The Second Magic Turtle Day of the Second Mystic Moon: 8 Star codes Day 18 of the 8th Galactic Moon

Kin 8: YELLOW GALACTIC STAR is the Guide for oUR Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.
It’s Challenge; 18.8: Galactic Mirror mirrors the 13 Moon date: 8.18.
Eight‘ [49] Star [58] alpha-numerically equals 123, the Hidden Power of Antipode 18.8

Today’s Analog is 8 Monkey, a reminder that on Galactic 21, 11 Monkey [Valum Votan] codes the 26th anniversary of the Quetzalcoatl 1987A SuperNova that ushered in the Harmonic Convergence organized by 11.11 Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles.

Today’s Hidden Power is 6 Skywalker, the Seal of Quetzalcoatl that denotes Equality.
The G-Force of Galactic Star is Crystal Wind [2.12] which suggests a Round Table Gathering of Spirited Communication.

Today’s Guide is Galactic Human, and this writer’s Challenge is now to UNITE as many ‘Galactic Humans’ as possible for the Galactic Synchronization/Harmonic Convergence Week-Out-of-Time that begins on Sunday, [7/22/2013]

In The Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar [which counts each day- instead of excluding the 365th day and Leap Days] today is the 18 th day of the 8th Moon.
Today is the 25th Moon Anniversary of the Disincarnation of Valum Votan on March 23, 2011.
Today also marks 46 Moons since the first transmission of The Mystery Queen on Magnetic 18 of the 4 Seed year. That day [8/12/2009] was the 178th Birthday of Helena Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan called the Key to 2012. {12.8 , Galactic Human, is today’s Guide}
The ‘Galactic Signature’ of this blog is Kin 21: Galactic Dragon.

Synchronistically, Kin 21 is the G-Force of 11.11: V.V., and the Analog of 18.8.
Twenty [107] and One [34] = 141, and the names of Valum Votan and Claire DeMoulin [the 18.8 who writes this blog] both equal 141.

One purpose of this blog has been to disseminate the knowledge uncovered and revealed by Valum Votan. The Law of Time, with Stephanie South 3 Serpent at their helm, is now doing a suberb job of that, along with several sites that monitor each day’s Kin.

The Birth of this blog was triggered by the 7.1 Earthquake in the land of my Birth; Tokyo, where I lived for the first 6 Moons of my life.
Nearly 14 Moons later, [9/4/2010] a strong 7.1 Earthquake struck Christchurch a few Moons after TMQ had led a Rainbow Bridge meditation at 11:11 in Christchurch [=138] on the GM108X Day-out-of-Time.
7.1 was on kin 149 [combined Kins of 11.11 and 18.8 = 149]
18.8 + 9.6 [Kin 149] = 7.1.

In 19 days, it will be Kin 27: 7.1.
Today’s Challenge [18.8; C.D.] has been increasingly Challenged by wordpress [forced to write the most recent blogs in a very akward format that won’t allow images, colored text, etc.]
That, along with the synchronicities and anniversaries noted above, suggest that this , TMQ’s 767th transmission, may be the last post in this particular format.
On the next ‘7.1 trigger’ [3/11/2012] there will be a different sort of transmission from a new site, geared towards oUR Galactic Synchronization and the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar

The ‘newest’ example of wordpress occurred during the writing of this Magic Turtle blog. There is currently a comment from Poet Piet 55 which is in my e-mail awaiting moderation; there is no response when the ‘Moderate’ button is pushed, and [for the first time ever] his comment has not yet appeared at the alternate place to ‘moderate’ comments; my ‘dashboard’.
The comment addresses a question to Priscella 214 regarding camping and calendar study at a Netherlands Crest, and I’m curious to hear her response 🙂

The lively discussion in comments is very appreciated, and I will continue to participate there during this transition period of 19 days.
Counting the one just described, there are currently “21” comments at the ‘Maldek’ Moon 8 Day 13 blog 🙂

The difference between today’s two Anniversaries is 21: 46 Moons – 25 Moons = 21 🙂

Just now calculated the Synchronotron numbers for Kin 8 on Moon 8; Day 18: The Master Coordinating Frequency Number for today is 566.
That reduces to a Kin Equivalent of 46: 7 World-Bridger. This reminds me of today’s 46 Moon Anniversary, and of Kin 46 which coded the day [9/11/2004] that the Synchronic Readout message magically appeared on my computer, suddenly propelling me upon this path. The CDK for that day was 18.8! [6.7 + Moon 13.2 and Year 19.12 = 18.8]

Today’s Gregorian Date is 2/20: These are some of the numbers that add up to 220:

The S.G.F. [Simple Gematrical Frequency is V.V.’s term for alpha-numerics A=1; Z = 26] of TMQ’s full Birth name.
The C.G.F [Complex G. F. {what I call V.V.’s more advanced alphanumerics; A = 1; Z = 800}] of TMQ’s full Birth name.
The Harmonic of Polar Light; [144 x 2: 18 x 8 = 144, and its G-Force of 12 [12 x 12] = 144]
The Thirteen Baktuns [which TMQ asserts ended on December 22]
December 22 [the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand; coded by Cosmic Star]
The 2013;
The Mystery Queen

Several pertinent phrases that also equal 220 will be revealed in the next transmission.
After realizing new synchronicities while writing this 767th post,
this Galactic Star Magic Turtle post does code the final transmission at this site :
Kin 27: Blue Magnetic Hand: 7.1 will code The Mystery Queen’s next transmission,
at a new site. [To be announced here]

767 – 520 [A PSI Plate of two Tzolkins] = 247.
247 = 19 x 13.


May we all experience an LOVE and HARMONY during these changing times 🙂 🙂 🙂

N. S. 1. 25. 8. 18. Magic Turtle Kin 8; L.C. 221: 13 Dragon

20 thoughts on “The Second Magic Turtle Day of the Second Mystic Moon: 8 Star codes Day 18 of the 8th Galactic Moon

  1. …….ooooooooohh these most corop-operating, flexible, almost friendly wordpressers?!…lol

    ….. and then, these triangulars in cubes somehow connect to the latest cropci…. this*SMB9LCgSXhtG6zouM45xRosq2UUhT5DSr0mxMFiK6Y9VyeIZc8phErzyxfTLCeHGgAlMLZylMDCTPkubK-YB0/hanaleibayresort.jpg …ohno, wrong one, comes later..

    instead this… the mary-pdf on the right….

  2. In the comments to the pen-ultimate post on this blog — the one before this one here .. where a comment below this here one of mine will soon reveal the new site’s name (? top secret as yet) — there was talk of a Dutch CresT
    i meanwhile found out that yes there is a forum at … but as is typical for work from the moment (‘era’/time’s vortex) of it’s inception, one must register to even find out wether it’s a great big dud of a party nobody came to be the life of …or not (let a thousand forums die, announced but never happened). I didn’t even take the change to make very small change finding expectations confirmed in this regards. I am approaching my limits regarding the absorption of linearly lined up letters anyway, . after decades of voracious prioritizing, i seem saturated .. and so … very pleasantly suprised with yesterday’s prettiest find and compromise … i shall repeat it for you here now:
    Iranian poster from 2008
    homa delvarai -IRANian TOWERing letter TRELLICE
    … alas it is kind of exceptional for that blog also … nothing close to that imaginative can be found there.

    Could somebody send me a translation of what those circularly arranged and stacked sentences amount to besides being the loveliest of trellises, fruitpicking perches, sleeping places … etcetera?????

    searching with the artist’s name is more rewarding:

    Jose Votan’s efforts are, like the one eyed king in the land of the blind, certainly in the upper percentile (uppermillionary ‘s well as upper millenary) of succeedable dreams(pellage) beyond wild; so onto better and better slippage due to tighter and tighter grippage in a next iteration of keeping counts down from holding sway (from too far away) and going over too many head(c[o]unt)s.

    an hour worth of 15th / 16th century history with paintings, pictures, ambience (birds, crowds, weather and the lovely music pieces by Ernst Stolz who uploads new short pieces almost every day which i save into a dedicated map, that’s how soothing i find them).

    Check the weird shape of that men’s chastity plug of an island in the midst of water bird paradise at 15 minutes (not so sure about the tree reliant ones, this is a history about militance after all, those who value bullets over a commons where users have the ‘enrich the soil’ goal in common).

    just under /before that 15 minute mark we see crossed and checkered banners (in 2 colours) known as ‘coat’ of arms them ‘dayz’ .. or ‘crests’ … the vid focuses on the ‘dars’ of doze dazes of course … but for the next 4 straight the soundtrack honours are given to a song bird chorus.

  3. the 20th and 21st minute have audio, totally genuine, of strain between wind, wood and rope, hemp, connected with the expanses woven thereof acting like cloudcatchers and mimickers, going among them in disguise as it were, also shown in paintings from that era.

    … check out the old owl sigilogo shown from 24:29 – 24:35 (the ambient soundman has meanwhile to my delight, added surf to the mix); it’s that thing vidders don’t tire of connecting TO .. and flag/hail AS .. THE give away to the way evil men come out proud and in the open: the BomGro MasshHootMass-Acre RituSacr complex … all summed up in the minimalist depictogrove conjuring an owl’s face!!!!! I’ll have you know though … that greeks took it for sign and mascotte of their wisest and to me of course, with the benefit of acquaintance with the very finest of dutch culture, it will be forever connected to Dorknoper (famous bureaucrat in lowland comics, famous for their high grade reality quotient (quota / content), and past him to real statemanship as Jacob Cats illustrated, GFKnapp stipulated and UvBeckerath elucidated.

    Page last updated June 30, 2006; created August 8, 2000.
    a post from 2009 by Cullinane who blogged all sorts of puzzles between 02 and 09 (born 1942, harvard email adress)

    Note of January 6, 1989 showing
    the 64 hexagrams in the von Franz style,
    in the arrangement discovered by S. H. Cullinane

    The Cullinane sequence of the 64 hexagrams:
    01 13 33 44 14 30 56 50
    10 25 12 06 38 21 35 64
    61 42 20 59 41 27 23 04
    09 37 53 57 26 22 52 18
    43 49 31 28 34 55 62 32
    58 17 45 47 54 51 16 40
    60 03 08 29 19 24 02 07
    05 63 39 48 11 36 15 46

    never knew Marie-Louise von Franz was into hexagram arrays and arrangements …. she turned me off way back with her condemnations of behaviours she saw only the narcissistic seeming surface appearance of .. and dubbed ‘puer aeternus’ and peter pan or shaman-like, never getting to depths and matured social, peace making stages of it.

    also mentioned as active in these ‘fields’:
    Peter Loly .. and a socalled ‘Karnaugh property’

    seems our Tubal Cain (comments at RQ under that moniker) who has a DOOT (northern netherlands) vid up on his (self-censored – down to 3 vid) account called ‘karmaofthecamera’ isn’t really quite so original as he had me believe (calling it uChing and sending no other refs in return after i offered an exchange [sending my guiding lights reference list, HD folder names basically], by way of back up if nothing else) after all …

    sampling the handful of external links i revisit an old familiar:
    where i set eyes on Richard Wilhelm, heard and learned about since the mid eighties, for the first time … bravo the sitemaker who kept at it since the early noughties but he too .. alas … forum a no go … luckily not in the worst sense …
    big i ching linkcollection by Greg Whincup×3.html
    Visualizing GL(2,p) quaternion rotations
    page made in 05

    from yesterday, searching for more info on that:
    geometric poem
    Punakha dzong. A poem praising the accomplishments of the Shabdrung
    Ngawang Namgyal

    the post attached doesn’t tell you very much

    Punakha dzong
    name of the famous monastery on a wide river situated in Bhutan
    google images shows it in focus but all from the valley bottom, never from a nearby hilltop, let alone from an altitude above it from where (very) distant white peaks would become visible.!i=139050076&k=63w9w7X!i=139049027&k=kktdMNz&lb=1&s=XL
    the picture doesn’t come with info but the set of which it is a part says:

    Just a week and a half or so, but time enough to see Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and one or two places farther afield. The Punakha festival was clearly the highlight–vivid and memorable.

    the form people most often encounter squares in is i a chain link fence … but if they were anything like the artsy ones shown at gwarlingo nobody would object and feel kept and left out:

    Calvin Seibert’s geometric sandcastles
    very nice page

  5. kevin ayers, kin 220 crystal sun, crossbridged worlds on kin 8 ….with 68 only
    Love and peace eternal to one of my favs.

    for the non-delight of mr kite there wont be a show tonight or any other night..

  6. Steven H. Cullinane – von Franz – magic square
    short post with one image .. reminding one of the Hackpen ‘cropsquare’ on kin 90

    Steven H. Cullinane mentions von Franz (on magic squares) once (see below)

    i find no evidence Cullinane ever studied and mentioned Arguelles .. or the tzolkin

    laetius mentions Cullinane and tibet on this page
    upon a cursory glance and after a fruitless search for his mugshot i wrote this:
    … OK OK, ok .. say no more .. can’t take it … take much before getting thoroughly turned off … i find SHC liked an already departed SF writer who has the face of a man but the coiffe of a lady … early pollution victim of some sort i am sure .. and it’s no wonder victims of whatever calamity clamor for more of the same .. of what made them (possible) in the first place.
    ….. but, .. turns out it’s not really about SF:

    Curiously the new “theory of everything” of physicist Stephen Wolfram is recognized by Steven Cullinane as having its “poetic precursor” in The Gameplayers of Zan [77 novel by M. A. Foster very short]. He quotes part of the following description of their challenge in travelling through hyperspace with their spaceship that could not be turned off:

    The kind of space that the ship perceives, operates in, is to creatures such as you and I, chaotic, ………

    his log24 is now … lists PA as region of residence.
    he seems to repeat stuff compulsively punctuated with citing others and berating them for note taken nor credit given of his precedence .. but like i said, he more than makes up for that, dredging up and dusting off his all time faves like a super expensive store keeper who moves a piece only once a decade … he is already 71 years old now .. so i mustn’t knock him.

    Rebecca Goldstein in conversation with Bob Osserman of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, Tuesday, March 22. Wine and cheese reception at 5:15 PM (San Francisco time).

    on RG’s book about Goedel he tags her and Osserman’s mugshots separated by a diamond shape ‘jews playing god’

    After showing a picture of a tesseract coded by the famous Coxeter (tagged with ‘toronto’ as is a von Franz post) he goes:

    For a less scholarly, but equally confusing, view of the number 8, see The Eight , a novel by Katherine Neville.

    wodda co inky dink

    this to a square with diagonals:

    A Jungian on this six-line figure:

    “They are the same six lines
    that exist in the I Ching….
    Now observe the square more closely:
    four of the lines are of equal length,
    the other two are longer….
    For this reason symmetry
    cannot be statically produced
    and a dance results.”

    – Marie-Louise von Franz,
    Number and Time (1970)

    Harvard-educated mathematician Steven H. Cullinane includes Henderson on his page of Literary Links (September 20, 2000):

    This page furnishes some links to areas of literature that I have enjoyed [Wallace Stevens, G. M. Hopkins, R. M. Rilke, Hermann Hesse]. The links at left are to classics, while those below are to some twentieth century authors [Mark Helprin, Alfred Bester, Zenna Henderson] I think are underrated. Bester and Henderson are particularly good at fictional accounts of telepathy. The noted Harvard philosopher W. V. Quine doubts such a thing exists, but I prefer the “There must be a pony” argument.
    righting statesmanship through geometry?????


    Sometimes I slide away
    I slowly lose myself
    Over and over
    Take comfort in my skin
    Surrender to my will
    Forever and ever
    I dissolve in trust
    I will sing with joy
    I will end up dust
    I’m in heaven

    I stand in golden rays
    I burn a fire of love
    Over and over
    Reflecting endless light
    I have embraced the flame
    Forever and ever
    I will scream the word
    Jump into the void
    I will guide the world
    Up to heaven

    c 🙂

  8. Hello All;

    Thanks Reimar 13 Night, for sharing the portrayal of the “Master Time Molecule”.

    Poet Piet 3 Eagle, your Hexagram info was very timely 🙂 Interesting, that these communities seem to be closed and secretive… Thanks for finding that tribute to Valum Votan, with the beautiful photo of the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles.

    Christine 3 Skywalker, your beautiful comment gave me a lift 🙂 My 13.13 brother’s birthday is tomorrow, [March 2] and if I recall correctly, then it’s also time to wish you a Happy Solar Return.

    Welcome to ponds2013, who began ‘Following’ this blog yesterday.
    When you use entire blogs written by me [ ] please mention it comes from I like your visuals 🙂

    Cosmic Serpent posted her latest beautiful, informative video at my ‘penultimate blog’ about the Asteroid. Check it out.

    And here is the latest on that amazing arrival from Maldek:
    “The asteroid chip that became the recent meteorite came from a spot in the asteroid belt near Jupiter, about 2.5 times further from the sun than Earth is, according to NASA.”
    Astronomers estimate that there are 80 million asteroids the size of the one that landed in Chelyabinsk, and about 2,000 asteroids of at least a kilometer wide.
    It still amazes me, that these fragments of Maldek faithfully maintain their orbit.

    TMQ is consumed by a big project, which should be concluded by the end of this White Wizard Wavespell.

    May we all experience Enchantment during this Wavespell of Timelessness, during which we enter the Third Mystic Moon: the Solar Seed Moon of Intention 🙂

    Love and Harmony,
    Claire 8 Mirror on Kin 17; [LC Kin 230]; Galactic Limi 27


    there are 4 posts on this your first/last page at this blog … i sure am curious what you’ll come up with next … here’s a little nite cap stone .. should help hold up the fort here. Got no takers for the toe story so here’s just the gist tied to other mediation concerns.

    missprissie reddily keeps a crick in her neck to be (on) the lookout for .. uhhmmm .. signs of cargo cultismz i guess .. and she stubs her toe accordingly … at’s what you and anyone gets for not watching where we’re goin … can’t blame her for not knowing .. where she’s headed .. quite forgettalbe really, specially with all these crossroads between here and there. Not even my own mother can do better, can’t touch it almost, not even if it manifests in her own (eagle)toe .. we all forget about the jesuskin on our hands .. around the corner. The comment .. by wild guy between paris and oregon a few months ago was it .. about anger issues was quite astute (though i fail to see …oh wait, … working with crystals DOES have .. even EVERYthing to do with anger management!!!). Speaking of dangerou angles, … to my astonishment Douglas Dietrich has moronic hang ups about agression too. I’ve become a faithful listener of his, he has what the RQ has in much more modest proportions.
    Am i the only one who actually succeeds / can afford to prevent, sublimate and preempt agro plausibly enough, at least in my own (admittely pro)visionary eyes including the millarmcloth and stagger logistic budgets as necessary as near at hand …. or am I the one who luxuriates in avoiding it. Can i go call peace in Syria?
    Dunno if to outlaw toy guns and replace with community / neighbourhood compost ballistics is easier done before or after that???
    .. you know, … every body save his worst stink for banksters, dealers and pimps diverted and slowed enough to parade them right through the thick of contributors (no doubt pleased with enticing targets, the parks of centrality, rock chunks a spinning, hoses a spoutin and shit aflying while they try keep their windows rolled up …. anyways
    It did trigger my first google+ post
    Abby Martin showed Ford’s HempCar on her Breaking the Set RT program .. not a hot weed rod .. but hey,
    it’s the cleanliness that eases your scatterbrain
    before it shatters from lack of help
    seeing through the rock shatter problem drain
    here’s the growth on the run powderkegtrain
    you ordered … jump on
    just what the outcounter foreshower hoped to see pass over it

    Manla Kyab’s musical compositions
    around 41 minutes is a song by Chingdrol, one of my meanwhile 6 top favorite female songstresses.

    … guess i’ll be here for a while if anybody is looking for me
    Mapa EcoAldeas AbyaYala
    posted last december .. no less than 74 south american couples, grouplets and groups with ambitions to become a full fledged CREST i guess, and i don’t mean just a family weapon, a brand, a shield (meaning of the word pakal, i learned from the great NOVA Maya code cracking history docu), a banner, a flag that doesn’t cover the load (proverb in Holland, much disused and misunderstood in this age of monetary mayhem), a money that obscures what it ‘covers’ for (black ops via black markets for black weapons blacking the distinction between ideal and ideate out completely.
    In dutch we’d call the garden culture meme ideaal .. but ideals are always but a splinter subset of the ideation spectrum. Dutch kin will have a chance to discuss how to leverage the gentle varieties (into a hotly desired and ideal domination … other than in well trained fish fashion who refuse to come off the cartoon page and out from behind the pixel industrial screen complex curtain … on the 24th in utrecht. Just found out via

    entertaining stuff there … Jannis was in Byron the year after i went and then went where i was before and aint returned to since… follow the yellow block stairz!/photo/frequency-of-the-light?context=user
    one of his 13 pictures … highly enlightening .. and .. of course .. a treasure trove for more funofmaking.

    20 members … i’d really like for you to be 21st Claire
    an Argentinian Mirror mom given to finding pretty colourful fantasy artn… mentions the law of time a lot (? bingo? lottery ‘lot’? wait your turn, be picked by a priest, have them do impossible stuff with heads bumping down steps??

    Perhaps she’s wise to, in great contrast to Ivan and the like, shun and steer clear of the jargon, the tedium and tecknockkill detail

    i mean …. the core family ‘mines tunnels’ eh?
    fuck off!! … unless you’re just trying to be funny about meme tunneling, in which case, happy spelunking, ihr bloeden halunken. Read ‘mine’ by Rickels and then get somebody to either replace the pcb on the 250Mb HD i killed with water or do some of that expert soldering to switch the unique chip off the old one … reflow and .. why not, .. reball my entire box while you’re at it — check my criticism of that half assed satanikindustrial complex ‘exposure’.

    a liddul infor unfol troubles before unfurlin formation … or can we forego all that and go straight to the good stuff without havin to tangle with mental knotworx

    SWAsian mongrel minions managed by showbizz milkmenjesuits, sino bonkers bankers via rosy mason templumenorah bygorah 313,
    switcheroOZies (331, 133 .. and even ‘deeper’ 113, 131, 311)
    we dig very slightly sloping catchment trenches into sheer rockface you dig???

    and you wanna call yourself a child of the light????

    go back to your fetishized tomb boy!

    yall don’t even make a difference in clouded waters and clouds in the sky
    … how the hell are you gonna know what belongs under and above ground?
    Dutch has clouded water as ‘troebel water’
    and clouded skies as ‘donkere lucht’.
    Take that (to heart) for starters.

    • Dear Poet Piet 55;

      Your erudite, sometimes amusing, rarely confusing comments are so enjoyed!

      I couldn’t resist your invitation to become the 21st kin of Galactic Spacebook.
      But, alas, Spacebook [or technology] seems to be resisting my two sign-up attempts. Still waiting for the confirmation to appear in my mailbox…

      My issues with time and technology have also delayed the blog planned for 7.1. The current draft [13.7] might be released later today–partly due to your gentle prodding.

      Thank You PP 3 Eagle for your Prodigious Participation here:)

      {This minute, the skies darkened, and a sudden, powerful outburst of rain is actually spraying my computer through the open door!
      Has New Zealand’s drought finally ened? }

      Love and Peace for All,
      Claire 8 Mirror

      • not hearing back from planting my paw there either .. i think of myself of a dog more than anything .. reminds me of those 52 year cycles .. which makes all the fine(r) sifting seem very very moot, more and more fleeting.. flatter flutter .. old dutch word for the -by variety heard this morning, is popeloentje and pepel … obvious connotations to the cellulose mush one dries into sheets .. throws up into the wind (tibetan ‘habit’) .. etcetera ….. just heard the monks and supporter protesters in the central buddhist town Serthar — Dartso, who can be heard at about 31 minutes in the vid i posted today, is from there — collectively howl like a very icey wind.
        Butterfly in Tibetan called ཕྱེ་མ་ལེབ།  chemalep (gps altitude 3132 m), Tibet
        In Tibetan they are called ‘chemalep’

  12. please forgive my burstOut .. but … though i was charmed by my initial association of attention TO, reverence and a place of honour (CORE!!) FOR the wormrealm … i no longer can make … restrict it to that one (association) alone … the (mastermyster)’min(d)ing’ of palestinian tunnels is too intrusive … and shinily manicured urban transit system are quite enough hell already but the slick futurist drawings make me dread it (the future).

  13. keep forgetting to tell you i had tried to set the last vid i posted here at the 1:14 mark .. that last song is in the lead for song of the 7storm .. we need to do a crest in Tibet … i mean, if you see them composite flags like in the first minute of this one, 1?28 to be exact, and just as briefly before that once or twice*

    it can remind you of one thing only: the dreamspell calendar in all it’s permutations

    anybody know what these things are called and how to learn a little more about them????

    * – Good shots at an entertaining pace, lo-D though .. them hanging, scale mimicking overlap featuring quilts have intriguing colour sequences that can only remind anybody of you know who .. as the only westerner that penetrated roof of the world memories a little better than the NaZis did.

    Plenny of crazy idolatry visible; one shiny statue right after a rock break mime at 8:21 and half a minute later we see a whole square full of these endearing fools, not ‘of arabia’ enough to stop the train.

    Islamists meanwhile, been blowin whatever congregation, company, movement and party they judge too bunched, bundled and high density to dust ever since … and aren’t they all (growin up resistant gro’oops’), … all engaged in a not vain but alas, failing attempt to reach the insight grinding rock and growing soil is the only way to sustain that crowdiness they so so love and o so (‘equally’) hate. And when i say they i mean them patrists, domesticators, mass producers, female proppyduct weaponized into patriarchy, secretly their weapon.

  14. oops, i said 1?28
    should be: 1:19 … and on closer inspection it’s not such a complicated pattern after all.
    .. and now that i’m core acting myself, a week ago i posted
    … and that was meant to be 1:14.41
    the 313 stuff refs:
    conclusion: nice (but bloated) set of proof Jose’s thought patterns have more freemasonic roots than he ever talked about.
    ps: shining example of the self published obscure handiwork … dementertainment at its very finest … bloat (huge pdfs). He in turn refs plenny folks from the better known portion of the modern eso spectrum.

    could someone please comment on the large board next to the dome here:
    please explain the 42 matrix/scheme visible there

  15. i began to answer my own question
    Victory banner རྒྱལ་མཚན་ gyemtsen, Tibet

    Victory banner gyemtsen, Tibet
    Gongchen or Gonchen (also known as Dege Gonchen or Derge Monastery) is a large Sakya Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the town of Derge. Gonchen Monastery was founded by Thang Tong Gyalpo (or Tangton Gyelpo) 1385-1464). The monastery was completely destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.
    definitely the most impressive page i found in .. ‘MOONTHS’!!!!
    lots of ‘permiebow’ vibes and countins goin on, countin on each other to help add dust angles up to rainbows growing green bowers

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