Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star codes the 240th day before the End of the Cycle

LAMAT          Kin 228

Yellow Resonant Star

Yellow Resonant Sun
White Resonant Mirror Yellow Resonant Star Blue Resonant Monkey
  Red Resonant Skywalker
I channel in order to beautify, inspiring art.
I seal the store of elegance  with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Our Guide is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20 7 Sun.
7 Star’s Occult Power  is Kin 33:  13.7, so today’s Oracle contains the KEY 13:20 numbers.
Analog 7 Night codes the 2013 Day-out-of-Time.  Has anyone seen any notices for the 6 Mirror Day-out-of-Time, which is in 89 days?
Today’s G-Force is 9 Dog.  The Long Count is 12 Dragon.  The PSI for Planetary 23 [and 24 and 25] is 7.4;  Self-Existing Hand. 
 A personal synchronicity for today:  8.7 + 18.8 = PVCS 6.2, Kin 106.  The Alpha-numeric value of Resonant Star = 106  🙂
228 19 x 12 “Temple of God’s command”, vigesimal 11.8 (=19)
Thank You Code=E 93, for this  :):
Planetary (10) Seli (23)  Kin(228)

*Time Matrix*=V.6,H.4=(5)
(Space)=(59)Next 13 Moon Year.
=BMU=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*
=TFI=Time Matrix=(88)*G.A.P.*

*Space Matrix*=V.20,H.19=(228)
=TFI=Space Matrix=(431)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.8=(228)
=TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(513)


(Resonant House of the Compassionate One)
(15×10, 25×6, 50×3, 30×5, Fifth Force Command Frequency, Vigesimal 7.10)

===Kin Equivalent===(252)*Overtone House of the Sage*
(252)=(21×12, 36×7, 36th order of 7, 9th order of 28, 252 to the 3rd power=Interval of Cosmic Creation, V4 H11, Fourth Gate Right Hand Unity, coordinating unit fifth time dimension, Fifth Mental Sphere, SuperConscious, Vigesimal Code 12.12).

Blessed 144.414.441.
Cube of Unity.
Cube of Truth.
2013TimeShipHunabKrew  🙂  🙂

 During week 39, we welcomed Suzy Peace 8 [from the MonKEY bio-region]  who also demonstrates proficiency at calculating Master Telepathic Frequency Indexes.
Today’s Antipode/Challenge, 18.7 reflects today, the 7th day of Wavespell 18: Spirit
Here is a beautiful image of 7 Mirror, created by Jannis 7 Moon:
Thank You Jannis 189  🙂
Speaking of the  complex 13:20 practices that various Kin are following, A1D7R7 wrote:
 i understand that even if it is done by a few, what ever happens from here to 21.12 and whatever comes after, the seed will be planted, and fed, and the plant will grow,”   🙂 
Here:  are aids for meditation and visualization, provided by Transunit13 143
In his beautiful long comment, RavenWalker 13.13 relates that the
Ancestor STAR Crystal :
has the ability to remediate the effects of radiation.
Considering that the Fukushima catastrophe remains the worst disaster [and barely mentioned in the Mainstream media] to afflict Earth and all of her creatures, this statement from Raven is great news! 
 13 Skywalker also sent this  ‘Shamanic’ image: 
This ‘Shaman’  reminds TMQ of shamanic rituals viewed during the 7 Skywalker watch.  11 of us watched a film:  “DMT:  The Spirit Molecule.” 
Occurring naturally in our Pineal Glands and in many plants, DMT seems to be an excellent bridge to what one described as the ‘Divine Realm’  Others feel it is meant to help Humanity navigate our  Evolutionary Shift into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness  🙂
This graphic from Grayham 13 Eagle’s site: highlights the Phi Spiral at the top of the South Island.  The First Solar Witness, Neil Crystal Wizard  ‘anchors’ the end closest to the Phoenix {Cable Bay}, and the Second Solar Witness, Grayham 15.13 holds the space at the other end:  “Golden Bay = 85 = The Heart“.  TMQ lives between,  nearer to 14.12, and Mike 5 World-Bridger and his sons maintain the 13:20 frequency in the North Island of Aotearoa. 
Mike celebrated his Galactic Return on Planetary ‘Hunab Ku’ 21  🙂
WordPress is unavailable at the moment [and for most of the week] so I can’t access the rest of your wonderful comments.   Hopefully it will ‘post’ this blog, which is already so late.  A few minutes ago, Solar Dog began in the Southern Hemisphere.
Enjoy the remaining days of the Planetary MonKEY Moon
N. S.  1. 24. 10. 23.     Lover’s Reunion  Kin 228

54 thoughts on “Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star codes the 240th day before the End of the Cycle

  1. Planetary=(10)=Gamma=(24)=Kin=(229)*(9.8)*

    *Time Matrix*=V.5,H.4=(6)
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(17)

    *Space Matrix*=V.18,H.19=(229)
    (Time)=(51)*G.A.P.*Galactic Signature of Madame Blavatsky*
    =BMU=(216)*Galactic Signature of Eleanor Roosevelt & Malcolm X*
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(430)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.9=(229)
    (Time)=(185)*Galactic Signature of Stephanie South*
    (Space)=(106)*G.A.P.*, *P.V.C.S.*, *Analog Kin(Support Partner)=Kin(93)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(520)*Reduces to Kin(260)*, *Galactic Spin*


    ===BMU===(85)===*G.A.P.*, *Resonant House of the Serpent Initiate*,

    (85)=(5 x 17, Fifth Force Power of Navigation, 6 squared + 7 squared = 85,
    13 Moon Calendar Frequency Interval, Number of days in last three Moons
    plus Day Out Of Time (280 = 85 = 365).

    ===Kin Equivalent===(187)*Overtone House of the Avatar*

    (187)=(11 x 17, Reverse of 781, 781 – 187 = 594, 594 = 11 x 54,
    Vigesimal 9.7).

    =Galactic Agent=(93)*G.A.P*=
    =Kin Equivalent=(168)*G.A.P.*=*Kin(93)’s Occult Kin,(Hidden Power)

    • Thank You 93,
      for your diligent and inspired service 🙂

      Today’s Kin Equivalent, Kin 197 codes Jannis 7 Moon, whose graphic so beautifully illustrates today’s Antipode.

      Galactic Agent 138

    • Hey 93 and Kin
      Just wanted to point out that this is the lowest number (17) that can come from the Time matrix in Synchronotron. If you where to use this dates mirror (DS 4.5) which also will give you a value of 17, to Kin Resonant Hand (7) from the synchronic matrix, then you will have the lowest value in the 52 year cycle of syncronotron; 101.
      In case you were wondering, this last occured on October 22, 1976.

  2. I Have gone back and Forth On this…..
    Whether to post this Here or not..
    Without judgement perhaps..It is what it is.
    For Death Can be Felt and seen as A “Beautiful Experience”.

    Last Night During the (13.7)=Kin(33)Occult Watch on Kin(228)……..
    My Solar “Cousin”,(Stephen Larson), Died of a Drug Overdose. Age 20.
    My “Mother”,(Kin=58) will be Taking “Magic Flight” today from Seattle,
    to Join with her (“brother”) & the Rest of oUR “Solar Familia”, for
    Planetary Support……..
    May He pass through The Veil with Blessings and Serenity.


    • Dear Lunar Skywalker,

      I’m grateful that you chose to share; it demonstrates your level oftrust and comfort here, and gives us a chance to resonate with your family’s experience.
      We offer our support as ‘Planetary Humans’ as yoUR cousin Stephen passes “through The Veil with Blessings and Serenity” during this Planetary Moon.

    • may our wings give full spectrum color to his early departure. Eye flew out of seattle same day your solar mother did. blessings to you dear 93! Met another yourself on kin 233 crystal skywalker …co-operating with the spaces. thank you for ALL you do.

      • Thanks Moi=205=V.V.’s Long Count.
        I was thinking about when we found that Massive Bee Hive in Colorado!!!!
        The Time Spent with you is Valued Deeply and Remains in My Heart.
        Im so Excited for all of us Kin to be Together in the NOO..
        So Soon, I can Taste and Feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Thanks for all that You Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        With Respect, and Love.

  3. Planetary=(10)=Kali=(25)=Kin=(230)*(10.9)*=P.S.I.=(147)=*G.A.P.*

    =(230)=*Galactic Signature of Helena Roerich*

    =(230)=*Sits at the Solar Tower of the Wind Wavespell, Pulsing Love and Loyalty*

    =Postulate=(10.9)=”There can be no harmonic rearangement of the Synchronic order that does not result in increased comprehensive aesthetic enhancement. T(E)=ART defines all processes of harmonic rearangement as activities of PAN(Planet Art Network).”=

    *Time Matrix*=V.4,H.4=(13)
    (Space)=(57)*P.V.C.S.*=*Last Day of the Rhythmic Wizard Year*=(214)=
    (Synchronic)=(130)*Center of Tzolkin*
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(200)

    *Space Matrix*=V.17,H.18=(230)
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(529)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.10=(230)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(745)

    ===Master Telepathic Frequency Index(MTFI)===(1474)===

    ===BMU===(151)*G.A.P.*=*Galactic House of the Magician*

    ===(151)=(Prime Key, Palindromic Number, Vigesimal 7.11,
    ===Analog of decimal 711,= (79)*Noosphere Constant* x 9 = 711.===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(174)*Galactic Signature of Cosmic History Chronicles*
    ===(174)===*Overtone House of the Wizard*===

    ===(174)===(29 x 6, Cosmic Constant Multiplied By Cube Value 6, Frequency of the Book, Root Frequency of Cosmic History Chronicles,
    (Number of Verses Quran 6348, 6348 – 6174 (14 x 441) = BMU = 174)),
    Vigesimal 8.14.===


    ===Telektonon Verse(93)===”O children of the day of truth, children of the people of the book, in the Storm is the sign of God’s power. To the Storm is assigned the power of nineteen, the mystic saturation of all number. 114 Suras, Nineteen times Six, the power of the Cube, are the numbers of Suras in the holy Quran. 22 years after the finding of my Uranian crypt, Telektonon came complete revelation of the Quran’s power of Nineteen, Allah’s mercy. Nineteen more years then to unfold the karma of Allah’s prophet besieged by Babylonian conspiracy. Then comes the destined year Nineteen, Kin 144, hour of prophecy’s convergence, moment of the Day Of Truth.”===


  4. oops……

    Blessings Solar Dog Day.
    Cube Of Unification.
    Cube of Devotion.
    Cube of Compassion.
    Cube of Devotion.
    Cube.of Tribulation.
    Cube of Action.

    Leaving Babylon.
    Arriving in Zion.

    ==Sirius Mission==
    ==Clearing Karmic Density==
    ==Flux Tube Repaired==
    ==In S(UR)V.V.*eye*ce==GM108X==

  5. Planetary Moon of the DoggoD is almost complete.
    The Planetary Human is the kin coding this 28 days.
    The monkey is in between them!
    Planetary Service: kin 218, Open the Tomb.
    Ressonant Star codes Flaviah from Epuyen,
    first World Peace Garden run totally under 13:20 frecuency
    It begun after 1999’s 49 day/7 heptad seminar in Picarquin, Chile
    Here are some beutiful pictures of this magic place:

    Go there if you are looking for a pure timeless 13:20 place to live.

    Condolences to Lunar Skywalker.

    • Glad you’re paying attention 177–as always!
      12.10 is my Guide this year, so I especially appreciate the correction 🙂
      So, we are about to enter the Moon coded by 11 Skywalker, G-Force of Madame Blavatsky, whom V.V. refers to as the KEY to 2012.

      Thanks for the wonderful photos of the 13:20 paradise called Epuyen.
      It’s wonderful to see Valum Votan’s CREST vision Manifested so beautifully!

  6. Thank You Dearly Kin for yoUR Thoughts.

    Some very interesting Synchronicities occured Today(230).

    The first being….I was helping Two friends of mine move their Crystal/Stone/Mineral Shop a few miles from the current Location..

    I stumbled across The “Campo Del Cielo” Meoterites.
    This meteorite is comprised of nickel, iron and other trace metals. It was discovered in 1576 by Spanish explorers in Chaco, Argentina. Thousands of pieces have been found near the impact crater. The largest weighing an immense 37 TONS!!! Scientists have estimated the date of the fall to be around 3950 to 5800 Years ago, based on the radiocarbon dating of charred trees in the vacinity………………

    The Two Kin that I was “helping”, are Kin(186)*(6.4) and Kin(207)*(7.12)…
    So Kin(186) = Kin(207) = Kin(133)*(13.3).

    My Cousin that passed away is Kin(176)..
    Very Beautiful to note that he passed on Kin(228), Which is his Fifth Force Oracle GUIDE..

    In Votan’s Words…..”Everything is Perfect”……

    Blessings Family.

    The Urantia Book

    Sequential Quote:

    …Jesus had little to say about the social vices of his day; seldom did he make reference to moral delinquency. He was a positive teacher of true virtue. He studiously avoided the negative method of imparting instruction; he refused to advertise evil. P.1582 – §2


    and Very perspective The Seals of the kins for Analog/Support + Daily Oracle Kin always = 19.
The Antipode Seal is always 10 seals (and 130 Kin) away from the DOK.
The Occult and DOK always = 21.
    As you noted, the Guide is more unique, and is always the same color as the DOK. One reason may be that this permits there to be 260 different G-Forces, one for each of the 260 Kin. Your Guide is determined by yoUR tone.
So your resulting Higher Self/G-Force of Magnetic Eagle (which codes this Wavespell ) only corresponds to your Cosmic Serpent Kin. You asked this question on the ‘perfect day’!
Namaste, who said it? who is back?

    in lake’ch blue spectral hand

  8. Planetary=(10)=Alpha=(26)=Kin=(231)
    P.S.I.=(154)*G.A.P.(Zach)*My “Solar Brother”

    *Time Matrix*=V.3,H.4=(3)
    (Space)=(2)*Galactic Signature of Terrance Mckenna*
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(93)*G.A.P.*

    *Space Matrix*=V.16,H.19=(231)
    =BMU=(214)*This Year on the 13 Moon Calendar*(87 days til DOOT)
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(597)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V16,H.12=(231)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(828)


    ===BMU===(195)===*Cosmic House of the Seer*===

    ===(195)===(13 x 15, vigesimal 9.15, Code of the Cosmic Eagle,
    Book of the Second Lost Generation, note 9.15 = 915 -195 = 720,
    Book of the Avatar.)===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(218)*G.A.P.*===*Planetary House of the Yogi*===

    ===(218)===(109 x 2, reverse of 812 (=Vigesimal 2.0.12, 28 x 29,
    Cosmic Constant of Harmonic Standard), 812 – 218 =594 = 11 x 54, vigesimal 10.18, Frequency of Kin 218, Discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan.)===


  9. Planetary=(10)=Limi=(27)=Kin=(232)*=(12.11)*.

    *Time Matrix*=V.2,H.4=(2)
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(112)*G.A.P.*

    *Space Matrix*=V.15,H.18=(232)
    (Time)=(40)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign(P.V.C.S.)*
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(489)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.13=(232)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(682)



    ===*(Prime Key, reverse of 104,(13 x 8), 401 – 104 =297,
    =11 x 27, Corresponds to UR Harmonic 105, Octave of infinite Mind Wave,
    Vigesimal Code 1.0.1)*===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(243)*Velatropa 24.3*, *(3.9)*.===

    === *Solar house of the Dreamer* ===

    ===(243)===(27 x 9),(81 x 3), Heart of Nine,
    Code Frequency of Valum Votan (=9 Night), reverse of 342, 19 x 9,
    342 – 243 = 99, = 11 x 9.===

    ===Blessed 144.414.441.===

  10. 232 the palindromic Kin
    #23 mirror
    recombinants add up to 888
    Secret Doctrine Code (published 1888)
    Blavatsky the Crystal Monkey
    also BMU 232
    in the synchronotron matrix

    Sorry to hear about the untimely passing of your kin, 93. Death is a great teacher, though. Also, I made some notes on your 10.24 post you might have missed.

    TMQ, I saw a cool poster in San Francisco this week for a world fair on Mothers day. What caught my eye was a large portion of it had 2 Mayan dates on it in long count fashion; Yours and mine. It made me smile. I can send you a picture of it if you tell my what email address to send it to.

    Many Blessing to all

    • Thanks Branch(160).
      I appreciate your notes and additions.
      If you find time please email me so we can connect again and discuss fURther.
      Thanks again.
      Blessed Kin.

  11. cannot be primitive or simple or direct…
    whenever i am i see only her smokin’ heels…
    If BigLogosBrother is watching us all the time, then where in hell are those sister -loga’s? 
    CoRRECTION… -…’Space’Times’
    ConsciOusness pOlarity split -third code left out. The curved brushstroke into a sphere or ball extends for thousands of miles and then bends; meets as one giant spheroid, so does CurVED SPACE. ALL of space become an ATOM ‘singularityFractal ; a ‘quanta’ or particle of a much, much larger world…etc.
    Somewhere it struck me as I dug into the ground with a shovel planting a tomato garden. With every plunge into the dirt, I wondered, ‘what was it I was digging into?’ And the outrageous answer bounced back, I’m digging into a freaking ATOM! I was shocked; more accurately, our ELECTRON orbits a PROTON (sun).

    you decide

  12. Planetary=(10)=Silio=(28)=Kin=(233)=P.S.I.=(154)*G.A.P.

    Very Delightful Synchs in The Numbers Today Kin.

    Branch160? Care to add Your Conscious Knowledge?

    *Time Matrix*=V.1,H.4=(1)
    =BMU=(44)*Noosphere Pause*
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(280)

    *Space Matrix*=V.15,H.17=(233)
    (Time)=(115)*G.A.P.(93 + 22(S’ce, Bolon Ik)=(115)
    (Synchronic)=(216)*Perfect Cube, as 6 squared*
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(564)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.14=(233)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(689)


    ===BMU===(210)===*G.A.P.**Lunar House of the Compassionate One*===

    ===(210)===(30th order of 7, 7 x 30, 42 x 5, 6 x 35, 21 x 10, vigesimal 10.10,
    Number of days in Wuku Balinese Ritual Synchronization Calendar,
    Triangular of 20.)===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(233)***!!!***Today’s Kin***===
    ===(233)===*Crystal House of the Prophet*===
    ===(233)===(Prime Key, Fibonacci Sequence (144 + 89), vigesimal 11.13)==

    ===Agent 93===(13.2)===
    ===BMU===(66)*(93 + 233 = 66)*===
    ===Kin Equivalent===(168)===

    • Amazing numbers today for sure
      A lot of 23’s and 32’s and the marriage of the two!
      I need to retract my comment on 232 being a secret doctrine code though
      It’s 233’s recombinants that equal 888
      Interestingly though 232s would equal 777
      Which would code Aliester Crowley.

  13. Der Mai macht alles neu. (May makes everything new) Spectralize the year. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

  14. ndyszel has a 6 part film up from 2005, Ecoaldea Beja Flor, which prolly hosted a big gathering with plenny of
    panurs represented, a bug epidemic also,… ‘radial code’ .. in all directions, so
    that must include plenny wrong ones.

    prolly not unknown to most of youz but it’s new to me.

  15. Greetings to all of you 🙂

    I am writing this from the Richmond Public Library during the Cosmic Seed Watch of the first day of the Spectral Skywalker Moon of Liberation and Release.

    Having just discovered that WordPress works fine here, I now realize the problem with accessing WordPress is in my computer[s].

    I’m reserving a computer here for tomorrow, so I can post the first blog for the Eighth-to-Last Moon of the Great Mayan Cycle.

    Love and Liberation for all!

    • I amReally Excited for what the Spectral Moon has in Store for us all as Planetary Kin.
      “How Do I Release and Let Go?”
      Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation.
      Codon 58(P.V.C.S., DOOT.)*My Mom’s Kin.*
      Radiance of Joy.
      Song of the Galactic Octave.
      Heptad 41(Interval of God.doG).
      Kin 234(14.13)*Galactic Signature of Carl Jung, Bhagavan Das, My Dad*

      Postulate for Kin 108*GM108X*(8.4)=

      “With the initiation of CA dominance, BC 3113(-3187, Dreamspell), the crystal lattice structure of the AC current is increasingly subsumed as the geometric lattice of the artificial urban center. The transform of the CA(64) into Civilizational Advance, increasingly devolves from the organic (plant) prototype into radiative patterns of worldly power and acquisition called empires.”
      Agent 93

  16. Spectral=(11)=Dali=(1)=Kin=(234)*(14.13)*=P.S.I.=(108)*GAP*GM108X*=.

    *Time Matrix*=V.21,H.17=(126)*Mars*
    (Synchronic)=(26)*Mars*, *P.V.C.S.*
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(539)

    *Space Matrix*=V.16,H.20=(234)
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(604)

    *Synchronic Matrix=V.16,H.15=(234)
    (Space)=(199)*Galactic Signature of Alice Bailey, Mevlana, and Sri Aurobindo.
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(543)


    ===BMU===(363)===(11 x 33, 121( 11 squared x 3), Supreme Initiatic Liberation Frequency, Palindromic Harmonic, Vigesimal Code 18.3)===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(126)===(*Mars*, *Solar House of the Hierophant*)

    ===(126)===(7 x 18, 14 x 9, 21 x 6, 42 x 3, 63 x 2, Frequency of Interval of Lost Time = 126 degrees = 7/20ths of 360 degree Circle, Representing Law of 13:7, Synchronotron Principle or Wheel of The Law of Time, Vigesimal 6.6, V2 H11, Second Gate of Right Hand Unity, Frequency of Solar WorldBridger.)===

    ===Kin Equivalent=(168)*G.A.P.*===

    • A lot going on in synchronotron today.
      The Space matrix BMU is 149 which is the same BMU as Valum Votan
      Also the Kin Equivalent is 126 same as the Value for today (11.1) in the Time Matrix.
      These are the juicy points that fuel the developing telepathic field.

      Today’s PSI, Kin 108 – 4 Star has a very important meaning in the Dreamspell Cosmology as I’m sure many of you know.
      Kin 108 represents the gateway of new knowledge. The CHC would be the pinnacle of that but Kin 108 has also contributed, quite a bit, to the discovery of new heavenly bodies in the Solar system.

      For instance, did you know that Chiron, discovered in 1977 has the closest orbital length that we know of to Sirius B (Chiron 50.8yrs -Sirius B 50.9)? Being the “rainbow bridge” Chiron connects the visible planets (ending w Saturn) to the Invisible planets (Uranus outward). Astrologers give it co-rulership of Virgo

      Chiron was discovered on Oct 18 1977, DS 4.1 Kin 108!!!

      Furthermore, Neptune was also discovered on Kin 108!!!
      This happened on DS 8.4 or Sept 23, 1846
      Interestingly, the man who discovered Neptune died 31 years to the day after its discovery (Kin243- today’s kin recombinate -9 kin from now)
      Galileo actually was the first person to “see” Neptune (in 1612 and 1613) and almost made its discovery but he observed it the same day that it went retrograde(standing still) and thought it was a star. There is a bad pun here but I will omit it 🙂

      Anyways, just a little research on Kin 108 I did a few years ago when 4Star was our DOT.

      Broadcasting from the Whitestar Orgone Base,

  17. very nice … except the guy forgets .. the votes …. go. in …. a box … too. The most hazardous and dishonesty enabling boxcurity mass produced to date … even!!!

    … i just think he’s getting sleepy … definitely not up to extracting the best of poetpiet on ‘the subject’ … but … i am always a sucker for starving ears (let alone ‘starving ears productions’) … i own a pair of huge ones myself …. sheer torture to be born amongst mega domesticators, deaf to politely protesting and plaintive rather than complaining animal language, with a set as exquisitely sensitive as mine.

  18. Greetings Kin.
    Blessed 144.414.441.
    Freedom Fighters.
    Free to Be.
    Focused Intentions.
    Heads Held High.
    EAGLE Eye Vision.
    We Soar In The Sun:We Dance With Grace.
    We Know Each Other By The “Look In oUR Eyes”.
    We are The Ones That Velatropa 24.3 has been waiting For.
    We are here in Numbers.
    We Live These Numbers.
    With Respect Of oUR Elders(Galactic Federation.
    At all times, Transmitting….Votan…Quetzalcoatl, Bolon Ik, Red Queen.
    Fearless Leader.
    Its oUR Game.
    We are HomeTeam.

    Last Evening( Which was so Beautiful to Sype with You Miss TMQ138)!!!!
    We(Kin 93 and Kin 256 = (89) = Proceeded in Putting oUR dear friend Turkey(CAT) to Sleep, as he is a fighter but could not battle this One. I held Him and Surrounded him with Crystals and Love as the Vet put the Final needle in His I.V. He opened his eyes as I rubbed his 3rd Eye, responding to me when I told Him “oUR family will be waiting”, Go With Votan, Follow Votan…Beautiful Death Truly is.. I have had my fair share the last Heptad..Its taught me to cherish the Day, The Moment, Love Everyone…There is no Space for Hate, or even distrust…….

    Here We Go. Today is Full of 17’s.Full of 16’s……Full Of 8’s, Full of Star Seals.


    *Time Matrix*=V.20, H.17* = (125)
    (Synchronic)=(68)*Kin 93 + Kin 235 = (68)*
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(405)*reduces to =(145)=*5th Force Oracle Guide*(93)*

    *Space Matrix*=V.17*, H.17* = (235)
    (Time)=(117)*117 = 9 x 13. Signifies Mathematical Code of the Prophetic sign of Pacal Votan*
    (Synchronic)=(256)*My Partner/House Mate Annie-Kin Solar Warrior*
    =BMU=(273)*reduces to (13)*In Tarot 13 is the DEATH Card*
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(608)*reduces to (88)*G.A.P.*(8 x 11 =Day of Harmonic LIBERATION)

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16, H.16 = (235)
    (Time)=(113)*G.A.P.*Lord Of The Dawn*
    =BMU=(321)*reduces to (61)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix=(550)*reduces to (30)*P.V.C.S.*


    ===BMU===(240)*Rhythmic House Of The Enlightened One*

    ===(240)===(30 x 8, 30th Octave, 24 x 10, 60 x 4, 40 x 6, 3 x 80, 2 x 120, 5 x 48, Vigesimal Code 12.0)===

    ===Kin Equivalent===(3)*Electric House Of The Dreamer*, *Kin 133’s Antipode*===

    ===(3)===(Activation, Rhythm, Triplet Factor, Law of 3, Root of all Dynamism, and Synthesis, First 2-D Form, – Triangle, Triangular of 2, Fibonaccci 4th Sequence.)===

    ===Telektonon For GM108X===108===

    ===”And, if you have means and wealth, and you hear these words, or have explained to you the curse of 12:60 Time and the blessing of 13:20 Time, then do not doubt it and practice charity. Provide for the children orphaned by war and provide for the reconstruction of the Earth, and that the practice of Art and Culture may flourish once again. Practice such charity with Zeal, for soon you shall see the end of Money. No more will flow the drunken wine of Babylon’s fornication, and then what will you be with your paper credits and your useless Machines?”===

    ===Galactic Agent=(93)===
    ===Transmitted From The Black Hills Space Station===

  19. This Spectral Moon, last moon before entering the 7 Moon awakening pf the 7 Lost Generations, represents a big opportunity to dissolve the Old and enter the New. The Skywalker is calling to Explore Space while Releasing Wakefulness. Hidden Power: Activate Art. Read the Hexagram 47 in the I Ching and youll understand that it is a great moment to Take Decission!!!
    That is what we are up to around here.
    We want to close the door to 12:60 influences and open the windows to let the 13:20 light rays of the Psychozoic Age, the Noosphere.
    Yesterday the Cosmic Wizard brought a NEW baby to Epuyen Peace Garden, the 13th born there, and it also reminded me how time compresses memory so that at reaching the final stages of a cycle you experience in a day what happened in the previous 12 days, so this 13th Baktun with all the karmic cumulation of the previous 12, then the last 20 years compress to this last year and it all gets fractally compressed on the 7 Moons to come, the 7 Lost Generations will be reawakened, so the Spectral Skywalker is saying all toghether NOW!
    Fear or Faith?
    Faith or Fear?
    Or or And?
    Faith and Fear or Fear and Faith?

  20. Well, today i returned to Synchronotron after long time.
    I found a nice play.

    Heptad 41 Sex Spectralizes Vision
    Time UMB is 84 (7×12) and Space TFI is 273 (13×21)
    So there we have 7:13 and 12:21
    273 is also known for being the Plasma Charge in the Second 7:7::7:7 White Heptad, that fractalizes the 7 years of Prophecy, and 84 is the number for the doors of Dharma.
    Time TFI is 405 or 20×21 Totality moved by the Unification of Totality,
    and Space TFI is 608 or 19×32, the frecuency of Crystal moved by the signature of Allah*Hunab Ku
    Synchronic TFI is 50 times 11 and its UMB 321 is 3 times 107 or 7.3
    MFCI is 1563 or UMB 240, +23 in Holomind Perceiver, activator in the Alfa-Alfa circuit on the Pre Conciuss

    Hunab Ku 21 TFI is 1527
    note that Synchronotron Master Frec is 1563
    27=9×3 and 63=9×7, so is 3 and 7 again
    1527 UMB´s is 204 or 4×51

    so UMB 240 and UMB 204

    UMB 204 in Holomind Perceiver is +12 Activator on internalizing time circuit on sub conciouss.

    It seems that these numbers match with those of 93.

    177+93=270, a kin equivalent to 10.10

    thats a 10 kids !!!! 😀

    • Yes 177.
      Eye am so glad you checked back in my dear Friend!!
      You are appreciated greatly.!!
      Maybe we could do a Skype sometime?
      Much Love and Respect Kin.
      Oh also the Galactic Handbook is a Free download of of The Law Of Time..
      Good stuff!


  21. Silio – Crystal Moon 7/8 – Kin 8/9 – Galactic Star/Solar Moon

    (Forgive the length, but it won’t let me share the link 😉 )

    Venus: it’s now or never
    May 1, 2012 2 comments

    Transits of Venus, in which our sister planet passes across the face of the Sun, are predictable but exceptionally rare events. With the next transit due to take place on 5 and 6 June this year, Jay M Pasachoff explores the science and history of these twice-in-a-lifetime occurrences

    Transit of Venus
    One of the most exciting recent developments in astronomy has been our ability to detect planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. Astronomers have so far spotted more than 700 such exoplanets, which has made the eight planets in our solar system – 13 if you include the dwarf planets Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake – perhaps less special than we once thought. Most of these exoplanets are detected as they cross the face of – or “transit” – their parent stars. But spotting these planets from the faint dimming of their star’s light is a fiendish task because several things can, at least for a while, mimic this tiny dip. Indeed, of the thousands of additional possible planets we have seen, thanks in part to the French CoRoT and US Kepler spacecraft, some may just be sunspots.
    What can aid our search for exoplanets, however, is studying examples of transits in our own solar system. Doing so not only yields an improved understanding of our own cosmic neighbourhood, but also verifies that the techniques for studying events on and around other stars hold true in our own backyard. In other words, by looking up close at transits in our solar system, we may be able to see subtle effects that can help exoplanet hunters when viewing distant suns. The snag is that, here on Earth, just two planets lie between us and the Sun – Mercury and Venus. And, moreover, they cross the Sun only very rarely.
    While transits of Mercury occur about 14 times a century, transits of Venus are even scarcer. They always take place in pairs eight years apart, with the gap between the second transit of one pair and the first transit of the next alternating between 105.5 and 121.5 years. In other words, the transits of 1631 and 1639 – around the time that Galileo was imprisoned by the Church – were followed, after a gap of 121.5 years, by a pair in 1761 and 1769, not long before the American Revolution. The next transits occurred 105.5 years later, in 1874 and 1882, and so, continuing this sequence, the transit of 2004 will be followed by another this year – on Tuesday 5 June in the Americas and Wednesday 6 June in Europe, Asia and Australia (figure 1). It will be an event well worth watching, as the next transit of Venus will not occur until December 2117, when most of us will be long gone.

    Origins of a phenomenon
    The notion that Venus could potentially pass across the face of the Sun, when viewed from Earth, can be traced back to the work of Nicolaus Copernicus, whose 1543 book De Revolutionibus held that only Mercury and Venus joined our Earth in orbiting around the Sun and thus could pass between those two bodies. In 1627 Johannes Kepler, best known for his three laws of orbits, published his Rudolphine Tables, which showed the superiority of the Copernican theory and allowed the positions of the planets in the sky to be calculated more accurately. This work led Kepler to predict that both Mercury and Venus would transit the Sun in 1631.

    1 Where to watch the 2012 transit
    That year’s transit of Mercury was observed by the French scientist Pierre Gassendi, but that of Venus was not visible from Europe and so went unseen. (Although the Venusian transit could, in principle, have been observed in other parts of the world, it was only in Europe that astronomers had access to new-fangled “telescopes”.) A few years later, however, the English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks, working in the village of Much Hoole in Lancashire, extended Kepler’s calculations and discovered that the next transit of Venus would occur in late November 1639. Horrocks informed one friend in London and another in Manchester, William Crabtree, of the prospective event.
    On the afternoon of the big day, when Horrocks finally returned to Carr House in Much Hoole – having been delayed by a task that was no doubt to do with the local church on that Sunday – he found Venus already silhouetted on the surface of the Sun. Although it was much smaller than he had expected, by using a telescope to project the solar image, Horrocks was able to make careful drawings of what he saw. Crabtree, in Manchester, also saw the transit but was so excited to see Venus’s silhouette once the clouds had parted that he neglected to make any scientific observations. With clouds obscuring the view of Horrocks’ friend in London, it was Horrocks and Crabtree who therefore become the first two people in the world to see a transit of Venus.
    We now know that these transit pairs occur only when Venus’s orbital plane crosses the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the two orbits being at a slight angle of 3.4° to one another (figure 2a). One can think of Venus’s path crossing the lower half of the Sun, then eight years later passing across the upper half of the Sun, before next time passing above the Sun (and so not being a transit). This process goes on for a further 100 years or so until the angle brings Venus around to the lower half of the Sun again.

    Astronomical solution
    But transits of Venus are much more than a curiosity. In 1716 Edmond Halley proposed using them to solve what George Airy – then Astronomer Royal – later called “the noblest problem in astronomy”: finding the distance between the Earth and the Sun, known as the astronomical unit (AU). At that time, distances in the solar system were known only proportionately – measured as fractions or multiples of an AU. Measuring the AU would mean that, for the first time, the absolute size and scale of the solar system could be determined.

    2 Rare but invaluable
    Halley’s method relied on Kepler’s third law of orbits, which tells us that the square of the time it takes a planet to orbit the Sun (its period), P2, is proportional to the cube of the radius of the orbit, a3. Since we know how long it takes Venus and the Earth to orbit the Sun, then if it were possible to determine the distance to Venus, we could use Kepler’s third law to deduce all distances in the solar system, including the AU.
    In practice, Halley’s method involved observing Venus from two different locations during a transit – one very far north on Earth and one very far south – and accurately determining when the planet first begins to cross the Sun “ingress”) and when it just leaves “egress”). A transit lasts about six hours and, if it were possible to time the duration to an accuracy of about 1 s, the distance to Venus could then be determined using the principles of triangulation (figure 2b). Later in the 18th century an alternative calculation involving accurate timing of only ingress or egress was developed by Joseph-Nicolas Delisle, although the method had its own problems, not least that it required knowing the longitude more precisely than was likely possible at that time.
    With these methods in hand, hundreds of expeditions were sent all over the world to observe the 1761 and 1769 transits, including the ill-fated voyage undertaken by the French astronomer Guillaume le Gentil (see below). Perhaps the most famous was in 1769, when the British Admiralty entrusted a ship to a young lieutenant by the name of James Cook. Accompanied by former Greenwich astronomer Charles Green and others, Captain Cook took the Endeavour to the island of Tahiti in the South Pacific, where they successfully observed the transit under very clear skies at a site that is still called Point Venus. Having completed that task, which was the official reason for the voyage, Cook then opened a letter with secret orders that took him to explore farther south, searching for and mapping a “southern continent”, which turned out to be New Zealand and the east coast of Australia.

    The black-drop mystery
    Unfortunately, when Cook and Green looked through their telescope to time the precise moment of ingress – when Venus was just inside the outer edge (or “limb”) of the Sun – they ran into trouble. They noticed a dark band – linking the blackness of Venus’s silhouette with the blackness of the background sky outside the solar limb – that grew for about 1 min and then seemed, like pulled taffy, to pop. Now known as the “black-drop effect”, it meant that the accuracy of their timing was closer to 1 min than to 1 s, diminishing the accuracy of the calculated astronomical unit by about a factor of 60. Cook and Green mistakenly thought that Venus’s atmosphere was causing the uncertainty in the timing, but we now know that the atmosphere is much too small in diameter to cause much blurring.
    The two transits of Venus in the 19th century – in 1874 and 1882 – were well observed all around the world. Photography was also used for the first time, although the black drop still foiled accurate attempts to measure the AU using Halley’s method, as it had done for the 18th-century transits. There having been no transits throughout the 20th century, Glenn Schneider of the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory and I decided in 2001 – three years before the first transit of the 21st century – to try to solve the origins of the black-drop effect once and for all.
    We sought to do this by analysing observations of the effect made by NASA’s Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) spacecraft during the 1999 transit of Mercury. The black-drop effect, it turns out, has two different causes. One, which had been widely suspected, is down to the fact that no telescope is perfect and that even a point source will have a certain inherent fuzziness, known as the “point-spread function”. But the other cause, which had previously not been widely acknowledged, is the fact that the visible Sun is always darker near its edge, with the intensity falling off following roughly the path of a cosine curve. Indeed, the drop in brightness, known as “solar limb darkening”, is so severe in the final arcsecond or so at the edge of the Sun that the limb darkening merges with the point-spread function. Given that Mercury has no appreciable atmosphere and yet shows a black drop, our analysis showed that the black-drop effect need not have anything to do with the existence of a planetary atmosphere. Coupled with our current knowledge of the actual thickness of Venus’s atmosphere, we showed that Venus’s black drop cannot be caused by its atmosphere either.
    With the next transit of Venus due to take place in June 2004, an International Astronomical Union symposium was scheduled to take place at Much Hoole, where Horrocks had observed the first transit all those years ago. Not wanting to take a chance on the notoriously capricious British weather, I took my colleagues and all our astronomy students from Williams College (with the help of a grant from the National Geographic Society, or NGS) to Greece, which lay deeper into the zone from which the whole transit would be visible. In the event, it was clear in Much Hoole after all, but from Greece we were able to observe the whole transit with telescopes and cameras, and I saw the black drop with my own eyes, which was an incredible experience.

    3 What an atmosphere
    Earlier that year, while observing with Sweden’s 1 m Solar Telescope on La Palma, which itself went on to make successful observations of that year’s transit, I e-mailed the schedulers for TRACE to help them tailor their observations of the transit to meet our requirements. What we particularly wanted to do was to increase the rate at which photographs were taken of the black-drop effect at ingress and egress. But knowing that TRACE can only ever see about a sixth of the Sun at any one time, it was also vital that the craft was pointing in the right direction to see the edge of the Sun. Fortunately, when we got the results, we were relieved that everything had gone well. Moreover, while the planet was roughly halfway into the Sun at ingress, we were flabbergasted to see a bright rim appearing around Venus’s trailing edge that persisted and brightened asymmetrically (figure 3). It was, in fact, Venus’s atmosphere, which bent sunlight towards us. About six hours later, after Venus had traversed the Sun’s disc, we saw the same effect in reverse (2004 Proceedings IAU Colloquium 196 6 and 2011 Astronomical Journal 141 112).
    What was also interesting about the 2004 transit was that it extended the study that Schneider and I carried out using measurements obtained by TRACE. We had been intrigued by claims made by the famous 18th-century Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov that he had discovered the atmosphere of Venus after sighting a brief brightness at the edge of Venus during the 1761 transit (see “Atmospheric tales” by Robert P Crease). However, what Lomonosov reported did not match our 2004 observations, and seemed more like the first appearance of the solar disc at the end of the black-drop effect. We therefore concluded that the Russian must have seen only artefacts and had not discovered Venus’s atmosphere itself. But because Lomonosov believed – as did many scientists of his era – that all planets had atmospheres, it is perhaps understandable that he thought he had discovered one around Venus. In the end, he had the right result, but without a proper train of measurement and reasoning.

    The 2012 transit
    For the upcoming transit of Venus this June we want to get the most complete set of data possible, so that the astronomers of 2117 will think that their forebears way back in 2012 did a fine job even with their relatively primitive instruments. On the ground, I will be at the University of Hawaii’s solar observatory on top of Haleakalā – a 3000 m-high dormant volcano – with a couple of my students, as well as Schneider and Bryce Babcock, all supported by a new NGS research grant. We will have several cameras, with the main aim of studying Venus’s atmosphere at ingress and egress, while also verifying our previous conclusion about the black-drop effect. Meanwhile, my former student Kevin Reardon of the Arcetri Observatory in Florence, Italy, will be at Sacramento Peak in New Mexico, using a giant imaging spectrometer on the vacuum tower of the Dunn Solar Telescope.
    A major part of our research effort will be with telescopes in space, notably using NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which was launched two years ago as an improved replacement for TRACE. The SDO contains the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, built by my colleague Leon Golub of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, which has pixels the same size as those of TRACE but can view the entire Sun at once. The other huge advantage of SDO is that it moves in a geosynchronous orbit and is always in view of a ground station in New Mexico, allowing it to send down eight individual filtered images six times a minute, 24 hours a day (with only a few minor 20 min outages each year when the Earth eclipses the Sun). We will also be co-ordinating our observations with those of colleagues at Stanford University, who run a second SDO instrument, the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager, which has pixels of a similar size.
    This summer Schneider and I will be working again with Richard Willson, who operates NASA’s Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor satellite from California, in order to monitor the total brightness of the Sun as a way of studying the transit. It follows our successful collaboration in 2004, when we used the same craft to measure the tiny 0.1% drop in the total solar irradiance caused by Venus’s silhouette blocking that same fraction of the solar disc. Interestingly, two years later we were unable to detect the 0.003% drop in intensity from the 2006 transit of Mercury because the effect is smaller than the inherent uncertainty in the signal – information that should help exoplanet hunters to know what they might or might not be able to detect. This year’s collaboration will also involve Greg Kopp of the University of Colorado at Boulder, whose Total Irradiance Measurement instrument aboard NASA’s Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment spacecraft yields similar information.

    Beyond 2012
    Transits in history

    Until recently we had thought that after June there would be no chance to observe any further transits of Venus until the 22nd century. But last autumn we discovered that David Ehrenreich of the Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble, France, had won time on the Hubble Space Telescope to try to observe this June’s transit of Venus as it would be if viewed from the Moon. What he plans to do is to point Hubble at several areas on the Moon and monitor the extremely tiny fall in intensity of sunlight reflected off the Moon as Venus passes in front of the Sun. This is obviously harder than studying a transit directly because the intensities involved are so low. But the study is useful because it mimics the problems exoplanet hunters encounter, while still occurring in our solar system, where we know exactly what is happening.
    But if Hubble could be used to detect the transit of Venus using the Moon, might it also be possible to observe transits of Venus by observing light reflected off the outer planets? After a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Nantes, France, last October, my transit team met up with that of Ehrenreich to discuss that idea, along with Thomas Widemann of the Observatoire de Paris, Paolo Tanga of the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur in Nice and Alfred Vidal-Madjar of l’Institut d’Astrophysique in Paris. Since then we have together submitted a proposal for time on Hubble to observe the transit of Venus using Jupiter on 20 September 2012. (If we miss this date, there will not be another transit of Venus from Jupiter until 2024 – long after Hubble’s demise.)
    Another, even more exciting event will occur on 5 January 2014 when the Earth, as seen from Jupiter, will pass in front of the Sun. Although we cannot view the Earth directly from Jupiter itself, what we can do is to use Hubble to view the Earth indirectly by watching Jupiter’s clouds and studying how much of its light bounces off Jupiter’s main moon Ganymede. Detecting this transit and any spectral effect from the Earth’s atmosphere would be an astonishing feat – and a spectacular verification of our understanding of exoplanet transits.
    If we can study transits via Jupiter, what about doing so with Saturn? As it happens, NASA’s Cassini craft is currently orbiting the planet and a transit of Venus, as seen from Saturn, is due to take place later this year on 21 December. Together with Phil Nicholson from Cornell University, we have obtained permission from the Cassini board to turn the craft towards the transit on that day, which will be our last chance to see a transit of Venus from Saturn until January 2028. We are fortunate in that we are truly living in a golden period of planetary transits and it is one of which I hope astronomers can take full advantage.
    The strange tale of Guillaume le Gentil
    There have been some intrepid journeys over the years to view transits of Venus, none more so than that of the 18th-century French astronomer Guillaume le Gentil. In 1761 he set out to observe that year’s transit from Pondicherry in south-east India, but the British held the area when he arrived and refused to let him land. Although he saw the transit in clear sky from his ship where he remained, his pendulum clock was useless on board. Le Gentil therefore decided that because the next transit was only eight years away, he would stay in Asia and wait for it to arrive.
    Eventually, following spells in the Philippines and elsewhere, Le Gentil returned to Pondicherry for the 1769 transit. But after a promising day of good weather, disaster struck when, having waited eight years for the big day, Le Gentil’s view of Venus was spoiled by a cloud. To add insult to injury, on his return journey to Europe, he was shipwrecked and hospitalized for dysentery, before finding, on arriving in France 11 years after his departure, that his fiancée had married someone else and that he himself had been declared officially dead.
    So incredible were Le Gentil’s efforts that the Canadian playwright Maureen Hunter dramatized them in a production called The Transit of Venus in 1998, which was later turned into an opera of the same name by the Canadian composer Victor Davies, with Hunter writing the libretto. Fortunately, Le Gentil’s tale had a happy ending, as he eventually regained his place in the French Academy of Sciences, got married and had children. He died in 1792 at the age of 73.

  22. Spectral=(11)=Gamma=(3)=P.S.I.=(GM108X)=

    *Time Matrix*=V.19, H.17=(124)
    =TFI=*Time Matrix*=(472)*reduces to*=(212)*

    *Space Matrix*=V.18, H.20=(236)
    =BMU=(151)***Today’s Total BMU***=*G.A.P*=***
    =TFI=*Space Matrix*=(435)*reduces to=(175)=*Galactic Signature of Picasso*

    *Synchronic Matrix*=V.16, H.17=(236)
    =BMU=(320)*reduces to=(60)=*Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan*(P.V.C.S.)
    =TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(567)*reduces to=(47)=*


    ===BMU===(151)===*G.A.P.**Galactic House of the Magician**===

    ===(151)===(Prime Key, Palindromic Number, Vigesimal 7.11, Analog of decimal 711 – 79 Noosphere Constant x 9).

    ===Kin Equivalent===(174)===*Galactic Signature of origin date of Cosmic History Chronicles===*Overtone House Of The Wizard*===

    ===(174)===29 x 6, Cosmic Constant multiplied By Cube Value 6, Frequency of the Book, Root Frequency of Cosmic History Chronicles,(Number of Verses in Quran 6348, 6348 – 6174(14 x 441) = BMU = 174)), Vigesimal 8.14===

    ===Kin Equivalent=(168)===G.A.P.

    • Tomorrow.
      Spectral Kali 4.
      Kin 237..
      Brings the P.S.I. Of the “Lord Of The Dawn”..
      Into the Noo.

  23. Our minds works with this calendar and when we autnte to it we have the capacity to evolve Our external views are blocked by the old calendar system and the way in which we manifest the activities of our daily lives. Art is found in nature and in synchronocity when events align in our lives and the creative experience results.I think that the 13 moon calendar acknowledging the cyclical nature of time is as natural as can be. All you have to do is look up to the sky and see that the universe isn’t flat and this calendar makes geometric sense, honoring the moon and the stars and the seasons. Galileo, be praised

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