Kin 101: Red Planetary Dragon: Nine Weeks until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization :)

Red Planetary Dragon
Red Planetary Moon
Blue Planetary Monkey Red Planetary Dragon White Planetary Mirror
  Yellow Self-existing Sun
I perfect in order to nurture, producing being.
I seal the input of birth with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of universal water.

Today’s Hidden Power is Self-Existing SunVelatropa 24, our Sun, which occupies the center of the far-flung Vela  zone of the Orion arm of our Galaxy has been very unusually active during this Fifth Mystic Moon: .  This:  states that “A solar radiation storm is in progress on May 22nd”  ” Everything we are and think is from the sun. But the sun itself is only receiving from the Hunab Ku, the One Supreme Source” [Valum Votan]

The Guide:  Kin 49:  Planetary Moon was literally demonstrated when an Asteroid from the Planet of Maldek [now the asteroid Belt]

moon_impact.jpgcrashed into the Moon while traveling 90,000 Km/H creating the largest explosion ever observed there.  The 20 meter wide crater created on Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker yields the Synchronic Code number of 20::13 and 7.  The Long Count kin coding that day was 12 World-Bridger, so the combined Dreamspell and L.C. Kins combine  [13.7 + 6.12] to make 19.19  🙂  “Nineteen is over all“.  Earth is currently traversing a dense area of the Asteroid Belt.  Newly discovered Asteroid  2013 KB was within 640,000 miles of Earth for 4 days ending tomorrow.

There will be a Lunar Eclipse on Magic Turtle Spectral Wind, [tomorrow]  This is the first lunar eclipse of Saros series 150.[

Kim Kin 33 sent this photo:  “This perfect rainbow in Wilford Sound, New ZealandThings                                                            You Don't See                                                            Every Day                                                                                                                                           3 days later, an identical ‘perfect’ Rainbow appeared across the street from my new home, during the Guide Watch [Kin 150] of Resonant Mirror.  Just like the Rainbow in the photo, both ends were visible on the valley floor, although it was large enough to extend just above the hills behind.  [A rain shower while the sun was shining alerted me to look out the front windows]

Many others besides this writer are eagerly anticipating the first “Inter-Dimensional Signal” of 2013“.  Some are telepathically requesting that  the Circle-Makers place this Third Eye Mandala on a ‘friendly farmer’s field in Wiltshire England’.

 There are precedents for that, including the “Day-out-of-Time Crop Circle” that appeared in 2006 after TMQ performed the DooT Meditation  [in which we were instructed by Valum Votan to ‘ask’ the Star People to place the Roerich Peace symbol in the fields].  TMQ did the meditation on Saturday July 22, and the next morning headlines said that the Day-out-of-Time Circle  had appeared 3 days early  🙂 

This is one of many reasons that I continue to observe Saturday as Silio, the last day of the Week, Moon and 13 Moon year.  The last day of this 13 Moon year will be on Lunar Mirror, on the Gregorian date that perfectly incorporates the Synchronic code numbers: 7/20/13.

Just now, I realized that July 22 [the last day of the Cosmic Seed year] was coded by Kin 205:  Planetary Serpent, the same Kin [see prior blog] that was indicated in a variety of ways by the Flash Flood that  suddenly ‘uplifted’ me to the perfect place for Synchro-Galactic Yoga

The  ‘counter-clock-wise’ 13 steps that lead to the grassy ‘figure 8‘-shaped’ plateau  at my new home remind me  of  Temple 13, which houses the Tomb of the Red Queen, and of the 13 Oxlahuntiki.  They are the  feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolontiku who ‘guardPacal Votan’s Tomb in the 9 storied Pyramid of Inscriptions.   The 13 steps are arranged like the 13 day Wavespell:  there is a broad landing  [which accomodates each turn] at the 4th and 9th step. 🙂 

It take me 49 steps to walk its perimeter, and the wildly-fluctuating weather has ‘arranged’ a sunny period each morning for me to transduce each day’s plasmas with bare feet on [usually wet] grass.  Today, Friday, meant that “Plasma 6:  Limi:  Purification was being received  through the Vritis in my hands, and sent to the Earth’s core via my feet.

Since our Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization is on Friday July 26th, here is a review of the Synchro-Galactic practice for that day [and for today, Spectral Limi 27LIMI Plasma gathers in our Solar Plexus [Manipura] Chakra.  [Quoted material is from Chapter 5;  CHC 6.]  “The energy stored in this Chakra can be used to connect us both individually and as a planet, through the Sun, to the Galactic core, Hunab Ku”  This feels appropriate for the day we are meant to “Synchronize with the Galaxy“.

After Natural Mind meditation, focus on your Solar Plexus, feel it radiating vibrant energy, which dissolves and transforms into a yellow 10-petaled lotus. “To awaken this chakra, breathe slowly into the Solar Plexus,”  while focusing on Purification.  “From this center, feel the Kuxan Suum as the etheric fiber that that flows directly to the center of the Galaxy.”  Manipura affirmation:  “May our perceptions be organized into a cosmic whole that we may all become one within the radialized order of the Primal Source!”  [to be continued]

We are now more than halfway through the Seventh 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Channel the Power”, Days 73-216, Cubing the Earth (144,000 cubed within), which concludes on Kin 163, 7 Night (25 July 2013), when Sacred Power  is restored to Earth.

We are nearing the end of the   Fifth Mystic Moon which is coded by Kin 206, White Spectral World-Bridger  , and the “Recollection of the Power of the Fifth day of Creation, “Spectral Death””

On the 18th [official 14th] day of the Spectral World-Bridger Moon, we entered the Fifth 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, the same day we began the  Human Wavespell [15 May 2013) 

The next Wavespell of the Serpent contains the 10-in-a-row run of Galactic Activation Portals.  This is the Penultimate run of GAPS before our Galactic Synchronization, and an excellent time to practice our TelepathyS’ace 22 [with whom I experienced some telepathic pulses recently] sent this example of others who are consciously entering the telepathic realm: 

As the back cover of CHC VI states:  “We are being called to turn inward, away from the cyber-world and into the vast realm of our mind-the ultimate supercomputer…”

The Analog of today’s Kin is Planetary Mirror, which coded the day that Pacal Votan’s Tomb was opened nearly 61 years ago.  Thanks to Valum Votan’s tiresless efforts to decode  the Tomb, we are now familiar  with and united by the Synchronic Codes and the Law of Time.  Today’s G-Force is GAP Kin 239:  Blue Overtone Storm.

19.5:  “The perfection of order of God is synchronically maintained by the universally ceaseless ratio of time13:20, and its functioning as the equation T{E}=Art, for which reason God is referred to as the Supreme Artist, the architect of the universe in all of its dimensional levels and orders of world systems.”


N.S. 1. 25. 11. 27.                Kin 101; 9 Weeks until Galactic Synchronization 2013


7 thoughts on “Kin 101: Red Planetary Dragon: Nine Weeks until oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization :)

  1. Interesting figure ..
    101 plus (9×7) 63 ends on 164

    This is equalized by 4 x 41 , the interval of God

    41 is also the challenger dragin in sun wave

    4 is A forming essence , here on a lokg & femi~nine curve closing a cycle

    July 22 is a 7 & 22 combi that bonds 144 plus 10

    Also this date ends 4 years cycling kweakspell from july 23 2009,
    Which was kin 001 in dreamspell and ritualized in a gathering in Mexico

    Thx TMQ for the nice illustrations ..
    I shared them in some networks ..

    • pssst
      in 10 kin from 101 we have 111

      this came up today .. reading Foucoult ..
      JHVHEA JAHVEH .. 720 fold
      as characters referring a Cristos

      the decoder gave 10 8 5 8 5 1 => 18 13 6 => 37
      which is fractal of 111 as 3×37 and the other 8 Lordeners of Time ..

      so indeed Cristos functioned as a Ordener of Time ..
      honored by Gregor and its presuccessors ..

      but they also set the endtime .. margin .. 20 13 …
      we have a choice
      in lak’ech a la kin

      • 111 – coming at you from the 209 with the 133 😉
        Harboring my mother in law through exploratory breast cancer surgery today – a study in illusion and patience – the bags of chemicals – the machines that look like humans – the humans that garb themselves like the new priesthood – continue to be blessed with perspective and witnessing synch all around

  2. Hi Kin friends, a few weeks ago a letter arrived to me from New Zeland containing nothing but a chocolate cookie. The envelope was signed by A.Dalzell.
    Does you Claire or anyone knows anything about it????
    Kin 177

    • Hi Adrian;
      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the music you sent 🙂 [I signed up at Soundcloud, but somehow couldn’t listen to yours]

      A blog has been in progress for a week, with a major part of it lost at one point. Your comment means that I will post it tomorrow, even though it was written for Kin 115.
      That blog will address the Mystery you queried 🙂

      Peace and Love for all,
      Kin 138

    after you paste this in the adress bar, wait till you can skip most of the ad (bottom right), push pause within a second or you’ll miss it, .. then study this quite mysterious, giddy griddy grit grate patternotion .. tell us know more you synchrontronians!!!

    … never could get/see the wavespells into 3d very much, let alone live and i fear the 21×21 won’t fare much better (though i have seen the pyramid maquettes / mock ups).

    the vid is made with Sony HDR-XR520V … if it were biodegradable i’d get one tomorrow

    Potala Palace

    54 photo set (by chinaman who has ‘reservationized’ the ‘rites’)
    page 9 has it and another one with more colour next to it

    Large 1024 (888 x 80)

    fits the screen

    one of my fave songs (the one Phurbu does real nice in her fragile/exile way); Lumo Tso does it differently.

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