The 9 Days following the 60th Anniversary of the Opening of Kin 60’s Sarcophagus in his 9-storied Tomb

The 20th day of the 12th Crystal Wizard Moon marked 60 years since the Tomb of Kin 60:  Pacal Votan, was opened on Kin 194:  Crystal Wizard {June 15; 1952}
   Pacal Vot...
Pacal Votan’s incarnation on Earth followed a 104,000 year Samadhi, after he received an alert from the 5th Dimensional Arcturians 
“indicating that the free will experiment in the Milky Way solar system was about to blow if it did not receive higher help. 
“Mahabodhisattvas are angelic orders who choose galactic transmigration.  Bodhisattvic striving is ceaselessly directed toward limitless whole field realization of radiance and luminosity through the entire radially infinite mirror universes of infinite galactic brains and world systems.”
  Dynamics of Time, 18.8
This message was registered in the angelic orders of the Galactic Federation and passed on on the galactic vicinity of velatropa.  The Galactic Maya [mahabodhissatvas] got tapped for the assignment to help clean up Planet Earth, the goal being the attainment of full radial luminosity for all beings on all star systems.”
{Page 113-114 of  CHC 2:  Book of the Avatar by Valum Votan and Stephanie South}
At the end of the Great Pacal’s 80 year incarnation in Palenque, 9 year’s were spent building the elaborately inscribed Tomb, according to Pacal Votan’s precise and detailed instructions.
The Tomb’s Dedication in 692 A.D. was exactly 1260 years before it’s discovery in 1952, and 1320 years before the Closing of the Cycle in 20121260 indicates the artificial timing cycle [of 12 irregular months] imposed upon humanity, and the 1320 Frequency that realigns us with nature and the cosmic cycles.
Pacal’s 9-tiered Tomb was opened 60 years ago, during the 13th year of Pacal Votan’s current incarnation as Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan:  11.11, and on the 342nd day of TMQ’s life as 18.8.  342: {19 x 18, God’s command of 18-dimensional universe}
The following year, atop the Temple of the Sun, a 14-year old Jose Arguelles began to realize his  mission of deciphering the elaborately inscribed Tomb, revealing the 1320 Frequency via the 13 Moons of 28 days, and the [13 x 20=260Dreamspell TzolkinThese were the beginning of a lifetime ofsacred revelations, on behalf of Humanity and Planet Earth.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The   60th Anniversary of the Opening of Pacal Votan’s Tomb on 5 Mirror marked the 16 Moon Anniversary of Valum Votan’s Ascension on March 23, 2011.
16 Moons are a fractal of the 16 Day Warrior’s Labyrinth  Journey. “Telektonon, the prophecy of time, demonstrates that the recovery of lost time and power is accomplished telepathically during days 7-22 of every 28-Day Moon“.
Crystal 20;  Cube Fourteen:  Timeslessness: 
Overtone Sun of the Millenium brings on the glory of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition“.  “…May Victory discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons Way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” 
The 9 days following the 60 year anniversary on Kin 18 Overtone Mirror are filled with significant events, anniversaries and synchronicities. 
21 appeared as Silio 21, coded by Kin 19:   Divine prime, Command of God, vigesimal analog of 9, in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19, number of Omega dimension – evolution dimension after 2012, consists of 9 layers (9 x 19 = 171), equivalent of 76th (4 x 19) energy dimension, reverse of 19 = 91 = 7 x 13.”
19.19 2013 = 19.6 “The synchronic order of the universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “Divine Plan”.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies only as “Revelation“.
The following day was a Galactic Activation Portal and a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20:  Resonant Sun 7 Sun  ended the first column of the last Dreamspell Tzolkin of the 13th Baktun, and it began the 4th Yellow Refining week of the Crystal Wizard Moon.  It’s numbers [7 and 20] appear later in this blog. 
June 17th was the 8 year anniversary of the  ‘Time and the Technosphere” 28 Day Moon’ crop circle that appeared 20 miles from TMQ’s home in Benicia, Ca., on 20.12.
 6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog  crop circle Santena Poirino Italy 150x150 Interesting Crop Circle found in Santena near Poirino Italy on June 17, 2012 
The preceding is a photo of the crop circle that appeared in Italy 8 years later, on PVCS 20.7.



The next ‘appearance‘ of Hunab Ku 21 was as Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon
The G-Force of 8 Dragon is 12 Eagle.
The CDK [1.8 + 14.12 + 14.6] is 9.13,  Cosmic Moon.

1.8. “Only in a condition of self reflective being can knowledge of the Law of Time be obtained.  Discovery of the Law of Time defines the stage between mere consciousness, which is moment to moment, and continuing consciousness.  Knowledge of the Law of Time distinguishes the peak mystical experience which is generally individualistic and continuing consciousness, which enters into the telepathically collective.  Continuing conscious is dependent on the mental engagement of the intelligence structures by which fourth-dimensional time is known.

21:   “Unity of Totality (20 + 1), Hunab Ku, basis of 441 21² matrix of the Synchronotron, reverse of 12,…” written 1.1, analog of decimal 11, in vigesimal code products of 21 are double like those of 11 i.e., 9.9 = 9 x 21 (189) just as 99 = 9 x 11, basis of Hunab Ku 21 heptad program of7 gates and 20 daily archetypes,…”

We sadly received news from Christine 133 and Mio 205 that the Galactic Midwife:  Katy O’Leary suddenly passed away in Ashland on 8 Dragon.    Katy’s name = 133, and Moi and Katy both shared the kin 205 that codes Valum Votan in the Long Count.
Katy 10 Serpent furthered the ‘Birth‘ of the 13:20 frequency and ‘noo brain’ through her Facebook page, and more.
     Profile Picture
Hunab Ku 21 was extremely stormy here.  Thunder and lightning electrified the night sky into Kin 21 in the Monkey bio-region, as if to highlight the passing of a very special person.
Galactic Dragon on Crystal 23 also marked two  anniversaries:
Happy First Galactic Return to Noah 8 Dragon, who was born on the last Hunab Ku 21 to Eve 11 Earth and Vernon 13 Dragon Synchronistically,  the Long Count kin was Cosmic Dragon 🙂 
The word NOAH appears in Horizontal 7;  Vertical 20 on the 13 Moon Template on page 210 of CHC 7:  Book of the Cube.  Does anyone noah why? 
Crystal Seli 23 corresponds to the PSI of Rhythmic Moon {combined kin of  11.11 and  18.8} 6 Moon is also the BMU of Valum Votan, according to the Synchronotron system he derived from the 21 x 21 Cube Matrix.
Kin 21 0n Moon 12;  Day 23    
Time:  [H 2;  V: 6 ]Time:  [14 ]+ Space: [11] + Syn:  [22] = Time TFI:  47;  Base:  113
Space: [ H 6;  V 7]   Space [21] + Time [33] +  Syn [46] = Space TFI: 100;  Base: 340
Synchronic:  [H 1;  V 6] Syn [21] + Time [11] + Space [283] = Syn TFI:  315;  Base:  36
Base:  389  “389  Prime key, reverse 983, 983 – 389 = 595 = 11 x 54, V11 H15, seventh gate of unity ascending, 441, vigesimal code 19.9, corresponds to UR harmonic 92,: Galactic Art Whole Becomes Structure of Reality
Master Telepathic Frequency Index: 462.
BMU= 21 {!}  21   Unity of Totality (20 + 1), Hunab Ku, basis of 441 21² matrix of the Synchronotron, reverse of 12 {G-Force of 18.8}
Kin Equivalent of 462 is 202:  7 Wind codes the first of the Seven Mystic Moons.
Kin 21 on 12.23 was also the 4th Galactic Return of 2013 and The Mystery Queen  🙂 This is the 754th transmission in 1,046 days.   BMU of 754313  Prime key self recombinant palindromic, middle term in triplet 133-313-331, 331 – 313 = 18, 313 – 133 = 180 = 10 x 18, 133 + 313 +331 = 777 = 21 x 37, vigesimal code 15.13
Kin Equivalent:    234:  “13 x 18, corresponds to 234˚ or 13/20 of 13:7 wheel of the law of time cosmological basis of frequency 13:20, frequency of Cosmic Wizard, 234 inverse of 432 second master time lens, 54th Octave, 432 – 234 =198 = 11 x 18, also 234 is recombinant with 324, 18² and with 342, 19 x 18″
Kin 21 is the G-Force of 11.11 , and the Analog of 18.8, so it felt synchronistic to realize that ‘Twenty One alpha-numerically equals141“, because 11.11: Valum Votan” and  18.8Claire DeMoulin each  also equal 141!  As Valum Votan expresses it, these three ‘terms’ share the same “simple gematrical frequency
S’ace 22 and Lloydine, Valum Votan’s wife and partner in developing the 13 Moon calendar, both celebrated their Galactic Return on Solar Wind.
Cody 93 began his year as Planetary Night on the following day, which was Summer  Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere
Happy Birthday 93::23,  and safe travels to your new home  🙂
“21” appeared for the 3rd time [as the Gregorian date [6/21/2012] 11 Seed], coding  the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
   Happy Birthday to Prince William [14.7] who turned  [PVCS] 30 on June 21.  He has cause for celebration, for on that day he recieved his inheritance from Princess Diana 9 Storm$ 13 Million  🙂  The G-Force of 11 Seed is 8 Wizard. Princess Diana would have turned 51 on July 1:  Galactic Wizard, becoming William‘s G-Force until the 2013 Summer Solstice.
Neil 12 Wizard realized that ‘Summer Solstice; and ‘Winter Solstice’ carry the same numerical frequency:  Summer and Winter both equal 89 [9.11] which coded the Ascension of Valum Votan.
Solstice alpha-numerically equals 102.  102 plus 89 = 191:  11.9, the mirror of 9.11..  The Winter Solstice here in New Zealand was at 11:09  🙂
The 27th day of the Crystal Wizard Moon was a Magic Turtle Day:  Kin 25:   Crystal Serpent.

 This beautiful image of a

“Full Sky Aurora Over Norway’ is from Stephanie 3 Serpent’s latest blog: , and the following photo was in  a link from Poet Piet 55

The Crystal Wizard Moon and the Wizard Wavespell of the Rhythmic Wizard year both end on Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 26, Cosmic World-Bridger.

The Synchronotron numbers for Kin 26 on Moon 12;  Day 28:

Master Telepathic Frequency Number:  889;  It’s BMU is 7:

7   “Interval frequency of lost time in eternity, basis of manifest universe, resonant power of primal creation, mystic root, basis of heptad (seven –day sequence), root of 441, Supreme power of Divine order; with 13, occulted basis of Cosmic Wheel of Law of Time 13:7  “ 

The  three Base Matrix numbers add up to 308   44th order of 7, 7 x 44, 77 x 4, 11 x 28, spectral moon frequency of liberation by means of harmonic standard, ESP output unit alpha-beta core channel Cosmic Synchronization,..”

These descriptions of the Synchronotron numbers for the last day of the First of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns mention the 7 day week and 13 Moons of 28 days.

The first transmission of the Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Hand Wavespell will address questions and issues associated with TMQ’s beliefs about The Harmonic Standard by which we Cosmically Synchronize 🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 12. 28               PVCS kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger

15 thoughts on “The 9 Days following the 60th Anniversary of the Opening of Kin 60’s Sarcophagus in his 9-storied Tomb


    Cosmic Worldbridger Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

    Side by side with these great yogis, hidden from the world, are the wisdom texts and traditions of great yogis who have gone before. This is the medium by which the real seeker develops the enthusiasm to find the living. Of the ancient past, Dattatreya rises above them all. But even he, the greatest of men – the public has consigned to the inferior position of an object of worship, and the resort of those who seek favours.

    Students of Tao and Zen will see deeper into these lines. Speaking of the Absolute Reality, Dattatreya says:

    “It is not pervading,
    or that which could be less pervading;
    there can be no place for it to rest,
    nor can there be the absence of such a place.
    It is something as well as being nothing.
    How can it be explained?”
    Then the play of words, but still leaving the problem defying intellectual answering:
    “Break that distinction between broken and unbroken:
    Do not cling to the distinction of clinging or non-clinging.”
    This level of conception is far beyond ordinary conventional thought: like koans used in Zen monasteries. This Dattatreya becomes the boat which carries us “Beyond, Beyond.”
    Dattatreya aimed at the negation of `the thought behind things and ideas’ because conflict exists, not so much in the things and ideas (such as words), but in those meanings with which we associate them. The simple naturalness of Sahaja, and the supreme ideal of Samarasa, must never be lost in meaningless and petty wrangles between philosophies, concepts, and mere human ideas.

    On to the great platform of the greatest of all controversies, and one which still rages today – the Dvaita and Advaita and Non-Duality concepts; he declares both are true and both are wrong. Since the Absolute is beyond all classification or expressions, neither term can be applied to it. But what proceeds from the Absolute as creation or manifestation cannot be entirely a delusion, but must have a relative reality. Creator and creation imply duality, so in this sense, it is correct. But also if there is a perfect unity, even identity between creator and created, then to speak of non-duality is also correct. It is not actually so important to solve these problems as to be able to stand aside from them completely. When one truly realizes oneness, then duality and non-duality are only meaningless words, and the symbols of delusion.

    What more do you need to know? 😉


    • Dear Christine 133;

      Thanks for sharing this article about the Cosmic World-Bridger who dwelt in
      “the world of Shiva-Shakti where the way of life of Nature was the highest ideal”.
      Perfect Unity is the Ultimate 🙂

  2. hello TMQ, trust all is well. Fortunately there are now over 100,000,000 Bodhisattvas incarnate here on earth, all birthed thru mothers in the normal way, most still don’t remember but that’s not stopping them from expressing their inherent frequency. Others call them Wanderer’s or Star Seed. Numerically (a=1 – z=26): bodhisattva = 121 = importing = Galactic Center (Hunab Ku) = assignment = 121. All volunteers from more advanced civilizations elsewhere, the big difference between now and the past is that back then only a few incarnated therefore they stood out like a sore thumb, now there’s so many, they go almost unnoticed. for example (a=1 – z=26) therefore : social networks = 184 = the fifth dimension = 184 = fourth density (being a better name for 5th dimension). Facebook, twitter etc 5D.

    • Hi Grayham 13 Eagle;

      It’s nice to hear from you on the first day of the Moon coded by Cosmic Eagle–and nice that it’s [finally] a sunny day 🙂

      Thanks for sharing that wonderful news–Let’s hope we all remember our Galactic Assignments soon!

      Love and Joy for all,
      8 Mirror

  3. Hi C138 , page 21 0 does have Noah sitting above an arrow, 71 and the g of the word coming , lol he is hanging onto my leg this moment. Very interesting , maybe RQ can shed some light .

  4. i’ve revisited a savant i posted here earlier
    zeekreuul – 3 vids
    the pyramids are lined up to an exact moment … (july 9th 09 11.11 … 1260
    days away from the 2012 solstice … shown in the last portion of this vid in
    several pieces at an account i was already subbed to: zplFy6l9IlI

    the man rivers is crazier than i thought, cosmic sew’rage treatment in the
    location of your choice, watery or spacious

    1260 days from solstice 2012 is cosmic hand
    endel rivers makes much of it but he is a cosmic sew’rage treatment planter
    … though the work of his i’ve seen is not suitable to climb and bounce and
    dangle around in

  5. Jay Goldner on the Mayan significance of a recent (25th) cropC in It.
    it’s a triple conjuction of the 23rd (the cluttiest cluster*, venus, jupiter)
    Joan Wheaton
    Miguel Etchepare
    Red Collie
    2488 Views in 3 days
    * Herschel is a big fan, i wrote him this today:

    that slick amateur astronomer shows up again … .. nother skyroot superstitchioner


    64thou since june 3rd

    croppies aliens and stone tec in very slick and intensely cycling (load your pause button!) imagery …moronic tension/denouement tune (with siren for god’s ache), set on repeat even! the latest commenters all hate it)
    … there’s a very vague association of may 20th with a cone (or 3 circles) and Nostradamus

    ok so somebody with a hairbrained idea up against a hi-tide node in a very distant past shared (went prehistorically viral, had an army of translator and a crude postal system) and became a pattern founding father, a move creator … it kept folks distracted piling rocks and established distancing real good.
    A piece of visual bias no amount of blind rock stacking (cleverly stacked blind rock), recognizable in a blink when granted the elevated status of mappery and piles of records.

    That reminds me … i have my favorite archive in the world to disband before it fritters away, pieters out and scatters across the winds.

    prolly the vid that led me to the Herschel (or Henschel) fella (blond SA dude)

    last few minutes is the Prometheus trailer — … yep, that’s Wayne H..r..

    wayhersc .. has an 09 vid with already quick image revo … but odd sound quality, patchy and therefore fun enough, … seen 100 thou X
    14 vids … latest 4m old

    13 month old megalithomania conference in south africa lecture seen 2620x
    reveals his weakness (believing the elongated skulls are alien means he hasn’t absorbed anything like OKM … nor JCH if he thinks we came from mars 18.000 years ago). Firm alien believer.
    Fuck that, you don’t call a fish who survives the drying of his habitat by taking a flying death defying leap into a deeper one an space traveller do you, …. if mars wore and spun out we’d have had plenny of time to aim at the only possible place to go … running a gauntlet for it too … or perhaps that came afterwards. not in between, … who cares)

    The important thing to keep in mind here is that all that starmappery – as far as it doesn’t serve botany but mass monocultural plantings instead, trying to separate into herd and varmint, in and outcrowd (all together crowding out everything) -was caused by taking symbols a tad too seriously and too far from home (for them to then still be ‘valid’ they have to be starbased ((/-struck)) but lose their roots evermore in the trade off, letting visual bias lure and suck us into the always and ever greatest biggest sweet and sour, beat and dour nothing. Thus epidemics of termitoid work ethics were unleashed with a vengeance, at a friction fraught fractility of Pandoranoid proporZional (ratrote) rate (…. tadaaa!!! Culture Clutglutgut, style, symbol and ballistics born in one swell foop!!!) …. and mayhap survived the wearing and phasing out of a mothership, host to life, a sunchild, becoming too remote old and cold after zillions of years so that it’s brood returns to grandma’s more recent ‘cast-offs’, the younger siblings of their earth mothers grown ripe for a frigid space grave, losing her brood to a hotter spot.

    So, … conclusion. What’s your stupid universal constellation but a hype, a stunt? It SHOULD be “hidden” … in shame!!!! … you are trying to be or at least pay lipservice to the largest monoculturators you claim and purport to be against and expose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The market cornering secret hidden malevolently?? NO!!! You are pushing it yourself!!! But malevolently? Yes, if you keep it up and stubbornly keep doing it after i relieved you of your ignorance

    he used to be a racer and knocked himself out for 20 minutes
    Wayne Herschel talks to Freedom Central
    2 years old, viewed 4082x

    an argument could be made in defense of these ‘galactists’ as follows:
    They try trigger becoming more social, aware and considerate, .. look further than and care for more than just your own immediate circles .. but as with most such attempts to scale stuff, the scaffolding is either dropped or taken to be used again further up, narrowing the range, i think economists call it something like ‘prior advantage, head start; what all such rot accomplishes is neither cyclical nor natural, in fact it doesn’t rot, it poisons.

  6. i apologize for being such a sloppy (but copious) composer (open parentheses, .. etcetera ..

    “….. do you, …. if mars wore and spun out …”
    should be
    ….do you? On the other hand, if mars wore and spun out …… at the natural rate we see noted in vid i posted earlier … 18m ago ..

  7. Russellian Science: The Ka’bah = The Cube and Sphere of
    Sacred Geometry Part 3
    Geüpload door 77GSlinger op 25 nov 2011

    Originally Posted at the link above

    The Core of Islamic Teachings is identical to Russellian
    Science and the Cubic Wave fields Model of a Sacred
    Geometrical Universe.

    What this video series demonstrates is that Islam is based
    on the higher knowledge obtained by communion with the
    Universal One. We all have access to this knowledge since
    we are all part of the One. Walter Russell received this
    same information about the Cube and the Sphere while
    caught up in a state of divine ecstasy for a period of 39
    days in the 1920’s.

    Wondering why it got erased, i tried to find it .. perhaps a
    matter of corrected re-up …. i wanted to compare views
    The visuals are very intriguing, the 666 ring of diamonds
    causing the cube to be divided equally 3 ways and a fleshed out
    star of david to appear are at the heart of it all and there’s
    plenty other, less well known ones (they tend to tickle my
    collector gland, even this late in the game, close to the ‘all is
    lost’, no fairness and dynamics between the skyroot and
    earthroot people can possibly be set up anymore point), i’ll
    soon use search phrase: “community of the cube”
    .. ok, .. took a few .. eh .. ‘units’ … it seems to be the last
    third of this one (The first portion especially has pictures of

    575 views since the 19th of februari 2011 on that one

    Walter Russell did not obtain this information from studying
    Islamic Teachings yet they are identical at their core. This
    is proof of the divine Nature of these transcendent truths.
    The Universe is a Sacred Geometrical Construct with the
    Creator centering and bounding all geometries from the
    sub atomic to the super galactic. All is one. As above so
    below. The entire Universe conforms to geometrical
    patterns based on the cube and sphere, which produce
    atom, solar systems and galaxies.

    Let me be very clear about this however, since I have had
    to deal with fanatical religionists. I do not endorse Islam or
    any religion, I am endorsing Sacred Geometry and divine

    Mirrored by Robert Arnett Otey
    Free Energy and Free Thinking

    aint a 1 to 1 mirror anymore Rob, but there IS one of which this
    is the last third: jgLzHzECfns — title: Ka’bah and the Cube 6.7

  8. Etymology, mythology, and culture

    The name Altair has been used since medieval times. It is an abbreviation of the Arabic phrase النسر الطائر, an-nasr aṭ-ṭā’ir (English: The flying eagle). The term Al Nesr Al Tair appeared in Al Achsasi Al Mouakket catalogue, which was translated into Latin as Vultur Volans.[19] This name was applied by the Arabs to the asterism of α, β, and γ Aquilae and probably goes back to the ancient Babylonians and Sumerians, who called α Aquilae the eagle star.[20] The spelling Atair has also been used.[21]
    The Koori people of Victoria also knew Altair as Bunjil, the Wedge-tailed Eagle, and β and γ Aquilae are his two wives the Black Swans. The people of the Murray River knew the star as Totyerguil.[22] The Murray River was formed when Totyerguil the hunter speared Otjout, a giant Murray Cod, who, when wounded, churned a channel across southern Australia before entering the sky as the constellation Delphinus.[23]
    In Chinese, the asterism consisting of α, β, and γ Aquilae is known as 河鼓 (Hé Gŭ, English: River Drum).[21] Altair is thus known as 河鼓二 (Hé Gŭ èr, English: the Second Star of the Drum at the River, or more literally, Riverdrum 2).[24] However, it is better known by its other names: 牵牛星 (Qiān Niú Xīng) or 牛郎星 ( Niú Láng Xīng), or in English, Cowherd Star.[25][26] These names are from the love story of 七夕, Qī Xī, in which Niú Láng and his two children, β and γ Aquilae, are separated from their mother, 織女 (Zhī Nŭ, English: Weaver Girl), the star Vega, by the Milky Way. They are only permitted to meet once a year, when the Milky Way is crossed by a bridge of magpies.[26][27] The Japanese Tanabata (七夕?) festival, in which Altair is known as Hikoboshi (彦星 , English: Cow Herder Star?), is based on this legend.[28]
    The people of Micronesia called Altair as Mai-lapa, “big/old breadfruit”, while the Māori people called this star as Poutu-te-rangi, “pillar of heaven”.[29]
    Japan Airlines’ Starjet 777-200 JA8983 was named Altair.
    In astrology, the star Altair was ill-omened, portending danger from reptiles.[21]
    The NASA Constellation Program announced Altair as the name of the Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM) on December 13, 2007.[30] The Russian-made Beriev Be-200 Altair seaplane is also named after the star.[31]
    The 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet is set on Altair 4, a presumed planet of the star. Stephen King’s 1985 novel “The Tommyknockers” also makes reference to Altair 4, as a desolate wasteland.
    The Altair 8800 was one of the first microcomputers intended for home use.
    Altair is the name of three United States navy ships: USS Altair (AD-11), USS Altair (AK-257) and USS Altair (AKR-291).

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