Magic Turtle Day: Kin 255: Galactic Eagle in the Galactic Night Moon, the Second of the Seven Mystic Moons

Moon 7 has no mirror…in its center is the mystic threshhold where becoming ceases and Return begins…WITH THE 8TH MOON, THE MOTION REVERSES, YOU ARE NOW IN THE MIRROR REFLECTING.” [Page 210, C.H.C. 7]

The Second Mystic Moon is coded by a Galactic Activation Portal: Kin 203: Blue Galactic Night.
3.8: “Geometry is a mental order, and can only be a reflection of the divine mind of God. The pure
geometry of the fourth dimension is called pulsar geometry. Pulsars are the structures by which
fourth-dimensional time binds the qualities and aspects which inform the third-dimensional order.
Third dimensional geometry of form are secondary crystallizations of the primary pulsar geometry
of fourth-dimensional time.”

With entry into the Galactic Moon of Harmony, we are fully on our Return to the Original Matrix Attained. My 7 year old cat is named OMA, so I’m very comfortable with that term, but since ‘Matrix’ has negative connotations for some, we could also think of the Original Matrix Attained as the Womb of Creation. The number coding this Moon’s Kin: 203 = “7 x 29, Cosmic constant of Cosmic Creation”.
The Law of Time reminds us that: “In this Moon we re-enact the power of the Second Day of Creation: the power of Galactic Abundance.”

This Magic Turtle Day is the first day when all who practice the 13 Moon Calendar are “in” the 8th Galactic Moon of Harmony.
Galactic Eagle is Guided by 8 Storm, and it’s Analog is 8 Seed, which codes our Galactic Synchronization.
During the First of the Seven Mystic Moons, we Targeted, or aimed at our Galactic Synchronization, and during this Galactic Moon, we FLOW with the INTEGRITY and HARMONY of the Harmonic Convergence Week which is crowned by the Galactic Seed Synchronization on it’s 6th day.

Today, 169 [13 x 13] Days remain until the day of Galactic Synchronization.

15.8.The advent of galactic universal time travel according to the graduated index of celestial harmonics transforms planetary solar/stellar consciousness into fully galactic consciousness. The life of the higher analog functions projected through multiple consciousness enhances multiple exchange of identity. Radiodiversity increases quality and effectiveness of collective radiosonic mass.

A man who traveled through space and time was Ingo Swann, a genius who is known as the “Father of Remote Viewing”.
The amazing life of this Self-Existing Wizard [{kin 144] ended 6 days ago on Lunar Moon [2/1/13]
He once wrote: “… the superpowers of the human biomind are defined as those indwelling faculties of our species which can transcend space and time as one major category of activity, and energy and matter as another major category.
The concept that human powers and perceptions are locked into and only accord with the known laws of matter and energy and time is not correct – although such has been
the dominant concept of the last two centuries

Another ‘Wizard’ who devoted his short life to Internet Freedom also died recently, on Resonant Star [1/11/13] Aaron Swartz was a Galactic Wizard, who almost single-handedly prevented the SOPA bill from becoming a law.
New Zealand resident, Kim Dotcom pledges to do all he can to preserve our freedom to communicate via electronic means. The current ‘climate’ does serve to encourage us to develop the telepathic skills demonstrated and taught by Indo Swann.
Dotcom’s birthday fell in the middle of these two deaths, on Self-Existing Mirror [1/21] His Galactic Signature is Self-Existing Night [Kin 43, which codes TMQ’s current year].

Today’s Long Count Kin is 208: Cosmic Star. In part because Kin 208 coded the 2012 Summer Sosltice in New Zealand, TMQ considers that the New Cycle began on Kin 209: Magnetic Moon, when we also entered Wavespell 17 and the Green Castle of Enchantment.
7 weeks later, [per TMQ’s Harmonic version of the 13 Moon Calendar] on Sunday, 2/3, we began the Second Mystic Moon, coded by 203.
The Galactic Night Moon began on Kin 251: Self-Existing Monkey. On that day, Galactic Mirror began writing her book, with pen and paper [mainly due to the increasing computer issues, including now being forced to use an external mouse]

Knowing that Self-Existing Monkey had coded the “Puncture in the Technosphere”, the 9/11/2001 event with which the book begins, I determined that Sixteen Tzolkins had elapsed since that fateful day [later confirmed in Jannis 7 Moon’s comment].
Synchronistically, “Self-Existing Monkey” and “Sixteen Tzolkins” both equal the same number: 232 :).
Such synchronicities, plus technical issues indicate that Galactic Mirror will spend the Galactic Night Moon in book-writing mode. It is my Intention to resolve all the computer issues so that in the 9th Moon of Intention this blog can once again Pulse with color and images.

The 3rd day of the 8th Galactic Moon, coded by 7 Wizard, a powerul 8.0 earthquake struck the Solomon Islands, followed by several aftershocks above 6.0 magnitude, including a 7.0. This video from Suspicious Observer explains the Sun’s activities in relation to this huge earthquake, which had us in New Zealand on a Tsunami Watch. Interesting to note that at the time of this mega-quake, Mercury, Mars and Neptune were lined up on one side of the Sun, with Venus [in the same line] on the other side of the Sun. This daily report from SO desribes how Earth is in ‘energetic flux’ and also mentions the many comets appearing during 2013. This dramatic 5 minute video shows the stress our beautiful Earth is enduring, and ends paying homage to environmental activists, many of whom died protecting our Earth.
Valum Votan discussed Planetary Sorcery on her [and our] behalf. John Lash, Overtone Wizard, has put such action into motion as Gaian Tantra. Hundreds around the planet are tracking the Awakening of Gaia [the living Goddess, our Earth] through her intersecting cycles with the Moon, Planets and Sun in the Gaian Navigation Experiment.
As Hubert Humphrey [American statesman and Presidential candidate] once said:
If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

<strong>Galactic Night also coded the first time that Valum Votan phoned me [11/2/05], and my favorite of the Beatles: George Harrison. Never realized until today, what a prolific songwriter he was. I sifted through some of Kin 203’s 85 songs to find this:

“…Like the morning’s early light
You freshen all around
And with all the love you bring unknown delight
Sweetest innocence and free
God has given you the key
To the hearts of everyone
That comes in sight of you
and with all the love you bring unknown delight
Who have eyes will clearly see
And no one could disagree
A treasure of the world
A child, watching it grow
And with all the love will bring unknown delight

[From: http://www.elyrics.netUnknown Delight“]

May the Second Mystic Moon, bring you “Unknown DELIGHT”, and ABUNDANT HARMONY 🙂

N. S. 1. 25. 8. 5. Magic Turtle 255: Galactic Eagle

22 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Kin 255: Galactic Eagle in the Galactic Night Moon, the Second of the Seven Mystic Moons

  1. hi TMQ, there is geometry beyond the 4th dimension which as you know is time. 4D being just one of an in-phi-nite number of dimensions, ALL have a geometric component, Consciousness itself being a Being at numerous density’s is now proven to be so see, otherwise this saying has no meaning AS ABOVE SO BELOW, or we can (because fractals prove it) equally say ‘as below so above’, therefore if we cannot ‘see’ these geometries in the ‘BELOW’, then that is not the fault of universe. This is also why when using cubes to map time and 64 grids to map time it can be expected that there is no way to ‘see’ the fractal geometries that exist beyond 4D time, cubes are most definitely not fractal (arrange a bunch of mirrors at 90deg angles and try to see along them-can’t). If V.V. is the ‘closer of the cycle’, lets look for the ‘opener of this cycle’, hint theosophy’s ‘Avatar of Synthesis’, which (being the new by example) is not containable in any single human but the very principle that binds/links all dimensions and all; creative endevours by any and all people, which is now also provable by typing phi ratio into google and following the leads, (time as 4D is one such phi proven here, right down to seconds in accuracy) .

  2. I am a student in thid classroom for aquite a while ..

    And asked myself once during earthquakes and tzunamis ..
    Whether Tzolkin Tones and Seals are all .. part of the mirror Queeste ..
    It is also a sharp stone that can heal from an abces ..

    We often are dualistic when seeing 7 as the center of 13 ..
    Poor vision in my realm of Bolon Ik, where Telektonon , chuen 9 and dragon 1 came with mon’key 11 in Belgium and Holland, utrecht 2005 (7).

    STEPHANIE smiled to me aura in ut recht .. on a saturday i remember ..

    It was a sharp laser from aeons ago into the future ..

    I still carry the moment next to other treasures ..
    According the recent movie Life of Pie one can hardly listen to a true story nowadays .. while we are pulsed in a hurry ..

    So at least 5 and 9 are sharp mirrors in the tones as well as 13 to 0/1

    This set seems as Spinozas thought for emotions ..

    1-5 pleasure

    5-9 pain

    9-13 desire

    Them all give fruit ..

    And 1-9 is individual
    9 is the bliss returning in the crypte of all beings

    13 – 11 are the collective stages guiding 0-8 3fold ..

    10 is where every moment of sharp vision aligns the planets means ..

    This all came clear by my co creators as Claire , Raven & Mieke on Last Leapday 2012 ..

    BON VOYAGE 022 220 242 (484=44×11)

  3. The Matrix was negative while it still communicated 7 and Yang exchange dominance .. the very reason why telektonon came to Earth ..

    We cannor ignore this a kweak lknger than this very moment planetary vast and fully noospheric aligned ..

    “No more heroes any more ” sang David Bowie ..
    Quit some years ago ..
    Ground Control to Major Tom (the Who?)

    I first labelled a revelation on political systemics as

    Later this very motive focussed by Clairing du Dutch Moulins painted by Vincent .. urge the architect to reconsider ..

    Generation Binding S’ilence
    Bounced ..

    And pivoted the dualistic world into this waterdragon serpent momentum


    • Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines

      Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines-
      The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.

      March on, symbolic host! With step sublime,

      Up to the flaming bounds of Space and Time!

      There pause, until by Dickenson depicted,

      In two dimensions, we the form may trace

      Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,
      In n dimensions flourished unrestricted.”

      Dr. James Clerk Maxwell,
      warp-time evolving cubic awareness, this is from here…

      see also

  4. subiccur faces by 8s and 10s … are zeolites …
    Micronized Zeolite and Its Therapeutic Benefits – Dennis Scheller
    Did you know there were 49 kinds of zeolite???
    90 sq feet surface area per microgram

    butt ugly art by Ananda reminds me of the ??ocean croprockcur, who can afford to be very private yet very public about his eso jettage. ThOse are the rEAl chemtrailerailerRA ellers kemptidempti derailerz railerz ailures… i’ve lost my appetite for crazies like the one you show … by (semi-contrast) an old staple on that score/front prompts me to update 2 of my vidlists (savants and faves).

    DID find reason to wend my gaze northwards though, ..
    Categories – Anorthite Use in Grass Production

    Biological dairy farmer Mr. Hengel, uses Norwegian rock dust
    (Anorthite, added with Nepheline and Manganese) to replenish soil
    nutrients and minerals on his farm. Bert Carpay and Huig Bergsma
    (both Arcadis).

    when i first discovered Arcadis (februari 2010) .. i must have been too discouraged
    with a spate of results that made them totally predictable and not worth
    bothering to budge, that is to say: monotonous, boring and very annoying
    ‘replies’, namely, none …. cause it seems i haven’t sent them e-mails.

    Kent gallery has Laffoley as permanent fix(ture) and staple
    my comment:
    one of the best so far … and i’ve been keeping up (mostly) for years and years); he’s a true ‘patriautist’ … speculating and projecting into space wildly … as opposed to a ‘matriautist’ being allowed to remain in the garden he was amputated from and maintain it wild, extracting
    infinitesimal amounts of herbal remedies, … helping biomass clock up the Sierra Nevada ‘President’ stature and heights we see (as fold-out) in the Dutch edition of National Geographic 12/12

  5. Thanks for your comments and links.
    Was away camping by the ocean, and returned to find that the e-mail associated with this account has a big problem.
    The message that was sent from it to my other accounts says:
    “Hey!” and then a link to some lawyer.
    Not sure what this means and what action needs to be taken [hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this address] Any advice?

    Love and Truth,
    Claire 8 Mirror

    • this means your account has been taken
      you need to change your password
      i also received an email from you with a link
      never click on that link or the virus gets copied to your other account
      communicate to your email host that you cannot acces to your account
      they have security ways to give you your account back

      • Thanks Adrian 8 Earth;

        Last night’s TV news featured a story about this;
        It happened to hundreds of kiwis whose account is with Yahoo.
        Apparently, the links are only spam, not malicious viruses.
        All they suggested is to change our passwords, and all seems O.K today.

        Brave Jannis 7 Moon opened one of the 3 links [see below] and it was just an appealing ad for a vacation.

        Enjoy the end of this momentuous Dreamspell Tzolkin 🙂
        A post is planned for the beginning of the Noo Spin.

        In Lak’ech
        20.13 mq

  6. urge the e-waste and unsuccesfull but still annoying (for lying out loud) coin shavers collectors (/ E-waystain removers) to work to tie the noose around nickknacks of those they make deterxamples of tighter … iow, go into your account settings and see if you can’t find the array of boxtickable choices regarding spam filter finery ..
    search for ‘spam filter preference’ or ‘s f settings’ if all else fails.

    singular heroes
    bipartisans, dual and duplicitous priests
    trinitarian gods
    quadrant of tempoles
    quintessences mixed by midcourse breakpoint medialz
    seeksoaksex of hoaxywood in the garish bearish mode goin fascist
    next .. resurgences, retrievals and replays of
    commitees of 7z
    counsels of 8z
    cabals of 9z
    cadres of 10z
    …………….. all these and their runaway runner uppityuppitayeej crowds and throngs converge into those who run .. themselves .. having run clean out runners to do it for them (tadaaaaa):
    kinz of 21z

  7. I venture to say (think it safe to reckon) that our ‘sjeesDuHwees’ has been severely impacted by another savantoid dutchman called Gert Kramer, obviously … and so i am suspicious over his failure to be open about it.

    GK runs and is a spiral dynamics (that’s Wilbur i believe) fan a fanatic magic array plotter AND .. he did a lot of ‘999’ tuning vids, comparing grands in front of audiences packed into the storage spaces at retailers of such …

    meanwhile, yet another ‘combiknowtrician’ (Mark Collins, more about him in a minute) just jumped across my visibility limiting horizon when i went looking for the “24 thrones of spiral dynamics” image i saw in Gert’s latest vid

    Nine Pointed Star – Revealer of Order in Chaos and Oneness of All

    .. youtube tells me it’s 22 hours old and seen 20x

    he twits also but gave up blogging last summer it seems … .. and hasn’t bothered to link his youtube account there even: thesharingsociety .. grand piano vids galore like i said .. and hey .. 2 vids with the phrase i was looking for; here’s number 13 and 14, a 9 and a 14 minutes long one (i am giving the pinpoint linke where the 24 are explained):
    112 3 584 3 718 9
    887 6 415 6 281 9
    note the very ‘simple’ (single fold/mirror) trick .. a balancing one (meant to convey the dynamicization illusion), disguised(/’enhanced’) by using 3 colours … of course exhausting the combinatierocks one gets to the point i watched a german ‘friend’ (space race fiend) make a month ago (qualifying him for my meanwhile 116 vid long ‘savants’ list …………….

    vid 14: 31M7DWOAOP4

    google found me the thumb for it .. but at wn .. and Mansoor, who made the interesting14 vid list on collective behaviour at wn took it off again since google last cached it, … plenny ‘innerashthing’ shtuff left therein though (that Mark i mentioned):
    the 14 vids put together by Mansoor Shaukat under the nomer ‘collective behaviour’ .. contains this one (might all be slides borrowed from Gert’s work but delivered in silence and without all the bonhomie and aphorisms of the Lichtenberg / Walter Russell type vibes) by Mark:
    pqxkyS1KTe4 —– Homeobox
    oldest of the 3 from the 3rd of feb, w 235 views already, his channel’s Vz total far exceeds the tally of the vids visible so he’ll have privatized a few (.. dunno if erasing a vid subtracts it’s views from your totals .. but those tallies are in flux too for ‘(U)sure’) (3x, short, mute slideshows) … the one i watch is called ‘DNA FOLDING’, blurbed thusly:

    Our purpose is to redefine, revitalize and redirect current methods to decipher the meaning of the human genome. Color is, and always has been, based on context. Trying to differentiate structure in a genome assuming each DNA or RNA nucleobase has a “fixed” color impedes the effort to find the deeper order and connection that is there. Once in place, context driven phonemic Dna codon color will allow accurate and more detailed comparisons between billions of current genome sequences; requiring less resource, speeding up analysis, reducing the logjam of undeciphered genomic data, and suggesting new and rewarding areas of discovery.
    Bell Labs Trained Certified Information Flow Consultant
    … has only one post from last may and a subtitle:

    Assigning a ‘fixed’ or ‘set’ color to DNA nucleobases (like what is shown above) is both mathematically and physically incorrect. Doing so is impeding the deciphering of the genome. A standardized binary (base2) color template identifies the underlying rules of DNA communication behaviors, based on the nucleobase color context, before ‘DNA makes RNA makes protein’.

    … meanwhile i remain skeptical and wary .. sjees, Gert, Mark (both seem to have run into [besides each other] by the way) and the dozens and dozens i collected previously …. practically none of them have green thumbs and most not even an explicit wish for nor even awareness of their work leading to ‘garden culture’ resurge … meanwhile talents their ilk posses are easily (busily, eagerly, callously) weaponized (by duh patriarkey either in it’s own ‘right’/name or as the weaponized form feminism manyfists) as historians who are at all honest must admit to their shame.

    that’s the question
    to simplify incredible complexity via a diagram ( … a trace in visual space) or via a blow to a rock so as to not just remarkably mark it but to totally disappear it (a trace too, but much more ‘one’ made through and into, practically AS(!!) time (ash time) .. audible too).

    to simplify is to ‘complextualize’
    to improve your aim and focus is to make rock, even just a and/or every single one you see fit, innumerabilitate, go fine, distributed and anon .. at the mercy of molding wind, hand and/or whatever else can ‘gettuit’ and comes first
    to achieve the singlemindedness that is key to solving paradoxes is key to reopening paradise … which was never in danger of having rocks go on strike and stop weathering till we were good and ready enough to behave.

    • what a fantastic ‘light-show’ to the infinitesimals of fractals that pass effortlessly thru the -as usuall-boulder of concrete communication describing the supersoft ware we are about to be released into in this new aeon.

      The perfect geometry of compassion
      “There is a profound mathematical philosophy behind our postulation that recursion creates the geometry for maximum harmonic nestedness or embeddedness among the hearts voltage gradient waves converging upon the firing. This mathematical principle is essentially that spin or pattern compression becomes potentially infinite in the center of a fractal. This means that a maximum number of harmonic wave fronts can converge at one center only in the geometry of fractality or recursion.
      his profound tool would literally increase the scale of the envelope of focal harmonic pressures, which we have labeled attention span. In relation to self-awareness, all learning is iterative. Iteration nests idealized become recursive. Rescursion idealized becomes Phi or Golden Mean.

      So our immediate planetary dilemna of “fractionating fractality” (loss of embeddedness) to hold atmosphere, ecosystem and gravity grid together, may in fact be most powerfully resolved by the most powerful magnetic centering device on the Earth, COLLECTIVE HUMAN LOVE.

      ” The physics of this is that in pent based, PHI Golden Mean optimized braid recursion, piezoelectric helicity extends wave spin leverage coupling accross potentially infinite distances between wave lengths and velocities.
      (In other words, re-pent and be saved, means interfere with infinite constructivity in Golden Mean pentagonal symmetry so that length and velocity wave multiples can reach through the light horizon time event wormhole, only the pent/dodec/wratchet into DNA can acheive this biologically) (in a pent symmetry the wave interference adds and multiplies inifinitely constructively in PHI ratio, permitting not just wave length but wave velocity modes to carry pattern memory through light speed event and recursion horizons. This is why all biological life EL EYE PHI symmetry is Pentagonal.) .

      So here we sit, somewhat folded in the higher cortex wrapped around a reptilian stem. If we succeed, in overcoming the knee jerk reptilian emotion fear/anger and aggression, then the galaxy will have succeeded in putting Reptilian DNA broad spectrum & high leverage emotion into the service of love and compassion.

  8. _yYh8w6gglI
    Homeobox — collinsmarkd01
    … forgot to ask him if he’s into magic squares … ..even though i posted the first 3 comments there

    • ,,do not understand a fractal again, lol. Is it, that our messenger – rna seeks to braid with those forces of that millenium fallout that is raining upon us relentlessly, as soon as fear from the matrix is overcome?

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