Kin 138: Galactic Mirror; Two Wavespells remain until our 2013 Galactic Synchronization

Kin 138:  Galactic Mirror  ‘Mirrors‘ the 13 Moon Date:  13.8 of the 8.13 [Cosmic Star]  Moon.

The PSI for Cosmic 8 is PVCS Spectral Serpent, Kin 245. 18.8 + 5.11 = 23.19 – 20.13 =3.6 [Kin 123 Rhythmic Night, which is today’s Hidden Power. 

Kin 8:  Galactic Star is the Challenge of 18.8, and the Guide of our Galactic Synchronization.  The G-Force of Galactic Mirror is Kin 12 [12.12]  “Root of 144, key sacred formal frequency,  12 = reverse of 21 [today’s Analog/support:  21: Galactic Dragon, which is Valum Votan’s L.C. Kin]

Today’s Long Count Kin is 91:  Cosmic MonKEY , which coded V.V.’s 8th and 60th year.  Long Count Kin 138: Galactic Mirror coded the last full year of Valum Votan’s life.

These three crop circles all appeared in Italy, where conditions were preferable to rain-soaked England.

          [June 8th, 9th and 20th]

The first two images below are  the  final two Inter-Dimensional Signals‘ of June 2013, discovered in England on Kin 133;  June 25.  The 3rd circle below appeared in Italy.


Seed Of Life Stages.jpg

The last two Crop circles above depict days 1 and 6 of the progression into the “Seed of Life”  at the Heart of the Flower of Life. [6th Day]

During a meditation on the 28th day of the 6th month, and the 6th day of the 13th Moon, which was coded by 16.6, an idea for our Galactic Synchronization began germinating.

Focusing on Galactic SEED, it suddenly made sense to incorporate SEEDs into our Galactic Synchronization.  Planting SEEDs is so 13:20 and Gaia-friendly.  I became aware on that 28th day before our Synchronization, that each of us planting at least  13 seeds is a way to consciously and physically  imPLANT the 13 Moons of 28 days into our awareness and into oUR Earth.


The New Moon is on July 8th, so beginning with 7/9, as the Moon is waxing [growing visibly larger] is the optimal time to anoint your seeds with your intent and your saliva.  This way, you are adding your DNA and Spirit to the process.  The two weeks prior to the  Penultimate  2013 Super Moon on July 23, is a most powerful time to be making the connection between Earth and Hunab Ku.

Then, on Galactic Seed, people around the world [hopefully, with your help in spreading the word] will be synchronizing and planting SEEDs which will grow closer to the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Galaxy each day.  I’ve begun saving the seeds from lemons, pumpkins and apricots.  Every tree seedling we plant will aid the lungs of Gaia, beautify her surface, and strengthen our connection.

A Tree of Life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies.  It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet …The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree, according to the Encyclopædia Britannica,[2] and are portrayed in various religions and philosophies as the same tree.[3]


    • Would you agree that the Cosmic TREE on the lid of Pacal Votan’s Tomband the SEED that codes our Galactic Synchronization could be signals for a globally synchronized seeding on Galactic Seed?  This is something everyone can do, and our collective intent is so powerful and uniting! If one lives in a dense urban setting, one can plant their seeds in an indoor container, and transplant them at a later date.  
    • SEED [19+5+5+4] equals 33:  13.7, so each seed can also symbolize the 13 and 7 of the Synchronic Code.  Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker can also show Resonance with the Skywalkers and Star People with whom we are Synchronizing on that Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.  See Grayham 195′s comment on the prior post about those space explorers. 🙂
    • GALACTIC SEED = 89:  9:11, which coded the day that Valum Votan departed Earth for a ‘higher realm‘.  The 9 year anniversary of the “9-11, 28 day Moon‘ crop circle 20 miles from my home was One wavespell ago, and 9-112004 was the day the Synchronic  Readout Message appeared on my computer, so even this feels like a synchronistic   signal  🙂
    • GALACTIC SEED calculated via the Complex Gematrical Frequency Votan taught us equals 368.
    • The vigesimal of 368 is 18.8, which codes this day and this writer  🙂  [18 x 20 = 360; + 8 = 368]
    • 368 – 260 yields a kin equivalent of GM108X , an auspicious connection for the day we synchronize with the Galaxy!  GMX refers to the Galactic Mayan Terma/Transmission, and 108 is Self-Existing Star.
    • Cosmic History Chronicles  II by Valum Votan and Stephanie South states that Mahabodhisattvas are Galactic Mayans.  This download is transmitted on/by Galactic Mirror, whose Postulate is one of only  3 that contain the word Mahabodhissatva.  Verbatim from page 113 and 114 of CHC II:
    • “…the Free Will experiment in the Milky Way solar system   was about to blow if it did not receive higher help. 
    • 18.8:  “Mahabodhisattvas are angelic orders who choose galactic transmigration.  Bodhisattvic striving is ceaselessly directed toward limitless whole field realization of radiance and luminosity through the entire radially infinite mirror universe of infinite galactic brains and world systems.”  The message was registered in the angelic realms of the Galactic Federation and passed on in the galactic vicinity of Velatropa.  The Galactic Maya [Mahabodhisattvas] got tapped for the assignment to help clean up Planet Earth”

    It’s synchronistic that the first time I heard of the Galactic Federation was from a Galactic Seed!  I traveled to Ashland, [location of the Law of Time] a few days after receiving the 9-11 message and learning of this Crop Circlenear my home: [the 28 circles connect the 2 towers [whose shadows show on the left] to the main body]  While in Ashland, Jesse Galactic Seed [a man with the Law of Time] informed me that the message on my computer was from the Galactic Federation.

    The preceding points were made in order to strengthen my ‘Galactic SEED‘ suggestion.  Whether one believes that oUR Galactic Seed Synchronization is on the first day of the new 13 Moon year, or on LIMI 6 of the Week-out-of-Time, or on Friday July 26th, a synchronized planting of SEEDS is something simple that we can all agree upon.  Our high-intentioned SEED planting will help to strengthen our connections to oUR Earth and Galactic Center, and like the Rainbow Bridge, it will be a sign that we have united in a common pURpose.

    This artist’s rendering of the most recent “Inter-Dimensional Signal” is synchronistically related to the 6th day [Limi], the 6-sided cube and to the  SEED of Life at the center of the “Flower of Life”  Let’s all plant SEEDs on Galactic SEED, that can become Flowers, Edible Food and Biosphere-sustaining Trees  🙂  They will also symbolize our bridge between Heaven and Earth.

    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  RockSoilerToil TaleTattle [Kin 55 a.k.a. Poet Piet] first commented here on Kin 89 Spectral Moon, to report the loss of Votan that morning [Southern Hem.].  55‘s most recent comment included information on  ‘Warriors for Truth and Freedom“.  Kin 55 coded the first day of this 13 Moon year [per TMQ].

    The next 13 Moon year begins one Moon from today, on Planetary World-Bridger;  6:10, which encodes the time of Valum Votan’s Incarnation and Disincarnation.  3 Eagle Poet Piet  is immersed in the 13:20 Natural Time lifestyle, and knows more about the planting and care of SEEDs than most.

    Grayham 13 Eagle is extremely knowledgable about Sacred Geometry and ‘Travel in Space‘.  Kin 195  is a pioneer of where humans are meant to evolve.   This line from Grayham’s comment :  “galactic scouts whose mission it is to plant seeds upon planetary populace ready to become galactic rainbow family members” is a good one to focus one while preparing for our Galactic Seed Synchronization.

    Thank You Vasumi for your lovely comment made during your current Solar-Galactic Return year as Rhythmic MonKEY  🙂  And thank you for your diligence in maintaining our ‘count of days‘:

    It is now July 1 here in New Zealand, and on this day we begin the last Vinal of the year:

    Vinal 18:  CUMHU:  “Located in the correct place where the food of Divination is obtained”

    Today would have been the 52nd birthday of Princess Diana, whose Solar-Galactic Return as Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm now begins.

    Princess Diana Kosty 555 info 346 (Princess Diana 346 ... The People’s Princess epitomized the  JOY and LOVE of the Cosmic Moon of her birth.

    May we all experience L O V E  and J O Y as we approach our Galactic SEED Galactic Synchronization  🙂

    N. S.  25. 13. 8.         Kin 138           8.13 codes the 7th Mystic Moon 

    14 thoughts on “Kin 138: Galactic Mirror; Two Wavespells remain until our 2013 Galactic Synchronization

    1. Its a lifetime gift to be part of this TMQ stream ..

      It makes me feel so close with the Seedlings that sprout on water .. air .. earth .. firing ethereal resonance with the starrs ..

      Is my blog .. initiated on christmesh 2008 by MerlinKa , a Tahirih resonant Walchsee in Germany close to Austrian border ..

      Is this a Bolon Ik resonant miss’ion ??
      }}} … … … {{{

      • Dear S’ace 22;

        Thank you for being part of ‘oUR stream’ 🙂
        “It makes me feel so close with the Seedlings that sprout on water .. air .. earth .. firing ethereal resonance with the starrs ..”

        And I appreciate you view of the Cosmic Moon, shown at your blog. Turtles seem to be in the news more than usual during this Cosmic Turtle Moon.

        With Presence and Resonance,
        18.8 [+1.11] = 19.19

    2. I just was a little bit dazed and con~fused gazing at 139 kin of deer Diana

      Often Deer is associated to Wind , Spirit, Breath & Communicating

      Taste also : “Ohm mu ni Ka Ting”
      Spot Ohm sound at Solar Plexus Wheeling NRG / kuxan suum

      139 is 13+9 22 – a bolon ik number somwhat hidden .. in Monkey wave Tone 9 as 22 ..

      22 may align on Moon 1 mission spelled by Year Sign .. Magnetic moon: ultimate stream for purifying spheres ..

      139 is als 1+ 3×9 = 28 days a moon in 13 moon calendric

      Does this make sense ..
      Maybe for a moment detoxifying the temple given at my timespace entrance

      In lak’ech a la kin’ethicall collectivum

    3. thanks for the kind words; funny enough i began collecting good seed sources (catalogs) in the early 80s and planned to plot out the best water air people combo to settle and order them to/from … but evil and, much worse, overdone prudence-precipitated fearz & expectationz of evilz kept me from commiting to ‘zuch zroots’, some sort of hang up / ideal i have [nevertheless .. as yet]. I comforted myself with the thought one can be ‘zrootING’ anywhwere. Rock grinder on the run / rockface gutterer / polisher on the land .. on the landmark .. on the landmarkertrail

      This here late in the game i have to admit / face i failed (utterly) to attract/direct students to my work with my smarts and wiseass fingertip tapping, .. those who could benefit from it and are jonesin for a paid gig better hope i command/bribe them into it with money (go ahead, try ply me to become desperate and stupid enough to*). Beat the crowd to the baiting list, .. i mean, start one, enter my audition waiting list contest yesterday!!!!; i will send the unpublished stuff to anyone proving to grasp what’s freely available (though to no avail thus far).

      Like, .. it ain’t hard to find out i advocate these ‘oc-/recurricular’ ingredients:

      – number grids and water holding capacity calculation game … ‘3Deeify’ them little square gri(t?)discs (hophop sivciv).

      — the Aldo Costa type ferris wheel (w shifspoke and/or shiftweight plus the slant rub/grind heave/load surface).
      — hempcropping for windmill canvas and rope to set rock/massive boulders to grind/ spin/ pirouette on rock/massive boulders (iow: rock-gauntletry; spin’m, roll them across the lateralizing spokes of the wheel, etcetera)

      —– in that order .. and so on

      —— treenursing, … perhaps yall (Cresters, Permies) could send me adresses / ID / sites of organic seed(ling) farms near you; cite size of available space and the numbers of/amonst you able and willing to contract / commit a few ‘tzolkinnekinz’ to hauling the water necessary to nurse whippy trees through no doubt upcoming critical times.

      I can then resume weighing (relocation) options (at least a few blocks once my mom moves .. on .. departs) including preparing an emergency one for my own peace of mind as much as your benefit .. i’d rather blow my stash on trees in all directions at once, than have the irs / fed types take it.

      All taxmen [IN]famously commit this mistake: failure to offer a choice to earmark in such directions (or any for that matter; we taxpayers get to suffer them feeding state terrorist false fagflag warmonsterismz with it) … i hope i can see them coming in time to act .. but yall can help me make the button pushing complexity a little … bundlier.

      Guus L is a brilliant seedman* i visited in the late eighties but lost sight of till last week.
      paradijsvogels filmed Guus Lieberwerth in 1996
      zOv1IJuE8TU = in dutch ….. a spare site with a few more (oldfashioned shockwave) clips is here:
      … a man who merited to run the dutch Ag Uni instead of the Monsatanists that do (consorts, cohorts and abhorrentic[ult]uralists like Monsanto and assorted Corpsore@ismz).

      * – did get to know more than a few of those … devastating to see none of them honoured, treasured, listened to as they should be. Of course nobody beats Luther Burbank; i once saw a multivolume leatherbound first colour printing about him in Smith College. unbecredible.

      • Dear RockSoilerToil TaleTattler;

        You’re Welcome , and I thank you for your comments, so densely filled with knowledge, experience and resonating sentiments 🙂
        You’ve been collecting seeds since the 80s [wonderful!], recently changed your moniker to reflect the ‘salt of the Earth’ nature of co-creating with Gaia, and then recently reconnected with the brilliant seedman.
        It seems that your years of preparation will soon take root, and with grateful kins/community.
        Please keep me posted…I may be in the Sun region soon 🙂
        BTW, I have visited Luther Burbank’s home in Northern California 🙂

        Let’s seed Gaia and 13 Moon communities!
        And plant at least 13 Seeds each on 8 Seed!
        Claire 13.8

    4. hi i am white overtone world-bridger, my eldest son joe is yellow overtone seed, my son jack is blue planetary monkey together we are red resonant dragon add my mum whom lives with us blue planetary hand and we are yellow self-existing star. i/we are blessed and grateful to VV and fellow walkers/dreamers of light blessed to no it aint humans fault its the artificial calendar, please galactic federation help correct this deviation of time so our bio-rhythms can be freed to alter the negative thought passageways of our brains, created by the deliberately introduced artificial gregorian calendar. i am another yourself

      • Dear Mike 5 World-Bridger,
        I’m delighted that your sons are [or about to be] back home with you, where they belong. It’s also great that your Mother completes the four of you into 4 Star, GM108X 🙂
        Being reunited during the Cosmic Star Moon creates more Love and Joy !
        In La’Kech,
        Claire white galactic mirror

      • Thank you Priscilla 6 Wizard 🙂

        Here is some interesting information about the 8 [pointed] Star:

        “It is the unknown formula to working cold fusion.
        Pons-Fleischmann Effect
        Hydrogen, Deterium, Potassium, and Sulfur are the answer.

        The 8 figured star could be representative of quaternion physics.”
        The ASCII binary code in the star is for the 4 elements mentioned above, which the writer of the article characterizes [respectively] as Abundant, Energy, Vital and Alchemical

        The Synchronic code analysis of this intriguing formation would note the significance of 8 Star, and that the portion [lower left] indicated by the arrow reads [when viewed from the center] as 1 space 11 for today: 1.11, Spectral Dragon 🙂

        This is the 3rd ‘Star’ formation found in Italy in recent years. First was a 6 pointed Star, then a 7 pointed one, now this 8 pointed star, so they have followed the sequence of the tone of the 13 Moon year–beginning with yours: 6 Wizard year 🙂

        Love and Joy,
        Claire 8 Mirror

    5. Wishing you a very happy Solar Return (on your Galactic Return blog), dear friend! May your ‘Star’ shine especially ‘Radiantly’ this year! 😉
      Melovia Kin 129 Red Crystal Moon

      • Thank You Melovia Crystal Moon :),
        for remembering my Solar and Galactic Birthdays, which were 10 days apart.
        Today, Spectral Wizard, is 10 days away from our Galactic Synchronization.
        I hope everyone is ‘minding the GAP’ during these 10 Galactic Activation Portal days 🙂
        I’ll emerge from them to post a blog for our next Cosmic Magic Turtle Day .
        Claire Galactic Mirror

    6. my father who’s galactic 124th bd is today was 11hand, kin 167, i will harvest a few topinambur (blackroot, poor man’s asparagus) from his grave this year … the flowers were pretty amazing, the petal numbers in stages of it’s first flower opening: 22, 41, 72

      160+7 all things deep, deathly and dividendfull, dour, difficult and dim to the brim, the d in power*, + powDer of 7 over under before and all around me … say, what if you filled the space left by 6 pyramids in a cube with clay and took it out so you could take a good look at the volume of such a rock stirring space should you wing a rock & water chewer in a prayerwheel; can’t your nephew propose that as a competence element in his global compratorument?

      421 Prime key, reverse of 124 (31 x 4), 421 – 124 = 297 = 11 x 27, vigesimal
      code 1.1.1 (decimal analog 111), V13 H9 fifth force coordinating unit third
      quadrant of 441 (beta-alpha zone)

      * the bible speaks about the fastening of faith, making it real (as in estate; Jew broker & marketizer of spectre [taur de farce minateur] Paul speaking of course)
      holy safe and horny are phononyms in dutch
      heiig, veilig en geil(ig)
      from the solid make slick
      from rock mud; i figure jesus was out to prevent exactly this message getting lifted (stolen) from the earth into all too high heavenish fancy (apostle) abstracts. He gifted this miracle to every one willing to perform them.

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