Galactic Star [Kin 8] and Solar Moon [Kin 9] code the Transit of Venus [Quetzalcoatl] across the Sun

The Venus Transit: Cosmic Convergence of 2012

A highly symbolic and awesome event is about to take place in the heavenly firmament on June 5th and 6th, depending on where one domiciles on Planet Earth. This celestial double event occurs only once in a lifetime, and has always had far-reaching and decisive ramifications for the entire human race. It concerns our closest planetary neighbor, Venus, which is one reason this transit will have such dramatic and earth-changing repercussions.

Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena. They occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eight years apart The periodicity is a reflection of the fact that the orbital periods of Earth and Venus are close to 8:13 and 243:395 commensurabilities.”

Especially during the brief period of the mini-eclipse,while Venus is being energized by the Sun, and it’s shadow is making its presence known across the face our planet, there exists a quite unique and once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity. Every inhabitant of Planet Earth has a vested interest in the livability of the global habitat. It is the Divine Mother who ensures the world environment is conducive for human life to thrive and flourish. However, She is not the sole guarantor.

As co-creators of the earth realm, each and every resident of Mother Earth is being called upon at this very moment to step up to the plate and decide what we want to be. Do we want to be a Taker or a Caretaker?”  All of the preceding text is from: 

For 90% of the Earth’s population, this ‘unique opportunity’ occurs during oUR Guiding Star8.8;  Galactic Star 8 Star is the Guide for our Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization in 2013.

  In New Zealand, the six hour Transit of Venus begins precisely as this sentence is being written!  The formation [above] encapsulates the two Kins that code the Planet during the awesome event.  There are 8 corners for Kin 8:  Galactic Star, and 9 x 9 squares and rectangles within the square, to represent Kin 9:  Solar Moon9 x 9 = 81 VENUS = 81!

The Venus RetURnequals 210Just now, Neil Crystal Wizard [who codes this Moon and the First Solar Witness called  with this:

This morning, he and Sandra 4 Skywalker saw Six Kingfishers on the rail of their deck.  They had never seen more than 5 of the ‘Birds of Good Omen’ before, so he calculated:  “The Six Kingfishers“.  A few minutes after the Venus Transit began,   he called to tell me that “The Six Kingfishers” equals 210!    194 said that when I answered the phone, “The Six Kingfishers” returned to the rail  🙂 These birds are also called “Sacred Kingfishers“, and they figure into the Alcyone legends  🙂 

This seems to be a well-timed Good Omen for this powerful day!  After a meditation [with incredibly powerful winds] I returned to the computer and found this from Christine 3 Skywalker

Happy VenUS transit dURing Galactic Mirror watch through Rhythmic Skywalker watch 😉

Kin 8         Yellow Galactic Star
I Harmonize in order to Beautify
I Model Art
I seal the store of elegance
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I am guided by the power of Free Will

Love, C  [133]  Thanks for that link to a live webcast of this special event  🙂

Four and a half hours of the Venus Transit in New Zealand are during the Antipode watch coded by Solar Storm: 139:  Princess Diana

,Princess Diana and Prince Charles    

As 133 noted, for the Eagle and MonKEY regions, part of the Transit happens during Kin 138:  Galactic Mirror.  Divine Feminine  alpha-numerically  138.

These are potent synchronicities coding the event that heralds the Return of the DIVINE FEMININE  🙂

Thank You Marsha 4 Eagle for sending this:

In the ongoing story of the reemergence of the Goddess, today marks a significant shift — a turning point in our personal and collective experience.”

venus transit  Venus Transits occur in pairs, separated by 8 years. The previous one, on June 8, 2004,[PVCS 11.3] was an initiation into a phase of growth of feminine consciousness that’s now coming to completion.  Their beautiful post ends with these words:  “What is your unique expression of the feminine that you’ve been cultivating for the past 8 years? Do you have the courage to radiate your brilliance into a world desperately longing for your light?”

As Postulate 11.12 [Madame Blavatsky] states in part  “…CA dominance of 12:60 historic cycle is unrelievedly masculine directed and oriented, resulting in distortion of female roles as well…”. 

We are now at the end of that cycle, and during the Rhythmic Moon of Equality, the balance of Male and Feminine is restored.  Today marks the end of the Eight Years of Harmonic Conversion, and the Return of the  Feminine Power that resides in each one of us.

The ‘Royal Feminine’ dominated the past week.   4 Seed marked the 18 year anniversary of the Discovery of the Red Queen’s Tomb. That night [or the morning of 5 Serpent] The Mystery Queen had a lucid dream, in which the unborn child of the Seventh Solar Witness [TMQ’s nephew Jud 5 Sun,]  appeared.  TMQ had originally planned to meet Jud and his partner in Palenque, for a 3 day ceremony at the Tomb of Pacal Votan, during the Venus  Return

QUEEN = 62.  In the dream, Jud hands me their daughter [who appeared to be about one] and this sentient being looked closely into my eyes, while communicating spiritual information! Their daughter is to be born on Kin 62,  {July 29th, Magnetic 7/3}  Even their chosen nickname for her equals 6262:  Planetary Wind plus 18.8 equals her G-Force, and her Father’s  kin 200:  20.5.    The Combined Dreamspell Kin of her Birth will be [2.10 + 16.1 + 19.7] will be Cosmic Earth:  117 = 13 x 9

Kin 62:  10 Wind coded the Greg. date of 11/11/11, when Marsha 4 Eagle and I attended a long and powerful ritual in Golden Bay, during which the 108 [13 x 8 = GM108X] attributes of the Divine Feminine were chanted by hundreds under a  rising Full Moon.

The dream was so powerful, that  TMQ told Melovia 129 that this dream was the highlight of an eventful “Queen’s Birthday” Weekend trip to Christchurch.  Two hours after 129’s phone call,  [late on Kin 8 here] TMQ was thrilled to learn that Jud 5 Sun is coming to visit her this weekend!  The Seventh Solar Witness is flying from L.A. to New Zealand for 5 days, and will arrive on Kin 11.11, which turns out to be my 333rd day as the Fifth Solar Witness:  3 Mirror which codes the Supreme Golden Maiden  🙂

This Solar Storm watch is incredibly stormy, and the internet connection has been lost many time while writing this.  Now the power is flickering, so it’s time to end this Transmission.

May we all enjoy the final hours of this most special and powerful Transit  of the Venus Return.  For the more populated Northern Hemisphere, these two Transits occured on 11.3 [2004] and 8.8 [2012]. Together these two kin equal 19.11 [Spectral Storm} whose Challenge [9.11] coded the Ascension of Valum Votan11.11.

He delineated the Venus Transitbookends’ of the Eight Years of Harmonic Conversion, and here is the Postulate that codes the combined kins of the last and most auspicious Venus Return of the Thirteen Baktuns:

19.11:  “The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the Divine return of mind to source.  By making conscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of Universal Transcension.  God is the magnet of Universal Transcension.”

1. 24. 12. 10./7.      Cube 4:  Mayan Flowering      Kin 9

14 thoughts on “Galactic Star [Kin 8] and Solar Moon [Kin 9] code the Transit of Venus [Quetzalcoatl] across the Sun

  1. Since Dragon 1 , july 2009, we came unto kino 1048 into 1049 these 2 Daya .. Of Venus II.

    On my kweak-blog i relate this to Tone XII the crysral Tone of dedication and CO-operation Which fits the idea of bridging femi9 and mascu-line again within the human bodies as healers wheels themselves and impulsed by love/life rekationships lived.

    This is why i feel strongly stranded by this fabulous blog Which radiates so much brilliance.

    1048 ïs star 8 in the fifth tzolkin cycle ..
    1049 is moon 9 – it is the mobilizer for purification.

    Isn’t this wonderful?

    Then the fifth cycle could be the sign of the serpent – the all-feathered serpent & ouroubouros, a whole planet affecting Beam.

    Sense the talents of each healed Sense ..

  2. Nice post TMQ
    I would also offer that from the first transit of Venus in 2004 until today, 2920 days past. This is 5 Retrogrades of Venus, each 584 days apart. 5:8 Venus retrogrades to Earths Orbits. 5×584=2920
    2920 is also the Kin Eq of 60 — Galactic Sun(PV), the perfect compliment to Galactic Star(VT2) and Galactic Seed (2013TSE) and Galactic Human (see below).
    2920 (equals 13) is very nearly 54 squared. (2916 exact square)
    Todays BMU in Synchronotron is 361 — 19×19 “Matrix of Divine Command”
    The KinEQ is 22 Solar Wind — Bolon IK
    Todays Guide is the same as the last three days of the PSI bank — 8 Human (112) and also the value for 12.7 (today) in the Time matrix of Synchronotron.
    Speaking of the Time Matrix, check out page 216 (6cubed) in the “Book of the Cube.”
    “585 = Sum of coordinates of 9 Time Dimensions
    Frequency of Enlightenment of 9 Dimensional Time Matrix
    Underlying Vajra World Mandala”
    It would seem that there is “magical cusp” between 584 and 585
    585 BMU is 144 – Today is Silio 441
    CHC7 also notes that 585 is 400 + 185RQ
    Dreamspell is quite an interesting language 🙂
    some reflections from B160

  3. the mighty (might) come the mighty (might) go
    mom’s oracle:

    ————guide = wind 142
    220 —- 12 (crystal) dog 90 —- 129
    ————— 2Monkey 171

    G-force 11 Human

  4. mixing up some strong systemic is as this:

    [kweak] gives 1048 & 1049 as Venus Transit References
    “as a Bolon Ik well / source / origin”

    [synchronotron] gives 441 as a Hunab’Ku interval …

    [kweak] numbers interfered by Hunab’Ku:
    here 2×441 = 882 is substracted from 1048/9
    and they give 166/167

    [tzolkin] is the third mechanism thart informs on the non-causal energy:
    166 is as june5, the worldbridger – planetary tone in earth wave ..
    the navigator!

    then june6 brings the hand of god!
    it is hand 11 – the liberating force of healing

    this is my reading of this trinity

    kweak as love; synchronotron as life; tzolkin as void

    where is time? space? number?
    they are all invoked within the 3 team-members, aye!
    it iz as in the s’word guiding 9 x 3 daya => daya zero/null/28
    see this page?

  5. 2117 the next venus return will be anaologue to 2013 as 2013+52+52=2117
    Then it will be a Ressonant Storm Year (if the 13 moon calendar makes it to get there and if the planet Earth does it in first place)

    Transit will happen on Overtone 26 kin 41 Red Lunar Dragon

    (What will be the date on TMQ’s system ?)

    An old friend reminded me of this awesome video:

    May peace prevail on earth.

  6. The Cube is of a very Sacred Nature.
    For all are welcome to be a Number.
    YoUR number.
    Not All hu-mans can be CUBED.
    The ego has to get checked at the door of DOG.GOD.
    No, judgement just acceptance.
    I’m Wide Awake.
    I am mutating.
    Tomorrow is my Heros Galaxtic Signature.
    I want to breathe him.
    Reflect him.
    Tears or Fears.
    Love or Chaos.
    Velatropa 24.3 is I’m safe hands.
    I bow to the Galactic Federation!!
    Kin93:GAP:Enter US.

  7. Here I am. In the here and now.
    I’m wide awake.
    No secrets just truth.
    I’ve stretched my mind to limits beyond any substance abuse.
    I have been a drug addict.
    I have used every substance possible to the fullest extent.
    Yo, we left Babylon, hunabkrew is in Zion.
    I remember on the TimeShip.
    I remember Votan.
    Red Queen
    I’m NOothing more than a Galactic Activation Portal.
    I travel alone with DOG.GOD companions.
    I throw money away to the wind.
    I give my shirt off my back to homeless vets.
    I’ve been homeless in many different geographical locations.
    Sleeping on beaches.
    Hitchhiking thousands of miles.
    Please don’t call me a hippie.
    That was my mom n dad.
    I’ve spent over 20,000$ seeing widespread panic and sound tribe sector nine.
    I go through cars like nothing.
    I drive them until they die.
    Then I bury them. Take license plates off, scratch vin number off. Goodbye machine.
    I have no children. I’m too much of a kid myself. I roll with the HunabKrew.
    Me to you.
    Who’s right who’s wrong. Who fucking cares.
    We are blessed to be living in this time.
    Close the cycle. Open the NOo!!
    I was around when Jesus Christ was taken for granted used. Abused. Roman Catholic rich bastards. Child molesters. Buddha sat under a Bonzai Tree. Mohammed entered a cave. Of all the avatars I roll with Pacal/Valum Votan and Muhammed.
    The USA needs to wake up.
    Wall street need to crumble.
    There is no more money left.
    Only digital numbers in the Technosphere.
    No banks. No 99% anymore.
    The strong will take our land back. 
    I’d let you stab me in the heart if I was wrong.
    Throw the criminals off a bridge in Brooklyn.
    Love the Homeless.
    Get rid of the Government.
    Trust Obama he is not a puppet. He’s a Skywalker.
    I wish I knew nOOw what I didn’t know them.
    I’ve been scandalous.
    I’ve been nothing. I’ve been a prophet. I am moving soon. I have to get out of the Midwest USA.
    Like Kanye West says… Ya know what the Midwest is, the young and restless. Listen to ” Jesus Walks”
    I’m wide awake.
    I feel tired.
    Tomorrow is my idols galactic signature, I’d die for Votan and the galactic federation.
    My family.
    My DNA.
    Noo more fighting.
    Just release yoUR Flesh.
    Skin m Bones.
    Seals and tones.
    I’m wide awake!
    133 + 11 = 144!!!!!!!!!!
    game on players!!

  8. Well, If I have it right, today is Votans’ 103rd Synchronic Return.
    The Kin Eq today is 11Night, Kin 63. Very much resonating with 11Monkey on the Blue wave-length. Stephanie has posted an amazing poem by Votan here,
    if you haven’t already read it.
    Like 93, I’m beaming with gratefulness for what Jose did in the time he was here. What a teacher. What a beacon.
    Today I saw my 3 year old Daughter go to her first day of school. As well as, my 18 yr old stepson graduate from high school. What a trip. They are totally in sync with today, Eagle and Hand; blue sealed Kin.
    many blessings to you all
    I hope your day was filled with unending Spectral Magic, worthy of the Tulum time traveler himself.
    In Lak’esh

  9. Indeed we have the second 11/11/11 kin/seal/Tone after VV ‘s transition to the realm that pulls us into the Arrival station.

    We should not forget he prepared a profound departure station that ligned up our alies in kinship.

    Human Ku , Eva Maya ema Ho

    A surrendering human in Solar Wind Kin, Overtone Heaven considering the arrival as a break into another humanity

  10. [audio src="" /]

    A link John Lash’s latest ‘Navigational Briefing’… I continue to be amazed by and exceedingly grateful for this man’s work.

    Claire, looking forward to hearing all about 5 Sun’s visit!

    In lak’ech!
    Melovia 129
    Crystal Kali 18 Kin 16 Yellow Electric Warrior

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