The First of the Seven Mystic Moons began on Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night; Today is 225: Self-Existing Serpent

Velatropa 24.3 [Earth] expressed herself powerfully and synchronistically as the Seven Mystic Moons began in New Zealand.   The Lunar Eagle Guide Watch brought news of a 7.7 earthquake in Alaska, mirroring the beginning of the 7 Mystic Moons and the 7 Days of Galactic Synchronization.   During the Hidden Power Watch of Crystal Mirror, a spectacular thunder and lightning Storm loudly raged, while simultaneously displaying a double rainbow!

Lightning strike sparks fire near Nelson  (Source: Jessica Hirsch)   [Rainbow Bridge Visualization]

The First Mystic Moon is coded by Kin 202:  Resonant Wind, and it began during the 18th Wind Wavespell of  Spirit.  The following day, [the Gregorian 7/1]  we experienced the most powerful gale force WINDs.  In Mexico, land of the Maya, there was a volcanic explosion at Colima on that day [January 7th], which is known as the day of Epiphany  🙂 The Hidden Power of Resonant Wind is the year-bearer:  Resonant Storm.

The PSI for Resonant Moon One is 5.7:  Resonant Serpent, and, synchronistically, the G-Force for Lunar Night is also Resonant Serpent.  The Long Count Kin is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Resonant Warrior, adding to the Resonant energy and Magic [Turtle] of this special Moon.

Space-010213-001b-617x416  This week, anstonomers reported that the heart of our Galaxy emitted a magnetic stream that is a million times stronger than a Super-Nova!  This week also brought news of a truly amazing “Irradia Couple“: from Russia who   don’t process oxygen or food,  instead, they they receive their sustenance from radiation!  They use their sense organs and intuition at a very advanced level and can even distinquish between different types of Uranium.

These two unusual [unique?] phenomenon serve  to demonstrate that a paradigm shift is underway, and also  make the Launch of Timeship Earth 2013 feel more viable.  It is mentioned in the last sentence of Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 6: “73.    A  few operatives on the planet are already experiencing third and fourth-dimensional systems operating with double mental levels simultaneously.  In this way, the phase shift of the planet will be easier to facilitate, the docking point of Timeship Earth 2013.”

Chapter 13;  paragraph 28“If we want to advance to this level…we [must] live and cultivate a life of Spirit…  This entails opening ourselves to divine grace in the expansion of our Will, Spirit, and divine analytic intelligence.”

Seven Mystic Moons to Launch Timeship Earth 2013-The Fulfillment of 7:7::7:7.”   

The Moon-Out-of-Time  preceded the Seven Mystic  Moons,  and I propose that these 7 Moons  be followed by a Week-Out-of-Time Seven Days of Galactic Synchronization This First of 7 Moons  [Dali] can be a Fractally- Time-Compressed practice for the first day of Galactic Synchronization Week [Lunar Mirror] when we will TARGET the Launch of Timeship Earth 2013.

  TMQ’s more Harmonic version of the Calendar of 13 Moons of 28 days allows for a consistent synchronization of the 7 Radial Plasmas, our 7 Chakras and the 7 days of the Week [which predate and are more universally followed than the Gregorian Calendar to which the current ‘official’ calendar is linked].   A variety of synchronicities, crop circles, numbers [some translating to resonant phrases via the two forms of alpha-numerics introduced by Valum Votan] have reinforced this calendar that is true to Valum Votan’s writing and the two ‘games’/learning tools he produced:  The Telektonon and 7:7::7:7.    

Valum Votan never wrote anything to contradict his many assertions that each week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday:: Dali, and he never corrected me on this critical issue on the approximately  20 occasions when we spoke in person.  Of course, entering the correct 13 Moon date into Synchronotron makes a difference, and that has been another source of confirmation.  The Closer of the Cycle may have left clues or terma  to indicate the beginning of the 2013 13 Moon year;  New Sirius Cycle 26.

As Valum Votan states,  the Synchronotron does serve as a vehicle of telepathic transmission., and this shift is about the Feminine energy [or Agent] receiving information and decoding Terma in order to open the New Cycle. Just as Pacal Votan left coded information on his Tomb [including the precise timing that indicated 12:60 and 13:20],  it’s possible that the timing of Valum Votan’s Death and Birth are a clue:  The moment of both his Birth and Ascension is 6:10.  6.10 is Planetary World-Bridger, kin 166.

According to my calculations under a star-filled sky over a year ago,  The new Harmonic  Calendar of 28 days  [and the new year] will begin on Sunday::Dali, coded by 6.10, Planetary World-Bridger.  Synchronistically, the Gregorian date:  7/28/2013 displays the [4]  7 day Weeks that composes  the 28 day Moon  🙂

The Long Count will be Lunar Storm [19.2], and the Combined Dreamspell Kin will be kin 19:  Rhythmic Storm [19.19=19.6 [the Year-Bearers will remain the same, to cause minimum disruption] Those two numbers added together equal 18.8, Galactic Mirror.  When we add in the PSI:  1.1, it becomes 139:  Solar Storm [19.9].   “Nineteen is over all“.

The Synchronotron for Kin 166 on Moon 1;  Day 1 equals 2013 in two different ways.   Just as this blog was triggered  44 Moons and 1 Wavespell ago, by the 7.1 earthquake in Tokyo, my birthplace, another blog was set up on Resonant Moon 7;  Day 1 These proposals for the remaining 7 Moons and 7 days of the Cycle  will be expounded upon there.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceHours later the comment from a new reader arrived. [Welcome Daniel  :)] His mention of 1320 and 2013 mirrored part of the new site’s name.  Thanks also for this:  which displays the components for the 13 Moon year  🙂  The only difference is in how the 365th day is positioned.


Disdyakis dodecahedronHere:  the encoding of the Cosmic Tree of Life in the Disdyakis structure of 20 and 13 elements is discussed.  Thank You Grayham, Cosmic Eagle, for this ‘Cosmic View’ of the 13:20 codes and this special year of 2013  🙂

Thanks to each of you for your inputChristine 3 SkywalkerHappy Birthday to Cole 2 Human, who entered his 1 Wind [222] during the Moon-Out-of-Time  🙂  S’ace 9 Wind: your video demonstrates that you also Resonate a sense of mission regarding your calendar;   Poet Piet 3 Eagle:  I liked your take on the massive amount of energy emitted by our galaxy:  “Just gentlest softest energy (invisible dust!) flying at us and to our rescue.”Curious about some other things you aluded to…

Adrian 8 Earth and Reimar 13 Night:  Your intelligent, sometimes judgmental comments evoke admiration, equaninimity, compassion and more agreement/resonance than not [Yes,  Harmony not arguing] 🙂  Your two kins equal 20.8:  Pacal Votan, so we’ll end this with your two closing lines: 

Ill be in TOUCH with US… ever alert for the whispers of our Soul”  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N.S.  25.  7.  3.           Spirit Tower          Kin 225



12 thoughts on “The First of the Seven Mystic Moons began on Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night; Today is 225: Self-Existing Serpent

  1. 7 Moon thinks that this one man show Claire – running your own version- of the 13 Moon calendar is really stupid. In my opinion it is the proof that you understood nothing of the teachings of Valum Votan and the Law of Time, but is rather a childich angry beahaviour. The “essence” of the whole knowledge channeled by Jose and Stephanie is that one of Unity and Telepathy. You, dear Claire are lost in your number calculation and your “Dali on Sunday” thing. And are you brave enough to speak out that you are the real “Red Queen” what you mentioned before between the lines in previous blogs. Fore sure you are! As you are in your daydreams. And the LoT people which Valum Votan made his successors, who donate so much of their energy and whole life are only a bunch of conspiracy stupid hippys. They should send you a lawywers letter to not copy any more sentence out of any of Jose`s books and recite it out of context. For the goal to bring it into your own personal “worldview” and calendar. Are you aware of what a copyright is? All rights reserved…by the Galactic Masters. Look at all those hundreds of pictures which you freely downloaded and posted on your blog. Uhhh. There is a great description of “Mirror” people in Aluna Joy JaxKin`s book – Mayan-Pleadian Cosmology. I will not recite those psychological qualitys now, which are evident in your behaviour, but I know them so well from everydays life. My mother is a “Mirror” person. 🙂 Sorry this will certainly hurt you again, but it has to be said. Straight. Direct. VV`s work is too holy, sacred and great for me to not do so. Even though I wish you all the best and wake up! Look into the mirror!

    • Dear Jannis 7 Moon;

      It is sad and disappointing to receive such a mean response from a Kin with whom gifts, mutual extensions of hospitality and many e-mails were exchanged.
      However, your comment is a classic example of how the Truth [which by definition is impossible to refute] is countered by personal attacks, innuendos and threats.

      Something akin to the ‘Galactic Masters’ placed the activating 9/11/2004 message upon my computer, and several crop circles 20 miles from my home.
      They created the 2006 ‘Day-out-of-Time’ crop formation 3 days before the official DooT, hours after I performed V.V’s suggested Day-out-of-Time meditation 3 days ‘early’, on Saturday, Silio.
      They revealed the amazing ‘Eye of God” hours after 13 Dragon and I completed the 16 days of toning [following V.V.’s precise instructions] on Galactic Mirror, 2007.
      While Votan never once corrected me for following the Dali::Sunday alignment he described in so many places, he did whisper “I love you very, very, very, very much” to me, here in Nelson.

      These are some of the reasons I persevere with my mission to preserve, share, and help to implement the sacred Truth as Valum Votan revealed it.
      In the interests of building greater understanding and unity, let’s have a phone or Skype conversation.

      My best wishes to you and your beautiful family 🙂
      Kin 138: GALACTIC [integrity] MIRROR [Truth]

  2. Hey Claire,
    this is exactly what makes me so sad and wondering! When I found your blog shortly after VV ascended on 9.17 23.03.2011 I was amazed about your knowledge and ability to read the codes and all of VV`s teachings. I can really say that I learned a LoT 🙂 from you. And yes, we exchanged a lot of “mind-transmission” on a 3rd dimensional and other ways. I was also fully supporting you in decoding your revelation/terma of the computer message. I myself had to read a terma/revelation a work of art, (my 442 matrix grafic) in which information of the Book of the Cube and the ascending date of VV 9.17 is decoded into. Information from the future which was channeled to me into the year 1999 and finished on your birthday 10.07. or 13.14 Kin White Self Existing Mirror. I´m fully aware that you asked yourself, how could this happen? It is not explainable with our normal sense of understanding of how the world is functioning. It is a miracle! But the point is that first, a terma/revelation can take also 10 years until it is fully decoded by the terton (treasure finder). Second it is important how and when the information is then presented to the public and third not every terma is meant for the public, but maybe only for the terton.
    We all understood so far that there is an underlying matrix which governs that world which we call reality. And that those codes and systems left behind/channeled by Valum Votan can open our eyes to this invisible sacred matrix.
    In working with this we get back being wizards, right. We can create a new basement of Reality during this following Seven mystic Moons which start tomorrow on Rhytmic Blue Hand Moon 7 Day 1 (10/1) And doing so this is a responsible job. We should follow strictly the teachings of the master and not add something or change something. Only through a focused and united energy by every Kin we can trigger the advent of the Noosphere. Also called the coming of the second Christ or the planetary Manitou or the Second Creation or New Jerusalem. We used our knowledge wrong, very long ago once upon a time. A very long time ago. And that`s why we are here now on V24.3 after Maldek exploded and Mars is unhabitable. We got a third chance. We had all this sacred magic knowledge already! What we do now is Re: Membering.
    In the meantime since the earthQuake in Japan on Red Crystal Earth Kin 77 I read every book of VV, the whole CHC Volume, the MotS, the Telektonon 7:7::7:7 2 times. Several RINRI-Newsetters both Biographys about Jose and several blogs. I can tell you: IT IS PERFECT. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.
    You don`t have to add something, nor change something. Jose left it like it is now, before he ascended. It was not changed since his death on 9.17. Besides being a master, he was also just a human person. Who was maybe not aware of this irregularity or he found out about it later. He wrote down hundreds of codes simoultaniously every day. And sometimes also; Maybe he was just wrong and corrected himself. This he also says in the 7:7::7:7 (page 10/11) that he reworked the whole Plasmas/Codes/Days after his revelation/terma of the 77. the Seven Verses of Padmasambhava which he found in a book on page 77.
    So please think about what you are doing and ask yourself Why?
    Best Regards and In lak ech.

  3. First Day of 7 Mystic Moons
    The Calendar Change Peace Movement was founded by Jose and it`s that times partner Lloydine around 1992. The linking to July 26 is not because of the gregorian date but because of the heliacal rising of the Star System of Sirius on seen from our planet. A star system that was recogniced by Jose beeing the origin of the GM 108X Mayan Mind Transmission. The ultimate purpose of the movement is to “Change the Calendar”. Therefore there is no need to syncronize it with the gregorian calendar in a “more harmonious way”. Synchronizing it with greg. 28/7 would mean not recognizing that a ultimate calendar change is possible. 4:7::7:28 is harmony, more harmony would be timeless state of mind, also called samadhi. Besides this, to change it would also mean to treat the life work of Jose and it`s legal successors with disrespect. You would outrage him, now that he is not anymore in this dimension.
    The seven day week and it`s names Monday to Sunday was invented in ancient Sumeria/Babylon by male priests at a time when they also invented the 12 month, 60 minutes, currency system based on Saturn and the number 100. The counting system of decimal 10, the first city Uruk., etc. All functionings of the 12:60 artificial timing frequncy. At that time they knew only about seven planets in our solar system and they named the days of the week after them. The names of our week link to western Astrology with all of it`s facets of drama from Love to War. From Jose: One thing you will find in every newspaper, Astrology and the daily Stockmarket. So also if sunday may sound nice, including the word sun. And it`s the common world day of “relaxation, enjoying the fruits of work” at least in our “Comfort Zone” of western “civilaziation”. (After we robbed the indigenous people and destroyed the biosphere the previous 5-6 days) This sunday and all other days are also functionings of the 12:60 program. The word itself is just a vehicle, important is the energy it focuses on.
    Syncronizing the plasmas of the week with the greg. day names would also mean not to believe in an ultimate calendar change, as in this case the names of the week would be replaced by the names of the plasmas. Or however the human spezies decides would be named by different, new names. As is done by the month names from Magnetic to Cosmic. The plasma names/symbols have different functions. One of them is that they are affirmations of the Seven verses of phadmasambava. Each time you look at or speak out a plasma name it is like reciting one of the verses. This is the long version:
    Kin who are new to this subject, and who read this words I suggest learning from the original source. You find all on and the latest Noosletter of the current Resonant Moon which is at the same time the first of 7 Mystic Moons you find here. It desribes clear and understandable what 🙂 “Time” it is.
    I myself will return to what I did several moons before: Ignore this blog completely.
    I thought 21:12 is maybe a chance to unify again.
    When I think now back, dear Claire I remember me and other Kins writing arguments on the subject alredy in June 2012 which were never answered by your side. So long ago. Wow!
    Arguments which you simply ignored. So there is little hope that you do respond this time.
    As a sign of respect to you and your profound knowledge I spent now again so much time on commenting this.
    Time which I will focus now only to the Seven Mystic Moons in the 4th dimension and on the the other great blogs and Facebook pages on the 3rd dimension all aroud this beautifull blue planet.
    In lake Ech
    9.7 Jannis 7 Moon on Resonant Dali 1
    First Day of the 7th Moon
    Frist Day of the First of 7 Mystic Moons
    Kin 227 Blue Rythmic Hand
    Frist 36 Day Cube
    7 Storm year antipode Kin of 7 Moon
    197 Days to Galactic Syncronization Kin 164 20:13
    Anagram of 19.7 (Storm19 Resonant Tone7)
    19 is over all
    And 7 is the magic number
    In God`s mercy..
    My conciousness is emenated from the sun
    My heartbeat is emanated from the earth
    May the Galactic Federation come in peace

    • Dear Jannis;

      You, 7 Moon, resonate with today’s Magic Turtle: 7 Star of the 7 Wind Moon.
      The next blog will address [again] the issues raised in your most recent communications.

      ‘May the Galactic Federation come in Peace’…and soon!

      Love to All,
      Claire 8 Mirror a.k.a. TMQ

    • Thank You Reimar 13 Night 🙂
      That video contains important information. It certainly makes sense that a shift to a higher [4th] dimension would involve a shift to a counter-clock-wise spin. As Valum Votan wrote; Clockwise is third-dimension [and clock = 12:60], while counterclockwise is Fourth-dimensional.
      Your link doesn’t show on my view here:

      Love and Light;
      Claire 138
      [the vid also shows the Sun’s diameter in kilometers: 1,380,000 :)]

  4. Even many people who express some idea of a higher consciousness, remain immersed in the status quo, not really understanding that there is no hope of fixing anything or making anything in the old order any better. In fact, as long as they remain in the established ways without really examining their minds or its effects upon them, they are even more helpless than they may think they are.

    Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization: Looking Beyond 2012
    A Noosphere II Research Paper

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