Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun [20.12] codes Planetary 15 and oUR Round Table

AHAU  Kin 220

Yellow Crystal Sun

Yellow Crystal Human
White Crystal Dog Yellow Crystal Sun Blue Crystal Storm
  Red Lunar Dragon
I dedicate in order to enlighten
universalizing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of free will.

After spending days on this Crystal Sun blog, [partially due to wordpress issues] the first half disappeared just now, just minutes before it was finally ready to post.  It would take many hours to reconstruct the lost portion, even with a cooperative computer and blog host.
This is week 39, corresponding to Codon 39, a number which appeared in 93‘s beautiful calculations for today.
This crop circle home, Crystal Sun

The 13 Moon date was Crystal 19 11 Galactic Spins and  8 Solar SpinsPVCS 60 days] ago.

formationTime and the Technosphere

This formation had 28 circles [days in a Moon  :)] connecting the 11-circled ‘body’ [like the one on Kin 11-V.V.’s book about 9/11 leading to the Noosphere]  to the Two Towers.

[TMQ learned of it the morning after the Prophetic Message appeared on her computer on 9/11/2004]

This  Crystal Sun formation appeared 52 years and 2 days after Planetary Mirror, which coded the Discovery of Pacal Votan’s Tomb.  That was also the 342 nd day of my Galactic Mirror Solar-Galactic Return year, and 23 days before  my year as Kin 243; Heart of Nine began.  My Brother John  [born less than 12 Moons after me] celebrated his Solar-Galactic Return as Lunar Dog [10.2] 10 days before the Crystal Sun crop circle appeared.  This morning, realized that John and I together are Kin  8.10, Kin 88 [11 x 8 ].  John accompanied me to Sedona, where I had my pivotal meeting with Valum Votan and Stephanie on kin 88, which was on the Galactic Return of my year as Planetary  Star.

For most of the Planet, Planetary Star, Kin 88 coded the day that Votan Votan Ascended.

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

[apologies:  wordpress is saving every minute now, and not  allowing me to change some text back [this isn’t meant to be in  ‘bold’]

“Magnetic fields on the Sun’s northeastern limb erupted around 17:45 UT on April 16th, [GAP 10 Mirror] producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years”

[There are] many obvious correlations between cataclysmic earth events and solar events. Incidentally, many of these may be time delayed; nevertheless, their root causes will be found in a solar shift or happening
than any other influence. This relationship must be recognized, understood and respected if this generation is to successfully navigate through this window of awesome planetary transition.


 A leading earthquake scientist has warned that the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours. Expert Gheorghe Marmureanu – from Romania’s National Institute of Earth Physics – says 39 quakes had hit the globe within two days. The series started with two massive quakes in Indonesia measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale rapidly followed by three more only slightly smaller in Mexico within hours. “There is no doubt that something is seriously wrong…”


The Ring of Fire is also the focus of something wonderful!

The Great Pleiadian EclipseAlignment” . Ring of Fire , Full Solar Eclipse On May
20, 2012, [Overtone Human] 

Sun and Moon  will be precisely  conjunct with the stunning Central Star [Alcyone] of the  Pleiades,
in the constellation Taurus.

The incredible ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is coming in less than 4-weeks.  It’s
the first annular eclipse visible in America in almost 18 years, and there will
not be another for over a decade. It has incredible significance. It is a portal
 of tremendous energy, and will spawn magnificent energy feeds. It is precisely
why the final phase of the heralded ‘ Cosmic Trigger’ is occurring on this Eclipse
of 2012

I’ve been experiencing wordpress issues while writing this blog:  It ‘saves’ every few minutes, each time causing a new look, and not allowing me to restore text to the original colors, etc.  After spending too much time rewriting parts [multiple times], it’s time to play ‘Arcturian Chess’, and let wordpress ‘have it’s way’!

 I’m hoping that massive editing is allowed after publishing this.

Your comments are wonderful! You make every day a CRYSTAL ROUND TABLE  🙂

On Rhythmic Wizard, this year’s Galactic Return, I had the honor of meeting a Rhythmic Wizard, who is making a positive difference in our world, One Smile at a time  🙂  Catrin, a Nelson resident, began publishing her beautiful magazine  just over a year ago.  Enjoy her current issue, #7, which is just ‘off the press’  🙂



N. S.  1. 24. 10. 15.   Cube 9:  PURIFICATION     Kin 220


10 thoughts on “Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun [20.12] codes Planetary 15 and oUR Round Table

  1. Planetary(10)Dali(15)Kin(220)=(20.12)=P.S.I.(196)=*(Uranus)=(11+185)*=Cube Journey Day(9)=Purification.

    *Time Matrix*=V.21,H.4=(17)
    (Synchronic)=(39)*Reverse of 93*(G.A.P.)=(19.13)*(All is Number.God is a Number.God is in All.)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(372)

    *Space Matrix=*V.18,H.18*=(220)
    (Time)=(52)*Fractal of 52 Year cycle of the Rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A. 52 Years=73 Spins.*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(423)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.21=(220)
    (Time)=(133)*C.=3 SkyWalker=(13.3)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(730)


    ==BMU==(202)==(Resonant House of the High Priestess)==

    (101×2, Internally Balanced Frequency, Characteristic of All Multiples of 101, Vigesimal 10.2)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(225)==(Self-Existing House of The Serpent Initiate)

    *15 squared, 45×5, 9×25, (3 squared x 5 squared = 15 squared)*

    Agent 93=(13.2)

  2. Melovia Kin 129.


    *Time Matrix*=V.15,H.7=(61)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(372)

    *Space Matrix*=V.2,H.14=(129)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(355)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.11,H.9=(129)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(670)


    ==BMU==(74)*Solar House of the Wizard*
    (37×2, reverse = 47, 74-47=27.)–27=9×3*

    ==Kin Equivalent==(97)*Rhythmic House of the Navigator*
    (Prime Key, 97-33=64, reverse of 79, 97-79=18)


  3. dear 138, don’t you write your reports offline and then copy paste ’em to wordpress? this way you will avoid huge loss of data, its a shame when our dedication is swallowed by cyberspheric blackholes!

    10 Mirror was the most prophetic day here in Argentina as Goverment decided to expropiate YPF main oil resources from private spanish hands which was sold about 10 years ago.

    the move, made by our president Cristina Kirchner 12 Hand, has turn the page on argentinian history as some have said.

    afcourse we are still talkin about oil and land explotaiton, but we are also talkin about action based on principles on great scale, which is a good influence for us all.

    Cosmic Dragon Magic Flight!

  4. Lyra the Harp, the meteors’ trails all appear to point back there.

    Actually, the meteors originate not from Lyra, but from the tail of Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, through which the Earth passes every year in April.

    that che re pass habitdualling thru oURm Mist hya, |ñ avr/ag/il/…
    elli -et – alli – …
    n°u°li…cl0~ËD …

    sparks on its ways to satisfactional pURpose inkl waR -ning lol…,

  5. Planetary=(10)=Seli=(16)=Kin=(221)=*(1.13) *Lord of the Dawn*

    ->>>Telektonon Verse 113.->>>”But Especially would I have you look at Mars and consider again the disposition of the Thirteen Sacred Signs placed around the edge of my stone, from(8 Ahau=Kin 60), my seal of Truth,
    to (13 Cimi=Kin 26), the Galactic Closing of the Wizard’s hoard of the lore of death.”

    =Warrior’s Cube Journey Day=(10)=DOG>GOD>”Heart Power”,”Compassionate”.


    (Postulate 1.13)=A time travel vehicle constitutes a telepathic body moving in time between predesignated vector points, or bodies in time. This possibility cannot occur until there is a comprehension of the evolution of time as consciousness and the rearrangement of the human social order according to the Law Of Time. the successful attainment of this social rearrangement in itself is an Evolutionary TEST requiring the Collective will of the species in accord with the dynamics of its own planetary biosphere.

    *Time Matrix*=V.20*,H.4=(18)*
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(167)

    *Space Matrix*=V.20**,H.18*=(221)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(332)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.1=(221)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(567)


    ==Base-Matrix-Unit(BMU)=(184)==*G.A.P.*(Lunar House of the Innocent)

    (8 x 23, 23rd Octave, 4 x 46, Octave of the Solar Sun Spot Cycle)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(26)==*Pacal Votan Clear Sign(P.V.C.S.)

    *Cosmic House of the Hierophant*

    (2 x 13, Tzolkin Fractal, Galactic Code, Coordinating Frequency of the Matrix of Cosmic Ascension, Second Time Dimension, Fractal of 26,000 Year Pleiadian Cycle.)

    ==Agent 93(13.2)==
    ==BMU==(66)*Magnetic House of the Hierophant*(6 x 11, Triangular of 11)
    ==Kin Equivalent==(168)*Crystal House of the Artist*==

  6. C.-Kin-(133).


    *Time Matrix*=V.5,H.6=(31)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(60)*P.V.C.S.*Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature*

    *Space Matrix*=V.7,H.15=(133)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(271)*Kin Equivalent=(11)=Valum Votan*

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.11*,H.14=(133)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(614)


    ==BMU==(63)==*Spectral House of the Dreamer*
    (63)=(3×21, 7×9, 63×7, = 441, in all orders of 441, 63, like 49 and 21, maintains consistency as its base matrix unit is always a multiple of the same factor as itself, Key Multiples: x 2 = 126, x 3 = 189, x 4 = 252, x 5 = 315, x 6 = 378, x 7 = 441, First nine orders of seven establish the 63 base frequencies of 441, or 1/7 of order of 441 – 63 : 441 :: 142857 : 999999, Vigesimal 3.3)

    ==Kin Equivalent==(165)*G.A.P.*Solar House of the Serpent Initiate*
    (165)=(33 x 5, Fifth Force Power of the Initiate, Vigesimal 8.5, reverse of 561, (Frequency of Initiatic Navigation), 561 – 165 = 396 = 11 x 36 (396 also 33 x 12).


  7. Think beyond your present dreams, to the dreams you will have once they’ve already come true.

    ThnX nein/three……gReatful…only repetition works with me…… and sounds
    like the same old groove..again -goodto see-39

    Same here : euRo-liège, Jesterday: …
    barcelona plays 846 passes | had ballPossession of unbelievable 72% = o goals

    meaning chelsea played 228 | of only lol 28% = 1 goal

    while toooday «El Loco kommt!», Marcelo Bielsa derbesessene von ‘Deportivo Bilbao’, nach Lisse Bon
    Ib åe Rºan Duell … … -all still in deep dark Kat-Hole-Icystic (respective.other.cult-) BS … going on making no sense in electing Popes who are almost dead and still relying on the ideals of the 1950s.”

    but… the “autonomic basque ” (they have only basque players in their team)
    lost 1:2

    can’T believe you…n
    ..all my trying ‘s up…
    … … from malACHY’s list the GRrrree M AnaL is Hi (Peter the Roman Green) “In extreme persecution, the seat of the Hohli Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge the people. The End.” fuck’m good nigh’†∞“∞…143 “What do you mean? What is a Vortex?” A Vortex is……..a

  8. …greetings of unfathomably deep comprehension…noo cohesion
    love light truth hope peace beauty
    love U’s UR’s noos humans

    You and i and all humans, i suppose, those who have been on this Earth’Walk, our spiritual paths, are now at a point of deepening and quickening,
    or something of that order.

    I entered this life in the late 40’s, i never felt quite like everyone else, or, so it seemed to me. In my late teens i became very interested in yoga, and
    the shield of knowledge of the Eastern religions etc; i also felt ‘contact’ thru dreams with our ‘light beings’ from distant realms, dimensions, etc…
    i knew i was being guided thru all those years. I received ‘knowledge’, an initiation into ‘raja yoga’ when i was 21, and immediately was entered into
    a profound ‘awareness’ of timelessness, and i practiced meditation, and became very inspired thru the experience of ‘devotion’; my experience as
    a devotee began with finding a deep resonance within myself with Lord Krishna, and then the physical function of meeting a Master and ‘receiving the
    gift of Knowledge’ thru a young boy, 13 yr old Prem Pal Rawat, then known largely, by His ‘premies’, disciples as “Maharaji”.
    It was thru a very personal ‘connection’, that i was blessed to be given, that somehow, has played a part in my journey, thru His Grace,
    moving within me, and my ‘dream’called’life’. That Grace that remains ‘formless’, illumination within the ‘void’.

    I have practiced techniques, along with many different types of yoga; prana and breath’awareness became 2nd nature, karma, hatha, bahkti, kundalini,
    raja, forms of each aspect of yoga were my sustenance. I traveled to India several times and lived in ashrams practicing these paths and also, there
    and thru’out the World, i met with and shared ‘presence’ with many gurus, teachers of all types, shamans from many different traditions, etc…
    I personally have lived most of my adult life in very remote locations, miles from other 2’legged’s, appreciating the solitude that enabled me to learn
    from ‘within’…listening to my inner voice and ‘voices’, becoming aware of telepathy and each of the ‘gifts’ of spirit that each of us has to discover
    our place within the ‘everything’.

    I was guided to a discovery of a unique form of ‘crystal’, during the mid 80’s, and i traveled to many different countries, and conferences with these crystals,
    and truly only found ‘1’ human who had ever seen ‘1’ of these crystals. It has a hexagonal type of matrix, like a quartz crystal, but it also displays an unusual
    sort of ‘fluting’, forming a star, very much like a ‘snow’flake’ image. I will pass on to you a photograph of one of these; soon after the discovery,
    i began to receive ‘channeled’ communication from all sorts of ‘light beings’, informing me, that indeed, these crystals aren’t ‘from’ the earth, or any of the
    known 7 crystal systems which are presently recorded, and that their substance, also contains unknown ‘elements’, which could be called, a carbon alloy,
    and that their appearance, reflecting the ‘fluting’ was due to their unique energy, which is, in fact, a result of the ‘signature of implosion’…and that they have,
    as do all types of crystals, many properties which we humans, will find of great benefit at this time of over’all planetary transformation.
    I was informed that these are known as, the Ancestor Star Crystals, and that i had been chosen to ‘discover, or release them’, at this time, that time,
    and that it was due to a degree of ‘trust’, that goes beyond my understanding of ‘trust’. Over the next 10 or 15 years, as i ‘harvested’ these and traveled
    thru out the world with them, along the way, following my ‘guidance’ as to who i could ‘share’ them with, i learned about, and found myself involved within
    greater and greater circles of ‘contact’. These times were both wonderful and intriguing, and kept me quite satisfied for the most part.

    All my life has been a magical mystery tour, if i may say, i never went any other way, than to serve, to follow the ‘yellow brick road’, to give way to the
    extraordinary path that ‘spirit’ revealed to me. Having such a life demanded much sacrifice, yet, for me, i was aware that, i had no other choice,
    i was sent here to participate within the ‘unfolding’ of these extraordinary times here now happening on Grand’Mother Earth.
    One of the unique properties of these ‘Ancestor Star Crystals’, was said to be their capacity to ‘absorb’ any harmful type of ‘radiation’, up to and including
    ‘nuclear’; and that they are also found to provide, ‘guidance, power, and consciousness’. Yes, they are very wonderful ‘friends’ from the distant worlds
    of ‘timeless light and love’…they were also spoken of as ‘Love Stars’

    Regarding the only 2’legged who i’ve ever encountered who recognized these ‘Stars’, it was a man named Harley Swiftdeer Reagan. Harley is another
    one of the many wonderful humans who i met and ‘studied and shared’ with thru those years. He is what i have come to know and recognize,
    as a truly, Universal Harmonic Human. He is, no doubt, in my life, one of the most gifted and clear vehicles of the ‘shamanic masters’ that i have had the
    pleasure of working with; he represents the ‘Twisted Hair Medicine Society’, and a council of elders, known to me as ‘The Grand’Mothers’,
    he was for many years the immediate apprentice, to Grand’Father Don Genaro, known thru time, and thru the chronicles of Don Juan and Carlos Casteneda,
    ( who many people have become aware of over the last 20 or 30 years.) Within these times, as the story goes, Don Juan crossed’over and Carlos became
    ‘the 18th Nagual Stalker’, as well, Don Genaro crossed’over and Harley became the 18th Nagual Dreamer. For our 1st encounter, when i met Harley, i shared
    a ‘Star Crystal’ as a gift, and he lit’up and said, Raven, all of my ‘lil’people who are always present with me are ‘dancing and acting’up like crazy with delight’,
    because you bring this wonderful gift to me, and them…do you know what you have here? Well, i’ll tell you, i’ve only seen ‘1’ other crystal like this,
    and it was Grand’father’s…Don Genaro, and when he crossed’over, he must have taken it with him, because we never saw it again! This is what i have come to know,
    The Ancestor Star Crystals…thru the next 5 years i worked with Harley learning from him, about the ‘Shield of Knowledge’ of the Twisted Hairs,
    the Shield known as the Shield of Turtle’Eye Land, this shield represents the combined teachings of all of the ‘tribes’ of North, South, and Central
    America ,and the ‘Wheels and Keys’ thru which this sacred knowledge may be ‘shared’…further, i became more aware of the ‘8 Great Powers’ and their
    Shields of Knowledge, and how our entire Sacred HUman Family, has full representation, including all the ‘histories of Earth’ and human tribes,
    and the ‘Dream Called Life’, since all’ways and for’all’ways. Suffice it to say, this man, and these ‘times’ were of the greatest importance to me, and
    my path unfolding.

    Soon after meeting with Harley, and beginning our ‘Journey’, i had another ‘mysterious engagement’ and encounter with the man known as Jose Arguelles,
    the principle path finder, in my estimation, of the true return to the clear understanding of the long sought ‘time codes’ of the Ancient Mayan Family.
    Here again, upon our initial meeting, we ‘shared’ the ‘Ancestor Star Crystals’, and i gifted he and his lovely wife, and partner of that time, Lloydine,’ with ‘1’
    of these crystals, and we then had the opportunity, and spent many hours together sharing our ‘then’ feelings and ideas regarding the ‘Earth Changes’
    and their meaningfulness as related to ‘Time’ and his passion with the on’going re’discovery of the ‘Mayan Calendar’ codes; this was in JUne of 1987,
    just prior to the event known as the ‘Harmonic Convergence’. Following our initial meeting, over these years, i have been in ‘contact’, and found his
    ‘work…his life journey’, to be of the greatest significance to me, surpassing most everything i have ever encountered, and i’ve been along for the ‘ride’
    as he ‘awakened to his Mission, and fully realized his ‘path with Heart’Mind Completely Blooming into his ‘self’realization’, as the ‘Closer of the Cycle’.
    Becoming fully aware of his ‘Spirit Personality’, Valum Votan, the re’invested Master of Time Science, known previously by the name, Pacal Votan.

    Today, after much self’reflection, leading to a deeper and greater sense of ‘surrendering’…i know now, that my life currently hasn’t any meaning at all…
    what i mean, is that, for many years, i have ‘sought’ that experience, ‘IT’ , the ever loving, ever greater, undefinable release from the ‘wheel of ‘samsara’.
    That relationship sought ‘within’ each human heart’mind, in search for love, truth, beauty, as a devotee, disiciple, apprentice, initiate, call it any one
    of those, or any other. ‘ IT ‘, has been my drive, my oddness, my other worldliness, my stubbornness, my defiance, my dream, my struggle, my passion,
    all of these, and no words need be spoken…within each of us…heaven and hell…time and death…deceit and compassion…autonomy and devotion…
    strength and surrender… where all these lead, no single point can define or word can define, returning to ‘source’ … revelation unending unfathomable
    thru effortless surrendering~~~ in and over one’s soul dream~~~ merging within all…

    I often used to say, something that Albert Einstein once shared with me in a moment of ‘channeled’ conversation…”You know what, you know, before,
    you know, how you know it. Then he said, this was the realm of ‘pata physics’. We were discussing the ‘nature of the Ancestor Star Crystals, which he
    was very impressed with, and we looked them over, and he said, “thank you, thank you, thank you, Raven”. He also pointed out, that from his perspective,
    viewing my property, in the deep mountains, of the Blue Ridge, in the State of North Carolina, U.S.A., that, the literal ‘topography’, where it actually,
    is a ‘bowl’ like indentation on top of a roughly 4,200ft elevation mountain, or ‘dish’, was how he put it. He said, Raven, this place is like a ‘satalite’dish’…
    and it gathers and focuses ‘energies from the cosmos’. We also discussed a near’by point of ‘influence’, some few miles from my home, something related
    to the ‘geomantic’, earth/star grid; according to Richard Leviton and Robert Koons, in their work, titled…”Ley’Lines and the Meaning of Adam”…it is here,
    upon the Dragon’s’Back of these ancient, ancient Sacred Mountains, that a most unique ‘apex’ is located. The ‘apex of the Earth/Star Polyhedronic Crystal
    Grid, which acts as the ‘termination’ and distribution point of ‘influence’ engaging all the ‘cosmos’ tethering and acting as an ‘umbillicus’ for all the
    lesser grid ‘effects’ channeling both ‘light and form’, movement and measure, here upon Great’Grand’Mother’Earth.

    here’s a link or 2; where you may ck. it out for your interest…

    i would like to go ahead and ‘share just a bit’ of said document…sooooooo

    …”We can better appreciate how the Earth Polyhedron functions by reviewing the properties of crystals. Crystals are rightly called “windows of Light,” as patterning and dimensional-transmitting doorways from the kinetic world of Light radiation down through the more apparently static material world of form—and the reverse. Crystals can amplify and project thought forms; facilitate interdimensional communication; operate as tuning forks at specific frequencies to key individuals and their environments to desired light harmonics; receive and transmit high energy inputs; maintain unified electromagnetic fields to provide balance and harmony; serve as cosmic batteries, storing and releasing energy on schedule; function as archetypal libraries, holding messages, codes, histories, schedules; work as light modulators; or act as psychic binoculars and telescopes seeing over great time/space distances. These are documented applications of material plane crystals but their enumeration helps us understand the geometry of consciousness and Light at play in this more abstract Grid dimension.

    Physical life on Earth is an oscillating dance of the 5 elements, as orchestrated to us through successively more material Grid interfaces, and as played for us by the symphonic interactions of the 11 planets (minus Earth), the 12 Zodiac Houses, and other influential star families (e.g., Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, among others ).
    The Earth in its higher mental body manifestation is a crystal receptor floating in space, moving through the harmonic web of the stellar Grid, itself a vast unified crystal-polyhedron. We move with the Earth as a facet in the life and being of our King Sun, our Solar Logos, whose body is our solar system, source of our Light, Life, and Consciousness parameters.

    We live, through these interpenetrating Grid dimensions, the stellar evolutionary life of our Sun in concert with his (once) 11 satellite planets, his Knights (now minus Maldek) and ecliptically-neighboring Zodiac. We are all on the same solar wave-length as mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid.
    “Every star evolution is on a valency of Light which determines its own evolutionary program,” writes J. J. Hurtak.10
    This represents our Solar Fishnet, the specific conditions of Light, Life, and Consciousness that constitute our home in the solar system.

    The fundamental Round Table of the Sun, of which planet Earth is a valiant Knight, is marked by the projected ecliptic our Earth makes through the 12 Houses of the Zodiac (or the apparent path the Sun takes) during a 12 month cycle; it is also described by the Sun’s own ecliptic peregrination in 2160 year spurts (following the Precession of the Equinoxes) through these same constellations. Just as the Earth is visualized as this rotating, revolving crystalline receptor, wired for sound to the other planets and stars, dancing to the fivefold tune within the context of the evolutionary possibilities of this single Sun system and on the specific dance floor of planet Earth, so, too, is the local solar system a unified, evolving Being functioning within its own Light/Life/Consciousness paradigm within a larger controlling body.

    The Sun and the totality of the solar system, when seen from a distance, free of time and space limitations, is a Light Crystal with interpenetrating Grids, surrounding each planet and linking them in a solar web. This is really a question of fundamental limitations. “Man is chained to his geomagnetic cycles,” says Hurtak, living in “planetary bondage to its own Light field” or “solar magnetic field paradigm”, operating under “the ancient astrophysical status of Light upon Earth.” Humans exist on Earth, adds Doris Lessing, within their,
    “terrible bondage, the chains of necessity that grasped them… This web was an iron, a frightful necessity, imposing its design.”
    Our electromagnetic spectrum, dispensed by the Sun and mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid, is both our familiar home and our frightful jail, depending on our orientation. Gravity holds us rooted to the material Earth and the solar winds blow hard to keep us strapped to the Earth’s surface and within Her electromagnetic field. However, at the doorway of the Polyhedron, the place where our evolutionary Light paradigm for Humanity on Earth is molded and transmitted, we have the possibility of lifting off in a rush of anti-gravity.

    The Earth Grid represents the geometry of consciousness, the constraints on awareness and fourth dimensional transcendence, our biochemical/evolutionary parameters of expression. The crystalline Star Grid, of which our Earth is a component, is the form-dynamics of our local Star Evolution program, namely, the restrictions on consciousness, or that which upholds what Hurtak calls “the bioconsciousness of the old planetary cycles”, or that which maintains “the electromagnetic ordering of the life code.”
    Our interpenetrating Grid system is like a huge solar DNA hologram enveloping, infiltrating, and living us inescapably. It is a particular electromagnetic domain, or frequency/life spectrum, which is a partial expression (tailored for Earth, just as Venus and Mars have their own Grid realities) of the unified Star Evolution Grid, itself but a cosmic DNA hologram of a larger harmonic being. So here we live, as humans on Earth, breathing within and as sentient facets of this resonating matrix. It fits like a primary tuning fork over our noosphere and biosphere such that not one atom or electron or speeding quark escapes its dominant resonance.

    Yet this same Crystal Grid represents the possible Grid Doors out of this Sun-imposed paradigm. It holds the key to anti-gravity; here the stellar Grid restrictions can be transcended, here human consciousness can depart the solar system, soaring off the Earth in a burst of Light into the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is freedom from gravity, which is none other than the weight of the mind/body/emotions bounded by the linear time/space fishnet of the Grid. Anti-gravity, as we will see below, is fundamentally a consciousness technology, a transcending mastery of the Grid. Our stellar Grid, after all, is only one of billions of such star evolution crystal grids glittering in what Hurtak calls “the Sea of Crystal”, which is our Milky Way seen through mystic eyes. Star systems now are seen as individual, interdependent, inter-resonating geometric harmonic Grids of Light.

    Thus the Polyhedronic Grid is like a central distribution warehouse for a supermarket chain. Here all the groceries and produce are received and parceled out, first for the regional distributors, then the individual units. The Platonic Solids, in this model, receive the abstract energy impulses, or bulk shipments, from the Zodiac Houses, other stars and planets, then parcel them out down through the succeeding 3 Grids to the physical Earth and our daily lives as Grid consumers—all in accordance with the inherent geometric/elemental design.

    Here is an example of how this system works. Recently at the moment of the lunar eclipse and full Moon of Libra 1986, the Earth tetrahedron received a major solar activation. The 5 Platonic Solids form what is in truth an indivisible whole; but for the purpose of this illustration, let us envision the tetrahedron alone, as a 3-sided pyramid within a basketball, but with the corners protruding like big toes from old socks. From the apex of the pyramid/tetrahedron, rises a spiraling cone extending far into space, into the star fields. At the moment of activation, first the cone, then the pyramid, blushed an effulgent gold throughout. Momentarily the tetrahedron was radiant and vibrationally jubilant with powerful solar energy amidst the other Solids which formed a clear quartz crystal.
    Obviously, shortly afterwards the fire-energized pyramid began diffusing its new energies throughout the unified polyhedron. The planetary positioning point (apex up) for this now golden tetrahedron within the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid overlap on Earth is Richland-Balsam Mt. (or The Balsam; or Mt. Balsam Cone; current elevation 6500 feet, ancient elevation 6666 feet) in Western North Carolina, 20 miles south of Waynesville, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (heading “north”).

    The Earth Crystal, then, is “wired for sound” with the other interior crystal organs of the Sun system by way of the Stellar Grid. The Stellar Grid is structured differently than the various Earth Grids. When we visualize a geodesic or other multi-faceted rhomboid solid, we see subtle lines of energy passing from one plane of experience or existence to a similar plane or facet in a rhomboid at another dimension. This is the Stellar/Earth Grid connection. It is linked with forces of an etheric nature. The Stellar Grid may be visualized from Earth as a lace curtain or pattern of interconnected snowflakes stretching across the entire night sky.

    …and the said document goes on…all are equal: Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam…

    Today, after much self’reflection, leading to a deeper and greater sense of ‘surrendering’…i know now, that my life currently hasn’t any meaning at all…
    what i mean, is that, for many years, i have ‘sought’ that experience, ‘IT’ , the ever loving, ever greater, undefinable release from the ‘wheel of ‘samsara’.
    That relationship sought ‘within’ each human heart’mind, in search for love, truth, beauty, as a devotee, disciple, apprentice, initiate, call it any one
    of those, or any other. ‘ IT ‘, has been my drive, my oddness, my other worldliness, my stubbornness, my defiance, my dream, my struggle, my passion,
    all of these, and no words need be spoken…within each of us…heaven and hell…time and death…deceit and compassion…autonomy and devotion…
    strength and surrender… where all these lead, no single point can define or word can define, returning to ‘source’ … revelation unending unfathomable
    thru effortless surrendering~~~ in and over one’s soul dream~~~ merging within all…

    i am another noo/you
    in lak’ech

    slycoyote wink
    JaguarJade13 blink

    i peacefully surrender to this love and will endure thru His Grace and to Her Glory

    i am noo one
    i am awake
    i am aware
    i am alert
    i am renewed
    i am alive within/upon the New Earth
    within the New Time~the return to Sacred Trust Within~
    known to me as~HOME TRUST BOUNTY~
    an endless store of preciousness reflecting Spirit Power and Abundance
    the truth of Life
    endless love
    all one reality pi
    within each of our hearts
    as children i see all
    within the pure love
    known to me

    much love to all

    ~O)(O~TurTLE”EYRE”LanD~Re’New’D Sacred DreaM
    …from within the ‘chrysalis ‘ of noo time…
    …noo human
    …kin 221 red cosmic dragon
    …I endure in order to nurture
    …transcending being
    …I seal the input of birth
    …with the cosmic tone of presence
    …I am guided by the power of life force
    …planetary moon
    …daya 16
    …wavespell of the moon
    …solar ring of the white rhythmic wizard

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