GAP Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth is the First Magic Turtle Day of the Lunar Dog Moon of the Galactic Seed year

There is no religion higher than the TRUTH  wrote Madame Helena Blavatsky, who was born  on August 12, 1831.   Crystal Dragon [16 days ago] marked 4 years [52 Moons and 6 days] since the 2013 and The Mystery Queen  blog began on HPB’s 178th birthday.

TRUTH is increasingly in Humanity’s awareness, especially since Edward Snowden took the heroic step that ultimately brought him to the  Russian Motherland of Blavatsky‘s birth place.  The revelations of  this Galactic Storm [who was born on the Summer Solstice] are causing a global storm and a galvanization of the Global majority who resonate with a courageous hero who  revealed Truths which affect all of us.

Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kins  [17.2 + 10.2 + 4.8] equal 11.12:  Crystal MonKEY, which is the Galactic Signature of Madame Blavatsky.  The tone of today’s Dreamspell Kin Lunar Earth matches the tone of this Lunar Dog Moon [the criteria for a Magic Turtle Day] and the Seal of today’s Long Count kin:  Resonant Dog matches the seal of this Moon.  The two daily counts merge to make 7.9:  Pacal Votan Clear Sign Solar Hand.  The G-Force of today’s Galactic Activation Portal is 19.7:  Resonant Storm which coded the 13 Moon year which ended over a Moon ago.

During the Resonant Storm year, the lives of several Truth Tellers ended.  To paraphrase today’s opening quote:  “There is no profession more perilous than Telling the Truth

The only one to die of ‘natural causes‘  [imho] was Helen Thomasa  journalist who has been reporting the Truth since the administration of  President John F. Kennedy.  She passed away on 7/20/2013:  Lunar Mirror.  Her  Dreamspell Signature Lunar Star was the Antipode of her Disincarnation Kin.  Her Long Count Kin 10 Mirror codes the Dreamspell Disincarnation of Pacal Votan.

Did the Great  Mayan Pacal Votan ever see the ‘extraordinary’ and ‘enormous‘ [26 feet long]  Mayan frieze that was brought to light during the first Moon [Magnetic Moon] of this Galactic Seed year ?

 Picture of archaeologist Anya Shetler cleaning ancient stucco frieze recently unearthed in the buried Maya city of Holmul in the Peten region of Guatemala

And, is the latest ‘Inter-dimensional Signal‘ a tribute to the Mayans, Quetzalcoatl and the 13 Moons?

The 13 Mayan square-spiral symbols represent  “time”, for the 13 Moons and the new 13 Baktuns that began after the December 2012 Solstice.

Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August.

This crop circle demonstrates the 6-sided CUBE along with  10 objects along its perimeter. The ‘Cube’ and the numbers serve to remind one of Pacal’s 3rd incarnation [with Quetzalcoatl as the 2nd] as Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles Phd.  The 6.10 a.m. time of his Birth and Death also coded the beginning of this 13 Moon year [per TMQ] on 6.10 Planetary World-Bridger.  That was one Gregorian month ago on 7/28/2013.

Red Lunar Earth is the ‘Galactic Signature’ of Valum Votan’s  final revelation, when on Kin 197, he realized that there were 971 days until the December 2012 Solstice.
His most significant Terma was also received on a day coded by Earth:  Kin 117 [9 x 13] Cosmic Earth
In the first [of 13] video of the 441 Synchronotron workshop in Italy, Valum Votan discusses the morning of 117:  Cosmic Earth, when he began receiving the download of this sacred terma. { }
He describes how he and Stephanie 185 were living here in the South Island of New Zealand [after receiving a ‘very strong signal‘ {our meeting in Sedona when he first announced that they would also move here}] to come to New Zealand.  While they were here, Sirius was the central star above the South Island, and that Sirius B was the origin of this information.   The download began when a voice during his dream time told him:  441 is your telepathic frequency index
On Aug. 6, 2013, a UFO was sighted near the area where  Votan received the  441 download.  I was reminded of his last [face-to-face] words to me,  in which he happily described his expectation of the arrival of our Star family  in that part of the South Island 🙂 and

 This image from Zen Haven’s site beautifully EarthLoveUnity demonstrates the two interwoven anagrams:  today’s Seal:  EARTH and our key central chakra:  HEART.  It also demonstrates the “Lunar‘ aspect of this Moon of Challenge and the integration of Polarities  🙂

This image brings to mind some other pertinent topics related to the EARTH and to our HEART.   When we recently moved back into the newly repaired house that had been flooded, we were without  internet service for 9 days.  During that period, I read several of the 9 books of the Anastasia “Ringing Cedars” series  from Russia.  They contain practical and mystical  instructions for co-creating a truly 13:20 life and community.
Here is a video “New Earth Destiny that was inspired by the Siberian recluse mystic Anastasia.
I see from his comment that Poet Piet 55  and I both viewed this video in the same week  🙂   Many of the plethora of comments from RockSoilToiler  Tale Tattler [Kin 55] are about caring for and co-creating with Gaia, our Earth.  Grayham 13 Eagle also commented on the Galactic Seed blog, and his comments and sites discuss co-creating with our Hearts via the love-based  PHI ratios of sacred geometry. [and so much more].
As described by Anastasia, a simple way to connect with both earth-based and cosmic divine forces is through gardening.  A recent transmission here suggested planting seeds on
Galactic Seed, which was 33 days ago.  Planting seeds throughout this Galactic Seed year seems like a wonderful way to co-create Heaven on Earth  🙂  Here are extensive instructions from Anastasia for optimal seeding of our Paradise:

How to Plant a Seed to imbue it with information about your body, mind and spirit…

  1. Put the seed under your tongue for 9 minutes
  2. Hold the seed between the palms of your hands for 1/2 minute
  3. Present the seed to the Sun and Celestial energies
  4. Breathe on it
  5. Plant it in the earth where you were standing in your bare feet (information about your toxins through the sweat of your feet)
  6. Do not water the seed for 3 days (it needs to steep in your information)
  7. Wash your feet without soap and water your seed with this water.

Anastasia adds that we all already know when to do the actual planting for different vegetables and fruits (see the Farmers Almanac for the moon calendar)

“Anastasia maintains that the fruit cultivated from the seed in this manner, and consumed by the individual who cultivated it, is capable not only of curing him of all diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the ageing process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense of inner peace. The fruit will have the most effective influence when consumed no later than three days after harvesting.”

*excerpt from Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

PS: Please use only organic seeds as non-organic seeds are coated in rat poison for preservation (!)

{Reproduced at  another 13:20 site:}

During this Galactic Seed year, let’s SEED our EARTH with BEAUTY, Nourishment and LOVE.

  • N. S.  1. 26.  2. 4.    Catalytic Kali 4 ;  Magic Turtle GAP 2 Earth

19 thoughts on “GAP Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth is the First Magic Turtle Day of the Lunar Dog Moon of the Galactic Seed year

  1. ok crop from august 26 cube .. that is cube with visible 108 fields 36*3 … cube 36×6

    that cube cubes on 117 days countdown … +216 days cubing the Earth

    and 108 days in galactic seed year .. kin 11… Valum votan … or 441 days from that crop cube

  2. 199 4storm .. 30th of august
    here we learn Joni Mitchell is kin 198“kin+198″
    there’s plenny more mentions in passing – a fairly recent had a longer expose – as that is the mediumsmassage most kin will ever need .. but like the joker .. supposedly roaming through the pack and like the king in disguise, always helped along by an enormous and gigantically loyal retinue … kinda like the Greenberg family in the eyes of the infamously clownesque youtuber calling himself DallasGoldBug … he claims a cabal is leading us by the nose with crisis actor management involved multiple key media figures played by the same persons …. a task that gets increasingly difficult as a little fame gets you under private enterprise paparazzi surveillance … as i said, like the joker he needs a little manouvering room … in order for supplies to come and go in a dynamic fashion, you can accomplish only so much with stage diving. A crowd has to breathe and so does the stadium/pyramid …

    the inspiring actor / spook .. androgyn appearance juggling multi-linguist or silent guest .. leaving heaps of duh firewood, fresh mudpools and astounding biodiversity in his wake is none other than that slandered white god hidden by wars paved over by peace and lied about on lamestream …

    compare, contrast, view in/as negative, attempt a few folds, squeeze it, wet it, rub it, spin a few pieces against each other to get past the surface crud, face it fresh and raw, polish a little imagine an entire miles and miles long ‘gutter’ (most maligned word of multiculture refuge/refugee terrortories in urbaned scapes evaah!!!) …. get some shiny and most of all, see how it stacks up ..#

    … for inspiration see Juryt’s photos of himself and his grid/sieve / see through rastarosterouster ohming device amidst mememti mori di Maya .. be@ Palenque Pyramidst (yall prolly heard that buzz bout that there there as the place to bee at), a- and respyring amidst ‘m.

    is the ‘te gekke Groote’ kweaker gonna take to tweaker company, the uChing exegetor? Tell will time. You can wait sure slow thing for that one prozillionth homeo (amongst those dis/missing it as run-on ESokalian) boppin down the path but coming to a halt and recombinin them arrestingly, arrest assured. When? Time will tell.

    the third option i’d like to present (mine) has that dutch frugality flaw of
    breadcrumb trailin & hint droppin in a waaaaaay too ‘zuunigjes’ (op het vrekkige af = ‘economiseratingly’) fashion. Crack my puzzle correct my break befoul my sparkly face/edifice i dare you to fight me mistery chomp.

    # = but the overpop denial is popular cause it’s a flawed word* and should be replaced (updated, sharpened) with dispropop

    * popular with those who like to hide their attacks on wholes behind the pretense they are actually repairing stuff and mean well (always on the lookout for ways to cloak the former with the latter and that’s the skinny of the surface phenom called fear … itself of course fatally flawed in that it discards the slow and deep threats of ‘weekmakers’ (plastic softeners) evidence of which can be seen in the a movement i welcome cause it is finally blowing up the porn abuse with an overwhelm / go around / back turn that bankers have taken to heart since they obviously couldn’t care a fuck less about reputation anymore and just grab what they can before arunnin.

    Pyramid blasphemy .. half buried, semi-entrenched live sized clay doll armies
    Stadium filling throngs vs the nimble agile … heightening the contrast between what they won’t allow themselves space for yet crave and will sacrifice (and expose themselves .. along with many many others to dangers) for to see at tla

    slabs and slices of sandwich meat
    van fopspeen in de wieg naar plastiek velletjes tussen ‘gesneje waar’ (broodbeleg) via duh dankzij weekmakers realistiese dildo in the solo vorm van korf / hoop / fokhokopstapelgekte naar groe(io)psverbandhoudende vormen er van .. en dan schielijkijns door naar houdbare grafdecoratie
    altoos en almaar sneller op de gekte af
    Gravel Beach in Maine .. with very mellow swell

    Coastal Systems: Gravel Beaches 1
    ProfSimonHaslett ProfSimonHaslett·70 videos — 285 subbers
    790 views — Uploaded on May 5, 2009 Like 2 – Dislike 0

    best classroom ever …. and yet there still isn’t enough context and legroom … never mind the heartroom and all the rest … i mean do ..mind … all the rest … a good start is at my .. thanks to this one 84 vid large playlist called ‘my crushing passion’ … it’s about mountains on the way to the bottom of the seas with a stopover as duh soil.

    but ‘weakmaker’ (plasticizer, softner) is diabolicized these days … do a vid on that!

    part 2
    never heard of ‘barrier rollover’
    mighty good concept

    • Dear 3 Eagle, I’m still digesting your post, but paused to thank you for the shortcut for finding particular blogs here, and for the link to the UChing-which looks fascinating 🙂 I agree–it would be wonderful to be @ Palenque 🙂
      In Lak’ech, 8 Mirror

    • At least one of the Cube Crop Circles was created by Valum Votan who claimed credit for the ‘Metatron Cube crop circle on August 1, 2007, coded by 8 Sun. I later determined that this day was also Pacal Votan’s Solar Birthday, his 27th Solar-Galactic Return. [Amazing that VV and I were living in the same city [Nelson New Zealand] for that special anniversary :)]
      Valum Votan wrote that he formed this ‘Inter-dimensional Signal’ by a single-pointed focus through his Third Eye. The next time I saw him face-to-face [at the Waitaha gathering where he, Stephanie 185 and I were ‘adopted’], I confirmed that he did create that Cube Crop Circle. [and others, I suspect, such as the ‘Time and the Technosphere 28 day Moon’ circle 20 miles from my home]
      The ‘Star People’ [or Votan] demonstrated telepathy, when the ‘Day-out-of-Time’ crop circle appeared ‘3 days early’, hours after I did the Roerich Peace symbol visualization along with the other Day-out-of-Time meditations Votan had suggested.
      Perhaps one day, the crop circle makers will reveal all!

      May PEACE and LOVE Prevail 🙂

  3. Thank you

    i was here in early 2011 .. when i was in mind trip from that terma that destabilization of 12 60… what is meaning for that use numbers moon 11 day 11… kin 139 telektonon 31 … start to play with 139-22 144 kins are between 139-22 middle is kin 210 about 210 i saw in book of Thoth…so many stuff is connected in emerald tables and site lawoftime for example Table 10…… that kin 206 hierophant worldbridger… what is all about yes truth is somewhere… well nothing happend with that destabilization mind trip was “”normal”” in that time if we have that when is then 12 21… there is no dec 21 in 11 11.. am very esoteric reading and i upload one picture 13×9 …countdown because i saw 117 ok maybe important day for something that was july 18 2012 …that picture show me august 26… cube comes if this note mean something go deeper i know that site from early 2011 …really dont know nothing just saw i am kin 206… saw that in terma for 791 day program this note i mean page from crystalinks comes when i search something on that site… ps… i lost that profile with
    proof about 117 days countdown created on 18.07.2012.. searching 117 days and when i saw that crop start first to know is that not photoshop … second share terma and yes what is all about now what happend with Timeship Earth why we still have clock so many is all but nothing happend

  4. disappointingly, Juryt nixed my pointer to tmq’s 198 strand tracers????
    pretty sure it took cause i am receiving someone elses supply (an act that
    subs you to the threads there automatically); instead i find this there:

    Postscriptum: this photo of me was taken by Kin 53 at the Mount Shasta
    retreat last summer in US. She took the picture to send it to the maker
    of this necklace. The synchronicity of today in this story is that this
    necklace has exactly 52 jade stones and 1 „Abalone” shell a.k.a. “Ear of
    Venus.” Now 52+1 is not only the Kin of Juanita (who took this
    photograph), 53 is also described in the Book of the Cube (2011) as the
    frequency of „Sirian Rebirth,” which makes 212 (4 x 53) as the “Measure
    (4) of Sirian Rebirth (53)!” Now on that first Christmas evening in 2012,
    the day I had that meeting with Kin 198 in San Cristobal explained in the
    story above, I received this necklace on Kin 212 (4×53) !!

    Why is 212 the Magic Kin? And how does all this MatheMagic work?

    i might remind you that the distance between Sandy Hook (satanic stage
    management meant to imprint the masses? A way to slander the
    Madonna/Messiah (DuhNew Matriarchal over old ‘ManAgeMint’)? and the (so
    far) largest bared pyramid complex (tecopatepetl?) is that (numbin) x thou
    miles … but i might not .. remember correctly, nor do i feel inclined and
    aligned to repeat the cheater/goalpost moving company that keeps us
    captive with theatricks right now, suffice it to say that extending the line
    goes to balbek which is undoubtedly the present target of the largest evil
    collab to date .. and either way, i care nothing about learing about even
    more conceited and prestigious manifestations of such godtaunters, ..
    confident they will be bred into being if the kkkristian jewslave will
    continue ignore the ‘assimilease’ (assimilees) like me.
    Basic cheer to all. Every think parfact.

  5. those tricks include the mightiest media reversal NaZi(onist) managers of
    masses in recorded history have set in motion via their Godfather who
    instead of being celebrated for putting the david star on the map by
    hi-jacking and weaponizing an industrious people, is blamed, not for his
    victims but the other way around, the guilts and debts burdens for and
    bycause of him get put on them, are for them to bear#; a mechanism that
    has metastatized into ever more diabolic wars to this very day!

    # – iow, the BolshPC question is always (endlessly rehearsed and
    necrologically ‘undeaded’, such as today on sunday intello national [Dutch]

    how could the germans allow/enable him?

    … but the question is never:

    by what deviousness was he and those behind/backing him able to install
    such abuse, steal the efforts of the world’s best steelworkers and divert
    efforts away from peaceful application while holding the realsteel thing
    hostage and under wraps?

    i want these trotskist globalist multicullkilltourists to be hit by stinking
    turds in a pit for a month and given enough rock in advance to work into
    dust and neutralize the smell quickly with, once it arrives (and i would be
    glad to ‘observe’ the hurly honours to the entire personnel of VPRO, BBC,
    Fox, Al Jazeera, Debka especially … and the like to boot.

  6. Beloved Kins;

    In New Zealand, it is now 1:44 a.m. on PVCS GAP Kin 211. I was moments away from publishing a post for the ‘Total Magic Turtle Day: Lunar Dog on day 17 of the Lunar Dog Moon. I planned it for a week [because there are so many synchronicities, and spent all day writing it. I included quotes from page 210 of each of the 7 CHCs.

    A few minutes ago, OMA [my cat, named for Original Matrix Attained] somehow managed to erase it!. All that remains is the word count [1,147]
    Will now go to sleep. Do not know if I’ll have the time and the heart to rewrite this special blog [which marked the end of 9 years since I “entered the Mystery of the Stone” -according to the 9/11/2004 message on my computer.]

    Lunar Gamma Seventeen alpha-numerically = 210, the Kin for today [9/10] and this Moon 🙂


  7. Mike Kiwiallegiance here, i am another yourself, blessed VV and family showing i and i the artificial calendar as an erronous operating system for humans. Evolving into homoluminoids despite the in-built negative karma designed to stress and frustrate associated with Gregorian calendar of death. Here in Aotearoa New Zealand (A-Z) (Alpha,Omega) I have been cubing for four orbits, 1 moonth and 3 heptads. Sillio day 21 of the Lunar moonth our time is ahead of the rest of the world(Wednesday 11th of September 2013 Gregorian). As i reflect in realtime, every fibre of my being essence tells me to share COME HOME, NEW JERUSALEM IS HERE. A word to our Galactic Federation whom have sworn an oath of non interference. IT’S NOT FAIR WE AS A SPECIES HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED BY THE GREGORIAN CALENDAR, BORN INTO SLAVERY WITH A 12 MONTH BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    • Hi Mike;
      Great to hear from you, and congratulations on completing nearly 54 Moons of Cubing!
      Valum Votan says the Galactic Federation will come at oUR invitation. It’s TIME 🙂

      LOVE and PEACE for EARTH and all who are privileged to reside on or within Her

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