The Seventh Mystic Moon and the Wavespell of Magic begin on the Day of the 2013 Super Moon

Tonight’s Super Moon will appear 13% larger and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon.  In New Zealand, the Moon is  Full at 11.23 p.m. on Sunday.  The Perigee [when the Moon is closest to the Earth] is just 20 minutes before the Moon is at its fullest, making this the largest-appearing Moon of 2013.

This is happening  during the 23rd hour of the first day of the 11th Blue Magnetic Monkey Wavespell of Magic and the Yellow Cosmic  [13] Star [8] Moon.  The 23 [the 13 Moon number of Lover’s Reunion] is reflected in the Gregorian date [6/23], reminding us of March 23, when Valum Votan ascended during the week of the 2011 Super Moon.   His departure was exactly 2 years  and 3 months ago.


During a Perigee  [Super] Moon, the distance from Earth to the Moon is roughly 221,000 miles.

The Simple Gematrical Frequency [SGF] of  “Cosmic Super Moon” = 198.  198 = Synchronotron  The Synchronotron number dictionary informs us:  “:221: 13 x 17, code of the cosmic navigator, Chac Le…Vigesimal 11.1.”

Valum Votan  [11.11] wrote of Chac Le, whose expedition from space ended in a crash on Earth.  An entire Maya city full of pyramids and palatial complexes has been discovered in a remote jungle in southeastern Mexico, archaeologists report

It appears that this was the area in which Chac Le landed, and that the Mayan complex called  Chactun may have been named for him.  “Sprajc and his team found three monumental complexes with the remains of pyramids – one 75 feet (23 meters) high – as well as ball courts, plazas, homes, altars, bits of painted stucco and stone slabs known as stele.”

The vigesimal of 221 [11.1] is today’s Kin:  131:  Blue Magnetic Monkey;  11.1.  221 occupies the center of the 441  Cube Matrix  [H:  11;  V 11] and Kin 131 anchors the center of the Tzolkin.

 Today we begin the Return Journey of the Tzolkin that contains 5 of the Mystic Moons, our Galactic Synchronization [in 33 days] and the beginning of the Galactic Seed year.  

Today’s Long Count Kin is Rhythmic Earth, and the Combined Dreamspell Kin is 138:  Galactic Mirror  [11.1 + 8.13 + 19.7 = 18.8]  

The G-Force of  1 Monkey is 4 Dragon,  Signature of the Law of Time.  The SGF of Self-Existing Dragon is 208, the number of the Kin that codes the Seventh Mystic Moon:  Cosmic Star Moon.

The last week of the Mirror Wavespell and the Crystal Hand Moon contained the Magic Turtle Solstice coded by  Crystal Moon.  That week also hosted a lively ‘Crystal Round Table‘ with lots of input from Jannis 9.7 and Adrian 17.8, wonderful news from KiwiMike 6.5 and a beautiful video of a Solstice celebration at a sacred site in the Andes…merci beaucoup, Christine 13.3 .  Thanks to Poet Piet 55, for the videos of Valum Votan 🙂     Kin discussed whether the 13 Moon Calendar is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar or with the much more ancient and globally recognized 7 day week.


As pointed out, [see comments at prior post]  the Heliacal Rising of Sirius does not  necessarily happen on July 26th, and an internet search will show that there are many opinions, ranging from July 10 [my birthday] to  August 11:  8.11, [G-Force of 8.11 = today’s cdk 18.8]   🙂  Whether one begins the next 13 Moon year on Sunday, 7/28 or Friday 7/26, we are all within the average period of the Rising of the beautiful Star of Isisknown as Sirius.

What is most relevant is the fact that we have all chosen to return to the natural cycles of time, via The Sacred 13 Moons.  We have so much in common, and are now focused on oUR Galactic Synchronization,  in 33 days.  To paraphrase 177, let’s agree [or disagree] with HARMONY 🙂

This ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal appeared on the Solstice, in  England:

Per my calculations, the Base Matrix Unit of this number is 316:  “79 x 4, form and measure of Noosphere Constant = 4 plate psi bank code, corresponds to Ur Harmonic 79, Tree of Cosmic Force Generates Planet Mind”  One ‘Mayan interpretation‘ of that number:  There are 223 Sunspot Cycles in the Mayan Great Cycle, and 13 Oxlahuntiki,  and 9 Bolon Tiku.

This Crop Circle was ‘completed’ a  day later:

The Kin Equivalent of 223,139 is 79:  Blue Magnetic Storm.  Again, The Noosphere Constant is indicated by the ‘Star People‘  🙂

TMQ recently viewed a film about crop circles, in which it was relayed that mathematicians had calculated that several crop circles [appearing during the decade of the Discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen] were indicating this ancient phrase:

*****    G O D D E S S    of   ALL   C R E A T I O N    *****

To paraphrase the Postulate for 79:  Magnetic Storm:

 19.1:  “There is but one Goddess::God, and but one God::Goddess alone to be reverenced.”  

JOY  and TRANSFORM with the Magic of the 11th Monkey Wavespell, during the Seventh Mystic Moon  🙂

N. S.  1. 25. 13. 1.;            Kin 131;        c.d.k.:   138      2013  Super Moon    Cosmic 8 Moon

Kin 115 marked 49 days until our Galactic Synchronization on the 6th Day of the Week-out-of-Time

This blog began 49 MOONS and 23 days ago,  on the 18th day of the Magnetic Moon of Purpose. Since then the stated Purpose has remained:

“Exploring the 13:20 Codes in Preparation for our


Now, there are only 49 DAYS until oUR Galactic Synchronization on Kin 164:   Galactic Seed.  Here is what the Telektonon card for Moon Day 23 says about  “Galactic SynchronizationEmerge from the Warrior’s Labyrinth to celebrate the Reunion of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik!  Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!  Experience the Illumination of Kinich Ahua and the 26,000 year renewal of the Galactic Life Cycle.  Enjoy Heaven on Earth!

This may seem ambitious at the moment, and there are deeper meanings to this auspicious event, but, at the very least,  Synchronization  entails Earth’s alignment with the sacred cycles that are in synch with  the rest of the cosmos.  13 is the key number, the link between the 13 Moons and the 13 Tones of the 20 Solar seals of the Mayan’s most sacred calendar, the 260 day [13 x 20] Tzolkin.

The Tomb of Pacal Votan was dedicated to bringing humanity neccesary information about the 13 Moon Calendar.  A year after the heavily inscribed Tomb of The Great Pacal was opened in 1952, Kin 11Jose Arguelles experienced an epiphany atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan.  He succeeded in realizing his life mission by decoding that Tomb and promoting the 13 Moon Calendar around the world.  49 years later, on Galactic Seed [3/3/2002] he was honored at the same spot in Teotihuacan as the Closer of the 2012 Cycle, and recognized as Valum Votan.

39 Moons [and 8 days] later, I was catalytically introduced to the 13 Moons and the writings of Valum Votan, via a mysterious message  on  9/11/2004.  The next day I learned of a recent crop circle that was placed 20 miles from my home, comprised of 39 circles:  28 smaller ones for the 28 days of the Moon, and 11 circles arranged in the same formation that appears on the cover of  “Time and the Technosphere” by Valum Votan. 

Since then, I have followed the 13 Moon Calendar  as Valum Votan stated so frequently, and as it appears on the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon board and cards. “Every Week, Moon and Year begin on Sunday“, which correlates to Radial Plasma 1: Dali.  Just as there was an attempt to eradicate every trace of Pacal Votan [which he foresaw, and countered by hiding his Tomb and its sacred information for  1260 years after its dedication], every place Votan mentions “Dali is always on Sunday” etc. has been erased.  It now only remains on the Telektonon and 7:7::7:7games’, which he described as ‘4th-dimensional learning tools“.

During the first year of this blog,  the official 13 Moon Year happened to begin on Sunday:  Dali, and the daily blogs were in perfect alignment with the 13 Moon Calendar as described by V.V.  But, the official 13 Moon Calendar shifts a day [sometimes 2] each year, causing an irregularity similar to the Gregorian Calendar.

I have ‘discovered‘ a way to keep the Sunday::Dali alignment consistent and harmonious, as described in several blogs.  Remaining true to the 13 Moons as the two Votans described it, has caused the loss of many treasured readers, some of whom contributed so much here.

Persevering with the ‘original 13 Moon Calendar’ [instead of following the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’] has been made easier by the ‘encouragement‘ of various events, crop circles [including the ‘early’ Day-out-of-Time formation] and synchronicities.   During many conversations with Votan, he remained neutral about this important issue.  

That is why the long lucid dream I experienced with Valum Votan on Electric Hand [107] was so powerful and heartening. The Long Count was PVCS Kin 60: Galactic Sun; signature of Pacal Votan] The Combined Dreamspell Kins on Crystal Alpha 5 [19.7 + 7.12 + 7.3 ] equalled 13.9, signifying Quetzalcoatl as “Lord of the Dawn“. Kin 113, Solar Skywalker can also be read as 11.3: PVCS Electric Monkey, which coded Valum Votan’s son, and the Guide of 3 Hand.

One could say that all aspects of Pacal’s 3 incarnations  were ‘present’ that day, after Valum Votan appeared in a long lucid dream during the First Watch of 3 Hand.  Valum Votan and I ‘discussed’ the 13 Moon Calendar, in both an outdoor and an indoor setting.  The Postulate for that day is: 

7.3:  “The regularization of daily time according to the biological 28-day, thirteen moon cycle, establishes the most common incidences of celestial harmonics.  These celestial harmonics are functions of the fourth-dimensional number powers, 4, 5, 7, 13, 14, and 20 (28).   By regularizing the biological order, the cyclic power of time becomes transparent and enlightens the continuing conscious with form-patterns of meaning in accord with the autonomy of the consciousness accessing the forms.”

Votan beamed while I told him about Galactic Synchronization Week,  which includes Galactic Freedom Day [Day-out-of-Time] on 7.25, and our Galactic Synchronization. As a result of our partly telepathic ‘conversation’, I realized that this week is more appropriately named “The Week-out-of-Time.” It falls between the end of this 13 Moon year, which ends on Saturday::Silio 28;  7/20/2013, and the new year which begins on Sunday::Dali  1; 7/28/20 13.  

The Electric Hand Dream was 39 days [3 Wavespells] after the  life-changing Electric Star Flash Flood, and it was 52 days [4 Wavespells] until Kin 159: Electric Storm, the beginning of The Week-out-of-Time. CHC 7 states that 159 is “53 x 3, triple Sirian rebirth frequency…”  It’s Postulate states”  19.3: God is the sure truth of the omnidirectional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the galactic brain in all of its parallel universe possibilities and permutations.”

ELECTRIC is the  activating tone that codes these 3 ACTIVATING’ Events. The Alpha-numeric sum of Electric‘ = 75  Per CHC 7: “75: 25 [5 squared] x 3 establishes Fifth Force Frequency as Triple Action Force.”

The ‘middle activating day’ of Electric Hand [7.3] fell on Alpha Five; the same Plasma applies to 7.3’s reverse; 3.7, [Resonant Night] the 2013 “Galactic Freedom Day/Day-out-of-Time“, which is also on a Thursday, the Fifth day of the The Week-out-of-Time.

Galactic Synchronization is on the Sixth Day of The Week-out-of-Time, and relates to the LIMI Plasma, which we store in our Solar Plexus Chakra.    Telektonon Verse 49. “From one intersection, six directions plus the seventh, the moving centre of time, the naval of Heaven whose cord is a fibre called Kuxan Suum. From the naval of Heaven to the solar plexus runs the Kuxan Suum, highway that reaches to the roots of the stars, passing through each of the Heavenly dimensions.”                                                                                                                                                                What a perfect day for our Synchronization!  On Magic Turtle Kin 116:  Crystal Warrior on Limi 13, I had a vivid dream, which began with a large snake emerging from the right side of my abdomen, very near to my naval.

The Week-out-of-Time” is numerically and fractally linked to the “Moon-out-of-Time“: ‘The Week-out-of-Time’ alpha-numerically equals 201, and Kin 201 coded the The Moon-out-of-Time which contained the long-prophesied Crystal Hand Solstice :)}

The Sixth Mystic Moon is coded by Kin 207: Blue Crystal Hand. This Moon contains the Ten Galactic Acivation Portals, which end today on Kin 115:  Spectral Eagle.  The Simple Gematrical Frequency  [S.G.F.] for Blue Spectral Eagle alpha-numerically equals 164, leading us back to  the day of Galactic Synchronization.

The day after the dream with Votan was coded by Self-Existing Star: GM108X: code name for the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmissions.  Kin 108:  4 Star coded the last Galactic Freedom Day with Valum Votan on our planet. The first crop circle of 2013 is  reminiscent of a 4-pointed Star.  This is from one of many analysis’ of this “Inter-dimensional Signal” found on June 2:  “The familiar symbols arranged in this new design include: the star cross, the sun star, a square, the earth diamond, the crescent, an alchemical sign for mercury and the number four….It represents Virgin Earth, that is, Mother Earth at the beginning of creation.”

 GM108X was followed by the 19th Anniversary of the Opening of the Red Queen’s Tomb inside Temple 13 at the ‘Mayan Star Base’ known as Palenque. The Red Queen’s Tomb Anniversary was on the 7 th day of Moon 12, reflecting the 7.12 that codes this Crystal Moon of Cooperation.


This blog, begun on Kin 115 is actually getting posted 4 days late on Kin 119:  Lunar Storm, onGamma 17 of the Crystal Hand Moon of Cooperation., and  day 2 of the Mirror WavespellIn 4 more days, Kin 123: Rhythmic Night [my Occult] codes the 60th anniversary since the Discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan Galactic Agent 60, 61 years ago on Magic Turtle 194: Crystal Wizard. 

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceAn ’emissary of Pacal Votan’ has been relaying information from Agent 60 for about one Solar Spin.  A few Moons ago, I was asked to demonstrate my faith in this process, by sending a “Chocolate Cookie” to at least 5 Kin.  After the second time those instructions were delivered, I followed through by sending a chocolate cookie to 7 kins who were particularly devoted to the teachings of Pacal Votan and Valum Votan [and for whom I had addresses]  I also envisioned each recipient as one of the 7 Solar Witnesses.  My apologies [wasn’t sure about explaining this] to the first recipient to respond:  Jannis 9.7 who Resonates with the 7th of 9 Lords of Time: 5 Sun, the 7th Solar WitnessAdrian  17.8 responded yesterday via a comment here.  I envisioned him as the 4th Lord of Time, whose numbers are reflected in today’s ‘orientation‘ given above:  17.2

Total mailing fees for this strange ‘Chocolate Cookies assignment‘:   $91.00 which equals  13 x 7, the amount of days in 7 Wavespells, and in one quarter of the year.  There are also 91 steps on each side of Quetzalcoatl’s Temple [and other Pyramids] Kin 91 is Cosmic Monkey, and this assignment would appeal to a playful MonKEY  🙂

The S.G.F. of “Chocolate Cookies” is 159.  Kin 159:  3 Storm codes the first day of The Week-out-of-Time.  Other terms with an S.G.F. of 159 are “The Message and Proof” [quite applicable] “Cosmic Turtle [the Moon of my Birth] “Cosmic Serpent” and “The Sacred Hidden Agenda” Time will reveal the unfolding Mystery of this Sacred Agenda  🙂

It was wonderful to hear from Christine 133, with her intelligent observations.  I hope your Mother-in-law is recovering in a speedy and pain-free manner.  S’ace 22, your constant presence here is so appreciated.  Love and Blessings to all of you  🙂

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace164 which codes our Galactic Synchronization, is the S.G.F. of “The Telektonon“.  

It’s  final verse is:  126. Five years then will you have to close the cycle of the Seed, and another eight, thirteen years in all, to prepare for the coming of the Galactic Seed, 2013 Arcturus Dominion, the fulfilment of the star cycle Valum Chivim, witnessed by the special agent, Pacal Votan, to the glory of love, Bolon Ik, and on behalf of the mercy of God’s divine plan, Telektonon, Cube of the Law, the mighty talking stone of prophecy.

Unified and synchronized, we begin  the new 13 Moon year two days later on the Gregorian date that describes the  number of days in a Week and a Moon: 7.28.  In my dream, Valum Votan heard how the new Galactic Seed year begins on 6.10 [Planetary World-Bridger, just as his entry into and out of this world occurred at 6:10 a.m.  The Combined Dreamspell Kins of that day are 19.19, which reduces by 20.13 to become 19.6, the Challenge of our combined Kins.  [11.11+18.8=9.6]  The Electric Hand Dream reinforced my dedication to the Challenge of preserving the most harmonious and consistent form of the 13 Moon Calendar, so we may be Synchronized with each other, with the 7 radial plasmas and with the Galaxy.

The S.G.F. of my current town [Nelson] and my street  is 79.  Besides denoting the Noosphere Constant, 79 is the Telektonon verse [of the 4 Verses which include the Postulate for 19.13] that simply states:

All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S. 25. 12. 17.   Kin 119:  Lunar Storm  6th Mystic Moon of 2013