Lunar Wind codes Catalytic Kali 4 or Dali 1 of the Crystal Wizard Moon

 Kin 2: White Lunar Wind;   2.2;  2 IK

White Lunar Wizard
Yellow Lunar Human White Lunar Wind Red Lunar Earth
  Blue Crystal Storm
I polarise in order to communicate
stabilising breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
Guide Lunar Wizard was the Year-Bearer for Pacal Votan’s  27th Solar-Galactic Return, [on Kin 60] which Valum Votan commemorated with the ‘Cube Crop Circle”. 
Analog:  GAP 197:   Lunar Earth coded Valum Votan’s final Revelation that on Kin 197, 791 days [7 cycles of 113 days] remained until the 2012 Solstice, and 7 cycles of 144 days remained until oUR 8 Seed Galactic SynchronizationLunar Earth codes the 4th Solar Witness, who was awakened during the Lunar Wizard year.
Today’s Challenge is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 132:Lunar Human, the only PVCS in the central column of the Tzolkin.  
The PSI for CrystalKali 4, 5 and 6 is 8 Human
The Hidden Power:  Kin 259:  Crystal Storm is the reason for the Lunar quality of the issue  that is Challenging our Harmony:
Which of these Occult Partners {19.12 or 2.2]  begins the Crystal Wizard Moon?
2.2:  “According to original design principles, variable differences in evolution in time occur in the different stellar masses within the Galactic Brain.”
The G-Force of 2 Wind is Kin 124:  Resonant Seed.   If  12 Storm, which began the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone, also [through fractal compression] begins the Seven Last Moons of the Cycle, then today’s G-Force lends a triple synchronicity to today’s inclusive 13 Moon date:, G-Force 124  🙂 
 Today CRYSTAL [98] WIZARD [81]  KALI [33] FOUR [50] Alpha-Numerically equals [or as Valum Votan puts it: carries the simple gematrical frequency of262 262 – 260 = Kin 2:  Lunar Wind.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
This Lunar Wind post was meant to address the issues raised by Jannis 7 Moon and A1d7r7  for one last time [here] in the hopes of moving on to greater HARMONY.  I’m still feeling disheartened by their comments and  personal attacks, but have a response to all of it.  
I wrote several pages, amid computer difficulties and interruptions, but have run out of time, and have decided to omit that portion from this transmission.  Some of it will be in the next blog, and some of it will go into my book. 
For most  followers of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, today,  2 Wind, codes the entry into the Crystal Wizard Moon
We are now all within this prophetic period of the last 7 Moons, and inside the Crystal Moon of Cooperation.  
We were all drawn to DEDICATE ourselves to The Thirteen Moons of Harmony, and the increasing 13:20 Frequency
As Jannis 7 Moon [who equals today’s CDK]  points out, our numbers are  relatively small at the moment.  With less than 30 weeks remaining before The End of the Cycle, this Crystal Wizard Moon  is the time to focus on oUR common values, and to COOPERATE with each other.
Here is The Law of Time’s  Noos-Letter, [Rabbit]with more information about the Crystal Moon and its Totem, the Rabbit[Rabbit]
From S’ace 22:
“We seem to be through the Rabbit hole !”  Thanks to S’ace 22: the Bolon Ik Kin  with the most Longevity here, and who exemplifies creativity, compassion and a tolerance for multiple systems 🙂
Congratulations to the ‘ultimate Cosmic Thirteen’RavenWalker 13 Skywalker.  His “Grand-Daughter [ Cecilia Rose], arrived on the morning of kin 260, yellow Cosmic Sun child, she and my daughter, Jennifer Holi, red cosmic moon, are both in excellent health and spirits”  🙂  Three generations of Cosmic Kin!
For the Crystal Moon of Cooperation, here is a stunning video from Kim 33, showing how so many creatures Cooperate to Beautify and  pollinate our world  :): 
  4 Seed marks 18 years since the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered on Crystal Wizard.
                       A decision regarding Arcturian Chess will be made while
The Mystery Queen  138 is in Christchurch [=138] for the Queen’s Birthday  🙂                          Kin 2           G-Force:  124

22 thoughts on “Lunar Wind codes Catalytic Kali 4 or Dali 1 of the Crystal Wizard Moon

  1. Great surprise to See this kweak calendar that fits my smartphone toó 😉

    In 9 Daya it wraps into heaven year moon 12.2 the life kweak .. Last 10 days are voidkweak and Glorydaya.

    I like the outcome of 262 on
    CRYSTAL [98] WIZARD [81]  KALI [33] FOUR [50]

    Also this one has a refreshing mirror ..
    Crystal 42 Wizard 28 Kali 33 Four 33
    Oops kali and four vibrate similar!
    Summed 136 – rhythmic warrior in mykëy wave ..

    Sailing in wind 262 .. As a noo wind blowin’ the sails ..
    A 6 in the mid of 22 as seal worldbridger?

  2. Telektonon Verse 3.

    The Inner Sun
    The Mother of all Prophecy
    Message of the Star Witness,Bolon Ik, received and repeated by her servant in love, PACAL VOTAN.”

    Good Day Mate’s!

    Cube Of Love.
    Cube of Life.
    Life is a Cube.
    The Cube is Life.

  3. What is disheartening is the absurd confussion that not me or Jannis but you dear Claire did raise, even when you were clearly proved wrong.
    You are manipulating the information in the same way that your ego is forcing you to move blindly towards a false goal.
    This is not personal attack, or lack of harmony. This is true feeling and thought, expressed. Harmony is made of complementary energies.
    The 7 day week cannot remain constant without a Day Out of Time because 7×52=364. The 13 Moon synchronometer has a DOOT, the gregorian calendar babylonian week does not. Thats the clear and simple reason of why the radial plasma shift with the days of the weeks, which Valum Votan has stated several times that will not matter anymore.
    The funny thing is that you base your belief on a statement from when he was translating the plasmas for the people to understand that DALI is like what we call Sunday, and so… but from there to assuming that the 7 day babylonian week was supposed to be kept is a huge mistake.
    And because he smiled at you when you mentioned this you immagine a whole fantasy? He could be thinking whatever like “Funny”

    • i allow myself a timestamp oracle readin’


      14 is wizard , seal of dreamspellyear at tone 6

      37 is a hand , maybe god’s hand while it is close to 41 : the thumb of 41?
      and it is fractal of 111 222 … 999 – the 9 lordeners of timespace

      17 must be earth, our beloved blue planet …

      in lak’ech ala kin(Dness)

  4. What it disheartening and absurd is that this forum isn’t moderated more severely and dissenting opinions advised to take the proverbial hike, in or out of time. A1d7r71, the uncomplimentary energy in point is yours. In the immortal words of Michael Jackson, just “Beat It!” and start your own blog. We’ll see how harmonious you remain with catty and insulting remarks.

    Claire, I vote to block him/(but probably) her on grounds (s)he’s a fifth column. Please!

    • Please show me any insult by me written, ratso444?
      And afcourse that is easier to sustain crazy theories while blocking dissident opinions, you can also have a blog called Absolutely Me !

      • Oh, and by the way, check the UR dome in CHC vol I page 144 (spanish version) or Section III, chapter 8.

        In Michael Jackson words : “Dont point your finger, it’s dangerous, this is our planet, you’re one of us” 🙂

  5. the clip of michelvec here

    has a wonderful explanation beyond from 10:33 in the stream …

    The trina of triune is the all-unifying principle

    (is this about Blaise Pascal?)


  6. “The Babylonian seven-day week emphasizes the rapidly rotating succession of days that make up the astrologically based work-week. The week is actually the meassure of time in the 12:60 order where every week repeats a superstitious program. So we have the succession of the two-day weekend and five-day work week, ad infinitum. These are controlled by two factors: money and astrology.” CHC vol 5 p.59

  7. “From the template of Tollan- the absolute- to the temple of Babylon there ocurred a degeneration of order into chaotic disorder. This is experienced in the modern world as a governing template -the seven-day work week that repeats incessantly- based on irregularity and breeding perpetual dissatisfaction. Tha Vatican has declared that it is a crime against God to break the succession of the seven-day work week. And as noted, 13 is considered unlucky- the unluckiest day being Friday the 13th, a superstition embedded in the Gregorian calendar mindset” CHC vol 5 p.60

  8. “While Tollan is an archetype that ever seeks to emulate the Absolute, Babylon is the restless desire of spirit to explore matter. Thus, in the cosmic evolutionary stage of Babylon, a different order enters the picture. This is the order based on the seven-day week. ….Instead of life lived as the reflection of a pattern in eternity, or cosmic cycles, the meassure of life is based on the seven-day structure imprinted by an ever-repeating, astro-psychology as the time alloted to “earn one’s bread”….

    “Originally, the Babylonian “week-end” was Sun-day and Moon-day, while the days of the planets made up the work week. But in modern Judeo/Christian times Saturn is the Hebrew holy day and Sunday is the Christian holyday. THE WEEKEND IS A CONFUSED AMALGAM OF BABYLONIAN, JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN HOLY DAYS” P.58

    “The Babylonian city consists on the 7-day week” p.59

  9. Babylon is the template of disorder and in the end when Babylon is WIPED AWAY; WAY DOWN BENEATH you will find the template of Tollan and the New Jerusalem: the template of the NEW ORDER. In this order we find the reflection of the higher level cosmic principles of timespace that govern the mnanifestation of all evolved states of consciousness that accomodate both the absolute and the relative expressions of the cycles of time” p.64

  10. Adrian recited all those beautiful, cosmic pages from Vol.5 which I read and contemplated on the last days. It is a truly vast and galactic knowledge from an outside of this SOLAR system point of view. There is no need to change anything, not one single point of an i, eye. Recently there was a discussion on the PAN- Facebook Group about self created Kin13Moon systems. At least 2 people promote their version of the 13 Moon calendar. Anton Kornblum with his invented Board Game and nearly daily “Maya code inspirations” and Dwane Rourke with his version. It might be a benefit for some to work with their own system but why then to promote it on “official” 13 moon pages. On top of that Adrian saw a guy on the argentinian book fair where he worked for some days who was promoting and selling his Book of the Kin version. ( with his name) How many more…. Let’s make a bla bylon 13 Moon blog where everybody presents his version. A WS with 9 days sounds very much like the C.J. Callemann system. This man stole VV s baktun history map and changed it into 9 sections. He got the fame as being mentioned in the Telektonon Prophecy as a false prophet prom. The nine. Unfortunately he ran out of fuel as his system ended in autumn last year. I think it is more the problems with the LoT people which drive Claire to start this little “revolution”. I really appreciated here clear galactic mirror transmissions for over one solar spin. But a mirror can loose its clearness and when she thinks that she has to lead now the new 13 Moon … I will say good bye. We don’t need multiple systems. Then I can follow the gregorian calendar which I produce. It contains also some sort of truth and wisdom. See TatT There is no excuse of computer issues and letting this flow into a book anymore. It’s time now. Here and now.

  11. the RQ doesn’t think this is good enough (obviously):

    piet poet on 17 May, 2012 at 09:21 said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan brought through”

    Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan brought through .. a thought brew ..

    ain’t you censoring a part of his bio?

    “Painted murals with Quetzalcoatl motifs at both University of
    California at Davis and Evergreen State College (they are still

    Nope, the Tesc one at least (4 stories of continuously changing landscapery), is gone and has been for a long while. I took some trouble retrieving (photos of) them a few years ago and failed. i’d appreciate some help, still consider it his best work, he took a wrong turn from there/then on, away from permaculture as far as i’m concerned. He performed a split, a sundering, a hide to seek upon himself, creased and folded some of his wellroundedness away, the garden culture he lost and went in search of AT THE SAME TIME … AT A SINGLE BLOW. That mural’s location was/is unassuming to a high degree, i used to climb the four stories nightly of that very little used stairway on my way to a restful transient swagman position for the night atop the library roof (from where all you see is treetops at the end of the roofgravel).

    Guess, now that I’m here i’ll deposit some fresh thinking from yesterday:
    hint/spoiler: earthly code upload is euphemitis for green leaves

    FuturoPrimitivoBlog (youtube account moniker)
    3 vids from 09 (only ones there) – infinito tv w JA and Jorge Mora .. Jose shows up 6.13 in part 1* shot amongst the pyramids .. Tassini shows 3rd minute part 2

    * – ps (next day): i debated about posting a comment thusly:
    no matter how much i marvel at Jose’s aptitude for game and riddle design, to emphasize and insist on the validity, accuracy, universality and even “galacticality” ( results) of his divination/count certainly spoils the playfulness of it all. If indeed the margins or error are as narrow as all that and even ery slight deviation or the wrong adjustment interval, whatever, causes unnecessary waste, collision, carnage and suffering – the stuff inmendham the hyper intello vidder manages to voice his aggravation about, blowing up with tyrranical impatience on a 6 way confcall over errors his colleagues (leading lights of the atheist youtuber community), who, unlike him, agree to sound as pleasantly amicable as possible and co-operatively look for the sunny side of things.

    To wit, right at the start JA makes the distinction that time has no spatial extent and is intangible, of the mind. Her he splits and distinquishes, isolates and sterilizes at the exact point time and it’s keeping begin, thus aborting it.

    He is in every way an extreme case of body denial in favor of his etheric tuning to far off space and time (see michelvec’s vid of a lady reading Steiner on the temperaments, though one cannot separate the body into four parts, our psyche proves capable of suppressing 3 and ascribing all to one … consistently) … explains why he ignored me so easily come to think of it. Compost is too vulgar and crude for him .. which is the only reason he idealized it.

    Where else does time start and get kept but at a beat (node/knot nick nod fold)?
    To mindfully personify and internalize it is not the only and more like only half the way .. best enjoyed as thought after work – you simply pinch a rock

    Time times two makes myriads of runtime lifetime calendar length and clockwind ups.
    I thought this was elegant and simple enough and related to most major groups of society enough to bring about the exact same thing JA claims to work towards: garden culture, indigene wisdom X permaculture and neoteny at play. Perimeter tours and bottom border tweaks. A fluff up that brings biomass weight to bear like not even the redwood forest or Manhattan can compete with

  12. her last post begins:

    Posted on 5 June, 2012, Kin 8–Yellow Galactic Star

    … The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God and the Divine Order, which can only be effected through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time. –Dynamics of Time, 17.6

    No shit sherlock

    “…. can only be effected through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.”

    don’t let Drew Hempel read this or he’ll pull out the Prince Phillip (looking more evil and close to death by the day, his elephantkillin bloodlusttransfusion didn’t cure him ((or was that a spanish royal? No wait, a Belgian one. What difference does it make)), entered hospital last nite), Maurice Strong, his Baron pal, Reiser tandem spiel up again, … automaton that he is — par for public US courses for worked horses: PERforM!! in the sweat of thy brow and across the bones of those you hesitate not to kill and always resist remembering; it’s the largest jew colony after the US (they’re downsizing you see).

    Reiser supposedly palled it up with Jose and is a radiogenetic changemaker, nine club member … according to Drewbotboo(s)t.

    Me, i have simpler gripes, that is to say, i prefer paring these headcase spookatronics down to whatever splinter of truth they hung and flung their crap on and go return it where it belongs, thus:
    “input from the lower orders of time”
    relates directly to Cernunnos, a genius who led and left a practice of which similarly woolied up traces can be found in the gospels but on the whole instead of turning deserts green it has been prosecuted by desert meme ‘vectorushers’ eversince.

    input from the lower orders of time
    …. simply means the practice of adding rock to soil, catchin carbon in and through it for better kitchen carbon.

    i thinks this is primary an all good things come from above mindset would prefer the topdown appreciation, app reach approach.
    Well, who am i to say dreams can only grow up and can’t until after a vital component rains down from undefinably divine source? Mr Innumerable?

  13. in the NOW of Venus & 2012 … the kweak sets focus on those two lines

    5 8 221 229 Moon …
    6 9 222 231 MyKey …
    as a snapshot
    why is the MonKey labelled as MyKey here?

    we have to neglect 5 and 6 while they are ol’calendric
    resp. DreamSpell – Mayan Tzolkin – TreeKweak represent 2 lines of numbers

    8 + 221 => 229
    9 + 222 => 231

    when this indicates the meaning of Venus Transit: how to understand?

    8 is the unity number where the healing 7 days of a week resort …
    but then we learned to escape from the ol’ habit of influence by Vati only …

    9 is a trinity cube from the 3 to 3 product … which heals in 10 – the perfection and number of digital harmonic that facilitates those techniques we use.

    9 heals in three phases each moon of 28 daya: 27 + 1 …
    it commits “love life void” on 9 18 27 … chanting ~~~ SILIAUM ~~~
    a 2 x 90 degrees rotation of the silio plasma seal as a symbol …
    not in the heart sector but in the solar plexus where solar wind resides …
    (just ask Pacal Votan , he knows … his Bride)

    Does this conflict with Valum Votans work?

    I dont think so : he brought kin to a point of departure …
    but then at the arrival things are different while variances appear …
    (and this is while we depart … after all)

    what can 221 -> 229 mean but …
    22 is bolon ik and 1 to 9 is a kweak alignment in this very kweak 12.1 from 1.1 till 1.9 but then also in 2.1 – 2.9 and 3.1 – 3.9 …
    doesnot that feel exact and as a healing roundabout

    even them Vati’s could laugh as a Dalai Lama does all the time …
    no misunderstanding on the week of 7 days ever again:
    they reside 3 times in the 9 days of the kweak:
    1-7 2-8 3-9 … compact and cleaning it itself … as a form, as a wheel

    ))) bowww (((

    • the timestamp oracle reading

      10 is the perfect number also in 19 28 37 etc.
      (37 is the 9 lordeners of time fractal key-note)

      53 is REED ONE – QuetzalCoatl stamp ; also 8 as a sum 3+5

      11 is DreamSpell kin of VV – seal 11 tone 11 – self arranged / autonomic

      when 74 is the sum number then is Wizard Nine / Femi9 pinpointed …
      as i see this popping up so clear … and divine’some

      mobilizing enchantment at Venus Transit 2012

    • a match between the timekeeper in tones is made right now here

      then lets face 222 and 231

      222 is a magnetic tone on wind, seal 2
      its 10th tone is on monkey (or here mykey): 231

      so what is the function of the key?

      while the situation speaks as a lockup situation …
      the key is meant to unlock and set free – liberate!

      that is enchanting in rhythmic wizard y’ear 8~)

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