Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth {Nahui Ollin} falls during Blue Week 3 of the Crystal Wizard Moon

CABAN      Kin 17

Red Self-Existing Earth

“I define in order to evolve measuring synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of space.”
The G-Force of Kin 17 is Cosmic Night:  143
Today is coded by 9 Dog in the Long Count, and today’s  Combined Dreamspell Kins [CDK]  equal 9 Serpent.
The PSI for Crystal Alpha 19 is  5 God:: Dog; Crystal Seli 161 Eagle
17.4. “Fractal free post-organic” means angels are liberated from any and all interference grids generated by the activity waves of differing levels of celestial harmonics which define the form-compounding functions of the third and fourth dimensions.  Being fractal free thus prevents angels from entering interference grid defined fields, which means they cannot intervene directly in third- or fourth-dimensional activities.”
17  “Prime key mystic key, the navigator,  Noah, reverse of 71, Sura 71 Noah, 71 –17 = 54 (9 x 6)”
Kin 17 falls on the 3rd day of Vinal 17;  KAYAB“With a Song and a Rhythm
17.17 – 13:20 = 17.4.  “Seventeen is my number.  My insignia are the harmonic seals of Planet Mind and Star Mind returning to source.”
Seal 17 Navigator appears several times in the Synchronotron calculations for Kin 17.
Since Seal 17 is also referred to as Synchronotron, let’s compare the numbers for Kin 17, on both 13 Moon dates:
Space Coordinates:  {H:  9;  V:  2} yields:
Space:  17;  Time:  149 {11.11 + 138};  Syn.: 51  {HPB};       Space Base:  124
Space TFI 217 {17.9} “217   31st order of 7, 31 x 7, begins fourth 441 circuit, creation power of supreme gate of unity, coordinating unit (V18 H18) fourth time dimension, Cosmic Cube, and third mental sphere, waking conscious
Synchronic Coord.  {H:  17;  V: 1}
Synchronic:  17;   Time:  79 {Noosphere Constant};  Space:  344 
Syn. Base:  57  {PVCS 5 Earth;  17.5} “57   3 x 19, frequency of Quran (in each of two suras (42 and 50) preceded by mystic letter “Qaf” (Quran), the Qaf appears 57 times, 57 x 2 = 114, number of  suras in Quran), frequency of Overtone Earth, third clear sign of tomb of Pacal Votan”
Synch TFI:  440  “8 x 55 55th octave, 11 x 40 10 x 44, 110 x 4, 220 x 2, 88 x 5, 22 x 20, V11H12 tenth gate of ascending unity, vigesimal code 1.2.0”
Crystal 19 Coordinates:  H: 2 ;  V:  17
Time:  42;  Space:  75 {TMQ’s Long Count}; Synch:  242 
Time Base:  102 {3 of 4 numbers are Wind:  Spirit}
Time TFI:  359:  {359   Prime key, reverse 953, 953 – 359 = 594 = 11 x 54, vigesimal code 17.19 The Time TFI for Crystal 19 contains the kin:  17, and the Moon Date  19, per TMQ  🙂
Master Telepathic Frequency Index for Kin 17 on Crystal 19:  217 + 440 + 359 = 1026.
***The BMU {1026- 2 x 441 = 144.  “144   12², 9 x16, 18 x 8, 18th octave, Mystic Order, reverse of 441, basis of baktun count, number of the elect, forms recombinant triplet 144 + 414 + 441, 414 – 144 = 270, 441 – 144 = 297 (27 x 11), 144 + 414 + 441 = 999, Fibonacci 12th order, V11 H20 second gate of ascending unity, second time lens codes tones 2, 6, 10, 3rd Heptad gate
Kin Equivalent of 1026 is 12 World-Bridger. {6 x 12 = 72,  one half of 144246   6 x 41 cube frequency of divine interval, reverse of 642 (321 x 2), 642 – 246 = 396 = 11 x 36″
The 3 Base Matrix numbers:   124 + 57 + 102 = 283:  “283   Prime key reverse of 382 (191 x 2), 382 – 283 = 99 = 11 x 9, vigesimal code 14.3″
Crystal 16 is located at H:  2;  V:  20.
Time:  50;  Sp:  116 and Syn:  83 yield a Time TFI of 249 {2 Moon}:  83 x 3, triple command of the night seer, reverse of 942 (157 x 6) 942 – 249 = 693 = 9 x 77, 21 x 33, 7 x 63, vigesimal 12.9 “
249 + 217 + 440 =equal the MTFI of 906.  It’s BMU is 24. “24!  2 x 12, 3 x 8, 4 x 6 radiant return, complex stable structure, frequency of Velatropa, harmonic root number (24² = 576 = 288 frequency of polar harmonic x 2), 3rd octave”
The Kin Equivalent of 906 is  126. 9 World-Bridger.
Whether we locate Kin 17 on Crystal 19 or Crystal 16, the Kin coded by ‘a double Synchronotron’ feels special!
TMQ first became aware of the significnace of Kin 17:  Nahui Ollin:  Shaking Earth” while reading Cosmic History Chronicle Vol. V:  Book of the Timespace by Valum Votan and Stephanie South:
From page 65 which begins Channel 5:  “The prophecy of the Aztec Sunstone reveals that the Fifth Sun will soon give way to the Sixth Sun:  The Sixth Sun of Consciousness.”
    On page 67, they state:
On Nahui Ollin of 2000 [May 5] eight planets were lined up on one side of the Sun, with the Earth on the other side.  Much has changed from this time.  War, terrorism and natural disasters that we are experiencing on our Planet is the Shaking of the Earth.  Many people do not realize that the apocalypse is happening now, in slow motion.”
The final Nahui Ollin of the 13 Moon Dreamspell cycle will occur on Crystal Moon 16, 6 Wizard year {June 14, 2012}.”  [Note:  the 13 Moon year:  14.6 mirrors the Greg. date:  6/14]  “ On the Long Count, the last Nahui Ollin will occur on Magnetic Moon 6 [July 31. 2012] of the Resonant Storm year.  The shaking of the Earth is expected to peak during this time.”
“The shaking of the Earth is at the center of the Solar Ring….With the accurate measure of 13 Moons, each with 28 days, the Solar Ring can be made conscious and harmonically normalized.”
When I mentioned the Nahui Ollin to Judson John 5 Sun, he showed me the Aztec Sunstone he was wearing beneath his shirt.
The Seventh Solar Witness arrived in New Zealand on Kin 11.  Prior to that, I realized that our current years [18.3 and 10.1} equaled GM108X.  Then, I received his e-mail with flight times and saw that he was on Qantas flight 108 from L.A. to Sydney!  Later, I calculated that I last saw Jud 108 Moons ago! [after my Father died [ Jan. 2004] during the Resonant Moon of my Solar-Galactic Return year as Galactic Mirror]
Jud’s visit was brief, but filled with so much magic and fun!  We spent Kin 12 [my G-Force] at the home of Neil, Crystal Wizard and Sandra 4 Skywalker.
Two stories were related, which illustrate the power of our minds and creative visulization. 
 While the other  Survivor Nicaragua  contestants were vying for votes and alliances, Jud [whom they called Fabio] remained in a meditative state, focused on the final outcome.  He visualized the night when they would name 21 year old Jud the winner of the 21st series of Survivor [=144:  12 x 12; 21 x 21 = 441].  He was in tune with the powerful energies of Nicaragua [=75] and with the creative powers of the Cosmos–although he appeared to the others as ‘a spacey dumb blonde“!
{My computer restarted itself while I was writing this transmission.  When it came back on, this: automatically started playing, a sign to share “Fabio’s Best Moments“.  Also, later noticed that L.A. had a 4.1 earthquake today:  4.1, Magnetic Seed = Kin 144}
Neil and his 22 year old son also shared a powerful demonstration of the powers of our mind.  Two weeks ago, they journeyed to Auckland, so that Lee Magnetic World-Bridger could have laser surgery on his eyes.  However, the doctor deemed that Lee was not a good candidate for that type of procedure.  That evening, while in a hypnagogic state,  Neil spontaneously performed ‘psychic surgery, using the visuals he was shown of Lee’s eyes.  When Lee awakened, his first words were “I can see!!!”   Overnight, he had gone from being unable to recognize a face a arm’s length, to being able to read and drive without glasses!
When I wrote to Lee, asking his permission to write about his amazing experience, he responded in part:
Isn’t it amazing just purely the power of thought, my eyes haven’t  improved greatly but enough for me to not need glasses constantly and I know there only going to get better 🙂 by all means please share this on your blog, I think people need to know how powerful our thoughts can be
Later on 12.12, Lee and his Mother Sandra [Today’s Guide] retired, leaving ‘the Three Solar Witnesses’ {I am ‘the Fifth Solar Witness’ until my next Birthday}  to talk all night.  Together, our kins equaled that day:   12.12.  [20.5 + 14.12 + 18. 8 = 12.12 There were amazing synchronicities associated with what we were discussing, and what was revealed about our shared purpose.  The numbers  3 and 33 came up frequently.  For example, the frequency of the Great Pyramid is 33. 
Late in the PVCS 13 World-Bridger watch of  13 Skywalker {Happy Belated Galactic Birthday to Raven Walker and to my Brother Bill} TMQ observed a bright star that was moving gently and erratically   in the sky, above Cable Bay.  We watched it [and two others] through a telescope, and marveled at the beautiful rainbow colors.    Jud was the first to notice a colorful plasma ‘tail‘ streaming from the right of one of these objects.  As we took turns viewing these Three Rainbow-colored U.F.O’s, we felt that we had been joined by an extra-terrestrial presence during this magic-filled night  🙂
{My computer restarted itself while I was writing this transmission.  When it came back on, this: automatically started playing, a sign to share “Fabio’s Best Moments“.  Also, later noticed that L.A. [where Jud lives] had a 4.1 earthquake today: 4.1, Magnetic Seed = Kin 144}
Jud and I spent the last night of his visit talking all night in Auckland.  The afternoon after his [very] early morning departure, TMQ learned of the crop circle that appeared while we were at Cable Bay [= 51]
 Woodborough Hill. Alton  Barnes.Wiltshire. Report 9th June  This formation shows Three objects with Tails, reminiscent of the  Three Celestial Objects  we Three ‘Witnesses’  viewed  for over an hour, early  on 13.13  🙂

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceMike 5 World=Bridger reached TMQ on Lunar Eagle which was Jud’s 23rd birthday.  Though it was too late to meet in person, we enjoyed a long telephone conversation.  Mike relayed the 3rd story of Inspiration to be shared here today.  Mike is a true 13:20 champion, and has been engaged in his defence of and by the 13 Moon Calendar for over a year now.

Mike  perfectly  exemplfies the positive effect of the 13:20 frequency upon a person who has  endured the full spectrum of the 12:60 experience.  Consequently,  the prosecution has found that their best attack is to declare him unfit to stand trial, and I was appalled and heart-broken to learn that Mike’s two sons, Joe 5 Seed and Jack 10 Monkey have been removed from his home.  Mike, in his purified state, continues to hold the 13:20 frequency and continues the daily  Cubing.  Mike, Overtone World-Bridger is an inspiration for all of us, and it appears that Kin 11 has taken note.

We can follow the example of Jud 5 Sun and Neil 12 Wizard to envision and manifest a positive and just outcome at Kin 226‘s next court appearance on Crystal Mirror [July 5th].  Let’s strategize for this important Crystal Round Table!

I flew home on Kin 15 {15.15 – 20.13 = 15.2}, with a  flight  boarding time of 15:15  🙂  The entire drive to the airport was spent engaged in a wonderful conversation with the Shuttle operator, named Arcadia.  He explained the spiritual significance of his name, which refers to two paradigms and seemed related to the ability to be two places at once, as if one had a twin.  This was another reminder of Valum Votan, his twin, and to something Mike 226  had just relayed about 11.11.

Thanks to Poet Piet 55, for sharing about another White Crystal Kin, his Mother:  Crystal Dog, who epitomizes Love and Loyalty, Guided by Spirit.

Great Gratitude to Branch 4 Sun and S’ace 9 Wind for their words which buoyed my spirits  🙂    B160 and Bolon Ik  also shared fascinating insights about the Dreamspell and The Venus Return.   Branch shared: “from the first transit of Venus in 2004 until today, 2920 days past.  This is 5 Retrogrades of Venus, each 584 days apart.  5:8 Venus retrogrades to Earths Orbits. 5×584=2920 2920 is also the Kin Eq of 60 — Galactic Sun(PV), the perfect compliment to Galactic Star(VT2) and Galactic Seed (2013TSE”

Christine 3 Skywalker [who is coded by the same kin as Jud’s fiancee] noted  that the S. Hem. Greg. date of the Venus Return:  6/6 is analogous to 6.6Rhythmic World-Bridger133‘s comment on the Dec. Solstice 2010 was my first news of Jud’s win.

Code=E 93 beautifully  anticipated Valum Votan’s Galactic Return, which B160 calculated as:  “Votans’ 103rd Synchronic Return. The Kin Eq today is  11Night,  Kin 63. Very much resonating with 11Monkey on the Blue wave-length.”  Unfortunately, the beautiful poem by Valum Votan has disappeared from Stephanie’s website;  Hopefully you had a chance to read it.  Does anyone have a copy?  2 Skywalker expressed how

“We are blessed to be living in this time. Close the cycle. Open the NOo!!

Thank You Pedrin 4 Warrior, for sharing the stunning music video of the Venus Return  🙂  I’m listening to it again while writing these words during the 7.4 Watch.  [7.4 is Mayan for 144]

Adrian 177 8 Earth is looking ahead to the next Venus Return:  “2117 the next venus return will be anaologue to 2013 as 2013+52+52=2117 Then it will be a Ressonant Storm Year (if the 13 moon calendar makes it to get there and if the planet Earth does it in first place) Transit will happen on Overtone 26 kin 41 Red Lunar Dragon”  He asks what date that will be in TMQ’s system.   I’ve only plotted the next 20 years, but, because I assign a Kin to Hunab Ku Days, the Kin will be different also;  I can hear the groans already!  🙂

I’ve enjoyed the beginning of the film that A1d7r7 shared, called ‘Vortex-based Mathematics” and look forward to listening to the last 4 hours of  Marko Rodin who  “has come up with a revolutionary system of mathematics involving whole numbers, toroidal constructs and spirituality”.

Melovia 12 Moon  shared the most recent  John Lash video whose lovely title of Double Orchestration“evokes images of  Divine  cooperation.  He details how we can cooperate with our Earth’s Goddess Sophia.  Also appreciated 129’s 13 Moon date at the end of her comment  🙂

The G-Force of today’s Guide is 19.13:

All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Thursday;  Alpha 19: Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy

May Prophecy Purify Victory of the 13 Moons Way as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.”             May Peace Regenrate the Biosphere!”    

1. 24. 12. 19.                   Cube 13:  Prophecy                    Kin 17


17 thoughts on “Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth {Nahui Ollin} falls during Blue Week 3 of the Crystal Wizard Moon

  1. Crystal Alpha 19 Kin 17

    Day 37 of 6th 113-kin Cycle
    Moon Day 23 (Sidereal)
    All-In Kin: 13.8 Red Galactic Skywalker Kin 73
    G-Force (3.13) + LC (10.9) = 13.9 Red Solar Skywalker GAP Kin 113 G-Force (3.13) + Psi (18.4) + 3K (7.13) = 8.4 Yellow Self-Existing Star GAP Kin (GM)108(X) 🙂

    Begin 4-day
    Harmonic 5 : Resonant Matrix : Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Attunement
    Codon 8 : Time of Bursting : Cosmic Awareness Transcends Space

    5.8 Hz? … Resonating Attunement and Bursting Awareness 🙂

    Saw my first rainbow in ages yesterday… remembered to do cartwheel 🙂

  2. Hello, this is a message for Poet Piet. Hopefully he will see it here, or perhaps someone can send it his way. Regarding his statement that the Murals at the Evergreen Library were destroyed or removed long ago, this is not true! I saw them a just a couple years ago, completely intact. Perhaps Piet was confused by the construction of the new library nearby, which has a staircase with the usual offwhite walls. Also, the old library was under construction for a while, so this may have also thrown off the search. Anyway, they are still there and are valued highly by enough people that they shall probably remain for quite some time. Cheers & happy cultivations!

  3. hi threefr how’zit blowin??? Happy Bloomsday.
    Hope and wish you are right and i am wrong but i fear the worst.
    Anybody care to dispell that and deliver a liddul .. you know … evidence?

    I asked the peace vigil and occupy livestreamer who blogs at and who loves to take pictures …

    … should have bribed him really ….
    he posts here too:
    … after that i figured i’d never find a more likely person to snap the staircase

    Hell not even you thought of arranging that did you .. a ‘few’ years ago?
    Perhaps that few were more than you care/dare remember, .. time flies remember .. been havin fun?

  4. those are obviously fish with diving (ehrr, ..waterfilled flying) bells
    on, …. i saw one of them fishes i grew up with but hadn’t seen for
    quite a number of years .. yesterday .. prolly really pleased with the
    generous helping of porous lava gravel that lines the hardwood
    holding the bank at water and village edge … a flat nosed superfast
    loooong predator with eyes up top, who waits in weeds to pounce
    on prey (beaverslap type spectacle).
    maybe it’s an octopus travelling cut up style … speaking of which, i
    discovered a close relative born in the year of the flood (Holland
    1953) is 8Sun and we share spell.

  5. (try again… cat on keyboard 🙂 )
    “I Organise in order to Catalyse
    Balancing Energy
    I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
    with the Rhythmic Tone of Equality
    I am guided by my own Power doubled.”

    PCU 2.8 KIN 242 (also todaya’s Occult and S’ace 3K)
    D/PCU 1.1 KIN 001 GAP
    LC 12.11 KIN 232
    P/LC 14.6 KIN 214 (same as the Year Bearer)
    D/LC (3K) 11.4 KIN 251
    P/3K 13.12 KIN 233
    CDK 7.11 KIN 167
    LC/CDK 19.9 KIN 139
    P/L/CDK 1.4 KIN 121 (contraction of todaya’s 13-Moon date)
    G-Force 9.6 KIN 149
    GF/PCU 11.1 KIN 131
    GF/LC 1.4 KIN 121 (again; also 242/2)
    GF/P/3K 2.5 KIN 122

    Cube Fifteen : VISION : Mind transforms the Telektonon of Wisdom

    CUBE POWER OF 21 : Cubes the American Plate by the Power of Eihwaz~Berkano

    “… 7 being the invisible centrepoint that holds the Cube together.” 🙂

    STORM —> SUN
    The moment between the completion of the Galactic Karmic Inbreath and the Solar Prophetic Exhalation……

    In lak’ech, Kin
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  6. I am making a G-Force Table, Kin / G-Force and vice versa… it reveals very interesting patterns….
    Kin 19 and Kin 149 are the only pair I have found (so far) that are each others’ G-Forces….

    Claire, is Kin 59 still going to be the next Year Bearer according to your system?

    • Dear Melovia 129;

      You’ll find that every Kin toned by 6 is it’s Antipode’s G-Force.
      So, there are 10 pairs of Kins that are each other’s G-Force.

      Kin 59 will not be the first day of the next year, but, to maintain the maximum amount of cohesion and least amount of disruption, without sacrificing the Truth, it feels ‘right’ for the monentuous year to be coded by 7 Storm. Hard to believe it’s only 31 days until Kin 59!

      Thanks so much 12 Moon, for all of your recent comments 🙂

      8 Mirror

    • I am so saddened and shocked to learn of Katy 10 Serpent’s sudden passing. Just looking at her Facebook page is uplifting.
      Thank you C 133 for for letting us know, and for your expression of condolence and love.

      C 138

  7. lighting vigil…
    happy ‘birth’day Horowitz

    Katy was a midwife. feels appropriate to celebrate birth
    my friend who is an eagle (katy was rotating thru eagle…) had her baby, Kingston, on white overtone worldbridger… katy’s birth+ death kin combined.
    Love to mi twin

  8. Happy Solar RetURn to oUR brother Code=E Lunar Skywalker Kin 93
    (and belated Galactic RetURn felicitations to dear S’ace o’22 as well)!
    And a lovely powerful Solstice to all. 🙂


    “I Perfect in order to Dream
    Producing Intuition
    I seal the Input of Abundance
    with the Planetary tone of Manifestation
    I am guided by the power of Magic.”

    Wow. What an amazing ‘spell’ to be coded by for a whole year and to code the Summer Solstice for everyone!

    The Long Count (16.2) + the Combined Dreamspell Kin (11.5) = 7.7, a lovely number … and Claire and I combined Kin 🙂

    The G-Force of Kin 23 (Kin 161 1.5) added to the G-Force of the Long Count Kin 236 (Kin 98 18.7) is Kin 259 Crystal Storm, which is also todaya’s 3K (Long Count and Dreamspell combined). That’s got to be a bit of an unusual coincidence! (259 is also 129’s Antipode Kin)

    And on a more ‘planetary’ note, this article: “The High Tech Hobbits of Trout Gulch” These guys are living the dream… Awesome!

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