GAP Kin 147: Resonant Hand Codes the 18th Day of the 9th Moon; It’s G-Force: Cosmic Skywalker Codes my Brother William, who Died 18 Days ago

My beloved brother William {Bill} passed into Spirit on  the 28th day of the Galactic Moon [March 8, 2014] during the Pacal Votan Clear Sign   Lunar Human Watch of Crystal Moon.  He was coded by kin 13:  Red Cosmic Skywalker in the Dreamspell, and by White Self-Existing Mirror in the Mayan Long Count.

Bill was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, with a smile and laugh that could light up a room  🙂  His passion was his collection of vintage automobiles, and he had a talent for repairing and restoring them.  Bill  and I had many wonderful conversations about the cosmos, ancient civilizations and the Pyramids [which he believed were strategically placed to ‘balance‘ the Earth].

Bill devoted himself whole-heartedly to his wife and their three children.  While working full-time, he still managed to cook delicious hearty meals for them, and to attend every school meeting.

Matthew 7:20 states that “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them“, and Bill’s three children are his greatest love and achievements.  Valum Votan wrote that our family’s Galactic Signatures hold important keys, but it was the loss of my Brother that caused me to explore their Signatures in more depth.

Bill’s son Georgethe oldest of my 9 Nephews and 4 Nieces,  is in the final stages of receiving his Phd. in Physics from U.C.L.A., and he is also fluent in Spanish.  As a Magnetic Mirror, George’s kin codes the Mirror Wavespell of Endlessness that began a very intense period both personally and geo-politically.  That 26 day period culminated with George’s signature, which codes the last watch of the Monkey Wavespell of Magic.

On Kin 143:  Cosmic Night,  6 Sun and I [together = Magnetic Mirror] were plugged into camping  spot 143  at Mapua, and we were the only persons on that particular beach.  During the 13 Skywalker afternoon watch, I spent more hours reflecting upon 13 Skywalker William, and all that had transpired during the two Wavespells that occupy the Seventh Mystic channel of the Tzolkin.  Towards the end of the Magnetic Mirror  occult watch [about 11 p.m.], a meteor or  star streaked across the sky from left to right, bringing a  magical end to the tumultuous Mirror and Monkey Wavespells on that very ‘Cosmic Night‘.

Bill’s second son, Billy was born 18 days and 8 Moons after the Harmonic Convergence.  18.8 {Galactic Mirror} is Billy’s Long Count Kin  🙂  and he is coded by GAP 192:   Planetary Human    in the Dreamspell.  Billy is a talented linguist who is fluent in Chinese Mandarin and Spanish, and he now works in Bangkok, Thailand.  One of my fondest memories of Billy was when, as a 9 year old, he used his saved money to take his Aunt [me] to an outdoor concert.  While listening to Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine under the stars, he taught me the ‘Macarena’ dance  🙂

Bill’s daughter Jessica is a brilliant and beautiful young woman who has a photographic memory.  Her older brothers enjoyed showing her a page filled with scores or hundreds of dots for one second, and Jessica could always tell them the exact number of dots on each sheet.  Jessica and my brother John’s son Alexander were both born on July 23, 1990, and are coded by Kin 86:  Galactic World-Bridger: 6.8.   Their Long Count Kins are 33:  7 Skywalker.

26 hours after Bill died, a 6.8 earthquake hit off the coast of Northern California/Southern Oregon.  That is roughly the mid-point between these two ‘Galactic World-Bridger twins  since Jessica lives south of San Francisco , and Alexander is working in Seattle.

That same week was the 25th anniversary of the internet.  The man credited with inventing the internet,  Tim Berners-Lee is also coded by 6.8:  Galactic World-Bridger, and even his birthday [June 8] reflects the 6.8:  Galactic World-Bridger, which was the Antipode of the Galactic Warrior Moon whose 4th week contained  Bill’s birthday and his death 6 days later.

9 days after Bill died, this crop circle appeared on Galactic Mirror, which was the 9th day of the 9th Solar Moon of Intention [coded by Solar Earth].  Galactic Mirror is the Hidden Power of Rhythmic Nightthe year he had just entered on his 58th birthday on March 2..

The 14 circles are surrounded by 4 more circles, for a total of 18, ‘mirroring‘  the 18th seal [the Mirror] that codes Bill in the Long Count, and both of his sons; George in the Dreamspell, Billy in the Long Count], his Sister, and this 18th day of the Solar Moon, 18 days after Bill died, at the end of the Wavespell coded by 18:  Mirror.

There have been so many synchronicities in those 18 days since my brother died.  My sister Alexandra’s e-mail informing me that Bill was in the hospital was received at 5 a.m. [on 12 Moon here, 11 Star there] just as I was beginning an intense 9 day stint as a live-in Nanny to adorable 6 year old Milan, while his parents were on an overseas holiday.  My brother died just 39 hours after receiving that e-mail.

The Synchonotron’s Master Coordinating Frequency number for Kin 129 on Galactic 28 is  1,327.  The Kin Equivalent is 27:  Magnetic Hand [7.1, is a ‘trigger number‘ that catalyzed the beginning of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’.  7.1  was punctuated by the 7.1 Christchurch earthquake on  Kin 149: Ryhthmic Moon {9.6 which is the combined kin of 11.11 [V.V] and 18.8 [me].  Synchronistically, this blog is posting late, on the day which is 9.6 in New Zealand.  Today,  9.6 + 18.8 = 7.1  🙂

1327 [- 441 x3] has a B.M.U. of 4.  Bill was the 4th of 7 children  born to my parents [a daughter born between my two brothers died as an infant].  According to the Synchronotron number dictionary,4:  “Form, measure, all four-cornered forms, stages of primary cosmic cycle, tetrahedron“.  Considering  this Cosmic Skywalker‘s  fascination with Pyramids, that feels appropriate.

The BMU number for that day is 523, which reduces by 441 to 82.  “82 = 2 x 41 which V.V named ‘The Divine Interval“.  The reverse of 82 is 28, for the day of the Moon Bill died. 82-28 is 54, which is the alpha-numeric value of L-O-V-E.  Bill epitomized pure unconditional LOVE.

Most of the drive  between Milan’s house and his school, was along ‘William Street‘.  Alpha-numerically, William  equals 79:  Magnetic Storm also known as the Noosphere Constant.  After seeing my brother’s name on the signs so many times, I eventually realized that the Complex Gematrical Frequency [the one Valum Votan revealed] of William is 619.

The Base Matrix Frequency of 619 [619–441] = 178.  Milan’s name a-n = 49, reminding me of the number of days in a Bardo after a being dies.  Galactic Mirror [which codes the Inter-dimensional Signal shown above]  coded the end of  Valum Votan’s 49 day Bardo, and William’s Bardo [129+49] ends on Kin 178:  Solar Mirror!  

Halfway along William Street, is the sign for George Street  🙂   George alpha-numerically equals 57:  for PVCS and GAP Overtone Earth, and for the age of George’s Father on his last full year on Earth.

Bill died at age 58, and he  was named after my paternal grandfather, William, who also died suddenly at age 58.  58 years and 6 days reduces by 20.13 to become {58.6 – 20.13]  18.6, which is P.V.C.S. and GAP Kin 58:  Rhythmic Mirror [which coded the day Pacal Votan disincarnated].  

The day Bill left this Earth, Flight 370 mysteriously vanished, and has dominated the news ever since.  Here is a possible explanation for this ‘mystery‘?

Here in New Zealand, Flight 370 has even overshadowed news coverage of the critical geo-political events unfolding during the Mirror and Monkey Wavespells.  After dire predictions that the Ukraine coup and subsequent strategic military maneuverings would lead to WWIII, it appears that a global disaster has been averted with a peaceful resolution.  It has even lead to another ‘Eighteen’:  🙂

During these last two turbulent wavespells, we also observed the rather  anti-climactic [and anger-inciting]  ‘Courtney Brown announcement‘ which regards the Great Pyramid of Giza [which is discussed in the Cosmic History Chronicles].  I’ve not had a chance to listen to Courtney’s related video and subsequent interviews.

The turning point in the Gaian Navigation Experiment led by John Lash occurred on March 19th, providing another reason to be optimistic [and a chance to be actively involved] during this pivotal time on Gaia.  The current Mission: To signpost in Beauty the process of Correction -According to the Thelestai, the Gnostics of ancient times, we are now through the process of Diorthosis, or Correction, of the course of the Mothership Earth, the Aeon Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Anima Mundi, Gaia.  This Solar Earth Moon is the perfect time to join others in utilizing Planetary Sorcery and ‘Celestics’ on behalf of and in cooperation with our living Earth.!/sophiascorrection

We entered the 12th Seed Wavespell of Flowering during this Galactic Seed year on the 3rd Anniversary of the Disincarnation of Valum Votan.  Stephanie South wrote that Kin 144:  Magnetic Seed marks 144 days until “Star Remembrance Day”.  I first read her blog about the 144 just an hour after realizing that 6 year old Milan [and Neil Crystal Wizard] is in his 144: Magnetic Seed year.  Their Galactic Return is on the Anniversary of Valum Votan’s death on March 23.  Milan was so loving and wonderful to be with during this most intense time of grief, sleepless nights, long working hours  and the ensuing flu  and bronchitis.  But, it was interesting/challenging to have such an intense personal time during such an intense  time on planet Earth/Gaia.

During the hour of the Equinox [Fall here, Spring for 90% of the world] Melovia 129 [whose Kin coded Bill’s last day] phoned to tell me that Prince William and Kate had hired a Nanny for their son George.  Here is a photo of a Spring Equinox celebration in Thailand, where Bill’s son Billy is currently working:


New Zealand is so excited that Prince William, Duchess Kate and son George and their new ‘Royal Nanny‘ are coming to New Zealand in two weeks.  While reflecting upon William St. and George Street, and the impending arrival of my Brother and Nephew’s  famous namesakes, I was drawn to calculate the Alpha-Numeric value of ‘Royal Nanny‘.  ‘Royal Nanny‘ equals 139.  Kin 139:   Solar Storm  codes Princess Diana, the Mother and Grandmother of the royal William and George.  Solar Storm on Solar 10 was the first Magic Turtle Day since William, Kin 13, passed, and since we began the Return Journey of the Tzolkin.

Thanks toPiet Poet 3 Eagle  for asking me to direct him to the blog that best explains ‘my system’ of The 13 Moon Calendar.  I don’t have time to do that in today’s already ‘late’ blog–[the first blog to exclusively utilize my system] which is 2 days ‘behind‘ the official 13 Moon Calendar this year.  Until the next blog, perhaps this synchronicity  will serve to keep the ‘issue’ alive:

My Galactic Return on  Galactic Mirror was on  March Seventeen.  March Seventeen alpha-numerically  = 152.    That day [per the system that V.V. described so many time] is Solar Seli Nine, which also = 152!  This day was ‘sealed’ by the crop circle of 18 circles, a reminder of the other crop circles that have ‘supported‘ the Original [vs. the ‘official’]  Thirteen Moon Calendar  🙂  {Kin 152:  Solar Human will code the next Magic Turtle Day, on Solar Seli 23}

My Brother William, Cosmic Sky-Walker, left a stunning legacy:  His three wonderful children.  He will always be remembered as a most loving, wonderful soul, who is now literally a  Walker through the  Cosmic Sky  🙂

N. S.  1. 26. 9. 18.                                 GAP Kin 147 [3/27, posted a day later]


11 thoughts on “GAP Kin 147: Resonant Hand Codes the 18th Day of the 9th Moon; It’s G-Force: Cosmic Skywalker Codes my Brother William, who Died 18 Days ago

  1. I was so in awe of the posting from you on Bill your brother RIP !!!cosmic skywalker ,tears to my eyes and heart so full on your galactic return dear friend we are a galactic mirror as galactic Earth.kin 177 ..following dreamspell17 years nowxx I feel your flow in the heart of hunabku your depth of understanding of the synchronotron is telepathic ,I have been blessed to have had some teachings from Denise Ayres /galactic chicchan /serpent I Australia 5 years ago at Harvey bay .queensland oz ..coneecting with the Whales  and Cecilia self existing seed ,in Amsterdam in Holland last year  and Kiaori from Japan this year xxxwho works with kozo in japan who did come to Australia for Joses gathering when he passed over xx. Kiaori is .translating Synchronotron into Japanese and English !!..  I just tune in am totally at one with your essence of sharing inlakech dear friend xxx

    • Dear Galactic Earth;
      Most gracious gratitude to you for your heart-felt comment–One of the most beautiful I’ve received in many Moons 🙂 Also inspired to hear of your long ‘international’ involvement with the Codes of Time introduced by Jose::Valum Votan, whom we will always miss.
      In Lak’ech dear Galactic Sister

  2. 4ahau = zero point (NEP)

    Click to access ZeroPointTime_One.pdf

    w new clock going back to the planet integration idea i critized the PAN network for being too far out there about, over staying pretty much away frrom it and even dropping gregorian way too early to my tastes.

    i added their part 3 of a 4 hour bombast kick off (part 4 has FGamble and NHaramein pabulum and fakery of the worst sort) to the PropaGenda list cause it has a halfway decent few observations on gender dynamics … but the open goal (such as i fancy myself to be, whereas in fact i am prolly the worst kinda ducker that spooks around in any idealist’s and faithful’s nightmares combined!) wasn’t scored .. such as my faves: Shakespeare on usury X love-making and Unwin on the parallels between money and love … i could throw in some JHNoyes and stuff like that, Weininger and Lehman. I restrict myself to the last 2 when it comes to name droppings among MRAs and such lately (years already .. but resignation is growing and will soon get the better of me … i might even switch to turning rather than clicking pages altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    New Earth Nation Launch PART 3 of 4: Laurence Brahm, Margot Anand, Anna Crozier – YouTube

    they’ve got someone interjecting some economic dingers. He always chooses awkward moments but makes up in production (blogtalkradio host) what he lacks in pithiness (his offers in vapidity really bring me down as much as Tellinger, who did an economic talk with a usury opponent and local currency guy from near here .. well near my old AgU haunts on the other side of the battle hump between it and Arnhem – how’s that for a heavy root to troubles in Aborignality?).

    I’ll tell your what IS real near here in a scrapsky minnit …

    As for the thousands of acres where sovereignty will be reclaimed, a stand made and local authority established from whatever state they are in (20+ countries apparantly) not a one is open for visitors .. yet .. wow, deja vu … and entering a vetting process might leave you with no reply cause they are busy growing really rilly haaaard, yada yada.

    Tell them what, there’s 7 acres next to a milk factory in an area not 20 miles from Rotterdam up for 8hundredthou euro yourowe; the delta lands not so much rivalling as prolonging egyptian disservice in influence .. where your entire march for instance, is poisoned by the manure practice, ‘bad organic material cycling habits’ — raising a stink, then turn around and buy the nitrogen you just lost and pestered the airways with back in the form of ‘artmanure’, the dutch, i kid you not, actually call it that transliterated, you can’t dumb down any people as much as mutter mutt multiclit-clutterallizticate dutch .. and some unbuddiables knowOsphere it —

    So me thinks a beautiful task lies waiting .. an expression that triggers Toonder since it was one of the cliches he used for a title and gave rootsy archetyp … something you will NEVER EVER see Bob/Robert Dobbs/Dean do … i’d have to move my library a mere mile (more) in that case and will assist free of charge in exchange for operating it; the permie bennies i look forward to are surely reward enough for me.
    I’ve impatiently enough started soaking my black walnuts and need a place to plant the ones that survived my storing them under a hot barn roof (about an 8th of them already dried into floatable weight so i don’t gues they’ll ever be trees …. but beautiful art is possible.

    Decide as you like but wherever, … take Douglas Dietrich’s advice with your

    DD never adds the to me crucial follow up / qualifier (in caps by yours to rule truely truulery (an expression from the marble games children play – google hits [for ‘knikkers trulen’]: 1550): “pay the taxes”.. AND FIGHT LIKE ALL OUT LEGALIZABLE HELL FOR EARMARK RIGHTS OVER SUCH MONIES BY OWER THEREOF!! i really think that’s gonna break the logjam in moneyland. The People’s Will that will set the Noospherical speed record to date and keep it there till pipelines and scrap metals are turned into slowly rolling balls that won’t chop a single bird … or for those who find ferris wheel ‘horizonally pollutive (horizonal pollutants?) there’s always the underwater version (someday soon the best use of skyscrapers, most of which can be turned into a single waterproofed story); an acquarium with absolutely tropical effect due to improved light penetration spruced up into spiking, doing shades that are beyond LSD magic i bet …. will set the exit clock for ‘towering infernos’ and all them apoxaplecticismic fauls and fall-outs ticking away … after all, dowsing water will be raised and if a tower is blown up, fall/follow to the rescue … extremists are notorious waterophobes and so the skyscraperscape will be safest soon …. who knew????? … ‘ll raise you one water …. look at it as compensation for washing minerals out of mountains ….

    compared to the ‘launchers’ i’ve got a gender focused vid so so vastly preferable it’s comparing stellar dusts to their inner earth kin squeezed into a red glow … right here:

    L.O.V.E pt 3: Fear and Loathing Everywhere on Earth
    DoctorRandomercam DoctorRandomercam·115 videos
    143 views Published on Jan 17, 2014
    Like 14 Dislike 0
    I’d say “you know who you are” but you don’t. None of the people who need to hear this have the slightest clue who they are. If you could understand for one second what’s really going on in the haunted casino of your ramshackle frankenstein identity, then it wouldn’t be going on.
    I count my blessings every day that I’m able to see the funny side of things, that my fascination with irony can varnish my emotions so I can deal with the nightmare you people have created. There are billions who can’t; billions who don’t have the luxury of my fascinations; billions who remain in helpless pain and bewilderment at what you’re doing to them. They blame everything on their unavoidable selves, and so they’re committing slow, torturous suicide for you while you whinge your way to a ripe old age, puking on passers-by and raging when you get splashback. Most ideologues are never going to change. I know that now. I’m here for the open minds, the free thinkers, the people whose civilities haven’t been boarded up with sheet metal with anti-climb paint scrawled across the front in foot-high letters saying “I will always be a cunt.” I’m here for the people who genuinely *are* lost in helpless pain and bewilderment. I’m coming to help the people you refuse to help, to whom you would rather switch your fucking conscience off than so much as countenance their hardship. Namely, the people who are truly free from ideology. Or at least striving for such a state. I don’t know how many are out there, but they’re the only hope for the future.
    You people on the other hand – whoever you aren’t – You are shattered excuses for humane creatures and I live in hope that one day you’ll realise this, maybe when you’re about to die and the DMT is showing you the fraudulent crock of slime that was your life.
    And I mean that in the nicest possible tone.
    /////////// END QUOTE

    and that’s enough i hope to convince you distance is a detrimentalization breaking what little dreamspell and ‘animal spirits’ survives ‘economies’ of ‘scalage’ (don’t scale trees there monkey boy, go ride around on your mateys for a while ….. ).
    Een gehavend man … close to the world famous dredging village (with museum) and an atavistic unhealthy throw-back to the 50s habit (reminiscent of turkic vice: sugared ‘luxuries’ – corparative sacrament … criminal corporatives thrive by self-harmers and if they’re low on supplies they’ jump and start a fresh batch).

  3. “……….. turning rather than clicking pages altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)”
    should be:
    turning away from digitalia rather than to keep on keepin on clicking pages altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    last word (after the closed parenthesis) should have been: surrogate screenery (otherwise i’d leave the unqualified, not yet named and hence forward referring word ‘vice’ hanging)
    i’ll just forget about the other mistakes .. i am sure nobody will have trouble dismissing my points long before they feel reasonably sure they know what these are .. but i do note the comment made on what would have been my dad’s 89th bd, the first one his wife did not make, 9th for him already, bears number 555 .. let’s hope Dana the dominatrix horochowski who’s fetish fraction this happens to be, doesn’t find out .. even though her page productivity is way up there, .. to the point it immediately chokes my machine.

  4. kin 162, april 10th, 7 (9 per tmq) planetary
    170 kin since mom’s passing, 170th vid in my savant list

    George Hart with a card trick, one cube, 6 square entrances to endless tunnels if
    you connect more than one, ditto triangular tubes (corners) from 12 cards in
    total .. 3.14m long vid
    visible on the front page of
    for a few more days

    Comment by Mertxe Zuza on March 17, 2014 at 2:14am

    Hoy aparece Tollan, con sus 4 Puertas de Luz activadas
    tenemos 2 unidades alteradoras hoy, en la 1ª y en la 4ª Dimensión del Tiempo
    Hoy tenemos Meditación por el Sello del YOGUI/NI y en el I-Ching Galáctico de
    nuevo el Codón 52/0 MEDITACIÓN

    • Dear Pious Poet;
      Thanks so much for your comments, and this cool 170th vid, on the 170th day since…
      The next post [on the Magic Turtle Day, the 260th day since ‘this 13 Moon Year’ began] will be all about the question you asked over a Moon ago.
      Your request had led to further explorations during this Planetary Mirror Moon 🙂
      Love and Peace, Yogini 138

    • RCD: 221 codes the coming Cosmic Moon, and John’s kin codes this Planetary Mirror Moon 🙂

      Love and Joy to all from the Mirror whose solar birthday is in the Cosmic Moon

  5. it seems i’ve gotten a comment via wp post sub that ended up in the spam filter .. but i’m gonna reply to it anyway:

    Adri wrote
    Ra Uru Hu had an “Encounter with the voice” just on January 3rd 1987 right after Quetzalcoatl 1987A Supernova, he was put to work and integrated Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra System, Aura cosmolgy, Quantum phisics and genetics, he started to teach the system in 1992 and after developing several levels of information, departed from this world just 11 days before Valum Votan. When the Galactic 13:20 Mind will be linked to this amazing auric-body-based experiment, i bet it will be as when the lightning hits the ground. You can start by watching this video here: and then proceed to

    i to for a looksee and find:

    Quarter by Quarter: The Sixteen Faces of the Godhead
    Price : $550.00

    [audio src="" /]
    Richard Beaumont
    1. Mr Jones – Richard relates the absurd but true story of Mr Jones, a man who so trusted his car’s sat nav that he followed it down to the edge of a cliff. Richard ponders on the consequences for Mr Jones on his decision to trust his sat nav over basic commonsense and uses the story as an example of using the mind as an Inner Authority for the Not-self life. Click HERE to download the recording.
    1/3 projector

    watched the 15m vid and found out:

    generators 70% ingrates and instagrat
    projectors 20%
    manifestors 9%
    reflectors 1% the ‘undefined’ sporting procrastination strategies (cycles and difference fixated)

    certainly accords with that card system thingie i pestered the dreamspellers about in the noughties … hmm ..

    last line:
    “remember, you’re here to love yourself .. enter shlockrock”

    most vids at that account with view numbers in the low thousands with the 3rd before last being the exception:

    The Aura Types – Ra Uru Hu – Human Design System
    89,255 views 2 years ago

    about half of the nearly 40 vids there is the guru speaking in black against a white background (rockbottom of tastelessness in my opinion, not to mention digital white actually hurts me, student of ice ages under John Hamaker .. whose guidance by and large holds …

    Luc Sala ran the very first internet cafe in a disused brickkiln on the edge of the townpart of jews, with stackery considerably tighter, streets narrower …. i was turned of by the HDS at the time cause i saw the effects of nerdery (it’s bad to worse effect on all nerdism inclined .. folks*) and labyrinthian excuse musing which in the mechanoracularity of dreamspell i so resented also. In that case it took one of the underlings and ran (a[ ]way?) him.

    * Rowan who’s blog i follow as consistently as he keeps me banned from commenting (except for a birthday every 5 years) hates the word ‘folk’. I used to argue against his overemphasis of difference between arabs and jews when we still tapped keys at each other and i think time has vindicated me but he ain’t gonna admit it ..

    sure there are valid aspects in the scattershot overpower tactics of alphabetization which is but the dark run-up side of/to machismo ammo ….. breathing in and out is/as brutality ‘vs’ literacy.

    remixuppityness is the nerd’s ‘triumph’ (isolation more like, remember that last line i quoted) and to mix JA with RUH* would certainly be ‘mindblowing’ .. but more likely to blow minds UP.

    * canadian physicist/artist Robert Allen Krakower (1948-2011) taught on Ibiza in 1987

    meanwhile i wait till a revvable 4d synchronotron comes out in time for the christmas rush … matter of fact i dreamt of a double vortex sieve again that eats rocks, drinks water and spouts muddy misty rainbows to grey the world out and tempt the clouds via sympathetic polarity corrective magic.

    anyway, having said all that HDS has perks and pluses – cutting the bull via diagrams (old fashioned ones w text so they resemble medcin wheels a little more) instantly gain my sympathy.
    aura thingie there (only pic) is the one used on that poppy vid
    only the first 7th of the page is in german

    the guy does resemble A Keyserling in many of his mannerisms (and ‘type’ too i bet), wanna try it out? (last time i was there i found out the vast store of recordings remains ‘sat on’ but lo and behold there are a few samples (in german), next to a handful on youtube.

    Ra Uru Hu (Human Design System) 1995 Amsteram part 1
    by Luc Sala 10,987 views

    iow, i may be one of missing in action links between Synchronotronticated Crests and HDS … one of those chances to be subordinate and take ‘root’ in amsterdam i passed up …. not to mention i must have scared the hell out of my father with tales of all that kind of stuff over and over for him to disinherit me apart from an early get lost (emigation boost) bonus (which failed)

    back to di .. again, i quote:
    “Her bulimia can be seen through the Not-self Gate 55, which her sun looked towards. When highly emotional, the inability to take in nourishment. Indeed it is not uncommon for 55s to just not eat when that emotional wave gets in. Combine this with no consistent personal identity in the open G and you have the result of someone who would try to choose an identity they wished to have – slim, pretty and eloquent would have been high up on her list to try to be. With her fixed will behind her, sure she would have naturally become bulimic in chasing the Not-self themes mentioned.”
    …. what say you tmq??

    i went to google images .. ‘bilder’ .. although shopping is left untranslated, as is maps .. in order to make sure we weren shopperyfopped … guess i’m not the rainbow expert after all eh??

    next, in the interest of cultivating and controlling my mind out of time i will check out this post:

    by the way, Alain Soral, whom i admire much .. to a degree and have tried to ‘type to’ (no response) is kin 177, what are your feelings there? French politics and ex-Center of the World shenanigans may not be your thing but the guy is pretty good on deeper history too. If you have any HDS type things to type about him i’ll surely read it.

    post script:
    Adri said:
    “it is my strong feel and belief that the joint of these two streams of information will open the lock that was waiting for the right code to emerge at the right moment, and just as life comes from friction between complementary opposites, so is New earth born out of complementary opposite systems of information.”

    i feel flattered and offended at the samed gamed time (it resembles and perverts my oft made points, see mixuppityremark above) … but …
    .. on further reflexion i have to agree with you .. given this provision: don’t stop there, .. it takes attempting to juggle and puzzle multiple ‘revelatory criteria’ (as Keyserling called this mental wrench he rolled like dice over and over) before seeing that, strictly speaking they are sterile and insulatory from getgo. I am always a sucker for them, particularly if they have some sense of colour in their gravelhopper bricolage and pitch. Makes me feel less lonely, a higher potency is some but not much comfort in the face of seeing one fails to actually mean fuck all to the ‘generators’ ‘cept’ a disappointment as huge as the hope they, silly enough, end up sharing liberally; …. that’s maya for you i guess …. better stop now, i ‘m crying.

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