Magic Turtle Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm begins the Crystal Wizard Moon; First of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns

 259: Blue Crystal Storm [19.12]   12 Storm::Cuauc

Blue Crystal Monkey
Red Crystal Moon Blue Crystal Storm Yellow Crystal Sun
  White Lunar Wind

 12 Storm’s Analog is 20.12. [Crystal Sun]   Madame Blavasky, whom Valum Votan refers to as the Key to 2012 codes the Guide 12 Monkey.  The Seven Last Moons  of the Thirteen Baktuns all occur in 2012, beginning today, 12 Storm, according to The Mystery Queen, and on today’s Occult:  Lunar Wind, for those following the official Thirteen Moon Calendar.  Combined Dreamspell Kin:  14.6 + 14.12 + 19.12 = 7.4;  Mayan for 144.

19.12.  “The self-reflective self-regulation of evolved bodies of time operating by the Law of Time assures that all coming evolution is of a divinely spiritual nature where regression to living out of phase with the divine plan is no longer possible.”

14.12‘Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.   Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.’   Crystal Wizard coded the day that the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered, nearly18 years ago on June 1, 1994. 

Vinal 16:  PAX:  Touching a Music of the Future

DALI Sunday Week One;  Claim Power  of  Prophecy.

Hand of Prophecy 7.7;  Baktun 1:  BC 3113  The Star Planting

Katun 1:   Katun Kin 194:  First Solar Witness;  White Crystal Wizard:: -AD 692:  Dedication of Tomb of Pacal Votan



Return of the First Solar witness TARGETS Close of the Cycle.

The  practice for DALI::Crown   {Whether you place Dali on Sunday, as demonstrated by Valum Votan and presented here, or  on Wednesday-[for the second half of this year-then on Thursday]} is available in prior TMQ blogs, or in full detail in Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 6 and 7.

Whether you begin the practice for the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns on Sunday/DALI, coded byMagic Turtle Crystal Storm or on today’s Occult Power:  Lunar Wind, Wednesday, the information is in Valum Votan’s 7:7::7:7 Instruction Manual, which is available here:   🙂

This Formation appeared on the day of the Alcyone Alignment and the Ring of Fire Eclipse:  [5 Human in N. Hem;  6 Skywalker S. Hem.]

A fascinating account of this Crop Circle:  relates that it shows a

Saros cycle 128, of which the May 20 solar eclipse formed one small part, includes 71 major eclipses and two very minor ones. Likewise, the Braccione crop picture shows 71 stripes and 2 small tufts near its center.
Braccione Italy = 128!  [8.11,  Spectral Star–whose G-Force is 18.8]   Wikipedia says:  “The Saros is a period of 223 Synodic months, or nearly 18 years and 11 days.”
A few hours after discovering this crop circle, while writing this transmission on 18.11, Antipode of 8.11, TMQ [18.8] learned of this:
‘The planetary nebula Sharpless 2-71, as imaged by the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph on Gemini North in Hawaii.’

Note:  The name 2.71,  mirrors the numbers denoting the eclipses[2 small, 71 major]  in the Crop Circle  🙂
Australian Schapelle Corby [= 144] had a strong presence in the S. Hem. news this week, causing TMQ to research this beautiful, wrongly-imprisoned young woman. 

Corby worse than a terrorist: judge  (Source: Reuters) Her birthday on July 10, [1977:  Galactic Star] is the same as mine [but 26 years later] and  Crystal Storm marks the 7 year anniversary of her conviction and  imprisonment in Bali.  [Sadly, her bid for clemency on 5/27/2012 was denied] 

 Today [this Magic  Crystal Turtle transmission  is being finished and posted on GAP Cosmic Sun] is the  324th day of our 198: Electric Mirror year.

198:  11 x 18, recombinant frequency, second power of 9, simple gematrical frequency of Synchronotron, reverse of 891 (99 x 9), 891 – 198 = 693 = 21 x 33, 9 x 77, etc vigesimal code, 9.18 codes Electric Mirror; codesFifth Book: of the Lost Generation Book of the Timespace

The words in red mean that ‘SYNCHRONOTRON’  alpha-numerically equals 198Today, TMQ realized that SYNCHRONOTRON, when alpha-numerically calculated via what she call the  ‘V.V. Method’ = 1521, whose TFI  {1521-1323 = 198!  The ‘Complex Gematrical Frequency’ of  ‘Synchronotron‘:  1521 reduces to a Kin Equivalent of 221 ‘221 13 x 17, code of the cosmic navigator, Chac Le, midpoint between 1 and 441, in the magic square of 441, 221 is the central unit (V11 H11), and all the rows, vertical and horizontal add up to 442 or 221 x 2 or 441 + 1, vig. 11.1]   

324:  ‘18 x 18, 9 x 36, 108 x 3, 27 x 12, 81 x 4 (note 18² is also a product of both 9² (81) and 6² (36), harmonic frequency matrix of 18-dimensional universe, vigesimal code 16.4 (decimal analog 164).***************************

The Synchronotron reveals this for Kin  Crystal Storm: 259, first day of the Crystal Wizard Moon 12.1:

TIME  H:  16;  V:  21  T123 [‘321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency];  Space:  388 [128];   Syn:  27 [7.1]

Time TFI:  538  {-441}=BMU 97 {Prime}  538-520= 18  frequency of 18 dimensional universe, number of faces on a perfect double terminated crystal, base of tun, katun time count (18 x 20), evolution dimension completed in 2012…

SPACE Vectors for 259 H:  12;  V:  10  {12.10 = G-Force of 198]

Time:  309;  Syn:  111.   259 + 309 + 111 = Space TFI:  679;  BMU:  237; 

237   79 x 3;   Triple Activation frequency of Noosphere Constant,

Kin Eq.:  159:  53 x 3, Triple Sirian rebirth frequency,

SYNCHRONIC [259] H:  20;  V:  17

Space:  214 [This 13 Moon yr.] Time:  132 {PVCS 12.2] 259 + 214 +132= Syn. TFI605; 

Syn. BMU:  164 {8 Seed Galactic Synch.;  41 x 4:  Full measure of Divine Interval]

Kin Eq.:  75   ‘25 (5²) x 3, 15 (triangular of 5) x 5, establishes Fifth Force Frequency as triple action force”  {My Long Count:  75:  15.10, Alcyone = 75.  Today is 3 years, minus 75 days since the beginning of this blog.  This  Kin 258 blog  is the 750th transmission [75 x 10]} 

MASTER COORDINATING FREQUENCY:  538 + 679 + 605 =  1822 – [18] + [22] = PVCS 40,  1+8+2+2= 13

BMU:  PVCS:  58;  6 Mirror Disincarnation of Pacal Votan  Kin Eq.:  2, Occult of 259, 2  Polarity, binary power, , law of alternation, yin and yang, inhalation-exhalation, male-female, night-and-day etc.************************************

It’s interesting how the two Kins associated with the beginning of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns [259 and 2] are woven together in today’s Oracle and Synchronotron.  May that be a sign that those who remain true to Valum Votan’s consistent alignment of the Plasmas to Days of the Week will remain united with those who choose to shift that alignment yearly, to align with the Gregorian dates.   

We all exercise Free Will, and rather than insulting those  who choose to follow Valum Votan’s  statements that ‘every Week, Moon and Year begins on DALI:  Sunday’, it would be more fruitful to discuss the pros and cons between the two systems.  Prior posts explain some of the reasons TMQ is choosing this more consistent 13 Moon Path.

Crystal Storm’s G-Force is Kin 141:  Spectral Dragon [Valum Votan and Claire DeMoulin share the same gematrical frequency of 141]  While writing this 12 Storm transmission, some additional, subtle  ‘support‘ from Valum Votan was revealed.  His mention of the Alpha-Numerics in the Number dictionary for 198 lends validity to the Alpha-numeric codes that TMQ also utilizes.

For example, Pacal Votan corresponds gematrically with Kin 208:  Cosmic Star [Lamat], which codes the 2012 Solstice here in New Zealand, and appropriately falls on Silio, Saturday:

208 =   Yellow Galactic Sun = Lamat Closes Baktuns = Silio Ends Mayan Cycle  🙂 

One of the three recent  partially written  blogs that were not posted was entitled Kin 245, Clear Sign of Pacal Votan [20.8] signals Seven and a Half Moons until Cosmic Star [208]: ”   While writing it, I double-checked here: to make sure the Mayan date in the title was correct.  A few days later, the date for 12/22/2012, Cosmic Star was changed to ‘’, so that Crystal Hand became  Why

Fortunately, it’s not so easy to change or remove words written in books  🙂  This Crystal Storm Transmission will close with some words by Valum Votan [the only change is in color or boldness, the exclamation points are all his] 

From page 12 [Kin 12 = G-Force of 18.8] of the 7:7::7:7 TELEKTONON REVELATION’:

“”Fractal compression of Kin 207 and Kin 208:  Day, Moon and Katun = the finality of Quetzalcoatl!  How?

“The ninth day of the Rhythmic Moon 6.9 [6.13 via TMQ’s restoration of the Plasmas to the Days assigned by Valum Votan] AD 2012 is the Long Count date of and corresponds to  Kin 207, Blue Crystal HandThis is the famous Winter Solstice date marking the last day of the cycle of Thirteen Baktuns“” 

“”The following date Rhythmic Moon 10 [6.10] is the long Count Date,  and corresponds to Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star.   The very same kin 207 and 208,…appear as the Blue Crystal Hand Moon and Yellow Cosmic Star Moon,  the last two ‘Mystic Moons” of the Blue Resonant Storm year. just prior to Galactic Synchronization,  Yellow Galactic Seed [7.26 AD 2013]    So much for the finality of Day and Moon.  What about Katun? 

In the Mayan Factor [page 116-117], Katun position Kin 207 is coded with the words  “Ce Acatl”  [= One Reed = Magnetic Skywalker], while Kin 208 is coded by the words  “Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl”  [= Our Lord Quetzalcoatl].  This shows that, by fractal juxtaposition, Quetzalcoatl’s prophetic presence   coded in the Katun cycle holds right down to the last  days of the Thirteen Baktuns, as well as to the last two Moons of the  26 years of the Harmonic Convergence, Crystal Moon Kin 207 and Cosmic Moon 208, 2013

Furthermore, the occult partner of Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star, the 208th step to Merlin’s Tower is Kin 53, Red Magnetic Skywalker = Nahuatl:  Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, Our Lord One Reed Quetzalcoatl!                                         

                                      PROPHECY HAS THE LAST WORD.””

N.S.  1. 24. 12.1.                   Crystal Storm begins the Last 7 Moons


32 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm begins the Crystal Wizard Moon; First of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns

  1. The 128 number for the crop is perfect ..

    IMHO spiced with galacticking wind from treekweak 😉
    (my given source of non-causal interference that cybernetics my manifestions)

    Look at the crop image .. And contemplate its message ..
    Now try to make this figure Which is simular and fits both, the idea of weeks of seven as well as a week of 9 Daya ..

    First draw 3 bars of 7 cells below one another ..
    Shift the one below 1 cell from the one above ..

    At the end Three stepstones arise – step it from right to left ..; or step from it from left to right ..

    Okay .. Now number them cells:
    1St Row 1 to 7
    2nd one 2 till 8
    3rd one 3 to 9

    You can See 3 weeks of 7 Days within a kweak of 9 ..

    Now .. Remember the crop image ..
    Imagine 3 of those KweakS of 9 Daya ..
    Then make them curve and Meander in the form ..

    See how this is made easier while the ends are no trinities ..

    1.1 and 3.9 are singular ..
    1.2 , 2.1 , 2.8 , 3.8 are twins ..
    The other ones all trinities ..

    From a higher level they make quite a break that harmonizes .. The un-seen ..

    ÜR Bolon Ik
    In devoted embrace ..

      • 71 + 1 makes 72 and may metaphore the sunyear experience

        72 + 1 makes 73 metaphores 73 x 260 as 52 x 365 …
        but then it also gives rise to the timekin experience every 4 years …

        this may mean the 73 cycle densed into 9 tzokin cycles in 7 sunyears and some spare time …

        9 x 260 makes 2340
        2340 / 365 gives 6.41 leaves 59 percent of a yearcycle to a human closure … each seven years …

        here 9 and 7 cooperate not just as a machine but as humane kin

        i suppose?
        thX for all of UR accomplishment with the crewww imminent involutionary aware in presence & sense

      • 9×7=63 numbers seem to indicate that you made some mistake,
        dont they? or do you use them just to justify your assumptions?
        what you are doing is sad, and absolutely wrong,
        it is a shame, and i hope sooner than later youll realize it
        it was great to have a unifying blog with synchronic codes
        now it has been corrupted with self importance illness
        so valum votan left all those maps and codes but he forgot
        that the plasma had to be alligned to babylonian week?
        i already proved that what you say is fake
        it is on picarquin meditations very clear
        7×52=364 what are your plans?
        therell be no day out of time?

        i dont want to put energy into arguing
        i asked flt for your blog to be listed as a good 13:20 site
        now ill ask for it to be removed
        what are you doing with the attention you get from several kin
        you want to lead? you are missleading
        and it piss me off

        these are true feelings and thoughts

  2. you might call this a brash attempt at recruitment (as if i couldn’t
    sabotage my declared mission all by my lonesome, hah!!):

    July 10, 1977 .. TMQ’s dob? .. and so galactic mirror must have been
    the daysig when she wrote her 13th moon pan report 2008 (or so)

    tested your dob on and found out top dog card in
    the game rules today for you and your presently running tzolkin
    quarter the last till your next bd, he calls it a neptune thingie
    (05/19/2012 and will end on 07/10/2012.)

    good day to sign up somewhere …

    odd connections with me (double 5) and Cees (neoteny) become
    apparant, it’s obvious we all find each other despite the whole
    world between us, if physical proximity should ever tighten i have a
    library to contribute. Sign here: …

    Cees, your colleague innovator, calls himself Mykey this year at
    ‘childofswords’ i now discover

    Kees, congrats (gefeliciflaps-taart) you snuck another 25 posts by
    me (not that i really can follow most (or any) of them … or are they
    just ‘mirrors’ layarcheol sheol ol scope scape schoow’?

    i’ll try em on in a minute …

    Your work is like that 3×4 instead of 2×6 12 string bass i discovered
    the other day

    “IMHO spiced with galacticking wind from treekweak 😉
    (my given source of non-causal interference that cybernetics
    my manifestions)”

    Cees, cease your pharisee(phrase freerase) praying on the
    streetcorner, NATO (OTAN) toppers mouthing the ‘peace’ word type
    act forthwith, i implore you. We need to plot a defense for our
    moulinz or go down and build some there for our queen to rule
    from. which is it?

    at around the HC i was hoping to make a go of spreading dust in/on
    the landscape, returning content to writing (had a 7kilo solid rod
    with gearwheel welded on the end on my carrroof for starters,
    ended up storing and not touching it soon after though, forfeiting
    world fame with that fail, lack (noncrack; ‘in gebreke blijven’,
    renege, renunciations) .. decided to go for INformation, the less
    heavy than formation lifting #….. but some ‘folks’ took up on the
    meme and now we get dizzy ‘cercling’ (instead of cernunnosing) and
    so yes, grand influence fancies, .. who hasn’t any?

    # – plenny ballistics of the personalize kind .. none informing
    yesterday’s query…. all kalashniclash no ashcash unstash ..

    .. though meanwhile i could set up simple chimes/ rock pivot
    /roundabout crossroad social centre monastery city hall complexes
    which repay such (liftage) sacrifices hansomely)

    Still, … somebody going shamelessly Bob Dobbsite on me and all
    about a mere numonotion nota bene — you want fine dust, don’t
    quibble and squabble about which faultlines and fractures get you
    the first stage in/through instead .. that’s just a ‘prelimbernary’ — ..
    is distasteful .. reminds me of (rumours about) the disfunctional,
    misfiring woodawanna jesuses drawn to jerusalem.

    I guess i am too caught up in the continuum that had Peter Gabriel
    write the ‘Apocalypse/Eggs’ portion of “Supper’s Ready.” ..
    mentioning the ‘new jerusalem’ something the late geomant john
    michell would soon be (or was already) famous for writing about
    (shades of the Templar nav secrets there for sure .. and i’d really
    fancy having all them old UK asylums (the price they paid for hosting
    jews???) not go to waste and reopen for the numonoid (like you)
    whilst to me befalls the task of rhyming yall with farmer and armers
    by means of our pooled and retooled production .. speaking of
    which, seeing how derelict and abandoned most of them
    monuments already are, go for compost toilets, forget the plumbing.

    yt suggs takes me to recent Italian concert by PGabriel … he had an
    offhandish thing with arms .. hammers, soils .. but hasn’t shamed
    the bad actors off the stage either. NdY-XmnNE0k

    The mark of true efficiency is ‘all clean up usage’, hiding agency,
    even the highest (especially the highest too, since they are being
    spoiled until the time of sacrifice ((only the best of the former or
    the latter … can it be both??)), nothing less than godlike). The king
    with his disguise at the ready keeping crews cruising the realm has
    the easiest life of all?

    I started the day with a few thoughts contrarian to that supposition
    but this C is long enough.

    • Dear PoetPiet; 3 Eagle;

      Thanks for giving me my first smile of the new Tzolkin” [It’s now the 1.1 watch of Kin 1: Magnetic Dragon.]
      I clairified the 259 post to show that [just as Melovia was born on my Mother’s birthday of Jan. 17, – but years later] Schapelle Corby was born on my birthday, but 26 years after my Birth in 1951.
      Thanks to your comment, we are discussing Birth on this Kin day of Birth 🙂 I seal the Input of Birth with the Magnetic tone of Purpose…which leads to the next comment 🙂
      55, I can certainly relate to your line about comments and posts that grow longer than initially intended!
      In La’Kech and Namaste,
      Claire 138

    • sinG-on-Ga-way-in-SeOnG 🙂
      todaya (was) a day for Entering the 36th Spin…and this Eve
      she does de’claire…codon 36 a-wake’in on UP to get DOWN to IT
      Abu is 422 dayas here as Solar Sun…currently living his Planetary Serpant UR…
      As for the plasmas…it seems to mi that they do rotate over the gregorian days–so that one yr Dali is Sun…and now, after a UR and a G.Leap Day…Dali is on Wed. …but we still end the UR on a Silio..D.O.O.T then Year starts with Dali, which will then be Thurs? Eye cees this as Natural Time’s way of ‘loosening’ you from the 12:60 grip…
      eye was dressing in the color of the plasma day (dali-violet, seli-red, gamma-V.V. born gamma kin+third eye-so here you are your Avatara, kali-orange, alpha-blue, limi-yellow, silio-green) to remind miSeaElf what daya it was…) mi mind want to grip to the mon, tue…but with the ‘step-of ascension”…Given to us by the D.O.O.T daya…we are always releasing the 12:60 need to assign Sun to Dali. It is not replace the old with the new…it is old with Noo…conscious, and ALIVE and evolving….
      Febuary 1st, 2012 …compassportal to Resonnant 23…kin 144.
      kin 1 – kin 8 = 7dayas to gestate
      kin 8
      kin 8- kin 37
      Elephas and Loxodonta
      equals crystal earth
      37-8= Activate the Healing of the MoonWaters
      58 (D.O.O.T) -37= 21 Hunab Ku Countdown until ascension stair doot

  3. “All the world’s a stage…” etcetera, etcetera. Everybody’s in the play… I don’t remember him saying anything about the audience…. 😉

    It takes a great deal of courage to be an original thinker, to even have a powerful vision for yourself and your life and to stick with it (slings and arrows and all that) and especially to ‘take it public’. Anyone who doesn’t understand that has not yet connected with their own unique purpose… (and perhaps lacks empathy or imagination?). How ‘unaimed’ are we until we find that thing that we absolutely must do.

    Foolish, though, and somewhat unmannerly is it not, to be, by your own free will choice, a player (however small) in someone else’s play and yet persist in heckling from the wings as it were…. This is TMQ’s passion, this is her entire mission, this is her life…. and by putting out this blog she is sharing it with us, encouraging our participation (if we wish), and fulfilling her destiny. No one does this lightly, and likewise no one who does it is trying to convince anyone of anything. No. Only a higher motive provides the needed impetus and such a motive does not require anyone’s permission, or even agreement.

    And we are all certainly free to seek out our own destiny, and to come and go from here. Dissent, certainly, discuss animatedly, by all means, but slagging off the author and making unthinking (one would hope) and unkind remarks? Where is the constructive element in that?

    I do so love our S’ace Kin 22. I don’t always understand every comment entirely but he is unfailing kind and apparently unflappable. The mark of the truly great, I think. I am not so accomplished…. tend to spout off occasionally. 🙂

    TMQ is not only a courageous and original thinker, but I would say a very gracious hostess.

    Personally, after a great deal of initial resistance to the idea (mind you I have had the benefit of being able to talk to TMQ at some length on the topic) I am finding that in practice it feels wonderful and easy to have the Daily Plasmas back in their original alignment with synchronicities abounding.

    And I don’t think TMQ would mind my clarifying that she was born on 10 July, but not in 1977 ~ although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she manages to look it. 🙂

    In lak’ech
    Melovia Crystal Moon

    • Hi Melovia are u skyping? Sace9991 ..

      The only mission / destiny on my side is given in 2005 in belgium by VV & SS themselves both telepathically as vibrational by bodylanguage ..

      Later Mystery Master came in to shift them ages ..
      As u came along .. And other ones ..

      But then we donot proof anything nor water ..

      We are subordinates regarding the elements that catstrophically bind and bring forth emotional kin too .. Just reckonisng them is curing / cleansing them from the mystery pulse hardly to be labelled.

      As a matter of focus i see how van Gogh draw his Great Lady and Pacal Votan related to Bolon Ik .. But then I should not intimate my expressions but deeply remember my well .. As I visited the mortuarium Taj Mahal and synchronize neverending moments of euphoria ..

      We should walltalk aye 😉

      Then 1123 is a great number to resonte the ultimate 4: ::

      • Hi S’ace… I still have no webcam or mic (nice Skype ID!) I can call a landline cheaply, if that would suffice until I rectify my hardware issues. Email me if you’d like…. 🙂

    • Dear Melovia Crystal Moon 🙂

      Your eloquent and spirited comment is deeply appreciated!

      It’s delightful to read that you are “”finding that in practice it feels wonderful and easy to have the Daily Plasmas back in their original alignment with synchronicities abounding””

      Claire Galactic Mirror

    • Thanks so much, 93!

      That’s a beautiful photo of you, Red and RU enjoying Nature, shown at your 2013 Synchronotron blog 🙂

      What a special Spin we’ve just begun!

      Sending Love to You, oUR 144::414::441 Cube of Truth, and all of Creation.


  4. The whole 7 day week is a Babylonian/Sumerian old lived out program. It is all related to the 7 planets of the “work” week and to the holy days of the Christian /Jewish/ Moslemic religions of the -people of the book- Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 7 is the lost chord in eternity. 7 is not complete…7 is Babylon and 13 is Tollan. 7 is the middle between 1 and 13. Therefore it doesn’t matter if Dali is always on Sunday or not. As Sunday is the most important Christian/Vatican “ritual” day. -And on the 7th day god said….and finished his … VV wanted to replace the 12 month calendar by a 13/28 one because he was realistic enough, not to change “everything” – the week too at once. He didn’t smile enigmatically at TMQ at that breakfast with Stephanie, Jacob and Kelly because he thought TMQ will fix it and replace his system by the old/new “correct” one. He didnt ascend 5 years ago, but only one. So if it would have been his wish, he would have changed the whole thing back to Dali on Sunday. But VV choosed his people to carry on his work. And TMQ was/is not one of them. Speaking about a “current” and “official” 13 Moon calendar is a true sign of spiritual egoness. Instead of creating a unified field and resonance it creates separation and disorder. Read CHC Vol. 5 Book of the Timespace p. 58 about the week and Sunday, or RQ blog about the 13 Moon calendar, and my 🙂 comments. It’s just crazy I’m sitting here at the beach on turtle island, 6.999 billion people haven’t heard yet about 13 Moons, VV and New Jerusalem and those high advanced in the knowledge separate and discuss and want to change and I don’t know … It ‘s always the same as one Kin said: This is how the world is running. In lakech 9.7 on 20.13 -Cosmic Sun::Day-

    • Jannis : this is fundamental search with a conclusion to be made … deep inside at the pivot button / switch …

      let me not remind this noospheriQ theme that boors some kin here ; which i try to avoid … but how to avoid a thing that is Bolon Ik spiced in this noospheric realm with teletonon theories to shift … another 90 degrees?


      i just made this discovery in the 5000 digits of pi on the numbers …
      a) which one is the most steady one?
      b) and how does it perform its stand?

      5 is performing as 55555 once or twice …
      9 is performing as 999999 once

      7 can only stand trice as 777 but no 7777 and 3 exists as 4444

      but then is this a significant search according noo standards?

      i tell u , it spoke to galactic wind, the treekweak kin 22+220 => 242

    • Dear 9.7;

      Thanks for bringing up these issues.
      Will be responding to your comment in the Lunar Wind transmission;
      Enjoy the beach 🙂

      Namaste, 18.8 on 1.1

  5. When the 9 Daya a Kweak was popping up from a lifted veil .. The question arised how to label them out of a billion or more sensible sets on a democratic or sociocratic way .. While bolon ik talent is aboard ..

    She came forward with 12 suggestions , that is 9 plus 3 celebration Daya.

    Them 9 Daya are ..

    Sundaya Moondaya Fadaya
    Kindaya Winddaya Urdaya

    The other 3 are time grid daya ..

    • Dear Mike Kiwiallegiance 226;

      Thank You for your uplifting words…You chose the perfect time to send them 🙂

      Love and Namaste,
      Claire 138

  6. 1951 instead of 1977
    birth card remains the same
    year card 5 of clubs changes to 4 of diamonds
    9 of clubs and 2 of hearts take the place of the king of spades card in the two
    other timeframes, as for the prisoner (yesterday)

    How whites took over America
    tram experience – Israel – White Rabbit radio – Horus the avenger –
    anti-racist anti-white colonizing America indians native americans
    pocahontas …
    by WhiteRabbitVideo | a month old | 106601 views

    a7poQIa-rGQ = same with italian subtitles (fresh upload)

    106:18 is a remarkeable views:comments ratio
    perhaps good for our recently arrived on ‘them’ shores german friend to pay
    them attention a little.

    • Hi PoetPiet [=PVCS 106]

      My DOB has appeared here several times; For example: when explaining why I was an American born in Japan.
      Was glad to see that you read that PAN Report: “Orienting Ourselves in Time”

      Today [2.2 here] you are PVCS 5 EARTH. The 2.2 blog will link to a beautiful video…of oUR EARTH being pollinated. 🙂

      • NOO Spin.
        Finding Lunar Sensation through the eyes of A Crystal Moon.
        I’m fine with dancing on the ceiling.
        I’m comfortable with my feet on yoUR ground.
        I’m being penetrated by the sound..
        Of Decades of “Time”, of Harmonic Balance.
        I’m no longer a simple human.
        I am a Number.
        When I close my eyes, I realize that we have done this before.
        Perhaps we hold Votan’s Vision.
        Like a Planetary Serpent moving with dynamic precision.
        I’ve made a decision.
        To write my name in the Stars.
        To move patiently, carefully with vibrant grace.
        Rapid Mutation welcome the Galactic Federation.
        Blessed Kin.
        Blessed Votan.
        May we Close yoUR Cycle with Full Intrinsic Awareness.


  7. “Visualize the alignment of the galactic core/Hunab Ku, the Sun, Venus and the Earth – feel this alignment – it is happening! The Universal Love of the One Supreme Source spirals as a serpentine rainbow through the Hunab Ku, into the Sun, passing through Venus and finally toward us on Earth! This absolutely loving energy dissolves all false illusions and limiting preconceptions of love. At the same time, Venus, as the place of the feminine artistic archetype, fills this energy with trust in the power of the imagination.”

    59 60 61
    Ce Acatl= 45
    44 45 46

  8. “Feel this energy passing into the Earth and into your heart, opening it completely. As you are filled with this Universal Love, visualize a rainbow around the Earth, symbolizing the unification of all. Taking the power of this love into the future, project yourself forward in time, beyond the great shift and imagine, in the greatest detail possible, the highest, most magnificently beautiful vision of the Earth. Ask yourself: If we could create the entire Earth as a work of art, what would it look like?

    Tune in to the multitudes of people participating in this meditation all around the globe – feel the web of light connecting us all.

    Continue to chant “Ahm” as you hold the visualization of the alignment of the Hunab Ku, Sun, Venus and Earth – receiving the serpentine rainbow energy and sending it around the Earth. Hold this visualization, continuing to chant this mantra as long as you will – the longer the better!

    Now your heart is inscribed with your vision and prayer for the future – if you brought your power object to the meditation it is now also charged with this vision. From now until the great shift, return to this vision in your meditation.”

  9. To Adri and poet piet and alike kin that wanna Argue on the Bolon Ik pivots .. : u can establish a productive line with Sace9991 skype or mail s.acegr at gmail ..
    It should stop to misuse this forum Which is a thing of beauty while getting into noosphere with the pioneers aside .. Which Does not imply Adri & PP are no pioneers ..; but then keep the energy in the liaisons and their quality on the mission. Emotional outburst may have a ground for raising their rage.

    I was touched by this mutual engagement in beauty of pronouncement .. ThX so much, melovia & Claire .. U both clarify for Venus Transit ïn the Dragon Wave ..

    “Dear Melovia Crystal Moon 🙂 Your eloquent and spirited comment is deeply appreciated! It’s delightful to read that you are “”finding that in practice it feels wonderful and easy to have the Daily Plasmas back in their original alignment with synchronicities abounding”” Love, Claire Galactic Mirror”
    Just vibrating i juggle them numbers ..
    129 + 138 => 267 => kin 7 .. Resonant Hand ..
    Pretty close to the Venus Transit Kin ..
    I receive this as a Moment of Joy & fusion

  10. On 1.1 I catched my first fish. He he feels really good to live a turtle live with a caravan 3.3 meters from the shore. Honestly I really don’t understand Poet Pieds and Saces comments. My comment was related to TMQ and here ambitions to change and lead the other not official version of the 13 moon calendar. Maybe we have to live out our illusions, and find our path through the labyrinth of mind and number. Would find it great if you TMQ now tell us what you are up to. Is your book/ 13 moon calendar finished yet? People may then reflect and choose their path weather to follow this blog any more or not. Ha…. nahui ollin 4Earth is coming soon. The shaking of mother earth and the end of the 5th sun. Book of the Timespace Vol. 5 … Maybe a good time to shake the Internet jumble one of the greatest illusions. 9.7 on 2.2

  11. Jannis .. Let me put it this way – When u walk the path as long and as intense as our leader here does the it gëts lonely at the top .. And we all recognise this on daily situations when decisions as great as they are set the course and settle the outcome at a given thirteen, a given twelve, a given eleven? A given eleven, maybe?
    Or yeah at the given 10 , the planet itself that manifestates.
    Therefor those earthquackes may have been helpfull to settle the better focus from the lectures and books given from such a beauty of ground for surviving “the last hu-man on earth from a harmoniq interval” ..
    And both Lloydine & Stephanie (how is she doing? Still apprenting?) are in “the energetic hold”, the mental sphere that pivots from itself.
    Where we meet one another .. On most natural ways ..
    We meet eat succeed and profeed ..

  12. Todays Numbers on Synchronotron are Amazing.
    93 is TFI for Space Matrix.
    441 is the MTFI!!!!
    Game On!!
    Kin 93.

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