Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes the Ring of Fire Eclipse and the Alcyone Alignment in the Southern Hemisphere

Just like the long-prophesied 2012 Solstice, the Ring of Fire Eclipse happened a day later in New Zealand, on  Kin 253:  6 Skywalker

That was the Spectral Moon’s ‘Lover’s Reunion’, perfect for the day that Masculine and Feminie Power came into balance, and the Earth connected with Alcyone for the first time in 26,000 years  🙂  Spectral 23, 24 and 25 [subtract 3 days to align with the ‘official 13 Moon’ Date] is aligned with th PSI of Overtone StarVenus traces a 5-pointed star  in the sky

The Eclipse was centered above New Zealand, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  As TMQ headed  towards Rabbit Island, the  digital clock suspended above   Queen Street in Richmond read 11:23 in big red numerals,  synchronistically proclaiming the 13 Moon date:  Moon 11;  Day 23  🙂  The seals of the Moon:  Spectral Skywalker, and the day:  Rhythmic Skywalker matched, and TMQ’s destination and the magic of this auspicious day brough to mind that it might be termed  a “Magic Rabbit  Day’  🙂  With the 13 Moon adjustment begun in the Magnetic Star Transmission, and the powerful energies of the Eclipse and rare Alcyon Alignment, some may feel that we’ve entered Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole, or swallowed the Red pill out of the Matrix  🙂


   A Kin from Poland, Liviather,  subscribed to this blog a few days ago.  She writes several beautiful blogs, including this one: which discusses the Pleaides [Google translates].  Alcyone [=75:  TMQ’s long Count] is the central star of the The Pleaides, which  hold the central position on the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map.  Some say that our Solar System revolves around Alcyone every 26,000 years.  The Alcyone Alignment on 5 Human/6 Skywalker was a once in 26,000 year event!

Rhythmic Skywalker was a beautiful sunny day, here in the Night Zone.  TMQ’s  meditation at Rabbit Island’s stunning ocean shore during the Rhythmic Night watch [6 Skywalker’s Challenge and G-force, and TMQ’s Hidden Power]  felt powerful and blessed.  She was the only human on the white expanse of beach, until two riders on two horses rode past.  Horses have been on TMQ’s mind often lately [and even appeared in the ‘Touch‘ episode that A1d7r7 mentioned in a recent comment.  These two horses felt like a good omeen, with their expression of Freedom and Power.

Rhythmic Skywalker was the 12th day of the “Lord of the Dawn Self-Transforms” cycle, and the second day of the 5th 144 day “Return of Sacred Power” cycle:  Radiate the Power“.    6 Skywalker’s Analog  is Kin 149:  6 Moon, [Votan’s BMU, and the combined Kin of his Kin 11 and TMQ’s 138].  6 Skywalker’s  Hidden Power is 8 Star, our Guiding Star for the 8 Seed Galactic Synchronization.

Here are the Synchronotron numbers for this powerful day, coded by Kin 253, on Spectral 23:  [Note:  The order of Vectors/Coordinates will be consistently presented as H[Horizontal} and V [Vertical, to align with the position of H and V alphabetically, and with the order of Latitude and Longitude, to which they correspond]

Time Vectors for 11.23:  H:  3;  V:  6  [Reflects the day’s Challenge and  G-Force:  3.6: ” 123   41 x 3 Divine Interval Triplet,  vigesimal 6.3,  reverse of 321, 321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency, reverse of 891 (99 x 9) 891 – 198 = 693, 9 x 77, 21, x 33]

Time:  17;  Space:  6;  Syn:  23:  17 +6 = 23, plus 23 = TIME TFI: 46  [Kin 46 coded  TMQ’s  Prophetic Message]

SpaceVectors for Kin 253:  H:  14; V:  20

Time = 215;  Synchronic = 71.  253 + 215 + 71= SPACE TFI539

BMU of 539:    98:  7 Mirror; 

Kin Eq:  19  “19   Divine prime, Command of God, vigesimal analog of 9, in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19, number of Omega dimension – evolution dimension after 2012, consists of 9 layers (9 x 19 = 171), equivalent of 76th (4 x 19) energy dimension, reverse of 19 = 91 = 7 x 13. 91-19 = 72 (9 x 8)  6 Storm is the  G-Force and Challenge of Kin 253’s Analog 149 [Votan’s BMU, and  Kin 11 and TMQ’s 138 = 149].  

Synchronic :  Vectors for 253 H:  14;  V:  17

Time:  207:  [Codes the Northern Hemisphere 2012 Solstice]  Space:  198:  Codes the Fifth  Solar Witness, and TMQ‘s current year.

253 + 207 + 198 = 658 =  Synchronic TFI.  BMU = 217 [Solar Earth] Kin Eq.: = 138= 8 Mirror =TMQ

Master Telepathic Frequency Index = 1243

BMU = 361:  “361  = 19 x 19,  frequency of matrix of Divine Commands,   number of days in 19th month Ba’hai 19 month calendar,  first unit in 7th 441 circuit, vigesimal code 18.1, coordinating internal unit, 4th time dimension”

Kin Eq. of 1243 = 203 “203   7 x 29,  29th order of 7, Cosmic Constant of Cosmic Creation, Vigesimal 10.3″  Galactic Night

These are very significant numbers, for this day that was noted by the Mayans, several centuries ago.  One could also interpret these as a Divine numeric/telepathic anointing  of this once in a 26,000 year Alcyone Alignment occurred on Spectral 23 in the Southern Hemisphere.  Can we also extrapolate that this is confirmation that the Southern Hemisphere 2012 Solstice on Cosmic Star is the end of the Cycle

[As always, corrections are welcomed, along with Synchronotron calculations based on the ‘official’ 13 Moon date, for purposes of comparison]

The majority of this transmission was written  on Spectral Kali 25, whose PSI is Cosmic Star, and which is coded by Cosmic Star in the Long Count.  That Dreamspell Kin is 255:  Galactic Eagle.  Guide:  19.8, 8 Storm.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceEach of your comments contained something special and/or significant.  Today’s G-Force is 12 Moon which codes Melovia The timing of her  comment [after the original 248 post disappeared] added to my great appreciation of her supportive words:  “I do have the greatest confidence in and respect for TMQ’s knowledge and intelligence, the veracity of her powerful personal omens and synchronicities and the purity of her motives.”  Already, some others resonate  with 129’s open-mindedness about TMQ’s  restoration of the Dali to Sunday alignment, and Melovia’s  willingness  “to ‘try this on’ and see how it feels, and where it takes us”.

Several Kin here, along with  the Law of Time,  resonate with A1d7r7′s idea for the Rhythmic Mirror Galactic Freedom Day“wherever you organize your Day Out of Time, ask people to bring mirrors as a symbol of the Reflection of Divine Endless Order, and also as a way of strengthening a resonant field around Earth Velatropa 24.3 representing the In Lakech state of mind….It seems a perfect harmonic scale to throw a pulse that might resonate on the DNA intersecting the 12:60 field with a strong 13:20 symbol, a Mirror and a Banner of Peace.”

Moi 205 reiterated:  “yes…and her prayer was
place mirrors at the core of each cell…that all may be illuminated’
on a 64 bit-system…a key frame…
64 DNA radiating
sealing the process of free will
we send thru the central processing system…
cerebral cortex;  crystal core;  and…


to each atom a rainbow bridge!
to each universe a rainbow core!

D.O.O.T seli-brations??  Here…feeling to come 2gether with the collective this UR??
MysticGarden at lake Selma, in Oregon

Aianawa 13 Dragon responded with:
Love that [Mirror] idea , will bring it forward here in CHCH, NZ

 S”ace,  [who contributed so many comments this week] shared thiswhile in a “Bolon Ik -22- in VV mood” :  “Adri commented on this 237 , a special kin affirming the 9 Lordeners of Time , the Bolon Tiku37 is fractal for 111, 222 .. 999 ; the last one representing Quetzalcoatl, the 9th Lord Passenger, representing planet Earth in all alive & awake(ned).  So be it the 3rd kin in the birth cycle at Any scale.”

Pedrin  4 Warrior sent a delicious visual of Quetzalcoatl’s 9 storied Pyramid  🙂

Chocolate pyramid

This  chocolate Pyramid celebrated a PVCS 30 year anniversary and weighs 9 tons.  It “broke a Guinness World Record for building the largest chocolate sculpture — an ancient Mayan temple — that weighs 18,239 pounds, far surpassing the previous record set in Italy in 2010 by more than 7,500 pounds“.

NOTE:  Just now, saw that it was 11:11 p.m., so went outdoors to look at the stars, and saw a falling star 🙂

I had just approved Mark 10 Wizard’s comment [hadn’t realized it was not posted yet]  He mentions how the Magnetic Star post vanished while he was reading it!  Also:  “Did anyone note that kin 234 on Spectral 1 is the 234th day before the the close of the cycle? This is the same sort of synchronicity as the kin 197 to day 791 (kin to countdown cardinality) that inspired V.V.s last post. I think this will happen at least once more at kin 103 (which should also be 103 days til close”  

114‘s last statement caused  TMQ  to realize that Kin 104 [13 x 8] is 104 days before  Kin 208, which codes the Cosmic Star 2012 Solstice in New Zealand, and [she believes] the End of the Cycle.  New Zealand seems to be attracting a big increase in ‘attention’ {or  “Help? ;)  as Christine 133comented}  these past few weeks: 

UFO watchers claim there’s been an increase in sightings – with a cluster in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Northland and Auckland.
Spokeswoman, Suzanne Hansen, has told Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams the sightings can’t be explained away as natural phenomena – including large orange lights around the size of a helicopter.
“We’ve also had sightings of triangular objects with lights that delineate the shape, objects that have got light configurations that are not those required by law in New Zealand for aircraft to have, so they’re very different
“I’ve got 30 (UFO/UAP) reports on my desk at the moment from the upper North Island and Northland from the past couple of weeks that we’re yet to process [on top of the many others] … It’s unprecedented.”

Here is heart-warming  news from the North Island, via Mike 5 World-Bridger“My sons and i cube up every day, we have finished
our 144th cube today kin 233, and there is 233 kin until galactic alignment,…”  Bless You Three  🙂 

This blog will appear on Kin 256:  Solar Warrior in most parts of the world.  16.9 factored equals 144  🙂

Yellow Solar Human
White Solar Worldbridger Yellow Solar Warrior Blue Solar Night
  Red Overtone Serpent


9 Warrior  [G-Force of 2 Wind] codes Spectral Alpha 26.  The last 3 days of the Spectral Moon  correlate to PSI 153:  10 Skywalker.  The CDK is 13 Night, and the Long Count is 1 Moon.


Alpha 26:  Return of the 5th Solar Witness:  Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror

OXLAHUNTIKI:  The Summoning of the conscious Power of 13.  Summoning the 13 Oxlahuntiki [the Feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolontiku] we send Pacal Votan the Telecosmic number power of 13, to help him complete his power of Prophecy:  7

The coming double Magic Turtle Portal takes us through to the first of the Prophetic 7 Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  The Spectral Skywalker Moon ends on Spectral Mirror.  The Crystal Wizard Moon begins with Crystal Storm, which also began the year we awakened the Crystal Wizard [the G-Force of Pacal Votan]. 

May the Power of LOVE and the Thirteen Moons unite and guide us through these most auspicious times.

N. S.  1. 24. 11. 26.  Extended Cube 20:  ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE   Kin 256


8 thoughts on “Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes the Ring of Fire Eclipse and the Alcyone Alignment in the Southern Hemisphere

  1. this VV mood is about climbing into Heaven i suppose …
    given this auto-bio-noo-plan :

    where skywalker seal pivoted into “heaven”
    realizing it is so many thimes the other way around as “we” think & judge …

    in kweak it is daya 28 while dreamspell walks its talks on day 27 of the 10th moon …

    a day later kweak targets daya 1 of the crystal moon …
    and kweak is based and rooted on the dreamspell visions by VV & SS & LL

    we should never forget our parents while setting free what is to be done
    (but was not understood by still being based on the old …)

    mark this knowledge from kweakbook:

    a kweak of 9 daya includes 3 weeks of 7!
    week 1-7 2-8 3-9 …
    and therefor the partner Vatican can only smile and raise human race into the NOO

    a pure and purified Bolon Ik deliverance
    realizing some guiding is needed on a dynamic interval fundament

  2. TMQ it was great speaking with you the other Night!!!!

    Today, Spectral Kali 25, KIN 258
    The Numbers on the Synchronotron Today are Amazing!!!!
    Melovia 129 comes up Twice.
    The MTFI=(1464), making the KIN EQUIVALENT=(164), Galactic Synchronization.
    Blessed 144.414.441.

  3. This may 24 is special in the revelation spell imploded by dreamspell & ian xel llungold (Mayan tzolkin teacher): TreeKweak .. While it was Winddaya Which combines non-causal non-argumented with warrior9 ..

    Know it is 260 here , and it is a special focus day -Whitsun – in the programmed World with sleeping beauties: this is a perfect Daya to spread New vibes in people finding their ultimate spark deep Inside from a deep ocean bottom as our beloved Rembrandt saw deep inside the conus marmoreus, a Shell that marks a pattern as the tzolkin on its skeleton, the conus.

    The conus is both a masculine as femi9 symbol ..
    Thereby an ultimate deep communication skill from the artists receptive staten of awareness .. Cyberkinethic without being aware of that “science” as a field of proof.
    Waterproof ..
    Well, i cannot be waterproof while sweating and drinking etc.

    But The lots of fellowkin seem to cling on as mykey Does.

    The void flies on winddaya
    .. 3 kin left 3 kin right ..
    2 tippingpoints on Moondaya and Sundaya, yesterday.

    Todaya is day 28 in kweak; 27 in dreamspell ..
    They mutual understand them wings .. Where the birds body flies on ..

    Yin Yang Y’outh ..

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