Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star codes the Full Moon on Planetary Gamma 3; One Galactic Spin until the First Dawn of the 2012 Solstice

LAMAT      Kin 208

Yellow Cosmic Star

Yellow Cosmic Human
White Cosmic Mirror Yellow Cosmic Star Blue Cosmic Monkey
  Red Magnetic Skywalker
I endure in order to beautify, transcending art.
I seal the store of elegance with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of free will.
Today is Guided by Cosmic Human, the beings  we are Becoming.
The Challenge, Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror embodies the combined  tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs.
Support, Kin 91:  13 Monkey recalls the  91  steps on each side of Quetzalcoatls Pyramid, representing the days in each quarter of the Solar Ring. 
Quetzalcoatl, 1 Skywalker is oUR Hidden Power.
Kin 222: Magnetic Spirit is the G-Force that draws us towards the Original Matrix Attained, after the Great Mayan Cycle ends in 260 days.
The Long Count is 5 Dragon, and the PSI for Planetary 3 is 3 Hand.
 208 can also be perceived as 20.8, Signature of Pacal Votan
208:  52 x 4, 104 x 2, 13 x 16, 8 x 26, 26th octave, fourth castle complete, 208th step to Merlin’s Tower, 20 Tablets Law of Time: 208th moon;  Cosmic Moon 2013,  final stage prior to Galactic Synchronization, vigesimal 10.8″
8.13:   “Celestial harmonics are fourth-dimensional 13:20 ratios mentally perceivable and capable of inducing and being induced by neuro-sensory oscillations in conformity with primary projective geometries. The neuro-sensory oscillations and primary projective geometries are dependent on the coordinated interaction of AC-CA currents yogically integrated in a synchronized sense-body in whose mind no thought can cling.”
CHC quote for Moon 10;  Day 3:  “The Human revolves around its own nucleus and has its own magnetic field,  just as a planet does.
This Tenth Moon of Manifestation is coded by  Planetary Human.  During this Moon, we ask ourselves  “How do I perfect what I do?”
The Tenth Moon corresponds to Baktun 10, the Great era of Maya time Science on Earth.
At Midnight during this Full Moon, we enter the Green Central Castle ofEnchantment.
Court of the Matrix:  Synchronize Human 
Magnetic Moon begins the 17th Wavespell of Purification.
During this 37th week, we ‘construct’ Codon 52 MEDITATION:
Telepath Establishes the Temple 
New Zealand, the Eastern-most part of the Night planetary zone is the  “First Country to See the Light“.  The 2012 Solstice begins here at [PVCS 12.2  :)]  12:02 a.m. on  Yellow Cosmic Star
This crop circle has an  inner circle of 12 ‘Suns’ [Kin 20] to represent  20.12; 12/21/2012]Mayan Sun Symbol
The 12 arms/hands can  denote  12 Hand [Kin 207] which codes 12/21 2012.  
The central 13th component, which looks like a MAYAN styled Sun [STAR] could signify the COSMIC STAR that culminates the end of the GREAT MAYAN Cycle  🙂
While looking for images of a 13-pointed star:
these synchronistic numbers showed up:  180/13 = 13.8
They also remind us that 8.13 is composed of the 7th and 8th numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence.
Here are some  links that illustrate how quickly and dramatically  Humans can improve life upon  oUR Planet  during this final  Mayan Gestation Period’ of 260 days:

People Power:

Freedom Fighters   “a secret group of well-placed, high-ranking freedom fighters are working tirelessly to free humanity from the clutches of the evil cabal that goes by many names

Happiness and Harmony with Nature  “The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has called … for a global summit to reform the international financial system and the way countries measure progress.”  “We need to rethink our entire growth-based economy so that we can thrive more effectively on our own resources in harmony with nature.”  Bhutan… is not hooked to the materialist bandwagon and because it measures progress by the level of happiness among its citizens and not by gross domestic production.”

When even ‘primarily 12:60 entities’ are calling for Freedom, economic reform, and Harmony, the addition of our 13:20  visions and spiritual work makes it easier to envision “Heaven on Earth” during the Resonant Storm [19.7] year 🙂 

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace(19×7, 19th order of 7, Mystic Mid Point in 19=260 code, Vigesimal 6.13=19 .  Kin 133=3 SkyWalker,  Seal 13 Tone 3, Genesis Code, Supreme Sign of the Resurrection.”

Strength In Galactic Maya.   2013TimeShipHunabKrew.
Galactic Agent 93(13.2)                            Minding The GAPThanks You Code=E 93, for minding the GAP, and showing the special numbers related to Valum Votan’s Anniversary Ascension.

[TMQ is looking forward to Skyping with 93 during this ‘Ascension/Resurrection’ weekend  🙂  93 points out the association with [Barssiah]Christine 3 Skywalker above:  133 remains the Kin who has contributed the most comments here  🙂

Jannis 7 Moon’s link to the video about the Milky Way above Lake Tekapo inspired these STAR” images:


 They synchronize with this beautiful image from Reimar 13 Night’s fascinating thread:


Thanks to letters from A1d7r7 and others, 2013andthemysteryqueen has been added to the list at Law of Time.  Thank you Jacob 6 Dragon.  Regarding 201‘s other e-mail   “for those who wish to support the FLT we are asking if you can embed these buttons [enabling donations to Law of Time’s paypal account]  onto your websites so that it is made clear the source of the vision, the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar information“.  These 742 blogs  are  a homage to  the source of the  cosmic codes and visions.  [This writer would gratefully receive her first-ever donation! :)].

TMQ is still enjoying your abundant comments at the Crystal Wizard Round Table. We began gathering at this blog,   and in oUR 441 Cube Matrix over three Galactic Spins ago.  We are now in the final 260 day countdown to the most momentuous, and long-prophesied 2012 Solstice

Let’s dedicate ourselves to properly concluding this phase of  the project begun by Pacal Votan and the Galactic Mayans, so long ago.  Let’s be grateful for all who are guiding us from this dimension and beyond.  By ‘Minding the Gap’, we will more easily tune into Valum Votan and other Divine Agents who are aiding the Closing of the  Cycle, in order to usher in the Sixth Sun of Solar Consciousness.

N.  S.  1. 24. 10. 3.        Kin 208:  Yellow COSMIC STAR


49 thoughts on “Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star codes the Full Moon on Planetary Gamma 3; One Galactic Spin until the First Dawn of the 2012 Solstice

  1. . B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* post beloved TMQ. At last, the last spin. The mother of my daughter will spinning together doing 52 years on kin 212 12.4 yellow to self-existent human ( she is my guide ), and unlike most women I know she is very happy to make this bunch of years. haha

    “Let’s be grateful for all who are guiding us from this dimension and beyond. By ‘Minding the Gap’, we will more easily tune into Valum Votan and other Divine Agents who are aiding the Closing of the Cycle, in order to usher in the Sixth Sun of Solar Consciousness.”. A*M*E*N* lol

    • Dear Pedrin 4 Warrior,

      Your lovely comment brought joy!

      Your ‘Guide’ shares the same Solar Birthday as Adrian 8 Earth.
      We’re wishing both sets of parents [each of you have a young daughter] a special day on Planetary Silio 7 [CDK 7 Mirror] 🙂

      Love, 8 Mirror

    • Thank You Prem,
      for sharing such an unusual and Cosmic ‘Rainbow’, which appeared on Galactic 7 [ Cosmic Warrior]
      Interesting numbers in the accompanying article 🙂
      In La’kech,
      Galactic Mirror

  2. Sirius calling code nr. 9
    21:12 = 33×64 :: mystic initiation of world DNA :: 12:21= 111×11
    3364 written in Mayan vigesimal is 8.8.4
    884 decimal is 17×52 is 2x 442 is matrix mirror units
    884 decimal is 2.4.4 vigesimal is mirror of 442 decimal
    End of 9th 52 sirian circle happens the 2112 event
    Draw a square with corners 1:17:33:49:64/1 to get the power of 9
    First level completed at 64/2112
    So 1:9:17 is 11th dimension and 11.11 ascended on 9:17 to 11th dimension
    Code Nr. 9 sirius high command directly linked to HuNab Ku “The Temple” 12 and Omnigalactic Source 13.
    The hierarchic structure of the universe is based on a law (of time)
    Free will zone yes, but check the manual guide first
    125 billion galaxies are inside my brain
    Oh and it seems like Johnny knew about it
    Information is purification
    Only veggies for the next 13 days !?
    Magnetic Moon 209 :: 902
    And this is for all Queens and Godesses and for the eye::s if you don`t like numbers 🙂
    9.7 on 9.1

    • Dear Jannis 7 Moon;

      What a wonderful comment! Love your decoding 🙂
      Your links were well worth re-reading, and so apropos for this particular time…and blog.
      On behalf of all the Queens, Goddesses and Kings, I thank you for the beautiful Goddess images 🙂
      18.8 on GAP 10.2

  3. Im happy to hear that this blog is finally listed on FLT.
    Ive been with Flaviah from Epuyen Peace Garden at her return from Australia and she told me a few details and showed me some pictures from the RQs 7 day Gathering.
    I believe that we will have some material published that resulted from that meeting as RQ said in her Blog.
    Her entry entitled “For the Kin” dissapeared from there, wonder why.
    It seems that this Final Countdown is putting all of our Ego’s in Red Alert,
    they think they are about to die, i hope them fear will be justified soon!

  4. Scott Onstott in the 3.02m of part 23 (Q.h. each) of his ‘secrets in plain sight’
    series Volume 1

    A reference to templars by ‘SyrianGirl’ prompted me to post a link to the fast paced trailer for volume 2:

    Secrets in Plain Sight Volume 2 – Trailer
    where i went:
    that was nice, invites excercizing the pause button … but it lacks
    neuroscience due to left hemisphere rightwing hankering for cut and dry
    (clock) ‘clean'(ing), not to mention the interplay of gender( +class, +race)
    orientation on monetization mov(eye)es and making runs for/with it
    (goalposts usually, as per temple[r] secret[ion]s and memory servixes) i just
    got done listening to McGilchrist on BBC for ex. one of the guys Tony Wright
    links (wish he would start on Andrew Lehman, .. asked him).

    correction: at 2.00 you do show a brain … but what the fuck!?! DC is just like
    sliced brain!? How now? Apropo clockwork, I invite folks to compare Jose
    Arguelles .. a few ‘Crest’fillerz follow the advice he topped his very savant
    combinatorix up (the over) with: low budget hi vitality rootsy radial/galactic
    garden culture revival(/ratchet) of the 60s (very complicated screwry

    her vid is on the bad name shedding worst of the west (mercenaries) and i almost added:
    hope a few relevant seconds of the Blackwater ‘lark’ vid go
    absolutely stellar … way more impact than the wikileaks thing …. enough to
    result in leveling The Pentagon by muscle power within 48 hours .. oops,
    brainswarm … is that too much to hope for?

    did in fact add this:

    Templars are ‘left brained’ =
    blinded by ‘holy’ books, fattened on/with/for contradictions, money
    ‘equivalence addled, detail, machinic, visual/space biased jewified folk,
    goalpost moving companies …
    Balbek always figures big in this type tracery. I fancy you sitting right there,
    soon to give us all our gardening orders.

    Templars do exactly the opposite of the best whities that ever were: coin of
    the realm minters and dispensers (trace ((mineralize)) your place) like
    Cernunnos, shown in Rheims (near EuroDisney) flanked by roman gods. Did
    he overreach, go down and become part of the jesus mythomeme amalgem?
    Or did they come get him or borrow his reputation … or fail to serve him?
    Dark age lore we need not be concerned about. For the black inside rock,
    eager for water all the more though.

  5. Planetary(10)Kali(4):Kin(209):P.S.I.(114)GAP:Begin Wave Spell(17)
    (Universal Water Initiates Enchantment)

    *Time Matrix*=V.18,H.18=(52)
    TFI=Time Matrix=(423)

    *Space Matrix*=V.13,H.20=(209)
    TFI=Space Matrix=(672)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.9=(209)
    TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(481)


    =BMU=(253)*Rhythmic House of The Prophet*
    (Prime Key, reverse of 352(11×32),352-253=99=11×9, vigesimal 12.13, triangular of 22).

    =Kin Equivalent=(16)*Electric House of The Pathfinder*
    (2×8, symphonic harmonic(2 Octaves), 4², basis of sixteen stages of Cube of Law, Harmonic Root Frequency).

    Galactic Agent 93.

    • Today’s BMU
      a 5th Time Dimension # is
      also being 11×23
      as well as
      352 being 11×32 (thanks 93:)
      that’s pretty cool
      very cool
      astrologically today, there was an exact T-square in the mutable signs
      Venus, Mars(rx), Neptune
      More ego death, of the personal nature
      (Pluto in Cap should crumble governments any time now, I hope)
      Kin 212 keeps popping up for people (me too-in my own way:)
      This is the Calendar Sync kin
      Long count and Dreamspell converge on this Kin and this Kin only, every 208 years. Love those palindromic numbers.
      The Sirius radio in my head is getting stronger 🙂
      Two Cosmic events on the Horizon
      Total Solar of the Sun (t-minus 43 kin) and
      Venus Transit (-59 Kin for us northern hemi-folks)
      Love this forum you guys
      Thanks for holding the space TMQ 🙂
      good night from the white star orgone base

      • Short reply
        On march 1 2208 (note the 208 in there), the long count will catch up to the DS, on kin 212.
        Note this is in the 17th (navigation#) of the moon WS.

      • Longer reply on Calendar Syncs
        The DS and LC do not connect every 208 yrs.
        I was wrong on that.
        I have been working on it a lot and cannot find the next sync date.
        One of the problems is that the Gregorian calendar does not have a leap day on regularly every 4 years. Centurys that are divisible by 400, do not get one.
        So 2300, has no leap day, 2400 does, etc. This makes the LC movement from the DS march 1st Kin bearers (Wind, Hand, Human, Earth) slide all over the place.
        March 1 has to be the Gregorian sync day because its right after the DS takes its 0.0 Hunab Ku pause.
        If any one has some insight into this it would be greatly appreciative; I’m stumped.

  6. I Polarise in order to Love, Stabilizing Loyalty.
    I seal the process of Heart with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
    I am guided by the power of Spirit.
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
    lol, don’t enter me as it’s still kali 4 , Links to Critical Theory and challenging lunar planet moon….and bunches of kin ≥Two/O•tens/neins≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤  ‘Light on Yoga’. Pope John Paul II demonstrates Kin 210 identifys by Divine Loyalty, and Prince Charles of Wales is another prominent Lunar Dog, whose sons William and Harry exhibit their Mother, Princess Diana’s Compassion and Love.
    .i recap..
    .and…There is no light, nor any motion.
    There is no mass, nor any sound.
    Still, in the lampless heart of the ocean,
    Fasten me down and hold me drowned
    Within thy womb, within thy thought,
    Where there is naught-where there is naught!

    “Kali”, by Aleister Crowley

    thechristians’ fear of all sorts of Tribulation because Jesus Christ ‘covered us from all of the Wrath that will be determined on this Earth’. The Tribulation, The Great Tribulation is 7 years of actual Hell on Earth. The Church (which means the Lord’s – which means the vatikan which means satans abode in poor italy) is the body of Christ. The body of Christ has already suffered once and to try and say that we must go through even one day of the

    but it did not poured out onto the earth until Revelation 16. Many awful things happen during the Tribulation in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. •the karios of the moment imparts a dark, and bitter-sweet flavor•

    and then…………7- months of the scorpions

    a17revAnd the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying,

    …..the honey of our archetypal “honeycomb”, the nutrient (Mother Nature’s Milk) is exhausted. The Electron is all worn out.
    •It is done. divide humanity along the artificial lines of the geopolitical map drawn by our ‘masters’.

    ˜∆ In fact, and in spite of appearances to the contrary, every war in the past has always been ‘them’ against ‘us’ .·˜∆¯

    THE problem is that we let the psychopaths decide who is ‘us’, and who is ‘them’•

    so all is gone already. In the light, in the sound…in the sound, in the light…
    in the Love,..and many sweet ‘now-rememberances’ of love pour all around me from this blog and its makerin and from all of our participants here…

    so thankYou, and lets get on with oUR job a little more lighthearted….

    …which i s to be happy!

    in lake’ch dark cosmic night

  7. As showed to TMQ via Skype, here it goes,
    my Universal Recollection folder!

    (ps:check the Hunab Ku 21 instructions at FLT, on the Intergallactic Bulletin #7, is great)

    And Jag Sameaj! Having jewish meal with my family tonight 🙂

    • . Querida Ava,
      Suena como un libro de collages de una niña muy muy inteligente … y Galáctica. Precioso, bonito y hermoso. :-))

      • gracias Pedrin, solo que Ava es un niño jiji
        Ava=Hombre en Guarany Maino=Colibrí
        y mañana es mi cumple 35!
        saludos galácticos*

    • KKKKKKKKKK . OK, de nuevo.
      . Caro Ava Maino,
      Suena como un libro de collages de un chico muy muy inteligente … y Galáctica. Precioso, bonito y hermoso. :-)) KKKKKKKK

      un abrazo

    • Thank You a1d7r7, for sharing your beautiful images here, for all to enjoy 🙂
      I hope you’re having a wonderful Birthday today, 4 Human!
      Love, 138

      • thank you very much MyQueen!
        to be 212 on 2012 is such a gift for this navigator!
        +Galactic Signature of Victor Truviano 🙂
        and James Alfred van Allen
        212/21:12/2012 switch it ON!
        love 2 all kin

  8. Planetary(10)Alpha(5):KIN(210)GAP

    *Time Matrix*=V.17,H.18=(42)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(529)

    *Space Matrix*=V14,H.17=(210)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(676)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.10=(210)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(725)


    ==BMU==(166)*(Planetary House of The Hierophant)*
    (83×2,vigesimal 8.6 reverse of 661, 661-166=495,=11×45)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(110)*GAP*(10.6)*(Rhythmic House of the Compassionate One)*
    (11×10 Manifestation of Liberation, Vigesimal 5.10)

    Galactic Agent 93(13.2)=GAP
    =Kin Equivalent=(168)=GAP.

    • Thanks 93, for this beautiful elucidation, and for our lovely Skype connection during the 48 hour GAP 🙂
      As you shared [and show above] your Kin Equivalent is also a GAP, and it is your Occult: Crystal Star.
      It’s no wonder that you are so ‘Galactivating’!

      Galactic Agent 138 [18.8]

  9. He he the final countdown…yesterday “Avatar” was running on FreeTV, it`s such an amazing information coded inside from the LoT view. And as written in CHC. Vol 3 not only RocknRoll but all sorts of ART are some sort of “download” from Sirius and other Star Systems in our “Heaven”. Havent read your comments until then but “death” of ego and technospheric structures. ALL old 12:60 structures was on my mind too, the last “time”. Let go~~~~~purify~~~~~die~~~~ So I posted this also on the FACE~~~boook.
    Did you know that:
    -The Martian synodic cycle is 780 days
    -Earth is pulsing with a frequency of 7.8 Hz
    -Mars has two moons called Deimos (terror/dread) and Phobos (panic/fear)
    -Kin 78 Cosmic Mirror is the last one on Pacal Votans tomb and 78 is the sum of all
    Kin tones
    -It is written on page 66 World-Bridger (Death) Wavespell about that in Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 3 (and about Rock and Roll 🙂
    – The so called “Face on Mars” was discovered Day out of time July 25 1976
    -The two Kins corresponding to “death fear” are Cimi and Skywalker
    -The Asteroid Belt, which was once a planet between Mars and Jupiter was discovered on 09/11 !! 1801
    -This lost planet is called Maldek
    -It is the lost chord in eternity and/or the lost time in eternity inside our Solar System/Brain
    -The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal scull was discovered on 01.01.1924 which was Crystal Skywalker
    And the most important one:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~((((((:::YOUR SOUL IS IMMORTAL:::))))))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Electricity makes the monkeyMind jump

    • Unbelievable……just read this MOTS Newsletter about the Red Magnetic Moon year. (we are inside the red moon wavespell) It contains all the codes and numbers where my mind was directed to. It contains the answer to my 442 Sirian Week Matrix Graphic. It was brought down on paper by VV on Kin 117 (9×13) Resonant Moon Day 1, in this night he must have had the initiating dream of the 441 also. This happened exactly 7 years and 6 1/2 moons after 13.14 (1999), the day I made the matrix. Ok well they made it, I channeled. Have to bring this all into a “picture” and on paper. Dear Claire please read it, it might contain codes to your/our prophecy. Was VV already in N:Z at that “time” ? This Universe is a fractally sounding picture where everything contains everything else. …RANG ….And here in Ahau Muc zone after an amazing warm spring with 20 Degrees we had “white” eastern 🙂 Snow covered the landscape over night.

      • a few nights ago dont remember exactly,
        i dreamt that i walked outside of my house
        and it was all covered with snow, was i visiting you perhaps?
        and the synchros you mentioned, yes, afcourse,
        they constitute the base for the Telektonon Prophecy,
        if you want to read more about it, you should try to get
        the 28 Meditations from Picarquin, Chile 1999
        by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik,
        i think you might be able to download it from somwhere
        there you have a full full transmission from the basics to the complex
        until the wonders in 19=260, youll be amazed of what Votan tells.
        kin 78 is not a kin on the tomb but yes, sum of all kin tones, and the sum of all 13 kin/clear signals is 208, this post,
        nice to mention that on3 Monkey, the western clear sign
        of transformation of the prophecy that coded the day
        that Valums son crossed away and entered infinity
        the event that cracked Jose bringin him full in 4d
        he was kin 8 Dragon, my perfect guide,
        and my father was an Electric dog when i was born (11 occult)
        i wrote about it and also about my channelings before that
        kin 117 day on Ressonant Moon related to the 441 cube
        unfortunately that post For the Kin was deleted
        ill bring back that info whenever it is needed for any reason
        And the deal about Mars was that the worldbridger wavespell (Mars GK) ends with kin 78 (Mars 780) and the Cosmic Worldbridger on the tomb 6.13=6×13=78
        it all exploded in valum when he saw that National Geographic magazine with the Face on Mars, as he remembered a project by japanese (Mars Zone now) Isamu Noguchi called “Face to be seen from Mars” quite similar to that on the red planet! Then it was clear that a memory was being carried from the 4th to the 3rd orbit.

        Noguchi -- To Be Viewed From Mars, 1947

      • I felt the same excitement, when I first read this first report of the 21×21=441 Cube matrix.
        Votan and Stephanie were living in Queenstown then, and I was at 21 Swamp Road, also on the South Island. 21 boxes of CHC vol. 2 were sent there [my next address, in Nelson, was also number 21!]
        Thank you for sharing this; it’s always wonderful to read ‘pure’ Valum Votan!

      • Maybe you were here 🙂 It`s again nice sunny weather and about 16 ° It was crazy just over night everywhere snow. We went to the family, you know easter sunday with all the children and made jokes: Happy Christmas! You`re right 78 is not on the tomb but the tonal sum
        (TaTS p.111) I don`t know where I read this now recently: All the 13 Tone Kins have an equivalent 13 Tonal Kin from the same chromatic. For example white: Kin 26 13 Cimi (on the tomb) is Kin78 13 Mirror (tonal sum) and Kin 182 (13×14) 13 Wind is Kin 234 13 Wizard (written also 14.13 🙂 ) he he fractalize your brain. Now the left one 13 Dog (middle of Tzolkin) is somehow the center point. If you mark those white 13 Kins you get a nice square or star pattern on the Tzolkin. So this is some sort of perfect occultet resonant power what is desrcibed also in the RINRI Noosletter which I linked
        above. Which happened to fall into the blue Western castle together with the Tzolkin middle only once in 52 years. Which was Resonant Moon /Jan 20.07. And in this perfect “resonant” time came the dream about the 441 to VV on Resonant 1 Kin 117 which was perfectly occulted to Resonant 28 Kin 144. So I made for “fun” a picture 12 years ago, a time when I knew only about 13 tones and 20 glyphs and then suddenly in the death WS on Kin 77 a movie starts. Ha great movie I lean back and whatch it. So I try to translate the information and put it into a “calendar”. Which has again amazing patterns and syncs and highlightes the blue western castle and especially Nah Chan and Kin 117 as the peak. From the end of 884 Matrix it is 60 Kin to 4.8 or Galactic Synchronization. Or 4 WS (Blue Western castle) and 8 Kins. Has the The MotS p. 39 Moon 13 Day 13 the answer? What will happen in this last Kin 144 WS before G.S. 2013 ? The Fullfillment of the Telektonon prophecy, Return of VV? Will lean back now and whatch the movie unfold itself. he he 🙂

  10. TMQ=138.
    So Beautiful to See you and Talk with you last evening.
    Dreams of Sugar Plums were dancing through My head during Dreamstate!!
    Happy Galactic Return,Dear Josh Arguelles!!!!!!!

    Love To The Crew.
    Home Team Ground Crew.
    Direction is Attained.
    Activated By Transmission.
    Ego In Submission.
    Same Breath.
    Same Eyes.

  11. Hi Claire and crew members, kiwiallegiance plodding on, the justice system is stumped they dont know what to do about me. Vasumi in my thoughts like Valum Votan never far, could you please phone me 095287317 collect okay. Okay to publish my number Claire and would be lovely to talk with you again. I havnt won lotto yet you would be the first to know. C.R.A.N.Z i am another yourself.

  12. Shane Worley “High On A Hilltop”
    from ‘Feelin’ Haggard’

    Seldom Scene does it way more beautifully, the harmony, the tangible grief 3rd of march 37.42m .. Seldom Scene … “high on a hilltop” (together we’ll pray) from the album ’15th anniversary celebration’

    “from high on a hilltop i see the devil in you, high on a hilltop, my heart cries out alone, forgive her, she knows not the way, give me the power to believe that someday, high on a hilltop, together we’ll pray.”

    i tried posting a longass comment but that did not work (i’ll email to anybody requesting) … it’s basically comments on the ‘deracinotions’ of the eso crowd
    … and a vid by Dana which she named R Morningsky but it’s clearly Foster Gamble (on Templars), he just mentions RM at the end.
    Dana leans towards integration with Indians, calls herself CANinDIAN.
    Busy shooting down the competition with the exception of kin 260 Turmel, hah!!!

  13. Planetary(10)Silio(7):Kin(212)P.S.I.=(186)*
    Begin D.O.G.>G.O.D.(Compassionate)=Warrior’s Cube Journey=

    *Time Matrix*=V.15,H.18=(40)*P.V.C.S.*
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(489)

    *Space Matrix*=V.20,H.17=(212)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(405)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.13=(212)
    (Space)=(201)*Jacob, Law of Time*
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(615)


    ==BMU==(186)*Today’s P.S.I.*
    (Self-Existing House of the Hierophant)
    (83×2, Vigesimal 9.6, reverse 681 (227×3) – 186 = 495, Vigesimal 9.6 =15, 1+8+6=15, Value of the Speed of Light 186,000 MPH.)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(209)=(Magnetic House of the Healer)
    (11×19, First Stage of the Matrix Beyond History, V11H19 (209), Third Gate of Asending Unity 441, Vigesimal 10.9).

    Blessed 144.414.441.
    Agent 93(13.2)
    MTFI 948.

  14. i mentioned this man before .. a matrologist intello for sure …
    he’s big on 8 fold stuff (see the middle one of his 5 vids Empre series, he’s got 121 playlists to discombobulate and question rationality in)

    37Mb file with the Tzolkin seals and more

    the Atlantean Calendar ®
    1026x since april 12th 2 years ago; length: 9.13m
    28.785.000 year long thingy
    here he’s at his Qube trick (a Q on each face with Qable correspondences if you ask me, looking awful sinister 2 years ago, 399 views, 1
    comment, i added on about the not 6 but 8 Qs as elucidated by Arnold
    Keyserling in his exquisite thingy mixing astrology numerology and grammer
    categories, he’s actually knitting them pretty tightly, as follows:

    warum er kommt? (Grund)

    wo er war (Ort)

    wann er diesen Ort verließ (Zeit)

    wie häufig er reist (Frequenz)

    wie er fährt (Art und Weise, etwa: schnell)

    wie sehr er Reisen liebt (besonders,? Grad)

    wie viel ihm jede Reise einbringt (Beschränkung)

    ob er das nächste Mal wiederkommt (modal).­­/3/31/0/0/1/35
    i suggest you sock your translator thence

  15. 125 billion galaxies are inside my brain while where the length of the nose points to would be one mile. pittypiddypoe idunno what ya wanna tell or if i’d to adress ti as a partpersonalshardcompliance to the scatteredness of this whole planet… in many cases it, THIS COULD BE USE

    FOR…remember …╗♥╔══╗

    THIS COULD BE USE FORTHIS COULD BE USE FOR that das nöchste mal?
    or it is just a minor addiction to the comments-section of anythhingy to process ti into a centered beautiful alife clear human being?

    even one i would des irte to address?love toyou’nand all your scattered parts
    ….and email me your longass, pleass, april tries to connect but mayqueenis still in the umkleidekabine….

    • Ha ha ha und warum sollte ich half a year back browsen to remember 3.13 on 3.1. Unglaublich wieviel Schatten licht & intelligenz vor Sich her waelzen kann. Hat wohl ganz schoen rein gehauen damals der Triple Red Moon in 1 999. Huibuhh weltverschwoerung, boeser Mond. Tja was is der Unterschied zwischen scattered personality und Comic counciousness. Ich wollte dir tatsaechlich schon ne Email schreiben, da die Schweinz ja um die Ecke
      ist. For further going resonance between galaxies contemplate this first: second level, I consume dualistic thoughts as food. Dann wird das auch was mit der Liebe die durch den Magen geht. 9.7 on 13.5 Day out of Time 2011 Power of 5 and 13 : 20.12 Jannis

  16. Planetary(10)Dali(8)=Kin 213=P.S.I.=(187)

    *Time Matrix*=V.7,H.18=(30)=P.V.C.S.
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*

    *Space Matrix*=V.18,H.17=(213)
    (Time)=(48)=Estella*My Niece*
    =BMU=(218)*GAP*(Galactic Signature of the Opening of Pacal Votan’s Tomb)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(413)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.14=(213)
    (Time)=(205)*V.V’s Long Count.
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(618)



    ==(392)==(56th order of 7, 7×56, 8×49, 49th Octave, 98×4, Vigesimal Code 19.12, Final Unit in 7th 441 Circuit.)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(234)=Cosmic House of The Wizard=

    (13×18, corresponds to 234 degrees, or 13/20 0f 13:7 wheel of the Law of Time cosmological Basis of Frequency 13:20, frequency of Cosmic Wizard, 234 inverse of 432, Second Master Time Lens, 54th Octave, 432-234=198=11×18, also 234 is recombinant with 324, 18 squared and with 342, 19×18.)

    Galactic Agent 93.

    • Time Matrix V 24.3 = 243, Blue Solar Night 3.9 , Heart of Nine , 3×9=27, in The ancient meaning Valum = 9, while Votan is the earliest variant name of akbal night glyph 3, VV made the drawings for the dreamspell in a energetically loaded house in Basel Switzerland made by Alchemist Rudolf Steiner. Votan/Odin is also an ancient Germanic god. 243 x 17 navigation VV crystal nav. Frequenciii p. 117 qubed Buk
      4131 :: 1314 anagramm of 14.13 Cosmic Wizard MTFI 234 :: 243 2+3+4=9
      Overtone Skywalker : Cosmic Wizard : Heart of Votan : Valum Votan

  17. Chris Cornell – 213 😉

    Painted blue across my eyes
    And tie the linen on
    And I’m on my way
    Looking for the paradigm
    So I can pass it off
    Is it on my side

    Is it to the sky
    Looking to the sky and down
    Searching for a ground
    With my good eye closed

    If I took you for a ride
    Would you take it wrong
    Or would you make it right
    Looking for a pedestal
    That I can put you on
    And be on my way

    Is it to the sky
    Looking to the sky and down
    Searching for a ground
    With my good eye closed

    Stop you’re trying to bruise my mind
    I can do it on my own
    Stop you’re trying to kill my time
    It’s been my death since I was born
    I don’t remember half the time
    If I’m hiding or I’m lost
    But I’m on my way


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