GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind codes Planetary Gamma 17 and Wavespell 18: Spirit

IK            Kin 222

White Magnetic Wind

White Magnetic Wind
Yellow Magnetic Human White Magnetic Wind Red Magnetic Earth
  Blue Cosmic Storm
I unify in order to communicate
attracting breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
1 Wind’s   G-Force  is 12.4, 4 Human, which codes A1d7r7  this Spin-Thanks 177, for your sympathetic comment  :).
The PSI for 10.17 is 4 Storm, and the Long Count is 6 Eagle.
CDK equals GAP 8.4:  GM 108 X, which codes the Galactic Mayan Transmissions.
On this 3rd day of Week 39, GAP Kin 39Cosmic Storm codes the Hidden Power.
This week corresponds to Codon 39:  “HEART’S DESIRE:  “Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Heart
Just as Kin 39 is the culminating Postulate, Codon 39 could be the culminating Codon  🙂
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
The opposite view of this postulate would be classed as Atheism.  Last week, a local poker player, with whom TMQ has lively debates, actually attended an Atheist’s convention in Melbourne, Australia [where the CHC co-authors lived]. 
At last Monday’s Poker Tournament [which 18.8 won, second time in a row  :)] the Atheist’s lovely partner showed me videos of a large Muslim protest outside the convention.  Allah vs. Atheists sums up these times, during which an early Cosmic History Chronicles  states that the endgame of the War of the Heavens is playing out here on Earth.
2.1: “The same dynamics of time which governs the planetary biosphere also governs the local stellar mass in its relation to other stellar masses within the system of the Galactic Brain of which this star system is a member.”
222 111 x 2, 37 x 6, perfect self cyclical recombinant frequency, second order”
Two ‘Cosmic comments’, a lovely long one from 13 Skywalker, and an intriguing comment from 13 Night will be ‘approved’ as soon as wordpress allows entry to the admin. page.  Today, Melthree 8 Serpent asked:  “how do I interpret 93‘s posts?
Kin 125.
The Synchronotron, whose  441 Cube matrices are displayed and explained here: and  in Cosmic History Chronicles 7:  Book of the Cube.  Page 51 states:  “The Synchronotron refers to practice of the 441 Cube matrix system, which can be thought of as the Mothership of all code frequencies.”   “The point of the Synchronotron is to imprint the basic cosmological foundations of the 441 Cube matrix into the mind and brain to create a new mental organ:  the Holomind Perceiver.”
There are kin here, such as 93, 177, 189 and 160, who have more experience with  this system, and we’d love to hear from any of you who have followed the practice with more consistency than this writer. 
Interpretations may be personal, depending upon each numbers significance.  The Tzolkin, the Synchronotron Dictionary and various Cosmic History Chronicles  and other sources  provide more meaning for ‘interpretation’. 
Today marks 14 Moons since the Ascension of Valum Votan, who began ‘downloading‘ the 441 Cube terma while living here in New Zealand’s South Island.
Today, 2.1 can also be interpreted as 21, root of the 441.
Today‘s 13 Moon date:  Moon 10; Day 17 = 10.17
We find that date on page 210:  coordinate V:  19;  H4.  That yields our first synchronicity:  19.4 is the PSI for that date.
Next, we locate 19; 4 on the Time, Space and Synchronic Matrices on pages 52, 53, and those 3 numbers will yield the Time Matrix Telepathic Frequency index [Time TFI]
Time:  19;      19.6 6 Storm, Antipode and G-Force of 149: VV+TMQ]
Sp:      67;       2 Hand 
Sy:      123      3 Night [my occult] Today, Magnetic Wind  alpha-numerically equals 123  🙂 
123:   41 x 3 divine interval triplet, vigesimal 6.3, reverse of 321, 321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency, reverse of 891(99 x 9) 891 – 198 = 693, 9 x 77, 21 x 33]
The three ‘Blue numbers’ 19 + 67 + 123 = Time TFI of  209
Kin 209:  Magnetic Moon codes the day after the 2012 New Zealand Solstice.
On Magnetic Moon we enter the Green Castle of Enchantment
Today’s Kin:  222 is located at  coordinate  V:  19;  H:  19 in the Space Matrix
[19.19 reduces by 20.13 to make 19.6, discussed above] 
Time:  136   6 Warrior 
Sy:        108   4 Star  [Today’s CDK:  GM108X]
222 + 136 + 108 = Space TFI of 566 
566-441= 125, Thanks Melthree 8 Serpent for yoUR comment, which led to this exploration  🙂
566 – 520 = Kin Eq. of 46:  7 World-Bridger, which coded the day TMQ received the  9/11/2004 message]
Synchronic Matrix 222 is located at V:  16;  H:  2.
Time:  41   2 Dragon  [Divine Interval]
Sp:       119  2 Storm   
222 + 41 + 119 = Synchronic TFI of  382  [Kin eq. 122:  5 Wind]
The three TFI’s equal today’s Master Coordinating Frequency Number
209 + 566 + 382 = {{1157 }}
1157 – 882 [two 441s] = 275
Spirit displayed via a ‘Cosmic Storm’ with Positive Lightning Strikes
“…Positive lightning bolts are typically six to ten times more powerful than negative bolts, last around ten times longer, and can strike several miles distant from the clouds. During a positive lighting strike, huge quantities of ELF and VLF radio waves are generated.”

2012 is not the end of the world, not the end of time, not the end of the age …However, it’s now abundantly clear to most everyone that we have entered a tumultuous period of Global Climate Change,  Global Earth Changes and Major Solar System Flux.

Here’s another “39“:  Todays is the 39th day before the end of the  last complete Dreamspell Tzolkin of the 13 Baktuns.

Wavespell 18:  Power of SPIRIT


May we all magnetically attract and bond with SPIRIT  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 10. 17.   Cube 11:  MAGIC   GAP Kin  222


49 thoughts on “GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind codes Planetary Gamma 17 and Wavespell 18: Spirit

  1. The most interesting part [during which wordpress was acting bizzarely] is missing.
    The Synchronotron dictionary for 275:
    “275 11 x 5², liberating frequency of the fifth force (galactic federation) vigesimal 13.15”

    So cool that today’s Kin Eq. [if my calculations are correct] is kin 117, because it was on Kin 117 that Valum Votan awoke from an elaborate dream, remembering only the word: 441!!!
    117: 9 x 13 prophecy code (tomb dedication, also 13 heavens, 9 hells, etc,) key recombinant triplet 117 (9 x 13) 171 (9 x 19), 711 (9 x 79) 117 + 171 + 711 = 999

    As always, am encouraging feedback, corrections, and additional interpretations.

    Thanks again to 125, for his question which has now re-established my Synchronotron practice 🙂
    Still trying to access the admin. page, to ‘approve’ those two comments.

    Love and Magic for all!
    Galactic Agent 138

  2. Hello please hear the songs of prophecy, ((( ” Stay under the rainbow, stay under the rainbow, stay under the rainbow of the rising Sun, Alpha Omega beginning and end Aotearoa New Zealand, cause it’s over for the Gregorian calendar of death.” ))) I am another yourself, come home to New Jerusalem, this land is Jesus Christ. Hi Claire and Whanau, ALL WELCOME 22 Fenchurch GlennInnes Phone 095287317. C.R.A.N.Z …We as a species are entitled to a chance at following mother natures rhythyms and not the disfunctional Gregorian machine calendar…Everything is a train smash of the Gregorian calendar designed to stress and frustrate the masses.

  3. nEW zEALAND’s heart charkra is Golden Bay, its here V.V. came and declared, ‘Golden Bay was the place with the highest vibration he had come across’. numerically (a=1 – z=26) Golden Bay = 85 = the Heart.
    It therefore stands to reason (if we respect V.V.’s view) what comes out of GB is of the highest quality.
    It is a truth that the physical land shape of GB is mapped using two interpenetrating golden phi ratio spirals, which when they spiral into each other map out a heart shape within a heart within a heart shape (the template of interdimensional fractality).
    Golden Bay is a Stargate see here

  4. …further re’flec’tions…within noo a wake ings…

    …This complex, terrestrial drama all reduces to the number 9, called Tayt in Qabala. All the key numbers in this Light interplay of Earth, Adam, and the Grid, it seems, digitally total 9: 1746, 144, 1080, 666, 864, 83,808 (possible planetary dome caps), 20,736 (number of planetary Zodiacs multiplied by number of star effigies in each). Even affiliate numbers all point to 9: 86,400 (average human heartbeats/day), 25,920 (number of years in one Great Zodiac Year), 4,320,000 (years in the Mahayuga, the Hindu cosmic time cycle)—not to mention the 9 month gestation time for humans. What, then, is the 9 that pervades the inner structure of the Grid?

    We must turn to the Qabala for illumination of the 9. Tayt.9 represents the archetype of the primeval “feminine” formative energy, which draws upon the Hhayt. 8 (the storage sphere, or Chariot), of all undifferentiated energy, which derives from Binah (the Sephiroth of the Mother of Forms) to build structures. Tayt. 9 is the elementary “Female”, the prodigious proliferator of elementary form units, individual cells, expressive composites created from the Mother’s electron clusters of Hhayt 8. In Qabala Tarot symbolism (Tarot is a pictorial system directly related to the Tree of Life as a visual/intuitive series of life/drama depictions affiliated, in part, with the 22 pathways) Tayt.

    9 is the Path of “Strength of the Lion.” Each pathway on the Tree is “ruled” by a Zodiac House; Tayt. 9 is ruled by Leo, which in turn is ruled by the Sun. Tayt. 9 is often depicted in Tarot symbology as the Scarlet Woman (alive with the fire of Life) and is pictured as an ecstatic, nearly drunken, lascivious, scarlet-clothed, and most powerful primal woman astride a Lion/Serpent, holding its jaws open in triumph. In world mythologies, 9 is the number of “the Goddess Mother of the World,” the “Great Goddess of Many Names,” She who is Matrix of the cosmic life process, and, in Greece, it was the number of the Nine Muses, Daughters of Mnemosyne (Memory, i.e., Binah).

    But what is the Strength of the Lion that our archetypal generatrix is riding triumphantly? Qabala symbolism interprets the Lion variously. Regulus, the heart of the Lion, is the brightest star in that constellation and Leo was anciently regarded as the beginning of the Zodiac Round. The Lion also represents the first formation of the human individuality projected into the world of Form (Geburah, 5th Sephiroth) from the realm of the Spirit (Chesed, 4th Sephiroth). The Lion, says

    J.J. Hurtak, represents our Star Evolution, King Sun. Thus the entire solar reality, the Drama of the Nine, of our local Star Evolution system, is mathematically encoded into the light harmonic of Adam, Earth, Grid. The 9 is the Logos of our Sun, his metaphysical calling card, his secret telephone number. We have, then, the physics, geometry, and gematria of the specific light harmonic (the solar octaves) of our King Sun, encoded synchronously and thoroughly throughout all form manifestations in our world, within all dramatis personae (like an ineradicable blood type or permanent thumbprint) of his solar Crystal Theater. Through our human lives as the Mother’s Children on Earth, our local Mother, we myth-live, as divinely made holograms, the Light valency, or Mind/Body/Spirit, of our solar system, Tayt. 9, the Strength of the Lion.

    This is the Drama of the Nine in short form: The (Love from Above) Light (AWR, 1.61, the Logos of Light, phi) Harmonic (Electricity, phi differentiated as 666/1080, into positive/negative charges) Expressed (through the Elohim, the angelic verb, agents of the implantation of archetypal life into temporal form) as Adam (144, the human electromagnetic fulfillment of all elemental expressive potentiality, as 18 solar octaves x 8 element families) on Earth (ARTZ, 291=12, the 12-fold Zodiac/Round Table/Planetary Grid matrix). Thus do the Wise Domes of the Elohim teach us of the Lion’s Play and purpose of Earth, Adam, and our loving bond, the Grid.

    …within the nooo…hope peace love truth joy love abundan C’inG…

  5. This windwave leads US into month MAYa ..

    From april that does its will
    Into maya where each bird sings its saya ..

    In Holland they say :
    In Mei legt elke vogel een ei ..

    In month may all birds serves New births ..

    • hi mel ;-)> ψυχή νους

      in fact this 222 opens up to 2222 where we s’irius doubles the middle number

      we just made a giant leap in leapyear

      celebreath it in the locations where U are!

      bolon ik in d’reamspell & crystal sun in mayan tzolkin

      in kweakspell 2222 is still within its dispensensation for 9×260 cycles giving the premise in its seedlings …

      142 is its kin in the 9th cycle
      it is crystal wind in monkeywave from the central cardinal core in the 8 fold mirror – the Tzoll’kin

      H mmm

  6. Planetary(10)Gamma(17)Kin(222)GAP=P.S.I.=(199);Cube(11)Monkey Magic.
    Begin Wavespell(18)Wind;Breath of Spirit.

    (222)*Galactic Signature of Tony Shearer*Quetzalcoatl Prophet* “His signs were many, the morning star, the sacred twin, the tree of life, the feathered serpent, but now the Lord of the Dawn is coming”.

    *Time Matrix*=V.19,H.4=(19)
    =TFI Time Matrix=(268)

    *Space Matrix*=V.19,H.19=(222)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(466)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.2=(222)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(382)



    ==Kin Equivalent==(76)==

    =Galactic Agent 93(13.2)*39.93.*132*(P.V.C.S.)=
    =Kin Equivalent(168)=

    • I had so much synchronicity all day today, it was wild.
      I didn’t do the codes until late when my day was done.
      What I found interesting was that my MTFI is a recombination of 1116, 1611. Thought I would mention it if anyone else notices those kinds of things while practicing synchronotron.
      Also, today’s BMU is 13;20’s ration applied to a circle (13x18degrees)

  7. Isn’t the Times TFI space number 126 today? Making times TFI 268
    And spaces TFI sum 466? Therefore today’s total is 1116? I’m just asking because I’m just learning. Please let me know.
    In Lak’ech,
    Suzy Yellow Planetary Sun

    • Yes Suzy Kin 140..
      You are Correct. See my post above.
      Thanks for your Practice of the Codes.
      Blessing Family.

  8. Planetary=(10)=Kali=(18)=Kin=(223)=P.S.I.=(200)=
    Warrior’s Cube Journey Day=(12)=Human=Free Will
    Kin 93 is Kin 223’s Antipode(Challenge/Strength)

    *Time Matrix*=V.18,H.4=(26)*P.V.C.S.*
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(260)*Sacred Count of Days(SPIN)*

    *Space Matrix*=V.14,H.18=(223)
    (Time)=(95)*Polar Kin*
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(515)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.3=(223)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(389)

    ==Master Telepathic Frequency Index==(1164)

    ==BMU==(282)*reduces to Kin=(22)S’ace,Bolon Ik=

    (282)=(141 x 2 (note from previous 14.1 to 141 x 2), Station of the PathFinder, Vigesimal Code 14.2, Station of the Seer,
    (Hunab-Ku Archetypes).

    ==Kin Equivalent==(124)*Resonant House of the Innocent*

    (124)=(31 x 4, reverse of 421, 421 – 124 = 297, = 11 x 27,
    Vigesimal 6.4)

    =Galactic Agent 93(13.2)=
    =Kin Equivalent(168)*G.A.P.*

  9. .. ecoaldea aggregator
    earthcode1 account (27 vids)

    PANBASA. .. seen 1000x in a month
    The First IberoAmerican EcoVillage Gathering!
    @ Atlantida EcoVillage in the south of Colombia

    a compilation of prayer and dance rich gathering of eco-villages
    in south america; it’s a series of quickly changing impressions
    from the 7 day event (last year i guess) an hour long, there’s a
    DVD with extra .. about 500 hippies doing a rainbow gathering
    type thing – almost all footage shot under a very impressive
    structure (large bamboo seems plentiful there), none from the
    encampments. For a brief moment one sees a small group in a
    tipi around the kinseals.
    Colombia …on spanish CNN in november:
    beautiful couple, totally elegant blog

  10. Hi, beautifull People.

    Today is Yellow Electric Seed and I don’t know why I love that, maybe because in a brazilian site there’s a phrase after the mantra/poem written by Mirta Tassini an argentinie Witch that’s very inspired.
    Here a sample in english >>

    and the page with all >> << translation button, pleeease.

    Do you know her Ava Maino?

    • I do Pedrin, Mirta Tassini kin 35 was a great student of the Law of Time a few years ago. When they made a 7 week meeting in chile she was there. Then she became one of the main coordinators in Argentina for the Planet Art Network and for many years organized Day Out Of Time festivals and she taught the 13:20 codes to lots of people. When i arrived to this in 2003 she was the first reference i got.
      She was very very good at maths, i learned to use the Telektonon board on one of her workshops. Her way to transmit synchronicities was exquisite, but unfortunately she started to design her own tools and dynamics, and along with the workshops she started to teach very personal interpretations that created lots of confusion among the kin.
      Even when these could be of use for some kin, she was told that with the pure tools given by Votan was enough and personal interpretations should be kept with oneself in order to avoid misunderstandings.
      For example, she used to teach something she called The Tunnel of the Soul and another practice where you combine you kin and your PSI to create a master code, ecc.
      Still she was very involved with FLT and the DOT she organized gathered up to 2000 people, but she had a few disagreements with Votan and FLT and she left it all behind. Stopped teaching, stopped DOTs and now is a long time i dont see her or know anything about her.
      Last time i found her she told me she was away from this and she was studying the I Ching.

      Over the years many kin had decided to give up the studies about the Law of Time. Its sad beacuse what in a moment seemed a great master plan to humanity now seems to have become an excentric cult from a few around the planet. Many argue that the efforts needed to approach the complex level of practices are unnecessary to evolve spiritualy, or that they prefer to just hang out regardless of time keeping devices and enjoy the ever present here and now without worrying to much in putting their minds to work on this abstract and sometimes confusing realities, and i can understand it, cause this study really does need an effort of will that i also sometimes find hard to keep.

      Still when i look at the different sets of codes and maps i understand that even if it is done by a few, what ever happens from here to 21.12 and whatever comes after, the seed will be planted, and feed, and the plant will grow,

      I share this insights also because of some feels that i got from yesterdays Earth day festival where i met many friend kin that have somehow gave up their studies or chosen different directions on their spiritual paths.

      • ive searched for Mirta on fb and it seems that she into the Mexican Mayan Count now, she doesnt disacredit the Dreamspell but she totally left it behind

      • kkkk Thank you Ava, a journalist couldn’t do better, but the funniest part is that in all phrase I read in the morning seems that have happens in the day before kkkkkk

  11. san / t / strahl ∞ hula HoN’ / ey / beé presents:

    @ boschbar, zürich
    – living without confliCHts”: audiovisual performance by insomania utopia & santstrahl. support: nik!, soult, shift & tabnigh…
    – this might seem risky to you. but when the tape features spherical loop-based post-shoegaze it’s really just obvious to publish a fitting short film on DvvD.
    you come?
    or this…

    Click to access The_Psychological_Thought.pdf

    love for you kin night143

  12. Thanx TMQ for mentioning me as an expirienced 441 student. Which I am not. Actualy I decoded some dates and the day after I had decoded my own MTFI 1383 , Kin 83, Blue Overtone Night I went to the supermarket to get some bread, milk and coffee. I had to pay 13.83 € ….That was funny. It doesn`t matter in which of the many synchronometers of the LoT you immerse your mind. If you do it focused with the right intention you connect to the GM 108X stream, which kuxaan suuums you with the SiriusBeta station, Code Nr.9…. I have more my own 442 Sirius Beta Week calendar in mind and can visualize and decode some of the Wavespells (horizontal/vertical) while sitting f.e. in my car and thinking about it. Because I made a map or “picture” of it. Recently I found out that I was standing 442 days prior to Jose`s “Closer of the Cycle” ceremony on the Tehotihuacan pyramids. Valum (9) Votan (3) = 27 “Heart of Nine” was honoured there by 9 indiginous elders on my 27th (3×9) solar return. ( yes old story and I don`t wanna talk about me all the time)
    What do all these syncs and aha moments tell us? UniversalFractalizingCodesCreate3DimensionalMatrixRealityThroughNumberFromHigherDimensionWhileImaginationIsThe SourceOf RealityAndEverythingISOneBigDreamCalledLifeAndSimoultainiouslyConnectedToEverythingElseInThisMultidimensionalUniverse…… 🙂
    Maybe I should go on like this and try to beat the length of skywalkercosmicos comment on the last blog. Which I appreciated. Is this the “Excalibur” crystal which Jose worked for a long time with, which you gave to him? Yes the nine…..“This means that in reality there is an underlying master matrix of nine in which virtually all numbers of two digits or more and their reverse frequencies can be grouped. The 3 x 3 matrix would follow the sequence of 9 – 18 -27 – 36, corresponding to the four outer time matrices, 45 -54 -63 -72 corresponding to the radial time matrices, and 81 to the inner 9th dimensional matrix. Exceptions to this rule are the self-recombinant numbers, usually factors of 11 (two digits) or factors of 37 x 3, three digits or more.”
    But numbers, numbers what do they mean if you life your life, make your job and take care about your children?
    The biggest punishment god gave us on this planet is that we have to work to collect some money to pay our bills. Paper money with numbers written on it….a realy primitive form of exchange from an extraterestial view.
    It`s stealing our time…. this money system and those grey men… in Momo by Michael Ende (End) Who was also the author of the “Never Ending Story”. The “Nothing” destroys our imaginal world …….and will the magnetic field of sun become QUADRIPOLAR now ???
    9.7 on 5.4 1:5:9::1:4:7

  13. WordPress cutted the key message sentence, try again…. 🙂
    NumberFromHigherDimensionWhileImaginationIsThe SourceOf RealityAndEverythingISOneBigDreamCalledLifeAndSimoultainiously

  14. Planetary(10)Limi(20)Kin(225)*(5.4)*
    Warriors Cube Journey(14)*Wizrd Timelesness.

    *Time Matrix*=V.16,H.4=(15)
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(310)

    *Space Matrix*=V.13,H.18=(225)
    =TFI=Space Matrix=(498)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.5=(225)
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(355)


    ==BMU==(281)*Reduces to Kin 21*(Hunab-Ku).
    (Prime Key, reverse of 182 (13 x 4, Half of a 13 Moon Year).
    (281 – 182 = 99, Vigesimal Code 14.1).

    ==Kin Equivalent==(123)*Rhythmic House of the Dreamer*
    (41 x 3, Divine Interval Triplet, Vigesimal 6.3, reverse of 321,)
    (321 – 123 = 198. 11 x 18. Key Recombinant Frequency.)
    ( reverse of 891 (99 x 9) 891 -198 = 693, 9 x 77, 21 x 33.)

    =Agent 93(13.2)=

  15. –Telektonon–123–

    “When comes the Overtone Seed, neither money nor priests will besiege you any longer, but the Earth will sing in harmony with your righteousness, Babylon will be no more, the Law of the Cube will be fully rehearsed in the hearts of the Righteous”.

    ==Agent 93==
    ==Kin Equivalent==(168)==G.A.P.

  16. –Telektonon–

    “Planetary Service is the basis of the new time. Ask not what you can do for yourself, your religion, or your country, but what you can do for your planet. New groups of planetary servers are needed to transcend dogmas of money, nationalism, and sectarianism of every kind, who yet understand the fundamentally spiritual nature and divine unity of all creation.”.

    ==Blessed 144.414.441==
    ==Kin Equivalent==(168)==

    19vids there, the youngest seen 19019x since the 11th of nov 09
    .. it’s 8.48m long … and i hadn’t seen it before … so, .. was that the hi-point
    of co-operation, after which the dilution towards and into the mainstream
    It’s our powerful come and gone ruler playing numbotricktrocks again innit?

    2 comments since 09, seen 1172x
    dedication vid with slides and panflute (bridge over troubled water) by one
    of her pupils … who has a nice 106vid ‘doorsnee’ of daily life in Argentina
    (horses and cattle and stuff)

    this person has 141 faves right now .. i just alerted Mirta to the fact my name
    comes to that with the 1-13 then 20-260 (for the other alphalf) numbeyenoia.

    .. likes Snatam Kaur … in short, i subbed.

    i really like her using red white black and yellow … it reminds one of
    rootraces better than ‘blue’ does. Blue people meaning blackskinned rather
    than blue eyed folks?? .. the differences might not be as long as that
    between scales and feathers but they lie buried in that general direction for

    .. i try write her at pointing thisaway, asking: ‘is this correct?’ — Stef en Rietje, 2 dutch instructors who have lived in yurts and occupied farms, now in the north someplace, perhaps near the man who added a bunch of gracenotes and baroque spirals (as Bob Dobbs calls them) to the oraculation, except that they are rather straight, not unlike runes, plotted over I-ching grids, karmaofthecamera is his youtube account if i recall correctly. I offered him my library and got no answer for a very long time, .. then when i did i had lost interest in and hopes for all my ‘folderation’. Anyway, sorry, tangent …. Rietje is an eagle also. One of the first persons to be pointed out to me as such. I’d like to be told about eurovisioncouncils so i can join, missed JA’s last tour completely.

  18. “Many argue that the efforts needed to approach the complex
    level of practices are unnecessary to evolve spiritualy, or that
    they prefer to just hang out regardless of time keeping devices” …

    time keeping devices ????
    anybody ripe and ready for my stoptimesleeping vedices yet?

    i really feel/think/want and sense this to be the furthest from a ‘personal interpretation’, and has the added perk of being so deeply innumerable that it could free people from their minds in an instant almost, let alone after protracted exposure and engagement. In fact, these are the roots on earth that bring the flowers up to heaven, like numbers are the pollen that help us network and appreciate the border(net)works, reknowts and knotwerks

    • English is not my mother tongue and sometimes i might not choose the right or most accurate expressions to express what i have in mind. I meant there is a lot of people that chooses a different way in evolution of mind and spirit than excerting on complex or demanding practices, is their choice and who can blame them?
      Also because of language limitations i didnt understand completely what you wrote, can u please clear it out?
      13:28 sychronometer is a time keeping device, so it was presented many time by Valum Votan, whats the problem on that?

  19. Planetary(10)Silio(21)Kin(226)*(6.5)*P.S.I.(204).
    Warriors Cube Journey Day(15)*Eagle Vision Power*.

    *Time Matrix*=V.15,H.4=(14)
    (Space)=(121)=*(1.4)*=Genesis 1:4:( “And God saw the light, and that it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness.”)
    (Synchronic)=(204)*Today’s P.S.I.*
    =TFI=Time Matrix=(339)

    *Space Matrix*=V.14,H.19=(226)
    (Time)=(282)*Reduces to(22), S’ace, Bolon Ik(G.A.P.)
    =TFI=Space Matrix*=V.16,H.6=(706)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.6=(226)
    (Time)=(59)*Galactic Signature of the Coming 13 Moon New Year*
    (Space)=(87)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign(P.V.C.S.)*
    =BMU=(331)*Reverse of (133)=(13.3)*
    =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(372)

    ===Master Telepathic Frequency Index(MTFI)=(1417)===

    ===BMU===(94)*Electric House of the Wizard*===

    ===(94)=(47 x 2, reverse of 49, 94 – 49 = 45.)===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(117)*Cosmic House of the Navigator*

    ===(117)=*9 x 13, Prophecy Code,(Tomb dedication,
    Also 13 Heavens, 9 Hells, etc,) Key recombinant triplet,
    117 (9 x 13), 171 (9 x 19), 711 (9 x 79) 117 + 171 + 711 = 999.*===

    ===Kin Equivalent(168)===

  20. The synchronicity of today’s PSI (204) is also the code for Nicholas Roerich who was the Solar Seed. Helena Roerich and one of their sons, George were also the Solar Tone. That being Kin 230 – Solar Dog (coming up in 4 days)
    The Roerichs have been a huge inspiration in my Life.


  21. p.s. mi friend planetary mirrior just passed this on… its a desktop tool type Dreamspell v1.2 and download the Free version…if you google it a few options will come up…if they ask you to type in extra info go to another link… it should take only a few moments and is free. You can donate to a white wind if you wish but after the download.


  22. LOL : what a holly perspectivE
    …. MoUR hinjo on his KNEES , DurIN geee Elfmeterschissen!!!

    good bye r a ZZZ i…… ….i.. night143

    • Finaaaaallllleeeee Dahoam…. 19.05 11.4 MonkeySquare twinTower breaker…magicMunichNight? This is certainly a maldekian program 80000 in one stadium MillionsBillions on the technospherical mindFlatsreen. Collective emotionExcitement. What is the number of the beast written on their forehead 3rd EYE….666….12:60….but what kind of Games did we plaY on Maldek? Noticed the Heineken adVerTisinG…roman power program. And now all together 2 Billion 2 legged Units: not OM but Gggggggggoooooooaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll
      130907 km 22:09 Bavarian TimeZone

    • Planetary(10)Seli(23)Kin(228)

      *Time Matrix*=V.6,H.4=(5)
      (Space)=(59)Next 13 Moon Year.
      =BMU=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*
      =TFI=Time Matrix=(88)*G.A.P.*

      *Space Matrix*=V.20,H.19=(228)
      =TFI=Space Matrix=(431)

      *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.8=(228)
      =TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(513)


      (Resonant House of the Compassionate One)
      (15×10, 25×6, 50×3, 30×5, Fifth Force Command Frequency, Vigesimal 7.10)

      ===Kin Equivalent===(252)*Overtone House of the Sage*
      (252)=(21×12, 36×7, 36th order of 7, 9th order of 28, 252 to the 3rd power=Interval of Cosmic Creation, V4 H11, Fourth Gate Right Hand Unity, coordinating unit fifth time dimension, Fifth Mental Sphere, SuperConscious, Vigesimal Code 12.12).

      Blessed 144.414.441.
      Cube of Unity.
      Cube of Truth.

  23. @jannis ..
    The ultimate code is in
    Link to Pacal Votan ..
    See 9 as the individual stepstones
    The last 3 guide them on the collective arena ..

    Them both .. Manifest 1 ..
    The planetary art Tone ..

    So this is How 13 12 11 cooperate 1-9

    It is pretty mutual .. This field from the befinning ..

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