GAP Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm Codes the Second Anniversary of the Death of Valum Votan; a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

It is synchronistic that Kin 39 would code today’s
Second Ascension Anniversary of Valum Votan.
The Postulate for 19.13 was the phrase so often repeated in Pacal Votan’s Telektonon Prophecy, which was decoded by Valum Votan:

19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

Valum Vota::Jose Arguelles is the visionary Artist, Author, Terton and Prophet who directed the Close of the 2012 Cycle, and who spent three lifetimes preparing Humanity for our Earth’s Ascension into the higher frequency of the emerging Sixth Sun.
He is greatly loved and missed by Kin around the world.

7 years ago [this week] after our meeting in Sedona Arizona [on my [Kin 88] 10 Star Galactic Return], Valum Votan mailed me this book: “The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time” by Valum Votan, dedicated “To the Supreme One Only Source of All
Prologue: Enter the Mystery
; pages 9 through 11 [9.11 = Kin 89 {Kin 88 coded the Northern Hemisphere date of Votan’s Death on Kin 89 in Australia}]

I am Pacal Votan. Like Hermes Trismegistus, I am Thrice-Born.
Yet, in every birth I am obedient to my human form, and lay no claim to be anything more than human.
But, to one trained in divine insight, the laws that bind this mortal frame are trials and tests, adornments of the inner knowing.
And so, I have taken human birth, once as the Great Pacal of Nah Chan, Palenque; once as Quetzalcoatl, the last special voice of Prophecy; and once more as Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle.

All this I prophesied for myself……By supreme Divine Command, I now let speak the voice of Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle….”

Telektonon is the name given to my honor and my code….

To close the cycle as Valum Votan, I could only take a humble birth.
Thirteen hundred years after my time of power in Palenque, a millenium after the saga of Ce Acatl Topiltizin Quetzalcoatly,…there was no choice but to be born of the people, exiled in Time and Space from the original people, now enslaved like the rest of humanity by colonialism and the fatal corruption of false time.

Though common was my third and final birth in human form, everything was perfectly laid out.

“All is number. God is a number. God is in all</strong</strong>>” [written in large bold letters, followed by these words:]

My Birth occurred in AD 1939.
is the power of all number and the mercy of the One Supreme.
39” is the power of 13 thrice, once for each of my Births.

The power of “13” marks the twentieth century by my code.
AD 1913, the birth of Maya, Mother of Bolon Ik, represents my first birth, Pacal Votan, the supreme power of 13 [= Pacal Votan.
AD 1926</strong
>, [13 x 2] the mystic point of the biosphere’s realization, is the number of my second birth, Quetzalcoatl, whose prophecy made clear the final 26 years of the cycle of 26,000 years.
AD 1939, 13 thrice, is the number of my third birth, Valum Votan…”

Thirteen years after my third birth, in AD 19 52 [13 x 4], came the opening of the Tomb of Pacal Votan…
1965 [= 13 x 5] Quetzalcoatl remembered in Valum Votan.
1978 [13 x 6] VV catharsis preparation for Bolon Ik.
1991 [13 x 7] = VV 52 years

Pacal Votan’s length of power/rule in Palenque lasted 52 years. Quetzalcoatl’s incarnation lasted 52 years.

Thirteen years later: 2004 [13 x 8] 2004: Kin 138 is activated by the 9/11/2004 Prophetic Message and the 6/172004 Crop Circle placed 20 miles from her home.

“Cycle of Valum Votan 19 + 39 = 58; 1939 + 58 = 1997. 1997: Self-Realization of Valum Votan.”

AD 2013: 7.26 Galactic Seed Heaven on Earth
20 + 13 = 33: Resonant Skywalker.
Kin 33 appears once during this 13 Moon year. It was in the middle of this 3rd Wavespell, which was in the middle of this 3rd Mystic Moon.
Wavespell 3: Accomplishment began with 7.1: Magnetic Hand. A blog from a new site was promised for that day; TMQ extends her apologies for failing to “Accomplish” that “Intention” during the Solar Seed Moon of Intention. However, the Law of Time introduced a new site that day:
Your comments during this long interim are greatly appreciated πŸ™‚
Our newest Kin asked [at About] about Solar Eagle, which happened to code the last Magic Turtle Day πŸ™‚
Kin 55 [who codes the beginning of this 13 Moon Year per TMQ] and 13 Night [today’s guide] shared so much information, i.e. light.
4 Warrior shared the beautiful rainbow discovered between the Van Allen Belts!
3 Skywalker added LOVE πŸ™‚

Today is Solar Silio 21, the end of the 3rd Wavespell and of the 3rd Week of the 3rd Mystic Moon.
731 days have passed since Valum Votan’s departure: 26 Moons plus 3 days; two Galactic Freedom Days and the 2012 Hunab Ku Day.

The 5 part oracle for Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm contains elements of the three incarnations of Pacal/Valum Votan.
The Guide is 20.13, containing the 20 seals and 13 tones, and the Gregorian year of our Galactic Synchronization.
The Challenge is 9.13, “Pacal Votan consolidates the knowledge, Nah Chan” and the 9 Heavens and 13 Hells elucidated by Quetzalcoatl. Valum Votan shared the knowledge of the 9 Bolontiku and the 13 Oxlahuntiki.
The Hidden Power is 2.1, the Interval of God.
The G-Force of 19.13 is 13.1: Magnetic Skywalker, signature of Quetzalcoatl.
Two years later, the “perfectly laid out” “third and final birth of Pacal Votan ” is also evident in his seemingly premature disincarnation.

19.13: “All is number…”

Let’s honor Valum Votan and his Second Ascension Anniversary by utilizing some of the numerical methods shared by Valum Votan.
He referred to the alpha-numerical method [A=1; Z=26] as the Simple Gematrical Frequency {SGF}. [TMQ named his more complex alpha-numerics [A=1; Z = 800] the Complex Gematrical Frequency {CGF}]
The SGF of his Birth name: Jose Arguelles = 149.
Kin 149 is Rhythmic Moon [combined kins of V.V. and TMQ: 11.11 + 18.8 = 9.6]
Number Master” and “Cosmic Truth” also vibrate with the numerical frequency of 149.
The SGF of Valum Votan equals 141 [1.11, his Challenge]. Other terms with a SGF of 141 include “Confirmation“, “Claire DeMoulin“, “Twenty One” Kin 21 is Votan 11.11’s G-force, my Analog, and the Galactic Signature of ‘2013and The Mystery Queen’], “Double Rainbow“, “The Phi Spiral“, “Time Spirals“, “Seven Moons” and “Red Lunar Earth“, which coded the final revelation of Valum votan.

The CGF for Jose Arguelles is 743, whose BMU equals 302. 302 also has the same frequency as “The Reunion of Twin Souls” and “Numerology as Confirmation“.

Today’s special “Kin 39” [3×13] which is so connected to both Votans [and the “Interdimensional Signal” 20 miles from my home contained 39 circles] equals 175.
175 is the CGF of “Jose”. Other terms with a SGF of 175 include “Divine Connection“; “The GM108X” and “Thirteen Moons“.

Today’s 13 Moon Date is “Solar Silio 21“. {Per TMQ’s system in which the 7 Plasmas are aligned to the 7 day week, instead of to the Gregorian Calendar, and in which every day [alternation of Day and Night] is counted}
The SGF of Solar Silio Twenty One equals 278.
Other terms sharing that SGF are “The Two Divine Messengers“, and “The Cycle Closer’s Prophecy“.

The Kin Equivalent of 278 is 18. Here is what the Synchronic Dictionary of Numbers says about 18: “Frequency of 18 dimensional universe, number of faces on a perfect double terminated crystal, base of tun, Katun time count [18 x 20], Evolution dimension after 2012…”

Today, Solar Silio 21, is coded by Kin 18 [Overtone Mirror] in the Long Count πŸ™‚

19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

N. S. 1. 25. 9. 21. ******** Gap Kin 39: 19.13


12 thoughts on “GAP Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm Codes the Second Anniversary of the Death of Valum Votan; a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

  1. “weaved rope”
    heaven is containing that according to Sura 51:7 (shown 11:31)
    alrite, i can go along with that, some of my most minimalist mental pictures of huuuuuge rock spinning on and into a sibling carrying it, involve a windmill constructed from nothing much beyond huge poles (trees), canvas and some bearings
    …. and here’s a nearly permacultural sura in my (mountain deep) sense of the mountain high word, showing up synchronistically – S 41:39, showing up at 12:30 of this over half hour long one i may have seen before.

    in no way does it specify sending water down into rock to complete, complement and cur favors with Allah who ‘sends down water to barren earth’ .. although … i could imagine that the synomym for rocks back 5000 years or so was barred earth, or clenched earth or any such composite, later melted together … who knows and i don’t care … other than wishing more wouldn’t care about this old(mold) computational and literal riddle nor all the rest of them any longer after coming to similar conclusions and even clearer courses of action. We could start by building rivers rather than roads, rain and mud gutters along steep mountains … that would revive the tree planter culture of the 80s perhaps. Blindly following won’t do … or else i would have worked my way up to being the court jester of europe by now. Grillo will have to do.
    162 vids –

    5530 since may 23rd 2010
    i add six comments before i even finish the vid, at 3.38 of 4.47 (right when the screen displays a sure verse which theatens to dig up a mountain (59:21); the very next screen denies what i assert in the first comment, via 17:88) as if a divine calculus is an instant flash of intuition = be all and end all of holy books, the perfect counterpart (capstone, containment) and cure for the plodding dub dub dribdrabs of doubt distrust and deliberation we know from the creditary arts*

    *… that which is meant to acquaint and inspire …. gone horrribly wrong, having become a grudgeful charity, degenerated into a not even disguised trade, just a trade, not even a just trade; or credit with designs on inalienables, ‘soaked’ in ‘solvents’, pried and or blasted loose, collaterial turns into raw material …or at worst, become the search and destroy ‘type’, swallowing up more and life.
    iow, money lending and book keeping, surely a prob by the times of Muhammed, huge administrations (Karl Wittfogel wrote on the rise of bureaucracies; polders like the one where i live being the inverse aftershock of very very old ‘developments’ indeed), wielding power and breeding the infamous neoteny of the ‘absconditionary’ kind – X banking history w ghetto as earthbound precursor to the sattelite hazards .. which as they all do … grow more and more persistent (cellulose vs E-waste? It’s a metastatization nearly beyond recognizability) –

    All of that supposedly ‘ANTITHETICATED’ by bam bam thankee for ‘at gratitude dance mam, one sitting, no mistakes, of a piece, perfectly streaming … and if that doesn’t make you suspicious … why doesn’t the Quran make a few points a la John Liu regarding the Loess plateau; pastoralism wasn’t responsible for much of the desertification and that wasn’t worth mentioning?????????

    rural (Soil)Semite – dust and sand far and wide
    city (Socio)Semite – surveillance and security, PC abjection, mass everything.

    first of those 6 vid comments
    how anybody takes all this to be proof of some sort of God’s hand in compiling, never mind writing or performing this way too thick book (all of which that size have the effect of thickets, one get lost, tangled, torn and goes to pieces) is beyond me. What is, to me, obvious is that it is a cabalcollab, a type of crossword puzzle sport / fad … where savants were packed off and bunched up to both specialize and converge … infinitely less harmful than the specialize and diverge ones nowadays after all .. but still, .. they are tasked to mask, distract from and sugarcoat very evil content.

    lovely pics there — a 10×10 grid with 4 seals in’m each (+ a ‘[w]holot’ more) … and the much more basic colours are dominant ‘over’ them.
    .. plus that monkey face is just utterly charming …. yet i passed up a chance to see the whole thing performed already. We’ll write that off to me hating urbanity (though i could have revisited a charming park – i saw many times from the train and visited only once, all in the distant past, – on a sunday afternoon).

  3. martyLeedsMeeeeningfoolNumberGamer

    strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it

    Marty Leeds does my fave Bible txt … i wouldn’t dare say badly .. but certainly madly … plus it totally robs the too fast, wide and straight ‘freeway’ vs the crooked, windings of a garden path metaphor of meaning … but Marty takes it apart in his own little way, 90 is buzznumber here ..
    90 figures big in tetractis too .. the numbers assigned by Plato add to that one, which i had seen nor taken in before .. bottom right is 27, 1 at the top 1 – 2 4 8 – 3 6 12 – 9 18 – 27 = note the 2bling upon the descent slanting left … and the 3plement when slanting right
    Marty makes a big stink about 361 (i didn’t pay enough attention .. or … more likely … found the derivation too far fetched to remember … but i do find it interesting 361 happens to be nineteen squared: 19×19)
    he gets insane amounts of views on his blog
    his most popular post has broken 6 digits
    he’s quite voracious, google images shows loads of good stuff like Jim Alison’s monument circle that would place the center in the eagle region, it’s former pole position would explain lots about eaglish race insights and overview productions. has broad numonotional interests:
    ugly blog though
    he’s franchised with mgid and digitalphotopix .. appropriately enough, the latter puts the shroud in relief for instance, so all very fabBULLloose right alongside his.

    resembles the historical tzolkin
    first of bigger and bigger charts on that page, 4 of them, the post is from februari 10th).


    calendar dates for the Maya leaving their city Mari when it was destroyed

    The Maya left Ur in 2029bc when its 1st dynasty of 177 years fell (2207-2030bc). And they went to Syria to build Mari (2029bc). The Maya had lived in their city Mari for 129 years (2029-1900bc) having deserted Ur these 129 years before the rest of Ur (the Hindu) had left 3rd dynasty Ur in 1900bc to live in Babylon, or to go explore, pioneer and settle as India. Abram had deserted in 1943bc when Amar-Pal became king.

    are you aware Jose Arguelles identified with abraham strongly?
    Although maintaining an interest in that savant for a long time already, i hadn’t come across that puzzle tidbit before.

    alt.religion.jehovahs-witn β€Ί
    Abram believed in earth resurrection not heaven because of grandfather’s suicide
    1 post by 1 author


    his most recent message there is about 5.5 waves old (from jan 21), here’s the whole thing:

    Jan 21
    This link says

    21 pounds of C14 are estimated to be created each year.
    So if Jehovah creates 21 pounds per year,
    then Jehovah killed Peleg in 2030bc from 2520 pounds to 2730 pounds of carbon 14 added to the whole planet in 120 years to 130 years.
    Peleg was born 101 years after the Flood and in 20 to 30 years
    his body protein DNA was formed from AMOUNTS of C14
    during 2269-2239BC, as was also his son Reu who also died at age 239 having his first 30 years 2239-2209bc.
    Thus the amount of C14 from 100 to 160 after the Flood is
    2100 pounds to 3360 pounds world wide.
    Doesnt sound like much, but in DNA its enough to effect longevity of all organic life. Imagine how many pounds of carbon exist in every living tissue on the planet and then only 2000 to 3000 pounds more of it drops longevity of all life by 12 times.
    The good news is that it shouldnt be too difficult to dilute it
    with volcanic carbon when Jehovah erupts all volcanoes and all faultlines from the astral impact that puts 40 feet of water back up 52 miles high on top of the atmosphere.

  5. i hope it was clear that only the alinea beginning ‘are you aware .. ‘ was by me in that previous comment …

    now for something .. matinaycious
    april 21
    organized by Reality Sandwicher David Metcalfe
    6x60m long live vid and openly archived afterwards, in mp3 also .. but a few lines below there i see a price tag (100$ for early birds)
    11 synchronotron groupers already announced attendance (intentions). Heresy!!

    .. speaking of which, …

    .. the Sgroup lady from San Sebastian delivers the daily schemes with her drawings looking like a mix of Wessel, Aldo, a traindriving system and and adjustable multi-hinged lamps(HADES)-on-long-limbs-array (HaHhAhHaah!!)

    speaking of the a sound

    small middle aged UK adventurers team (all drink bear, the women are wirey, the men not so .. but they are chatty and sound pleasant … what’s a brandysnap taste like) down the Mekong .. impressions with almost no narration nor much music (it began just now, past the 21st minute mark … magic … a few visit to temples thus far (lots of a sound from whimpy voices; lots of monk sightings though, long line for their ritual handouts, tiny bits by many hands); that river is amazingly swift … it has practically no infrastructure on it and the boats are very long.
    … Wow, very fancy/cute temple just before the half hour mark (this must be premiere league singing going on here). Sanctified Porn on the temple walls in gold relief .. a petrified version, the faintest residue of the live shows that once wore but aint no more. … sperm legions lined up in very neat (ac)countable row (‘Aboriginal Current’ right?).

    Yet Laos remains the country which the US bombed the most (densely), right?

    Something about endless rivers and cliffs that irks and brings out the mad punishment devils in force i guess.

  6. doot is outside, in addition to and on top of the tzolkin; if instead 1 day of every tzolkin was a ‘day out of tzolkin’ you’d have same kin same tone same day of the week … and same weekday to start every solar year
    280+84 – 364
    259+1+104 .. that ‘one’ thus loosened is free to roam throughout the year … for extra galactic flavor and increased gettogether excuse frequency.

    259 37 x 7, 37th order of 7,
    reverse of 952 (17 x 56, 34 x 28), 952 – 259 = 693
    = 21 x 33, V4 H18, coordinating unit third time dimension, cosmic synchronization, second mental sphere, subconscious, vigesimal code 12.19

  7. first ‘lump’ i wrote today:
    Julius Hensel reached the depths of understanding necessary to grow peace (new earth, by the jugful that gggristDjinns, jewlike, project as allatonce for all ev’r’ere); he recommended supplying freshest dust per household for composting. I merely extended his idea to include toiletry (kitch kirk & kraut komplixity) and envisioned a festive parade, why not wish and hope for the best (against all odds)?

  8. certainly no less pertinent … from 3 days ago:
    Southern Germany (Chiemgau) received a meteorite impact nearly 5 centuries before yearZero with equivalent of 8000 Hiroshima bombs … it caused formation of metalrich rock from which later, the displaced, who had thereby been militarized (+ alas, -zing) forged a superior steel upon returning .. which unfotunately wasn’t a return to pacific ways, the steel made war ‘reWARding’ even while pacific use of steel went a long ‘rock to soil’ awareness way.
    See ‘my crushing passion’ playlist

    .. pacific use of steel went a long ‘rock to soil’ awareness way . . in making and keeping ‘it’ real .. and to iz’real’ .. for a meme battle with very old demon cabals, the grouper/groper creeps. A torn, tattered and schizo(S)crypt remnant made it into the bible after ‘it’ lost despite the sanctions and blessings of Rome (see Cernunnos in Rheims). Jesus is often said to have been informed by the far east but not so much by the northern lowlands, much closer.

  9. from the 5th to the 9th minute of this vid he introduces a factor which i have always thought should figure way bigger in any sort of astroinfluxsense guessteemationz
    99th vid is this one … and a beaut it is:

    lucifer is a moron (BLGM means the new pope)

    11 vids in a mere week, my my, aren’t we at work here .. but i bet you never mention where the old pople mentions you by name publically, apart from in your dreams (you are a dreamer after all; check below for more on that).

    jesus taught how to make rock go (go & grow) from one indivisible to singularly innumerable, from one to the many applied to rock, physically and not mimed, not abstracted, nor performed mentally or any of that mankind urbanifying shite … let alone applied as (in the sense of) one for all and once for all, final and absolute even, the one and only as well as last scapegoat fashion, ender of time and karma.

    Sherrie (kin 99) objects to kabala and cypherments, cryptication and spellery … yet you, oddly, get away with it.
    You turn backyard truth – which jesus learnt up north but failed to sells as an add-on to his homies – into an abcra cadavra of your very own personal distance history .. and now even your chromosome counts.

    You (and folks like Valum Votan, who shares a certain amount of Vatican fixation with you) deftly and playfully mix and remix a grabbag of relentlessly selfreferential numbonotional expressed categories, but yall can zerfetz and zerstueckel your damn self to your hearts delight all day all night, it still forms no part of true faith (geloof = begreen[ery]) and(/cause it) distracts from sprinkling organic ‘waste’ with fresh dust and growing soil as the basis of credit (and creed) as reffed in my first line.

    Well, i say unto you, in the name of not just jesus, but buddha and muhammed as well, you are a fraud and Valum Votan rules this part of the universe, wether you try to steal his thunder or not, no matter how

    dob jan11th 44
    2nd day of 3wiz week
    7th (resonant) month monkey
    kin is 3 night … my tone is 3 also
    huge pile (up&up) of kinnections here (go check how exactly you are important and exactly how important you are)
    more yere

    i am sure you’ll be delighted to find many totally new ways to relate AND just as inconsequentially fantasy and fable prone as you like it and are used to.
    Note for instance that your hexagram is 1 and mine 11, you holding minimal (no) water while my capacity is max (bottom trigram solid lines, top ones all broken)
    You ready to help me throw a little water into rock the churchy type spectacular way or what bro? Or are you happy to remain part of those you pretend to wage textual battle against catching attention of morons like

    Robert Hender at Morning Liberty radio (on RepubBN) seems to be a fan, or was in 2010 anyway …. but his ‘native american’ category is ludricous though trendy, all articles usurped and taken over hostily by alien themed ones. Figures.
    the calculator there is on the blink right now or i would compare a few through & through out & out in & infamoustrosities

  10. hold back previous comment if you can, Claire, and let this near identical one on instead, if you would please.

    the (spl)internetz are one giant clump of splinterconnected insanitaria

    time(‘s up)liners are truly demonic weirdo cherrie pickers

    there’s really no shortage of these guys; here’s

    322 Tetrads and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble
    cptmang Β· 81 videos —— 3,135 subbers
    23,213 since Publica(s)tion on Feb 7, 2013
    Like 169 – Dislike 16 … and 685 comments

    Pastor Mark Biltz and 119 Ministries have put out some excellent videos concerning the blood moon tetrad and solar eclipses coming up in 2014 and 2015, leading some to believe that the Feast of Trumpets in 2016 may be a possible time for Christ’s return. If true, this of course would mean that 1,260 prior (3/22/13) would be the time of the Abomination of Desolation. As compelling as all of that is, I personally do not believe that’s what is going to happen next month. I do however believe that 3/22/13 may kick off the 20 year time period of Jacob’s Trouble. Found out why in this short clip from a teaching by Rob Skiba called, “322, Tetrads and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”

    – this work criticizes that of some colleagues at which talks about the abom. of desol. the next month .. 9nania by the way, connects i believe the same dates to Obama’s visit to israel and in turn to his reception of the Nobel Peace Prize. …. oh wait, i hadn’t mentioned her here yet have i? go check a few of her 460 vids; i sampled about 6 so far …

    March 22, 2013 a Significant Date?
    9Nania 461 videos ….. 23.7481 since last june
    part of it a portion of a docu on precession and binary systems

    Abomination of Desolation occurred on August 2, 2012


    ALERT! PROOF The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!

    – … she has 24,585 subbers by the way; the vid got 1,521,296 views, it’s an hour long (4/5ths of which is Roth w Cahn [] on ‘scrapcheer’ 911 and Obama [jews mix whateve they like, it’s their raison d’etre KinDoneChaNo] and begins by saying that the US ‘repeats’ Izzie destiny patterns (ignored wake up calls etcetera)…. ooooh aint that sweet, how honoured the ‘gggristDjinn’ Zionists must feel now, how flattered (even as it promises .. ehrr … threatens devastation).
    It ain’t foolin everyone:

    Chrilsama 3 weeks ago
    the holy place is the wtc? the abomination is obamas signature?
    The foreshadow of the real abomination was a false god placed in Gods temple and not a signature in a trade center! I also havent seen those Christians of Judea flee to the hills now!
    The antichrist will declare himself god in the rebuilt Temple in Judea, thats at last more likely what Jesus meant.
    And the “bad city” in Ezra is Jerusalem and not NY and was called “bad” by the enemies of Gods people, not by God!
    false false false

    back to 9nania’s thing… it’ll prolly mention this:

    Obama Authorizes Secret U.S. Backing for Syrian Rebels

    but certainly something she seems to think is more significant, Obama signed a steel beam for the 104th story) of the WTC on that day (1290 days after the oath of office)

    Beam signed by Obama raised at World Trade Center

    Anyway, at the 9:10 mark the presenter makes a big deal of the exact 5 digits occuring in the ‘clickticker’ of this vid, albeit in a different sequence

    refers to some colleagues:

    RED ALERT – Abomination of Desolation is PLACED IN THE HOLY PLACE
    777aejΒ·567 videos … = a lady with a pleasant voice

    US consecration church (St Paul’s .. yeah, … the schizo black is white, women from men guy) right next to the WTC was the only building to survive 911 close by

    a very scary witch who calls what, i assume, she means the dome of the rock when referen’sin’ her ‘vision’ about ‘the tabernacle of the anti-christ’ … sigh … no end to weirdo wimmin countin days as if they are counting down to being returned home, released and/or unleashed upon their perceived enemies … eh??

  11. Thanks again Piet 55;

    Hope you enjoyed your Galactic Return πŸ™‚

    During the 18.3 watch of Electric Star, the relentless heavy rains were accompanied by the loudest house-shaking thunder and lightning.
    By the 13.11 watch, water had begun streaming into the house, hours later, drove through 3 feet of water to higher ground [a friend’s house for the night]

    Now, cleaning up, and packing the house on squishy wet carpet.
    Where to now?

    It has been such an eventful Moon, and now this!

    Not sure when I’ll be online again.

    Love to all,
    Claire 8 Mirror

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