GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind Codes the Equinox, and the beginning of the 18th Wavespell of Spirit, and of the 3rd Moon of Activation

The Fall Equinox is during the Cosmic Storm watch [20:44 UTC] of  Magnetic Wind.  {Here in New Zealand::Aotearoa, the Spring Equinox begins at 8:44 on Sep. 23 :: 3.2:  Lunar Night}

Kin 222 on 9/22 codes the beginning of a new Wavespell, a new Moon [coded by Pacal Votan Clear Sign 211:  Electric Monkey], and a new Season {Fall for most of the world, Spring here in Southern Hemisphere}.

This Equinox is coded by 6 Eagle in the Long Count, which combines with Dreamspell Kin 1 Wind to equal 7 Earth, [Kin 137] which the Mayans called Lord 7 Earth for the being at our Earth’s core who mediates the 7 Radial Plasmas that enter at the Earth’s poles.

The Combined Dreamspell Kins  for this special Day:  2.1 + Year:  4.8 + Moon: 11.3 equals 17.12 GAP Kin 77:  17.12, Crystal Earth.

Illustration imageToday, the most direct focus of the Sun’s rays are upon the Equatorial Zone, which equates to the Core Earth Family who ‘Mine the Tunnels”  Wind, along with Hand, Human and Earth are the Core Family, at the Heart of the Planetary and Human Holons.

Today’s Support [Magnetic Earth] and Analog [Magnetic Human] describe those two Holons  🙂

The Crystal  Core of our Earth is being examined more closely by scientists, who now realize “the Earth’s Core is more complicated than we thought“.  They noted this week that it spins in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.  We know this from the Rainbow Bridge Meditation:

Change in the Earth’s surface and atmosphere  continue to accelerate.   “A snapshot of the weather around the planet in the past week or so.  Floods devastate parts of the U.S., Mexico and India;   tornadoes wipe out Tokyo and Bangkok suburbs; mass fish deaths in the U.S. and China;   massive fireballs over Italy (for the second week running) and the U.S. (where they’re now being reported daily); major hailstorms in the UK… what in the world is going on?”   The recent phenomenom of sinkholes continues to increase, and are quickly draining the Dead Sea.  The most powerful storm  in 29  years {Hurricane Category 5 named Usagi} is threatening millions of people:  Usagi

The Shift in our Earth’s conditions are accompanied by a huge Shift in Human Awareness.  The availability of Truth [compared to Mainstream media] on the internet, and global demonstrations for Peace are making a difference, and WWWIII appears to have been averted  🙂

Observant readers will have noticed the first change in this blog’s subtitle since August 12, 2009.   The new subtitle is:  “Co-Creating and Viewing our Evolutionary Shift Through the 20:13 :: 13:28 Synchronic Lens

Several of the  quotes placed on the back cover each of the Cosmic History Chronicles by Valum Votan and Stephanie South  contain clues to our “Evolution” and ‘Shift“:

CHC IV implies when the Evolutionary Shift quickened:  “December 21, 2012 marks the grand planetary initiation–it is not an end unto itself–but a beginning for those who can make it past the threshold.

CHC 1:  “Cosmic History is a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next step on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system.”

CHC III:  “”When we evolve wholeheartedly into an art planet, with the realization of the planet as a work of art, then we will realize that we, ourselves-each and everyone of us-are the artists that the planet is calling on to instrument evolution into the supermental/superhuman dimensional cycle of galactic consciousness.

CHC V:  “We are entering into a new TimeSpace…We are being changed into something new.  A radical shift and evolution of the Human species is about to occur.  We shall become something we cannot imagine now.”

CHC  VII:  “...take the journey into the inner dimensions of nature–where mind creates reality and reality creates mind.  From the dimensions of mind come the dimensions of time, space and number.”

Future blogs will explore some of the many inspiring co-creators of our Evolutionary Shift.  Anastasia of Siberia is one, and this photo of President Putin of Russia is a beautiful example of the Paradise described in the Ringing Cedar series.  The series by Vladimir Meagre describes how Humans live in such close proximity with nature, that harmonic co-existence and co-operation exists with all of nature’s creations, including giant bears.

Putin riding a Bear
The Peace-Loving creatures of Planet Earth are grateful to the President of Russia [= 87 = Truth] for negotiating a ‘Check’ that at least postponed an illegal strike on Syria.
From an article “Building Paradise in the Age of Decay
We are divine creatures, and that is why we will make it through this.  We will recover, and become greater, in more ways than we can imagine currently.  From Fukushima disasters, Hurricane Katrina, the aftermath of countless wars, to 9/11, Monsanto monopolies, Rockefeller and Rothschild robberies, we will bond together and look for new and better ways to be human beings on this planet.  Top-down responses to keep us in our places will only spur more discomfort and awaken more of the masses. This will lead to one of the biggest uprisings of consciousness and social activism the world has ever seen. We may teeter on the precipice of absolute destruction before we get there, but the Golden Age is written into our ancient scripts, just as this age was. The spiral of time will reveal a new age where people love, honor, and respect one another.  Just on hold on a little longer...”
This beautiful image is from  Chautuaga, an American Viet Nam vet who lives near TMQ’s old home in the San Fransisco Bay Area writes:
Change, and more importantly rebirth are the key concepts of our emergence into the Aquarian age and a new evolution for humanity. Few of us expected earth shattering events on a massive scale last December 21st when the long count Mayan calendar ended, instead we saw it for what it was, the moment of conception for the rebirth of humanity.  This week marks the ninth month since that ominous date, and common consensus is that this gestation period is over.  Not everyone agrees on just what this means or what may happen (of course) but most do agree we are about to witness an event of magnitude and importance.  The universe rearranges itself to match our picture of reality”

 Today’s Equinox, when thousands will gather at Quetzalcoatl’s Pyramid in Chichen Itza, marks exactly 3 quarters of a  year since the Mayan Calendar ended.  Besides  beginning a new Wavespell, Moon and Season,
Kin 222:   Magnetic Wind is birthing the beginning of a brighter reality for Humanity
The Mystery Queen publishes this 777th  blog on kin 222.  222 =  2 x 111.  {7 Monkey}
 777 = 7 X 111.  ‘Seven Hundred Seventy Seven‘ alpha-numerically  = 333 which is 3 x 111.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace During the Lunar Dog::God Moon, comments arrived  from several Kins  who have been contributing here since nearly the beginning of this blog.
Kudos to KiwiMike for completing 54 Moons of Cubing!   Myth Seven contributed several comments, including synchronistic numbers stemming from the Cube Crop Circle.  Jannis shared interesting information about Syria’s President Assad, whose Kin is 111  🙂   One of the first Kins to show up here is S’ace, who noted the 22 parts of the Crop Circle shown in the last blog;  Kin 22 codes S’ace and Bolon Ik.
Our Prolific Poet Piet kin 55 noted that  on 9/11/13, the line of bikers out of LA was 55 miles long [and 4 lanes wide]!  Love that image of People Power in motion  🙂
This Electric Monkey Moon, coded by a Galactic Activation Portal and a Pacal Votan Clear Sign may be a very Activating and Powerful 28 days!
N. S.  1. 26. 3. 1.           Kin 222:  Magnetic Wind         EQUINOX  

18 thoughts on “GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind Codes the Equinox, and the beginning of the 18th Wavespell of Spirit, and of the 3rd Moon of Activation

  1. Thx for givng attention to kin wielding the NOO spheres popping ..

    Spiced by both Tzolkin & Dreamspell as ol’ & add the TreeKweak came in existence as a really boosted form that invites kin to live the NOO harmoniq / harmon’ix

    Here a blog on that which lately re’Noo~wwwed(ded)

    Mark is that 9 full days cover 19 seals / a wholly bunch of essences integral guided by the one ‘misssing’ ..

    That illustrates human blindfold easily opened by applied form

    The Kweak inn is open all moments ..
    Welll co me 😉

    White Solar Wind .. happy to transconnect on Mystic Queens Works & Affairs ..

  2. Russia is connected to nr 87 truth , blue solar hand in Storm wave of catalyzing energy

    In alternative matrix of bivid it resonated / decodes
    10 7 9 9 9 1 .. (oops 9991 is kweak formation)
    45 (5×9)

    So there it is sunwave dancing rhythm on tone 6

    A Wizard Job to pop meaning in contexts that co ordinate human memories

    R u s s .. were 1 point less in previous year (s formations)
    So that number was 41 dragon 2 ..

    Hmmm con clue fusion ..
    Red dragon transformed in a red serpent , lifeforce equalizing into a harmoniq ?!

  3. Often we double the center digit to see a group value on the 3 numbers cooperating

    Here 2222 shows ..

    This is close to the last kin in 9 tzolkin cycles of 260: 2340

    Quick scan delivers 118 kin to go .. for a virtual traveling from A to B

    What is the meaning for ABBA

    In the masculine mind we start in A travel BB and end uo in A

    In the feminine -long term- mindset we travel B pulse A’ polarities/shortterms and end up in B – the Both as the Blossom.

    While A & B are equivalent in the dance , u might say 2 expresses the challenger (wind as Breath and Voice)

    Now we might agree / land in 2222 is similar as ABBA ..

    FATHER sun / Light / energy / pulsar / mirror etc. : mother of inventions & invitations

    In lak’ech a la kin

    • hi TMQ…………as you’ll know each polyhedra is the angle/angel for a particular dimension…………..the octahedron is very well known as the 3rd dimension……………this why now days the grids that are being activated are combinations of dodeca and icosa………which have names like triacontahedron….disdyakis (120 polyhedron)………………can i make a suggestion here………….its time now (post 2012) to visualize/bring the new grids into being………..let the octahedron go now its time has passed it has been done………..all the polyhedra will be found as plasma crystals at earth centre………..because all polyhedra nest together like Russian Dolls………it depends which one you pay attention too that makes it visible………

      As Joseph Jochmans writes in Earth: A Crystal Planet, “Beyond the Platonic series of Solids is another form being geometrically generated out of the old Icosa-Dodeca crystal. If you take an Icosahedron and join together with lines every other point inside the form, you create twelve pentacles or five-pointed stars. If you extend the outer edges of the Icosahedron and join these node points together, you create a second group of twelve pentacles or stars. This becomes the seed crystal that gives birth to a new crystalline form called a double penta- dodecahedron, composed of twelve double-pentacles equally spaced across the surface of the globe.”

      The Crystalline 144 grid is now emerging beyond the icosahedron. A ‘seed-crystal’ matrix, the double penta-dodecahedron, is born. The evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate a higher frequency for the new Earth.
      kind regards

      • Thank You Grayham;
        Your beautiful comment is greatly appreciated, and I take your suggestion to Heart.
        “Earth: A Crystal Planet” looks like a must-read.
        You’ve described something that is beautiful to contemplate, visualize and co-create.

        “The evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate a higher frequency for the new Earth”

        Love and Harmony for All

  4. NZ made ‘dirty bloody hippies’ (49 minutes)
    FlowerPowerNZ – 6 vids
    8thou since end last year

    brought up along with plenny similar, by this:

    Frank Zappa (VIDEO) You Are What You Eat (1968 complete film)
    16thou since end last year
    over an hour, i liked the first half best .. zappa comes in the chaotic end (again? not sure, but only then visually / visibly)

    the beautiful failers …. didn’t stop the warz of brit bastard babylon playbook clutchers .. didn’t turn grippie … as of yet

  5. 512th favorite .. to see them add:

    undert he aegis of know your sub cult your allstory i add a few vid notes but first, let me tell you i’ve adopted a few new numbers (sucker for sedative, like the rest of you):

    Complex gemmy trickle Fruckwenchy (BMU and Kinny Qui Val Ent
    149/70 and 395/56
    rosototata =short for= RockSoilerToil TaleTattler

    i fully intend to make that name famous for yet another dutch ‘race’ (vacating space compulsively?) victory down under .. but not with a solar thingie using all them toxparts or in the daytime; instead i use rock to power this thing and have will have power to spare and crush yours with, line them up in my path and cheer me on.

    i offer a partnership that comes with a moniker:
    rorotro, short for rockrollingtroll
    101/202 and 334/97

    oops, switched number/name sets there..


    feature from 2005 by Jonathan Berman
    black bear ranch commune northern california (began with a seed money
    batch scrounged together by secular activists, richard marley and his wife;
    he died during the making of this)
    .. has nearly 10m (past the middle) on the shiva lila (shivaliya) cult which
    moved in but got evicted en masse – they were into taking lsd and hanging
    with babies .. no paedophilia reported, some odd trafficking though, a mix
    of transmigration / seduction / abduction all the way to the phillipines and
    india where their guru died in 97 (“Gridley Wright” … seen/heard at 56:56)

    “shiva lila”
    07 no comments

    In 1979 the Shiva Lilas, a “nomadic group that worships
    children” descended on Black Bear like a parasite and started
    taking over the ranch. One member recalls, “Their practice was
    to drop acid and hang out with the babies.” Footage shows
    they were clearly dangerous and deranged.

    mm, .. must have missed that ‘footage’ (pic link coming up)


    Weirdos came and went. The chronicle’s most bizarre episode
    is the story of Shiva Lila, a nomadic cult of acid-taking,
    baby-worshiping hippies looking for the perfect place to bring
    up children. The group, which one person compares to the
    James Gang, was ousted when 100 people mobilized and
    demanded they leave. The cult moved on to the Philippines
    and then to India, where several children died in a diphtheria

    sfgate spells the name differently ‘shivalia’

    Tesilya Hanauer, unidentified child, Maitrya Hoffman with the
    Shiva Lila cult in Goa, India, 1978 Photo credit: Unknown.

    picture 21 .. hmmm ..
    .. photo 30 is the one sfgate uses, complete w caption
    picture 13: “bingo for satan” invite poster/map 75 .. then the next one is a
    guy standing in a 7 foot hole for an outhouse to be (obviously no clue about

    I found very little on that Gridley character (kinda like Art Kleps and in a different ballpark, more suspect also, since he was a historian: Dee Brown)
    check the last pic there …. savants, pranksters and tricksters from the psychedelic milieu of those who remained behind trying to amuse themselves in urban settings … lacking venus aspects and cojones to lead the way out pioneering Crests avant la lettre.



    By Arash Azizi –
    The American Commune
    Directed by Rena Mundo Croshere and Nadine Mundo
    USA | 2012 | 90 min
    yet ANOTHER feature film on counter culturalists

  6. most important line from all that corrected and added to IN CAPS.
    i fully intend to make that name famous for yet another dutch ‘race’ (vacating space compulsively?) victory down under .. but not with a solar thingie using all them toxparts or in the daytime; instead i use rock to power this thing THRU THE NITE(!!) and will have power to spare and crush yours with, line them up in my path and cheer me on.

    ps: sorry for the double vid post …. slows a slow box .. i know.

    psII: my impatience with ‘CRescueTerriters’ (made my peace with failing to BE one) comin to crestcue me is manifesting in a moses prob … couldn’t lift my mouse arm higher than my shoulder for months …. getting better again veeeeeery slowly.
    One more effort you demo(n)grabhers! what would a Grimley / John Galt Crest run on run on to get on Savant Savvy look like … here’s your crayon cominofage rite set … now get.

  7. Salutations! Electric 28 –
    So grateful UR still
    Very involuted – Xmas approaches and density increases this sky’s planetary responsibilities and art-tachments. 😉
    Halloween is on kin Uno…portals are opening! Hanukkah is on American Thanksgiving – time is an exceedingly hilarious perceptual lie – may the 13 moon standard ascend!
    Love to NOO

    • Ha! And apparently eye am the guide for T UR key day 11/28 as well – ha!
      …Moon 29 – let’s hear it for the festival of Lights! P UR ify!

  8. a ‘jayAy’ sorta story ..

    Blacksburg painter in Mustang (a remote region of Nepalese Tibet) going through a village festival in her honour after exchanges with a local doctor

    37:00 ‘spools of plastic tubing” (hiked in pvc pipe on rolls) .. most tragic moment in this (just a tad shlocky docu?

    27:47 she says ‘rock dust’, meaning the red rock the Mustang paint is made out of

    .. forgive me but look at Chas Campbell’s mini cellar ferriswheel*

    .. and then visually a remix mashup X meshin with a tanka X prayerwheels .. add rocks & spin (taking care to put the r in fiction) > rockdust > soil .. the discarded corner stone of not just christianity; that’s my firm conviction. Dust is the mountain’s blessing for the lowlanders, who’d gladly pay for a little extra .. if only they knew what was good for them/all.

    I intuit that this is the real meaning of residual religiosity, ways to stack and carve rock across many cultures. The time is approaching wherein (turm)oil and blood will stop flowing and gravity wheels get going, ..

    * – driven by billard balls as they roll back and forth on a gear/lever hub/rim system to go their merry way round the step up and down —

    113th comment .. one of my signature numbers in the law of time synchronotronic ‘hopper’, popping up here and there reminding me to pay attention, sanctioning and blessing it.

    it’s disappointing to see the level of commenting here; the .. no, wait, let me start over ..
    i added mine to the mix of comments there, where over time it will be unsharpened, polished and reemerge more recognizable as the shining gem it is from an environment of softened reconstituent shed by the competition, a tribute i shall thankfully put to use.

    Now scuse me, my mom is dying .. i am plotting a prayer that’ll effectively spare her pharmaffiose opiumwarlord victimhood crap next round#, even though she goes to their slaughter like the lifelong loyal lamb she was willingly .. a resignation that feels like a suicide and if not that a murder i commited via chronic grievous in your face neglicenge (irritated exchanges, lack of praising ones, all grate extra now unless i take care to continue distracting me from all that .. and from the realization we never ever sang together in these 7 years despite her exceptionally splendid memory for early school psalms and hymns .. and thanks to my lameass excuse of her stubborn resistance to deeper meanings, conveyance of which i made my special focus for her last 7 years, to no avail.

    in the last 2 years i have starting to play lots of Tibetan songs and kept imagining my mom singing them, reincarnating in that region … but if i knew the words to them tunes they’d prolly lose lots of their charm.

    #- Least i can do after failing to keep her out of those clutches THIS miserably.

    She abdicated all further medication except morphine – the stuff that got her into this funk in the first place .. at the end of august (due to an overprescription* i corrected by the end of 4 days, but was resumed upon her admission to/)at what became the ‘best’ out of 100 such dutch hospitals a month later .. despite my public alarms. (it never stinks in there; admittedly, a strong suit).

    they call their dosage ‘minimal’, etetera – other within the lines colouring
    certified self legitimating dumbass names in light of the fact there are
    ladies as frail as me mom, it was deadly from the beginning … obviously an
    overdose for no reason at all .. it’s just that she steadily worked and
    navigated towards her own ‘schrikbeeld’ (quite parallel to, in sync with and
    even at times cheerleading for the christian zionist apoxyclips playbook)
    declining alternative, the try-out was last year with a ‘doorligplek’
    (visualized in a lively manner and articulated repeatedly .. invoked
    practically, waaaay ahead of time).

    38:00 “pulverize barley” .. whaddup ..? Never use the word flower?

    Chas Campbell
    to sail the kinship ship
    “law of time” is the name given to a dauntingly complex looking system but it features inpeccable combinatorical credentials if you look into it, .. bestest sorta pass-time during inclement weather to keep calorie transport going up n up. The law of time is made from/with .. sublaws .. it’s them that make it so timelawful .. so special, specially at special times, the ‘rite’ time, right or wrong wherever you are, ride those waves.

    i added a 113th comment

  9. do not approve this comment … for your eyes/heart only

    32.425 …. is how many days my mom lived, the last 2 months a living hell,
    feeling abandoned by a man who’s hospital phobia was at high tide right
    when dedication weakened in step with her reserves (nobody pushes past
    zero for any length of time, no matter what snake oil radio cult leader
    Brother Justin type (a la Carnivale) Bob Dobbs and his wife Carolyn Dean
    say) … it even hit most shameful boggerdoggery levels of out and out low
    tide that he turned his back right when she needed him most, cause he
    had feelings the poor dear (died yesterday) was pulling him into her
    nightmares, but she had a daughter who would do much worse and pop out
    of estrangement for a little ‘revenge’ .. no hanky prodigal panky on my
    watch, ‘wee je gebeente’ (beware your bones), WE are the keepers of
    counts and doors (they remained mom’s accountants despite and thru it all)
    .. succeed where she failed a year ago. Use by date deadline tyranny. Our
    throw away monocultivars in the spirit of Monsatan are here to sway.

    Had i bought her a new blemish free footbath instead of using an old
    scratchy plastic bullshit piece … well, .. all in all it’s turning into a thriller in
    many ways proving many of my points all over again, except this time the
    evidence isn’t piped in from all over the splinternuts but in my face (ouch).

    Dr Seuss’ wife commited suicide .. they never had kids .. he wasn’t
    particularly gregarious even … he overcompensated his german background
    w anti- propaganda of an astounding type that resembles my sister’s
    behavious so much i have no doubt they stem from the same gene … and i
    even have at least one piece of proof that the jew/dutch flavors are
    multimorph and varied enough to include similar specimen which are easy
    to spot for a trained eye …. .. the homeopathically dilute bloodquantum
    carriers and thus invisible ones however can’t be, but this is made up for by
    trademark clumsy behaviour, petty in- outcrowd and zionist crowd out
    tactics every time … long acting – persistence of pyro-.. something
    (pyrogen?) is the type stuff people full of sanctimonious ambition, like
    those from James Randi to 3rd temple doctrinaires don’t and won’t
    understand. To kill for sustenance quickly metastatizes into passing
    judgement on victims under crowded conditions. Me, i sport a catweazle
    look (and stink?).

    Anyboy care to try tetradize colonies reservations, transit and
    concentration camps?

  10. [audio src="" /]
    Jose Arguelles, (Conscious Evolution and the Evolution of Consciousness,
    Summer Conference 1975, New York) – Schumacher Center, a Lindisfarne
    01:06:34 = 60Mb
    Arguelles, the author of Mandala and The Transformative Vision, identifies
    an interplay between two aspects of being – psyche and techne –
    throughout the history of art.
    i was 20th downloader

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