Kin 213: Red Overtone Skywalker codes Planetary Dali 8 [and an 8.6 Earthquake]

 BEN                       Kin 213

Red Overtone Skywalker

Red Overtone Dragon
Blue Overtone Night Red Overtone Skywalker White Overtone Worldbridger
  Yellow Solar Star
I empower in order to explore,  commanding wakefulness.
I seal the output of space with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of birth.
“All my Love to the Mothers, that they may be happy to have brought [Birthed] us all into this coming New Time…” 
Yesterday, on Kin 212 [of 2012 -re 177  🙂] three Birth Days were celebrated:  A1d7r7 began his 35th year, his first one as a parent, and the Mothers of Vasumi 6 Monkey [whose quote precedes] and of Pedrin 4 Warrior’s Daughter also began their 4 Human Solar Spins  🙂
The Support/Analog of 5 Skywalker is 5 World-Bridger, which codes KiwiMike.  He checked in here yesterday, and TMQ plans to call him this week, to hear more about his ongoing court case using the 13 Moon Calendar as his defense/Support  🙂
The G-Force of 5 Skywalker { TMQ’s Dr [18.8] + LC [15.10] = 5 Skywalker} is PVCS Electric Monkey:  11.3.
Today is coded by Kin 166: 10 World-Bridger in the Long Count.  6.10 + 13.5 = 19.3, Electric Storm, and the CDK is 19.8, Galactic Storm.
5 Skywalker coded the 2011 Galactic Freedom Day-out-of-Time.
13.5.  “Once the third-dimensional entity has practiced successful whole body time transport on an individual basis through crystal radiative projective-geometry form vehicles,  it can join with others to practice the collective whole body time transport exploration of the interplanetary flux tube systems or time tunnels.”

213  ‘ 71 x 3, Rainbow Prophecy activation frequency, vigesimal 10.13″

The CHC quote for Moon 10;  Day 8The art of projection is actually the creation of certain magnetic beams loaded with specific sets of information.
Week/Heptad 38 corresponds to Codon 53:
 ‘Telepathy evolves the Temple’
This is the 20th day of the 13th Vinal. 
Tomorrow is the  Galactic Return of the kin coding this year:  Rhythmic  Wizard
Vinal 14  KANKIN:  “Receives the Light of One who Knows
Today’s Hidden Power is Solar Star, and here is a statement regarding the Power of our Solar Star, the Sun:
 “More than any other major co-factor, the unprecedented, meteoric and relentless changes taking place throughout Planet Earth are the direct result of exceedingly powerful influences emanating from the presiding star of our solar system.  The sun, and especially its recent and extraordinary activity, is at the very heart of every major geophysical and meteorological event taking place around the globe today.”  That quote is from an excellent site: cosmic convergence 2012.
The latest ‘geophysical‘ event occurred a few hours after the preceding words were written.  During the 8.9 watch here [1:38 West coast US time], a news flash reported an 8.9 earthquake near Aceh, Indonesia.  It was later downgraded to an 8.7, and now is categorized as an 8.6.  Thankfully, there were no reports of casualties, and only a minor Tsunami 🙂
The massive earthquake was followed by a 6.0 in the north Indian Ocean and then a 8.2 earthquake near the main epicenter.” 
The 8.2 quake reiterates today:  Day 8:  Cube 2:  “
“By my Wind Spirit warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself-” 
May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”
[[Just before this post is to be published, this ‘breaking news’ arrived: “A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has hit Michoacan, Mexico, according to reports’]]
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace TMQ is extremely grateful for the Master Telepathic Frequency Indexes calculated by Branch 4 Sun and Code=E 93.
Here are ‘today’s numbers’, beautifully elucidated by Galactic Agent 93. 2013TimeShipHunabKrew.
Planetary (10) Dal i(8)=Kin 213=P.S.I.=(187)

*Time Matrix*=V.7,H.18=(30)=P.V.C.S.
(Space)=(156) (Synchronic)=(57)=P.V.C.S.=BMU=(262)
=TFI=Time Matrix=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*

*Space Matrix*=V.18,H.17=(213) (Time)=(48)=Estella*My Niece*[8.9]
=BMU=(218)*GAP*(Galactic Signature of the Opening of Pacal Votan’s Tomb)
=TFI=Space Matrix=(413)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.14=(213)
(Time)=(205)*V.V’s Long Count.
=TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(618)


(392)=(56th order of 7, 7×56, 8×49, 49th Octave, 98×4, Vigesimal Code 19.12, Final Unit in 7th 441 Circuit.)=

Kin Equivalent==(234) [14.13]=Cosmic House of The Wizard=(13×18, corresponds to 234 degrees, or 13/20 0f 13:7 wheel of the Law of Time cosmological Basis of Frequency 13:20, frequency of Cosmic Wizard, 234 inverse of 432, Second Master Time Lens, 54th Octave, 432-234=198=11×18, also 234 is recombinant with 324, 18 squared and with 342, 19×18.)  Thank You  93!

Jannis 7 Moon responded with this  :):”Time Matrix V 24.3 = 243, Blue Solar Night 3.9 , Heart of Nine , 3×9=27, in The ancient meaning Valum = 9, while Votan is the earliest variant name of akbal night glyph 3, VV made the drawings for the Dreamspell in an energetically loaded house in Basel Switzerland made by Alchemist Rudolf Steiner. Votan/Odin is also an ancient Germanic god. 243 x 17 navigation VV crystal nav. Frequenciii p. 117 qubed Buk
4131 :: 1314 anagramm of 14.13 Cosmic Wizard MTFI 234 :: 243 2+3+4=9
Overtone Skywalker : Cosmic Wizard : Heart of Votan : Valum Votan

It’s wonderful, how Kin  contribute different pieces to the Mystery we are Solving together  🙂

The Resonant Storm year begins in PVCS 106 days.  The letters of 3 Eagle ‘s name:  Poet Piet, equal 106.  He recently contributed information about the nearly 29 million year long ‘Atlantean Calendar’ which TMQ found to be fascinating–and so much more complex than the new 13 Moon Calendar she has formulated.

Valum Votan introduced ‘alpha-numerics’ to this writer, and they are providing additional confirmation, in a variety of ways. 

For example, Kin 208 Cosmic Star  codes the 2012 Solstice here, and 12/22/2012 falls on Saturday.  As Valum Votan wrote in so many places [before they were removed] ‘Silio is always on Saturday; Silio ends each Week, Moon  and Year“.  This week, TMQ discovered that her idea/belief that the End of the Cycle also concludes on Silio/Saturday [and is coded by Kin 208] is alpha-numerically supported:  These terms [and others to be shared later] both equal 208:

‘Silio ends Mayan Cycle’ and ‘Lamat Closes Baktuns’  

TMQ has many other reasons for believing that 13 Lamat closes the  13 Baktuns, and that Silio is always on Saturday.

 Silio, calculated via  the VV method [ 100+9+30+9+60] also equals 208
[Votan’s alpha-numeric method was replaced [without explanation] by another in the CHC 7 published after his death, but TMQ will continue to utilize the one he presented in an earlier Cosmic History Chronicles]
The number 208 appeared in an interesting comment from Branch 4 Sun:
On March 1 2208 (note the 208 in there), the long count will catch up to the DS, on kin 212“.  SiriusB160 also mentioned: Two Cosmic events on the Horizon
Total Solar of the Sun (t-minus 43 kin) and the
Venus Transit.”   The 2012 Venus Transit happens two Moons from today, on Crystal 8, coded by Kin 9:  Solar Moon.  The next Venus Transit will be in 243 years.  [For more synchronicities regarding 243 and the Venus Transit, see the Kin 113 transmission for 1/1/2012] 
As Transunit13 shared in the video, this is  “The Final Countdown” !  
13 Night suggests that we  “get on with oUR job a little more lighthearted….
which is to be happy!
This is wonderful advice, because anything that makes us happy, such as Dancing;  Yoga;  Playing with numbers,  children, pets and each other;   Meditating;  Making music, and Love;  enjoying Nature and Beauty; etc.  is great for raising  oUR Vibration, which is wonderful for oUR Earth during the Final Countdown!
N. S.  1. 24. 10. 8.    Cube 2:  SPIRIT          Kin 213

51 thoughts on “Kin 213: Red Overtone Skywalker codes Planetary Dali 8 [and an 8.6 Earthquake]

  1. Planetary(10)Dali(8):Kin 213:
    Occult Watch:Kin 48:


    *Time Matrix*=V.1,H.15=(73)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(430)

    *Space Matrix*=V.5,H.16=(138)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(238)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.11,H.19=(138)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(674)


    ==BMU==(19)*Rhythmic House of The WorldChanger*
    (19)=(Divine Prime, Command of GOD, Vigesimal Analog of 9, In Vigesimal Code All Multiples of 19=19, Number of Omega Dimension – Evolution Dimension after 2012, consists of 9 layers (9×19=171), equivalent 0f 176th (4×19) energy dimension, reverse of 19=91,=7×13. 91-19=72(9×8).

    ==Kin Equivalent==(42)*Electric House of The Priestess*
    (42)=(21×2, 3×14, 6×7, second order 0f 21, Vigesimal-2.2, Cube Value of 7).

    Kin Equivalent(168)

  2. Planetary(10)Seli(9);Kin(214)
    Cube 3.

    I was just in a terrible Car Accident.
    Im going in Ambulance to Hospital.
    Please Pray For My Dogs who were in the car with Me!!!
    Thanks, Im worried about them.
    Agent 93.

    • Yesterday, after praying for 93 and his beloved dogs, and through several conversations with Melovia 129, we learned that Code=E and his Canine Companions are O.K.!
      The scare did lead to realizing many cool synchronicities on 15.7 [+18.8 = 13.2: Code=E] 🙂

      We look forward to hearing from Agent 93 when he has recovered from his ordeal.
      It is now the PVCS 20.8 [208 :)] Pacal Votan Watch of 8 Warrior, and it began with an e-mail from Resonant Moon, which was filled with beautiful references to Votan, Heart of Nine, and the sacred sites of Pacal Votan.
      7 Moon spoke for all of us when he wrote:
      “send him [93] my best wishes and light”

      Love and Light to all,
      Agent 138

  3. Today I thought I would look up when the Federal Reserve was “created” or signed into Law.
    December 22, 1913
    What do you know
    5 SkyWalker!!! Kin213!!!
    I heard something about them only having a 100 year charter which will expire next year. This apparently is just a myth but it got me wondering.
    so 99.5 years ; 140 Tzolkin cycles.
    Feels like a time stamp on the FED.
    100 years of Tyranny
    Telektonon Prophecy (140) transforms the Time is Money Paradigm into Time is Art!!!!
    13:20 > 12:60 !!!
    the Federal Reserve System will no longer have any more power by its 100 year anniversary.

    exploring on the wings of the 7Eagle

  4. Thank you dear MQ for your wishes on the beggining of my 36th ring and 2nd as a dad!
    I downloaded from FLT the instructions to Hunab Ku 21 which i hihgly recommend.
    I am also gifted on my birthday with the completion of my Cosmic History Chronichles collection,
    and i made myself a new synchronic book to keep up with everyday coordinates.
    I have to say that with all love and respect to TMQ and her wonderful work, i still disagree with her on certain critic topics.
    I sustain that when Valum votan said Silio is Saturday, ofr example on an interview i recently watched, he was explaining that every week and every moon and every year ends on Silio. Many times he said No more Mondays, ecc, his intention was to replace the names of the week, and it doesnt matter to keep a relation from Silio to saturday or anything like that.
    He and Bolon Ik even BURNED a gregorian calendar on their first visit to Argentina, showing that in an expected 13:20 near future, it will not matter anymore.
    The 7 day week pattern is kept in the 7 heptad. The old names of the week, who were placed when the planets, Sun, and Moon were considered to orbitate around the Earth, and only 7 of them were known, are already precarious.
    As i already said and sustain, numbers in this way cannot prove anything, i could make a list of a hundred sentences that could sustain the way i view things as correct. (I just wont do that now, its late in the night)
    And i dont think that no one removed that on the intention to cover anything honestly but i dont discard the possibility for TMQ having reasons to believe that something like that could have happened.
    I propose to look for Picarquin 28 Meditations on the Law of Time week 5 or 6, im almost sure that our definite answers are there.
    I hope that we solve this little disagreement so we can move forward on oUr telepathic convergence.

    The ongoing research!

    I love you.

    • Dear a1d7r7;

      Thanks for this wonderful comment 🙂 Glad to hear of your completion of the Cosmic History Chronicles series and more, because you put it all to such great use.
      I value your feedback very much.

      We are in agreement that the Gregorian is over, as symbolized by their burning of that Calendar.
      That is why I believe the 13 Moon Calendar should not be tied to the Gregorian Calendar, the way it is currently.
      “when Valum Votan said Silio is Saturday”, so many times, that is a clear statement. I believe that is is so important to maintain the correlation of the Radial plasmas to the primal [and universally recognized] 7 days of the week, rather than have them shift each year.
      One purpose [of the 7:7::7:7 practice and Synchro-Galactic Yoga, and more] is to entrain chakras with each Plasma and Day. The shift of that relation each year [twice this year!] disrupts that process. It also makes it more confusing for people, which hinders adoption of the 13 Moon Calendar by Humanity.

      Let’s agree to disagree, until my Calendar and explanatory book [full of supporting evidence] are released. The alpha-numeric phrases in the 213 post were a playful way to show the synchronicity of the end of the cycle on a Saturday [which it is here] and on a Silio–as VV stated each Week, Moon and Year ends on Silio, so it makes sense that the largest Mayan Cycle would also conclude on Silio/Saturday.
      Kin 208 [can signify 20.8; Pacal Votan, and the 28 days of the Moon]Cosmic Star, which is the end of the Wavespell 16 and the MonKEY Genesis, feels like the right kin to ‘code’ the end of the cycle.

      May our research and dialogue continue 🙂

      I love you too 🙂

      • Dear Claire, did you read my other post, below this one?

        Its clear there how the days of the week are as arbitrary as anything in the 12:60 timing frecuency.

        you wrote “I believe that is is so important to maintain the correlation of the Radial plasmas to the primal [and universally recognized] 7 days of the week, rather than have them shift each year.”

        I dont think that the week as we know it today is primal or universally recognized. What matters is to keep the Plasma linked to the number 1 DALI 2 SELI…7 SILIO and so on… thats the 7 day pattern.
        Monday Tuesday is just old program, it doesnt matter! the process is not disrupted cause it is not based on the gregorian correlation, just keep up with the 7 day Heptad and take one Day Out of Time every year.

        The Leap day or 0.0 Hunab Ku, thats another topic worthy of discussion but please read what i transcribed from VVotans talk in Chile and tell me sincerely if you dont believe he was dismissing the old Babilonian Week.

        Then, you wrote

        “It also makes it more confusing for people, which hinders adoption of the 13 Moon Calendar by Humanity.”

        This has alway been an issue, people wants it simplier. But adoption of the 13 Moon is not what counts. Its clear on the Rinri report ive sent you before, remember? Votan was complaining of people adapting the 13:20 to the gregorian schedule. What was requested was an exodus, from one system to another. Its better that a few get to do that properly than to have the 13:28 synchronometer inserted in the old 12:60 irregularity dont you think?

        Its ok that people gets confused because the ones whose will is to understand will reach a new shore, thats were we are going alltoghether aren’t we? This is about a Time Shift, a complete renewal of mind and for attaining that we have to realease the old. The time of the translation is coming to an end. 21.12 is an invitation to cross through a door and enter UR/OMA where no ugly Mondays can weight on our spirits once and forever.

        Ok well, you are always free to present your particular vision afcourse! But may it not divide us. If you present a new calendar, and other kin presents another one (like 9:9:9:1) then the whole could be fragmented once again, and that{s what certainly could create a real confusion.

        Well i dont want to annoint you. Do as you feel and as Votan told me: Follow your deepest intuitions. But please! consider well the texts i sent you.

        On another topic me and my partner kin 210 are going to watch Bjork tonight presenting Biophilia. Her last work is much related to Law of Time as she is singing about the relation of Time, Life, Art and the Moon.

        Ill prepare a folder that i can hopefully bring to her hotel this week. Put your telepathic intentions and drive me with your thoughts as close to her as possible!

        Also, wanted to let you know that a fellow kin 34 named Annibal is travelling around Australia and im telling him to contact you in case he goes to New Zeland, i thin that a meeting between you guys would be very enlightening and also because kin 138 is 34s perfect guide.

        Today 17.9 recalls both Valum Votan Final Revelation on 197/791 and his Ascension on Solar 17. As i mentioned before its surprising how that report about 197/791 was signed on Hallowing also called in Mexico as Day of all the Dead and was coded by the same numbers 1/7/9 than those on his depart.

        Finally todays Planetary 12 or 10.12 reflects this moons 20 tablet kin 12.10 the Planetary Human,

        may we all be succesful at becoming One!

        love devotion and respect to all kin

  5. Ok i found it, i have the Spanish version ,i translate:

    Picarquin, Chile, 1999
    Sixth Breath, Sixth Week, Leaf of the Transcendence
    Meditations 21-24: 7:7::7:7, Science of Telepathy, Order of Perception
    Central Curriculum: World Languages, Culture and Spirituality
    Meditation 23
    Aplication/Patience transforms Conduct
    7:7::7:7 Daily Order and principle of Self-Initiation: Cubing Oneself
    Kin: 7 Seed
    And is true. So be welcome to Alpha 19. In one more year we wont be having Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We’ll have Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi, Silio. Then we’ll say “Hey! It’s Alpha 19! I always love it Alpha 19, we are always on the 13th position of the cube, that’s the reason.” That’s the way we change reality. There is no meaning or reason for the days of the week. No logic for the sequence that these days follow. I think that in Brazil they have a more logic approach to this cause they go “Fifth fair, Sixth fair, ecc…” which at least sound more logic. But we will make this logic advance. In 7:7::7:7 every week we’ll create an Heptagonon of Mind. In fact, we wont mention the weeks again. We’ll just say “In which Heptagonon of Mind are we?”. And you will say “Alpha 19. Good, afcourse, this is the Earth’s Mind Heptagonon.”, and So on. In this way we change. And you say “why would we have this 7 day week pattern?”. If we are changin the calendar lets change it completely. Let us enter a fourthdimentional concept of reality and live completely in this concept. So we see that 7:7::7:7 is the final piece to establish completely that, we are not only having 13 Moon 28 days, but also, every 28 days we have 4 Heptagonons of Mind.

  6. Hello my name is Mel ive been following this and encountering synchrocities to the point where I’m about to reach a mental break. the energies around and in me are swirling and it burns what is the mystery who am i….pardon the rant. okay im new here, and i’d like to get to know all of you. Thank you much.

    • Welcome Mel !

      We’re so glad you joined us 🙂
      It would be wonderful to hear about your synchronicities, energies, and perhaps your locale and Galactic Signature too [two :)]

      Thanks ‘Soul Mind’, and Welcome from all of us,
      TMQ 138

    • Welcome!
      Aye, think we’ve [weave] all been there. It’s that whole lose oneself to gain oneself thing. This rabbit [w]hole runs deep and we’re late! Noo, seriously – time is. We jUSt get impatient. 😉

  7. Northern california,
    Mayan Long Count
    Haab: 8.296527777798474 Pax
    Tzolkin: 5.296527777798474 undefined
    Kin 125, Red Galactic Serpent

    is that the correct info? thank you maam

    • Thanks transunit 13, for sharing this news [from link in next comment]:

      ‘Liens have now been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks. A Cease and Desist Order has also been filed — to prevent the world’s wealth from continuing to be stolen.’
      ‘More recently there appears to be Divine Intervention, for lack of a better term — which is utterly destroying the Cabal’s ability to do any further harm on a mass level’
      ‘Particularly since 9/11, an incredible amount of damning evidence has been quietly collected — all for use in this single moment of Truth.’

      As branch Siriusb160 stated,
      ‘Prediction; the Federal Reserve System will no longer have any more power by its 100 year anniversary’ [in 2013].
      Another big step towards Humanity’s Liberation from the grip of 12:60!
      🙂 138

  8. Beautiful Family. Thank you All from the Core of My Heart!!!!

    Planetary(10)Kali(11):Kin 216.
    P.S.I.=(191):Warrior’s Cube Journey,Daya(5)>Serpent Power.

    *Time Matrix*=V.4,H.18=(39)*G.A.P*, Reverse of 93, Postulate For(19.13)=All is Number. God is a Number. God is in All=
    (Space)=(168)*G.A.P.*, Occult Kin of 93, Kin Equivalent=MTFI of 93.
    (Synchronic)=(144)*Reverse of 441*
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(351)

    *Space Matrix*=V.15,H.20=(216)
    (Time)=(130)*Center Of Tzolkin, Eye of Hunab-Ku,*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(565)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.17=(216)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(564)


    ==BMU==(157)*Magnetic House of The Navigator*, (Prime Key, First Kin 13th Wavespell, Vigesimal 7.17, Reverse of 751, 751-157=594,=11×54.)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(180)*Spectral House of the Enlightened One*, Polar Kin, Transports The Yellow Galactic Spectrum, (90 x 2, 45 x 4, 15 x 12, 9 x 20, 5 x 36, 3 x 60, 6 x 30, Half of 360 Degree Circle, Vigesimal 9.0.)

    Agent 93(13.2)

    • Dear 93;

      So grateful for your spectacular ‘Synchronic Return’ today on Moon 10; Day 11 🙂
      [Together, {13.2 +18.8 = 11.10} we mirror today]

      Love to You and All,

      Agent 138 [18.8]

  9. tinatalislam

    The Dyslexic Devil in the Rye
    rozeboosje (1457 vids) op 10 jan 2012
    William Tapley’s silliest video yet.
    preacher capable of scaring moms into throttling their children

    Chinese chicken farmers have come up with an ingenious plan to stop eagles attacking their chickens without killing the eagles. The eagles are caught, trussed up and thrown into the chicken pen to be hen-pecked for a while. After that, the eagles are set free, having become so terrified of chickens that they will never go near a chicken pen again.

    Wikileaks – L’imposture confirmée — 1d1V4n-Hpbw
    Are you saying the entire game industry is a massive recruitment effort and that the perps took a nerd-club aiming for transparancy to run their ad campaign (co-opting that appealing little crystallizer of the clear side – and bury it in violence as well) in the process??

    Today i watched footage of a 07 riot .. cause someone i subbed to commented there
    It shows bouncer types in real fine suits calling themselves black panthers (and walking real dignifiedlike in loose formation … loads and loads of cameras … coming to protest the killing of black burglars someplace, a hue and howl ensues, including burn-outs of big roaring trucks … they are escorted out of the neighbourhood by the white residents.
    i pitched in as well:
    yall ought to be ashamed of yourselves, get off of native land and put that dead mediterranean between yus again. What do you think it’s there for? Mix-colour(ed)s will have the choice to make a living cleaning it up .. or any and all other petty occupations addled expanses across this clod, wether they be labeled land of liberty, USA! USA! or promised ones or easy pickins.

    redliterocket4 made 500 vids, this one loaded up on 27 jul 2007 — seen 2772x … w fritz the cat (psykeydiallex) scenes … the vidder reads from a book by
    Jean Gebser (August 20, 1905 – May 14, 1973) who was a philosopher, a linguist, and … from 1949 to 1953, and translated into English as “The Ever-Present Origin”
    913 vids at his new channel, a young philosophy student

    in ‘suggested vids’ (to the first mentioned one) i find this one: 9XZ2HRsP6r4 = a year younger, seen twice as often … all time classic piano tune to 9 spheres each counterrotating the next with one of them carrying the dreamspell seals, the link provided at this account ‘enlightenedsolutions’ (178 vids) is dead
    gone also
    a first glimpse of what calibur graphics SoCC presented.
    Ian Dakers abandoned all this (for fairly obvious reason .. people think they eat chips in larger and larger portions but it’s the other way around) … but he can be seen as part of that 169 vid ‘wide’ account with a really large variety of Vancouverites (it’s an unusual account in that sense, as well as focussing on natives in the mix, it’s been unused for over a year, last activity there is a 13 brief video series:

    Middle aged hippies (they call themselves breathworkers, mourning offense to natives … and being evicted from their den.

    jMRcOwnvDoY = the bui

    • Wow Pedrin 4 Warrior!

      That is so-o-o-o cool!
      And thanks for the beautiful images of the auroras of Uranus and the moons of Saturn 🙂


  10. the first word got in by mistake … the whole of it is a vid title:
    .. first thing i saw this morn but unmemorable, .. at least right now.

  11. jMRcOwnvDoY = the builder of the ‘sonic temple’ recounts how they end up getting evicted .. over stupid excuses and paranoid suspicions. Help!! Another misfit cult!!!, the guy was heavily into gale force amplification and if that wasn’t enough, he has a big round bed with a skeletal geometrictractrace suspended over it – “order out of chaos = safe” .. safe to what? Be a beast on that bed i bet)

    Guess they shouldn’t have called it ‘Sonic Temple’. Duuuuuhhhh.
    see also Josef Tyls’ disclaimer:

    looks like he did crazy numeristenics also:

    pursuing other links he posted a long time ago i find:

    138 page thread with images, began in 08
    thread starter is a Melbournian (‘AstralWalker’): = macedonian man (AstralWalker)

    dxbender account with 29 vids
    hour and a half talk 2011 at Nexus Conf (30thou Vs in 2M)
    24Mb pdf with some nice pics
    prolly same thing:

    he’s one of them poof bridge burners … Mostar calling????????
    I’m writing him down to a photoshop(sha)per until further notice (norfire). Most artists imagine their stuff will sell better if they’re ‘dead’ serious about it, common ailment. Since yall are infected already i feel no inhibition to freely share, catch up, cotton on and kick it down. I for one am gonna stop taking this in (after Qofanhour), enough artificialfact for me. Nice colours, horrible narration. I am too picky about voice, people, ethics, i know.

    I also know a certain someone who will put up no resistance to this link:
    posted the 15th of march

  13. sounding even more cracked here:
    at his own account (138vids).. without pretty piccies

    he projects his feelings about Macedonia onto the whole world, common disease also and yes, that is “what the flower of life is all about”.

    hints at the celtic cross having moving parts engineered to navigate.
    Philip Gardiner wrote a book about that.

    Celtic cross by Crichton E M Miller
    i quote him:
    As a Mayan Elder said to me “Christ was murdered on the symbol of his own spirituality and science”

    ok ok, so it WASN’T a nifty rock grinder, not even a symbol for one, cause jewsus, jew know, waint he all bout demographic incontinence, expansion, clearing the way for jews to swarm all out across the globe (as if they weren’t already (really it was the romans that scattered them, and which they used as draft horses and manchurianisables if you study Winkler’s “1000 year war”) … since he had that liddul key thingy, the ultimate goal post mover????

    …. you could move it as far out as you like, if you kept your notes straight you could still retrieve and conquer, occupy … what Mcluhan (now there’s a space-cadet, Marshall the missionary) was later to call obsolesce … after all we’re not talking a mere medium here .. but what it does where it’s at.

    and it couldn’t possibly have been boring into frozen time (sheol, hades, hell?) like rock but must have sailed the oceans, right? Well, that’s settled then. Case closed, rock shunned and shut. Let the stinkin inkin begin. I shall begin: O me of little faith real beleaf is gonna have us to thank.

  14. m/109625574325265257877
    Floriade (prestigious quadrannual garden show in Holland, this year they get 65 acres … but they are bare and so have to start from scratch …. just what the dutchman likes … big manipulations of stuff that work with less drastic, bombastic and disturbing effects perfectly well if given some natural time. Things like transplanting large trees and such … we actually have a famous dutchman who does really huge objects for top status audiences in the greenhouse world. He keeps saying he really understands plants but what he is doing is what early african explorers did, abduct a few for display purposes. (natuur en milieueducatie)

    Click to access Flora_WildeWeeldeWereld.pdf

    … anyway, look for yarsolves,

    a 2.16m impression (Heeyh!!!!!) of dutch werkvolk with nice bluegrass instrumental (uncredited so far, i just asked: die muziek is toch zeker goed genoeg om van naam te voorzien … of verwachtte je daar echt geen vragen over?)

    Location decision was taken 8 years ahead of time but i guess they forgot to start sticking willows into the ground …. on purpose, just so they could come do some heavily machinic lifting just before deadline.

    some of the first literature i began collecting were garden catalogs … of the hippy variety*, just bare essentials like seeds and handtools via nursery adresses w plenny practical advice … but in Holland, furniture you leave outside counts as a garden nowadays. Price of pushiness displacing gentle appraisal.

    * – ‘Healthy Harvests’ [searched for it last month and found a few traces], the very top of greening tips hard core pure, without all the space n yarn distraction bulk like in that Whulk of a Whole Earth Catalog

  15. youtube3 2012floriade
    40 vids

    25miljan views in exactly a year:

    Chameleon was frightened by iphone (what he saw?)

    the guy is in fact menacing his pet until it bites and he put a human scream
    into it.

    i am stupid enough to add a comment:
    well, thanks. That brings the nastiness of american mediation into focus with
    a jolt AND ear assault. You are merciless and shall be dealt with accordingly
    … in the scheme of things. You are pushing your phowney

    well, thanks. That brings the nasty menace of american mediation into focus
    .. with a jolt AND ear assault. You are merciless and shall be dealt with
    accordingly … in the scheme of things.

    A liar pushes his phowney.

    EyE ‘specially recommend to push this link:

  16. Kin 218 GAP Gotthard Gunther

    White Planetary Mirror
    I Perfect in order to Reflect
    I Produce Order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
    I am guided by the power of Death

    According to Isaac Asimov [Kin 74, Solar Wizard,] who considered Gunther “a good friend,” Gunther “felt that civilization was a product of the Old World and could not flourish indigenously in the New.”[1] Asimov noted that Gunther thus “maintained [that] when Old World civilization was transplanted to the New World, a distortion was introduced and one of the ways in which this distortion was evidenced was by the peculiar American invention of science fiction, which was not to be confused with earlier European ventures in the field (i.e., Jules Vernes).”[1]

    This is the #1 movie here in monkeytown. Telling. It’s oUR top selling book series noo at my store. The young are taking the mantle of responsibility.

    numb errs

  17. so this is what the fraction factions (both non-decomPAction) are on about
    (disagreeing on rather)?
    luna10-1 = april may 2012

    … don’t square up with red queen’s version in the weekday/cubage matter
    for sure, .. but i like this one better, that mirrorman is pumping out
    gigantuan amounts of overznoverz ..overnover .. n … over …

  18. Happy 218 everyone!
    major cornerstone in the DS cosmology today
    84 galactic spins ago Alberto Ruz, after 3 long years of digging,
    finally enters the Tomb of PV. Wow.
    art imitates life and I can’t think of a better sci-fi story line then being in on that grand adventure.
    Or maybe I can……
    Today, spring is really showing itself (in northern Cal), the pear blossoms are peaking and my many bees are all over the place looking for nectar. The dandelions are popping and it is great to be outside making art.
    I hope everyone is also enjoying a great planetary Mirror.


  19. Planetary(10)=Silio(14)=RainBow Bridge Meditation=Kin:(219).
    P.S.I.=Kin(195). Warriors Cube Journey Day(8)=Star.
    Spectral Storm releases energy and completes Codon=(53)=Evolving.

    Postulate=(19.11)=”The Spiritual evolution of the dominion of time augured by the discovery of the Law Of Time is the divine return of mind to source. By making Conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion Of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of universal transcension. God is the magnet of Universal Transcension.

    *Time Matrix*=V.1, H.18=(27)=(3x3x3)=Heart of Nine=
    =BMU=(58)*P.V.C.S.*=(DOOT 2012)=(My Mom’s Kin)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(390)

    *Space Matrix*=V.16,H.19=(219)
    (Time)=(128)*Analog Kin of Spectral Monkey(11)=V.V.
    =BMU=(214)*This year’s Galactic Signature*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(585)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.20=(219)
    (Time)=(130)=Center of Tzolkin
    (Space)=(216)”Plato’s Number”,
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(565)


    ==BMU==(217)==*Galactic Signature of New Years Eve 2012-Entry into TimeShip Earth 2013*==

    ==*(Solar House of The Navigator)*==

    ==(31st order of 7, 31×7, begins fourth 441 circuit, Creation Power of Supreme Gate of Unity, coordinating unit (V18H18) fourth Time Dimension, Cosmic Cube, and Third Mental Sphere, Waking Conscious.)==

    ==Kin Equivalent==(240)*Rhythmic House of the Enlightened One*

    ==(30×8, 30th Octave, 24×10, 60×4, 40×6, 3×80, 2×120, 5×48, Vigesimal Code 12.0)==

    ==Agent 93==

    • Wonderful synchronic readout 93!
      I noticed today that the space TFI is 585
      This is the sum of all lattice intersections in the time matrix
      It is also a Venus number
      584+1 ( Venus retrograde cycle )
      Hope you’re recovery is going well.

  20. I want to share with all kin here the amazing experience i had 2 nights ago on kin 17.9 @ a concert by Bjork presenting her latest work “Biophilia”. She is such a wonderful example of an artist that operates as a Cosmic Channel, all of the concept is fully activating, screens are showing Moon Phases, DNA, and Stars and Planets, she goes from the micro to the macro, she sings about Time, Life, Sound, plays amazing instruments and explores technology as a medium to re unite Humans with Nature.

    Viva Bjork!!!

    *Bjork is kin 182 White Cosmic Wind
    ps. unfortunately she has cancelled her last 2 shows in Argentina due to health problems with her throat, hope she gets better soon!

  21. apologies for my 16.55 yesterday … a stupid mistake … i really wish for a Crest, honest i do, prevents glitches like that to say the least … 100 people on 200 hectares, a little watershed someplace mid EU??? What’s the plan in Spain?

    Stefanie quotes Quran

    “The day will come when this Earth will be substituted with a new
    Earth, and also the Heavens, and everyone will be brought before
    God, the One, the Supreme. “
    —Quran – 14:48 (1448 = BMU 125, Kin 148)

    Clout – Substitute 1978

    gender mushmishap

    i don’t expect yall to help me popularize my idea of/to and regarding
    (‘updation’, updating an ancient notion of) clout .. but
    on the bright side i don’t see yall allowing your kids toy guns right?

    You cultivate a rock to compost or the melee among cultures leads to
    uglier and uglier ego shoring toys to rule and regulate into atrocious
    attritions, occupations and rocketry. It’s indecent and the christian
    right should be ashamed of itself.

    And the rot goes on, listen to the radio tell you carmakers that market
    in Europe most are in trouble and they have to work the world
    according to the waterbed effect. How to cross a continent on one
    tank of arab blood is a commercial the secret supporters of Lee
    Whitnum are working on in Texas, i’m sure.

    Sir Albert Howard famously said soil is a mountain on the way to
    becoming an ocean floor .. or something of that sort … despite the fact
    i can’t find the exact quote, .. here’s a few .. errr …. substitutes:
    We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around
    and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.
    »Alan Chadwick

    i very much DISLIKE the way google and most browsers mess with urlz ..
    .reminding of the military origins of nettery with its locks fences and
    guards auguring more than just ugliness and discomfort … the inforich link and timestamp embedddiment multidimensional layers deep has lost its charms for me since i know how many folks are against it and the efforts to make them will wreck the poor and defenseless with E-waste in the futile effort to get it done. Garden Culture and telepath pitter patter be best.

    Soil and Health Library – Page

    Click to access Topsoil_and_civilization.pdf

    by T Dale – 1955 – Cited by 63 – Related articles
    life supported by the soil eventually rivaled that of the oceans. …
    Civilized man was nearly always able to become master of his
    environment … Let us put it this way: civilization is a condition of
    mankind coacting with an …. meant when he said that civilized man
    has left a desert in his footprints as he …… Howard, Sir Albert.
    Title: An Agricultural Testament (1943) Author: Sir Albert Howard * A
    Project Gutenberg … Agriculture has become unbalanced: the land
    is in revolt: diseases of all …. added to what he said here, and many
    gallant writers have followed his lead. …. of soil, several feet thick,
    originally imported from beyond the great mountains, …

    talk about inversions, flips and mirrors!!
    “Walk ten meters, you will find the lust; walk thousand miles, you may find the
    love! Soil is everywhere; but gold is somewhere!” —- Mehmet Murat ildan

  22. Planetary(10)Dali(15)Kin(220)=(20.12)=P.S.I.(196)=*(Uranus)=(11+185)*=Cube Journey Day(9)=Purification.

    *Time Matrix*=V.21,H.4=(17)
    (Synchronic)=(39)*Reverse of 93*(G.A.P.)=(19.13)*(All is Number.God is a Number.God is in All.)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(372)

    *Space Matrix=*V.18,H.18*=(220)
    (Time)=(52)*Fractal of 52 Year cycle of the Rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A. 52 Years=73 Spins.*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(423)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.21=(220)
    (Time)=(133)*C.=3 SkyWalker=(13.3)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(730)


    ==BMU==(202)==(Resonant House of the High Priestess)==

    (101×2, Internally Balanced Frequency, Characteristic of All Multiples of 101, Vigesimal 10.2)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(225)==(Self-Existing House of The Serpent Initiate)

    *15 squared, 45×5, 9×25, (3 squared x 5 squared = 15 squared)*

    Agent 93=(13.2)

  23. …greetings, In La’kech ala kin…

    We are All ‘ONE’LOVE’, yet, as I have journeyed thru these ‘times’, my life’time, I have endured, as we All have, the struggle to reach the ‘Original Illumination’…

    Today I Am Awake/Alive/A’New within an ‘experience’…I have been seeking thru’out all Time, and dimensions of my human’entanglement upon this Sacred’Earth, within Our Human’Family.

    Within my heart’mind, my life has become… ‘Divine’Life’Love’Truth’Beauty’…knowing that i am nothing, no’one, other than the ‘spirit’personality’ who i originally entered this ‘life’ ‘as’.

    I seek nothing, other than to ‘share’ this ‘vision’… i have remained true to my heart’mind… to my ‘Creator’… to my path upon this ‘Sacred’Earth’…

    Thru’out my life, i have known the profound Love of ‘Devotion’… also, the struggles of a soul searching thru ‘age’less’, time’less, memories of life’times of human ‘entanglement’ in the pursuit of the ‘ultimate’truth’love’beauty’… i have endured these journeys into ‘Our Collective Heaven/Hell’… i have remained true to ‘my’self, by the Grace of God the Father… i have received the deepest ‘touch of the Sacred’Earth’Mother… i now surrender within an embrace which has no equal… i am simply ‘living within ‘Nautillus’…’New’Earth’… i am following my ‘guidance’ from within the ‘everything’… i am re’newed and full’filled with such strength as necessary to ‘carry’on’…i trust, now is truly the ‘Time of the New’Earth’.

    I am grate’full for All Creation and All Within The Every’Thing…

    I am here Now as I have all’ways been… seeking to serve in as true and complete way as humanly possible.

    Thank You for Your ‘holy’company’…

    Thanks be known to All Our Sacred Human Family… We Are One’Love One’Sacred’Human’Family

    I peacefully give’way within my’self to Love’Life’Truth’Beauty

    I walk now within a New’Life, upon/within The New’Earth

    Known to me as Nautillus

    thanks and blessings from within my simple heart’mind go out to all as i know this Life holds us All within this ‘sacred’dream’ Life’Love’Truth’Beauty will return All to the New’Garden



    • Melovia Kin 129.


      *Time Matrix*=V.15,H.7=(61)
      =TFI=Time Matrix=(372)

      *Space Matrix*=V.2,H.14=(129)
      =TFI=Space Matrix=(355)

      *Synchronic Matrix*=V.11,H.9=(129)
      =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(670)


      ==BMU==(74)*Solar House of the Wizard*
      (37×2, reverse = 47, 74-47=27.)–27=9×3*

      ==Kin Equivalent==(97)*Rhythmic House of the Navigator*
      (Prime Key, 97-33=64, reverse of 79, 97-79=18)


  24. Tao of Doom -THE-ECO-PUNK-PODCAST-EPISODE-31 |
    Ben Axiom reads the Tao of Doom essay first published in Profane Existence
    Magazine for the Holisticore column. Length: 13:00 minutes (2.71 MB).

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