if you ask me he has run a scam lying about his biography and age (ifor a very long time, his dad supposedly butlered for the filthiest rich can get .. and if there’s long term planning in play, it sure aint planning for millenial treehouses .. know what i mean?

  7. he is a bit like Dylan … sounding purposely grating … being really slack (hah!) about audio quality (unless he rides the waves on proffie broadboards), .. i mean, if you are only the slightest above flatprone prostrate submissive he will call upon the nastiest sounding cords in his gurgle to fuck with you .. i can’t take it anymore … but in a short time my folder with his crap was the fattest on my box .. he aint shy about over the edginess as long as it’s an antaeos trick … it can never get over the top liftoff awfull Offall enough root$ground nono&nono. He’s proven quite as resistant to rock dust as … Jose.

    ever seen Carnivale?
    I am Ben, he is Bro Justin.

    • Never heard of it, but just now searched it:

      “During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell.”

      Is Ben the former?

  8. yup … it’s a totally beautiful series … when i saw terry gilliam’s travelling show movie i was reminded of it … though it’s real different.

  9. Greetings!!!

    Todaya eye had three separate cUStomers ask aboUT subjects in this order:

    A woman in her late 40’s asking aboUT –
    Dr. Emoto and the power of Hado, conscious water – she works at a prison and wants to help heal it and protect herself…

    A man in his 60’s asking aboUT –
    – Fibbonaci books – technical, not historical
    – Tesla books – again, specs, not fawning
    – Anything about Otis, the inventor of the “elevator,” who had actually been working on anti-gravity theory but made do with hydraulics until he mysteriously “disappeared”…

    Aye could see the poTENtial of his mayand – mUSt have materials on hand at work to fissURe some men 😉 One look at the Telektonon and eye think he might have flipped!

    Anoother kid in his 20’s asking about –
    Foucault’s Pendulum (which eye have read) and Umberto Eco’s unread library…

    The noo is here. In US. We jUSt have to plug in. 😉

    Kin 191 (Solar MooKey Dave Gahan) is sURe to shake a spring or two – get to a freestate!!!

    I can hear your soul crying
    Listen to your spirit sighing
    I can feel your desperation
    Emotional deprivation

    Let yourself go
    Let yourself go
    Let your feelings show

    Picking up the conversations
    Deep in your imagination
    Tune in to the lonely voices
    Talking of their only choices

    Let yourself go
    Let yourself go
    Let your spirit grow

    Step out of your cage and onto the stage
    It’s time to start playing your part
    Freedom awaits
    Open the gates
    Open your mind
    Freedom’s a state

    I can taste the tears falling
    The bitterness that’s inside you calling
    Yearning for a liberation
    Emotional emancipation

    Let yourself go
    Let yourself go
    Let your senses overflow

    Step out of your cage and onto the stage
    It’s time to start playing your part
    Freedom awaits
    Open the gates
    Open your mind
    Freedom’s a state


  10. apropo ‘free'(ing)

    DeYsMS8x89A – depeche mode with resonator guitar
    last line: “freedom’s a state” …. yeah, it’s in a state alrite but
    that’s cause nobody helps me focus on simple facts, like:
    ‘freedom is great when freeing’s a grate’ .. and i don’t mean the
    discouragement of oncoming groupies or plain submission filter
    frequencies either. More like this best of europe and africa
    combined … kinda like the alps are showing us is possible
    (afreaka on top)

    there’s a few moments where one sees people work (with) rocks
    but not nearly in the way my mortar pestle works … don’t think i
    even photographed my one and only painting (it’s kinda ugly in
    places and jose didn’t see the need to help me so blame him)
    but it shows the type scenes like in the last 5 minutes of that
    docu (my favorite part) except i use solid metal and rock, not
    wood on the sticky foodstuff

  11. oops, .. here’s a passage that goes between my last 2

    opdrift = danish for buoyancy
    from When The Moment Sings – The Muse Within (1996)
    13thou in half a year

    ‘newrulesofposture’ commented:

    This beautiful film by Norwegian professor of
    musicology, Jon Roar Bjorkvald, is an impassioned
    plea for the re-embodiment of our humanity. The
    film makes it clear what being present in the body
    looks like in contrast with humans that lack
    embodied presence. Well worth watching!

    slightly pompous and highly exxagerative fellow really.

  12. Hi All;

    This just arrived via e-mail from Pedrin 4 Warrior, who experienced WordPress difficulties in posting this comment:

    “Mysterious giant objects discovered in center of our galaxy.


    My feeling is that The Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope are ‘seeing’ an unknown dimension.”

    Thanks Pedrin, and Happy Magic Turtle Equinox to all!

  13. Greetings Kin

    Today we see a Calendar reflection;
    Dreamspell 9.13 — Gregorian 3.19

    I know of only two others but I’m sure there are a few more.
    Here’s a hint (1 just passed and the other is still to come)

    Also, did anyone else notice the “188 day Earthquake cycle” meme going around the web on Kin 188? It’s been out there for a little while but it seems to have just gone viral on facebook. Ominous.

    Anyone ever wonder what the numerical range is to the Master Telepathic Frequency Index? Talk about a mind bender. If anyone else reading this is practicing Synchronotron, I would love to hear what you have found. My studing has led me to a range of 101 – 2275. Making 2174.
    There is a lot of magic to these numbers but I want to make sure they are correct first before waxing…

    Today’s MTFI is 1655 (5×331)
    It’s Kin Eq is 4 Eagle
    This is the same as Solar 4 just 9 days ago.
    Tomorrow the magic turtle moon (9) will greet us.
    Gotta love the power of nine (time)

    In Lak’esh
    Agent 160 out

  14. “armed forces” 90,500,000
    “pacifist forces” 1320
    i sincerely regret not having blown all my savings on getting permaculture
    manuels translated and helping Dawson follow through after that brill liddul
    vid he did in Jordan(ia). then attempt to distribute them along the manmade
    river .. along with watering cans … there’s a vid up today with a 200 meter spountain where it was bombed.

    Then again, it would prolly have been a waste of money, .. best sun, best water and still the people of the dust prefer explosives, ballistics,
    deadly macho games.

  15. Absolutely Jannis, boredom will be a tough task to trascend for us western hybrids who were born under the entertainment dictatorship era. It still seems that we meassure the cosmos with our old linear mind cause, when it becomes radial, how can there be a before and After enlightment? What does it mean that a bodysattva avoids enlighment to serve others? is that some type of metaphor?

    In the Dzogchen tradition there are these three dimentions or kayas to contemplate on the nature of the mind, that when trained, work as a vehicle to bring us safe outside the wheel of samsara or karmic vision:

    DharmaKaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya

    If i get it right,

    1.Dharmakaya is Void, Truth, Essence,
    The true essence of the mind is void

    2.Sambhogakaya is light, form,
    Even when the essence is void there is light and forms

    3.Nirmanakaya is continuous manifestation of energy
    which i assume is related to Time

    If we keep focused on those three and let the appearances pass,
    at a certain point that vision is established

    That is considered to be de Great Vehicle in buddism and it was what Valum Votan practiced for many years with his Teacher Trungpa Rimpoche

    We are circling
    Circling together
    We are singing
    Singing our heart song
    This is family
    This is unity
    This is celebration
    This is sacred*

    • Samboghakaya is also called The Rainbow Body. Or in 13:20 terminolgy the 5th Dimensional. Very often when Bhuddist Masters die/transcend who reached that State of coucioussness/enlightenment Rainbows appear in the sky. The most amazing colourfull Rainbow i have Ever Seen was right after a Dzogchen initiation/retreat in switzerland. It was triple! Look out for Rainbows on 14.12 Crystal Wizard at The VV anniversary. Rainbow Master VV…. “And He had a Rainbow on His Head. And was Standing there with One Foot on The Water and One on The Land. And He roaret like a Lion. And He came for One reason: To stop Time! ” Seems like there was a strong earthquake, just came on The News…..

  16. Yes, I was just writing about it for the ‘Ascension Anniversary transmission:

    “On the double Magic Turtle Equinox, “Two major earthquake have struck the world within 6 minutes of each other. The earthquakes were a deep PVCS 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Papua, Indonesia,” and a 7.6 earthquake in Mexico. The quake, felt in Mexico City and Acapulco was 11 Miles deep, and was originally reported as a PVCS 7.9.”

    I agree, Jannis 9.7, it will be wonderful to see Rainbows on Crystal Wizard!

  17. 1 day and a half ago i had a wonderfoul talk via skype with TMQ, it was fantastic to see each other and connect two opposite sides of the globe as it was night in Argentina and Afternoon in New Zeland.
    Id love to have that experience with other kin as well.
    Search 4 me by the nick adriang.177 on skype

    Catalyze the advent of the noosphere!

  18. Fellow Kin
    Those who have been doing Synchronotron, please look over this??

    Solar 15 Kin 192 (Cube 9)

    (Time Matrix)=V.21,H.5=(66)
    V.21,H.5=(317)=Space Matrix
    V.21,H.5=(38)=Synchronic Matrix
    TFI Time Matrix=(421)

    (Space Matrix)=V.2,H.15=(192)
    V.2,H.15=(74)=Time Matrix
    V.2,H.15=(57)=Synchronic Matrix
    TFI Space Matrix=(323)

    (Synchronic Matrix)=V.14,H.13=(192)
    V.14,H.13=(321)=Time Matrix
    V.14,H.13=(242)=Space Matrix
    TFI Synchronic Matrix=(755)

    BMU=(176)=(22×8,11×16=22nd Octave, Vigesimal 8.16)
    MTFI=(199)=Self-Existing house of the World-Changer

    Any corrections appreciated.
    Blessings Family.
    Agent 93

    • I think Matrix-Day above 10th July 1999 Kin 238 is TFI 1499 also. 7 min to Kin 194 White Crystal Wizard VV AA Return of First lost Generation/ Solar Witness
      Combined my TFI 1383 with 1499 “for Fun” 2882 Kin eqiv. 22 Bolon Ik … 00:00 and 36 % battery 🙂

  19. Greetings Lunar Skywalker,

    Everything looks correct to me. I would just note that the MTFI is 1499 which then becomes BMU 176
    The Kin Eq. is 199 Se-Storm which is heavily coded. (6th lost Generation – Alice Bailey, Mevlana, Sri Aurobindo, and the numerical value of Orgonix23 (yours truly) to mention a few.

    1499 is the 239th Prime.
    239 is also coded by Storm and is the 53rd Prime

    HMP UR 110
    Waking Consciousness Discriminates Space

    Happy decoding, 🙂
    agent 160

  20. kiwiallegiance, know the knowing one Earth one People one Time, Aotearoa New Zealand, Come on please(( wake up)) 22 Fenchurch street GlenInnes come and sign petition. C.R.A.N.Z, i am another yourself

  21. Today is one month since the train tragedy on Buenos Aires where 51 people where dead and 700 damaged when the train`s brakes failed at the arrival to the terminal station and the 3 wagon collisioned the 2nd.
    This very sad event occured at 7.28 am

    this is todays newspaper cover, it reads:

    Delays, fear and resignation in 7.28 train

    very prophetic on this Spectral Skywalker day

  22. being afcourse that we’ re entering the 49th harmonic which ends on kin 196=28×7=Uranus Bode number=VV(11)+RQ(185)

  23. undercurrentspaulo op 21 feb 2012
    viewed 44441 since then (already)
    at 1.49 one sees JA in the distance on stage (Cancun) for 3 seconds. The
    hour and 14m long movie shows and is about real maya being real critical of
    the west, some few rejecting to the point of resisting fiercely enough to be
    tortured and eliminated as nuisance cause they don’t like being relocated
    (part of western ’empireligion’), it shows gentle rituals mostly and love
    declarations for simple lifestyle.

    I find the name kind of odd, specially hearing them speak in the colonizer’s language. Only the end song seems to be in a native tongue

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