Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey Marks 105 Galactic Spins since the Birth of Valum Votan, and exactly 34 Moons Since His Death

It seems fitting that the “Bardo of 49 days” since  the Kin 222 post would end on the Kin that codes Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles. 

The Bardo after Votan’s death on Kin 89 [Spectral Moon:  9.11] ended 49 days later on  kin:  138:  Galactic Mirror.  Tomorrow will be the Gregorian 11/11, coded by the G-Force of 138:  12.12 Crystal Human.

Today is  Self-Existing 22.  22 is known as the number of Votan.  His seal [11] and tone [11] add up to 22, and his initial V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.  The PSI Kin for Self-Existing 22 is 75:  Planetary Eagle, which is the Antipode of Valum Votan’s Long Count Planetary Serpent.  [Kin 75 is also my L.C. Kin]

Today’s Long Count kin is Electric Warrior.  11.11 + 16.3 = 27.14, which reduces by 20.13 to 7.1.  7.1 is the vigesimal for 141, the Kin [11 Dragon] that codes the Challenge of 11.11.  Valum Votan alpha-numerically equals 141 [as does TMQ’s name]  Pacal Votan a-n equals 105, the number of 260 day Galactic Spins since the birth of Valum Votan on 1/24/1939.  105 is the difference between the Galactic Spin and the 365 day Solar Spin. I feel Great gratitude for these two Votans, for introducing the variety of number systems that aid in identifying and mapping synchronicity  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

At this moment, it is 11:11 p.m. on Kin 11.11, and the 9th  straight night of fireworks just ended an hour ago.  For nearly 400 years, England had a law that mandated fireworks every November 5th, to symbolize the burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes.  The people had a different view of him, and Guy Fawkes is sometimes toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions

Historian Lewis Call has observed that Fawkes is now “a major icon in modern political culture”. He went on to write that the image of Fawkes’s face became “a potentially powerful instrument for the articulation of postmodern anarchism”[h] during the late 20th century, exemplified by the mask worn by V in the comic book series V for Vendetta, who fights against a fictional fascist English state.


Russell Brand joined the ‘Million Mask March‘ in England, and rather eloquently articulated the issues here:

The new Tzolkin that began during this 4th Self-Existing Human Moon contains several ‘anniversaries‘.  8 days ago, Electric Night [3.3] marked the first ‘Galactic Anniversary‘ [260 days] since the huge Asteroid struck in Chelyabinsk Russia.  It literally Electrified the Night, as shown in this photo:

r     The Electric Night Asteroid is  the largest object to hit the Earth in over a century, and appears to  have been a harbinger of more to come.

Russia recovered the largest piece of this meteor last week.  Apparently it also holds abundant material wealth as well as great spiritual value.  Valum Votan describes how 1 billion people pray  5 times per day to the Cube that contains a stone from Maldek [the Asteroid Belt].

A meteor [shown below] near Monterrey Mexico turned Night into Day early in the morning of the Magic Turtle Day:  Self-Existing Seed:  kin 4, which marked 6 Galactic Spins since the beginning of the Self-Existing Seed year.  2013 and The Mystery Queen began on the 18th day [1.18]  of that year, and this is the 778th transmission.  Vigesimally, 778 is written as 1.18.18.  


4 days after the Magic Turtle Day, on 8.8:  Galactic Star,  this article synchronistically appeared:

Astronomers using NASA data calculate that in our galaxy alone there are at least 8.8 billion Earth-sized planets that are not too hot or not too cold circle stars that are just like our sun, according to a study published Monday, Nov. 4, 2013

Near daily sightings of meteors/asteroids  indicate we are traversing a dense part of the Asteroid Belt.  The article linked below describes a threat, known as  Herboculus, originating from beyond our solar system, but headed our way.

” The Egyptian Goddess Isis is often portrayed as the “WINGED DISC”. The wings represent the spirals and the disc represents the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, aka the “Great Mother” of our Solar System“.  I recommend this article:   which was 10 years in the making, and was just recently released  by Cosmic ConvergenceBecause there is a need among many to know.”  Our entire Solar System is rapidly changing, and the Earth’s largest storm ever, which killed at least 10,000 this week in the Phillipines, is the latest example of that.  “Super typhoon Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of structures in its path as it tore through Leyte province on Friday.”

Fukushima, whose 32 Month anniversary is today, is mentioned as an example of the grave terrestrial threats facing humanity.   “a collective consciousness filled with light and wisdom and love can serve to mitigate even the most severe consequences of wrong living”   Remember the exercises described by Valum Votan in the Postulates for 10., and in Cosmic History Chronicle 6, Ch. 10:  Pulsar Cosmology, regarding using  molecular spin to reverse environmental damage.  “Pulsar cosmology [which is a telepathic technology discovered by Valum Votan in 1992] is a new methodology for modes of thinking that are capable of altering conditions in the material and immaterial worlds…

A more easily prepared for and remedied threat is possibly occurring in the U.S. on Magnetic Wizard [11/13/13]  That is when a huge ‘drill is scheduled to close down the country’s power grid.

Another anniversary occurs 11 days after 11/11/13:  The 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

.  Many people [including this writer] who can remember that fateful day in Dallas believe that tragedy was a turning point for America and humanity.  Another ex-pat American, prominent Mythologist and Author John Lash, expressed those sentiments in a recorded briefing today.  John was speaking one hour after a  strong earthquake shook his home in Spain, at 6.10 a.m., on 11.11.  Readers will know that both the Birth and Death of Valum Votan, kin 11.11 occurred precisely at 6:10 a.m., and that this 13 Moon year [per TMQ] began on 6.10:  Planetary World-Bridger [7/28/13].  Synchronistically, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Planetary World-Bridger  🙂  

Two quotes from this brilliant and popular 35th President of America are applicable today:  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.  “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace I’m so grateful for the many communications from dear Kin during this ‘Bardo‘ between posts.  Your wonderful comments, e-mails and occasional Skypes and telepathic messages helped maintain our connection, and motivated the posting of this overdue transmission.  Welcome to some new and patient subscribers.   Whether you are reading this on Dreamspell kin 11.11, or on Gregorian 11/11, this 11-petaled 

Ancient Symbol of Protection, Grace and Blessings is meant for every one of  you  🙂

N. S. 1.  26.  4.  22.       Kin 11:  Spectral Monkey        posted on 11/11/13

17 thoughts on “Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey Marks 105 Galactic Spins since the Birth of Valum Votan, and exactly 34 Moons Since His Death

  1. isis is a tribute hold by kabal

    similar tribute is in parish.&.london



  2. do totally agree…All we do, when we hold cabal symbols, like isis or ‘sacred geometry’ up on a golden plate, is infiltrating our minds with standardized electro-magnetic kabal-fences, quicker than we can think!

  3. via Cees i go to a video with a long interview
    “He is optimistic that the Netherlands will provide a
    positive role model for other countries in this

    that last line of the description runs exactly counter to my latest
    rant (gaddafi vid). Buzzwordy-word-aff[L]ix@ion … reeks more of
    the Dolf Boek type model as far as lowland (PerpL)export (also a
    Spiral dynamics web spinner by the way; huge biblical software
    developer and constantly litigious ..]. Disgrace to honourably
    executed trollery of which he gets only 1 part right, not taking no
    for an answer.

    idiot savantry .. if not immediately weaponizable can still go awful
    pretentious, religious ‘purity rule bookish’ and dictatorial,
    managing masses by stringing these manic phases together; Jose
    Arguelles did this .. though loosely .. jumping continents and
    methodologies yet so cosmically rooted it seemed perfectly
    natural .. specially to refugees and those halfway rehabbed from
    artificial time space and assorted ingredients.

    Mister Merry (the interviewed man)
    .. prolly serves an earthier portion of the same
    audience the artsy fiery party crowd forms part of also (jetset
    rainbows … they use name colours rather than earth, fire, air
    water) … in fact he IS a perfect model poster boy for emergent
    resilient athrival asf societies, shinily insular spikes and pinnacles, singular stops at the sharp reversee tops .. like co-babyface Rob Hopkins ..
    founder of transiTowns, as in guideline performer preacher style,
    featured on resilience,org, only site showing the connection
    between permaculture in china and john liu .. according to
    google’s searchterm shoveling robots from/in/for hell on earth.

    RH killed my hopes stone dead. Poked myself in the eye painfully the nite
    after being rejected on his hometurf (Schumacher College) as he was
    preparing for a new wave of students (none around at the time) with
    posters. And he had seen me in the permie section of the Big Green just
    weeks previous! Then again, i shouldn’t blame him for not going through my
    notes a little more carefully .. which would have landed me at nearby Land
    Matters no doubt.

    10:42 “monk[ey] using bible to explain the internet, that kind of
    a difference (making a gesture about the difference in height
    between 4 and 3 stacked bibles

    Same difference made. None. Bad memory.. in the precipitate ‘sense’ i rail
    at/against as well, the E-wastrel one that is.
    from ‘evolution to volution’ says PMerry, ..yeah .. the old fasioned waste
    (minus E-) was a lot easier to deal with.

    ps: i share a taste for bluegrass with Peter Merry and he features a pic in a former residence (the hague) with a DownS. baby (prolly his). I don’t see that UU he promotes go Crest and am ‘sign up’ challenged anyhow so won’t .. see .. that ….

    • Dear wholly man ..

      In fact the theater is on energy and magnetism .. mainly accomodated by water ..

      Who owns the water ?
      Who labeled watercanals alike as channels ?

      Who is the chief running the bodyvessels water & bloodtracks?

      I love U & your articulations offer another man or wooman ..

      So the 4 elements offer positive and negatives as in sines .. and cosines ..

      Water air earth fire in the sequence you wield ..

      Cosmic history gave us a method to facilitate our glory ..

      }}} *** {{{

      & & &

  4. transunit strikes a parallel note …

    we got to change / transform o’ur calendar ..

    here a sample on how we could step out of the ol’kabal …

    note it is guided by controversional JEW , Hugh Schonfield
    he was writer of “the passover plot”

    maybe jose was his passover pilot ??

    how ELEGANT

    next kweak 5.2 has kin022 in its column ..
    the Wizard Wave started all over again in a DRAGON spiced TREEKWEAK

    “planned his own martyrdom”
    shades of Robert Graves i guess who’s ‘King Jesus’ prolly came out before that .. 1946 …. Schonfeld wrote his thing 20 years later.
    Neither one even remotely allude to my growing begrip (begr(H)ope = intuitive understanding) that Cernunnos flanked by roman gods might have had another momentous and important supporter and accolade, a semitic throne claimant not shown cause away on a mission … the first and last real CHRISTIAN MISSION .. TO PALESTINE … pleading with his people to allow this neat green thumb trick to allow suffusion and permeation … healing of their innumerably sandy scars.

    • For dutch readers
      Explains some “wholly science” clarifications

      One of them simply states NAZI is not nationalsozialimus – naso
      But ashkenazi where Hitler is a member of those people ..

      In conclusion we might say a lot of history is a myth ..
      As Francis Fukuyama concluded “the end of history” while it was an end to people communicating their essences forcbeing here on the planet.

      As Goebbles frauded musical accords from 432 to 440 , similar as pope Gregor xiii claiming the timemyth on 12 moons .. simply refering 12 zodiac sign as well as 12 tribes forming the jewish race.

      You can read all that with our friend Yitzhaq Hayutman , raised out of the family that built Tel Aviv .. the nazi myth reversing russians into jews.
      (Well something mythic there building Roth Schild)

      Any way our brother José developed his strength & intuite skills to overcome ego , selfcenteredness ..

      All his work breaths his Flute .. a universal sound ..

      He gave me my spirit back .. ??
      No , he brought me to places in my temple/biological vessel that trigger pointed the tao in my given godhead .. as you in me .. me in you ..

      This formed the essence to artivulate a complex gamecat first sight .. but kept attrackting “my way” as another one “herway” : herstory aka hearstory .. that is what is in the word SagaCT : city ..

      C depicts “the bone”
      T depicts “the skills”

      Dying the skills is myth in “skulls”, dark art ..

      Slamming 12 down is most elegantly done by changijg the physical clock / time back into 3 x 8 hours a day ..

      This gives way to 1 same time all over the world in 3 phases .. dawn noon eve .. and the night is as the dark side ofcthe moon within .. processing its wonderous elegances

      Bolon Ik in DreaMSpell .. aka white solar wind a kin in wizardwave ..
      Yellow crystal sun in mayan tzolkin , moonwave of purifying universal water
      White Galactic Wind in TreeKweak , a voidspell fusing worlds in mental awareness to surrender the abundant blue planet that magnetifies ..

      Bon Voyage

      A bivid bio\/oid’inG
      In lak’ech a la kin

  6. Hi its really hard to know who is creator of crop circle …August 26 2012 —yes 100% sign of Galactic spiral density wave — or with kins 91 next day august 27 — 441 days fall on kin 11.. there is one more weird situation

    site lawoftime sector rinri project

    Volume 4, Number 1 – White Lunar Wizard Meets Black Iron Garuda Crest – Cubing the Challenge pdf

    about crop circle from august 1 2007 .. that 18 cubes 144 triangles

    something in cube 3-dimensional cube in 6 years from 2007-2013

    well 3-dimensional cube comes in 2012 — that 36×3 visible field 36×6 216

    in gregorian august 26-july 25 2018 day out of time is 2160 days

    or 6 circle with 360 days…

    i only have fb page and if you have any kind of idea for example please comment

    in comment is link for that pdf …

  7. 441 days ago i wrote a f(irst f)ew passages on a guy who’s gone steadily more [IN]famously …. ‘polarizionalist’ .. in France before and since …
    Alain Soral = underdog / hard knock victim champion [ boxer AND bookpublisher .. dragged into court by the french equivalent of aipac, the licra] as well as very sharp analyst IN ONE (it’s like Jeffrey Blankfort on steroids … JB is active still but much older); in short, fastest speaker i have the honour to know .. and apparantly the privilege to understand just a litle better than other liddul splinternetters in the hide of the Moloviathanic ‘system’ … since /owing to the fact his kin (117) is in my own synchrotronic make up someplace .. as you all know .. off course. … speaking of which … do you think the sun will blow that comet to all colours or an all killered shower.

    Never mind what we deserve now, pretend someone looks after our needs more than our deeds.

    i’ve come to conclude the black peter controversy, playing up every year like jfk’s death, is much like christmas.

    Last nite i couldn’t sleep and spent hours running a few vids with him in it. Quite the range. HIs genius can only compare, in my experience that is, with the likes of Craig Cobb … who’s cometary trajectory is threatened to crash and go down a years long backburner stew and seeth detour trail – he went walking with an iraq vet (skinny dude, polarly partnered with huuuuge moisture retainer) through the derelict semi-ghost town 30 miles from a reservation armed and got arrested due to tensions brought on by his buddy’s self-medication w alcohol apparantly … i am still afraid to watch the town hall footage of it.

    since my remarks then dovetail with a quote at my most recent buckspacenook post linked nearby, i’ll repiet/premier them here:

    Beating the (organic) border between literal and radial dark and light back beats all other numbers amassment games hands down (not up any asses). Are we gonna leave it up to volcanism to feed these littlest ones .. endlessly? ‘Trickle down’ theory my be modeled on this most certainly interplanetary truth but of course, the abstraction (incorrect politicization) of it is an impossibilization of this (‘cross’Universal) kind of ‘growth up’ (and upgrowth) truth.

    So far i am not supported on my hunch by much but it is clear the work of Julius Hensel helped me to interpret some very ancient pre-church religio/political monuments of a europe run by shamen not yet captured by Santa Claus.

    If i interpret the symbology of the plaque/statue showing Cernunnos flanked by 2 roman gods, correctly, he was doing his ‘modern’ money thing, taking coins to the soilbank … letting them run on the ground … a message / massage (aging of mass) that did not survive tranlation into and as an act Jesus has been supposed to act out in the temple .. throwing the moneychangers inventory on the ground … not exactly a garden there .. or a place where one collects turds .. or impatient, forces the issue and makes a grab for them. Have you petted a turd today.

    I think the genius daily routine performance of groups, troups, craftsmen and perhaps guildlike (p)artisans, who’s patron was Cernunnos might have had much more than less to do with what the sculpture shows bag the dust/coins / libation, contribution duty and pleasure package.

    carry stuff into and out of urbanity … that must have been the basis of his partnership and stage sharing with roman gods (patrons of urbanization if anything). He balanced the city and countryside. This can only work with/as compost along lines Julius Hensel recommended as recently as 120some years ago, he wanted households to have containers for waste and dust to mix with it in order to get an early start on the process .. which he obviously thought more important than the inconvenience of all that extra weight … why not do would shavings instead till the final compost destination is reached. Guess he thought dust was really THAT important … perhaps if only to integrate it with people’s psyche .. and not leave it to some specialists.

    • ‘ve petted couple of turds today, though all it may’ve stemmed from was an avocado and a couple of beers, while the new franciscus wants to hang the moneylenders and releases… a child-protection act¿ against his hungry priests. While Cerunnos complying with his duty turning water into dust. We are to create, dry-water’ an artisan-friend of mine explained while we were pausing during a video set in an old old patrician mansion in the swiss bündnerland, near THusis and made lengthy explanations about his new invention, not considering the impact it would have on the consensus-reality folks, in depth, and the libor-scandal or the world-cup in brasil some 30 years later. It was dostoiewsky’s ‘die dämonen’ that we were magnet-tapeing, this vid still exists somewhere. Wood shaving or better… wood-chopping till the end of time, i was playing a crazy philosoph and this a bit clumsy thinker-minion,.
      Just like tradition demands as all of my ancestors were minions at King’s court.

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