Galactic Activation Portal Kin 39: 13 Storm codes Limi 13 of the 13th Cosmic Moon

CAUAC       Kin 39

Blue Cosmic Storm

Blue Cosmic Night
Red Cosmic Moon Blue Cosmic Storm Yellow Cosmic Sun
  White Magnetic Wind
I endure in order to catalyze, transcending energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
This is a very  Cosmic and Synchronistic day!  That feels appropriate for Kin 39, which the Synchronotron Number Dictionary describes as“the  coordinating frequency of the matrix of Cosmic Synchronization’
Happy Birthday to Neil Crystal Wizard  🙂   Neil’s 53rd year is coded by Kin 39, whose G-Force is Kin5313.1,  Quetzalcoatl.
As the First Solar Witness [12 Wizard],  Neil is the G-Force of Kin  PVCS 60:   Pacal Votan.
Tomorrow we will celebrate our birthdays on PVCS 40.  Neil’s name [14+5+9+12] = [SGF simple gematrical frequency]  40  🙂
 Even the Greg. Month [7] and day [6] equal 13.
 The Analog is 20.13, and the Antipode is 9.13:  Cosmic Moon, [ 9.13 is the G-Force for TMQ’s year as 43:  4 Night ], and it reiterates  this Cosmic day of the Cosmic Moon.
Here are the Synchrontron numbers for triple Cosmic  this day:
Moon 13;  Day 13:  H: 15;  V:  2:  T = 74;  Sp = 192;  Sy = 57.  Time TFI = 323 
Space Matrix:  H:  8;  V:  5:  Sp = 39;  T = 154; Sy = 8.  Space TFI = 201 201 frequency of kin 201, 6 Dragon, Rhythmic Moon-out-of -Time, 2012-2013 (Moon in which old cycle closes)
Synchronic Matrix:  H: 4;  V: 21:  Sy = 39,  T = 17;  Sp = 316.  Syn TFI = 372 “372:“Infinite mind wave evolves infinitely, vigesimal code 18.12″ 18.12:   Crystal Mirrorcodes the crop circle shown below, and most of the Earth as these words are written  🙂
323 + 201 + 372 =MTFI:   896BMU [896 – 882] = 54, the SGF for LOVE.  “54.   9 x 6, [This Moon:  15.13 + year:  14.6 = 9.6 = 11.11 + 18.8] 18 x 3, 27 x 2, root frequency lunar wizard, base of higher order of star codes. x 2 = 108, x 4 = 216, x 8 = 432, x 16 = 864 (master time lens), x 32 = 1728 (12³) , x 52 = 2808, factor of velocity of God particle. discoveredthis week–abc-news-tech.html  'God Particle' 'Discovered': European Researchers Claim Discovery of Higgs Boson-Like Particle (ABC News)
The respective  Base Matrix numbers:  130 +  300 + 18 = 348.  348   29 x 12, 6 x 58, 87 x 4, 116 x 3, 174 x 2,
Temple of the cosmic constant, vigesimal code, 17.8′ 
Today  19.13 +  TMQ 18.8 = 17.8  🙂  17.8 codes A1d7r7, the Galactic Navigator  🙂
Today’s Guide is Cosmic Eagle, which codes the ] and this Cosmic  Eagle Moon.
Blue Cosmic Storm
Red Cosmic Serpent Blue Cosmic Eagle Yellow Cosmic Seed
  White Magnetic Worldbridger
I endure in order to create,  transcending mind.
I seal the output of vision with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
The Analog for this Cosmic Eagle Moon is Kin 104:  Cosmic Seed
   104 years ago, on June 30, 1908, the huge ‘ Tunguska Blast’ happened in Siberia on Kin 33,  7 Skywalker.   Trees were flattened in an area of 850 square miles, and the skies of Europe  were lit up for several days after a large comet exploded just above the impact site.
Exactly 104 years later, it was 13.7 on Moon 13;  day 7  🙂
The G-Force of  the Cosmic Eagle Moon is  Kin 209:  Magnetic Moon.
1 Moon is the first day after the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand, which is coded by Cosmic Star.
Tomorrow, PVCS 40 begins the Magnetic Sun Wavespell of Universal Fire and Enlightenment.  It is the last complete Wavespell of the Rhythmic Wizard year.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThank You S’ace 22  and Poet Piet 55 for your comments  🙂
Thanks to Christine 133 for your two comments that came in [at the “Nine days…” blog]  as the last [“7.0 Earthquake…”] was being posted.
Great Gratitude to the Star People for this “Inter-Dimensional Signal”  which appeared hours after the “7.0 Earthquake” transmission was published.
Note the two HEARTS for ears, and the 13 Cosmic circles [Moons]
 of this expanding‘ JOYOUS being  🙂 
The SGF of ‘Boreham Woods’ is 138:  White Galactic Mirror  🙂  🙂  🙂
This  Second of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns correlates to The Second Mystic Moon  which is coded by Galactic Night 15.13 + 3.8 = 18.8;  Galactic Mirror  🙂
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all!”
1. 24. 13. 13.              Cube 7:  Accomplishment           GAP Kin 39

14 thoughts on “Galactic Activation Portal Kin 39: 13 Storm codes Limi 13 of the 13th Cosmic Moon

  1. i hope that’s one of them famous manmade ones … … is it an earthworm thingie .. john liu connection?

    remember i mentioned the electrical guitar into the field toting spindleheir who nicked himself ‘lotusocean’ here before?
    He’s a number three (and other threefoldage) fanatic, convinced he’s one to one with the croppers … oh hey, he IS (in fact) going out there to (‘honour’ ((cough, ‘scuse)) them with his) play(clay .. name that key madame moulin) for them i guess. Nature lover w heart in rite place .. of some sort, and i could leave it at that, were it not for this (sent to one of his groupies):

    Arbor Resonance
    hey, since the guy blocks me, i’ll post this here:
    hey, i found your long lost brother
    only 3 videos there, (THREE), bound to mean the world to you.

    i link to one of them but first, to sweeten such a raw deal*, my latest conventional music value one (which i had to listen to over 20 times right off:

    i am sure the road from guitar to rock enhanced watering can (‘gieter’ in dutch) is gonna be very tough, it’s hi-tide for arms rite now but this man is leading the charge in to the field of false flags very valiantly ..

    Lotusocean’s long lost brother
    marcel huard
    One could write a book about philantropy, tanking thoughts, captains chiefs and generals (if you insist on distracting from burrowing rabidoids), all of which end up attempting make up and repair effort that don’t quite manage to reverse regrettably right wing profitable type abusury of nerdy peccadillos (noodlin doodlins weaponized, begins with and remains childplay as long as you can convince the labeled (expressly for this remotation/periphringe surfing) ‘decent and respectable’ classes that it’s fine to let their children play with toyweapons (jetfighter ads get full page spread and top billing in the daily status tally in the vaunted defense of their PeacePrince (but in reality the raucous rabble rousing sides of Al-Qaida founder who got attributed the clean trouble making white god’s attitude / insight / practice .. all the better to crucify the fuck out of him. We are Messianic as a whole, the individual is expendable cause we always keep 10% on hand for propaganda purposes.

    Makes the righty hatred for lefty trust fund babies (of which marcel is a fine specimen of course, but i’ve seen them go off on drugs and die recklessly a lot more often) a bitter irony indeed, especially when we’re talking intelligently pacifist ones. One in 4 million years according to that very early pioneer of david starring constellation, one could matricize the 6×6 and postpone resolution yet longer but i abdicate abstain, refrain in favour of a more grounded portion.

    yall know there’s a kind of earthworm that travels vertically it’s entire life, rite? So .. how’d you like a (hard to top spin therein) spinning top tale ‘at’ this ‘point’ (along that AxIS of LIVE traffic)?


    , … it concerns duh liddul switchswaleswellswooshshplat sequence i lived yesterday concerning wormfeed which involved a cross village chase — with bucketful strapped onto the bike luggage rack (peddling the 40 year old bike my dad bought new then) — of the compost container trucks — which gulps down all the green containers lining the curbside every second thunderday … while gardens are quite minimal here, although the hi-rises of Rotterdam are seen in one and dairy pasture in the other direction from either edge of it — roadblocks, bullock burdens and old bones .. culminating in using the by then empty bucket to clean the black globsplattered facade, flung there by 3 8 year olds, one of which was brave enough to face the music and not flee. Of course i rewarded him with a few mud/bucket (air filled accordeon shear expandable trainwagons going up and down rails in an 8-9 story high acquarium, etcetera. He took the opportunity to show off his diving tricks and wouldn’t let me send him home .. till finally i was the first to leave. flinging black mud he dredge/dove up from in front of the ‘ijsclub’ (ice[skater]club ((which has prolly seen use only 8 days out of the last 13 years .. maybe 9)

    Oh … and then there were the crashes yesterday which broke off an earlier composition concerning Cernunnos which i was gonna adress to a chicken co(-)op carpenter .. but have yet to finish.

    * in the event i develop alzheimer i am gonna write a will wherein i divide my assets 4 ways, one for a white, another for a black, the next for a red and finally one for a yellow Crest. Round the edge of the pole hole, surrounding the whole pole. Dance!! with!! reason!! to!!(o)!!!!!

    dust traffic regulation
    traffic dust jubilation
    bombs on iraq = katrina in the gulf
    (afrisynergy insisted on such one on one correspondence between bushypushy cabbals (kabaal = noise pollution, trade floor decibellicosity … whereas ‘kabbel’ = calm waterlaps, -licks and [-]moves)

    numonoids try to ban/pin/pen the wild( n stormy) words onto/into their properly ritualizable slots but the move from (the diagrammature in/of) michelvec’s latest vids to a proper (at least 3D) octahedron??? Suffice it here to emphasize we have a four(sixeighttwelve)foldage prob here (at least)

    contouringz? swale/dam m reliefmapping, faking 3 w 2? Russelian thought flats/discs / planes

  2. croppies are:
    carriers/actors on out and forward of grainfield karma
    some of the heaviest lies connected to thatfor sure: for starters. But egyptologists are no better, assuming folks would leave house and home for pyramid work camp … then again, playing with water would have been a fine reason / bait and beginning of megalomania.

    akin to ANONs, OWSers and the quiet gifts that keep such sacrificial circuses going, ashamed to detract from lifelong friends with such an accusatory act yet guilt and remorse filled enough to just have to ‘give’ (nt exactly nor wholly ill gotten ((but certainly primal hunger driven)) wealth)

    you will get ill if you don’t use your ill averting will .. the too closeness … the failing distro …. the gifts from above wanted down below and as here, so too on the other end of the world .. whence the (re)quester casts a sinoid grimace. Hoppy BDyall, get yar white ass back into the white race loving arms defence race

    slightly reworded portion of comment before last here:
    .. my point being that there might be an either or divide here: letter, number, sign and symbol patterns cylcing through tightly arranged choreographies constellating grid sequences, moire patterns, shifts and rotations which form a staple mainstream substitute for psychedelicious eye and mind openers (the real ones are always and only the backyard permietude type. I mean . I say dump the program opening and closing as well as the segment punctuating (abstract) animations in favor of SIFTING GRIT, WATERING DUST AND FEEDING THE COMPOST … TO WORMS, haven’t we seen enough weaponized nerdism, savantoid genius matrology?

  3. v=myNexKPMmy4

    i will not comply-flat out fuck you

    masterofmanythings1 on about legalistic roadblocks between farmer and consumer

    this got me started If your as fed up as i am please support #OpStopTheBullshit join us here

    during the writing of this comment i got interrupted by (about 5 or 6) serious crashprobs .. i hope it’s the little nifty multipronged plug i just clicked off, visible in the bottom left corner next to the lock … Netscape Composer features. I have remained faithful too this program since around 97. That means i am a moron right?

    ps (the next day, after instruction by tmq):
    no i was a moron for not keeping my calendarclockface clean, as i scold ‘my’ (black)bird for not washing his beak everytime he comes begging raisins. He’s got 2 or 3 juvies to feed now and has begun taking over the haunts of last year’s pair who did 4 young their 3rd nest last year. I have defended their right to a rest by feeding the new kid on the other side of the house mostly so far.

    Whenever you find no there there#, be sure ‘they’ were/are there … hell, this morning (on dutch radio -used to be non-commercial but was never impartial) THEY even claimed/admitted gravity/mass is distributed .. and that’s what makes it mass!!!! Hahaahaahaahhhh!!!!!!!
    Higgs Boson Bullpitpullyarleg … then again, it’s an arguellan theory now.

    * –

    hIGGS bOSON bullshit with ferment
    I’ll take my bullshit straight to the compost without the side dish/boost, thank you

    # – “there there”
    … aging Stein came back on a lecture tour to Oakland in the 30’s and she looked for the house she grew up in. But when she got there, she couldn’t find the house. Her home was gone.
    + pics and 3 comments
    ———— .. about pride of place. …

    nope, just a t-shirt bussiness

    What is behind the oft quoted stein phrase “there is no there there”?
    The quote “There is no there there” appears in Stein’s Book _Everybody’s Autobiography_. When Stein returned to California on her lecture tour to the United States in the 1930s, she wanted to visit her childhood home in Oakland, CA. She records that she could not find the house. Hence, “there is no there there.” –Sonja Streuber

    back to HB theory
    Like, .. true democracy in there eh?
    But … is it a prolongation of the invisible hand the anonymous, no ties, spontaneity but also raid, stash and secrecy condoning and fast boy suiting and facilitating invisible handmedownerz????

    It truly is a complex puzzle and could as easily be read as grand co-optation of homeopathy: best and most pressures can and ARE built from … dilution, from tiniest and furthest off but nevertheless constituently groupable elementality .. a last ditch desparate attempt to distract from earth roots by telling you about galactic pollen dances, Drew Hempel has it that Arguelles belongs to, can be classed and actually worked with Puharich and intentional radiation tweaked evolution sectarians, you know, like the chemtrail type strenghts /concentrations / dilutions wielders. My direct competitors in the scatterbusiness a la John Hamaker (who, one cannot say, began at the wrong end, the top. His counsel was garden and farm oriented first and foremost; a true homesteader, who did his last move way into his fifties or sixties).

    Apropo that momentous CERN = most solidly off coursians around
    them of the terminally termitiKaballistic Konstruction Kompany* = weaponized whities to distract from the humbly crumbly Rheims variety, no conCERN of theirs – other than to steal from and torture the ways of life there indicated anyways .. or else they’d stop ignoring me and help give every thousandth rock a drink to shade [gotta redeem to ‘recover’ .. gotta get in to get out] a few near and dear, baked instead of slaked, siblings. Wake me up when THEY do

    * – No offensive association with Chicken Co-op CarpentOURZ intended, nor can KabKonKom(P)Arses compare. Just don’t hold your breath till they comply with you instead, specially not collectively … it’s what they bank on and keep us divided and cublicled. Your friend the decubator.

  4. Dear Mystery Queen,
    wish you a very Happy Birthday and a year full of plenty self existing abundance. This galactic hoax from the star people reminded me on Eric Carle`s Caterpillar which has syncronistically to do with abundance 🙂
    In the last blog you forgot one most importand why! Why didn`t Valum Votan change his own invented calendar into Dali allways on sunday? When I started with the system in 1998 there where no plasma seals at all. And then as far as I know this current system was invented. Was there one in between? Which was changed before or after VV`s ascension?
    Hope you tune into the “One and real” 13 Moon system again soon.

    But anyway- Everything is perfect – wish you once again a butterfly year.

  5. Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm (19.13)
    30 08 2009

    The Second (White) Week Week begins with a most special day in the 260
    Day Dreamspell. The Mayans utilized the number O, which meant that the
    20 numbers began with O (2O) and ended with 19. So, 19.13 is the highest
    of the 20 Seals and 13 Tones. Therefore, Kin 39 is the 260th Postulate:
    “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”
    appears at the top of page 106 (for now)
    you will soon begin page 109 …

    consistency is claimed, averred and ascribed at rates inversely proportionate to it’s actuality and presence, as a rule of thumb by no means green.

    Co(re)llationists such as Keyserling, William Irwin Thompson (and his dud student Bob Dobbs) and Arguelles are inventive diagrammers (but, quite apart from our unability(/disability?) to follow them much less divine the world ((they may or may not enter at will)) behind their cryptic labeling) not actually trying nor driven to relate the system they present/work on with previous iterations very much nor very often, not as a whole anyways; subdivisons thereof, yes

    Numonationalism (the enumerate as hard drug addicts):
    Savantry is Nerd code for the most part and Hi-FreqWreckTradeware is war as usual but worse. It splinters everything and everyone, beginning with users, admirers and on down the line to the short stickend and bag holders.

    Stake your claim for a ride on .. hitch youride to 4D strung waveware animated to follow the wobbly spiral we spacetrace for that crumbly cram crumb and get(‘leave’) that humble drumhum ……………………..

    Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm (19.13)
    30 08 2009

    The Second (White) Week Week begins with a most special day in the 260 Day Dreamspell. The Mayans utilized the number O, which meant that the 20 numbers began with O (2O) and ended with 19. So, 19.13 is the highest of the 20 Seals and 13 Tones. Therefore, Kin 39 is the 260th Postulate: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”
    you will soon begin page 109 …

    2013 and The Mystery Queen
    Exploring the 13:20 codes so we may prepare for 2013 Synchronization

  6. This is the first time I’ve seen and or heard Media News in Weeks.
    BlackHillsHunabKrew Left Jah Midwest USA 3 weeks ago.
    We rocked Wyoming to Lake Tahoe CA in 1 Day.
    After spending weeks in Jack Kerouac Territory gaining Visions of Cody Going Through Ninja Training.
    HumboldtCountyHunabKrew Trained us to Be Back Country RainBow Warrior Bridging Alchemists. Ha.
    Currently I was at the Law of Time office yesterday morning.
    We waited a few hours and it started getting hot!!100 Degrees.
    I scoped out the Park where they are holding the Day Out Of Time Festival.
    I haven’t had money in weeks.
    Thanks 133!!!
    I do synchronotron from these hills, these caves, these Southern Oregon DreamSpell.
    I feel Votan in these Forests, these Winds.
    Later Cube.
    See yah In oUR Space.

    • Thats awesome 93 i’ve been just reading Kerouac’s Dharma Bums lately. Kerouak used to say that books are a media for telepathy, when he wrote he felt connected to all the future readers, just as oUR Host blogger here might feel every time she excerts in what she loves the most.

      • Cosmic.(13).(16)KIN.45
        PSI.253.*My Blessed Kin whom I now share Sacred a Space in her Business and home*

        Warrior Cube Day.10.


        12 Days to PVCS.57.
        13 Days to PV CS58
        Earth Karma erased.
        Karma UndeRstood.
        Karma./Death is Birth.

  7. Thanks for info on kin 39 , always felt it held a very sacred space, being the the centre of the the Pythagoras triangle as such , on left bottom corner of tzolkin ( through the Pacal clear signs) 20, 40, 60, (59 being our zero year) 58, 57 making 39 smile.

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