Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes the FIRST Lord of Time and Valum Votan’s FIRST Ascension Anniversary, on Solar 17

IX                        Kin 194

White Crystal Wizard

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal Seed White Crystal Wizard Red Crystal Serpent
  Blue Lunar Hand
I dedicate in order to enchant
universalizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of death.
Today’s  CDK is Kin 79 [19.1] known as the Noosphere Constant.
The Long Count is  7.4, which is Mayan Notation for 144.  The Earthquake mentioned below has now been down-graded a second time, to a 7.4.
One year later, Valum Votan’s Ascension seems even more Perfectly timed.
14.12 + 11.11 = 5.10, Planetary Serpent, which is VVs Long Count.
The G-Force of the day that codes his First Ascension Anniversary is 11 Warrior, a reminder of the Warrior’s 16 Day Cube Journey, elucidated by Kin 11.  Today is Cube 11:  MAGIC:
May the Return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”
14.12:   “Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.  Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.”
 194: 97 x 2, vigesimal 9.14, code of the Crystal Wizard,  Book of the First Lost Generation,  Book of the Throne, note 9.14 = 914 – 194 = 720″
CHC Quote for Day 17;  Moon 9:
In the cosmic evolutionary nature, whenever a planet attains noosphere—the planetary mind—it then becomes capable of receiving the processes that create galactic culture.”
Crystal Wizard alpha-numerically = 179 17.9 = today’s 13 Moon date. [CDK 19.1 + 18.8 = 17.9]
Gamma numerically equals 35;  This is Week/Heptad: 35.
Synchronistically, this week 35 corresponds to Codon 35  :): 
MIND EXPANDING:  Cosmic Order Enlightens Space.”
Also, when Gamma is calculated via the ‘V.V. Method’ [7+1+40+40+1] it equals 89!
One Solar Spin and one Hunab Ku O.O ago, Valum Votan crossed through the
‘Doors of Perception” on Kin 89:  Spectral Moon.
11.11 painted these ‘Doors of Perception” in  1996-7, and 1991. 
 TMQ would marvel at these 6 foor high creations during visits to the Law of Time Gallery in Ashland. 
Displayed side-by-side, they created a large  colorful 11  🙂
Here is a synopsis of what Valum Votan may have experienced in his process of Ascension:

1] Downloading the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is entering us through our Crown and settling in to our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

2) Loving that light and love so much that we can allow it to travel into the hidden darkness and fear of our deepest subconscious self.

3)  As we travel the fourth dimension of formerly unconscious self,  we allow the multidimensional light to reveal and heal any hidden fear/darkness to our conscious self.  With the conscious awareness of our wounding, we can learn to use the power of unconditional love to heal our wounded ego-self.

4) Through the process of revealing and healing our fear with light and love, we learn unconditional love and detached compassion for our body, reality, experiences and persistent reactionary patterns (behaviors) that we formerly identified as our “self.”

5) As we integrate the multidimensional light, unconditional love and detached compassion into our consciousness and our physical body, we begin the process of activating our multidimensional Lightbody. This activation initiates inter-dimensional travel.

6) Our inter-dimensional journeys into the higher worlds via our multidimensional consciousness serves to further activate our Lightbody. At this we began to emanate multidimensional light and unconditional love from the Core of our Self and out through our Third Eye and High Heart. It is the emanation of this higher expression of our SELF that begins the opening of our Inner Ascension Portal. This Portal acts much like a compass to guide us on our process of returning to the Multidimensional Being of light that we have always been. This open Portal allows us more intimate communication and communing with the higher frequencies of reality.

Valum Votan painted  “PORTALS of PERCEPTION” IN 1991-2 

7) At this point we must SURRENDER to whatever happens. It is this surrender that allows us to begin our Final Initiation. Within this Final Initiation we will take a deep look into our deepest subconscious to love free any and every fearful thought, emotion, memory and behavior that has impeded our complete connection with our Multidimensional SELF. It is these final, unconscious elements of our ego that have dis-allowed our full return to Lightbody and de-railed our Personal Ascension. It is during this phase of ascension that we begin to consciously experience more and more expressions of our Multidimensional SELF.

8) NOW, it is vital that we believe, know and accept that everything that happens and everything in our life is PERFECT. By this point of ascension we realize that we are ONE with Planet Earth, and we dedicate our efforts not just to our personal ascension process, but to the process of Planetary Process, as well. In fact, our main dedication is to the Planetary Ascension because we have learned that we infinite, Multidimensional Beings who cannot die.”

In his final moments before Ascension, Valum Votan told Stephanie 185 that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT“.

9) With the acceptance that ALL is perfect, we can embrace the innocence and purity of our Divine Child, the part of us that has never forgotten our SELF. Within this purity and innocence, we can actively await the re-birth of our Lightbody and ascension experience with a Clear Mind and Open Heart. Furthermore, we perceive our Multidimensional SELF to embrace not only planet Earth, but Her Solar Family, as well.  Hence, inter-dimensional communication is becoming normal.

10) By this phase of ascension, we are in contact with several, if not many expressions of our higher dimensional SELF.  Hence, we realize that our SELF encompasses the entire Milky Way Galaxy because we have entered our full Galactic Consciousness. Now, we must face the most difficult challenge of releasing whatever remnants of ego still remain. We would like to think that all ego is gone, but as long as we hold an earth vessel and live within our third dimensional life, our ego is called to duty so that it can control our Physical life.  Now our great challenge is to release ALL control of our physical life to our Multidimensional SELF. In other words, now is the time to just — LET GO! From

Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles was Released and  Liberated 366 days ago.
 On the double Magic Turtle Equinox, [the Equinox during the Solar Monkey Moon, on the day coded by Solar Monkey]: “Two major earthquake have struck the world within 6 minutes of each other. The earthquakes were a deep PVCS 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Papua, Indonesia,” and a 7.6 earthquake in Mexico.  The quake,  felt in Mexico City and Acapulco  was 11 Miles deep, and was  originally reported as a PVCS 7.9.
The 7.6 struck at 12:02 [PVCS 12.2]  in the Land of the Maya.  These TWIN Earthquakes Struck on the Equinox, when people  gather to see Quetzalcoatl descend his Pyramid at Chichen Itza.  President Obama’s 13 year old  daughter was part of a group of [PVCS} 26 friends in Oaxaca, Mexico, the epicenter of the  Earthquake.
Hours after the Equinox ended:


 “Computer records indicate a single “super bolt”  [a positively-charged cloud-to-ground stroke of lightning] struck in the heart of South Tulsa at 3:33 in the morning of 3/21/2012.  333-260 = 73;   Red Galactic Skywalker [13.8

 Tulsa = 7373 is the age of the other 11.11′ Votan’s TWIN, Ivan Arguelles.

 Image Detail

Today,  Crystal Wizard is exactly 39 days until the Moon which is  coded by Crystal Wizard.

Today exactly, 39 weeks remain  until the Crystal Hand Solstice

Kin 39:  19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Vinal 13:  “Closing the  equivocating part and entering a trance”

The First Ascension Anniversary of Valum Votan begins Nine days that are coded by the Nine Lords of Time.

Today is also a New Moon, and the beginning of Navaratri.  During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi , Mother Goddess, are worshipped.”   It was perfect to see the latest video shared by PoetPiet 3 Eagle which shows how much the current Mayans honor and cherish “Mother Earth” who gives us life. 

TMQ is fortunate to be able to begin this sacred period at Cable Bay, at the home of the First Solar Witness, Neil 12 Wizard and Sandra, 13.4.  We will attend a New Moon Sacred Sweat-lodge Sauna on the beach of an ‘Island of Mystery and Royalty’ at Sunset, with two special people. 

The Sun sets here at 7:28, 728-520 = 208:  Cosmic Star, the day that codes the 2012 Solstice here.  The New Moon is at 3:38.  338-260 = 78:  Cosmic Mirror, which is the Antipode of Cosmic Star. 

What a Splendid and Magical way to Enter the Trance” and to honor Valum Votan  🙂 

During these Nine days, TMQ will be online rarely, but in nature and meditation frequently.  She will also be in Golden Bay to visit the Second Lord of Time; Grayham 13 Eagle, and for her Galactic Return on White Electric Mirror, who codes the Fifth and  [sole]Feminine Lord of TimeSupreme Golden Maiden.

May we all feel more connected to each other, and to Valum Votan during this spiritually-charged Nine days.

N. S.  1. 24. 9. 17.    Cube 11:  MAGIC   Kin 194


58 thoughts on “Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes the FIRST Lord of Time and Valum Votan’s FIRST Ascension Anniversary, on Solar 17

  1. Look 4ward to seeing you next week;
    it’s funny how when ‘super conscious hyperorganic life style’ is still ‘around the corner’ a whole heap of words/ideas/projections/way showers are needed.
    Simpl-phi, clari-phi, beauti-phi, = puri-phi, quali-phi, recti-phi, = uni-phi.

    all that’s required to ‘encompass the Milky Way Galaxy’ is to integrate how the Golden Phi Ratio ‘works’.
    It’s sooooo simple and takes about a day of full on internet research and an hour or two of contemplation 🙂

  2. hell i hit people quicker than that Gray’m (Oh Great Grate HymenHumHymn to the empireligion Wan Dinter deracination) .. problem is getting a change to be visible, people finding stuff … more and more of a problem (see below) … apropo DW, … he promised Callahan material at one point but never delivered … instead embroiling himself with shadiest of still further disappearance acts: VBridges / Laura Whatsherfatface embrolio .. the latter quotes Michael Topper who disappeared from public life (even all trace of tapes they sold* .. i have yet to hear his voice .. and it took years to find out what he looked like) claiming psychic or psyops attack (really he got cancer and died in 04)

    funny enough both Callahan and Topper have this kind of Kwetal quality to them. I devoted an early chapter in my dutch work to this cartoon character (capable of the fairy tale type natural magic, he’s garden ornament size and his buddy is a garden ornament sized gardener with mini wheelbarrow) in the “Bommel stories” … well, sizes are kinda distorted throughout the whole series …. a cat and a bear get into a car and are somehow made to look like it’s perfectly fitting and natural … so much for natural ….

    * … that’s even more impressive than keeping a certain vid off youtube and even off the network that made it. A GMO related one of 43 minute that aired on Arte is gone without a trace, one of the uploaders who o so obviously made an honest effort … lost his account …. it takes a true eagle to keep an eye on things there. Joerg Bergstedt does … but he has not been translated i don’t think.

    here’s a musician dabbling in the medicine wheeliness of things

    Geüpload door fish1849 op 18 jun 2011

    Blues soul rock country
    Red green blue yellow
    Morning laughing talking walking
    Bread rice water fruit

    It’s a simple feeling
    Hold feel save me
    Baby brother sister parent

  3. should be ’empireligious’ in the second line .. and while i am here .. could you use your influence to recover/upload that footage??? In return for pegging you with such an accurate title?? hahaa!!

  4. In my ‘trips’ all the abstracts image that I see are in sculpture shape and in moviment. It’s very dificult to capture a glimpse and paint it ( I’m an artist ). I think Valum Votan saw as sculpture like too because if you wear a 3D glasses and look to his paintings – mainly the round one ~ “PORTALS of PERCEPTION” IN 1991-2 ~ – you can see that the main design was done with 3D in his mind and for to move. Check it! 😉

  5. What a wonderful tribute to VV

    You are very gifted in reading the codes Mystic Queen. I hope you have a joyous synchronic return this week.

    There are some interesting numbers appearing in synchronotron today. I’m sure VV is winking on the otherside! 😉

    One of the few numbers that holds the same position from matrix to matrix is 194. It’s located at V14H15 in both the Sync and Space Matrices. This yeilds a BMU of 392 for both.

    Today’s MTFI is 1605 which reduces down to 282
    This is the location of the “Seer ” in the Hunab Ku 21

    There are 271 days until 12.21.12. Kin Equivalent… 11 Monkey VV/JA

    Happy Spring everyone,

  6. Solar Kali 18:Kin 195:Cube 12.
    Time Matrix:V.18,H.5(25)
    (Synchronic)V.18,H.5(164)*2013 Galactic Synchronization
    TFI=Time Matrix(265)

    Space Matrix:V.19,H.14(195)
    (Synchronic)V.19,H.14(113)*Lord of The Dawn*
    TFI=Space Matrix=(522)

    Synchronic Matrix:V.14,H.16(195)
    TFI=Synchronic Matrix(669)
    MTFI=156=(Cosmic House of The Pathfinder)
    (19×7,19th order of 7,Mystic Mid Point in 19=260 code, Vigesimal 6.13=19.Kin 133=3 SkyWalker,Seal 13 Tone 3, Genesis Code, Supreme Sign of the Resurrection.

    Strength In Galactic Maya.
    Galactic Agent 93(13.2)
    Minding The GAP.

  7. on cosmic eagle

    i still

    Endure in order to Create
    I Transcend Mind
    I seal the output of vision
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Self-Generation of
    the“Psi Bank Warp and Holonomic Woof”

    thank you 93, ror exquisite elaboration.
    And if you could fill in these time/space -encodings into
    The solar Interplanetary Noosphere ringcycle (i’d be even more thankful)

    A sequence of 4×10 (9+1) daypulsations. (and i don’t nooo if this is possible)

    20 above the solar horizon, 20 below the solar horizon. Now how does this correlate to The …tsolkin….?

    Each ring is 13 moons/baktuns or 13 fractalequivalents or major articulation of the etheric body of a bolontiku (Lord of the Underworld /Ba’alam’s witness) we have 13 qualities ä wavespell and we have 13 wavespells, which correlate and connect unlimited amounts of fiber possibility-ConSTELLA Tions in oUR 441CubE.

    (SP-stream)–outvolving loops. over the 10 planetary orbital rings and way back Galactic Karma–
    -involving løoops (GK streams). and is arranged thru 40 possibilities.

    paused in the middle of the 2 20-loops by a ‘noosphere pause’
    that makes 4 noospheric pauses each run.


    26 vertices or axes.
    (The differences and the sums between the vertex or axis points create frequency intervals; and for example: for fourth-dimensional tetrahedron magnetic (1) – solar (9) axis, difference = 8, and sum = 10
    for overtone (5) – cosmic (13) axis, difference = 8, and sum = 18 sum of axis intervals = 28 (lunar frequency); sum of axis differences = 16 (two octaves).- )
    There are 26 such axes or vertices whose interval sums and differences can be determined ….
    Jehovah = 26 = the Squaring of the Circle
    light of pi equalling 22 sevenths, which when added to the 4 corners of the Square or Cross, yields the number 26= Cube of Measurable Space=6 faces, 8 corners, and 12 edges=26=number of the proportion of the Golden Rectangle utilised by Classical~ Renaissance artists as a symbol of perfection, rectangle is measured 5 by 8 units, and 5 + 8 + 5 + 8 = 26

    where is the 5th forc ein this in Lakech cosmic night

  8. MTFI 1456

    can be arrranged like a cube using its factors as co ordinates.


    Tomorrow the Antipode and Hidden Guide Kin will cross over at

    Lots of contemplation

  9. insights while the -while worldsystem nibiru scratches past our south pole

    it is in trines/and, triads (3)
    3 / 3 + 1 + 3/3 = 12/13
    that it works thru the 13 colours
    and; black and white : Man/Wo–&/man-knots
    Here’s what goes wrong: most men are really seeking freedom. We’re teaching you the freedom you are seeking is the freedom from the bondage of resistance that is always self-imposed. But most men are looking for freedom.

    Most women are looking for security, security that they’ll only find when they come into alignment with who they are. But they’re looking for it through a partner.

    So she’s looking for more security, which is making him feel less free, and he’s looking for more freedom and that makes her feel less secure. And so that’s the basis of most contention in most relationships. (abe)

    more sciFi or extrapolated hidden truths: and all under remote control panel programmed glendular rushes

    The moon is involved in keeping our auric fields ‘closed’, and keeps people imprisoned in left-brain reality. The fact that the moon regulates our hormones is like a great computer with many programs that the ‘masters in the moon’ control. They have orchestrated exactly all of our hormone-chemical cycles to their maximum benefit. The beings in the moon work together with the evil industries on Earth pumping poisons and chemicals into our foods. These chemicals inside our bodies will work in concert with the ‘new programs’ constantly being ‘beamed at us’ by the moon, in order to further weaken us and prepare us for death.If we break free of the ‘trappings of the moon program’ and regain true Consciousness, then our aura will naturally
    expand into All Possibility and have no clear-cut boundary anymore,
    it will expand into All Possibility…

    and here

    love 🙂


  10. “treehousing utopia” = googlewhack .. so i get to claim/kill it … tadaaaa!!!!
    … needless to say i am not proud and feel desperately unloved.
    … say that thing about my comments again i’ll pretend you mean it .. instead of lipping the flopflipflapflaps clean out of me (o ‘my’? me O(we) mine) pocket while i clean me rockEtout

    Blog Archives – Green Pioneer
    … and/or attend classes on various aspects of ‘elementree’ to advanced treehousing. …. It’ll be Plato’s Utopia pure and simple…in its most unadulterated form.

    Biosquatting is a sustainable lark.
    … Utopian Socoalism/Anarchy, Inside Books, InfoShop, Radical Cheerleading, … Co-housing, Housing Co-ops, Treehousing, Living Roofs, Megalithomania, …

    [PDF] Jury’s Report 1
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    With the award of a special mention to a utopian plan such as Nijmegen Glooit the jury wishes to encourage Nijmegen first and foremost ….. TR 558 Treehousing

    this morning i hear a friesian report on the lay offs in the wind industry thereabouts (everything good gets throttled, especially in germany, or blown out of proportion, why off-shore the fucking things in the first place?)
    David Santos radical hippie biker (Cycler of non-violence), word artist and drawer of fancied scenes .. and kites in/from Austin

    i just lucked into his wheeliad site from the noughties (which has no link to his present work:

    NOTE: FairIP/CoopIP is not created for military use. If “Cool IP” scares “ugly” corporate boards away from militarization of AWE, that’s really cool. Cleantech greenwash renewable-based “endless war” is a legitmate fear. An AWE arms race is already initiated by US military-industrialist profiteers, which will surely trigger the Chinese Regime to simply out-manufacture Daddy Warbucks. As Wayne German first called for, there should be a global ban on military AWE, just like the ban on military bio-engineering. Companies who base a biz plan on militarization without considering the risk of a ban may lose.
    Sept. 14, 2010 note: “Its hard to remember, but i think we gradually converged on “Cool IP” as the short term for all that is meant by our hybrid fair/coop/open-source IP concept It was somebody’s typo or mistaken reading of coop that created it. It is flexible appealing & concise, a nice comparative term with all the other IP models.
    The suggestion is that CoopIP & FairIP concepts merge under the CoolIP tag.” ds

    it’s a loop to a few hours ago (Craig Cobb mentioned them at his haunts, vnn the hatin on jew and black, mum on red crowd) .. and also one to 2 months ago (on David’s part):

    January 2012 of LIFT
    18 Jan 2012 – ….

    … hmm, they don”t hardly get off the ground more than a few meters. It has an arm pump mechanism

    Cindy Kallet – Nantucket Sound
    Working on wings to fly 1981

    .. wasn’t that the year i first (of 6x) landed on turtle island?

    Might still be waivering on work but I am so no longer hi n mi T flighty

    it leaves me time for feminotional birdwatch (not countin ‘m though) to the point a female blackbird sings love and gratitude (for soaked cheese) songs to me.

  11. any idea please…


    really dont know esoteric

    post so many times … moon 11 day 11 kin 139 both numbers are in telektonon 31 ,,, then see so many clips who are connected to …clock or nov 11 2011

    then see and Carl Johan Calleman ,,, 13 9 and end of all 7 days … just look in 2.10 … kin 22 … then saw tarot by Samael Aun Weor arcanum 22… 2.10 … found little more about telektonon well translated is not good english but point is “”””esoteric”” ,,,

    then search for the crown meaning ,,, that lead me in Kether 31 13 ,,, ,, 31 13 tone 9 kin 22 —

  12. Solar Limi(20)=Kin 197=Cube 14

    Kin (197)=Prime key=Reverse of 791(113×7,Lord of the Dawn,power of creation)791-197=594=11×54,vigesimal code 9.17 code of Lunar Earth,Book of the Fourth Lost Generation,Book of the Initiation.

    *Time Matrix*
    TFI=Time Matrix=(355)

    *Space Matrix*
    TFI=Space Matrix=(397)

    *Synchronic Matrix*
    TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(515)


    BMU=(385)=55×7,55th order of 7,11×35,Fifth Force Liberation of Creation Frequency,vigesimal code 19.5,Internal Coordinate Third Time Dimension.

    Kin Equivalent=(227)=Rhythmic House of the Avatar
    *Prime key, reverse 0f 722(days 7-22 cube journey)*

    Blessed Day Kin.
    Agent 93.

  13. ….4th day of the power of seven…
    7 days, 7 rays, seven plasmas, seven generations, seven last moons, seven mystic moons, seven self declarations of the Magician of the East (mayan word uc is meaning “moon and seven” )
    4:7::7:13 61/2 is 7 square is circle 13 is 14
    …intrinsic awareness…the ultimate sphere….lineage of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere….my name is the glorious Lotus-Born….my country is the unborn ultimate sphere….I consume dualistic thoughts as food…..My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha….
    Om…… ah yum Hunab Ku evam maya eh ma ho!

    Intergalactic Bulletin 4#: “Also take special note of the moment at which there will be but, “ … 70 weeks to finish the transgression …” (Daniel 9:24) That point in time will be 4 Mirror, Magnetic Moon Kali 25, 6 Wizard year.”

    When VV wrote this words he didn`t know at that time (I guess) that it is 7×70 days from his disincarnatin to the Day out of Time. PVCS Kin 58 Rythmic Mirror “indicating the disincarnation of P.V.” “This is a sign of the death of the 12:60.” 160 (Christ code) Kins from that is PVCS Kin 218 Planetary Mirror “Signature of the discovery of the tomb of P.V.” at the gregorian New Years day. Indicating that 2013 will be the year of the resurraction of the 13:20
    MTFI of 21.12.2012 ?!

    49. From one intersection, six directions plus the seventh, the moving centre of time, the naval of Heaven whose cord is a fibre called Kuxan Suum. From the naval of Heaven to the solar plexus runs the Kuxan Suum, highway that reaches to the roots of the stars, passing through each of the Heavenly dimensions.

    KIn 17.2
    Lunar :: Earth
    Thank you G.M. VV
    9.7 G.A. Resonant Sphere

    • Sincerely, this video is a nightmare. OM is good to spell but to hear it’s like the sound of the guts of the hell… and the avalanches… the astronauts speaking like a police radiocar… and in the end with the vultures fllght CREEPY. hehehe

    • 12.21.2012.

      If Eye did it Right.



      Kin Equivalent=113==Lord Of The Dawn.


      • 12.21.2012.
        Rhythmic 9.
        Kin 207.

        TFI=Time Matrix=(372)*
        TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(372)*
        TFI=Space Matrix=(669).


      • Revelation by number once more!!!

        113 codes the crystal hand of 2012
        Lord of the dawn / Sirius B -element 113 Sirian Rebirth through the HMP441Matrix
        Also interesting that 9skywalker is from the serpent wavespell (balancing the lost worlds karma of Maldek – finally 🙂
        In 1413 we find the Uranus code of 9×157(9Lords of time)(13th wavespell-Earth/Navigator)
        BMU 90 is on the 11th mystic lattice in the 6th time dimension, 2nd power gate.
        Also if you add up all the oracle kin you get 609
        Kin Eq 89 / 11 Moon (VVpassing)
        BMU 168 – 4th mental sphere / sense matrix Sound**
        Many codes to ponder….

  14. Aha seems like the doors of perception are coloured quite different…..I love it…..the view from outside down to earth…..those great sacred mountains….. the tibetan monks chanting om from deep within….the avalanches …..time…life…death….it`s great. In this video the human is small and unimportand, as his time on earth is but nothing in cosmic “circles” When you die Pedrin and your mind leaves the body you will have similar expiriences, but much more intense, with no doors between the perception for 49 ! days. Some monks in tibet only practice for this one day. When they die. Let`s better say walk through the door. To be not frightened at that point….to stay in a clear state of mind …realizing all expiriences as Maya….illusion….created by the mind. And one practice they make for this is chanting from the guts of the hell 🙂
    In Lakech 9.7

    • Dear Jannis, forgive me my rude way, but these repressed monks living together as sea lions in the Antarctic and grunting in unison OM wasting all this wonderful life we live – absolutely up to date – to face without fear only 49 (?) difficult days when entering the Doors of Perception is a very heavy kharma, this is something for those who think humans are small and unimportant and that have to suffer to be whole and happy. Jannis I’m sorry but I feel myself a giant and very important, much larger than the sacred mountains and avalanches time. When I die, let come whatsoever have to come but while I’m alive I’ll squeeze the juice from life never letting a moment passing by – even the nightmares. hehe ;-P

      kisses and hugs Pedrin Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

      • That`s Ok Pedrin….we have different doors of perception and yet the same source. Wish you a nice sunbath! But don`t fly over the mountains while beeing at the beach. 🙂 9.7

  15. Hi its mike226s son here joe sorry we have not talked for some time we have moved house and are now living in Glen Innes

  16. lo√Ve it agent 93 i mean those columns …gonna study i,t lol

    this for later… whenthings calmed down a little… from asha


    The truth, …what is real and what not….

    “A figment is a product of somebody’s imagination; it has such characters as his thought impresses upon it. That those characters are independent of how you or I think is an external reality. There are, however, phenomena within our own minds, dependent upon our thought, which are at the same time real in the sense that we really think them. But though their characters depend on how we think, they do not depend on what we think those characters to be. Thus, a dream has a real existence as a mental phenomenon, if somebody has really dreamt it; that he dreamt so and so, does not depend on what anybody thinks was dreamt, but is completely independent of all opinion on the subject. On the other hand, considering, not the fact of dreaming, but the thing dreamt, it retains its peculiarities by virtue of no other fact than that it was dreamt to possess them. Thus we may define the real as that whose characters are independent of what anybody may think them to be”, Ch ar/lres S. Peirce

    …achieving a “Blank Slate”. There is no Identity Past or Identity Future recorded in your cellular or energetic matrix. You have a memory tape you can access but there is no feeling sensation to recalling it. This is the End of all Time as we have known it , as many prophets over the cycle have attempted to memorialize and describe.embody our Full Presence and dissolve resistances with perfect neutrality. We are still practicing how we apply that state of presence to a variety of these 3D issues. At this point of our evolution we do not need to externally siphon energies from people, places or things. Our cultivated mental discipline and emotional focus is to be subservient to God’s will, the ability to surrender and to be in engaged non-attachment, allows the strength of God to Illuminate the way. As you allow more and more of your divinity to be embodied it is the degree relative to maintain the Full Presence of witness consciousness.

    With levity I admit in the most intense meditative moments of this vast emptiness of being, my mind thought to check my pulse and put a mirror in front of my mouth to make sure I was still breathing! This is the deepest experience of “void” we have ever reached, and yet this is the space where it is the stillness existing before the birth of a new creation just before it is being expelled. (As The Outbreath of God)

    This experience of the “Blank Slate” is being anchored within the first waves of those on the Galactic Activation cycle and will extend outward to encircle more and more of our “Ascension Wayshower” families in the coming months
    -….. in lak’ech cosmic night

  17. thanks for the link to that lawyer’s place Transit … that was over an hour of highly entertaining surfing. What an open fella that Charles Carryon is eh? Tad shameless too though. What do you want with a name like that growing in the place he did?
    He confesses for getting in trouble for nothing so much as cracking jokes about body types or even passing conditions (they discuss pregnancy) .. and that’s a long way from situation still but never mind that for now.
    the hard meatgrade looks and terms he made a living out of must have slipped out and flapped up into intimate circles a few times too often for his own good .. his analysis of the inside outcrowd borderstone/goalpost movement as exemplified in the simple ‘fighting song’ eye for an eye is a work of economic precision.

  18. Solar Silio 21;Kin 198:Cube 15.

    TFI=Time Matrix=(380)
    TFI=Space Matrix=(658)
    TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(706)


    Prime key, reverse of 124(31×4), 421-124=297=11×21, vigesimal code 1.1.1(decimal analog 111), V13 H9 fifth force coordinating unit third quadrant of 441(beta-alpha zone).

    Kin Equivalent=184=(Lunar House of the Innocent)
    (8×23, 23rd octave 4×46, octave of the solar sunspot cycle).


  19. yesterday promoting her new record Madonna answered all types of questions via Twitter to her fans around the galaxy. At being asked :

    @MadonnaMDNAday if you could have any superpower what would u choose? #askmadonna

    she replied:

    Madonna MDNA Day @MadonnaMDNAday
    @materialedward Control time. more time to rehearse, to sleep, time to see my kids. time to tweet with my fans

  20. Solar Dali 22:(Kin 199):Cube 16:P.S.I.(185)*

    (Kin 199:) Galactic Signatures of Alice Bailey,Mevlana(The Knowledge Book) and Sri Aurobindo.

    Sri Aurobindo called himself a “pathfinder hewing his way through a virgin forest”.

    *Time Matrix*=V.7,H.5=(30)*P.V.C.S.*
    *TFI-Time Matrix*=(87)*P.V.C.S.*

    *Space Matrix*=V.16,H.15=(199)
    *TFI-Space Matrix*=(543)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.14,H.20=(199)
    *TFI=Synchronic Matrix*=(723)


    (3×10, 15×2, 5×6, Stable Dynamic, vigesimal 1.10)

    Kin Equivalent=(53)=Magnetic House of The Prophet=
    (Prime Key Quetzalcoatl, Frequency of Sirian Rebirth(52=1)

    Blessings Galactic Family.
    Agent 93.

    • 1353

      Master Code

      Initiate x Divine interval of God

      note 4Sun (ChristKatun/LongCount2012Kin) is todays Analog of 4Storm

      Dovetailing nicely with Quetzalcoatl’s Kin 53 as today’s KinEq.


  21. yet again that same soundtrack … but these 14.14 minutes are below this
    Chico man’s average vid length and not quite as repetitive. Here he tackles
    goalpost-mover Ed Leedskalnin, mason from young age, built Coral Castle in
    Florida, suspected of lifting stone with magnetism, recluse, secretive (yet
    the movie claims he had his 40 tons of rock moved (per truck .. but he loaded
    them with legendary speed) 10 miles to not only align more perfectly with a
    dome of the rock via st petey square but increase his takings by getting
    closer to a tourist route.

    prolly just another artist who took himself way too seriously and fans
    followed suit.

  22. S.S.(185)
    Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Page 65
    Poem written by Valum Votan in 1991

    “Life is poetry itself
    The dawn of the Sea
    The stars, your flesh
    It’s not money, but magic that makes the world go round.
    It’s not months, but moons that keep the earth in her spin
    What you are in your skin is already enough
    Time to give up
    No more Monday morning schizophrenia
    Of tied shoes and closed down senses
    Time to remember
    Life is poetry itself
    Moon-tide memories
    Of rainbow cloud light
    Beamed through mind’s
    Self recollection.”

    Page 75
    Votan’s Journal entitled: “Earth Wizard’s little Book of Practical Conduct:”
    “The Two Laws of the Wizard’s self-ethical code of Conduct.”
    1. You always receive what you need. No more and no less. Exactly when you need it. No sooner and no later.
    2. Always do what you need to do for yourself, exactly when you need to do it(no more no less).

    Page 81
    “Whenever truth appears anew it’s biggest enemy is ignorance; the more whole and brilliant the revelation of truth, the more multiple will be the sectarian backtracks of ignorance. (These codes) are not about bringing past traditions into the present, but rather about bringing the future into the present in order to restore human autonomy planet wide….”

    Love Y’all!!!!

    • Valum Votan-Red Queen
      Volume 4
      Book of the Initiation
      Page 32-34

      “Imagine a world where everyone on the planet could consciously contact whomever they choose via telepathy. Imagine a world where you could send out a telepathic broadcast to everyone on Earth and everyone would get it at the same time. To reach this level of consciousness, we cannot be consigned to “working for a living”, in the traditional sense. This is an outmoded way of being that keeps human consciousness enslaved to a mere sliver of the potential of cosmic reality.”

      “We have to burst out of this box altogether as one. Life is not about working a job that you don’t enjoy just to be a glorified wage slave. We already know that this does not work, but neither did any revolutions. We are on the verge of leaving this phase of reality altogether. We are at the final accelerated stage-the glowing incandescent tip of a mutational shift. We must reeducate ourselves according to a higher light, and purify our minds and bodies so we can pop through the veil into the cosmic order of reality.”

      “We are at a place where the mutation is just about complete for the new evolutionary beings to appear. We want to elevate the vibration of our bodily cells up to the vibrational purity of our essence nature. When we have sufficient minds that have attained this vibrational purity then we will see real magic. After individuation is exhausted and we are tired of our egos, then we can return to source and ready ourselves to rejoin the Oversoul and the Noosphere. Then, together we will advance to the next stage. This is always a process, but it is a process we must all must undergo alone-as the individual soul dissolves into the ocean of universal awareness.”

      “Our job is to see to it that our bodily cells are vibrating at the frequency of our primary intention to take this journey in the first place. Everyone who is alive at this time on this sphere of reality is being tested-it is an across-the-cosmos process. For us, it means that we have all come to this planet at this time and 2012 is the graduation. Many of us realize that this is our last incarnation in this particular process.
      The meaning of being alive today is that the present incarnation has the opportunity to come to unity with the essence self-the self that caused you to begin this journey countless incarnations ago. We are now positioned to synch up with one another to raise the collective vibration that brings new life!”

      “This is why you entered the labyrinth of initiation, so that you could come into the full scope of your potential and actually experience, while living, a transformation of your being. This is not just “today I will think a new thought”. No, far beyond. Through deep attunement to your cellular body, you will experience an entire and complete transformation from within to without.”

      “Everything is being organized and reordered at this very moment. We are at the final stage of re-merging with our cosmic identity-we are being given the greatest opportunity ever known-the complete transmutation and unification of the planetary human. We are all breathing the same cyberspheric thought-forms and we all want to have our own individual channels open wider and wider so that our unique forms of expression might emerge.”

      “The fact that we are aware of ourselves as our own channels and mediums is preparatory to being hooked up to the master switchboard-noospheric consciousness.”

      Sacred 144.414.441 Cube Formation.
      Transcendence Of Galactic Mayan Presence.
      In Full sUR(V.V)ice of Sirius Mission.
      Experimentation of Velatropa 24.3.
      Completion of Karmic Density.
      Lost Planets Analyph.
      Cleared as Channel.
      To Transmit. Mutate. Attain.
      Agent 93.G.A.P.

      • Valum Votan
        The Call Of Pacal Votan
        Time is the Fourth Dimension
        Page 9
        “I now recognize that my life mission in pursuit of the mathematics of time has been and continues to be at the ‘Call of Pacal Votan’. Referred to as ‘time’s special witness’, the personage and presence of Pacal Votan, galactic agent~>>>>>13 66 56<<<<<, have guided me all along. By the timing of his 52 year cycle of power, AD 631-683, and by the clues he left, Pacal Votan demonstrated his mastery of the Mayan Time Science. The Maya really did have a mission to leave the 13:20 knowledge of time, precisely for the purpose of offering us the opportunity of correcting our course in time–before it's too late."

        As the human responsible for bringing to light the knowledge of time in its true fourth-dimensional form, I recognize the enormity of my task. I ask the reader, as my self, to bear in humility all of the imperatives which this truth commands. In the spirit of the one, nameless, all-evolving divine source, I bow in gratitude that I have been instrumented as The Vessel Of Truth."

        Galactic Agent 93.

      • Noogenesis Meditation Vow by Valum Votan
        A powerful vow to remind us of our unity and reactivate our shared star mission.
        We who take this vow are the nameless ones
        Sent here from afar – on other world systems
        The time has come for us to fulfill
        The ancient pledge we took to be as one
        In the enactment of our sacred duty
        One breath are we to become
        One life, one sacred bond
        In order to lift up this Earth
        Into its memory among the stars
        Is the name of our assignment
        Only by the nameless ones
        Can this assignment be completed
        One breath, one life, one sacred bond
        The vow to be fulfilled-
        We take this vow in meditation
        That all beings may be freed
        A new world be born
        And the Rainbow be the light of consciousness
        Guiding us all into the Infinite One…..


      • Red Queen\S.S.
        Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
        Page 140
        Valum Votan on envisioning the First World Peace, he wrote a paper:”Magnetic Stabilization and the First World Peace”, the following is an excerpt:”
        “…One must imagine this picture close to six billion two-legged genetic filaments(there were only two billion hardly sixty years ago!) vibrating in their accelerated velocity machines, burning untold amounts of petrochemicals, exposing themselves to untold amounts of electromagnetic radiation and chemical pollution of all kinds, crowding themselves ever more densely and intensely into urban centers, placing virtually total dependence upon electronic information systems spewing a vast disorder of information bits daily into the collective mental field, needing ever more police control as the resultant insanity of their loss of geomagnetic sensibility increases the spiral of violence and terrorism, incapable of being controlled for the sole reason of the artificial intoxicant  called money, itself controlled by a minute elite of bankers and their political spokespeople whose actual number constitutes far less than one percent of the species.

        ….It is altogether possible that unforeseen effects of the electromagnetic and geomagnetic disturbance could set off the total breakdown of civilization, as it is now constituted. Such an event or sequence of events would in no way lessen but only increase the need for the immediate implementation of the First World Peace. Civilization(literally: living in cities) has cost humanity it’s culture and it’s sanity. Civilization has devolved into institutional barbarism….While civilization leads to waste and is indeed the culture of waste, Cultivation Comes From and Leads To TRUE CULTURE….TRUE CULTURE is PEACE and PEACE cannot be Furthered without CULTURE…


  23. “Mad World”
    Tears For Fears

    “All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
    And their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow
    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I’m dying
    Are the best I’ve ever had
    I find it hard to tell you
    ‘Cos I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles
    It’s a very, very
    Mad World
    Children waiting for the day they feel good
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    Made to feel the way that every child should
    Sit and listen, sit and listen
    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
    Look right through me, look right through me”


  24. Wow!

    It’s Overtone Sun, a gorgeous Sunny day in a remote part of Golden Bay.
    Fabulous to check in and see your great comments!
    Thanks to each of you, for enlivening and enlightening this place.

    Happy Solar Return to Grayham 13 Eagle, who begins his year as the Seventh Solar Witness today 🙂

    Am enjoying my retreat cabin, just a few feet from the ocean, near Farewell Spit, where many whales and dolphins also retreat. Re-immersed in Book of the Transcendence, when not ‘clearing my mind’ through meditation, Yoga, kayaking, etc.

    Love to All!

      • and it’s min/mindset: the ‘time’ of my life…Seventh Solar Witness bringing focus to the 12 ; still coded through the 12:60 medium of television. understood as mirror-Mirror Mama
        Been encoding scripts that plot timelines… …the ‘time’ of my life…Seventh Solar Witness bringing focus to the 12 ; still co…

        interrupted by o’2” ‘s tUR ning enemies to amies……
        … the ‘time’ of my life…Seventh Solar Witness bringing focus to the 12 ; still co……
        toMuch thanks and grace

        … the ‘time’ of my life…Seventh Solar Witness bringing focus to the 12 ; still co……

        to…The US, UK, France and Israel start getting really nervous and drag their feet in carrying out their threats.  Actually, they are forced to resort to more and more clandestine and criminal operations which serve to unmask the fact that those countries are basically run by mafias. Economies, banks, finance, foreign policies, military, media fully controlled by those Global Power Masters through executives State Department/Pentagon or Foreign Office/NATO aggressions, attacks and invasions. uk-queen e-Liz is the female mainplayer of this nefarious breed (hiding behind naive and ‘beautiful and o so lovingly looking relatives) / german pope razZ is the male and last ‘official’ representative of those ugly reptilian warping warpigs from pre-universal ‘times’ on earth > all of them are related

        no-karma-sister –
        in lak’ech 143 i love you
        and kin here

  25. Solar:Seli(23):Kin(200):P.S.I.(146)*G.A.P.*

    *Time Matrix*=V.6,H.5=(29)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(108)*Galactic Mind Transmission*(GM108x)*

    *Space Matrix*=V.15,H.14=(200)
    (Time)=(205)*Moi,Katy,Galactic Signature,V.V–Long Count*
    (Synchronic)=(213)*Last D.O.O.T*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(618)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.14,H.21=(200)
    (Time)=(288)*Serpent Initiate*
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(864)


    ==BMU==(267)==Prime Key Reverse of 762(381×2) 762-267=495 = 11×45, Vigesimal Code 13.7 (=Frequency of 13:7 Synchronotron Wheel of The Law of Time)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(30)*P.V.C.S.*(3×10,15×2,5×6, Stable Dynamic, Vigesimal 1.10)

    Agent 93.

  26. many noo children here at the 711 West Morris

    On this planet


    playing guitar

    dancing with the program on the monitor


    Red Rhythmic Dragon
    I Organize in order to Nurture
    I Balance Being
    I seal the input of birth
    With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    So prettily “shallow”
    In Lak’ech – REMEMBER?

    the deep end is the shallow end is the deep end is the shallow end

  27. Solar.Gamma(24):Kin (201)*Happy Galactic Return To Jacob(Law of Time)*

    *Time Matrix*=V.5,H.5=(28)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(43)

    *Space Matrix*=V.15,H.13=(201)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(615)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.1=(201)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(545)

    ==Master Telepathic Frequency Index(MTFI)==(1203)==

    =BMU=(321)=(107×3, Core Intergalactic Channel Beta-Beta Hyper-Plasma Activates Codes of Cosmic Cube, Vigesimal 16.1, V.16,H.16, First Unit 6th Circuit 441 Matrix).

    =Kin Equivalent=(163)=Resonant House of The Dreamer)
    =(Prime Key, Reverse of 361,(19 squared), 361-163=198=11×18, Vigesimal 8.3)

    Holding Cube Position.
    Matrix Revealed.
    Telepathic Communication Is Transmitted.
    Cleared as a Channel.

    Galactic Agent 93;(13.2)
    ==Kin Equivalent=(168)(Yellow Crystal Star)*(GAP)*(5th Force Oracle Occult of 93)
    ==BMU==(66)=Magnetic World-Bridger=

  28. so, free floating between those kinelements, prime keys… in lasma Activates Codes =V.15,H.1=(201) Reverse of 762(381×2) 762-267=495 = 11×45, Vigesimal Code 13.7 (=ding noacks of ignorance. (The4×3647×208(Space)=(10)=BMU=(363)8×182 and i could hearthis ferocious dUR andURanVid exactly to spot 1.07, afterwards i’d gd had to voGmit……well…….Y”>Á‹⁄* reportedly has much knowledge.AAAAks/Ywd1hKUX-jg/S660/secret3.jpgdZΩZ

    n an act of contrition
    I lay down by your side
    It’s not your place to comment
    On my state of distress
    For this is for real
    I’ve tears in my eyes
    Am I laughing or crying?
    I suggest I’m not lying
    I haven’t found a measure yet to
    Calibrate my displeasure yet so
    To ignore my warning
    Could be your folly
    The judgment is harsh
    I offer no plea
    Valuing the vengeance which you treasure
    I’ve redefined the meaning of vendetta
    The procession’s disordered
    You protect your possessions
    In light of your actions
    I question your love
    May I make an observation
    Your bite is worse than my aggression
    I should have known better
    I should have known better
    Than to become a target
    Albeit a target which moves
    No offer of terms or concessions
    For statements or confessions
    You don’t feel warm
    I pass close by
    You shiver, I whisper
    Excuse me, what’s your problem?
    Oh, I see
    I should have known better

    in this notion i wish a nice awakeninf…..oo

  29. 1 Hour for the earth, beyond the hour. today&now. Turn off your electrical light and look up into the nightsky to your ancestors, to your origins. As it is the technosphere which creates lightpollution and this lightpollution literally disconnects us from the “Heaven”.

  30. Yellow Solar Seed
    I Pulse in order to Target
    I Realize Awareness
    I seal the input of flowering
    With the Solar tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

    T UR tle
    T UR tle
    i (remember i is the imaginary number)

    Siouxsie Sioux

    It glittered and it gleamed
    For the arriving beauty queen
    A ring and a car
    Now you’re the prettiest by far
    No party she’d not attend
    No invitation she wouldn’t send
    Transfixed by the inner sound
    Of your promise to be found

    “nothing or no-one will ever
    Make me let you down”

    Kiss them for me — I may be delayed
    Kiss them for me — if I am delayed

    It’s divoon, oh it’s serene
    In the fountains pink champagne
    Someone carving their devotion
    In the heart shaped pool of fame

    “nothing or no-one will ever
    Make me let you down”

    Kiss them for me — I may be delayed
    Kiss them for me — I may find myself delayed

    On the road to new orleans
    A spray of stars hit the screen
    As the 10th impact shimmered
    The forbidden candles beamed

    Kiss them for me — I may be delayed
    Kiss them for me — I may find myself delayed

    Kiss them for me — kiss them for me

    Kiss them for me — I may find myself delayed

  31. I have Faith that things Hoped for will come to pass and my visualizations will manifest themselves in the gaz of time in Christ Jesus (eye)see anything I speak in hope brings life transcending the Spirit of LovEing Infinity you exhibiting unrelentless forgiveness conquering Death for unselfish desire always and forever!
    Love WCW. 194. 10/9/68

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