Magic Turtle and GAP PVCS Kin 106: White Lunar World-Bridger codes the 11th Anniversary of “The Puncture in the Technosphere”

CIMI                        Kin 106

White Lunar Worldbridger   9/11/2012

White Lunar Mirror
Yellow Lunar Warrior White Lunar Worldbridger Red Lunar Skywalker
  Blue Crystal Eagle
I polarize in order to equalize, stabilizing opportunity.
I seal the store of death with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Mayan Date is sychronistic: 19.  [And 19.12 {Crystal Storm}coded the first year of the Mystery of the Stone, 8 years ago]
Today’s Long Count Kin is 7 Storm, whose Dreamspell Kin codes this last 13 Moon year of the 13 Baktuns .
This period of Ten Galactic Activation Portals begins on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11/2001, the day that changed our world.
The Eleventh Anniversary” equals the Simple Gematrical Frequency of 270, which also equals “The Telektonon Prophecy
 Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human AffairsIn “Time and the Technosphere“,
Valum Votan  explains how that “Inevitable Event” was the
‘Puncture in the Technosphere” which leads to the conscious advent of the Noosphere.
On page 191  [kin 191 = 11.9] Votan describes how his decoding of the Terma of Pacal Votan demonstrates the Noosphere:
“…all of this was foreseen and known by a seer in another time, in another world–Pacal Votan.  And this process of one person hiding a Prophecy and another person in another time finding that Prophecy, this is also a further revelation of how the Noosphere functions.”
Today is also the Eighth Anniversary of the Prophetic Message [9/11/2004]  that appeared on my computer while reading the online version of The Mystery of the Stone.  The next day I learned of this crop circle6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog that appeared 20 miles from my home on Kin 220 [20.12] on the 19th day of the 12th Moon.
The 28 circles/days of the Moon connected the Two electrical Towers to the body of 11 circles seen on “Time and the Technosphere.  The first phrase [that was comprehensible to me at that time] said that I was “Awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen
Numbers are the ‘Language of Telepathy’.
We are now in the Serpent Wavespell, which began with Kin 105 [today is still kin 105 for most of you at this moment]
Nine Eleven alpha-numerically  = 105,  Pacal Votan= 105, New Zealand = 105, and Noosphere = 105.
When Valum Votan and Stephanie South and I  lived within a few miles of each other in Nelson New Zealand, Valum Votan commemorated the Galactic Return
of Pacal Votan with this crop circle: 
Almost two years later, TMQ calculated that August 1, 2007 was also the 27th Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan.
 TMQ has now determined that this final year of the Thirteen Baktuns is the Red Queen’s 27th Solar-Galactic Return
For this synchronistic  Magic Turtle GAP on the 8th Anniversary of my “Awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“, here is the identity of Pacal Votan’s wife and soulmate:
Lady Ix Tz’akb’u Ajaw.   Known as the Red Queen due to the red cinnabar that coated her sarcophagus, it is known that she died on 11/16/672, which was coded by the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Lunar Human;  Kin 132.  A variety of synchronicities continue to confirm what I believe is her date of Birth; to be revealed soon. 
The name of the Red Queen:  Lady Ix Tz’akb’u Ajaw = 191.  Other phrases that equal the same gematrical frequency [191] are:  The Red Queen’s TombSummer Solstice [N.H.]; Winter Solstice [S.H.];   and Sacred Valum Votan.
Valum  Votan mentioned this Simple Gematrical Frequency [SGF] System [A=1; 26 =Z] in Cosmic History Chronicles, as well as introducing the Complex Gematrical Frequency [System [A=1; Z= 800]
The latter was changed [without explanation]  in the CHC published after Votan’s death, but TMQ adheres to his original.
 TMQ’s  adherence to  Valum Votan’s  numerous writings and talks stating that each Moon, Week and Year begin on Sunday::Dali has incurred hostility and alienation from some kin who feel they are being ‘loyal’ to Votan.  Yet Valum Votan never once [to my knowledge]  wrote that the Sunday::Dali connection was going to begin shifting each year, and he never corrected me  about this important issue during the course of our approximately 20 visits/meetings.
Valum Votan’s earlier incarnation as Pacal Votan married Lady Ix Tz’akb’u Ajaw in the year 626.
Sacred Marriage = 122.
The term ‘The Red Queen’ equals the SGF of 122 Eighteen Eight [my G.S.] and Noogenesis also equal 122.
[From Wikipedia]:
The continued consolidation of all human thought into the Noosphere is Noogenesis…  Teilhard says as [Humans] “totalize” upon themselves, the more complex systems of communication and exchange they will form, thus increasing the consciousness of the Noosphere.”  “Teilhard imagines that Noogenesis will eventually reach a critical point of consciousness, brought about by a maximum tension of human socialization.  This critical point will serve to detach consciousness from time and space and to converge on Omega Point.”
Most believe that  the Omega Point is the December 2012  Solstice.  For most of the world, that falls on December 21, here in New Zealand it is on Dec. 22, coded by Cosmic Star:  8.13
Kin 208 is on SILIO 14 Sunday.  Silio is also  the day we’ve been  practicing the Rainbow Bridge meditation.
The Circum-Polar Rainbow Bridge is a synthesis [of Radiogenesis, Biogenesis and Noogenesis] and represents the Planetary Synthesis of the Noosphere.”
The 8 and 13 also appear  in the numbers coding the death of bothPacal:  Long Count 8.13, and the Red Queen:  Haab 13;  Day 8.
 Whether 8.13, Cosmic Star kin 208 codes the last day of the Cycle, [Omega Point] or [as commonly believed]  the beginning of the new,  it is a most significant day.
A recent crop circle was interpreted as representing the number of days until the Cosmic Earth September 22 Equinox [both Hemispheres]
That called my attention to the fact that there  are only 90 days from that Equinox until December 21, Kin 207.  [Kin 217 + 90 = 207]
There are sometimes 92 days from Equinox to Solstice, due to the 365th day, or the Leap Day/Hunab Ku day. [4 x 91 = 394]
 Why would there be less than 91 days between this last Equinox of the Great Cycle, and the long-prophesied December 21, 2012 Sosltice?
 This feels like more support for the Cycle ending on December 22, Cosmic Star.
The Interdimensional Signal on Kin 220  [crop circle shown above]  could indicate ‘numerical support’ formy belief that the Thirteen  Baktuns end on December 22, making that the Omega Point.  These all equal 220
The Mystery QueenTMQ’s full birth name;  December 22; Thirteen Baktuns and   Sacred Temple Thirteen
Chapter 12 of Cosmic History Chronicles 6:  Book of the Transcendence is titled ‘Noogenesis–A Telepathic Art.’  Paragraph 3 states:  Noogenesis is the Birth of the Noosphere through a mental [noo] genesis, while simulteneously embodying the descent of a “Sirian” personality, hence Sirian rebirth…Extra-Terrestrial intelligence…has been generated outside of the planetary sphere for the purpose of activating the next stage of “our evolution.
paragraph 4:  “…The Sirian persona is a telepathic channel open to the frequency line of all beings”.
The 10-in-a-row run of Galactic Activation Portals beginning today  is a great opportunity to align and open ourselves telepathically, and to prepare for Noogenesis and the final Moons of  the Cycle.
Today’s Analog: GAP  Lunar Skywalker coded the first Magic Turtle Day of this GAP Lunar Earth Moon, and the Galactic Return of Cody 93  🙂
This central [4th Catalytic]  Moon of the Last Seven Moons of the 13 Baktuns certainly is a Moon of Challenge.  [My apologies to several of  you to whom e-mail responses are owed]
The Seventh and final 113-day cycle: “Lord of the Dawn Self-Transcends” began on  Kin 94, 3 WizardIt’s fitting that the last ‘Quetzalcoatl Cycle’ began during this Moon coded by Kin 197838 days earlier, on Kin 197, Valum Votan realized that the reverse:  791, was the number of days until the December Solstice on December 21, 2012.  7 cycles of 113 days equal 791.  Kin 197 also marked the beginning of  Seven Cycles of 144 days which culminate with oUR Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization in 2013.
The G-Force of Kin 197 is Kin 59:  Resonant Storm, today’s Long Count, and the Kin that codes this year.
The Lunar Earth Moon contained a ‘Blue Moon’  [second Full Moon in a Gregorian month] on August 31, which was the 15th Anniversary of the death of  Princess Diana:  Queen of Hearts An ardent admirer, among those who honor her [Solar Storm]  at Kensington Palace each year said:  “Diana is like diamonds, they never wear away. She’s a phenomenon with her charity work and her caring about people.  She’s the only person on the planet born with two hearts: one is her own heart and one is the heart she gives to the people.”
{The first Blue Moon was on August 1st, Pacal  Votan’s 1409th Birthday.  [personal synch:  My nephew Jud 5 Sun, who codes the Last Moon of the 13th Baktun, had a daughter born on the first Blue Moon, and his Mother [PVCS 1 Sun] celebrated her  Solar birthday on the second Blue Moon  :)}

 The only complete Wavespell within this Moon was coded by  One Human:  Wavespell 8:  Free Will.

One Human stands out for his courage to exercise Free Will on behalf of Justice and Freedom of Speech.

 The handsome President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa granted asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Synchronistically, President Correa is an Electric Night who is in his Cosmic Star year; his Solar-Galactic Return is on December 22, 2012, coded by 8.13!

Here is the Postulate for the One Human who took  One giant step for [Hu]man kind.”: Neil Armstrong, Blue Cosmic Storm:

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 25. 2. 24.       Telepathic Meditation          PVCS, GAP and Magic Turtle Kin 106


8 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and GAP PVCS Kin 106: White Lunar World-Bridger codes the 11th Anniversary of “The Puncture in the Technosphere”

    • Thank You Grayham;

      That is a fascinating, Bliss-inducing article!
      Now, I look forward to reading all the links also.

      Love and Bliss for All 🙂

    • And it’s so good to read your lovely comment, 3 Eagle 🙂

      Smiles and Bliss,
      8 Mirror

  1. tmq, i want you to give me a line for a line again …
    …. as a passing thought i wondered if Arguelles is a discovery extremist, seldomly returning to earlier schemes and constructs .. cause it wouldn’t be a new discovery … he takes more pleasure in spontaneous generation, the stand alone version, brandspank & newshine … no vulgar or mundane dross accreted, no mechanical progresssion … virgin art …. he don’t have to resort to entry level trash collage and configurement.

    i noticed something similar about heady guys like the late Arnold Keyserling

    them liddul VVz with the colour and bars are the exception (soooo much like the famous missile thingie logo as per 911 by the way)

    So, .. will we ever know if and how the synchronotron numbers match&measure up to/with the weird chapter – word – verse count jumble in the ‘Queknowhathid’?

    Anybody think finding heaps of corrolaries, piles of parallels and hole syncurs worth of numberecalls numoricalcs & newmiracles would help bring/take us back towards garden culture even a single stemp .. ahrr, a frickin step, let alone in step????

    Well if any of such bodies would please step up and step it up; on that score i can see i often have the disquiting thought that it makes complete sense to think i am jesus as much as Jose Arguelles was Pacal Votan …. think of it; yall following my youtube feed page comments right?

    If reputes of ‘(as)similates’ like Nemrud and Jesus can bleed into and fuse with each other, why not that of Cernunnos and Jesus?

    Once the roads had penetrated the forests, sun and pagan royalty concepts ‘completed’ the pro/confusion* it became easier to get larger and larger hordes too hot under the collar to stop themselves from rolling in the corral aisles to try a collective cool/bleed off

    * – aggravated the aggregation .. and upped the mowing machinist employment opps of course, that ‘branch’ has many a vacancy should people try to stop the ‘protox’, multiplication of plastic trash mowed into a multiple of their bits and pieces at each pass, side effect of cut-up media, gratification delay … and ultimately .. at the bottom, cut to the chase and foreskin. As is though, we’re on our way to the globalized one flavor unfits all: plastic soup —

    In past years i used to mention a book named ‘King Jesus’ (by Robert Graves) a lot, actually own about 4 copies picked up at fleeEee markets over the years, something i’m deeply ashamed off seeing i haven’t managed to establish and run that ideal library i hotly desired. Which reminds me of something to heat …..

    If Jesus was hybrid roman/jew (like nemrod was the offspring from 2 of the vastest empires of his day before him, his repute slowly merging with this next in such a family/familiar line/lineage) and, as written, a lost sheep of iz ‘gatherer’ he surely travelled, which has 2 major implications:

    1 – he had an eye for jewish assimilee effects; how genes ‘dive’ and ‘drive’ into others, hide in ‘m for a few rounds, and might have known that this was often instrumentalized to serve the dominance of jewish genes over others – hollywood run by/on the prejudice of the darkest dankest of orthodox bias; a paradox indeed – and knew there’d be a slew of mixrace folks about as problematic for the real jew as obomba is for blacks; braininess weaponizable at the drop of a hat; before the end of a one line threat (anybody else notice Obama shaken & unsettled after his first CIA briefing?).

    2 – he would have known Cernunnos and might have learned, practiced and preached the lifestyle associated with that phenomenal, highly pedigreed fella … not symbolic for the matrimate(/ primatrimate) hunter’s disguise or bloodlust or any of them satanic theatricals he gets borrowed and abused for/as frequently so much but, instead, or rather, on top of that, a thinking version thereof, capable of harmonizing and fusing of economics and health/fertility/vitality / diversity/democracy (liddulest organism cared for), the socialization of the most machismic of muscle bundlers and bundle bundlings BY THE ELEGANTLY SIMPLE MEANS OF DUSTIFICATION!!!!. A prince of peace in the truest (and since most((ly)) suppressed ((misunderstood even more)) kind of way).

    Jesus was perhaps, i mean, juuuuust might have been .. his ambassador, prophet/messenger.

    The bible’s genealogy is really the run up to the racialization (racistication?) of patrist expansion and clash, up from it’s merely tribal stages.

    Loads of liminality, derivage, slippage, enabling, tarnage, proppery, poster childishness .. in one word: neoteny, inclinations and leantowards it, default reflexive and kneejerk selfish like all childishness of course, but way worse, easier to get, and therefore more often weaponized.

    The bibles, the perks, the numbers ..
    bad habits are as the living dead and innocently reflexive once (kept up long enough to get) given genetic burial, a tarnish/va(r)nish precipitate.
    Kinda like Peter Lamborn Wilson saying (in 2002*)
    money is the sexuality of the dead; he cites Franklin or Lincoln (some usury opponent or other anyway) saying: “money begets money”
    * – Episode #135 – Spirit, Freedom and the State (Peter Lamborn
    Wilson on Spiritual Anarchism)

    in conclusion:
    a clear parallel was detected, argued for and considered sufficiently established, namely, that proof of/for colleagiality between Muhammed and Pacal is as thin, veiled and farfetched (zerfetzt = torn&tattered) as that between Cernunnos (flanked by 2 roman gods on a plaque/statue in a Rheims [by Paris] routine money to ground ‘(s)ender’) and jesus. This freak chance and unlikely coinkeydunk turns to a stellar levels of unlikelyhood in an instant if you throw me and Jose into this equation. Not sure we shouldacouldawoulda.

    ps: could you (on top of matching the above of course, elaborate on the Complex Gematrical Frequency [System [A=1; Z= 800]

    don’t you mean the z = 260 one?

    i do want to caution yall that this is THE most dangerous path to go down
    …sure aint as cute as collective mandala dribble blow pigment feasts reminiscent of community compost heap worship/service.
    Autistic disfigurements of painting onself into a savant corner be lurking there.

    really shouldn’t trust anybody less than a true mystery queen to win over that wan one ..

    • Thanks 55, for your long comment, which I’m still digesting 🙂

      The “Z = 260” is the alpha-numeric system which was introduced in CHC 7, with no explanation as to why it was replacing Votan’s original one introduced in an earlier CHC.
      The two alpha-numeric systems mentioned by Valum Votan are the widely used “A = 1; Z = 26”, which I call the SGF [Simple Gematric System first used in the ‘definition’ for number 198 in CHC; 198 equals Synchronotron]]
      his more advanced system the CGF [Complex Gematrical System]
      Here it is:
      A – J = 1 through 10
      K = 20
      L = 30
      M = 40
      N = 50
      O = 60
      P = 70
      Q = 80
      R = 90
      S = 100
      T = 200
      U = 300
      V = 400
      W = 500
      X = 600
      Y = 700
      Z = 800

      So, Poet Piet would be 70 + 60 + 5 + 200 = 335
      70 + 9 + 5 + 200 = 284, for a total of 619.

      The BMU of your name is 619 – 441 = 178
      It’s ‘Kin equivalent’ is 619 – 520 = 99: 8 Storm

      Claire, calculated via the CGF = 138. Kin 138: Galactic Mirror, codes the 28th day of the Third Moonwhich is coded by 198]
      Here in N.Z., we take Magic Flight to the Third Moon in 9 hours 🙂

  2. Hi all here .. i enjoyed the long story of the poet
    Who might be living in the same country that seems a ship actually while it travels seas and lost grounds for existence ..

    Hoe about their people – maybe piet and me meet or skype ?
    I will see for his mail spot.

    Then this .. the 48 harmoniq runes seem pretty alive those days
    See p.216 chc 5/7 and note Queak year is 57 2 days ahead of 59 ..

    Then the Messiah year 3775 is oncoming ..
    This shortly is to be seen as year 21 becomes 22
    Which honors bolon ik , the mystery queen of Pacal , here 132
    In mayan tzolkin sun 7 pops up as the end of colums 1 in tzolkin

    20+132 end up in 152 the second column of 10 GAPs in a serial ..

    It is wave 144 seed
    The exact number while that human is the mobilizer ..

    Who can follow the dice ..
    9×16 makes 144

    See 144 as 1444 into 14::41 + 3 is pretty creep but kibernaughty .. too

    21^2 minus 20^2 is 41 , the interval of / messiah / manitou

    Is this the decisive spell?
    When is 144 in dreamspell and 47 kin later in Tzolkin
    Oct 19 2012 and jan 5, 2013

    • Hmmm
      Time seems to be a count up: 12345 5

      Why does it stop at 5?

      Are we on a top which is the beginning of 4321?

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