Lunar Wind codes Catalytic Kali 4 or Dali 1 of the Crystal Wizard Moon

 Kin 2: White Lunar Wind;   2.2;  2 IK

White Lunar Wizard
Yellow Lunar Human White Lunar Wind Red Lunar Earth
  Blue Crystal Storm
I polarise in order to communicate
stabilising breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
Guide Lunar Wizard was the Year-Bearer for Pacal Votan’s  27th Solar-Galactic Return, [on Kin 60] which Valum Votan commemorated with the ‘Cube Crop Circle”. 
Analog:  GAP 197:   Lunar Earth coded Valum Votan’s final Revelation that on Kin 197, 791 days [7 cycles of 113 days] remained until the 2012 Solstice, and 7 cycles of 144 days remained until oUR 8 Seed Galactic SynchronizationLunar Earth codes the 4th Solar Witness, who was awakened during the Lunar Wizard year.
Today’s Challenge is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 132:Lunar Human, the only PVCS in the central column of the Tzolkin.  
The PSI for CrystalKali 4, 5 and 6 is 8 Human
The Hidden Power:  Kin 259:  Crystal Storm is the reason for the Lunar quality of the issue  that is Challenging our Harmony:
Which of these Occult Partners {19.12 or 2.2]  begins the Crystal Wizard Moon?
2.2:  “According to original design principles, variable differences in evolution in time occur in the different stellar masses within the Galactic Brain.”
The G-Force of 2 Wind is Kin 124:  Resonant Seed.   If  12 Storm, which began the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone, also [through fractal compression] begins the Seven Last Moons of the Cycle, then today’s G-Force lends a triple synchronicity to today’s inclusive 13 Moon date:, G-Force 124  🙂 
 Today CRYSTAL [98] WIZARD [81]  KALI [33] FOUR [50] Alpha-Numerically equals [or as Valum Votan puts it: carries the simple gematrical frequency of262 262 – 260 = Kin 2:  Lunar Wind.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
This Lunar Wind post was meant to address the issues raised by Jannis 7 Moon and A1d7r7  for one last time [here] in the hopes of moving on to greater HARMONY.  I’m still feeling disheartened by their comments and  personal attacks, but have a response to all of it.  
I wrote several pages, amid computer difficulties and interruptions, but have run out of time, and have decided to omit that portion from this transmission.  Some of it will be in the next blog, and some of it will go into my book. 
For most  followers of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, today,  2 Wind, codes the entry into the Crystal Wizard Moon
We are now all within this prophetic period of the last 7 Moons, and inside the Crystal Moon of Cooperation.  
We were all drawn to DEDICATE ourselves to The Thirteen Moons of Harmony, and the increasing 13:20 Frequency
As Jannis 7 Moon [who equals today’s CDK]  points out, our numbers are  relatively small at the moment.  With less than 30 weeks remaining before The End of the Cycle, this Crystal Wizard Moon  is the time to focus on oUR common values, and to COOPERATE with each other.
Here is The Law of Time’s  Noos-Letter, [Rabbit]with more information about the Crystal Moon and its Totem, the Rabbit[Rabbit]
From S’ace 22:
“We seem to be through the Rabbit hole !”  Thanks to S’ace 22: the Bolon Ik Kin  with the most Longevity here, and who exemplifies creativity, compassion and a tolerance for multiple systems 🙂
Congratulations to the ‘ultimate Cosmic Thirteen’RavenWalker 13 Skywalker.  His “Grand-Daughter [ Cecilia Rose], arrived on the morning of kin 260, yellow Cosmic Sun child, she and my daughter, Jennifer Holi, red cosmic moon, are both in excellent health and spirits”  🙂  Three generations of Cosmic Kin!
For the Crystal Moon of Cooperation, here is a stunning video from Kim 33, showing how so many creatures Cooperate to Beautify and  pollinate our world  :): 
  4 Seed marks 18 years since the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered on Crystal Wizard.
                       A decision regarding Arcturian Chess will be made while
The Mystery Queen  138 is in Christchurch [=138] for the Queen’s Birthday  🙂                          Kin 2           G-Force:  124

Magic Turtle Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm begins the Crystal Wizard Moon; First of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns

 259: Blue Crystal Storm [19.12]   12 Storm::Cuauc

Blue Crystal Monkey
Red Crystal Moon Blue Crystal Storm Yellow Crystal Sun
  White Lunar Wind

 12 Storm’s Analog is 20.12. [Crystal Sun]   Madame Blavasky, whom Valum Votan refers to as the Key to 2012 codes the Guide 12 Monkey.  The Seven Last Moons  of the Thirteen Baktuns all occur in 2012, beginning today, 12 Storm, according to The Mystery Queen, and on today’s Occult:  Lunar Wind, for those following the official Thirteen Moon Calendar.  Combined Dreamspell Kin:  14.6 + 14.12 + 19.12 = 7.4;  Mayan for 144.

19.12.  “The self-reflective self-regulation of evolved bodies of time operating by the Law of Time assures that all coming evolution is of a divinely spiritual nature where regression to living out of phase with the divine plan is no longer possible.”

14.12‘Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.   Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.’   Crystal Wizard coded the day that the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered, nearly18 years ago on June 1, 1994. 

Vinal 16:  PAX:  Touching a Music of the Future

DALI Sunday Week One;  Claim Power  of  Prophecy.

Hand of Prophecy 7.7;  Baktun 1:  BC 3113  The Star Planting

Katun 1:   Katun Kin 194:  First Solar Witness;  White Crystal Wizard:: -AD 692:  Dedication of Tomb of Pacal Votan



Return of the First Solar witness TARGETS Close of the Cycle.

The  practice for DALI::Crown   {Whether you place Dali on Sunday, as demonstrated by Valum Votan and presented here, or  on Wednesday-[for the second half of this year-then on Thursday]} is available in prior TMQ blogs, or in full detail in Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 6 and 7.

Whether you begin the practice for the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns on Sunday/DALI, coded byMagic Turtle Crystal Storm or on today’s Occult Power:  Lunar Wind, Wednesday, the information is in Valum Votan’s 7:7::7:7 Instruction Manual, which is available here:   🙂

This Formation appeared on the day of the Alcyone Alignment and the Ring of Fire Eclipse:  [5 Human in N. Hem;  6 Skywalker S. Hem.]

A fascinating account of this Crop Circle:  relates that it shows a

Saros cycle 128, of which the May 20 solar eclipse formed one small part, includes 71 major eclipses and two very minor ones. Likewise, the Braccione crop picture shows 71 stripes and 2 small tufts near its center.
Braccione Italy = 128!  [8.11,  Spectral Star–whose G-Force is 18.8]   Wikipedia says:  “The Saros is a period of 223 Synodic months, or nearly 18 years and 11 days.”
A few hours after discovering this crop circle, while writing this transmission on 18.11, Antipode of 8.11, TMQ [18.8] learned of this:
‘The planetary nebula Sharpless 2-71, as imaged by the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph on Gemini North in Hawaii.’

Note:  The name 2.71,  mirrors the numbers denoting the eclipses[2 small, 71 major]  in the Crop Circle  🙂
Australian Schapelle Corby [= 144] had a strong presence in the S. Hem. news this week, causing TMQ to research this beautiful, wrongly-imprisoned young woman. 

Corby worse than a terrorist: judge  (Source: Reuters) Her birthday on July 10, [1977:  Galactic Star] is the same as mine [but 26 years later] and  Crystal Storm marks the 7 year anniversary of her conviction and  imprisonment in Bali.  [Sadly, her bid for clemency on 5/27/2012 was denied] 

 Today [this Magic  Crystal Turtle transmission  is being finished and posted on GAP Cosmic Sun] is the  324th day of our 198: Electric Mirror year.

198:  11 x 18, recombinant frequency, second power of 9, simple gematrical frequency of Synchronotron, reverse of 891 (99 x 9), 891 – 198 = 693 = 21 x 33, 9 x 77, etc vigesimal code, 9.18 codes Electric Mirror; codesFifth Book: of the Lost Generation Book of the Timespace

The words in red mean that ‘SYNCHRONOTRON’  alpha-numerically equals 198Today, TMQ realized that SYNCHRONOTRON, when alpha-numerically calculated via what she call the  ‘V.V. Method’ = 1521, whose TFI  {1521-1323 = 198!  The ‘Complex Gematrical Frequency’ of  ‘Synchronotron‘:  1521 reduces to a Kin Equivalent of 221 ‘221 13 x 17, code of the cosmic navigator, Chac Le, midpoint between 1 and 441, in the magic square of 441, 221 is the central unit (V11 H11), and all the rows, vertical and horizontal add up to 442 or 221 x 2 or 441 + 1, vig. 11.1]   

324:  ‘18 x 18, 9 x 36, 108 x 3, 27 x 12, 81 x 4 (note 18² is also a product of both 9² (81) and 6² (36), harmonic frequency matrix of 18-dimensional universe, vigesimal code 16.4 (decimal analog 164).***************************

The Synchronotron reveals this for Kin  Crystal Storm: 259, first day of the Crystal Wizard Moon 12.1:

TIME  H:  16;  V:  21  T123 [‘321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency];  Space:  388 [128];   Syn:  27 [7.1]

Time TFI:  538  {-441}=BMU 97 {Prime}  538-520= 18  frequency of 18 dimensional universe, number of faces on a perfect double terminated crystal, base of tun, katun time count (18 x 20), evolution dimension completed in 2012…

SPACE Vectors for 259 H:  12;  V:  10  {12.10 = G-Force of 198]

Time:  309;  Syn:  111.   259 + 309 + 111 = Space TFI:  679;  BMU:  237; 

237   79 x 3;   Triple Activation frequency of Noosphere Constant,

Kin Eq.:  159:  53 x 3, Triple Sirian rebirth frequency,

SYNCHRONIC [259] H:  20;  V:  17

Space:  214 [This 13 Moon yr.] Time:  132 {PVCS 12.2] 259 + 214 +132= Syn. TFI605; 

Syn. BMU:  164 {8 Seed Galactic Synch.;  41 x 4:  Full measure of Divine Interval]

Kin Eq.:  75   ‘25 (5²) x 3, 15 (triangular of 5) x 5, establishes Fifth Force Frequency as triple action force”  {My Long Count:  75:  15.10, Alcyone = 75.  Today is 3 years, minus 75 days since the beginning of this blog.  This  Kin 258 blog  is the 750th transmission [75 x 10]} 

MASTER COORDINATING FREQUENCY:  538 + 679 + 605 =  1822 – [18] + [22] = PVCS 40,  1+8+2+2= 13

BMU:  PVCS:  58;  6 Mirror Disincarnation of Pacal Votan  Kin Eq.:  2, Occult of 259, 2  Polarity, binary power, , law of alternation, yin and yang, inhalation-exhalation, male-female, night-and-day etc.************************************

It’s interesting how the two Kins associated with the beginning of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns [259 and 2] are woven together in today’s Oracle and Synchronotron.  May that be a sign that those who remain true to Valum Votan’s consistent alignment of the Plasmas to Days of the Week will remain united with those who choose to shift that alignment yearly, to align with the Gregorian dates.   

We all exercise Free Will, and rather than insulting those  who choose to follow Valum Votan’s  statements that ‘every Week, Moon and Year begins on DALI:  Sunday’, it would be more fruitful to discuss the pros and cons between the two systems.  Prior posts explain some of the reasons TMQ is choosing this more consistent 13 Moon Path.

Crystal Storm’s G-Force is Kin 141:  Spectral Dragon [Valum Votan and Claire DeMoulin share the same gematrical frequency of 141]  While writing this 12 Storm transmission, some additional, subtle  ‘support‘ from Valum Votan was revealed.  His mention of the Alpha-Numerics in the Number dictionary for 198 lends validity to the Alpha-numeric codes that TMQ also utilizes.

For example, Pacal Votan corresponds gematrically with Kin 208:  Cosmic Star [Lamat], which codes the 2012 Solstice here in New Zealand, and appropriately falls on Silio, Saturday:

208 =   Yellow Galactic Sun = Lamat Closes Baktuns = Silio Ends Mayan Cycle  🙂 

One of the three recent  partially written  blogs that were not posted was entitled Kin 245, Clear Sign of Pacal Votan [20.8] signals Seven and a Half Moons until Cosmic Star [208]: ”   While writing it, I double-checked here: to make sure the Mayan date in the title was correct.  A few days later, the date for 12/22/2012, Cosmic Star was changed to ‘’, so that Crystal Hand became  Why

Fortunately, it’s not so easy to change or remove words written in books  🙂  This Crystal Storm Transmission will close with some words by Valum Votan [the only change is in color or boldness, the exclamation points are all his] 

From page 12 [Kin 12 = G-Force of 18.8] of the 7:7::7:7 TELEKTONON REVELATION’:

“”Fractal compression of Kin 207 and Kin 208:  Day, Moon and Katun = the finality of Quetzalcoatl!  How?

“The ninth day of the Rhythmic Moon 6.9 [6.13 via TMQ’s restoration of the Plasmas to the Days assigned by Valum Votan] AD 2012 is the Long Count date of and corresponds to  Kin 207, Blue Crystal HandThis is the famous Winter Solstice date marking the last day of the cycle of Thirteen Baktuns“” 

“”The following date Rhythmic Moon 10 [6.10] is the long Count Date,  and corresponds to Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star.   The very same kin 207 and 208,…appear as the Blue Crystal Hand Moon and Yellow Cosmic Star Moon,  the last two ‘Mystic Moons” of the Blue Resonant Storm year. just prior to Galactic Synchronization,  Yellow Galactic Seed [7.26 AD 2013]    So much for the finality of Day and Moon.  What about Katun? 

In the Mayan Factor [page 116-117], Katun position Kin 207 is coded with the words  “Ce Acatl”  [= One Reed = Magnetic Skywalker], while Kin 208 is coded by the words  “Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl”  [= Our Lord Quetzalcoatl].  This shows that, by fractal juxtaposition, Quetzalcoatl’s prophetic presence   coded in the Katun cycle holds right down to the last  days of the Thirteen Baktuns, as well as to the last two Moons of the  26 years of the Harmonic Convergence, Crystal Moon Kin 207 and Cosmic Moon 208, 2013

Furthermore, the occult partner of Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star, the 208th step to Merlin’s Tower is Kin 53, Red Magnetic Skywalker = Nahuatl:  Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, Our Lord One Reed Quetzalcoatl!                                         

                                      PROPHECY HAS THE LAST WORD.””

N.S.  1. 24. 12.1.                   Crystal Storm begins the Last 7 Moons

Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes the Ring of Fire Eclipse and the Alcyone Alignment in the Southern Hemisphere

Just like the long-prophesied 2012 Solstice, the Ring of Fire Eclipse happened a day later in New Zealand, on  Kin 253:  6 Skywalker

That was the Spectral Moon’s ‘Lover’s Reunion’, perfect for the day that Masculine and Feminie Power came into balance, and the Earth connected with Alcyone for the first time in 26,000 years  🙂  Spectral 23, 24 and 25 [subtract 3 days to align with the ‘official 13 Moon’ Date] is aligned with th PSI of Overtone StarVenus traces a 5-pointed star  in the sky

The Eclipse was centered above New Zealand, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  As TMQ headed  towards Rabbit Island, the  digital clock suspended above   Queen Street in Richmond read 11:23 in big red numerals,  synchronistically proclaiming the 13 Moon date:  Moon 11;  Day 23  🙂  The seals of the Moon:  Spectral Skywalker, and the day:  Rhythmic Skywalker matched, and TMQ’s destination and the magic of this auspicious day brough to mind that it might be termed  a “Magic Rabbit  Day’  🙂  With the 13 Moon adjustment begun in the Magnetic Star Transmission, and the powerful energies of the Eclipse and rare Alcyon Alignment, some may feel that we’ve entered Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole, or swallowed the Red pill out of the Matrix  🙂


   A Kin from Poland, Liviather,  subscribed to this blog a few days ago.  She writes several beautiful blogs, including this one: which discusses the Pleaides [Google translates].  Alcyone [=75:  TMQ’s long Count] is the central star of the The Pleaides, which  hold the central position on the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map.  Some say that our Solar System revolves around Alcyone every 26,000 years.  The Alcyone Alignment on 5 Human/6 Skywalker was a once in 26,000 year event!

Rhythmic Skywalker was a beautiful sunny day, here in the Night Zone.  TMQ’s  meditation at Rabbit Island’s stunning ocean shore during the Rhythmic Night watch [6 Skywalker’s Challenge and G-force, and TMQ’s Hidden Power]  felt powerful and blessed.  She was the only human on the white expanse of beach, until two riders on two horses rode past.  Horses have been on TMQ’s mind often lately [and even appeared in the ‘Touch‘ episode that A1d7r7 mentioned in a recent comment.  These two horses felt like a good omeen, with their expression of Freedom and Power.

Rhythmic Skywalker was the 12th day of the “Lord of the Dawn Self-Transforms” cycle, and the second day of the 5th 144 day “Return of Sacred Power” cycle:  Radiate the Power“.    6 Skywalker’s Analog  is Kin 149:  6 Moon, [Votan’s BMU, and the combined Kin of his Kin 11 and TMQ’s 138].  6 Skywalker’s  Hidden Power is 8 Star, our Guiding Star for the 8 Seed Galactic Synchronization.

Here are the Synchronotron numbers for this powerful day, coded by Kin 253, on Spectral 23:  [Note:  The order of Vectors/Coordinates will be consistently presented as H[Horizontal} and V [Vertical, to align with the position of H and V alphabetically, and with the order of Latitude and Longitude, to which they correspond]

Time Vectors for 11.23:  H:  3;  V:  6  [Reflects the day’s Challenge and  G-Force:  3.6: ” 123   41 x 3 Divine Interval Triplet,  vigesimal 6.3,  reverse of 321, 321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency, reverse of 891 (99 x 9) 891 – 198 = 693, 9 x 77, 21, x 33]

Time:  17;  Space:  6;  Syn:  23:  17 +6 = 23, plus 23 = TIME TFI: 46  [Kin 46 coded  TMQ’s  Prophetic Message]

SpaceVectors for Kin 253:  H:  14; V:  20

Time = 215;  Synchronic = 71.  253 + 215 + 71= SPACE TFI539

BMU of 539:    98:  7 Mirror; 

Kin Eq:  19  “19   Divine prime, Command of God, vigesimal analog of 9, in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19, number of Omega dimension – evolution dimension after 2012, consists of 9 layers (9 x 19 = 171), equivalent of 76th (4 x 19) energy dimension, reverse of 19 = 91 = 7 x 13. 91-19 = 72 (9 x 8)  6 Storm is the  G-Force and Challenge of Kin 253’s Analog 149 [Votan’s BMU, and  Kin 11 and TMQ’s 138 = 149].  

Synchronic :  Vectors for 253 H:  14;  V:  17

Time:  207:  [Codes the Northern Hemisphere 2012 Solstice]  Space:  198:  Codes the Fifth  Solar Witness, and TMQ‘s current year.

253 + 207 + 198 = 658 =  Synchronic TFI.  BMU = 217 [Solar Earth] Kin Eq.: = 138= 8 Mirror =TMQ

Master Telepathic Frequency Index = 1243

BMU = 361:  “361  = 19 x 19,  frequency of matrix of Divine Commands,   number of days in 19th month Ba’hai 19 month calendar,  first unit in 7th 441 circuit, vigesimal code 18.1, coordinating internal unit, 4th time dimension”

Kin Eq. of 1243 = 203 “203   7 x 29,  29th order of 7, Cosmic Constant of Cosmic Creation, Vigesimal 10.3″  Galactic Night

These are very significant numbers, for this day that was noted by the Mayans, several centuries ago.  One could also interpret these as a Divine numeric/telepathic anointing  of this once in a 26,000 year Alcyone Alignment occurred on Spectral 23 in the Southern Hemisphere.  Can we also extrapolate that this is confirmation that the Southern Hemisphere 2012 Solstice on Cosmic Star is the end of the Cycle

[As always, corrections are welcomed, along with Synchronotron calculations based on the ‘official’ 13 Moon date, for purposes of comparison]

The majority of this transmission was written  on Spectral Kali 25, whose PSI is Cosmic Star, and which is coded by Cosmic Star in the Long Count.  That Dreamspell Kin is 255:  Galactic Eagle.  Guide:  19.8, 8 Storm.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceEach of your comments contained something special and/or significant.  Today’s G-Force is 12 Moon which codes Melovia The timing of her  comment [after the original 248 post disappeared] added to my great appreciation of her supportive words:  “I do have the greatest confidence in and respect for TMQ’s knowledge and intelligence, the veracity of her powerful personal omens and synchronicities and the purity of her motives.”  Already, some others resonate  with 129’s open-mindedness about TMQ’s  restoration of the Dali to Sunday alignment, and Melovia’s  willingness  “to ‘try this on’ and see how it feels, and where it takes us”.

Several Kin here, along with  the Law of Time,  resonate with A1d7r7′s idea for the Rhythmic Mirror Galactic Freedom Day“wherever you organize your Day Out of Time, ask people to bring mirrors as a symbol of the Reflection of Divine Endless Order, and also as a way of strengthening a resonant field around Earth Velatropa 24.3 representing the In Lakech state of mind….It seems a perfect harmonic scale to throw a pulse that might resonate on the DNA intersecting the 12:60 field with a strong 13:20 symbol, a Mirror and a Banner of Peace.”

Moi 205 reiterated:  “yes…and her prayer was
place mirrors at the core of each cell…that all may be illuminated’
on a 64 bit-system…a key frame…
64 DNA radiating
sealing the process of free will
we send thru the central processing system…
cerebral cortex;  crystal core;  and…


to each atom a rainbow bridge!
to each universe a rainbow core!

D.O.O.T seli-brations??  Here…feeling to come 2gether with the collective this UR??
MysticGarden at lake Selma, in Oregon

Aianawa 13 Dragon responded with:
Love that [Mirror] idea , will bring it forward here in CHCH, NZ

 S”ace,  [who contributed so many comments this week] shared thiswhile in a “Bolon Ik -22- in VV mood” :  “Adri commented on this 237 , a special kin affirming the 9 Lordeners of Time , the Bolon Tiku37 is fractal for 111, 222 .. 999 ; the last one representing Quetzalcoatl, the 9th Lord Passenger, representing planet Earth in all alive & awake(ned).  So be it the 3rd kin in the birth cycle at Any scale.”

Pedrin  4 Warrior sent a delicious visual of Quetzalcoatl’s 9 storied Pyramid  🙂

Chocolate pyramid

This  chocolate Pyramid celebrated a PVCS 30 year anniversary and weighs 9 tons.  It “broke a Guinness World Record for building the largest chocolate sculpture — an ancient Mayan temple — that weighs 18,239 pounds, far surpassing the previous record set in Italy in 2010 by more than 7,500 pounds“.

NOTE:  Just now, saw that it was 11:11 p.m., so went outdoors to look at the stars, and saw a falling star 🙂

I had just approved Mark 10 Wizard’s comment [hadn’t realized it was not posted yet]  He mentions how the Magnetic Star post vanished while he was reading it!  Also:  “Did anyone note that kin 234 on Spectral 1 is the 234th day before the the close of the cycle? This is the same sort of synchronicity as the kin 197 to day 791 (kin to countdown cardinality) that inspired V.V.s last post. I think this will happen at least once more at kin 103 (which should also be 103 days til close”  

114‘s last statement caused  TMQ  to realize that Kin 104 [13 x 8] is 104 days before  Kin 208, which codes the Cosmic Star 2012 Solstice in New Zealand, and [she believes] the End of the Cycle.  New Zealand seems to be attracting a big increase in ‘attention’ {or  “Help? ;)  as Christine 133comented}  these past few weeks: 

UFO watchers claim there’s been an increase in sightings – with a cluster in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Northland and Auckland.
Spokeswoman, Suzanne Hansen, has told Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams the sightings can’t be explained away as natural phenomena – including large orange lights around the size of a helicopter.
“We’ve also had sightings of triangular objects with lights that delineate the shape, objects that have got light configurations that are not those required by law in New Zealand for aircraft to have, so they’re very different
“I’ve got 30 (UFO/UAP) reports on my desk at the moment from the upper North Island and Northland from the past couple of weeks that we’re yet to process [on top of the many others] … It’s unprecedented.”

Here is heart-warming  news from the North Island, via Mike 5 World-Bridger“My sons and i cube up every day, we have finished
our 144th cube today kin 233, and there is 233 kin until galactic alignment,…”  Bless You Three  🙂 

This blog will appear on Kin 256:  Solar Warrior in most parts of the world.  16.9 factored equals 144  🙂

Yellow Solar Human
White Solar Worldbridger Yellow Solar Warrior Blue Solar Night
  Red Overtone Serpent


9 Warrior  [G-Force of 2 Wind] codes Spectral Alpha 26.  The last 3 days of the Spectral Moon  correlate to PSI 153:  10 Skywalker.  The CDK is 13 Night, and the Long Count is 1 Moon.


Alpha 26:  Return of the 5th Solar Witness:  Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror

OXLAHUNTIKI:  The Summoning of the conscious Power of 13.  Summoning the 13 Oxlahuntiki [the Feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolontiku] we send Pacal Votan the Telecosmic number power of 13, to help him complete his power of Prophecy:  7

The coming double Magic Turtle Portal takes us through to the first of the Prophetic 7 Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  The Spectral Skywalker Moon ends on Spectral Mirror.  The Crystal Wizard Moon begins with Crystal Storm, which also began the year we awakened the Crystal Wizard [the G-Force of Pacal Votan]. 

May the Power of LOVE and the Thirteen Moons unite and guide us through these most auspicious times.

N. S.  1. 24. 11. 26.  Extended Cube 20:  ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE   Kin 256

Kin 248

{{NOTE:  This Magnetic Star Transmission [the first one {since the end of year 4.4} in which Valum Votan’s original Plasma to Day designations are used] was first published at 4 p.m. Friday,  New Zealand time and day.
At 11 a.m. on Saturday, TMQ posted a reply to Kin 65’s comment at the public library.
When TMQ next accessed her site at 1900 [8 hours later] this Kin 248 Transmission had disappeared}}.
This is reconstituted from the copy I saved to my e-mail before the first time I tried to publish it on Thursday night:
Kin 248, Magnetic Star begins the last Wavespell 20 of the last complete Dreamspell  Tzolkin of the 13  Baktuns.
Yellow Magnetic Star
White Magnetic Mirror Yellow Magnetic Star Blue Magnetic Monkey
Red Cosmic Skywalker
The G-Force of Magnetic  Star is Self-Existing  Mirror.  Today’s Occult is Cosmic Skywalker:  13.13.    The CDK is 15.5, and when we add 18.8 to it, TMQ becomes the Hidden Power :)
8.1′s Challenge is 18.1, a Magnetic Mirror of the 13 Moon date of  the Birth of the 2013 and The Mystery  Queen blog on Magnetic 18  {1.18} of the Self-Existing  Seed year.  That day was August 12, 2009, the 178th anniversary of the birth of Madame Blavatsky [Crystal Monkey] in 1831. This  Spectral Moon is coded by Helena Blavatsky’s G-Force: Spectral Skywalker.

Today marks exactly 36 Moons since  The Mystery Queen began these 748 transmissions on the 39th day of her Magnetic Star year.   This was 19 days after we awakened   the Fifth Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden  Maiden who “Sets in  Motion the Wheel of Enlightened Communication“.
The Self-Existing Seed  year was the one out of every 7 years [under the current ‘official‘ 13 Moon Calendar] when  Dali falls on Sunday.  as Valum Votan [Jose  Arguelles] repeatedly wrote, and established on the Telektonon Game and the 7:7:7:7 practice.
It was a joy to write daily, during the 4.4 year when the 7 Radial Plasmas were aligned with the 7 days of the week,  rather than to the irregular Gregorian Calendar.  When we add in the  two Days-out-of-Time and the 2012 Hunab Ku Day since year 4.4 ended, we again  arrive at today, with Catalytic Kali 18 linked to  WednesdayThis Magnetic Star  Catalytic  Transmission is intended  to Establish the foundation  for properly Closing  the  Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns.
The PSI of Spectral Kali 18 is Crystal Sun: 20.12, which coded the crop circle that appeared 20 miles from  TMQ’s home, in 2004. 6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog 28 circles [for 13 Moons of 28 days] connected twin electrical towers   [at far left- which were a reference to 9/11/2001] to an 11-bodied structure that is on the cover  of “Time and the Technosphere” by Valum Votan. Total  circles: 39

TMQ learned of the 20.12 crop  circle the day after the  Prophetic Message [“You are awakening to the  Prophecy of the Red Queen“, and much more] appeared [in Synchronic  Readout format] upon her computer on 9/11/2004, [6 World-Bridger, with a CDK of 18.8].   This message, and the related Crop Circle just 20 miles  from me were two powerful signals  to follow [or lead]  the Path of 13 Moons
Wavespell  19: was  a very Synchronistic and Transformative Wavespell, and  ended on 7.13  [Kin 247:  19 x  13]
39:  19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
This 5pointed Star Crop Circle appeared on the 5th day of the 5th Gregorian month, in Riesi  [=PVCS 60], Italy on Kin 237

The last 7 days of the 19th Eagle Wavespell of Vision were coded by the Long Count Kins of the 7 Solar Witnesses.

TMQ arrived at the home of 4 Skywalker and the First Solar Witness: Crystal Wizard on his Long Count Kin 194. We realized that  Crystal Wizard and  Galactic Mirror both alpha-numerically equal 179 [10 Storm] :)   The following day,  coded by my Guide: 8 Wind,  a closer connection with Pacal Votan was intentionally established during meditation.  That was the 366th [366-260 = PVCS 106]day of the 1328th year since Pacal Votan died.

This post details how TMQ determined the actual dates of Pacal Votan’s Incarnation [8/1/603] and Disincarnation: 5/11/683:  Note the Greg. dates:  8/1 reflects today; 8.1, and 5/11  appears this week as its Greg. date and also as  Magic Turtle PVCS  5.11  :)  

The 1329 th Anniversary of Pacal’s Disincarnation was coded by Kin 243, Solar Night.  Page 138 of CHC 6, page 51 tells us: “Pacal Votan in his tomb held a Jade Sphere in his right hand, and a Jade Cube in his left hand.” An account [by Hunbatz Men, states that the Cube is for the 20 of Totality, and the Sphere  represents the sacred 13.

243 is the amount of years between the pair of Venus Returns which are 8 years apart.  Captain Cook was sent to New Zealand to observe the last Venus Return, and he is synchronistically coded by kin 243[It was while crossing the Cook Strait on the first day of 2012 that TMQ realized and posted these synchronicities.  That day was 9 Skywalker, “Lord of the Dawn“, which is the  Challenge of 243 :) ]

The next ‘Return‘ after Captain Cook’s exploration, is this pair of Venus Returns which signifies and ‘bookends‘ the 8 Years of Harmonic Convergence which includes the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone. The Venus Return is in 21 days. 21 x 21 = 441.

243 [also known as Valum Votan’s ‘Heart of Nine’] coded TMQ’s First year in the Mystery of the Stone, and  she entered her 198: Electric Mirror year before the end of the 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone.  The two Kins that  ‘bookend‘ her  Mystery of the Stone’ [as do the two Venus Returns] together equal 441.

Valum Votan calls this Crop Circle a: ” ‘Clear Sign’ of interdimensional communication-a cubed telepathic message…”The 18 Cubes comprising the larger cube are a sign of the 144,000.”  “The 4 sets of 36 triangles also equal 144.”  {Today,  Magnetic Star is the 36th Moon anniversary of this blog  :) }

Votan also mentions that 18 x 11 = 198, and that the 54 sides of the cubes plus the 144 triangles also equal 198.”  {This is written on  Moon 11; Day 18! 11 x 18 = 198}  Kin 11  projected this image on his Long Count Kin 11, at Upper Upham. [ U=21; U x U = 441].   According to TMQ’ calculations, this appeared on the 27th Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan. 27 x [Heart of ] 9 = 243.

The Galactic Signatures of Pacal [60] and TMQ [138] = 198Pacal Votan alpha-numerically equals 105. Pacal, calculated via the Valum Votan Method = 105 [70+1+3+1+30] and Claire, calculated via the V.V Method = 138. 105 + 138 = 243 243 + 198 = 441 :)   As Pacal Votan stated frequently:

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

PVCS Spectral Serpent [5.11] appeared as a Magic Turtle Day, along with the Long Count kin of 198 Electric Mirror.  Kin  245 marked 30 [PVCS} Weeks, or 7 and 1/2 Moons until Kin 208: Cosmic Star, which codes the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand. It was also the day that Code=E 2 Skywalker began a daily log of the Synchronotron, each day’s Postulates, and more:

TMQ appreciates 93’s diligence and precise, timely posts 🙂   This also liberates me to begin publicly demonstrating what I believe is the true and intended 13 Moon Calendar.

There is a precise practice to be followed for the  Seven Last Moons of the Thirteenth Baktun, as delineated by Valum Votan in ‘The 7:7::7:7 Instruction Manual.    According to my calculations, the Crystal Wizard Moon, the First of the  Seven Last Moons begin on [Sunday, May 27] [Magic Turtle] Crystal Storm, the same kin that began the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.

For over 7 and 1/2 years, I have felt that we are meant to keep the Plasmas and Chakras aligned to the same day, for maximum Harmony and the strongest, most consistent entrainment between our 7 Chakras and the 7 Radial Plasmas. I will remain true to what Valum Votan wrote, in so many places:

Every Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday’, Dali, and corresponds to oUR Crown Chakra.

Each time I pointed out Votan’s written words about the 13 Moon Calendar, they were eliminated.  Yet, Valum Votan had many opportunities to correct my belief that Dali is always on Sunday, including when I discussed this  at a breakfast on Kin 149 with Stephanie 185, Jacob, and Kelli.  Instead of correcting me, Votan smiled  enigmatically:)  Does it make sense that Valum Votan would write in so many places, that Dali always falls on Sunday, without ever writing that this was now going to change each year?  Why did he pass out the 7:7::7:7 game ot 300 workshop participants [Easter Weekend 2005 in Ashland] without mentioning that the assignment of Dali to Sunday [etc.]  on the board and 28 cards was [that year] now going to shift each year?

So many synchronicities, crop circles and observations have strengthened my conviction.  For example, in 2006,  I followed V.V.’s Day-out-of-Time  instructions to visualize the Roerich Peace Symbol [3 days early] on Silio Saturday, [S. Hem.] and the next morning P.A.N. [and Votan’s next report] proclaimed that  ”The Day-out-of-Time” crop circle appeared ’3 days early’ [N. Hem.]  Three weeks later,  while in California, I told my niece and nephew about that, and about the Lamat Star I had painted on my front door in New Zealand.  Next morning, I was able to show them the Lamat Star” crop circle that appeared hours after our conversation! Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire  The 2006 Day-out-of-Time was coded by Kin 208:  Cosmic Star :)

That brings us to Magnetic Star, which codes this Transmission [which will be posted a day late; three earlier blogs  [for 240, 243, and 245] were half-written and abandoned, because computer issues prevented them from being finished in time…10 hours later:  I tried to post this at midnight, lost it all, and am now rewriting what I had saved to my word program, because all images and emphasis were lost]

Galactic Agent 93 posted 248′s Synchronic and Space Matrix. ********************************************************************

*Space Matrix*=V.15, H.16=(248)



=BMU=(360)*reduces to=(100)=

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(575)*reduces to=(55)**

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.8=(248)

(Time)=(183)****Galactic Signature of Judy Garland****

(Space)=(91)*13 x 7*

=BMU=(282)*reduces to=(22)*Bolon Ik, GAP*

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(522)*reduces to=(2)*Galactic Signature of Terence Mckenna*”

93 added the Time Matrix of [409] to Space: [575] and Synchronic [522] to reach the MTFI of 1506 [BMU of 183; Kin Equivalent of 206]**********************************************

Calculating the Time Matrix using the 13 Moon date of Spectral 18 yields this:

V: 18; H: 3 [183 is a recurring theme in 93’s calculations, and in this blog as 18.3: Electric Mirror]

[Time Matrix] 22 [Solar Wind:  Bolon Ik, who promised Pacal Votan she would  ‘bring the 13 Moons back to life]

[Synchronic] 166 {6.10 = 6:10 for the time of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death:  Today I listened to John Lash explain how a Terton [such as Valum Votan] can choose his moment of Death, so we know that 6.10 is significant.  In the current 13 Moon Calendar, Cosmic Star falls on 6.10 [ Moon 6;  day 10]}

Space Matrix: 124 [Sirian Cycle 1, Spin 24] When V.V. died, our combined current annual kins equaled 124. [11.5 + 13.2 = 4.7]

22 + 166 + 124 = Time TFI of 312: 312: 13 x 24; Cosmic Cycle of Velatropa 24 System; 8 x 39; 39th octave; 3 x 104; Station of the Magician; blue electric circuit generator [Hunab Ku 21 archetypes…]“  312 – 260 = 52:  Cosmic Human [Combined Kin of this writer and the one mentioned above] 13 x 4;  Solar-Galactic Return Frequency;  52 years cycle of Sirius B; Prime Super Mental Harmonic“

575 + 522 + 312 = MTFI of 1409. [reminiscent of 149: the BMU of Valum Votan, {11 + 138 = 149}]

BMU: 86;     8 World-Bridger.  Telektonon 86: “Children of the Day of Truth, the hour has come for you….Is it not time for the war of the righteous to restore equality?”

Kin Eqivalent: 109:   Overtone Moon Prime Key. 5 Moon coded the Seventh Year of the Mystery of the Stone; the year of Valum Votan’s Ascension, and the unfolding Fukushima Catastrophe. Fukushima alpha-numerically = 109. 109 is the CDK of TMQ’s birth in Tokyo, Japan {Year 9.10 + Moon 2.13 + 18.8 = 109} Valum Votan died 109 days before TMQ’s birthday on July 10, coded by Kin 198: Electric Mirror.

My fervent wish and intent is that our 144-414-441 Cube of Truth thrives and expands through having this opportunity to compare the two 13 Moon Date systems via the Synchronotron.

During the Overtone Moon year we awakened the 7th Lord of Time: Single Wing Red Fire, coded by 20.5; Overtone Sun.   TMQ’s nephew Jud 5 Sun won the Survivor [=144] Nicaragua show during that year.

It was while researching a trip to meet Jud in Palenque, that TMQ first learned of the Mayan prediction of the Solar Eclipse on 20/5/2012.  There have been at least two crop circles depicting the alignment of celestial bodies that day. One writer describes it:

May 20- Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Humanity macro-integration’ Divine Masculine balance via the balancing waves of the Divine Feminine [alpha-numerically = 138]. On that day [May 21 Southern Hemisphere] there is an ‘ Alignment with the Central Star of the Pleiades [Alcyone],” for the first time in 26,000 years!”

20.5 is the Guide for 5 Human, which also codes the first day of the Fifth Cycle of 144 days of the Return of Sacred Power: “Radiate the Power

Yellow Overtone Sun
White Overtone Wind Yellow Overtone Human Blue Overtone Hand
Red Solar Moon

This auspicious event synchronizes the Return of Feminine Power and Radiant Sacred Power, on the day coded with the Hidden Power of the Venus Return on 9.9.  Aligning this special event on Sunday, with DALI yields the 13 Moon Date of Spectral 22

Spectral Twenty Two alpha-numerically equals 259Seven days later is Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm which [TMQ believes] begins the First of the Seven Last Moons, coded by White Crystal WizardCrystal Storm began the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone. We awakened Crystal Wizard: the First Solar Witness, Single Luminous White A during the Blue Crystal Storm year.

There is a precise practice to be followed for the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteenth Baktun, as delineated by Valum Votan in ‘The 7:7::7:7 Instruction Manual.      In case  there is enough interest, TMQ has prepared a blog to cooperatively chart these 7 Moons, coded by the 7 Solar Witnesses :)

May we Align with the TRUTH, and remain UNIFIED   during this auspicious Star Wavespell which leads us into the Crystal Wizard Moon    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace


1. 24. 11. 18.                    Cube 12: Free Will                              Kin 248


Kin 237: Red Electric Earth codes Spectral Kali 4 and the ‘SuperMoon’

Red Electric Earth

I activate in order to evolve,  bonding synchronicity. 
I seal the matrix of navigation with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of birth.
Today’s G-Force is Planetary MonKEY, the Long Count Kin is Galactic Dog. 
17.3:  Post-organic entities or angels are fractal free wave forms completely engaged in the intelligence of the mind of God, and receptive to input of super conscious hyperorganic entities or time transcending third-dimensional forms of devotion, prayer or meditation.”
237   3 x 79 activation frequency of noosphere constant, reverse of 732 (= 61 x 12), 732 – 237 = 495 = 11 x 45
We have entered the Eighth-to-Last Moon of the Thirteenth Baktun, and it is coded by Spectral Skywalker, the G-Force of Helena Blavatskey [11.12] whom the Closer of the Cycle calls the KEY to 2012.
This Spectral Moon of Liberation and Release [from 12:60 shackles] is special in terms of Valum Votan’s timeline, and the amazing celestial events and alignments that begin with today’s Super Moon.
{In the Southern Hemisphere, this closest and largest appearing  Full Moon is on 4 Mirror}
This article describes these amazing times, and contains a video about the Astrological view of May 2012.
TMQ is not very knowledgable about Astrology but found this video to be  fascinating, with an emphasis on “Positive Synchronicity“:  The astrologer appears to be blown away by the amount of powerful and unusual energies this Moon.
Besides all of his wonderful daily Synchronic calculations, Galactic Agent GAP 93 offers this:
Spectral Kali 4.
Kin 237..
Brings the P.S.I. Of the “Lord Of The Dawn“..[9 Skywalker]
Into the Noo.
2013TimeShipHunabKrew.” for today, and mentions this:
The Spectral Moon Noos-Letter, which  shares many special aspect of this Spectral Moon, whose totem is the Serpent.
However, it fails to mention that this Moon also contains the beginning of two new cycles: 
On Spectral 8 [11.11 according to TMQ’s 13 Moon Calendar]  the  Sixth 113-day cycle: “Lord of the Dawn Self-Transforms”, begins on  Kin 241, 7 Dragon (9 May 2012).
Then, on Spectral 19 [11.22]  the Fifth 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Radiate the Power”, begins on  Kin 252, 5 Human (20 May 2012),
That coincides with the Solar Eclipse! [mentioned in last blog]
This beautiful graphic could represent the Return of both the Lord of the Dawn and of Sacred Power.
While writing this [on 13 Wizard] this synchronicity came my way, to underscore the significance of 113 and 144 during this special Moon.
– “A plume of volcanic smoke is seen rising from the appropriately-named Mount Asphyxia (Mt. Curry) volcano, located on Zavodovski Island in the southern Atlantic ”  The Alpha and Omega of the A and Z prompted TMQ to calculate the Alpha-numerics [A=1;  Z = 29] of those two words.
Amazingly, ASPHYXIA= 113, and ZAVODOVSKI = 144!
This feels like another example of the Divinely orchestrated support that is available to us  [and which is discussed in today’s Postulate 17.3].
[this blog is being written from several different computers, in 4 minutes I’ll move to another, so that this can be finished before the library closes for the weekend]
Now I’m on computer # 13  :), and while relogging in, came to a new [to me]  page, which shows where today’s readers are located. 
Hello to all of you in Serbia [home of Nicola Tesla and Mileva Maric; the brilliant mathematician who married and aided Einstein] and to the Kins in India, site of the Taj Mahal, the world’s greatest tribute to LOVE!}
Self-Existing Mirror [May 6th] is International Permaculture Day:
Besides alerting us to this day  Poet Piet 3 Eagle recently another vision that would also strongly resonante with Valum Votan’s dreams for us:  55 shared his dream of a large community living on lots of land, possibly in Spain.  Sounds great!
 Poet Piet also shared about the Lemniscate: 

There were so many fabulous comments from you, but this needs to be posted within 8 minutes, so this graphic [which bears
 a Lemniscate [the figure/number 8 was also the only adornment on the Tomb of the Red Queen in Temple 13]  beautifully expresses how The Mystery Queen feels about all of you:
N. S.  1. 24. 11. 4.                        Wavespell 19   Moon 11   Kin 237