The Unique Magic Turtle Day: Kin 201; Rhythmic Dragon of the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-Out-of-Time signals the Precursor of the Seven Mystic Moons

IMIX  Kin 201:  Red Rhythmic Dragon

I organise in order to nurture balancing being.
I seal the input of birth with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
This  Magic Turtle Day is a rare one in which both the Seal and Tone match that of the special Moon in which it falls.  During this Moon-Out-of-Time, the Combined Dreamspell Kins also equal the Kin of the Day, so today’s Moon, Kin and CDK are all coded by Kin 201:  Rhythmic Dragon, leading to the purest expression possible of a Magic Turtle Day.  Rhythmic Dragon is also unique because even it’s G-Force [Kin 71:  Rhythmic Monkey] fits the definition of a Magic Turtle Day.
The Analog of this Day and Moon is PVCS 6 Mirror, which coded the day of Pacal Votan’s Ascension, while the Hidden Power of this Magic Turtle Day and this Moon-Out-of-Time is Pacal himself:  PVCS Galactic Sun  🙂 
Antipode/Challenge Kin 71 is obliquely referred to in the Postulate for this Day and the Moon-Out-of-Time.  Pacal’s third incarnation as Valum Votan left us a more complex system for calculating the Gematrical Frequency, also known as Alpha-Numerics.  The CGF for GOD [7+60+4] equals 71.

1.6. Biological evolution tends towards states of being capable of sustaining conscious moments in time.  Evolved biological entities capable of sustaining conscious moments in time trigger self-reflective consciousness or naive  experiences of time.  These naive experiences of time are categorically referred to as mystical experiences. Mystical experience is predisposed to the naive experience of time because of the intent to approximate God, the center and director of all intelligence.”:

GOD is also [of course!]  the key point in this message found at the Law of Time:

We are the Elders of the Supreme Star Council of the Federation of Galactic Federations.  We have studied your line of force through different aeons of consciousness.  The aeon now ending is the Aeon of the Testing of Consciousness. It is the testing of the individual soul. Who you think you are and who you actually are, are two entirely different things.

You have theories about how you came to be which make no sense. You are closer to the truth when you place GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) in the position of having created you.

As the emanation of the Higher Reality, the template of your being was “fashioned” by divinely directed “biological engineers” in another line of force of reality.  Your galaxy was selected as a test zone.  The test zone was designed by cosmic engineers to accommodate sequences of aeons of consciousness in which your species was the test case for the emergence of “spiritual consciousness.”

Following the final testing of the present aeon of consciousness, the new aeon will dawn, the aeon of the flowering of spiritual consciousness.  For this we are being prepared as a new cosmic species.”

We are now at that point between the two Aeons, known as The Sacred Changing of the Aeon’.  This unique Magic Turtle Day is nestled between the 12/12/12 Crystal Ascension date, and the long-prophesied end of the Cycle on December 21-22, 2012.  The Moon-Out-of-Time is between th eLast Seven Moons of the Great Cycle and the Seven Mystic Moons that culminate with oUR Galactic Synchronization.

The final ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal’ [crop circle] of the 13 Baktuns appeared very late in the season at Windmill Hill.

Windmill Hill, nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 14th October.

This formation appeared between the  Electric Mirror[198] Moon which, ended on Kin 138Galactic Mirror and Kin 139 [Princess Diana] which coded the beginning of the Self-Existing Storm [199]  Moon  🙂

This circle was interpreted as referring to the 12/12/12 date which was coded by Kin 198; the Fifth Solar Witness:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

Across the planet, on Kin 198 [12/12/12] people were meditating and raising the planet’s vibration to a higher level.  Scientists reported this week, that they have now ‘scientifically proved’ that 10% of a poulation is the ‘Tipping Point’ for total change.  That bodes well for us!

While we were meditating on 12/12/12 in the land that is first to see the Dawn, it was still GAP Kin 197:  Lunar Earth for most of the world.  Synchronistically, the Simple Gematrical Frequency of  ‘Crystal Ascension’ equals 197  🙂  Rhythmic Kali Four [my 13 Moon date for Gregorian 12/12/12] also equals 197!

The Seven ‘Chakras depicted in this Inter-dimensional Signal underscore the importance of 7 in the Law of Time cosmology, in The Thirteen Moon Calendar, and in this current sacred period of time.

The Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon 2012-2013, “Moon-Out-of-Time” is the cosmic pause for breath between the Seven last waning Moons that close[d] the cycle of Thirteen Baktuns and the Seven waxing Mystic Moons that precede the lauching of Timeship Earth 2013…The four weeks of the Rhythmic Moon establish the Self-Existing power of Four, accordig to the ratio 4:7::7:13, from which emanate the Seven Rays to charge the Seven Waxing Moons to Launch Timeship Earth 2013.  The 28 Weeks of the Seven Waxing Moons to launch the Timeship represent a time of mystic exaltation, the total redemption of all of universal life on Earth in preparation for the moment of Galactic Synchronization.” [pages 70-71 of the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation]

This Unique  Magic Turtle Day also alerts us to the fact that the following 7 days are a holonomic fractal of the Seven Mystic Moons, which are coded by Kins 202 [Resonant Wind] through 208:  Cosmic Star.

Valum Votan’s  final Synchronotron Report for 2012 mentions the 7 Mystic Moons:

“The  ultimate key to the Synchronotron is working to imprint the circuit  chip of the holomind perceiver in our corpus callosum. Every effort we  make to do so helps activate our dormant brain energy, which then sends  the frequencies through our nervous system.  (For those who have been  working with this system, let’s see how far we can get during the 7 mystic moons leading to Galactic Synchronization!)”…”they are telepathic codes – and by us doing them we are activating the  place in the Noosphere where they exist so that it will be easy for  others to access.  … ” all languages were  loaded into the psi bank and it is received wholesale by different  beings in different geographical locations.”

Bless the soul[s] who does such detailed Synchronotron compilations for us  🙂  Because I continue to follow the 13 Moon Calendar with each Week, Moon and Year beginning on Dali::Sunday, here are both sets of Synchronotron numbers for  Kin 201:

Space Matrix:  {H: 13;  V:  15}  201 + 202 [T] + 212[ Sy] = 615  Base = 363

Synchronic Matrix:  {H: 1;  V:  15}  201 +  37 [T] + 307 [ Sp] = 545  Base =27

TIME Matrix { H6;  V: 3 [official]} 132;  Base:  188   {VV Orig: H:6;  V:  7}  100;  Base:  340

Adding Sp:  615 + Syn 545 to Time on Rhythmic 3 [132]  yields a total of 1292.  It’s BMU = 410Manifestation Frequency of Divine Interval”  The Kin Equivalent is 252  “21 x 12;  9th order of 28;  Fifth Mental Sphere; VG:  12.12”

When the Space and Synch. numbers are added to TIME on Rhythmic 7 {100} , they produce 1260.  It’s BMU is 378 {18 x 21,  Frequency of 378-day Saturn loop around Earth, VG.  18.18}.  The Kin Eq. of 1260 is 220 {20.12}  The following phrases alpha-numerically resonate with 220:

The Thirteen Baktuns; Harmonic of Polar Light; December 22;  my birth name;  The Golden Bay Vortex, The Mystery Queen.   That indicates where this writer will be observing the 2012  SolsticeWe will all be connected through oUR Hearts,  oUR alignment with the Heart of oUR Earth, and the Noosphere

Cosmic Star codes the New Zealand Solstice and [IMHO] the End of the Cycle.  NASA had planned to release this video on Cosmic Star [12/22/2012] : on Cosmic Star, but decided to release it early, in an attempt to calm people around the world who are feeling worried or frightened.

Here is something   that will be more effective in several ways:  “It’s an experiment in creating a global movement of the heart to begin a new era with love, generosity, and kindness.  We invite you to join this “love movement” by personally committing to sharing words and actions of love for three days, from December 20-22.”   Three Days of Love  

For years, we have been practicing and visualizing the Circum-Polar Rainbow BridgeWe will  manifest it this week!  At 11:11 a.m. UTC Time, December 21,  people around the Earth will be synchronized in visualizing the

These beautiful images from  Stephanie South’s blog evoke the unfolding of the Telektonon Prophecy in Palenque [above] and [below] shows how ‘developed’ the RainbowBridge already is:

,Rainbow Sky - Florida Aug 2012

The Rainbow Bridge will ‘Crown the Noosphere’ with Pure Radiance.  There is more detailed information for triggering the Rainbow Bridge in Cosmic History Chronicles 6; Chapter 12, which is titled:  NOOGENESIS- A Telepathic Art.

1.6 + 18.8 equals 19.1 [Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm] which is the Noosphere Constant.  Here  is an article by a Magnetic Storm named Katarina.  She skillfully  incorporates the Synchronotron and the Noosphere into her  account of “the highest (220 m.) pyramid in the world,” “…in the center of Europe  [Bosnia].”

This blog began over 43 Moons ago, and this Magic Turtle Transmission is the 761st [according to wordpress, who doesn’t count the blogs  that disappeared just before or shortly after being posted]  It’s very gratifying to see so much more information  now available about the Law of Time codes and Terma, including daily synchronic readouts.   

This Magic Turtle Day and Rhythmic Moon-Out-of-Time are perfectly timed and coded:

201 literally equals:              “Sacred  Changing  of  the  Aeon

1 .25. 6. 7.   Cube One:  Memory        Unique Magic Turtle  Kin 201

20 thoughts on “The Unique Magic Turtle Day: Kin 201; Rhythmic Dragon of the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-Out-of-Time signals the Precursor of the Seven Mystic Moons

    • Dear Pedrin 4 Warrior;

      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      The other photos in your link are stunning also. The 17th one portrays our favorite number [13] in a most unusual way!

      Rainbows are proliferating around the world 🙂
      Claire 8 Mirror

  1. oUR is a word that aligns to 12 6 9 : 27

    This is important to know where it alignes to 3 x 3 x 3

    So there the triangle as perfect time form pops up ..

    This makes 28 a completing measure for 27 plus 0/1

    0/1 is the transmissive gesture for daya 28 that glues one moon to the next one and so on ..

    There the four colours red white blue and yellow tell their true formation:
    9 9 9 1
    The radiative phase
    The attractive one
    The receptive one

    This communicated by Jose ..

    Why not listen and install the 9 week measure from 2112?
    It is quite evident

    And 220 in Tzolkin

  2. Nootime approacheth!

    Complements of
    Matt 4 Wind – 82 – Voice
    Chris 11 Mirror – 258 – Bass
    Dom 2 Mirror – 158 – Drums
    = MUSE

    4 Mirror – 258
    I Define in order to Reflect
    I Measure Order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the Self-existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Timelessness

    Much gladness to see Mirror Mama back in AC-T-i-ON!

    C 😉

    • Some might view this as negative.
      Acceptance = Integration
      Reject the fear, embrace oUR imagination
      We are still in charge of this narrative
      Activating to Explore
      C 😉

    • Matthew Bellamy’s first[1] memory is of breaking an expensive family heirloom[2] – a large mirror[2] – after letting go of a bucket whilst spinning around with it, as a result of which his mother proclaimed that he’d cursed the family for seven years.[1] This occurred in the year previous to the one during which his parents split up.[2] In December 1999, he claimed this was his most guilt-ridden memory.[2] – [Ha!]

    • Dear C 3 Skywalker,

      I’m glad to see you in action too, with these great comments 🙂
      MUSE equals another Mirror: PVCS 58, 6 Mirror [13+21+19+5 = 58]

      When you connect with C 2 Skywalker, let him know that I’ve put a call out to my Brothers [who each had a child born on the same day: two Galactic World-Bridgers]]
      My brothers are now living in a rural area somewhere near to you. John 2 Dog is 93’s tone, and Bill 13 Skywalker is Cody’s Seal 🙂
      I’ll contact you as soon as I hear from them, and am hoping it could work out, that they [and you and PVCS 12.2?] begin the New Cycle together.

      The ultimate Crystal Day dawned here as a beautiful sunny day, adding to the excitement and positive vibes at this momentous time on Earth and the Galaxy.
      See, feel, resonate with all of you on the ‘other sid’e of what Valum Votan, The Closer of the Cycle describes as The Inter-Dimensional Time Shift!

      In 13 hours and 13 minutes, we all join together to manifest the
      Circum-Polar Rainbow Bridge!!!

      Love to All,
      C 8 Mirror

  3. Dear Claire De Moulin-The Mystery Queen. I wish you the best “Time Quake” ever on 21.12. May the following Mystic Seven Moons and our vision create the template for a galactic New Jerusalem on this precious blue planet.
    2112= 33×64 Mystic Initiation 33 of the World DNA 64
    12 The Temple 12×12=144
    21 The Matrix 21×21=441
    20.12 Crystal Sun Kin 220 22::13+9 ::
    Kin 207 – Precept 51 – The more your mind becomes imbued with the informative resonant power of Cosmic History, the more it becomes a reflection of the primal chronicle of seven.
    MASTER COORDINATING TFI KIN EQUIVALENT (KE): 113 Red Solar Skywalker or 13.9
    Kin 2(0)7
    27= 3 x 9
    Heart of Nine
    Valum ancient meaning of 9
    Votan original Akbal night glyph 3
    Thus 27 3×9 Heart of Nine= Valum Votan
    Or Blue Solar Night Kin 243
    V24.3 Velatropa Sector Sun24 3rd Planet heARTh
    Blue Crystal Hand Power of : Accomplishment
    Moon 6, 9 – You have everything you need right now. You need go nowhere to learn everything about the universe.

    Greetings to all the beautifull Kin around the world and have a great “End of the Wordl” party.

    9.7 Kin 189 on 21:12 Blue Crystal Hand
    Cycle closed, mission not accomplished. (yet) Reboot System

    • Dear Jannis ..
      999 is the ninth Lordener of Time and there for 27

      It goes here mystical dis-covering on 3 metaphores

      I – 3 godheads in Hindi are Vishnu Brahma Shiva

      II – 3 archangels are Gabriel Rafael Uriel

      III – 3 musceteers are Athos Aramis Porthos

      They all line up in similar themes .. resp. LOVE LIFE VOID

      And represent 999 , 27
      Then 28 is 0 and the Inner Child .. resp.
      All the one with the open mind ..

      As Bolon Ik, red queen, white solar wind and all seals on 9 spicing all wavespells ..and all seals .. with the revelation gene .. world chakra ..

      In lak’ech a la kin

      9991 is the rhythm and rhyme for a moon in 13 moon calendric agenda ..
      It iz sympol ..

  4. orgotten Keith Hunter’s name already, .. end of last thread here had him as a fresh find which i hope was not the cause of the long silence. Here’s a few notes/reminders regarding this numonoid in his own right and i was entertained by various podcasts and vids he did (‘lightdescent’ on yt) over the last few years.
    He seems to not be rooted in dreamspell at all; but one learns a thing or two about the long count; at least i did; here’s my note from december 2nd, kin 188, 6Star

    1559 the Aztec ceremony was interrupted by the Spanish
    18th of december: earth and ceres conjunct ….. 120 degrees further: merc and venus

    Both venus (in transit, on) and mercury (underneath) aligned with our sun 1.15 the 20th of december
    venus / saturn sharp at 17.30 the 21st

    all this resembles what happened in 1859 – if you ignore the difference of about 35 degrees in the 2 sets of conjuctions – when northern lights went crazy all over the world and all sattelites would have been a permanent loss had they been there then.

    perhaps a kin more willing and better able to follow the man’s leads into the thickets of decimal points (bring at least a stick and don’t take it all down, choose a path wisely – well clear of birds nesting and better yet, before they do) and make himself at home there …. will come up to me and say ‘it’s via you i first learned about … this that or the other, pay back time!’ .. and proceed to assault me …. just kidding. is broken — xochipilli is following through his odd mix of spontaneity and rote formulaicism during a double wave with an undisclosed number of participants in Perun northern spain.

    In sharp contrast to the pics at his place of occupy inspired, amassed masses close packing and thronging themselves down the spanish boulevards, his ‘ride board’:
    … is quite deserted .. but perhaps people get there other ways. I hereby offer lifts to any bodies willing to pay for gas and speeding tickets from Holland.

    xn0r.deviant art (calls himself sadukan on the 72 page long Rodin thread at icke forums) does oddball stuff (‘Herubic Chromotion’) he obviously doesn’t think through very far but hey, all depth starts with superficial mimicry … and reverts there as soon as the chainlinkKin goof off too long.

    i could dig around more if anybody wants more …. for instance about the slew of unfortunates involved with, not to call it ‘tangled up in’ reincarnation.
    My own carninotions .. i mean sympathies, .. are well on the side of the primitives vs the clinicals (Sapolsky et al)

  5. Stored out of time – potential – differences,
    owing it’s existential frequency to vibration in the electromagnetic spectrum,
    perceived as SPACE and TIME…………

    While in these dark cycles, Earth was in a planetary coma.
    Her rarified light was sealed within living mummies or stones, only.

    The breath of the Solar wind. is CAptured by the world’s spinning-habits
    like a whale in the cosmic sea of consciousness, she dives and flees the darkened age;

    as augURed before eons of time.

    The Soul of the World soaks in these erratic flimmering fibers
    Its potential mass vehicle in perpetual rotation
    -and guaranteed by the reconnection grid of invisible forces,
    she transfigurates the archetypal thrust of the previous Piescean Ages
    and loads them directly into Aquarian Aeon.

    Thus the opposites in Earth’s dipole magnetosphere are unified,

    Kinich Ahau’s planetary synchronization spheres
    utilize antipodes to the stream of darkness

    We are Earth Soul’s bodies electric.
    Crystal lattice: precise and orderly arranged;
    atoms, forming a network – on diamond light radiating streams
    in a hyperdimensionally resonant solar system.
    Creating healing.
    under venus’ watch

    A slumbering network lol

    love to All

    • Dear 13 Night;

      Thank you for your great comment, the first one of the New Aeon 🙂

      Blessings to 8 Earth, 7 Moon, 3 Eagle and 9 Wind for your insights and inspiration, just before the 13 Baktuns of Materialism ended.
      It was wonderful to hear from each one of you.

      In between, the new look here reflects the Shift: The beginning of oUR Return to 13:20 Harmony and Beauty, and ultimately to oUR Original Matrix Attained.

      The first transmission of The New Cycle will appear soon.

      Love and Harmony for All 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Roo888 has 399 piccies up (lots of pyramid and earth distance numbers and
    minutes of daylight on certain days, bible codes and a gematria.

    Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall = New Zealander, much admired by a kin
    99, herself a reincarnation .. of the western world’s most famous sex symbol
    … ‘battling’ Hollywood (living in it too though). Brian does the very craziest
    type yarning i can imagine … i’m waiting for him to start mentioning the
    number of stitches … he uses loads of birth/death number in his personal
    family … seems odd for yahweh himself eh?

    I’d like your opinion.

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