Magic Turtle Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon codes the Third Galactic Return of the Disincarnation of Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

Kin 89: Spectral Moon in the Spectral World-Bridger Moon marks 3 Galactic Spins;  780 days since the passing of Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles on March 23, 2011.

Page 146 of CHC VI:  Book of the Transcendence reminds us of the significance of that number:  “The frequency of Earth is 7.8 hertz, a fractal of 78, and also a fractal of 780, the number of days in the Martian synodic as viewed from Earth.  Seventy Eight is also the key in the decipherment [by Valum Votan] of the tomb of Pacal Votanseventy eight is the sum tonal frequency of the 13 tones carved on the sarcophagus lid”


Kin 89:  Spectral Moon also mirrors reflects this Spectral World-Bridger Moon.   The PSI for Spectral 15 is  11 Warrior– a ‘Magic Turtle PSI.’  The Long Count Kin for the Third Galactic Anniversary of Valum Votan’s  Ascension is Electric Wind.

Just hours before Kin 89 began, TMQ viewed a rented video of the modern remake of “Alice in Wonderland“.  Twice during the film, the date of March 23 was discussed, because it was the pivotal point in Alice’s life;  her father disappeared on March 23.  Of course, each mention of March 23 was a reminder of Valum Votan’s departure, on March 23.

March Twenty Three” carries the Simple Gematric Frequency of 206.  Kin 206 codes this  Fifth Mystic Moon of the Spectral World-Bridger”

That led to observing other synchronicities in this film.  For example, “The Stone of Wonderland” alpha-numerically equals 237, which means it numerically resonates with the following pertinent themes, all of which = 237Crystalline Ascension,  Sacred Radio-Genetic Time Ark, Telektonon Prophecy, Cosmic ConsciousnessGM 108X Alignment and the Crown of Pure Radiance’, which is  The Noosphere.

This blog last appeared on Kin 39:  Cosmic Storm, and a storm of events’ has prevented posting until now.  Some of the events included hosting a family of 5 for 5 days over the Easter Weekend [in New Zealand, Easter Friday and Easter Monday are holidays]   and serving as a nanny for  eleven 11hour days for an adorable 5 year old boy [who is in his Cosmic Storm year  :)]

Then, 21 days ago, on Kin 68 [April 21], heavy rains culminated in a flash flood, when over 4 inches [104 mm.] of rain fell during the hour that spanned the 3 Mirror and 11 Skywalker watches of  Yellow Electric Star.  When I fled the house, water in the driveway was 4 feet deep.    The  Flash Flood very suddenly transported me from the house I had moved into on the first day of  Moon Kin 138 over 5 years ago [an e-mail from V.V. the following day was titled “Happy Galactic Mirror Moon‘  🙂] .

That ‘catalytic Sunday’ commenced the 4th week of the catalytic  Fourth Mystic Moon, which was coded by Kin 205:  Red Planetary Serpent: Valum Votan’s Long Count Kin [the Challenge is kin  75: Planetary Eagle, which is TMQ’s Long Count Kin].

Since TMQ consistently aligns  radial plasma Dali with Sunday, the Flash Flood that devastated Richmond New Zealand was on Planetary Dali 22.  The PSI for Planetary 22 is 205:  Planetary Serpent 🙂   Both April Twenty One and Yellow Electric Star alpha-numerically equal 205:  Planetary Serpent!

The “7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation” informs us that the “Fourth Mystic Moon of the Planetary Serpent” was associated with Codon 40:  “Heart’s Release” and Codon 48:  “Reaching the Source

A huge celestial event occurred on the last day of the Planetary Serpent Moon:   April 27th:  Kin 7414.9 [4/28:  Kin 75 here in N.Z.]

“Gamma-ray bursts, says NASA, “are the most luminous and mysterious explosions in the universe.” The blasts emit surges of gamma rays — the most powerful form of light — as well as X-rays, and they produce afterglows that can be observed at optical and radio energies. Two weeks ago, says NASA, astronomers saw the longest and brightest gamma-ray burst ever detected. It was the biggest shot of energy we’ve ever seen, streaming from the universe’s most powerful class of explosions. NASA: “We have waited a long time for a gamma-ray burst this shockingly, eye-wateringly bright,”  “The output from GRB 130427A was visible in gamma ray light for nearly half a day, while typical GRBs fade within a matter of minutes or hours”.

On 11 Warrior [Challenge for this Fifth Mystic Moon, and it’s first Magic Turtle Day] TMQ moved into a home in Nelson [=79] whose address encapsulates “the Root-of-Root chakra which extends to and encompasses the Earth’s Octahedral core and the Crown of Crown chakra which extends and encompasses the Earth’s Noosphere“. [from page 79 of Cosmic History Chronicles I.]

My new street number is 137 [7 Earth, which signifies the Earth’s Core, and it’s Mayan mediator of Plasmas from Hunab Ku] and the S.G.F. of the street name equals 79, number of the Noosphere Constant [520 – 441 = 79].  When we add in ‘Drive‘ for the full street name, it adds up to another  137  🙂 As indicated, this is the perfect place for  a “Cosmic Vibratory Root” to receive and transduce the radial plasmas to the core of the Earth.  I intend each morning, to descend 13 steps to a grassy plateau, through which the ‘vritis’ of my bare feet conduct the daily plasmas to “Lord Seven Earth” known to the Mayans as “Ah Vuc Ti Cab“.

205 is indicated in 4 ways by the numbers associated with the flash flood, and 205 can also signify 20.5 [Overtone Sun, which codes the Seventh Solar Witness]

My nephew, Jud 5 Sun Skyped me on Kin 65:  Cosmic Serpent, which was the first Galactic Return of his daughter, who was born on Pacal Votan’s 1,409th birthday {August 1, 2012}.   As a 21 year old, Jud won the 21st series of Survivor  Nicuaraga, and  now he will compete in the next Survivor series which is titled “Heroes and Villains

Jud’s 7 weeks of filming  begins on  7/7/2013  🙂  Jud is well aware of the Galactic Synchronization that will take place during his 13:20 Natural Time sojourn at a locale “somewhere in Asia

This has been a largely personal blog, to explain my long absence, and to celebrate the return of my internet connection and the original, easier WordPress format.

The next post will focus on oUR 2013 Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization which is 75 days after the 3rd Galactic Anniversary of Valum Votan’s Ascension.  Perhaps there will also be a 2013 Crop Circle to discuss   🙂

May  each of You,  oUR Earth and all whom she supports be blessed with

Love and Harmony   What better day to start to “love” your customers than today?

N. S.  1. 25. 11. 15.           Kin 89:    Magic Turtle Spectral Moon  [May 12, 2013]


6 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon codes the Third Galactic Return of the Disincarnation of Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

  1. In fact the explosion synpli indicates we are free from 7 as a religious factor ..

    As envisioneth it is know 9


  2. Hi Kin friends, a few weeks ago a letter arrived to me from New Zeland containing nothing but a chocolate cookie. The envelope was signed by A.Dalzell.
    Does you Claire or anyone knows anything about it????
    Kin 177

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