Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth codes the Equinox; 13 Weeks or 7 Wavespells until the Cosmic Star Solstice [NZ]

CABAN  Kin 117            

Red Cosmic Earth

I endure in order to evolve, transcending synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of birth.
The G-Force of Cosmic Earth is Magnetic Monkey, and the Long Count kin for this Equinox is Overtone Dog.
Today’s Antipode:  7.13,  Cosmic Hand is comprised of the key numbers which also denote the 7 Wavespells or 13 Weeks that remain until the Cosmic Hand Solstice on December 22, 2012.
17.13:  “Having consciously completed the dynamics of time as the mathematical logic of the Divine Plan, the pilot angel program is attuned to all time as the now-point of synchronic order and, simultaneously, to the final ejection of the stellar mass whence it had come.”
117:   ‘9 x 13 prophecy code (tomb dedication, also 13 heavens, 9 hells, etc,) key recombinant triplet 117 (9 x 13) 171 (9 x 19), 711 (9 x 79) 117 + 171 + 711 = 999
The 9th Wavespell and the 9th week of the year endtoday  with a very synchronistic number!
The Fifth of the 7 Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns began on the new Moon, placing this Electric Moon in perfect synchronization with the Lunar cycle.
This 3rd Moon of Activation and Service is coded by Kin 198:  Electric Mirror, which also codes  Supreme Golden Maiden.
She is the Fifth Lord of Time,  the central and only feminine one of the 9 Lords of Time/Bolon Tikus.   There are also 13 Feminine Oxlahuntikus.
Their numbers are reflected in today’s Kin:  9 x 13 = 117, and in the Gregorian date:  9 + 13 = 22.  for the 22nd day of the 9th month.
22 is also the number of crop circles reported by for the month of August.
One researcher  interpreted this one: Wappenbury, Nr Royal  Leamington Spa. Warwickshire. Reported 15th August. as referring to today’s Cosmic Earth Equinox.
This [Lunar] calendar was kept by the Mayans, and tells of a September 22 autumn Equinox when seven “Triangles of light and shadow” will appear on the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza”
  “Each of the pyramid’s four sides has 91 steps which, when added together and including the temple platform on top as the final ‘step’, produces a total of 365 steps (which is equal to the number of days of the Haab’ year).[1]  “
Today, thousands will gather at Chichen Itza to observe the Dragon descending the 91 steps of Quetzalcoatl’s Temple on the Fall [N.H.]  Solstice.
An ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal‘ that appeared in  Andechs Abbey, Bayern.  Bavaria. Reported 29th July. also discusses Quetzalcoatl’s Pyramid [El Castillo at Chichen Itza]  The
As mentioned in the prior post, one would expect there to be a minimum of 91 days  [1/4 of a Solar Ring/Year] from today’s Eqinox until the long-prophesied 2012 Solstice.
Strangely/Synchronistically,  New Zealand is the only country for which that holds true.
The Cosmic Star Solstice here completes the 4 Castles of the Dreamspell, so that we enter the Green Central Castle of Enchantment the following day.
The Cosmic Star Solstice falls on Saturday, Silio, which marks the center of the Moon-out-of-Time.
This is a fractal of this Annual Wavespell in which Cosmic Star Moon  completes the 7 Storm year, followed by our Galactic Synchronization the next day.
Features of the New Time
Today is  Electric Silio 7, when we practice 
 The Rainbow Bridge Meditation.
Today, we also begin the 16 day
Spirit Warrior’s Cube  Journey:
At Midnight on the Cosmic Earth Solstice, we enter the Second “Guide’ Week of
the Electric Mirror Moon, and
the White Mirror  Wavespell Ten:  Power of Endlessness.
89 days  remain from 118:  Magnetic Mirror  until Kin 207, Crystal Hand, which codes the 2012 Solstice for  the entire planet, with the exception of New Zealand.
89:  Spectral Moon  9.11 coded the day that Valum Votan departed for the realm of Endlessness, and it also  reminds us of the 9/11 event that Votan interpreted as  triggering the collapse of 12:60 power, leading to the advent of The Noosphere and of  13:20 Harmony.  [Shown here with ‘Bolon Ik’, co-founder of The Law of Time.  Lloydine’s [and S’ace’s]  kin [22] and tone [9] appear in today’s Greg. date]
The Kins coding both Hemispheres at this moment,  117 and 118 correspond to these verses from The Telektonon Prophecy, which Valum Votan  decoded:

117.   ‘People of the dawn, people of the book, children of the day of truth, this completes my testimony, I, Valum Votan, holder of the solar shield, protected have I been by the perfect love of Bolon Ik who has stored my prophecy until this moment of release.’

118.   ‘Seven perfect oracles have I given you, a perfect calendar of Thirteen Moons, an instrument to renew your spirit and your powers of Prophecy, Telektonon, and a book of knowledge for you to penetrate the forgotten history of your star, Dreamspell.  Also have I sent two messengers who bear witness to my truth, and thirteen perfect signs.”

Cube One:  Memory:  “By my Free Will Power of Prophecy,  I elect to be one of the 144,000….I vow to release Earth from the prison of Babylon Planet!”

Cube Two:  SPIRIT:  “…I redeem the Annointed One as myself~~


1. 25. 3. 7                                          Cosmic Earth Equinox


42 thoughts on “Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth codes the Equinox; 13 Weeks or 7 Wavespells until the Cosmic Star Solstice [NZ]

  1. Hi Tmq 😉 et kin ala kech
    Naming Bolon Ik as a founder makes her as a sorcerer.
    I myselg was very endeepened by the stories from the ancient and became more and more convinced in what Time is as well as Mind.
    Mind is eternal knowing.

    Then in christmas a Bavarian InterGalactic Event happened in my illusional worldview. Suddenly the idea for first Kweek , a word for guiding growth, then Kweak and now Queak came as crystal clear in Life and ignited on July 23, 2009 on Red Dragon 1.

    So 3 years later 39 moons where weaved into this special time ..

    This actually seem the 48 Runes described by VV &RQ .. (22 22 & 17 19 in classic decode character for number) .
    So 2 moona done in Queak now , we have weaved 41 ~ god interval number ~ Runes into ghis planetary renewal where it considers MindWare.
    Of courae this was greatly at your side and insida as well as Wlan Vital while practising Noosphere while it is the same prepairing project wherr it considers the awareness for cosmic twins as we know can depuct for over 20x13x20 years relating a kin number in both vertical as horizontal perspective using the timeship schedule drafred in Mayan Factor.
    For example : kin 22 delivers column2 cell 2: Giza Pyramid in Egypt.
    Probably a most elegant method why Jose scheduled Llodine on that period with kin 22. But then it was not the only clear sign that promoted that parameter as most kibernautic steering compass.

    Thus is in fact how divine intermissiion works its governance.

    Anyway this moon 3 is on rune 101 , the last seven to wield the cosmic power that makes it number 42 , the answer to the Universe as a Mystery.

    In fact that 42 is in your Bolon Ik’s Casting 242 that sums Dreamspell Kin and Tzolkin Kin 22 + 220. Which also resonates ob VV as 22 22 😉

    ACTING ON THIS PROCEDURE IN ASSEMBLED FORMATION MIGHT PREPARE THE 144000 that are renaissance force in the accomplishing 7 runes.

    Nothing to say for a motiv to dedicated kin that prepared them selves for the assembled project. The course is stable and has divine strokes in its Crystal:
    Kin 220 is Yellow Crystal Sun ..
    Also the Solar tone is active by Solar Wind, the refining factor empowered by many kin that meditate Telektonon as a time lasergun in and from Noosphere as MindWell.

    In summary 242 indicates the Galactic Force speaking from its alliance with many kin as i selected mr Hugh Schonfield as a Guardian Angel:
    HUGH was born on Galactic Wizard and passed on Galactic Warrior. This in a mysterious way empowers his Galactic Eagle mission that was labeled Mondcivitan Society.

    Actually with some kin familiar to 138 3 kin were in cobference on recent leapdaya. Interesting to see how those 4 kinnumbers assemble, i will see for that and report by the 5000 years in kin map.

    Finally a dutch researcher mentioned the 40×9 constellation as better form to cover 360 days. Where 40 simply means a yin and yang week of 9 days.
    A solid tty to declare the waling on love strings.

    But then this is also in Queak in a triality firmation:
    Lovequeak is Yin – Lifequeak is Yang – Voidwueack is Youth.
    13x3x9 days make a yearcycle ..
    Were Queack “40” counts 13 moons in a perception of seeing 1 yearcycle from day 365. Taking day 365 as a day zero does make it bind 2 years and cover 26 griddaya as well as itself: 27

    When Leapdaya is nlback on its more righteous positiion next to 365 366 then the power of that grid daya is settled ..
    First while it weaves 27 plus 1 griddaya (all dayas 28! Of a moon)
    But from a broader perceptiin it weaves 2x4x27 griddays in its robe.
    216 plus itself 217 ..
    216 is 9×24 ..

    This for this transmission calling Tollan


  2. 115
    36th minute he recounts his own take on Hiroshima .. very briefly .. but claims credit … 1.04 dialogue begins
    1.26 Jose has a liddul say again … these few lines are the most he gets to put in on this entire file
    just before that Terence claims to be reluctant about 3D-ing his thingy .. due to it’s ‘global character’ … as usual, he makes little sense, if at all. How can that guy have dominated this bunch of weirdos so??

    As far as i’m concerned he is the immaterial counter part to the change/chance apocalypticus known as Adelson – zionist, if you wanna be stealing that much from folks that far away you simply have to pay membership to that insuperable, imperial force of the age – whose fortune was made with ‘cookies’ (gambling industry in China) and is large enough to buy the next war candidate outright by installing a … ehrr, i mean continuing the already shot full of holes and semi-transparant liar’s regime (prolly within a year). He’ll prolly do that if he want to make his gangmembership an ‘honorary’ one, stage a statue cheering or whatever, corral a crowd and call it a party.

    Jose goes on a while but says little; his buzzword is detoxify (was this not very long after emerging from his alcoholic stupor phase .. a plane does a little drop to idle and rev up again above them … one does not hear the sea.

    T contends mushrooms grew our brains yet fails to mention the strong contender for causing that: cannibalism … this isn’t credible Terence .. but it gets worse (citing Joyce the grabgarble gasbag again): man will become dirgible .. dirisible .. dirisable .. taking a fucking drunk as guide .. good move T

    the one thing he says i strongly agree with is calling laboratory rats, i mean professarz and personnel alike .. i forget already (next morning) .. something offally awful

    McKenna (related):

    26m worth of Chris King

    Entheogens and the Conscious Brain

    the number 5 got left out of all ancient texts McKenna could find; it’s an impossible to handle one.
    How fun dreamspell should pin my oracle to that date … or does it?

    Terence notes the time near the end (4.44pm) which causes a roar of laughter … in order words, more tension had been built around them numbers than is apparant in this recording.

    semi related:

    xxxild — the grey headed gal .. remaining civil most of the way through … but .. alas .. sucumbs to the irrestible temptation and joins in

    you havin a hate hateful bitchfests bitchfest? And imagine it excempt from being called exactly that cause you delegated projected it all (clean out now) .. aaaaaaall the way away over to those you zoom in on in the last minutes? If they’d be like you (say), they’d deserve violence (get free bombs with your cartoon order for a limiting time alonely).
    Most people who gravitate to the internet are schizo(ID*) and if merely culturally .. more than neurologically .. just give them a few more generations to have the shite sink in that far in .. to let them sink in the shite that far).

    * i am pioneering the solipso([l]id) cure

    i can teach alphas to lead, not into battle but peace; unfortunately it’s THE most cursed talent and skill in the world … ask jesus or the host of his ilk both before and after him.

    hint: it’s a dustification carma that has been so hatefeastified (from hiroshima to 911 .. that cute nice little cure allz (heals the splinternetzoids even!) like seercentre (scotland) are few and far between.

    • Hi Poet Piet;

      I just now discovered and liberated your most recent comments from Spam…Not sure why they ended up there.
      Was just now reading about ethnogens and Jesus, so this first comment is very synchronistic 🙂
      Now, on to read the rest of your comments…Thanks for these.

      We are now in the 3rd week of the 3rd Moon, of the 13 Moon year that began on Dali Sunday, which was coded by your Galactic Birthday: Kin 55: 3 Eagle.

      Week 3 began on the 8th day of the Mirror Wavespell [8 Serpent]
      In La’Kech,
      8 Mirror

  3. written 9 days ago:
    yesterday i saw a teuto/bulgarian (who’s mom read cards) blab away and announce major psychedelic experience to pierce the mists of skyfalling any day every day (the way a macho feels when he tries to hold still, specially when on ‘substances’ … i recommended a look at arcturus probe for which i found a link at the

    today i meet yet another gutturally uttered magic formula faithrusterer

    .. what’s with duh birdbrain bias …. and this happens constantly … gap days are smoothing the choppiness for sure …. now if they would only bring happiness …

    another example: my sub feed shows michelvec commenting on a vid from earlier this year where Jimi H is afforded hi praise indeed …
    very little later i end up here:
    LetterstoLuna account has vids that mix JMorrison snips up with JH’s …
    and person(s) there is(/are) part of a little crew who tried out and tasted a homesteading life
    with a small dutch (Occupy inspired) team in Lithuania.

    i need 5 secretaries. / notes from 9 days ago
    then, on kin 114, last day before service moon begins with a number in JA’s name by latest alphanumbery:

    Mayan Conference
    At the Ojai Foundation
    Ojai, California
    Sunday 14th April 1985

    4:17:29 — The Invisible Landscape: Peer Review —- TerenceMcKennaTube • 4953 x

    The texas esosiast guitaoist is drawing my attention thence with his comment:
    that woman at 1:44:44 is annoying

    at that point McKenna argues humankind is being born (expelled from earth) .. a woman prefers embeddiment .. polyvalence and a palette of choices
    a concilatory remark (best of both world) is offered by someone who can imagine himself ‘in a space station waving goodbye’, this gets a tension relieving laugh.

    McKenna wields his McLuhan bugaboos fatalistically, resignedly, maliciously around 1.52
    Jose speaks 1.54.14 briefly .. something about greeting politely so as to earn a little protection for the turbulent passage, he’s in a bottleneck mode also.
    2.05 monologue resumes
    2.10 he punches hiroshima into his timewaveware

    2.20 = jose’s enddate gets punched in .. 16th day of 8th month … remember this was before the HC

    at 3.12 he gets into feminism .. before that a long section on glossollalia … without mentioning Joyce … quite a feat.

    Sunday 14th April 1985 was resonant dragon … yes 241 again …
    12 hours earlier i tested SickMounth (young chubbie feminist) cause she mentioned her bd on a slobberclogged romanshlock vid).

  4. .. it’s the line that just went into RQ’s lastest FS post, i mean, into her spam filter too apparantly (unless i am blocked, not impossible).
    .. wonder if Marshall McLuhan would have appreciated this kind of imagery? He understood the technosphere as the mime and surrogate for a metastasized desert folkmore-meme (the refugee as covert missionary) that parasitically blew Eurasia bare as well as recruited portions to become the elect oltime ‘occupist colonialization vectors (always ready to jump over, across and off of .. ‘stuff’. No amount of toxicity ever made an impression on him in his lifetime, as far as i am aware .. but therein lies the thanatopiality which brings on the urge to leave it all behind (while pretending to go forward).

    I’d rather revive and older than old time religion: Cernunnos as a soilbanker … there’s an anti-natalist on youtube calling himself kernunno5 and he shot a sarcastic ‘yeah, real historical that’ back at me.

    I mean we’r dealing with the pierced hands (Jesusposter) vs calloused hands mythology thingie (real circuses, not just in comics) here folks. See any handy handedness to bicker over (A creationism fighter named TheLivingDinosaur has 33 vidsworth up. I mean, what do you want jubilee to look like? Steve Keen to replace Obombabummer as king of OmerryCrime? Will that get us to some hot mud under giant lenses and the babes who slop it around and plot the pathways in order to create ‘crop circles that are in reality orchards and will be revisited every few years … as we plant stuffs that take a 1000 year to ripen …. is that an aspect of the 4th reich that got (‘it’ going as well as) absolutely and succesfully censored i wonder?????

  5. can somebody explain why not much is made (in the 441 intro linked there) of a few numbers that stand out (in the synchronic matric) to numbing resistant sidelong, furtive or even reluctant glancers like me:
    76 (152 : 80-4 doubled), 260+160=420 … and then discounting the squaring cross which leaves the tzolkin total minus 12 and 20 or 13 and 19 = 227
    .. i took time and pleasure in doing a quick and dirty look meself and …
    … well, fuck me … that’s me mom’s crystal dog value .. the very one i felt imprisoned and recruited by, unable to serve and service, protected, tainted and liberated by, … rinse repeat … committed and shackled to .. any ideas on how to tempt her into a Crest (as brand new babe) or is it best to keep supplying rainwater very patiently, for her to dole out the ration that keeps the rootcrampstatus quo on her decency display (modesty facade and showcase window silly) up and alive? There’s always hope, one of her staple stories is to have been early adopter of electricatree powered bicycles .. which her and hubby crossed the country to get someplace up north.

  6. Eye









    The highway beckons. Do you have the coURage to pick up your towel and walk? Or shall you LIE fa[l](l-o)w?





  7. We spoke about 9/11 and how things that took place around the Golden
    Gate Bridge touch upon it.

    22nd minute (link will take you straight there (after a commercial distraction) DD weaves a yarn that is much like JA’s galactic tales

    he reminds me of DW quite often .. i’m sure they’ve met ..

    compensating for inaccuracy with drama?
    or an attempt to pave accuracy over with drama

    “couldn’t hit target let alone destroy earth”

    i would think that hitting earth at all anywhere is enough if the bomb really is a big enough threat. It’s having things like that fall off this clod you have to worry about … again, cue RQ’s art piece ..

    similar imagery has triggered my writings since 1998
    … my(11 file) correspondence collection. aim responses at: poetpiet@hotbot. ….. thought bubbles contain: “good luck” in one and “good riddance” in the other.
    (poetpiet). Setting rock to flow and grow ‘presievibly’ helps receive radiation …. Berry’s (with whom I have (indian) reservations in turn (see Space Colonies)) and …

    … around the 40th minute he is on about (us as) aliens again

    43rd minute has a wink to the masons and protestsep especially
    … great stretch of him on a roll into the end of the hour

  8. We are the extra-terrestrials. We are among you. We are those who have advanced into galactic time. The Earth test is nothing other than the ability of the Earthlings to advance into galactic time. The Nine Lords of the great star Sirius hold the Council of Judgement. The Arcturians, Pleaidians and other members of the Galactic Federation await the human response.
    —Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan

    RQ tacks art onto her latest post wherein she quotes the above which illustrate my point but not the quote.

    And while you digest that i suggest you switch from thinking of aliens as last straw desperation sparked highest heaping hopes for help and liberation to the other side of that coin: alien who attack; which is what the establishment; darkest of hitecno prowess cabal in area 51 hinted at Roswell beingwhile removing all the evidence; it was Japan. Good thing Douglas Dietrich, that liddul JapArmwHorican got some besides access to details he dutifully destroyed until finding out the warriorclass got the corner cutting treatment in the niggely dime turn over age just like anyone else, and he got royally pissed off over such sleighting of his dad’s war efforts.

    if you are looking for and to profit from traitors why not breed them; simply cause a liddul movement of the people and bloodmixing, .. presto.

    Anyway, here’s more ‘aliens are real’ spiel going into timeloopery on a real need basis. .. Subtext: earth is inexhaustible; loyalty survives even furthest off worlds.

    … but how ‘off’ must you be to get in dreadful tangles w war machinery????

    Please, once again, and so soon already, welcome my latest fave angry liddul dude, Douglas Dietrich hosted by a truckdriver semi religious man who likes to do radio in his spare time; another regular ranter there, Les Visible is a US hippie musician (who hung with some heavies and then lit .. ehrr lightened up with Ganesha and Krishna, now hanging in Europe, has a popular blog, tried community founding … … we rainbow family students all know a few like that don’t we?):

    [audio src="" /]
    1.24.22 (H,m,s)
    or alternatively:

    half hour long, uploaded 3 months ago … i put it on my HHoE list also .. and am now featuring the one below .. which has plenny of gruesome battlefield anecdotes .. let me warn you.

    Douglas Dietrich Answers John Lear’s Accusations of Being a Disfo Agent on Feet to the Fire Radio
    2353 weergaven
    Douglas Dietrich was a D.O.D. (Department of Defense) Research Librarian for almost a decade, responsible for incinerating highly

    an hour and 35 minutes
    REAL ZOMBIES (Part 2 of 2): Feet to the Fire with host James A. Jancik and guest Douglas Dietrich
    1511 weergaven

  9. interesting DD quote:
    Circumzenithal Arc Gallery
    Wehrung photographer
    Earth science pic of the day .. above Caen

    via a greek blogger

    Photographer: Rudolf Wehrung; Rudolf’s Web site
    Summary Authors: Rudolf Wehrung; Jim Foster

    The photo above showing a bright circumzenithal arc (CZA) at top right as well as a dimmer and straighter strip of color at left center was taken from Caen, France. This fainter strip is an infrequently seen supralateral arc. Whenever a CZA is observed take a look for other arcs, such as supralateral arcs, in the same vicinity of the sky. Sunlight streaming through hexagonal, plate shaped ice crystals form CZAs. In order to see supralateral arcs, however, columnar crystals, having their long axes horizontal, must be present. Note that the Sun is behind the tree at bottom. Photo taken during the late afternoon of August 31, 2012.

    * Caen, France Coordinates: 49.182863, -0.370679
    * Related Links
    o Circumzenithal Arc and More Observed Over Florida Panhandle
    o Supralateral Arc, Parhelion and Contrails
    o Optics Picture of the Day

    wow, whaddayano, .. been meaning to get in touch with this man for months (.. and months) .. sent him a letter in march .. 4 days after this thingie:

    21st March ’02 sun ideal 22° high,


    and if you think that was fun, try this:



  10. ..still smells cosmically earthy here.
    my sister is a 17navigator.
    just found out, i hve a personal notice-box here….and even notices! from some mnths ago….why don’t they post it here, i would have read it earlier.

    and earth is 2 further…it’smonkey tie -play with me!
    and leslie west is a luhu

    andinorganic beings seeking harmonics in the mists

  11. PVCS – Moon key in effect!

    Love my 132 very much


    • 1-13 / 11-3 Excellent pairings, 133!!
      Happy Galactic RetURn, Electric Sister, and thank you likewise. Trust all is well with you and Tiger132.
      Melovia Red Crystal Moon

  12. found a blog in alicante
    Again Skywalker, Kin 133 and Magician Kin 74 , if we Sum up 133 plus 74 equal Blue Crystal Hand, 12-21-2012. activating the relationship between sky – earth, the connection with the divine Kin, to service the inner being

    the moment to(moment) explore, play, weaving infinitesimal preconscious probable timelines, whereby “– the preconscious then is this metaprogram, this all the programs loaded into the human that they never even begin to think are programs – incl dormant paranormal programs ” polarizing, featuring : The HumanCollectiveUnconscious versus a misty gaian dream.

    and by the way creating
    diverse timelines in otherdiverse abstract extrapolated realities,
    4d to 12d (gaian dream): synchronize timespace matrices with different functions

    -leaving theHuCoUn still negative-, lift off in more illusion and dining in a hollow cottonwood tree – True but forgotten story of pp missing the answers
    thinking gAIA is a conspiracy-theory
    illuminated by skies Red across north america forwarding classical plasma messages from hunabKu Inn(t)er-actinGearth
    long web-archives
    beautiful sites
    far more are realizing, realizing that timespace is a cube

    then the bubbles burst, leaving the common hucoun puzzled, fiddling with quotidien magic in every aspect of life, in every situation we (as part of the HCU) live, in every decision we make we can enter and live with conscience every detail……
    illusion rules the change there’s nothing to achieve and to archive..
    especially grumblings -i am you-

    love to all

  13. RE: The Evil of Radical Feminism ~ Daniel, You’re Wrong.

    FemitheistReborn .. mine are 132 and 133

    “.. have led millions of men into battle……”

    … have led millions of .. spermen into her schnattle
    … doubt you TOO could claim you ‘kneedad’ it in order to defend sort and store modesty but if i was to titatheify feminotions i’d turn rock to fruit and separate ways and means no more.
    see how that works? Why don’t you try get women out of ammo factories .. or just get them to stop using plastic bags … in your own town. The lady who made A farm for the future did.

    so, .. higher taxes on male foetuses …or abortion lotteries??
    why not just educate men? Start with disallowing guns, explain the magic of flights to fruits in season and how mud flies more beautifully than metal everyway .. dontcha know.
    Allow me an experiment; your opponents have not taken my precious hint to heart, i wonder if you will .. look at neoteny dot org .. or Otto Weininger, or even just Leslie Fiedler .. come on .. make my magic center tzolkin run magic.

  14. hiyall, what means a reversal of youtube vid viewing numbers from 5496
    earlier this morn to 4600 now??? First score achieved with Netscape 9 and
    the later one with FireFox. The difference (896) mean anything?
    i consult a few folders, in the course of which i find out has not been mentioned on this blog yet …. so
    that should/might as well be what makes this comment meaningful ..

  15. Dear Kin;

    I spent all day writing a blog for Kin 136, the Galactic Return of Valum Votan. Unfortunately, it all disappeared when it was nearly completed. Issues with my site–had to come to an internet shop to write this.
    Thanks for your comments and patience!
    Hope to resolve it all soon, and to finish a new [overdue] blog, while we are still in the Electric Mirror Moon 🙂
    Love to all,
    Kin 138

    • it’s nothing less than tragicomenic somebody with as richly facetted a cerebellum as you would consider computer basics too far beneath you and nothing to waste your time on while writing the most counterproductive plugs for a return to garden culture possible.

      Anyway, i am a distractivist ‘rite’ alongside ya sis, … so here goes … your brain is unoverstuffable:


      Click to access vesica_piscis_153.pdf

      With this article I want to show that there is a connection between the
      Mayan Long Count and the Hebrew and Greek gematria as presented on
      the Internet by the research of Vernon Jenkins, Richard Amiel Mc Goug
      and Peter Bluer.

  16. that was a 296K link, .. and i meant ‘counter’productive of course ….

    here’s a Quran Code vid (first of 4 parts)

    it’s the ??th vid in this long numo vid list (found via a michelvec commenter)

    NUMBER Magic Garden Get Out Of Matrix 1111 10 10 10 21122012

    and for good measure a young overprotected asian youtuber moon64a who has pluche animals and keyboards to stuff his fantastic tale based life into.
    it prompted me to jot a note that is telling on my outlook and inner ‘verscheurdheid’ (crisscross scarified cuntornyness):

    moon64a is obviously somebody else who’s head is turned by the gracious pair of swans .. numbed and abstracted (talismanicized, tropheed, tripwiret(r)apped more than any other pairing), iow, the number 22

  17. i don’t even like that second vid … i can assure you the link i used takes you
    to the 68 vids list …minus the fourth of meanwhile succesfully attacked
    ‘powned’ vids (you know, the people who are witchhunted into losing the
    digital right to their own names, Dan Winter, Deb Frisch etcetera) … but i
    guess new rules are to have the list thumb at the ready when used in
    comments. … just paste this then:

    digital alchemy on a massive scale
    1999-2012 Copyrighted by Jorge Luna Martinez and Charles William Johnson

    Click to access starting_point_periodic_table.pdf

    The Periodic Table of the Elements, 21-Scandium and the Symmetry in
    Numbers. (pdf)

    he sure has his own matrice language:
    one page thing from 2003
    Neutron count over electronic???????????
    trots out the mayan scale 36, 72, 144
    “density constant is fractally half of the 2028” … the number in a parallel
    series that comes and goes with the mayan 4 suns legend

    lost patience before i got to the end …

    food for very voracious numoniacs for sure

    7 9 7 = 23×23
    A 64/66 COUNT
    this one sources Jose

    In The Mayan Factor, the author, José Argüelles, treats different aspects of
    the maya counting system and discusses a possible link between the I Ching
    and the ancient 260c calendar known as the Tzolkin. Mr. Argüelles cites a
    series of numbers derived from the I Ching and the magic square of
    Benjamín Franklin, which yield linear sums of 260; the same count that
    corresponds to the Tzolkin.

  19. it’s getting to large to load easily, this’ll be my last here …
    Re my ‘beneath’ remark:
    very very simple support (oversight / accompaniment) would vastly
    imcrease your output .. prolly goes for most mild autists .. and
    they usually deserve every bit of it …. free the one that broke
    into the Pentagon (even though he believed in aliens –
    premonitions of ourselves coming back unrecognizably
    changed for the worse in the distant future if we go along
    with the Red Queen blog illustrated PogromsExcursion …
    ehrrr .. pro GrammarSoakSCoreShine.)
    check out Das Gorovani,

    He calls imperialism teutonic but i’d agree with semito-caucasian more.

  20. why don’t you use a program that automatically saves periodically????
    why do even fine pointers like you seem bereft of support network diversity??
    why don’t yall check out the new list array (mostly michelvec vids, i posted it before):

    Tibetan child Lewang Lhamo

    Douglas Dietrich is galactic eagle (in the year of the horse); if you are asian
    american especially, i recommend giving him a listen … i am into my second
    gig worth in just over a week and feel warmer to him .. and Jose … every
    minute i do.

    DD stopped a few Sauds from gunning down ladies leaving a burning dorm
    without a veil .. the famous ‘incident’ that triggered the achieving of
    Osama’s aims, US exit from the hollowlands.

    Mr Channon’s idea of demilitarizing war in order to super .. i mean
    supercede the soldier seems inspired on Arguelles’ Arcturus Probe novel
    his yt account with some pieces of art is maui1 … it’s prolly just me but i
    really really want all whities to come and rebuild eu soil on the double .. .
    everywhere else i see them they seem phoney even if well intentioned and
    disposed properly (preturn onto and off of rite road).

    • Hi 55;

      It does save periodically. The issue this time seems to be the fact that my domain expired at the same moment that the blog disappeared. When I try to renew using the credit card option, it keeps skipping over to the Paypal option, which I don’t have. Have been trying to sort it via forums [wordpress doesn’t have direct support]

      Thanks for your earlier offer of technical support 🙂 and for contributing so much during this ‘pause’.

      Your video about 12/21/2012 and the 19 ‘over all’ was fascinating and timely–the disappeared blog had mentioned more about ‘that’ date. The 19th letter mentioned in your vid alpha-numerically = 55!

      138 on Kin 140, last day of the 7th Mystic Tzolkin channel.
      For most of you, it’s 19.9, first day of Moon 19.4, of the 19.7 year!
      Today, ‘Nineteen’ is truly over all’.

  21. after Xoxipilli makes a HUUUUUUGe deal (his usual empty formulaics) out of kin 138 (in honour of not mentioned yunohoo i presume) he posts this:

    -10/10/2012: Carga policial contra l@s vecin@s de Artieda para intentar expropiarles tierras dentro de los planes de recrecimiento del pantano de Yesa — La Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro (CHE) pretendía expropiar 60 hectáreas pertenecientes al pueblo de Artieda (pirineo aragonés), dentro de los planes para recrecer el pantano de Yesa.
    L@s vecin@s de Artieda, contrari@s a esta obra faraónica que les conddenará a abandonar su pueblo, salieron a cortar el paso a los funcionarios. Los antidisturbios de la Guardia Civil (GRS) intentaron abrir paso a los ladrones mediante la fuerza y la brutalidad… pero su violencia no pudo, ni nunca podrá, con un pueblo que tan sólo quiere defender su tierra, su río y su vida. La brillante actuación de la Guardia Civil y la Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro se saldó con decenas de heridos y más unión, rabia y dignidad en Artieda.
    Solidarízate con Artieda difundiendo su situación y acudiendo a sus convocatorias.
    Su único delito es querer vivir en su pueblo.
    Entérate de más en:
    Asociación Río Aragón (
    hmmm, odd, i don’t see that near naked lass prostrate on stones with a love pabulum covered protest sign and the toes of spectators lined up around her which Xochipilli posted …. i do notice the site is badly spam riddled
    the manager has the same style beard and this adress: .. but is he a mirror too or IS he and Xochipilli guy one and same and not just versions of each other at relatively different and even amongst themselves, practically irrecognizably different stages of maturity?

    the ‘TVvideo’ tab has 1 vid from the last week of september (and 34 spammies), it was made by these folks: = professsional station doing pr for all businesses in/of and around the northern spanish province Leon (nightlife ((including overambitious, thin voiced and spindly would be presentrices)) and culinary quaintitudes firmly represented of course, in this taking it up the a .. i mean tourist oriented country).

    … it’s almost like a fucking shopping station … this explains the cocktail footage spliced into the parades13 vid perhaps:

    a 20 minute vid seen 590 X since the 21st of sept
    starts off promising enough … the parada man says a thing or 2 about the foods on offer (do i hear him say sesame sprouts?) .. but soon it’s off to town with a looong focus on a cocktail specialist, at 5.10 it’s back to the nature recipes, love potions and lovely stuff … a panorama of the venue is visible at 7.45 .. looks like he has a range of alcoholic beverage bottles also, just not as flash and prominent, in fact, on the floor behind the spacious counter … these guys are Moorish hospitality front fighters/lovers i guess.

    we get a serious tour to follow up that first glimpse at 465s

    8.15 – 8.16 one views a beaut of a modern train
    9.21 a canadian comes into(/ter-) view

    around 17.23 it’s clear to me the guy has made his own medicine wheel .. in his oversized living room / event venue … with paintings, tapestries, instruments, lights and whatnot; there’s a room to shuffle concepts commited to paper into piles, crumple or sheave and stack them up, etcetera. I should mention work on protest banner pageants and contests parhopes.

    Also, in this thread back up a ways i made a composition mistake … ascribing jon22jon (and 22jonjon22)’s piano and vid work to moom64a (the Qu’ran (Quran or Qur’an) Code guy (who’s last activity was making a small bollywood musical list 8 months ago).

    follow up to last nite’s moon64a notes:

    something i have run into before:
    elaborate attempts to use Sura ‘the quake’ to predict real quakes

    Keikhosrow Imami
    white haird fella, Rashad Khalifa follower in Georgia wrote an ‘absolutely certain’ prediction for an SF quake in september 08 (after six failed warnings between 99-04). HO convinced him to go with the april date (37.html .. makes much of 64 so this could be the moon64a himself, 64 in 08, born the 14th of feb) on which a 5.2 occured in Illinois … on his own date a hurricane traced to sudan hit the northa american coast and caused 30 billion dollars worth of damage in sept08

    a 5.8 one in Virginia august 2011 prompts him to another numo file but much much smaller; his fervor and strength waning obviously:

    Hasan Ozturk is another ‘Rashadi’/’Khalifaite’, in Germany i understand, from:

    his 12 piece yt activity began 7 months ago:

    1:27:57hms Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s Friday Sermons, dated 5/27/1988, 10/28/1988, 12/30/1988
    asubmitter2god • 398 weergaven

    7:57 – Dr Rashad Khalifa’s Greate Debate 2
    miracle19code • 5814 weergaven

    he hates europe and scolds it in slow feeble tirades while having eyes for the good of the states only, good enough for the quran revelation … or bycause of it …
    i think he turns the truth on its head but very carefully and very exactly, without otherwise violating it much .. which makes restoration easy … it’s an unfortunate automatism in the much prosecuted intel world to evade detection.
    he is 11earth37

  22. 29992 since march 07, an imam who approves of the Khalifa’s assassination

    better quality aud by this evil dude BP .. what is he doing on ‘peace’ tv? He empties it of meaning, infiltrates, subverts and befouls it. Why does he tell us all about the devil?

    khalifahklothing on Nov 23, 2009 … 25thou Vs
    Description and trials of Dajjal by Dr. Bilal Philips on Peace TV.

    HighFlyingDutchman about the hadith anecdote regarding the ‘wandering Basmalah’, it doubles the manipulation by moving 2 of them instead of 1

    the next two 2 vids feature acceptable music, the first opposed (as is HFD((‘s silent)) vid i watched), and the second one supportive

    DhulFiqaar1924 … 4000 since end 08 … opponent:

    Mathematical Miracle of Quran (Code 19)

    thameemnf = supporter .. 4000 since may 2010

    2.25 (of 4.37):

    “As it turns out, the missing Basmalah in Sura 9 is compensated for in Sura 27, exactly 19 suras later if we start counting from 9”

    this happens to be similar to what the Georgian put forth:
    one sura with 2 bismillahs (one too many) and another sura lacking one
    this seems like a lifelike and natural fold unfold stick unstick, bend around and round the bend error (perhaps much in the way genetic mutations may occur??) …. as far as i remember, he’s the first one i see do this … most of the opponents claim RK was just striking 2 of them instead of moving one .. both variants of course, affect the larger 19 manyfoldednesses these numographers like to juggle with.

    haven’t checked this one yet
    Nazam Guffoor … 2 and a half hours in Norwich U 2005

    Uploaded by ineed2knowthis on Dec 18, 2010 .. 55396x

    Relates verses 74.27 to 74.37 to Hoagland’s findings

    RameesHamza put one up in 09 with some of the simpler points, which racked up 30thou Vz vid
    payment/reward = 117
    forgiveness = 234
    righteous = 6
    wicked = 3 … same amount as ‘half formed lump of flesh’ (really the ‘low’ point in this vid …. clear reference to Fallujah for which i take full responsibility … sUMBody’s got to flow it.

    to me it’s obvious that packing 19 folds into texts was like a popular passtime for centuries in the arab world of playFULLY indulged in ‘flowiracy’ .. wait, am i stealing from that scrawny bighanded young new age sermonizer now? ..oh .. rite, .. no .. he calls his work ‘floetry’ …/tangent … (little did they realize how much ‘code’ can speed up stripping earth and it’s souls very bare) about as popular as ‘denksport’ is in Holland (huuuuge, even though they do not turn it into competitions much, it’s a very varied field based on boxing linguistic slipperiness and multivariance. .. And so i curcull round to my earlies oldest and still most accurate criticism regarding the ineffacticity of dreamspelling to truely defend, let alone push forth and resurge garden culture .. much as i applaud code 19, synchronotoning, etceturu .. for distracting from the vindictive bloody mindedness (a ‘clear sign’ ((sign so clear it can do without being hewn into stone and buried under stockpile of mineral waiting to be unstacked unpacked and ‘soiled’.)) of being heir to the side effects of Jewishneoteny instrumentalization) of the corehein.

  23. wow, this is totally in depth over that very 9/27/93 .. (folding) issue
    Nazam Guffoor = Nazam44 … 2 and a half hours in Norwich U 2005 — 5693 Views since the 5th of july 2010
    Shabir Ally (Toronto) is guest of the Islamic Society of Norwich U
    towards the end of the 26th minute he references Bassam Jarrar’s work
    at 1.02 another nod to BJ’s work (he was in IDF custody* Yeeaarz ago and i haven’t heard from him since). put many of his vids up .. in arabic, max view number i spotted quickly: 5thou

    * — Qur’an prophesies Israel’s END & PRESENT. Miracles of Islam Quran!
    The decline of Israel. Qur’an and the Prophetic literature of Prophet Muhammad” ‘Bassam Jarrar’ This video interpret the clear prophecies in chapter 17 verses 4-7 of …
    63160 views in 2 years — DiscoverIslam100

    at around 1.07 he focuses on the out of character looong verse regarding 19 — and misguidance, trial by fire … some will come through heartened rather than scarred … comparable to a love of gold with no regard for the industrially massified and severely rapacious forms that ‘love’ can and did take — which one of today’s earlier mentioned vids does as well. HFD or the next one.

    at 1.10.50 there’s a zoom out giving an impression as to just how many folks travelled (up from Londonium prolly) into East Anglia to witness this witness (odd looking but pleasantly voiced man).

  24. Still
    in the 3d
    united states presidential debate



    with the baggage
    around the


    So childishly wise
    Bring it.


  25. Self-Existing Kali 4
    Blue Resonant Storm Year
    White Crystal Moon

    Here’s the latest from the Vision Alignment Project, now closing in on those (first) 1,000,000 Alignments! This is one that I am in absolute alignment with! And seeing as its author hails from Aotearoa I thought to share it here.
    Safe passage to all, dear Kin and Crew!


    The Vision Alignment Project ~
    A Vision for Fear Dissolved

    “I see a world where the fear we all carry has been dissolved in a moment and every living being awakes to stand on a strong foundation of love. With love as our foundation we are all able to be the infinite creative loving beings we came to be..

    There is no need for game parks anymore because the lions and tigers roam freely across the plains eating seeds, nuts, grasses and fruits supporting the rest of the animal kingdom. The violence in the animal kingdom, insect and bird world and marine life has dissolved in a moment with fear removed and all become who they truly are – loving beings.

    With fear dissolved humans step up into their true potential and power of infinite creative loving beings. Money, debt, finance, economics,business have dissolved with the fear and we now see the entire earth population of humans supporting and caring with every living thing.

    The Rain Forests of the Amazon are replanted, community gardeners are growing food for the whole and everyone is able to eat fresh organic fruit and veggies. The supermarkets have been cleared and composted and are wonderful colorful community spaces. The large malls have been turned into beautiful indoor eco towns, with abundant gardens, music studios, art studio’s, writing spaces, play spaces. Gone is the grey of concrete and in comes the color and artistic holistic design.

    All energy is free as love empowers and fear pays. Transport is free to everyone and everywhere across the world you see pollution free transportation.

    The men and women of the world over, have left the high rise office towers and are outside enjoying their family and friends being the creative beings they feel to be.

    Governments, parliaments, corporations, courts, police, probation, retirement villages, day cares, schools, universities, not for profits, United Nations, World Bank, World health organizations, hospitals, vet clinics, prisons, churches ….. have all dissolved with the removal of fear and every living being knows intricately that we are all equal and able to provide everything we need together without power over, rules or regulations because we are not fearful, we are loving living beings.

    Leadership is not required anymore as every living being takes responsibility for itself and serves the whole. The heart is open with the fear dissolved and we all see the truth of a world built on the foundations of love. It’s programmed within each DNA allowing us to be free of control and power over of any kind.

    Drugs are no longer required as the foundation on which they grew, “fear”, has been removed.

    There is an abundance of healthy life sustaining food and living water and this fuels the body standing on the foundations of love. Disease and illness have dissolved with fear and we are able to be happy and healthy throughout our life.

    The world is without violence of any kind and the natural world is no longer over worked transmuting the negative fear based energy and is able to balance the weather patterns across the entire world. Every country has a loving balance of sun and rain and food grows in abundance every where. People can literally walk across mother earth eating what she grows.

    There is no need to exchange for products and services as everyone is creating from their passion and inspiration and there is a balance of all things.

    All children are with their families, safe, warm, loved with plenty of healthy life supporting food to eat and living water to drink. Children gather together to play and learn in a way they want to and loving parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles help support a vibrant learning environment. Children are wise and sure of who they are as all babies are being birthed without fear into loving life supporting families.

    Without fear the balance of who we truly are is able to flow through every living thing and we open up to the whole entire universe. We stand in our own truth and power in equality with all living things. So be it and so it is.”

    Daring Donna
    Faraway North

    Thank You, Donna!

    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
    You can align with this Vision by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.

    Yes! I Align with this Vision. I Align with this Vision!

    Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.



    If this vision was sent to you from a friend, you can go to to sign up free for The Vision Alignment Project.

    The Vision Alignment Project is sponsored by Highest Light House and The Intenders of the Highest Good in alignment with the people at Create One Love. If you have a Vision you would like to share with the world, please email it to []. Your Vision may be published here!

    • adri .. you are blaspheming there right? taking a break away from serius right?
      reminds me of that sudokan at the icke forum in the now 72 page long Rodin thread .. he claims (t)his IS like JA’s thingy:

      so, … yall had a nice 44 days break from my rambles and staccato note delivery to delve into or not ?? Did 7! on the 12th of october .. I shouldn’t have mentioned namedomain outrages i guess. Welcome back, we NeeD you. Xochipilli has a kin138 around too!

      I ain’t gonna try get you up to date here but by all means, check my youtube feed (still trying to hand out treasure maps .. with very very little response)

      vijbster for instance ‘responds’ (to the vid with protesters on a rooftop of the concrete basics for a fresh southern french mosque):
      had to look it up … : too long did not read
      i sub filmbilder via his account (old fashioned pen use animated and enhanced with sound)

      his last vid has 2 second long clips from all of his 44 longer works

      … suffice it to remark here on my new playlist simply called ‘tibet’, meanwhile 74 vids long .. and i am now dwnldng a long one (not sure i’m gonna put it in the list bycause of the chinese narration .. but i already feature ‘sell-outs’ making a buck from the oppressor):

      In the Footsteps of a Yogi ????? – YouTube

      Uploaded by eightfoldlotus on Feb 28, 2012

      A pilgrimage to Lapchi – the holy land of Jetsun Milarepa. Following H.E. Nubpa Rinpoche, this documentary covers the Milarepa’s hundred-thousand tsog offering puja in Lapchi, as well as all the significant caves of Jetsun Milarepa and other sacred sites around Lapchi.

      group trekking up narrow valleys

  26. Hi Poet Piet, i thought that this blog was like an abandonded house that i was visiting and writing a grafitti on a wall, it seems im not the only one here and is good to know that you are still working on whatever you are into which i dont get to understand but ill see if i find some time to whatch any of your videos

    Hope we all meet in the 21.12 Rainbow Bridge mindwaves !


  27. Thanks to A1d7r7i and Poet Piet for your e-mails and recent comments 🙂

    It was never my intention to pause for so long, and there have been many unfinished posts since the one that disappeared.
    This week, two other bloggers I follow also mentioned they had lost posts as they were about to publish.
    The domain issue seems to be improving without acion on my part. Today, Melovia 12 Moon was finally able to access this blog for the first time in awhile.

    Your input means that I will actually manage to post my current blog-in-process, hopefully for Kin 191, which is one Week before 12/12/12, and one 16 day Cube before 12/21/12 🙂

    Love, Harmony and continued Patience to all, during this intense, long-prophesied period we have all entered.
    Galactic Mirror

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