Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human Codes the Last Magic Turtle Day of the Rhythmic Wizard Year

EB                      Kin 52

Yellow Cosmic Human

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic Wind Yellow Cosmic Human Blue Cosmic Hand
Red Magnetic Moon
I endure in order to influence
transcending wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
Today’s G-Force is Magnetic Wind.
The CDK is Rhythmic Dragon, which codes the Moon-out-of-Time, while the Occult:  Magnetic Moon codes the first day after the December [22 in New Zealand] Cosmic Star SolsticeCosmic Star is 14 Wavespells from today.
The Dreamspell [12.13]+ Long Count [5.5]  is a PVCS:  17.5,  Overtone Earth.
Kin 52 falls during the 52nd week of the 13 Moon Calendar.  Cosmic Human codes the last Magic Turtle Day of the Rhythmic Wizard year.
Today [per TMQ’s belief] is Day Twenty Six [13×2], adding more ‘Cosmic’ energy to this day.  Synchronistically, Magic Turtle Day alpha-numerically equals [the Simple Gematrical Frequency] of 159.  Twenty Six also equals 159  🙂
12.13. “Launching and navigating of the time transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where time vector potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of celestial harmonics.   Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated fifth force time vector potential “bundles,” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities”.
Happy Solar Galactic Return to my sister Elizabeth, who turns 52 on Kin 52  🙂  The first 4 letters of her name = 52, for today’s Kin [her Galactic Signature]
The latest “Inter-Dimensional Signal”  [crop circle] is a 12-Petaled flower.  Counting it’s 6-sided Hexagon contained yields a total of 13 components  🙂
The following analysis also mentions today’s 12 [seal] and 13th tone:
“The center of the 13 geometric shapes which comprise the backs of almost all turtles is a hexagon. Here we have the 12 houses shown as a blooming flower, within the hexagon.
Turtles have long been associated with time and the 13 moons. July 13 – 22, approx. is Turtle decan.” 
[Noted on this Cosmic Magic Turtle Day  🙂
Christine 133 tragically lost her younger Sister, Laura9 Dragon, at the beginning of the Sun Wavespell that ends today.  Then their beloved Uncle Ernie  died 8 days later.  So, two members of Christine’s family are now on  their 49 Day Bardos, which will both be concluded by GAP 96.   Laura‘s name carries the Gematrical Frequency of 53“Prime Key Quetzalcoatl, Frequency of Sirian Rebirth“.
Tomorrow we enter the White Northern Castle of Crossing, and the Skywalker Wavespell of Space and Prophecy.  Laura’s Galactic Signature follows 8 days later.  61:  “Prime Key, Fourth Order of Unity,..”
Christine 3 Skywalker gives so freely here, and to Kins in need.  These two souls serve to indicate the perfect time to  UNIFY and to send Christine  LOVE, while spending TIME in the SPIRIT  world,  accompanying her Sister and Uncle on their Bardo.
Interesting to note on Cosmic Human, is the fact that we each bear two sets of 4 Phi Spirals upon our heads:  1 Attached file| 69KB
 as shown in this file from Grayham 195ear phi spirals .jpg
Especially beautiful are the paintings by Mirjana  he linked.  They are representations of crop circles that are based on the Divine Phi Ratio [Golden Section (1,61803398..)]   
                    “HOPE”                        “TARA”                       “DOLPHINS”
 This one is called “TIME for LOVE”

Pedrin 4 Warrior’s recent comment reminded us that “TIME IS ART”  This video shows that TIME is becoming more valued again:

Here are some favorites from Pedrin’s samples of  “NATURE IS ART“:

Colourful bugs                             Colourful bugs

Day Out of Time - Globaly Peace through Culture Celebration - July 25, 2012
The Globally-Celebrated Day-out-of-Time::Galactic Freedom Day is in six days, on the Gregorian date that describes the Sacred 7 to 5 Ratio of Galactic to Solar Spins:  [7/25]  The Russian Day-out-of-Time organizers have put out a call for a Synchronized Meditation at Noon on White Rhythmic Mirror.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign 6 Mirror will fall on Wednesday, which is CATALYTIC BLUE KALI 4 of the Blue Resonant Storm Year [for the few adherents of TMQ’s Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar]
In the Long Count, The Galactic Freedom Day::Day-out-of-Time is coded by 12.12 [my G-Force]
Check out the beautiful flyers for this special day:
The most important aspect of the Planetary Day-out-of-Time observance is the group rehearsal  of The Rainbow Bridge.
In her most recent blog: , Stephanie 185 shares Valum Votan’s message about it:
The purpose of the meditation is to create the rainbow bridge as an image of the mass consciousness, and through the succession of collective synchronized meditations every seven days, to build up a planetary wave of consciousness, co-precipitating the rainbow bridge at the climax of the most massive auroral outbursts during 2012-2013…”
make it easy to see how we will manifest a Circum-Polar  Rainbow Bridge  this year! 
This last Magic Turtle Day of the year even demonstrates Magic in the Synchronotron:
The MTFI for Cosmic Human on Cosmic 26 is 1495;
The Kin Equivalent is 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle  🙂
The BMU is 172:  “4 x 43, full measure of the Night Seer
This is the 10th day of my Spin as 43:  4 Night  🙂
Enjoy the remaining days of the Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Rhythmic Wizard year  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 13. 26.       Enlightenment Recharge   Kin 52:  Cosmic ‘Magic Turtle’

13 thoughts on “Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human Codes the Last Magic Turtle Day of the Rhythmic Wizard Year

  1. Thank again Claire !

    By now the kweak9 project is about finishing on con clue sions

    52 is a marker 4×13 daya of moon experience that comforts commune awareness in the timeship moving through given space ..

    Elas, 52 weeks a year was just a religious nobility .. offered to enslave minds on a false setting ..

    DooT is just about 1 cycle around the star ..
    First 4 cycles give time consciousness, time to gather toddlers to a schooling.
    They -them nobless obliged ones- say ..

    But then in noo we all are set free to harmonize

    — just adding result from investigations , aye ..

    39 kweaks a timekin of 4 suncycles give 156 kweaks in this timekin hold by a continuous subspan previously nicknamed leapday but now Daya of Time Experience which asks for a good unifying label.

    156 indicates warrior 13 in seed spell 144

    Next is Navigation Wave Initiate Earth 157 .. plus 1040 makes 1197
    ( 9×123 !)

    This havin’ juli 2009 as a pivotal starter / ignithor for shifting aeons ..


    Yesterdaya an indonesian lady saw 3 spirits among me shoulders ..
    2 older men 1 young curled hair lady

    It iz about time, all agree then .. Ree!

    Sorry to hear about Christines relatives , may healing be with u dear kin

  2. 414. that’s an error … = google code
    the dark knight rises? No! The dark night lifts!

    jessica is a redhead with galactic odds hiding in her late make up (i
    looked until sore but haven’t found her dob), escaping a shooting
    where 2 of her colleagues died on my last bd in Toronto only to be
    killed outright along with 11 others (over 50 wounded) in Colorado
    the 20th of july

    13th December 1987 = 5Wiz 174
    james holmes = Aurora Co shooter (miles from Columbine, at
    midnight show of Dark Night) A Fox Affiliate intern named Jessica
    Ghawi died there, like i said, same woman who had narrowly
    escaped the june 2nd (5 serpent 5) Toronto party killings where
    the 2 victims were colleagues of hers.

    it’s 2wiz 54 today (another 3anda1/2 hours here) and he’s in the
    news in a big way … weirdest astrology chart (upside down V
    pointing straight up to his native sun in sag (thus this
    constellation his 9th house) and the 4 planets clustering there ….
    talk about taking aim to force/impose a meet your maker en masse
    blowout … and the guy is (or was till recently) very pleasant
    looking … the astrology site i got this from claims his virgo moon
    points to severe emotional repression .. and even that he had a
    very restrictive father.

    speaking of redheaded jocularity (as opposed to ‘jocculuridty’)
    Maura doing ‘a far cry from here’, it’s better on the album though
    (and there’s a version from that same event by MHolcombe, who
    wrote it):

    1413 since the 30th of jan 2010

    at 52.52m of an hour+40m long vid by/with Wolfgang Wiedergut (died 08) we see 2 castle wavespells (opposites .. but one never crosses to the opposite one right?); it’s a hodgepodge remix of eso topics (volle palette aber eintopffix), something about seven seals. I wrote a type of comment such as i have here in the past on a similar but way more numonoid vid (in english) by Onstott nearly twice as long the other day. But try as i might, i can’t seem to tickly too many replies out of the splinterwebs.

    • Dear Poet Piet 55;

      Thanks for sharing the two songs by Maria and Maura; beautiful 🙂

      Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s now Blue Electric Eagle:
      Happy Galactic Return!

      Never heard of “The Dark Knight Rises” until the day before, an article about Prince Harry and Princess Beatrix each independently attending a premiere party [while the stars of this film were at the other premiere party in London] Could write plenty more, but…

      Enjoy today, which also happens to mark “Six and a Half Moons” until the Cosmic Star 2012 Solstice here 🙂

      Love and Peace for all,
      Namaste 138

  3. Hi S’ace 22;

    Right after reading this: “crystal sun [20.12] burning from Tzolkin”; saw this:

    July 21, 2012 – NEW ZEALAND – A strong earthquake has struck off the east coast of New Zealand,…the magnitude 5.8 temblor struck Saturday off the east coast of the North Island at a depth of [20] kilometers [12] miles.

    Today, began writing about the last Six and a Half Moons until the [2012] Cosmic Star Solstice 🙂

    May they be filled with Harmony and Joy 🙂

    Claire 138;
    1. 25. 1. 1.

    • Look here Dear Tmq ..
      How ó’ur belover painting mistress my-key chants on water molecules:

      It was written and then ignited on 00:00 local time in Belgium i suppose ..

      Then i let your experience in and also associate this with a friend Théodoor who has 66 suncycles on july 25 in Marocco, Africa that can also be written an A’free Ka.

      A wizard frees from chains ..
      Each soul boson particle in ka’demici ..
      The magic partner of the more logic calculator.


      Something tells me this iz what it is all about ..
      See how pacal valum redQ are all in the journey ..

      And I am told redQ is the apprentice for Quetzalcoatls magnetic wave that shows at Wind 10 , the essence for planetary tone : manifestation ..

      Which gregorian day we have?
      July 29

      2.9 is mobilizing wizard on kin022 Bolon Ik

      Tzolkin 260 is to be interpreted as 261 energetic cycle closing something .. Magnetized.

      Plus one is in fact each actor weaving the best performance ; 261 is 9 to 29 (moon 3 in hand)

      • i have question, to both of you die-hards here. Can you explain what the 13 days out of time at the end of 52 years do exactly? I can see how it throws off any plans of beginning years with the same plasma unless they aren’t any plasma or kin at all, just kin, .. rite?

        Vid from Brazil that is quite dynamic at first but then bogs down on them damn symbols … ehrr … plasma thingies. Also that diamond shaped stuff michelvec is tackling lately has’nt quite gotten to 3d stage yet; comes with the mind over matter is flat/plane territory that WRussell seemed to harp on. Meanwhile though the synchronotron borrows heavily from the catholic 4around1crossinsquare thingie.
        Onstott by the way mentions the 13×28+1 but doesn’t make an awful lot of it, he’s more into architecture.

  4. Happy Galactic Birthday to Pedrin 4 Warrior 🙂
    [Your images didn’t come through on the blog, but one was of the two colorful beetles lying side by side on a leaf]

    Thanks to Poet Piet 55 for the beautiful Rainbow Bridge video.
    I wasn’t aware of the 13 days out-of-time at the end of 52 years.
    Can you send me a link about it?
    Those 13 days would be the amount of Hunab Ku days in a 52 year spin period.
    By counting every day [a Day/Kin = a 24 hour alternation of dark and light] and aligning the Plasmas to the 7 day week instead of the irregular Greg. calendar, the issue you describe is resolved,
    and the Dali::Sunday::Crown Chakra resonance remains consistent.

    Happy 7 Storm New Year to all this week 🙂

  5. Pingback: 25 Lipca – ostatni dzień w roku – poza programem czasu? « livia space….

  6. White Rhythmic Mirror
    I Organize in order to Reflect
    I Balance Order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    Maya Uncle’s memorial is 61 – Solar Dragon.
    Maya Sister’s (61) memorial is 62.

    i cannae attend either as proximity, responsibility and intent are requiring it. i do not grieve the way they do – carry/chop water rat and chop/carry wood rat – i see the repURposing – energy cleanse –

    This is the solar retURn of PLAY

    Blue Resonant Storm
    I Channel in order to Catalyze
    I Inspire Energy
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    With the Resonant tone of Attunement
    I am guided by the power of Magic

    OZ requires a STORM – that’s how U get T/here –

    Number of views 911


    GAME ON!!!! (Self-existing Sky 2012 reporting for dUTy)


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