Global Empowerment during this Overtone Skywalker Moon of Empowerment and the Hand Wavespell of Accomplishment

Today is coded by Kin 27:  Blue Magnetic Hand [7.1] which begins the Third Wavespell of Accomplishment,  during the 18th week of this 13 Moon year.  The Long Count Kin is Rhythmic Sun [20.6], and together, this day’s kins [7.1 + 20.6] equal 7.7,  Resonant Hand.

7 , a key number  of the 13 Moon Calendar was reiterated twice during this second week of the Fifth Overtone Moon:.  A 7.0 Earthquake which struck near the Falkland Islands,  was the largest ever in the South Atlantic.  Then, during a 24 hour period, an unprecedented  7 volvanic eruptions occurred.”Nov 23, was an explosive day on earth as seven volcanoes erupted hours apart from each other on the same day.”   This photo shows the aftermath of one of those 7 eruptions;   Mt. Etna in Italy: 

The Kins coding this 13 Moon year [4.8:  Galactic Seed] and this Fifth Moon [13.5:  Overtone Skywalker]  combine to equal 17.13:  Cosmic Earth.  Our Earth seems intent upon getting our attention, [also with increasingly wild weather  around the world] and Cosmic forces are also making themselves more apparent.

The largest Cosmic explosion ever witnessed, “a quarter of a universe away” [3.7 billion light years away] was reported this week.  “ This burst was a once-in-a-century cosmic event,’ said Nasa astrophysics chief Paul Hertz”.


  • “It created energy bursts five times stronger than the largest known blast
  • Astronomers believe the only bigger display would have been the Big Bang

John_and_Jackie_Kennedy_a_007.jpg This Gamma blast was reported on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.                                                  The Penultimate Cosmic Explosion‘ was first witnessed on April 27, 2013, coded by Dreamspell Kin 74:  Solar Wizard;  Long Count 27:  Magnetic Hand [today’s Dreamspell Kin 7.1].  7.1 is one of my ‘trigger kins‘ [the 7.1 earthquake in Japan, where I was born, triggered this blog over 57 Moons ago] .The Kin that ‘triggered this journey‘ on 9/11/2004 was 6.7:  Resonant World-Bridger.  The Long Count  date of this ‘Cosmic Bang is  🙂

 7.1 is the vigesimal of 141.  My name and Valum Votan’s both equal 141, and the 7.1 Earthquake in Christchurch was on our combined Kin 149:  6 Moon.  Today, 7.1, it was reported:  “November 26, 2013 – NEW ZEALAND – The Canterbury earthquakes were even more unusual than first thought and unlikely to occur anywhere else in the world, new research reveals. ”

Besides the near daily arrival of asteroids and meteors from Maldek [our Asteroid Belt] we are now witnessing the rapid approach of a huge objects from the Cosmos:


Global Empowerment through a big move away from war wasAccomplished 3 days ago.  “The recent breakthrough in the Iran-Sextet nuclear talks, a geopolitical earthquake in itself, has also brought on many interesting aftershocks…The agreement is the most significant development between the United States and Iran in more than three decades of estrangement between the nations…the partial nuclear agreement between Iran and the world’s six most important powers proves that the West will not go to war with Iran and has no intention – far into the future – of undertaking military action in the region…”

Global Empowerment’ made an  economic stride this week, when Bitcoin, the egalitarian digital currency, registered more transactions than Paypal.  An even bigger, also under-reported, economic ‘shockwave’ also occurred during this Moon of Empowerment.  “China just dropped an absolute bombshell, but it was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States. The central bank of China has decided that it is “no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves“.

Head shot of Damon looking into the camera smiling slightly.    Matt Damon, Cosmic Night, shares some empowering ideas in this 5 minute video.  Ashton Kutcher [Crystal Sun], one of the most-followed people on Twitter, used that medium to  bring attention to the economic disparity between  Walmart [$17 billion] and its underpaid workers.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOur own Cosmic Night transunit13 shared some great links recently.  I enjoyed the beautiful outdoor music competition ‘witnessed‘ by Gurdjieff, and this site:

It was great to hear from Christine Barssiah 133:: 3 Skywalker recently:  “may the 13 moon standard ascend!

Myth Seven wrote  “about crop circle from august 1 2007 .. that 18 cubes 144 triangles” and wondered about the creators of the Crop Circles.  Valum Votan confirmed to me ‘face-to’face‘ that he created this:Crop Circle, Sugar Hill - Cubes   You may want to check out these interviews in which a Russian Cosmonaut discusses Crop Circles and their origin.

Thank You Cosmos Pete of Queenstown N.Z., for one of the nicest comments ever [at About]    🙂    Belated Happy Galactic Anniversary to S’ace Kin 22:  Solar Wind [also known by several other monikers].  His latest blog shows a beautiful Peacock image, a radiant reminder of the Totem for the Fifth Moon.  

Piety Piet duh Pious Poet Electric Eagle continues to be the most prolific contributor:  202 of the 1,000 most recent comments were from his incarnations as Piet Poet and RockSoilerToil TaleTattler.  Thanks Kin 55,  for linking the site of another Eagle [a Cosmic Arcturian], which contains this image, called “Elixir of 28 Flame Fractal

May the ‘28 Flames‘ remind us of the 28 days of The Thirteen Moon Calendar.  By the time you read this, it will be Kin 28:  Lunar Star.

The following day will be American Thanksgiving.  Let’s take Heart from the increased Empowerment of Humanity, and Radiate Gratitude on that day, and every day  🙂

N. S.  1. 26. 5. 10.                                                          Kin 27:  Magnetic Hand;  7.1


17 thoughts on “Global Empowerment during this Overtone Skywalker Moon of Empowerment and the Hand Wavespell of Accomplishment

  1. jaco-esau : glob-loca : Izra-Pali (141)
    the type youtube playlist that has the most wear and tear on account of the fact unsettling settler emotion plays into the stuff (buying other people’s birth and burial ground as well as marrying your daughters off into money) .. it’s the group that lost it’s moorings strategy … folks obsesses and abcessed with gigantism to the degree they are blind to the gently massage and sage mesh, the management of micro masses; soil nurturement.

    i have no doubt at least 10 peaces (i mean pieces) of that list will have disappeared since i last checked .. and will continue to do so …. just as reliably and just as long as ‘izra’ continues to clamor for war … over the same biblical type grudge that caused persians and arabs to pitch battles and disappear ground cover along w their friendlyer climes, much much friendlier than they have left at this point.

    Last nite, Douglas Dietrich (that 255) who i continue to listen to, claimed that nothing causes as much of a rift as gender, not class, not race, nor nationality .. but the inhome micro management susceptible and (mm) sensitive stuff.

    He takes the contrarian view to facts as presented by the likes of ‘GirlWritesWhat’ who has and makes her points along the lines of Weininger, Fiedler, Villar but with more and better use of statistics and mineable data.. as do a host of MRAs we see dominate 4th wave feminism blow- and pushback alongside her

    It frustrates me no end to see none respond (let alone be grateful) to me pointing out/at benefits to be had from studying Andrew Lehman. I had a loooong runway leading up to closer and closer looks as well as deeper understanding also … but the silence is ridiculously deafening.. specially since the man himself seems to have posted his book as a parting shot more or less in 2011.

    Either way, ….

    Make sure soaps and paints are not too flat out toxic for shortcut ‘reasons’ .. make sure your thoughtshaping molds not too fraction and fragment oriented .. lest they get a liddul too mental and abstract .. the colours mixing tray .. the tympanlike carryer of the smear (‘smurrie’) with which symbols are constellated .. vessels into which people tend to be tempted into dipsing their brushes in to the point of no returns but daftness… like the disc of thought .. a la Walter Russell …. too fractitious and fictitously neutered perhaps? .. (a bit like the paddle type ‘rotors’ we see in the last picture at this post (maybe?):

    .. from comments there i become aware for the first time of a ‘solar festival’
    near Rotterdam, apparantly since 07 already:

    .. imposing friction on the heart .. thus getting set to [S]crys
    for correction upon cry for core action in all ways ‘it’ can get
    away with avoiding the use of words to do so … it seems.

    Most of such hearts are in female breasts for sure …

    I counsel miming that ‘coe action’ .. passive yet responsive source of abundance, real good starts … start up a rock today … we could get popular selling ratelaars (rattles) that look like sentries and need a little canvas and drilled pinslots for permantent spin into grit and dust … how about 3 small rocks spinning on a big one … to stay with the 4 ‘term’ ‘piece’ banner and begin to trail dust tailings of glory.

  2. Myth Seven wrote ”about crop circle from august 1 2007 .. that 18 cubes 144 triangles” and wondered about the creators of the Crop Circles. Valum Votan confirmed to me ‘face-to’face‘ that he created this:

    ok nice but he die march 23 2011…

    crop circle cube comes on august 26 2012

    from mine point of view that was a sign for galactic spiral density wave .. moon kin 197 from july 26 1997…. or 13×9 countdown and 216 days all numbers from same text… but really what comes with Galactic seed year or if you go in sector synchronoton.. that crop 18 cubes 144 triangels there is 216 from 2007-2013 ..

    but crop circle 216 comes in 2012 and give 2160 days in 6 circles for example 20 parts with 18 days to the “””new year″” 2018…

    well 12 60 is still in our world so everything is filled with many ????

  3. this has been a fruitful 27 themed episode … i researched out Rowan’s kin and it is it … explaining a lot …

    Discovery channel in 2005 aired stuff on the tooth caries and osteoporosis (deformed skull; shown in meticulous reconstruction as well) of the Red Queen interspersed with reports on how Pacal fared (shown by actor who seems a world away from the mask) as well as DNA tidbits on their family lines.

    Red Queen – Mayan Mystery —- Discovery Channel
    2 parts, hour and half total

    The … ehrm .. aspirant interpreter is an antisemite but careful to cloak her report on the Gaza tunnels (inundated for all i know) in a mirroreversion type code churning them into fluxtubes or some such, .. clever girl.
    Interdimensional Travel and Flux Tubes
    Posted on 27 December, 2013 Kin 57, Red Overtone Earth: Clear sign of Pacal Votan

    Dedicated to the arrival of two new star beings: Aidan Orion Wyatt-Harding, Kin 13 and Vela(ur)iah Arctara O’Farrell-Javier, Kin 57

    …. i remain … mystified

  4. I wondered a little bit on TMQ ..

    Is she moving on the planet free from whatever ..

    I gambled on 37 , key number beyond christmas ‘Period’

    That period is achieved on january 6th Gregorianwise ..

    In fact that day is december 37 and matches the Soulstices

    It is also Little Feminine Christmas i several cultures

    Then 4×9 makes 36 whereas 37 marks a transmission point ..

    This is what the tribe of 36 legs marches
    So 18 man as 18 cubes in the cropcircle

    When my beloved friend Poet Piet grabs this ..
    We have a chance on the breakthrough ..

    Still telepathically bond with the author , a goddess in numbertales

    • Beloved Kins;
      Thanks so much for your comments.
      They helped to encourage me to finally write a replacement post for the lengthy one that disappeared shortly before I was to post it on Crystal Seed. It had been saved in WordPress, and when I returned to it after a 3 hour period, WordPress had logged off [for some reason?] and the draft had disappeared..

      Today’s replacement post was entitled
      “The First Magic Turtle Day of 2014: Kin 71: 6 Monkey on the 6th day of the 6th Wavespell during the 6th Wizard Moon of Equality”

      I liked this nearly finished post
      [full of numbertales, written from New Zealand, S’ace , with lots about a new crop circle , Myth Seven :)] even more than the original.
      20 minutes ago, it disappeared, and I am distraught and so sorry. I need to divine why my 780th post disappeared twice. Do I need to change blog hosts or find a new medium for transmissions? Is it necessary to ‘tone it down’?

      You will like my take on 2014, when I finally have the heart, time and energy to write another blog. “Third time is the charm”

      Love, Abundance and Magic for each of you ,
      Galactic Agent 138

      • The simple trick of not loosing blogs is typing them into microsoft word or whatever and then copying them into wordpress. And this is not a mystery. 🙂

  5. i am not ashamed to stoop to typing out a basic bottomline frust preventing digital writing rules … but i am ashamed i am doing so YEARS after i first saw you convey your distress (trapped in a poker card with very bad cardslike?).
    i bear and must express even more ‘plaatsvervangende’ shame for those around you who were moronic enough to NOT help you get a piece of AUTO-SAVING software …. hell, the email composer of a google account auto saves much more often than my 2002!!!! Netscape Composer does (i switched to Frontpage for a few years – which allows background colour changes per letter if you wanted that – but switched back as i went with older boxes with plans to fade myself off the net altogether (stUCK in that process obviously).

    do not compose without that minimum of attendance please.

    Come and stay here for a month and i’ll drill it into you, … hah!!!

  6. cause i’m such a What The Actual Hell kinda guy
    your logo, magic and maya squares
    your logo reminds me of a crop circle from 2007 jose arguelles makes much
    7th picture there
    it’s a 3×9 segment cube with 3 of them hidden, 2 of which behind the one
    on the corner turned towards the viewer .. but left out also, leaving 18 of
    them visible though and then there’s a strange perpetual near miss 12
    triangles that skip1 around (+around) to the tune of 18 .. riblike vertexes
    running quasi diagonals in the circle underneath the central thing ….
    Don’t know how much yall are given to Gaussian space and all that other
    iching / calendar grid related stuff but i thought i’d mention it.

    now, i’ll be sure to look at your 30 magic square related threads in the mean

  7. (kin76, 5th of the reso moon, 11warrior)

    15 places worldwide .. around a 100 acres, 4 confirmed
    10thou acres on a tiny pacific island and thousands each in chili and costa rica

    1:01 minute long animation bird’s eye (with bird sounds too)

    looks like Crest = has a little competi… i mean ‘confederables’ on the skkkrrrreeennn. Wonder if that 47 year old mr Grant who calls into the last 2 Douglas Dietrich shows is involved (yet).
    he earns 65$ an hour in the states and will pop in and out of what he wants to fund a large community in Costa Rica on land he has owned for 12 years.

    He solicits helpers, his place has Talamanca indian Reserve proximity (slightly overhunted he says).

    3:14 long one (on vimeo as well – 11thou since july 23

    Sacha Stone Speaks for New Earth Project
    frothnblither · 287 videos – 1,997
    101 views Published on Jan 11, 2014
    Like 9 Dislike 0

    in this one S Stone equates the words dreamspell and mindspell to the psyop by millenia old ruler bloodlines that just skip around continents breeding subtypes and mismanaging these masses … at least in the eyes of soon to be hunted and isolated if not put down ‘health hazards and paranoids.

    So is he a Drew Hempelian rather than inspired by Crest and not joining the latter on suspicions of psyop taint .. yet plagiarizing their shit to some extent????????

  8. as both ways of perceiving reality are of reptilian origin
    -this thousands of years old delusional ‘reality’ – a synonym for this unified mind-consciousness-system would be ‘suffering’…..and
    -our way of counting the “week” to 13,
    it is leg i timate to call both of them ‘dreamspell’.
    s stony may be unconscious of applying ‘dreamspell’ positively

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